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  1. Made some pretty big progress with contemplation. I actually had some resistance to an idea of existence from it. I am getting a bit more in depth with it. Most days are not too significant though. I try to spend some time thinking about a vision of what I would like to do too. My meditation is going excellent right now. That reset on the weekend was exactly what I needed. My business is doing really well. I am still finding really good stuff right now and am just putting in a lot of work. Need to get stuff listed as much as I can though. It feels great to have savings and a lot of good inventory in stock. I am definitely starting to see some dividends from my work in this business. I think this 4th quarter is going to be amazing. Feel a bit sick maybe from too much detoxing type food. Not too sure though with that. I would guess that might be the case since a lot of the stuff I am eating is promoting that. I don't expect to feel at peak condition all the time though anyway. Starting to read radical honesty today. I think will probably pair well with me working towards being as honest as I can. I am definitely on the right track though I believe. Only a chapter in though, so don't have much of an opinion on it. It seems like a good book though so far. $1,256.00 out of $6000 IRA contribution $2,400 out of $3,000 savings 22 out 44 books Marathon Today I am thankful for: Getting stuff listed Working on my situation Good fortune
  2. Spent the day meditating yesterday and it was great. I really need to set aside the time to do that again soon. It is really easy to build up resistance to it, but once I am finally in it things go so well. My habits are going really well it seems like. I want to work on sticking my more intense workout in more often though. Sitting here and realizing just how good my life can be from this work. It seems unfair that I can live so happily and enjoy life while many others struggle with so many things that keep them stuck. I don't want to take this for granted. I want to make something worthwhile while I am here. It was so nice to have some time to sit and reflect this weekend. Maybe I can get myself to go for it next weekend too. Going to work on adding in more ways to reduce toxins in my life. I want to stick to being a lot healthier. There is so many more complex distinctions to make once you start taking health more seriously. So many little things in every day life that is harmful and toxic, but slips by unnoticed. I am going to work on being less cheap in my health as well. $1,256.00 out of $6000 IRA contribution $2,400 out of $3,000 savings (might have to bump this up a bit!) 21 out 44 books Marathon Today I am thankful for: Selling spare car!! Feeling great Relaxing
  3. As an update for this thread I did specifically go and get a larger variety of stuff to eat today. I got dried coconut, dried figs, pumpkin seeds, and I add in the spirulina today for the first time. The spirulina really over powered the smoothie though, so I might do a smaller amount or do it more infrequently because that killed the taste for sure lol. I did not measure it though either just a good amount on a spoon. I will try to search for some more things I could do to keep a larger variety of stuff in my diet. I will probably get a few kinds of rice. Part of my issue to is I only shop at fred meyer and costco pretty much exclusively. I will maybe try to find a whole foods again (they shut down the one I use to go to) and try to get some new stuff. It was a struggle to find anything new to add even at costco. It seemed the organic section actually got smaller and their frozen fruit selection is not even as good.
  4. @Call Me Whatever That makes sense I am probably more where I can maintain myself right now. My legs are quite muscular, but of course I do a lot of running and that helps. I am not sure that I would be able to hit that kind of threshold with the stuff that I eat very easily. I will try to break 100g a day though and that would help. I don't need to be super shredded, but being more toned would be nice.
