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  1. @DreamScape Good for you. It can be hard to do. I have done the same with old friends and ex girlfriend now. It was a process, but totally worth it.
  2. Good book if applied correctly. I have read this myself haha. Thank you.
  3. @DreamScape It's not an easy task unfortunately. It can be really hard to come to terms with things like that. Take all the time you need to heal. But keep it as an option. You need to put your well being at the top of the list always though.
  4. That looks pretty awesome for free. How far are you in on the course?
  5. @TDW1995 Change is really refreshing sometimes. You might also find some big opportunities trying a new place to work too. Good luck to you.
  6. I did not talk to my dad for about 5 years. It's been a year since we talked then though. I think maybe he has changed a bit now, but really hard to say. I found it helpful to try to view things through the other persons lens. A lot of the time whatever they are doing is because of something that had happened to them. She probably was trying to give you love, but was unaware of how to do that. I realized the other day that I do not treat my dog well enough. I had a small fit of rage at it, which usually never happens. I became more aware of the feelings of this anger that had came over me. Later when I thought about it I realized what had come over my father, when he had physically abused me. I felt as if just that moment had made me forgive him. I love that dog a lot, but it is hard to get it to act the way I want. I never really looked at it though the view of the dog. It likely had ignored my command just out of excitement to see something else. Now that is not to say if I decide to talk to him and he is still the way he was I am not going to bother. Your mom may or may not evolve. I would guess as she ages she will start to remove some of her older ways of thinking and acting.
  7. I've reached a point where I can appreciate the beauty of the world so much more. Just going on long walk seeing a route that I have seen probably a thousand times I can still find a way to see how amazing it is. Although, I have to admit it is really easy to go through life without really stopping to enjoy those little things. We move in such a hurry that we never really see the beauty is such small things. Finished another book. I feel like I am progressing so much about learning about life purpose. But there is still a lot of dive in on and experience. I see for most that really the issue of reaching their dreams is just fear of what might happen. It is very hard to break out of this mindset. I have had issues with it most of my life and dealing with anxiety etc never helped. I notice that most of people who find their purpose had a really good environment to do so in early on. But I think anyone can achieve it if they work hard enough at it. Most will quickly toss the desire for money ahead of their own happiness as well. Today is just awesome. Nothing in particular has happened that is "special". But just some sun out and a lot of time to reflect and work on stuff that I find meaningful. I did start listening to a little bit of music again, but only have a couple of songs lol. I notice that I am kind of transforming more in the exterior world that reflects my inner world. I see more value in dressing for what I want to become. That and just my general posture and attitude. Today I am thankful for Sun Feeling well Persistence My top 9 values are Personal Development Knowledge Honesty Connection Contribution Creativity Fun Adventure Productivity
  8. Why not just try to move closer to the area you work in now? Maybe I missed that if you mentioned it. If the cost seems more expensive add up the wear and tear to the vehicle, gas, and time cost.
  9. Keep consistent towards what you want. Yes, you have to pay bills now. But the reason most cannot escape is they are not actively working towards it. If you think it is hard now try adding a house payment, children, spouse, etc. Take your time to invest in business education and stay on track. You will make it out if that is truly what you want. I know you want it bad enough. Keep honing your skills in your profession and you won't have an issue at all. I probably sound like a broken record, but I believe in you man. Do the work now with as much presence as you can too. The more you build the idea of shitty job in your mind it will just make you sad for no reason. Enjoy this beautiful experience as much as you can. Stop looking ahead at where you want to be. But focus in on what is right in front of you.
  10. @DreamScape Thanks for giving it a read!
  11. @LoveandPurpose The values would be 10. Yes Continue doing the course and you will work that out. Good luck!
  12. I have a back to heal now as well, so my rate of recovery has been quite slow. None the less I am still being active, but nothing extreme. I am thankful that I am not even more limited that I am currently. I enjoy being able to do all of that stuff that I can do. Won my 3rd award in a row for best impromptu speech in toast masters that one of my toast masters does, so that was pretty cool. I think I found my mentor in that group too if he is willing to do it. He is over 70 and his speaking skills are incredible. Definitely a really cool guy that is happy an cheerful. I think so far he would be well worth working with. I am progressing really well. I am going to become a member in both groups as well. So I will be giving the same longer speeches twice in each group. This is really going to start ramping up my speaking skills. I really like that this group in particular likes hearing about self help stuff. They were all interested in my speech about Earl Nightingale. Going to start working on a more organized schedule for myself. I am going to start getting up even earlier I think. I really don't do a whole lot in the evening anymore and by getting up earlier I just leave less time that is distracted to get stuff done for my day. I am doing really good at adding and keeping habits. But I have worked really hard at it for a good length of time. I am starting to dive deeper into learning about OCD. I find it interesting that I have helped myself with this as much as I have without a lot of significant research. But a lot of the methods so far it seems like stuff that I just intuitively did to try to help myself. Granted I want to take it to the next level. Same with all other aspects of "defects" that I have. I want to gain as much knowledge on them as I can and I think this will boost me even further in life. Today I am thankful for Healing Not giving up Feeling passionate about the work I do My top 9 values are Personal Development Knowledge Honesty Productivity Adventure Fun Connection Contribution Creativity
  13. I suggest getting the extra recommended content on that lesson and retaking what you did several times. You should look at them and get a bit of reflection to yourself. Although, some may not be as apparent.
  14. Get some stability with your other work, then start working on this if it is what you really find fulfilling. You can also do one on one voice lessons, or teach classes around that too for money as well. I know that people pay a lot of money for a voice instructor. So while you are building up your skills you can teach to make it profitable. I know this is profitable for a fact because I just bought a book on improving my speaking voice. Lots of options to work off of with voice acting and you can use the skills of it to generate money too. Which thing would you do if you were already rich?
  15. You have to increase your service. So if you want to make more money you need to be more of service. You can work more hours, but you know how much more that will get you. If you really want to make a lot more, then you need to figure out how you can provide more value. What are you good at doing? What interests you? Consider cutting the sessions in half and saving the other money for now. Use the money to invest into a business or assets that will make you money.