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  1. I am noticing that I am starting to have a bit of an uptick in energy and motivation. I still seem to struggle a bit. It seems like I have to try to get myself going. I sleep sometimes for about 9 hours, then I start to feel better. I had a couple of days recently I was sleeping or trying to for close to 12 hours. I feel like the quality of my sleep isn't as good. Hopefully, it will get a bit better though. I am trying to get my sleeping schedule back on track. I think I am allergic to beets too, but need to test to verify. I forgot that I felt like crap eating them before and I thought that was from detoxing. I literally juice or blend a whole one all the time and I get some nearing the size of a baseball lol. I am going to test that soon, but for now it seems good. I still ponder a lot about what exactly my LP will be. I need more vision time for sure. I just haven't really found the cause or what I want I think. I notice it really bothers me how unhealthy people are and I could see wanting to change that. Also, how a lot of people simply just live a poor life due to lack of personal growth. I think between those two there is a lot there I could work with. I am not entirely sure though. I feel like I am still in the right direction with speaking now. I am struggling to build a strong speaking routine. I know that I need to start doing it daily. It seems like I don't have enough time to do everything. I think that I should consider trying to batch meals, but I don't enjoy leftovers. I am not sure that qinuoa would be any good the second day either. I think that I need to try this out and just see what happens. I know if I were to batch the jucing alone I can cut out more time. I need to get the jars, so I can start vacuum sealing them. Even if I starting making it one time for even 3 days maybe would be ideal. This would save me 4 hours each week and that really starts adding up. Dinner wise I am not too sure what else. I probably should try a different dinner out. I have been thinking about maybe making some salads or something too. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today, I am thankful for: Pc stand Up tick in sales Feeling calm and centered
  2. I found a large source of my own personal anxiety came from caffeine. I had a lot of other factors too of things that would make me very stressed often. As mentioned above I would see where you can cut that out. I would recommend working on getting adequate exercise and building a meditation habit. Those two things are very powerful against panic attacks and anxiety. Diet plays a good part in it as well, but if I was going to pick one thing to drop anxiety I would say meditation or yoga if you can get into it. Yoga seems to be more potent without as much experience at the start. A technique I used with having panic attacks was to just work on following my breath during them. I would often have them just from being in stores. So I would go into stores and just hang out while having a panic attack. It did gradually start reducing them quite a bit over time. It really depends on what you feel is best and what you are comfortable with. If you worked on the things above that would likely be enough too. Also, relating to the stress. Make sure you give yourself at least a full day off each week. I don't mean doing a bunch of errands and stuff, but actually finding the time to relax and enjoy yourself.
  3. I would just start up some small talk with guys you see out in public. Maybe try out some groups or social clubs. I feel like this would help sort out a lot of creepy ones. Not always, but I am sure there is a lot of that on the apps. The quality would raise up too. Go try out new things more often and it will make it much easier. A guy should be able to lead you in the conversation, so it shouldn't be too bad. I know from experience though with girls approaching me it caught me off guard haha.
  4. You can take in information from anyone at any level of development. Also, being here helped me move more into tier 2. Hard to see where you land without being around anyone who is more developed. Also, the more "developed" one becomes, then it is less of an issues where others are at.
  5. I find that having a mix of different workouts and stretches helps a lot. I have been doing yoga a few times a week, cycling, and jogging. I use to just jog all the time and I get injured much less now. I also stretch 2-3 times per day. I also try to give myself one day a week to rest fully too.
  6. Just like with anything it will take a lot of practice to get good at it. Build a training routine around it and find books that teach you how to do it. I highly recommend you get the book Presenting To Win by Jerry Weissman if you want to work on speaking. You also have to get out there and train too, which I recommend toastmasters for that. This stuff would help you with writing as well since the concept of building a story works the same vocally or on paper.
