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  1. I am looking to build out something similar in terms of site appeal. The devin Nash content is really good so far. I will see what I can learn here. I am not quite at that level, but once I establish myself more that would be a possibility for sure. Not to mention some of the people I work with will have potential of being recruited by these teams. I looked into the 100 thieves coach and it would take me a good bit to get there. The guy has like some super high degree and a good bit of prestige. I don' really think a degree matters so much. I think people mostly just want the results. I have considered a degree, but I am very scared of the idea of being 100k in debt. I would potentially pursue natural medicine. This is something that I can do. I have over two years of toastmaster experience and I can perform well doing this kind of stuff. I will see what my clients want and build out from that. I have one potential deal for four clients, but I am kind of at a stand still with it. I am wanting to really build up a nice display of what I can offer. One or two deals like this would be crazy. I would drop the reselling if I have a bit of diversification with my clients.
  2. Right now one of the main things I am doing is selling vacuum parts. I am still honing this down, but I think you are right here. I just need to tighten the ship even more. I have a few other categories I am in just for the fact I cannot just get vacuum parts. I have to travel about an hour to get to a good sourcing location. I think you are right about not having to fully leave. If I were to start all over again, I would do used clothes on a small scale. Clothes are all over the place and don't require as much of a hunt to find. It would give me the most repeatable process and I could just hone in on that. I don't know that category though right now, so I was thinking about just sticking mostly with what I know this summer. I am always learning new stuff though and learning my categories better. I am working with esports professionals on how to reach peak performance and optimal health. It is specific to health coaching, but I could offer some life coaching with it later potentially. A lot of the clients I would be working with have 100k+ in the bank. These clients make more than the average person. I have been racking my mind a lot of what I should really charge. I know I can get people great results and I am only getting better. I really would like $150 a session honestly, but $100 would be fine and that is a one hour session. I would be doing some research on the back end, but I would want to do that anyway. I really want repeat long term customers. I thought about doing it cheaper, but the reality is that I am only going to get better. There is really not a lot of people that can offer the kind of results that I have. I suppose I worry about just getting those first few initial clients. I feel like if I can even get one good testimonial from someone in this field it would be a total game changer for me. I would honestly be ecstatic to be making a couple thousand a month doing this. I would like to earn a lot of money, but I suppose I am unsure at this time on how to leverage this further. I think the $100-$150 is a realistic price. I think there is really like 50-100 potential clients in this. I can go for other games or things later too though. I am basically a biohacking coach. I will have to think of the wordage that fits this better to this. I actually had the idea to do that a few summers ago, which would have been pretty good if I followed up with it. I agree it isn't a bad idea. I am just not sure how much more energy I can put into this. I am just not as excited as I use to be. I like sourcing, but the rest of it is a bit of a grind. I don't think I could handle adding anything on top. I want to reduce this more. Honestly, my income is pretty meh from this. It isn't terrible, but nothing to brag about lol. I would have to work my ass off to make 6 figures doing this. I am more in the 20-30k net range. I don't have anything too impressive here. I think this year it will be better, but still. I need to figure out a better process to improve this. This year I have changed a lot with it though, so I think it will a fair bit better.
  3. I am running my reselling business primarily and I am starting out a coaching business. With the coaching business I can really see that this is the opportune time to strike in the niche that I want. I have a huge advantage of connections and could potentially work with some well known clients in that industry. I am still in the midst of getting my coaching together, but luckily I have been deep into health stuff for about 4 years. It is hard for me to allocate enough energy into this that I would like. I am nearing the peak season for my main business for reselling, so I need to be out buying a lot of inventory and listing it for sale. It is also a opportune season to start getting ready in the niche I want to build in at the same time. I am planning to bulk up my reselling business and I want to liquidate it between quarter 4 and quarter 1. My goal is to be able to move to a new city and start exploring life more. I would really like to get my coaching business to even make 1-2k a month, but right now it isn't making anything yet. My expenses are fairly low and I could probably pay them without too much effort reselling, but I really need to bulk up my cash to be able to move. Not to mention to have a decent cushion, when I move. With the coaching that feels like I am definitely in the right direction with my life purpose. I have done a shit load of work to get to this over the last 4-5 years. It is something that I am considering doing for the long haul. It opens up a lot of questions on what I should be doing. Am I not playing it smart by keeping at the reselling? If I skip this sourcing season, I will probably have to get a job or something to even be able to move out. I think if I play it smart that I could save up maybe $20k from selling everything at the end if I did put consistent effort here. Maybe more if I only did that and just went hard at it. This is like the only thing that I am really good at this point to make money. I am trying to put in the extra work, but I am just struggling a bit to have the extra energy to keep up with everything. Once a week I will do 10 hours straight of sourcing inventory and that really taxes me for the weekend.
