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  1. OCD

    Not Leo's content, but these are good quality. You can pick some of Leo's videos to go with these. These will make a big difference. Especially a good quality mediation habit will help you out tremendously. https://chopra.com/articles/5-healing-modalities-that-could-change-your-life
  2. @Anna1 Yeah, most of the news around it is just propaganda. I could jog 5 miles straight when I was vaping still. The stuff saying people dying was also just black market THC vapor products. Not E liquid products. To my knowledge there has never been a single death relating to vapor products. Some injuries from devices from poorly educated users though. If most users are able to quit it will lose billions of dollars for the medical industry and tobacco companies. There is so many hands in the pockets of things like other pharmaceutical drugs that supposedly work to make people quit, but they almost never work. It hurts a whole lot of companies not just tobacco companies. If you look into it the state of California actually owes tobacco companies millions of dollars. Tobacco companies paid out settlements before they even happened. So if you notice California is one the first places that places to start banning flavors. You also see a lot of misinformation about the vaping products themselves coming from there. I believes they owe them something like hundreds of millions and they already spent that funding that was suppose to go to tobacco prevention related stuff. Not sure a quick internet search would show you what I am talking about though. California is not the only state like that, but they owe the most. Now I have to say that a good portion of the vapor industry is a big pile of bs. Shops hosting competitions for clouds and tricks. Companies literally ripping off candy packaging labeling and using it on their products is completely irresponsible. But it still comes to the fact it is getting people to quit cigarettes. My town had like 5+ vape shops not including mini marts that had dedicated sections for it, head hops, etc. It was getting pretty out of hand in my opinion. Now with flavors banned it is pretty much gone, but I wonder if users will go back to cigarettes or not.
  3. @Anna1 Yeah, I vaped for about 5 years as well. I weaned down on nicotine content and just cut it off completely, but I would usually do that anyway. I would go down to 1mg, then back to 6mg to get effects again. But going down to 1mg for a week or so, then just cut it out. The thing is with going down to 1mg is you tend to vape more, so hard to say how much less you really get. I had been running and stuff and just came to the realization it was time to stop. It is an annoying habit.
  4. @silene @28 cm unbuffed Royal College of Physicians found vaping not likely to exceed 5% of the harm of cigarettes. It is a good tool to get completely off of it for good. Actually has the highest success rate to stop smoking.
  5. Also, your calorie needs are going to vary. You likely will find yourself not needing as much as before because you are eating less calorie dense foods. Also, eating high volume foods like watermelon, cantalope, etc will make you full longer. But I still recommend that you keep things like nuts in your diet especially because it is a more calorie dense food. There is a big variety of nuts to choose from, so you will have many options to cycle through. I find costco to be one of the better sources for them for the price.
  6. Fruits and veggies will take awhile for you to adjust your taste. It could take months for you to actually acquire taste for them and it will develop more over time. I highly recommend that you start your day with a smoothie to bring in a higher intake of fruits and veggies. You can use hemp seeds and chia seeds to bring up the protein and omega 3/6. My smoothie today contained 15g protein without any sort of processed powders. That also does not include any protein occurring in the fruits and veggies. I might up that a bit to start trying to pack on some muscle though. My diet has a good amount of protein in general though. Check out 150 healthiest foods on earth book and cycle through many of the fruits and veggies into your smoothie. Also, if you have stomach issues try to add in some ginger into your diet. I have a good sized chunk of it I put in my smoothie daily. Try to replace the rice with brown rice and qunioa they are much better alternatives. But no harm in enjoying some jasmine or white rice every now and then, but they fall short of what I mentioned. I feel very sluggish if I eat any wheat anymore, but to be fair go at your own pace of removing the pasta and bread. It is essential that you figure out a good meal structure as well as supplements.
  7. @IChoseTheRedPill I am not an expert with shopify for sure, so I cannot really say. It would be a new place for me to try out. Ideally I would direct traffic from google and ebay customers to it. I am full time selling as my only income right now. I am not an expert, but I know quite a bit. I really just use ebay right now, but I need to diversify. I have nearly half of my businesses income coming from local sales though too. Ebay is not very user friendly unfortunately. I am wasting an hour or so just phoning between them and paypal to literally just change my automatic payment method this morning. I cannot ship until they change it over to my bussiness paypal. That and I am on managed payments and I am having buyers tell me that they are not able to pay me, so I missed out on two sales just because of their technical issues. I love the platform too it just seems like every month now it seems there is a new issue I have to resolve with them. Definitely message me though. Maybe it would be a good hobby or business for you to try out. I love going out and getting items it is really fun for me. In the summer I travel hours out of town to garage sale events.
  8. @IChoseTheRedPill Definitely give it a shot! I have noticed that I will now ever remember things that I would have just disregarded because they were not important anymore. Like how much I spent on something etc, but it became important for whatever reason. I would not have been nearly as successful in remembering prior to it. Ebay would be good to drive traffic to your own site as well, so no point in not using it to be honest. I was going to move onto amazon a bit and mostly just try to sell big ticket electronics there if they let me. I doubt I will get ungated for collectibles. I am working on investing into a better structure for my listings on ebay to get on several platforms and possibly my own shopify store, which is suppose to be easy to sync listings over to. I do intend to list thousands of items though, so a subscription to cross listing might not be worth it depending on your frequency of listings. I was thinking about putting out a video this week maybe. I am going grinding quite a few hours out for reselling this week though too, so we will see. I am pretty well versed with selling on ebay. Would be happy to provide you a lot of resources you could find useful and teach you some stuff if needed. Feel free to pm me if you want. Take it easy.
