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  1. With removing the Amalgams it probably saved you a lot of the potential pain of your increase in mercury. In my case I don't have any of those. However, I have lived by a paper mill most of my life. Which turns out to put mercury into the air. I have also cleaned up a florescent light that boke as a kid, which exposed me then. I've read most of Cutler' s 1999 book on it and done a good bit of research so far. I'm still hesitant to just jump right into it, but I am open to it. I did go into that group and asked about people giving testimonials for issues I had. I was referred to the search bar, which actually yielded very little. That group is too restricted to even have an open minded discussion on it too.
  2. @PurpleTree I would recommend taking the time to do proper testing and investigation on the topic. Also, before even considering it I would work on gut and liver health. You might also have other conditions that are bothering you that need to be addressed. Getting your overall life style to a clean level would make a massive difference for most people as well. I'm in the same boat as you, but I have made some massive progress doing all natural processes to heal. However, this protocol seems to have a good amount of validity. It makes it tough though reading a report like this without a really clear result. It really depends what you are trying to get out of it and what issues you have. Brain fog, fatigue, and things like that might be much more easily addressed with something as simple as getting better sleep. However, they are not the only solution.
  3. @somegirl I've been watching this thread for a bit. Glad you finally asked him out! Good work! Have fun!
  4. By the time you are so loaded with debt (depending on country) and get things stable, you are looking at like 10 years. You could probably just land a decent job and work your way up, while doing all of your art on side. You can get creative with how you monetize the art too. You can make tutorials, teach, coach, etc.
  5. You ever notice, when you play a video game and you keep making "obvious" mistakes? Those kind of quick reactions that you just knew you shouldn't have made? Yet, after some time of practice you eventually get the hang of it. After you keep trying and trying you eventually make the right choices quicker. This type of date you had has the same kind of thing going for it. Just keep at it and these kind of "fuck ups" will start to go away more and more. It reminds me of myself, when I first started dating lol. I look back and laugh at some of them fairly often actually. You had some serious balls to go and get that date in the first place. You are a lot further ahead of a lot of people in this sub forum. Just keep practicing, when the opportunity comes up.
  6. @Javfly33 I think more of the issue is revolving around this, then porn in general. You likely have some trauma that you have not dealt with that is allowing this to linger on as an issue in your life. You should consider doing some shadow work on this to really help get some results. You might be able to amplify this kind of work with psychedelics as well.
  7. @EntheogenTruthSeeker No problem. I should caution that if you believe you have SIBO that gut protocol will not help. I did actually do it with SIBO and it did help temporarily, but it has stuff that feeds SIBO in it. You made no mention of that, but it seems common on this forum, so figured I would say that warning. I also recommend that you deeply familiarize yourself with Amalgam Illness and The mercury detoxification manual by Andy Culter if you plan to chelate. Don't mess around with this stuff until you have a good understanding of it. The gut protocol and stuff I mentioned is much more forgiving though for sure.
  8. @EntheogenTruthSeeker Try out the book The Toxin Solution By Joseph Pizzorno. That would give you a good start. It does have protocols in that book as well.
  9. I would just limit your time where you know there will be negative or useless interactions. Sometimes with people you can observe them and notice they do the same rituals. So maybe a certain day of the week you want to avoid them or a certain time of the day. That and just avoiding topics that will make them upset. It's useful to work on how you react to this stuff. This can help you pick up on some patterns for you to work on as well.
  10. It could be more risking going another route. There is a lot involved to get the metals to actually be removed properly. I've seen the medical medium smoothie, but never read their book. I would be skeptical at the effectiveness of actually removing metals with the stuff I had seen. This could potentially do more harm than good if you just redistribute metals in your body. You might be better off doing nothing and fixing your health in other areas. Getting your gut health in order, then getting your liver in order will help a lot. This would be important before even considering either protocol.
  11. It can be converted into crystals and potentially done. I didn't find much on it though. An alcohol extract would be nice and clean to avoid nausea though too.
  12. I use a site call slicethepie or something like that to get my $15 to fund my business. I worked my ass off writing music reviews to earn that $15. I used that money to invest into some internet marketing to sell guides at the time. It made me thousands of dollars. It was a low consciousness business, but it worked. You likely wouldn't be able to handle doing the amount of music reviews required to get $200 lol. It might be a start though. Reselling would be a quick way to make an extra $200 a month. It's going to require you to actually do some work though. You could start by selling stuff around your house that you don't need. I recommend selling on ebay, but you could sell on facebook market place or something similar.
  13. @Droo_ I wish lol. I would need to get comfortable at a micro dose and get back to you.
  14. This is a must. I find that doing it early in the day is best as well. Empty stomach besides the L-theanine. I have very lucid dreams in the float tank and have had some intense experiences. It's been well worth the money.
  15. If you are good at buying these, then there should be no need for a loan. This would be a good way to lose money that is not even yours. If you go this route it will require a lot of research for sure. You should aim for a 15% annual return minimum, or it is not worth the effort. This is going to be the most lucrative thing for sure. Not many people get rich picking the right stock. It's usually through a business that creates a lot of value. If you have not figured out a life purpose and just want to cash in on something there is stuff out there. Depending on the Amazon business you might not really need a loan. You could just go to a goodwill bins and learn how to scan books. Be a way to build up an amazon account and get some cash together to grow it. However, if you want to sell a lot of new products the margins will be much more thin and you will need a lot more capital. You would need the account to get built up a bit anyway. I would not dump a bunch of cash into it until you figure out a niche. The thing with running an amazon business is that it really just scales with labor and capital. If you really want to make some money you need digital leverage type scaling. As in some sort of website, youtube, digital product, etc. Something that you make once and can sell a million times. It would take some more effort than going and scanning some books in the bins, but you would be much more likely to get rich that way. The more creative you are, then the more likely it will have a big pay out. The bins would give you some cash now though if you want it. I should mention to with some new product style businesses I see they only have about a 10% profit margin. You could do better, but just something to keep in mind. Might require a good chunk of change. New items are easy to sell at least though. Especially if you have the same thing. I've bought bulk new headphones and sold them on ebay with decent success. Only issue is it took $1,500 to get the product, then I had to compete with sellers in China.