  7. @Consept Really glad you followed up with that book and what I shared previously. I agree with what you said here. I currently have most of my IRA investment in the best malls in the world. The malls are set to be run fully on green energy by 2025 I believe. A good portion of the portfolio already using fully sustainable energy. However, one large thing is that a lot of the retailers in the mall are into a lot of practices that are unethical and toxic. Things like the clothes making is absolutely terrible for the environment. I can't say they are totally and completely bad either though. Thing is I invest into the real estate. If everyone started demanding large yoga studios, meditation centers, libraries, retreat centers, etc there it would be totally different. A lot of what I have learned is just time in the market triumphs timing the market or building out elaborate schemes. Just simply gathering a large understanding of what you are investing in will be plentiful returns. Building out a plan and sticking with that plan no matter how emotional you may feel. I'm working through doing the life purpose course right now. I've read a good chunk of the books on there. I am actively working on it every day. I absolutely love teaching other people stuff and my strongest strength is input of information. I have been training for over a year in toastmasters with public speaking. I am reading books on it and training every week. I am working on building out a full vision of what I want exactly still. However, I can see the next thing I go into would be teaching personal development full time. I can see there is a lot of stuff for me to break through personally to get to the level I want. I have already experimented with shooting the videos and all that and I did like it. Now into any sort of specific niche I am not sure. I still have a lot more to work on, but I feel I am in the right area. The public speaking is the first time in a while I couldn't sleep over thinking about how happy I was from doing it. I definitely ponder it a lot and have some doubts. I ideally want to make something different. However, I want to work on building out good skills and finding what I love. I'm having a lot of fun in the process. Breaking a lot of barriers that I didn't think I would be hitting working on this stuff. So much internal resistances to work though.
  8. I'm gaining a lot more clarity on what I want to do in my life. I can see that a lot of what I am stuck on is just the "how" piece instead of just focusing on what I want. I plan on working on more law of attraction soon. I think this will help. That and I know I still have a lot of issues around money that I want to work on. I have a lot of shadow work in general to work on. I did quite good in the speech competition. It took a couple of weeks, but that was the most speaking stuff that I have done at all. I have made the most progress by far in the last few months with speaking than I did in an entire year of doing this. I started studying more material now with books too. I have a really good formula for building speeches now. I am going to do deliberate practice on that over and over. I seem to have found a really healthy balance with how much I game, work, and do personal development stuff. I really do want to dig deeper into life purpose stuff too. I need to build out more time daily to really build out a vision for what I want to do. I can really see that input is my top strength. I find myself teaching and sharing and pretty much anything that I do. I've known this for about a year, but the more I reflect on it I can see how true it is for myself. I like the speeches and stuff a lot so far. I also really like reading. I am going to keep cultivating the skills to make a really good Youtube channel. I love talking about health stuff like toxins, diet, etc. I like a lot of personal development as well. Psychology is really interesting to me as well. I think just between those I could make a lot of stuff. I really get into toxins and stuff deep and I think some other people would want to learn that stuff as well. I am adjusting more time into my schedule to do more posters again. I am still doing the reselling and building that. I can pretty much do it on and off, so once I get LP going it really should mostly be automatic. I need to get all of the posters pictured and ready to list. Then I can start listing other items myself and keep clearing out old stuff. For about 2-3 months during the summer will be the best time to source items. I can load up and have everything I need for the next year. This should allow me to form another business once I have all of this set up. The posters alone will put about $30,000 worth of inventory in. I need to reach about $70,000 total and that will be enough to keep regular sales in. I am cashing out a little investments too and going to make some savings for myself. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today, I am thankful for: Getting up early Getting on track Getting closer to LP
  9. That would likely be a good way to help spot and support companies that are more green. Some concerns like fees would come to mind for me. These fees are just for an account! There are good brokers in the US that charge no fees. You should be able to access some. Here in the Us I can get all top 500 companies in an ETF with a .03% Annual fee. However, keep in mind that generally smaller ETFs are going to cost more, but I would not want anything over .1%. Also, yes I would sweat it the closer you get to a 1% fee. That really starts killing your returns over a long period of time and it compounds. I personally don't see anything too special on this app. However, if could help show you some companies to look into if you want green energy, but someone on youtube could show you. You could find low fee clean energy ETFs. I try not to get too crazy, when it comes to ethics. When I buy something like the S&P 500 I am only in so much control through my money. I hope that mankind as a whole is working towards a cleaner and more conscious future. However, I know that not all of the companies there are doing this. On the other hand a lot of the services are needed. For example we could not just give up oil right now. Even though a lot of those companies do a lot of immoral things. I wouldn't directly put money into a tobacco company or something though. I highly suggest reading the intelligent investor by benjamin grahm if you want to learn to set up for investments well. I've invested in other markets, but this year was my first in stocks. I used the techniques in the book and I have got about a 75% return on investment. I also want to share that I have found that too much time in investments really detracts from working on a LP. The knowledge is good though. It is hard to help anyone with no money. Learning to have money work for you makes a big difference. Just be careful not to get sucked into it too deep.
  10. Work on getting it to a level where it is fun. I have backed off being so strict and I seem to be getting more results. However, I have been doing it for a few years now. I can't describe how helpful it is once it starts "working." I love to go into a session and come out completely recharged. I also don't usually go into it with any goal in mind. It might be helpful to try some different positions. I love "doing nothing" in the middle of the day while laying on my back. I have had some of my deepest sessions like that. I usually come out super refreshed.
