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  1. @Nexeternity Realize that you relationships are meaningless. Usually, for someone to hurt or abuse you they are acting out of survival. You need to explore the idea on your own though. Are relationships nothing more than favors? Thinking of how your interactions play out in survival with others. This is my direct experience in it. I have been a door mat for long enough. Not to say that you cannot help others in need, but look how the relationship will evolve around that. What do they need you for? I am sure Leo might carry a different perspective. But I thought I might share my epiphany from the other day in a similar situation to yourself. I've been in abusive situations for most of my life.
  2. What is the best practice to love everything? Is it to just love yourself? I was killing some flies the other day and had a similar realization to what you said above. I have tried to see a trait I like about a person before any further judgement. Just hard to keep it on my mind all the time. I should mention I usually don't have a heavy judgement. Usually just feel sorry for someone if I see someone mentally ill etc. People more directly in my experience I do have a bit of judgement. When someone does not hold up their end of a deal, or are careless. To be fair I had someone who typically goes out of their way to wrong me, but I feel sorry for them.
  3. My business eats up like 80% of my income. Try to aim for 5% in luxuries. Don't skip on personal development stuff, good food, hobbies that are not extremely expensive. Cut out eating out mostly and other bad habits. Removing things like soda, smoking, etc will be excellent for money and health. Cook most of your meals it will be healthier too. I buy a pack of the same colored blank shirts. Makes it really easy to get dressed with one color and cheap. No one seems to notice either. Also, don't just be frugal because you need more money. Sometimes more money is really what is required, however most can benefit from a simple budget. Investing your money and having it work for you will be excellent. If you can afford to 20% of income invested would be great. Not just sitting on a stack of money. Investing it.
  4. How useful did you find psychedelics on your journey? What kind of time frame did it take you to reach enlightenment? How happy are you truthfully? Here is a good questionnaire for happiness. https://www.uaex.edu/health-living/extension-homemakers/docs/Leadership_Training_Guides/2 Fordyce Emotions Questionnaire with Answers.pdf
  5. I notice craving for weed for about 2-3 days after use. But really after that not much. I have used it for exploration of the same things. It can work it just depends on the persons reaction to it. I suggest doing it alone. If you can find a peaceful walk to go on uninterrupted that would make a great experience to get in your head.
  6. @Pav I appreciate your response. I thought about the rat park experiment and I started reading authentic happiness. I think having a partner and eventually a family is a big part of being happy. I remember being really happy at certain points in other relationships. I am happy now alone and working through what I can. I am trying to put all I got into this business right now. As I don't want it to just be a dream. I want it to be a reality. I was abused by my last partner emotionally and verbally. I am not perfect for sure, but she did do a fair amount of damage. I have done some introspection lately to see that. And I have been ordering some books on relationships and studying them a bit. I was in a 2 year relationship with that ex 8 months ago or so. So I have had time to heal and work on myself. It has been excellent. I just worry a relationship could dig into my money or my spiritual growth deeply. But maybe I will be able to find someone going on the same path, or at least stage green. Not to say that money is everything. But business costs aren't cheap either. You're right though. I can't just avoid them. I actually have been avoiding this girl because I know she will ask me out if she sees me in person. I heard her talking about it. I do feel bad because I expressed some interest in her. I do think she is pretty and all. So maybe I will go on a date with her. I wonder how much physical attraction I should have? She mostly just seems nice is why I like her. But there is other options that look better. But I suppose in any relationship there always is. I don't have any issues sticking with one though and have realistic expectations. I don't watch any porn etc.
  7. I think this is a normal issue. I think you just have to manifest abundance and confidence. That and learning to be happy for others.
  8. I've seen good people achieve good results in doing these. Only thing with longer ones would be maybe some form of supervision would be recommended. Your body can handle quite a bit though. Could do a 30 day if you made it, but that is definitely more recommended for super vision.
  9. Enjoy the feeling. I would not get too carried away with it though. Have fun.
  10. I realize maybe there is not always "right time" for anything. Monetary success wise? Personal development wise? I still live with my mom at 23. But I've kind of hit a turning point in my business where a 6 figure income could be obtainable in the coming years. I work very hard at my business. Sometimes 60 hours a week or more. Almost have it at the point where I can start hiring people and have time to myself more. I'm not loaded by any means right now. I spend everything on the business and expenses. I feel like I have not explored enough of life really. I have been getting into new hobbies like hiking and mountain biking. I want to travel and explore a bit doing those things. I've been practicing meditation for a bit over a 6 months. I have done a pretty large amount of shadow work and work with addictions in the last year. But I am definitely not in the woowoo spectrum. I am still running through stage orange a bit. But incorporate a lot of stage green and yellow life style and thinking. Especially in terms of compassion etc. I can keep up with Leo's advanced teachings. Of course I meet a lot of interesting women and I have had previous relationships. I have quite a few prospects that are attractive and seem nice. I seemingly have a problem of getting too invested with the relationship. In terms of money and time. I threw away a lot of personal development and business progress in my last one. Not to mention it was a bad relationship on both ends in terms of what would go on. To be fair I was not nearly as developed in my last one at all. My progress in that time made me realize I was in a sinking ship. Should I just blow off the thought of relationship and max out my income? Keep working on myself more and more? Or was the last relationship maybe the cause for my large spike in growth? Maybe it could bring a lot more opportunities etc. I feel like I would really need to be really good at relationships in order to have a really well functioning one that could last the rest of my life. I hardly see anyone expect previous older generations (People who are 70-80 now) with anything long lasting. I would like the idea of having a family eventually, but I have my whole life to go for that, however long that might be. What is your experience with them?
  11. While it might sound very fun in thought. I would highly suggest staying away.
  12. I would try cutting out sugar and dairy. You would feel a lot better doing that regardless. Drink more water. Work by cutting sugar intake down gradually. Not very easy to just remove it. Edit: Keep natural sugars from fruits etc.
  13. @universe My past relationships have been pretty low quality. But good learning experiences. Yeah, my most recent relationship was pretty betraying I suppose in a few ways. I actually left her about 8 months ago and debating on getting back into it a little. But to be fair I am very happy without a partner at this point though too. I just notice much higher quality women being interested and I do get approached by them occasionally. I have a hard time not going for lesser quality people I suppose around me though, or at least I did. I have removed many friends and relationships just in this last year. I have one friend that is sort of local that I will go hike with sometimes now. But all the others are just online now. No more losers, thieves, junkies etc. And to be fair I know a pretty substantial amount of people locally. I guess at times I would just enjoy someone to have sex with or to go do some fun stuff with. But I realize that isn't really important. I actually could see it being a burden having a partner again, but I suppose a lot of that is just thinking from past experience. I have an issue deciding on what I would like them to look like as well. Conflicting ideas of what is attractive etc. Then the thought of settling for someone low quality. People are not really upfront about who they are initially and it becomes fairly easy to pass over bad traits of people initially in a relationship. I get that is stuff really not worth overthinking. Kind of like choosing the friend. Just kind of get and idea of what would be good and go from there. I never bothered to get any of those girls numbers or anything since I made the OP. I had one I was going to ask for it, but it was more of a just to get it thing. She lived quite a few hours away from me, and I probably would not make the effort to start a relationship being that far away from someone. But who knows maybe it would have went somewhere. I suppose I fear getting emotionally evolved with someone who might take me for a ride financially, emotionally, etc.
  14. @Moreira I would like a relationship. Just not looking to get stuck with someone I don't want to be with. And looking to see what a variety of different women could offer.