  5. I think part of my issue is the fact that I just over think what I want to do instead of letting it just happen. I was re-watching Leo's video on the counter intuitive nature of life and this one seemed to click for me. At the same time I do think that I want to start reading some books on strategic thinking. I think there will be a good balance between both of this. I don't think that I will simply get what I want in life by just letting it happen, but at the same time it kind of needs to happen. I am going to work on taking better video notes too. I have a set up in one note, but I have not been consistent with it enough. I realize that I am missing out on a lot of the stuff or even just forgetting it because of that. Going to be up early tomorrow and be ready for show time. I have a more refined strategy for getting better items and I think that I am going to come out with some really good stuff tomorrow. It feels great to be able to spend this type of money on inventory and still what I need for bills and all of that. I need to crank out some extra cash this up coming month and I am going to knock out as much financial stuff that will come in the way. After September I really want to invest in all of my poster stuff. I am going to try to make a video, when I get the chance. It seems like I have just been in a daze with reselling. The videos are just for fun, but I do feel like I dropped my commitment to them. Part of me feels like I should just keep my mind on one business at a time. Which to be fair I am really seeing the results here. I would say though that even the videos had improved so much while I had been doing them. I will still keep it in mind as something I want to do. I just know for the next few months at minimum that reselling needs to be a top priority. $1,256.00 out of $6000 IRA contribution $1,400 out of $3,000 savings 21 out 44 books Marathon Today I am thankful for: Great weather Good advice Feeling very good
  6. @Michael569 My thinking with following it is that it could possibly help me remove any stored up heavy metals potentially. I had actually worked with some light chemicals for years and was exposed to quite a bit of nicotine for a 5 year span. I was thinking that possibly going through it could help. I noticed after I did my first water fast that my pee is clear a large majority of the time now and it was not before. I think that a couple of those has really helped. I was actually considering reading his encyclopedia of natural medicine. I take a good amount of interest in learning about this kind of stuff, so trying out a bit of the more of the deeper topics. I am the type of guy who reads the 150 healthiest foods cover to cover although I did kind of skip some foods I would not want to eat lol. Studying what each food actually does and what makes it healthy is interesting to me. Most of the foods in my daily eating are the healthiest rated ones in that book. Yeah, I agree with this. I spent a lot of my time initially looking at both the counter arguments for vegan and vegan stuff. It becomes an ideology very easily. Peoples views get so skewed when it comes to it. I believe that there is a right diet for each individual. Also, that some foods are just simply healthier than others. I will be sure to check out those recommendations!
  7. Yes, I have calculated the nutrients needed and what I consume. I suppose that is a part to why I do not like to change what I eat. That is also why I take the supplements that I do and not a multi vitamin currently. It allows me to skip supplements like calcium as they are not needed. That was part of my interest in coming to question what others think about this because I have just worked at this without really asking for an opinion on it. I will actually do some potatoes and sweet potatoes every now and then mixed in with the evening dinner. I am really big on spicy food, so the last meal is incredible to me and I change the hot sauce when I can. Sadly my habanero hot sauce has made me feel sick, so I have to drop using it. I did recently discover some organic jalapeno hot sauce that is incredible. I will reflect on this more. Same with the smoothie. I do look forward to drinking it and the taste of that does alter on the fruit amount and what fruit I use. I introduced the flaxseed recently and it felt awful for a bit. No issues now, but I am going to be a lot more mindful of this. I actually notice now after my dinner I actually still feel like eating more sometimes recently. My main interest with intermittent fasting is the detox capacity. I will occasionally do a couple day water fast and I have absolutely incredible results. My first year of going vegan was a bit like this for sure. I have evolved quite a bit and I think am starting to find a good balance. I love to help others with their eating, but never try to encourage going vegan because I know how much time and research I have placed into this. Most are not able to successfully pull it off and I have had times of low energy and stuff not able to figure it out myself. All of the stuff I have cut out really does not bother me at this point. When I was ending my addiction to junk foods, sugar, etc I use a lot of awareness. I no longer feel the need to eat that type of stuff. But I do agree that I should find those pleasure items to enjoy more of then as well with what I do now. I will definitely take this advice to heart. This is exactly the type of advice I was looking for. I do have to admit I really like rice and I never would go to eat it anymore. I will incorporate this and see what else I am willing to give on. I will try to not be too overly cautious of stuff and enjoy things sometimes more often. That will probably include me spending the $7 on a small thing of kimchi lol. The piece with growing the microbiome I did not consider, so I can see why this would be really valuable for me. Not at all. I really appreciate you taking the time to analyze this and give me a through opinion of it. I can tell you are very well versed in this domain from the stuff I see you reply to people on here. Again I really appreciate it. I had seen you suggesting a book called the toxin solution and I am just about to finish the book. I am planning on doing the full program soon and going to buy all of the stuff to prepare for it, then read back through each step as it comes and assist it with my notes. This has really allowed me to take this to the next level it seems like. Do you have any tips with that book? Do you also have any other really good nutritional reads or things relating to that book?
