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  1. A follow up to this thread I ordered the one that Leo suggested. Now that I am going to get the RO system my concern will be the actual result of the water. My water here is not that great. The water is fairly hard. I am looking to test the waters quality. I see I can get a cheap stick that is about $10 or so. I have seen some kits too. I know I could possibly send in the water too. Any suggestions?
  2. @dflores321 Not to say he isn't a bad ass or anything. I once jogged about a half marathon listening to him on Joe Rogan haha. I just try to source my motivation from stuff like high quality goals, purpose, and vision instead now. His book is good though if you are in a position of someone who has felt stuck from a lot of suffering. I feel like that is a stage of the recovery process. That and it is a good example of someone being able to accomplish anything they put their mind to.
  3. I need to start finding improvements I can make each week with the reselling if I want to actually make enough money with it. I have been doing really good so far it seems like though. My energy level is great going into it. I feel like I am getting a lot of quality focused work done now. I think this week it will be important for me to try to put some time aside to cross list to facebook. I could spend about 4 hours doing my regular work on it and two hours cross listing it. I am going to work on putting this into action. I think this is going to help me net some extra sales for the holidays. I would like to build up a habit of listing myself. I feel like I need to get to the posters to be able to do that though. I think this would work as a good alternative. I made a lot of little changes last week that are really snowballing into this week. (Edit I am going to spend 1 hours revising old listings and price checking, then one hour cross listing. That will be the most beneficial.) I have been contemplating a lot more about how I am dishonest in ways that benefit my survival. It has been itching at me for awhile. I know a few things that I think I need to work on would be how I negotiate how much space I use with my mom. She gives me a lot of leeway with how much space my business takes. It takes up a fucking lot of space. She also gives me a good deal. I feel like in conversation I am able to leverage it into my favor. I am a much better negotiator and I am very convincing. Probably even a bit manipulative. Not to say that I am terrible with this, but it is something in my awareness. I am going to work on reducing this and giving up things that would hurt my survival. Or paying more money to use the space. Another thing is that I am not always 100% honest with people in my reselling business. I have a small section in my store of stuff that I don't test and I say that the stuff works. I offer a 60 day money back for any reason, but I am sure to someone it can waste a lot of their time and they might really need the item. They might not even return it at all if there was an issue, which is not fair to them. To be fair I never make them return those types of items if I know I did not test them. There are some items that I think would be fine to list them like that without testing them. Some things you can know with a high degree of certainty that it would work. If you take a car head unit for example. Most people remove those to put in an after market stereo, so the likelihood of it working is 95% or better. Now if you said you did not test it you would get half the money. So that is a bit of an issue for my survival. I am going to work on not buying items that I cannot test or spending the extra money for the stuff to test them. I am going to work on revising listings to just saying I did not test it and will offer the 60 day refund for any reason. I am going to give myself a bit of wiggle room with something that I know with a high degree of certainty works, but I am going to avoid doing this. To be fair this would probably cut down on some of my expenses, but not only that it will give all of my customers a better experience. I already feel like I do really well in terms of customer satisfaction, but I should strive to be fully honest. I do also have a good chunk of items I list for parts, and untested. I just need to work on including the more expensive items. I am sure this will save me money and headache anyway in the long run. I am sure I have some self deception around other stuff that I do as a benefit to survival. These two are probably my biggest ones though. I try to be as open and honest as I can in my relationships. It is not at the level I learned about in radical honesty, but pretty good. I am going keep working on this stuff, but even bringing it up here is a good start. Even posting this here I notice subtly that I feel others reading might even think I am dishonest or whatever. I am releasing that. I also feel the need to justify or make excuses for those actions. I won't do that or more of that at least. I want to make this here to improve myself. Not to improve the image of what others think of me. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today, I am thankful for: Great run at the park Good day A little progress daily
  4. I had OCD all through childhood and I am getting to a point where I have a pretty much removed it. If you do a lot of this work it will start to gradually go away. However, I think there is a lot of key things that will help. - Very Strong mediation Habit - The ability to let things go. This is going to require more emotional intelligence. I recommend the sedona method. - Great diet and exercise. - Ability to let things be as they are. Ability to accept the thoughts and not fight them. - Building in awareness into times where you are getting sucked into OCD related habits. For example awareness while washing hangs. - Letting go of the thought that "I have OCD." You are creating and perpetuating the problem. Change that into I Had or I use to have. - Figure out how having OCD Benefits you. Write out the pros and cons of it and really think about it. I have found some stuff like NRP useful. I doubt you are going to find anything worthwhile in modern medicine to help. However, a therapist could be beneficial maybe to some, but I don't think so. It never helped me and to be fair anyone I had talked with usually did not understand the problems well. They will also continually reinforce the idea that you have it in the first place.