  11. I'm going to use this more, when it has the most benefit to me. I think this still helps a lot with keeping me on track though. I don't sit enough and really think about what I am doing. I will try to update a few times a week, but lately I have not been up to it. Right now I have pretty much spent this week designing a speech and practicing for speaking. I have got a lot of hours in and I am even reading a speech book now. My skill level is really moving fast as I am not ready to start bringing in a lot of new concepts. My main focus is learning how to construct good quality speeches. I have been going over and over this one right now. Basically something to inspire people to shift where they get their happiness from. I wish it was a 8-10 minute instead of a 5-7 minute speech lol. I can really fill out this topic. I see a lot of the mistakes that I was making before and really starting to correct them. I feel so much more confident in my speaking. I am really using this to break out of worrying what people think too. I will do speeches or talk about stuff that I think people will judge me for and just do it anyway. I feel like I am getting a lot of personal growth for this. I am spending a lot of time working on life purpose stuff too. I am dedicating each morning to working on all of this stuff. I have not really been spending as much time on my reselling business as I should, but my interest is much more into speaking. I am really thinking that I could do this if I keep at it. I just need to really work on building out the skills to do this well. I notice that I can really teach people personal development concepts. I still am not really sure how I am going to make it that much more unique or different. I am myself and I know one of my top strengths is input. I will be able to really bring a lot of information and key ideas to people from stuff that I learn. Also, from me starting heavily into this from Leo I feel like that gives me an edge since a lot of the concepts I learned has accelerated my growth. I can see that I have a lot of interest here though. I think this is what I should be focusing on a lot. I need to still do some reselling stuff. I didn't buy the supplements to do weeks 5-6 of my detox, but that will be okay since my diet is consistent and clean. I should be able to just pick up where I left off and do the protocol as called for. I found a second item that I am pretty sure I am allergic too, which is mushrooms. I was eating them all the time. They make me itchy and make me burp a lot. A bit of stomach discomfort. I need to test this again, but I think this is could be another culprit. I still have not got to go in for allergy testing, but they will call me when they can make an appointment. I would like to get some bloodwork done too. I would like to reach a point within this year where I can mostly wrap up my reselling business and focus on life purpose. I have some stuff I need to do and I want to source this summer too. Sourcing only takes about two months. I could get enough to last the rest of the year and then some. If I build up enough systems this will mostly be passive and I won't have to worry about monthly bills much. I can just put most of my attention onto the LP. I realize right now that I want to work on my speech skill the most. I am really digging into that. I am learning personal development stuff just out of my own sheer interest, so it won't be a problem to continually improve. I don't think it will be too great of a distraction, but I really need to put in some more work into reselling to get it producing more money. Right now with my speech I started it off describing how I was going to kill myself, when I was younger. I have evolved it into a really powerful speech. It isn't where I want it to be, but it will work for the competition. I feel like I have really used this to help me greatly with past traumas. It's like I am just telling the world this stuff, when I never really talked about it, then turning it into something inspiring. I even talked about this stuff fairly deeply with a few toastmasters and they experienced similar stuff. It's been really empowering. I allow myself to effortlessly reach my listing goal of $50,000. Today, I am thankful for: Toastmasters Making great progress Trauma healing
  12. @flume If you make a video share it in the journal sometime. I will check it out.
  13. Have you checked out natural medicine? @Michael569 Is an NMD I believe. There is a fair amount of stigma around NMD I feel like. I can say so far it has worked for me. There is a lot of great stuff. A blend between the two would be great. I think western medicine is mostly toxic stage orange, but still some useful stuff there too.
  14. @RendHeaven No doubt there is a lot of issues with Toastmasters. A lot of strict procedures, that really are not helpful to newbies. A lot of the people who are helping you are armatures as well, which can actually not be helpful at all. I have been looking into paying into a group that has public speaking champions etc in it.
  15. I have a similar purpose. Not the exact interests, but the same medium is what I am pretty sure I am aiming to do. I highly recommend that you do some toastmasters to really get a feel for it. However, just making videos is a good way to go too. One thing I have considered for videos if filming 6 months worth of stuff, then start posting it and using it to stay consistent and make a schedule that allows the most creativity with breaks. Something I had not thought of previously. That would have made a large difference in me still uploading. Distractions and uncertain choices are a killer though. That trip report was solid. I've pondered a lot of typical relationships. I seem to be finding more joy by myself now more than ever though. The desire piece of it seems to come and go. Makes me want to trip again, but it seems like I go to hell and back the months following lol. I think a proper integration period makes the most difference for it.