  8. @louhad Yeah, I feel really good overall. I have wondered about trying less contaminated seafood or something possibly. I feel like I have a lot of energy though and I could probably just find a higher quality version of fish oil and such. The glucosamine has quite a bit of seafood stuff with it too. I suppose part of the concern is just eating the same thing every day. It makes it really easy to shop, prepare food, and I love the taste of each meal. I try to do a intense core and upper body work out 2-3 times per week. High intensity, but don't spend nearly as much time as I do with cardio. I go for about 10 minutes each session directly after 40 minutes of elliptical. But maybe that is not the approach for it? I like the core aspects as it helps my mediation posture strength a lot. I have been doing this for several months now and I definitely do have some gains, but I am definitely on the lean side. I know just my dinner is well over 1,000 calories typically too, so not like I am not eating enough.
  9. @flume I hear you there. I think this is what I needed to hear. I am really strict with my eating, so almost all of those I would not do. But I do agree on the amount of variety. I love what I eat right now and I am excited for my meals. I like qinuoa because of how it cooks and the nutritional quality vs rice. I have literally eaten it for like a year straight at this point I imagine and am not tired. I feel like if I made a salad and spent some more money on organic stuff to eat on the side. I do want to make my own kimchi. I love the kimchi, but the one that I eat is $7 for a small container and it is just not that viable for me to eat it that often. That would be at least a nice mix up. Same with I want to make my own hot sauce. So I guess between those two I can make a good investment into those for some change at least. Cost is part of it too though. I mean I already allow a good amount of spending to get these. I had walked by and enormous jackfruit at costco awhile ago though and I would probably get that if they have it again. Not organic, but I would make an exception lol. I will keep my eye out for a bit more stuff. I basically stick to raw fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, and various herbs. I don't eat anything else currently. I added up my protein intake and I get at least 70g daily right now. I did not include my protein from any of the fruits or veggies for that number. I would be getting at least 75g with the spirulina added daily for this. With my weight this is not bad, but I would like some more as I agree with my amount of activity should require me to need a bit more. @Espaim It took years and a lot of research to progress this far. It seems like there is always more to learn and revise as I go though. Good luck!
  10. @fridjonk Chickpeas would be amazing with dinner again. I guess a big part of my issue lately is the source for those seems to suck. Usually in a plastic lined can with non-filtered water. I don't believe I have seen them available any other way aside from dried, which I assume is not worthwhile. I did like having some black beans and such. I am not a big fan of the prep for them and they seem to go bad easily. The lentils are nice because they take as a long as the quinoa to cook. I probably should toss some in here and there though.
  11. @fridjonk Yeah, a lot of these items don't have a ton of protein in them. The spirulina will help a bit once that is added, but not that much. I don't eat tofu or anything like that now. I don't use any supplements for protein either. Anything that fits this theme of what I eat that could maybe add another 10-20g?
  12. I am putting in a ton of work lately. I worked like 10 hours yesterday! I felt really good and into it while doing it. I felt like I could just keep going and going. I am really starting to get some serious work in. I am still planning on keeping up this kind of output into september. I have 12 large costco storage tubs worth of space and more room I could fill for inventory. I think I might be able to list nearly $5,000 worth of items this week! I have been doing a ton of cleaning and testing to get ready to do this though. So that took a week or so as it is. I imagine I would net like $2,500 from that, but still that is really good. I am not sure on the exact worth of them yet, but I would guess at least that. Slacking a bit on my entries here. I have been in complete work mode right now. The only thing with that is that I feel as if I am not thinking enough about other life factors. I feel like I really need to get to a better financial state though. I am really willing to put in the work to get there. I will find a balance after this month or so. I am probably going to hold off on trips and such to help keep myself at maximum energy and emotional state. Once I am more in my cool off period I will be fine with tripping and stuff again. I just don't want to lose sight of the opportunity I have right now. This might be a good shot for me to get the money I want for a property or to move! I will think about it once I get there though and who knows an opportunity might just arise. Going to work on trying to be honest with everything I do. I am mostly an honest person, but I mean with even the little things. Even if it disadvantages me to tell the truth. I am already getting pretty close, but it is something for me to keep working on. I am going to keep working a lot of nutrition as well. Going to be doing a detox soon. $1,256.00 out of $6000 IRA contribution $1,400 out of $3,000 savings 21 out 44 books Marathon Today I am thankful for: Awesome weather Feeling great High energy
  13. @louhad I have the smoothie at 12pm and dinner usually at 3-4pm right now. I eat the nuts while making the smoothie. Maybe get more protein in? I am not looking to get super shredded, but some more muscle would be nice. I am mostly into cardio though anyway.
