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  1. Yes,it does make you make feel confidet,it made me too,as if i could do anything and survive anything. Stick to brutal porn then.
  2. I think what you are referring to is more of an adrenaline rush,but you also get anxiety,anger sexual excitation when you watch thsoe videos. I used to watch it to stop and calm bad feelings inside of me (like stress or so),so yeah it could be useful for that.
  3. Yes,it teaches you about survival of the fittest,and that you cant trust anyone (real world). It either makes you more sadistic,or you were sadistic back then to begin with. I used to do that,it was great and it would raise my heartbeat,never felt more alive than back then. And it might teach you that people are just a lifeless bag of meat anyway (solipsism) so it might actually help o udnerstand that you are all alone. But i stopped,and actually,when you close the tab of sites,at least for me,i would have a huge urge to wach it again,as if it was some form of drug that i kept injecting and did not want to stop it.
  4. I dont know about spirituality in general,in fact i would say the it givest he opposite of sociopathy/psychopathy to people,but solipsism could induce sociopathic behaviour.
  5. Ok,that makes sense. Im learning not to identify with the mind but sometimes it lashs back at me and try to take full control.
  6. I know im talking to a automated message. What makes someone do that is the apperance of an other,plus “someone else out there“ having the answer to something “i myself“ dont know about in the now,although i know im lying to myself.
  7. How can i get to enter/activate ADMIN MODE in real life ? i was reading older Razards posts when talks about superpowers/abilities And i decided that i want to test it out. PS - I already know i have some abilities,im learning how to use them properly,not sure if i found out about all of them till now but im conscious that i can use it.
  8. I understand this thing of drama very well,do you think it gets worse with age ? Because i imagine that in the future something really bad is gonna happen (i know it will) and i know the drama will be huge.
  9. Drop it as a belief but become conscious of it. Im trying to become conscious of it but it seems God doesnt want me to wake up now,since i still imagine me myself talking to others on real life and the internet and all of that,also in my head. Maybe i just like drama. Now you say you think its a paradise but when the tiem come it will hit with desperation since you will know that you are the only conscious person in existence,and that you cant talk to others about solipsism,they cant even hear you talking.
  10. Im thinking,could Chaotic Good from the Alignment Chart be considered a healthy red ? I think that till chaotic neutral it is still healthy,about chaotic evil im not sure. What do you think ?
  11. Season 5/6 rick Ruthlessness Season 2 Shane Also Simon from season 7 till the end of season 8 Brutality and Cruelty Tyler Durden Claude Speed Richie Narcissism Machiavelli and his quotes
  12. Alex and his droogs are sure Red (and for some people,a really unhealthy version of it) About the goverment and the ludovico experiment,i would say they mix red with blue,perfect mix. About a unhealthy red - orange mix,maybe a perfect mix of it but not so sure, i think i would go with Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. Same thing with Louis Bloom. The way of the Sith and their search for power fits really well Ego Lust