  9. @Raptorsin7 I have it. I am only 7 sections in so far. A lot of content in there for sure. So far it seems high quality. I have actually developed further ideas about 3 different businesses and how to make them more impactful to the world. Now maybe I would have got those ideas without it I don't know. I had ideas surrounding the businesses themselves to create them though prior. I would get the feeling it is more designed around how to make the business impactful to the world. I get the feeling from other reviews I read you are still going to have to search for the medium for that impactful business, but I feel like it should steer you in the right direction. If you are just looking for business fundamentals there is a lot of free content that would get you going good. Learning: Taxes How to properly form LLC and operate Marketing Building business infrastructure How to maintain and interact with clients How to figure out what the client needs How to deal with changes in the industry Building contacts to help grow your business There is so much business theory out there, but nothing better than running out and starting a business to get you a taste of it. I have had a variety of businesses at this point. More failure than success for sure, but I definitely know some stuff. I especially know what I like to do and not do. I have done product and services. But I will say that especially learning things like taxes gives you a massive upper hand in businesses. I will say though even just getting several hours into it could help you visualize ideas about what you want to do and picking that. So that alone could be really valuable. I don't want to be bias for it just because I purchased it. I have only done so much of it to say how effective it could be for your situation. If you have the money, time, and dedication then sure go buy it. Leo puts out good content in general and this so far does not fall short of that. It really is a few hundred hours worth of content, when you do the assignments and what not. So keep that in mind. That and I really suggest finding fundamental content to read and research building up to it. If I had to be honest I felt the need to just pay up the $250 when I started to get more financially comfortable just because of how much my quality of life has improved from this work. $250 is a drop in the bucket comparatively. That and I really did get curious how he is able to dedicate this much work into his business. But I have to say that might not be the case for everyone. I had just hit a massive amount of self growth being able to integrate the work I was being taught and taking the path with the most pain and suffering to get the most improvement.
  10. @IChoseTheRedPill Yeah, I had been in a similar space when I was younger, so I know how it can feel to be at that point in life. Sorry for your loss as well I can imagine it carries a burden. Do you think the book is worth it compared to online searching? I have watched Paul Statments on Joe Rogan and I actually buy his host defense brand of lions mane, which is super awesome if you have not looked into that. I have checked out their site, but I think I will register and dive in a bit deeper one of these days. I have actually wondered about growing my own lions mane. We have been talking about getting my own green house here and maybe that would be a good place to work on growing some. I don't do any crypto videos now. I have been kind of playing around with maybe showing how to grow various businesses and what not on there. I recommend looking into Andreas Antonopoulos and Data Dash. The blockgeeks site looks pretty good. I did try to find your youtube, but did not come back with a channel.
  11. It sounds like you are really trying to work through your issues going through the last few of your threads. I hope you have an excellent healing journey. I am working through depersonalization disorder right now. I am taking it down piece by piece. I am highly focusing on ocd right now and only have one slight ocd action yesterday that I caught myself in. A lot of it depends on where the person is at emotionally and their habits. I had a close friend kill himself and I was one of the last people he talked to a few years ago. It really was not all that easy process to be honest with you. But how I would have handled it then versus now is much different. I think a lot of those life style changes I showed you would really help you move in the right direction. That and really facing the emotions of the loss is important. It might help you to write out a letter to here that you just keep for yourself. Maybe explain all of the emotions you feel. Maybe even write the story of your relationship out as a whole. Really delve into it and not avoid it. But really know that she would not have wanted you to be hurting. Try to focus in on all of the good things that you have going for you in life. Maybe write out 3 things every morning that you are thankful for. I know this might sound a bit further out and you would want to do your research. It might be worth it to research psilocybin mushrooms. I am going to be using some to face some trauma. I am going to do it next time and write out a biography of my childhood. However, I would really urge you to be in a good mood for two weeks at least and working on all of those other things I had sent you in the link. But if you decide to go this route please do the research. Be open minded to it too. I have heard of people equating it to 5 years worth of therapy. I have had luck with it reducing my ocd as well as well as others who have had the same findings. Also, I would highly recommend avoiding any mood stabilizers or anti depressants. This is really going to hinder your growth and healing in my opinion.
  12. @kira Blue ocean strategy and only the paranoid survive.
  13. Really just to create content and keep doing it. Learn and progress. I am reworking what I want to do with youtube currently, so I can't say I am living up to my own advice. Take more action and less theory. I've been trying to build a higher purpose business wise and have been considering readjusting this to follow with that.
  14. @IChoseTheRedPill What research showed it was good for mental illness? I am looking at the clinical trials and not sure what you are referring to https://www.ketonutrition.org/clinicaltrials You're fine I am interested in learning about the topic. If you try it and have good results that is awesome and excellent. So not trying to say that is not a possibility. Just thinking there is other factors you are going to have to help control. Looking at this diet looks better than what most Americans eat, so it is definitely an improvement and I have heard of people doing well on it.
  15. @Nickyy Yeah, usually right around when it would end my stomach growls a bit. I want to research it a bit more. I just gave it a go and it seems to be pretty good. I had heard it could help you live longer due to less time the body spends breaking down sugars. But I have not really verified that. I know the body can handle much more. But obviously I want it to be beneficial. I had seen a lot of people do extended ones with a lot of good results, but I don't want to do multiple days or anything like that.