  14. Everything I eat is organic. I start of with a good sized bowl of almonds and walnuts. Usually with Goji berries as well. Sometimes cashews too. Smoothie: Either has a mix of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I usually try to get cherries in too. The fruit is sometimes a more tropical mix like peaches, mango, pineapple, dragon fruit, etc. Both usually have 1-2 bananas in it too. 3 Tablespoons of hemp seed 3 Tablespoons of chia seeds Use to have a tablespoon of cocoa powder and will probably get some more soon. One table spoon of flaxseed. One or two handfuls of mix of spinach/kale and it has some other greens usually mixed in. Half of an english cucumber. One cooked beet. One large carrot. One handful of celery. Good sized piece of ginger root. One serving of lions mane powder. I was looking to start adding a tablespoon of spirulina soon too. The smoothie fills up a large blender. It is maybe close to a half gallon or so. Dinner 3/4 to 1 cup of Qinuoa 1/4 cup of green or red lentils. 1 Large Avacado One cup of sauerkraut Two large stalks of bok choy Two Brussel Sprouts Some green onion Some Cilantro I use a Jalapeno Hot Sauce for it Not really a whole lot of variation. I change up the fruits and sometimes add potatoes and stuff to the dinner. Doesn't really bother me to eat this everyday though. Anything I could change or improve? I supplement zinc every other day, b12, glucosamine, D-3, and omega 3. I intermittent fast with this too usually 18-20 hours a day. Interested in more nutritious items or even things that are healthy to add more variety. Was likely going to start supplementing probiotics and stuff soon too. A side note is I am 5' 10" and weigh 143 pounds. I am very athletic and exercise a lot every day. My main goal is to build some extra muscle and just be at optimal health. Would be awesome to hear from @Michael569 on this too Edit: I am getting at least 70g of protein per day. Sometimes more if I eat a lot of nuts like today. Maybe 80-85g. As another note I eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds only right now.
  15. Took the day off today, so that was much needed. I think that my body is detoxing some stuff as I seem to have the signs of it doing so from what I am learning. I am going to go through a much more through detox program soon, which is exciting. I hope that I can clear up a lot of my brain fog and get more energy. I am sure there is plenty of toxins to remove. For anyone reading this read the book the toxin solution. I am going to partner with my younger sister on a smaller business venture. It ties a bit into what I am doing already anyway. I gave her the option to 50/50 with me. I don't want to take advantage of the situation for sure though. I want to be mindful with what I am doing with it and how I am going about it. None the less it will be fun. She seems to have some good ideas and keeps up with the trends and such. I have a good amount of business skill and can sell stuff well, so I think it will be fun. I typically avoid any partners, but I could see how we would mutually benefit each other. It will be small time for sure, but who knows with results we might really make something of it. Going to work on setting a better sleeping schedule. I need to work more on limiting some electronic stuff. I notice that I am probably too focused on doing everything and not taking some time to just have a little fun. I need to give myself some opportunity to just watch some entertainment and stuff. It probably is not good to just be always into business etc. I notice a good chunk of brain fog lately and I notice it a lot lately while speaking. I assume it is from detoxing though. Just something for me to note here as I do want to investigate it more if it persists longer. $1,256.00 out of $6000 IRA contribution $1,400 out of $3,000 savings 21 out 44 books Marathon Today I am thankful for: Relaxing Excellent weather Good sales