  5. If you read about someone like David Goggins you can see it can work to an extent. However, if you really look at him closely you might see something different. I have to say I feel a bit sorry for him. The fact his motivation comes out of just suffering and holding on to things in the past. Granted, he is successful in terms of fame, money, and achievements. I read his book and I can see how it can work as motivation and what not. That type of stuff use to work for me. I think their is a healthier stage orange stuff out there that involves a lot less suffering and anger. I also think there would be a lot more benefits in truly being able to forgive others. Letting go of the past is very liberating. Although, suffering can be a good factor for change it isn't something you want to bask in. There is plenty of suffering in life as it is.
  6. I allowed myself to binge on games today. I played probably way too much lol. I had to do a lot of mediation sessions just to be able to play that much. I spent a good chunk of time introspecting and releasing during it. Becoming aware of any compulsive behavior and and my actual feelings of playing. My eyes hurt a bit not to look at the screen. I did not have any issues at all with any compulsive behavior. I also had a realization that a lot of the issues stem from competitive games. I also noticed there was a lot of underlying almost anxiousness and jitteriness/monkey mind playing something like warzone. I downloaded a nostalgic rpg game and noticed I was having a lot more fun doing that. I still have a bit of a feeling that I am wasting my time etc. I thought about how much I could be getting by reading books instead etc. I realize that a lot of this is probably coming from a more blue/orange toxic mind set that I have created around discipline and habits. Granted, I want to read more. I love reading and the benefits I get from it. It isn't the same as having some time to just blow off some steam. I seriously think this gave me a pretty major break through in my feelings and the thought of OCD having control. I have been leaving OCD in the past a lot more. Also, the idea of playing a game right now makes me feel sick lol. I notice that I really like the aspect of solving and strategy in games. Being able to place something at a high difficulty allows me to have to really think about it more. I think there could be a way for me to turn the games into a way for me to develop more of a strategic mind set. I feel like I would not enjoy puzzle games, but I could give it a try too. I am still gong to work on adding things fun to do that I can relax with. I think photoshop could be something fun to work on and play with. I finally ordered myself some painting canvases too because I thought of it while writing this that I need to. I am going to keep investing in myself in any way that I can. I feel like I have cheaped out on too much stuff. I spend a large majority of every single day in a routine. My entire days are compiled of habits etc. I believe that I have created a lot of stress on myself by not just having some time to fuck off honestly. Granted, I am getting a lot of stuff done this is likely hurting my performance overall. I am going to keep practicing self love. I know that it would actually be more healthy for me to just have some actual time off to do something. Not like a day of no electronics and just meditation. I of course want to find some other stuff to mix it. I don't really have any local friends that I hang out with and it isn't really the season for hiking. I prefer hiking with a friend if I can, but that has not happened for awhile. I don't really enjoy movies much, but I will work on making a list of things I want to do. Maybe compile some educational documentaries or something too. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today I am thankful for Deus Ex Meditation Sedona method
  7. Had a good trip to the beach today. I noticed I am able to be mindful throughout the day much easier. I did not get thrown off nearly that much today. I am working on trying to reduce any stress in my life as much as possible. I want to work hard of course, but not in a way that is damaging to me. I want to avoid over doing it in all areas if I can. I don't think of myself as that stressed, but life has a lot of stressing varibles that happen all the time. I found quite a bit of black mold building up in my window. I knew there was some, but definitely not nearly as much as I found. I did a major deep cleaning on my room today and I can tell the air quality is way better in here. I am sure that mold has been causing me all sorts of issues. I am glad that I have been running the air filter every day though. I still need to get into the window a bit better as some of the spots are hard to reach, but I got almost all of it. I am likely going to bring a dehumidifier in here soon too. I am working on getting my room much less crowded if I can as well. I am going to work on keeping this habit of regularly deep cleaning this. I know there is a good correlation with health and a clean environment. Going to do a little gaming tomorrow after a good break. I am going make sure I release while I play. I am going to work on getting a better read for how I feel while doing it too. I think it could be a good break occasionally, but I don't want it to jumble my mindfulness. I think I can obtain that with a good balance and more introspection while playing. I have really been kicking some ass in all facets lately. My reselling business is starting to do phenomenal. I am making good spiritual gains, health gains, etc. I feel really good all around. I would like to be able to step it up on the reading though. I feel like the reading is the key to making a lot of progress. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today I am thankful for: Beach Finally getting some sun Clean room
  8. Had an awesome night walk at the park and got to contemplate. That was an amazing experience. It really allowed me to relax after a long day. I have really been putting in the work lately. I got a bunch of harder items shipped today. I have been building up a large stream of items getting ready to picture them. I would guess it will be about 30 big ticket items coming up at least. I was having a guy pick up some speakers for shipping today and he mentioned these police auctions. I found a place I could source large surplus police/government lots. I will have to dig into it more, but this would step me up to the next level for sure. Some people should be moving out of the house I live at soon, so that should really free up the environment. It should eliminate a majority of the hostility. It has definitely be a test to me growth with interacting with them, but it has helped me a lot. I imagine I will feel much more free here now. I have been thinking a lot of about building the youtube. I will start working on more of a plan after Christmas. I would like to try to take a week break after Christmas and contemplate it a lot more. I am feeling a lot more confident with going that route or at least committing a good amount of years to it. I am still doing some tests with the toast masters group too. I really enjoyed the photoshop the other day. I feel like doing some of that for fun, so it definitely is enjoyable. I would like to be able to look back on my life and feel like I made a change. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today, I am thankful for: Awesome walk Good sales Good idea
  9. @fridjonk lol, I can imagine. Now that you mention it like 4 hours went by like nothing with music for me last time.