  4. @Yarco Thank you so much for all of the tips for this. This is really going to speed up my learning curve for doing this. I will have some time this week to really get it going.
  5. I did not do any testing. However, I read some books and did a lot of research on symptoms. Doing the gut protocol from that originally made me feel good actually for once. However, I ended up having to cure my sibo. After curing the sibo I later did a similar liver protocol to the one in the book. It made me feel great. My body is much more able to process foods and chemicals. I am much more sensitive to some things as well. So I would need less of a compound to get a desired effect. I would guess my liver and other processes being less overwhelmed has helped. My digestion is significantly better as well. My recovery time is also much better. The gut protocol there may or may not work for you. If you are testing negative for sibo, then I would give it a shot. I will likely do this protocol once a year as well.
  6. Yes, it would require that. I don't know about them or their testing. You can get some insights from some metals testing, but really it is not going to give you the full picture. You cannot test how much metals are in your organs. Yes It took me about a year of focused work on it. I have been working on my health for like 4 years now though overall. I did something similar to the protocol in the book The Toxin Solution By Joseph Pizzorno. That would be a good book to work with. It will help you eliminate toxins from your life and give you a nice 6 week protocol that targets your gut, live, and kidney. One of my favorite books.
  7. I would try something like flax seed oil instead. Krill oil is also an alternative. Much higher quality than fish oil.
  8. Ooof, I just bought my domain with cloudflair. Only $8.57 per year though and no rising cost at least. Great tip though. So if I get the web hosting from bluehost would I want the website builder too? Or would just having the 1 click install of word press cover it?That seems super cheap at $3 per month. Yes please! Also, one thing I noticed on bluehost is that the ssl is for only one year. Is that something you pay extra for later? You mention it is usually free. I don't mind going to the $5 package if need be later to get it. Thanks so much for your write up on this. This has been super helpful.
  9. @puporing Thank you very much. I think I am going to take the middle route as Yarco suggested as far as making the site. I like the practice better thing you suggested, I will look into that a bit more.
  10. I am going to be working on a building a website for my health coaching business. I've never made a website. Before I hop into guides on building one, I figured some of you have a good amount of experience here. Is it hard to embed videos into a site? I mainly want to make one video to pitch the service, then some testimonial videos as I get them. I would like to be able to easily edit it. Where is the best place to buy a domain? What kind of hosting is best, or who is the best provider? Is there any traps I should look out for? What kind of skills would be worth learning to manage and maintain the site? Are the pre-built kind of sites the best route for my situation?
  11. @mostly harmless I feel it on long term investing. I am not a nay sayer to that. A lot of it could be done without a lot of chasing the hot things. Or just spending large amounts of time. I read a fair amount of books and watched quite a few videos. I have the skill now to invest well, but my investments aren't going that far without me having a solid income. At least in the more important part of my life. I don't care about being a millionaire if I am getting close to death lol.
  12. @mostly harmless I mean more so in the fact of how I feel day to day being into all of that. I have made over 10k in profit, but I could have probably just built a more serious business that would have generated a lot more. I am fine with all of that long term stuff, but in the day to day it really doesn't move the needle at my age. Long term investing really doesn't require me to hunt down 5x return stocks.
  13. I made some decent money investing. However, the time and mental energy I spent wasn't worth it. It seems like the skill is only useful once you are already pretty wealthy. You can dollar cost average into the s&p 500 and likely out perform most people and hedge funds.
  14. I was looking at some over the ear ones, but didn't get them. For me the wax would get out of hand very quickly too. For me if it is a bit noisy where I live, then I just turn my air filter up to max. I enjoy the noise of the filter for sleep as it is. You might find something like white noise helpful to combat that. I imagine some sound of sound deadening foam could help too. Depends how deep you want to go to solve this lol.
  15. I would rather look for some at my landing destination. Just get a test kit. That's a lot of risk, especially for one tab.