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  1. It's good to have that habit that you can keep strong during it. Mine is working out and diet is really just a apart of how I live now from doing it this long. When things are going great I just start throwing in kick ass habits. Been doing no fap, cold shower, youtube, etc lately. But if things took a turn I know that these habits would drop pretty easily or require a fight to keep up. A big thing I suggest is slow integration of the habits them self and focusing on the benefits. Set a specific diet you are going to eat and stick to it. I forget where I heard it, but imagine a big rock being held by ropes. Each day you complete the habit another rope is added. The rock is going to fall much easier without the consistency. Sickness, injury, etc can really put a damper on things. Do you best to get those strings up and especially the initial ones. Sometimes you just need a day to let it go. Not worry about it and not beat yourself up if you miss a day. Try to not skip more than one day in a row though. I find once you go over that it becomes harder and amplifies more. I go running every outside every other day and I notice now most people are not out there because the sun is gone. Rain is here and "cold". I am excited for it now. This year I actually bought myself rain gear and have a nice jogging outfit. I would like to upgrade my gloves, so my hands aren't frozen before I get back, but the extra gear makes it more exciting to go! But those people likely could not keep the habit once it got a bit more tough. Everyone likes a nice stroll in the sun. I could see most having to work or something too. But any time it is dramatically less people out now. It's easier for me now because I feel great doing it. I have got stuck in ruts with it and I just took it slow to build back up momentum after injuries over training etc. There are days that are still hard to get out and go. I averaged almost 6 miles a day all last month, which was my personal best for distance in a month. I want to run a marathon next summer is the goal. I have a lot of time to train for it and I think I can do it. Make goals with the diet. Make goals with all of it. Maybe you need to skip a piece to focus on making one habit strong enough not to fall. Also, maybe try something new to spice up the routine for the items you are having a hard time keeping. Just like I added the gear etc. Nice headphones made it better to. Layering pieces of the habit helps to. I actually rewarded myself with a warm shower at night and I had an awesome idea when I took it tonight. But I still take the cold shower in the morning. My first few showers started at the middle of the temp, then moved to cold. Now they are just cold when I hop in. That habit is awesome even if I get up a bit later than my time I want to be up it totally makes up for it skipping all of my slow time wasting in the morning. Diet specifically I had the best luck changing a meal at a time. And it really can take longer than you think. But that is okay. Maybe just start by making your breakfast a really health smoothie. Then go from there and make sure you can keep that every day first. Eventually integrating more veggies in it. And find other options and research what would be best for your life. Get a taste of just how powerful that healthy breakfast is for you, Expect ego backlash and backsliding though. It's kind of like running up a big slide and every now and then you slip a bit, but you can always keep running back up. You'll have times where you will just power through it like an animal once you get disciplined enough.
  2. @Serotoninluv Agreed, that was great before the rest of my workout haha.
  3. No longer need the information.
  4. @Eoin The videos so far are awesome. Do you post anything on youtube or other platforms?
  5. I have unleashed dogs run up to me, but my dog will bite them in the face sometimes. If I sensed any sort of attack from the other dog I would attack it to protect my dog. I don't get much threats often. You did the best to just ignore it and move on. Put the dog on a leash though.
  6. I had seen a guy who was in an older running event shirt and he looked like he was 70. Jogged just fine. I think it is more of a mental thing than anything. You love running obviously. I think it is one of those things that can help keep a lot of balance in your life and keep you stable going through harder times too. It's a big tool for me in my personal development.
  7. Look at how much percent the dollar inflates every year. It's usually the investor that is risky and not the investment. You could really make an investment out of a lot of stuff. Hobbies with items, businesses, etc. If you want to lose money every year, then those would be a good option to invest in. If you have a lot of liquid capital and want it on the sidelines, then go for it. But I assume most CDs will have a penalty if you decide to withdraw it. I could tell you a bunch of different investments that would be "good", but it wouldn't really be doing you any favors. You need to learn a lot in the field if you plan to invest in if you want minimize risk and maximize profits. If you just want to stick some money away go talk with your local banks and see what interest rates they offer. Education and experience will be your best bet if you want to progress.
  8. A lot of the time if you move too fast you don't keep the growth or much of it. Imagine if you got 1% better everyday it would be easier to maintain and improve. Now of course you will have peaks and times where growth seems stagnant. The foundation stuff is crucial. So blowing through it isn't really going to benefit you. One of the most important things you could do is be able to identify things your need to work on for YOURSELF. Not everyone else around you. Not very many people are capable of doing this. It's easy to figure out what others should be working on, but how about you?
  9. @Meditationdude I was considering one of those. I figure gas, time, and energy of getting the gallons of water adds up too. So that isn't an unreasonable price. I am not quite decided on going the distilling route. But I had seen that was one of the better purifiers. I thought about getting their hiking version that is like $30 to see roughly how the taste quality would be like.
  10. @passerby That looks pretty awesome in the picture. Not sure I could use something that big right now though.
  11. @DrewNows That sounds pretty intense. I should probably go back and see what I need for protein. I get over 100g a day I know that, but I workout daily. I probably drink too much protein powder that I do not need. But it is a good fill for early day calories. It's a plant based superfood one I use. I did see some supporting stuff for the distilled water and it removes more fluoride too. The taste would be ideal as well because my tap water is gross tasting.
  12. @DrewNows I'll check it out it! I subbed him, so notifications will pop up later. Yeah, I am more interested in learning more into a raw food diet. I appreciate the information. I will keep looking into the water and see what I find.
  13. @DrewNows I drink a smoothie daily and am on a plant based diet. I have some vegan junk food stuff on occasion. If the diet effects it I am not really sure. I take daily vitamins and etc. I am not sure what is best really for the water. I would make since it needs the minerals and what not would be found in the traditional sources of water. But what exactly are the minerals I should be looking for? I also do want the water to not taste terrible would be a plus since the tap water is not very good tasting.
  14. @outlandish Yeah, there is arsenic and other bad stuff in my tap water. I had the water tested here before. I am sure it would be "okay" to drink I just don't want to consume so many chemicals regardless of the content. I had seen stuff that adds minerals and etc. But I will continue to keep looking at what the best solution may be. I do consume a decent amount of Himalayan salt if that matters. I just got my first natural organic baby shampoo today. I have sensitive skin, so need to use the baby one lol. I was going to find some natural toothpaste as well. Thanks for your response I will keep digging into more. I have looked into a good amount of reviews and stuff. Just nothing really saying what is the best. Some of the best tasting water I had was from a purifier of the water of the mountain I was on in my picture. The snow melting at the top would have little crystal clear streams. As well as the distant lake in that picture you could see to the bottom.
  15. It likely won't last like mine did. It very well could have been a drug related cause. However, I had many other typical causation factors. Just be good to your body and mind and it should return the favor. I smoke one per month at the moment and do fine with it. I try to use it for self actualization work and to get stuff off my mind. But I would like to eventually do away with it I think. I'm fairly undecided. I want to use psychedelics in place of it for the personal work. So maybe I will find that I really don't want to use it at all.