  10. Sounds like quite the experience. I have never really watched much in a trip. Music on LSD is incredible for me though. I might have to try out some of those practices you mentioned in a trip.
  11. I have not cooked with oil in a few years. I think it is a huge misconception by most that that oils are needed. Even oven baking and stuff has never been an issue. It is slightly annoying if something gets stuck to a pan, but it works fine. I actually had a point where I eliminated all oils entirely and it was not an issue. Even making things like sweet potato fries it is not needed at all. I cook on glass in the oven typically too. @Michael569 What do you think about coconut oil without cooking it? I have some in my vitamin D. I considered changing what I have anyway, but I choose coconut oil as I figured it was one of the better. I see them with extra virgin olive oil too. I use it for my skins as well if it is dry. @Eren Eeager The only oil I have is flaxseed oil and and algae oil. Super small amount of cocnut oil in my vitamin D I seem to like it quite a bit so far.
  12. Really have been nailing down my habits lately aside from the journal. I got my mediation set up in today and it is amazing. So far my legs are not falling asleep anymore and my back feels a lot better. It was expensive, but I should have just got it in the first place. Going to do some more research and get the reverse osmosis too. I have been quite busy with reselling. I cleaned the shed and the garage pretty thoroughly. Huge relief to have all of that cleaned up. I am going to get more done just because of that too. I was intending to do the posters, but I am going through all of my regular items I have. I am sorting out what needs to be donated or going into the trash. Just getting all of that sorted, so I can get to a few of the big ticket items. I want to pump out as much as stuff as I can. I probably should be listing myself, but I have been all in on getting them cleaned, pictured, etc. I will get to the posters pretty soon though. I have the system for the regular items down, so it is not a big deal for me to just go at these for now. I have really needed to clear out my pile of stuff that has accumulated anyway. I finished adding my own graphics to my store and I am going to work on editing all of my listings that are up. Probably about 10% a day. I did some editing today and it got me some good sales, so I can see it will help. Prices change often, so I could be way too high on a good chunk of stuff. That and adding new words and correcting stuff. I had an experience of No-self or nothing in meditation the other day. It shocked my ego and I actually was crying a bit from it. Was an interesting experience. I was in a light contemplation while meditating and it seemed to happen from that. Seems my meditation is going a lot deeper. I have kind of been on halt with the EDT and just working really deep with the sedona method. It is giving me more and more profound results. Probably one of the best things I have discovered so far in self help. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today I am thankful for: Sales picking back up Getting rid of chrismas items New meditation set up!
  13. Excitement is not a good value to go for. Although, it is a good experience for sure. I have had a a good bit of that in my current business. Excitement is not really that sustainable. Or you have to go to more extreme levels to obtain it. Nothing wrong with enjoying it, but I would not build a purpose fully around that. I would work on identifying other values you have and identify your other interests. It might even be possible to combined gaming with something that you are really passionate about. Maybe even things from designing games, or putting a positive spin on most of the culture around it.
  14. Honestly, for your size, weight, and body fat that does not sound bad at all. That sounds like a good starting point if you do want to be more lean. I would set a goal for where you want to be and visualize it every day. Place it at the center of the dream board. Think of how life would feel having the body you want. I would also try not to weigh yourself very often. Maybe once a month. I weigh myself every few months now. Work on building up the practices that would get you towards the goal you want. Invest a lot of time into researching the optimal diet for you. Try out some different stuff too. Everyone is different in what will get them results. That and building up a good exercise routine. I would do it on whatever you enjoy the most. You might be surprised that things like tennis, bowling, etc could give you that and be a lot of fun. I like to hike myself and that makes a solid workout. I do a lot of jogging and walking. Walking was actually what propelled me into having massive personal development growth. I would listen to Leo all the time on what build up to 2 hour walks. It helped me shred a ton of weight. Cardio in general is excellent for burning fat if that is what you want.
  15. @dflores321 There is definitely something really special about working for yourself. There are times where I can make a few hundred an hour too. Not all the time though lol. I try to go for like $50 an hour right now. Coming from working a job at burger king or instant oil changes that feels fucking great. You can scale your business as big as you want and there is really no limit on how much you can make. Making your own schedule is amazing. I get to spend all day doing stuff that I like and choose when I get to do stuff. You can also choose times during that day or week, when most people are at work to go do stuff or have appointments. There is a lot of up side to it for sure. I am very fortunate that I am able to be in the position I am in right now. Taking days off when you are sick and recovering right etc. You will get there. Just keep at it.