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  1. I am way more extreme, when it comes to eating similar things. I have not found it to be an issue, but I still mix a lot of things up with with a similar idea for the meal. It would not hurt to study up on healthy items and just try to find ones that sound interesting to you and mix them in every now and then.
  2. I can see the appeal of doing that. Personally, I have enjoyed leading women and teaching them in a sense. I am sure it would be enjoyable to have something to work on with a spouse. At a certain limit though, I think it is just too much anymore. I would much rather put out work into the world that helps people heal versus fixing a heavily damaged spouse. I have noticed that not much women (and men) are really aware that this kinds of work even exists. So am sure to some degree, I would be leading and helping my future partner grow.
  3. @Tyler Robinson Of course I am against being abused. However, my claim is not that all people with trauma are abusive. Have you ever owned a pet that was abused and one that was not? Or a pet that didn't receive enough love versus one that did? Th amount of work and time it takes get the neglected pet to a more normal level is much more. Many hours of dedicated love and attention it will take to help bring it up to where a loved pet is. Humans are pretty similar to this. There are plenty of amazing people out there, but when I am thinking about an investment of maybe years or decades of healing for them it makes it a easier to choice to avoid. The problem with humans is they are much more complex, than pets are. Every human has some trauma though as well. It will just be in varying degrees of it. Some people will be much better equipped at handling it as well. So navigating that is really what a lot of it will come down to. For me in my life I want to continue to develop myself higher and higher, developmentally and spiritually. It would be counter productive to select partners that are dealing with lots of trauma as that will limit the amount of growth they can do until they heal.
  4. While I am very sympathetic to people who have dysfunctions, I would tend to avoid them in relationships moving forward. I have personally had a good amount of trauma and issues, but I have put some serious work into fixing them. I realize that I am not perfect and nor will any partner I get will be. In the past I dated a girl who had some serious abuse happen to her like a gun being put to her head etc. She was also adopted on top of that and lived with very abusive parents. I put in a lot of effort to work with her to do things like quit smoking, eating better, reading, etc. I am not sure what mental illness she had or even if she had any diagnosis now. It lead into all sorts of gaslighting, name calling, and other abuse from her. Not to mention, when I dumped her she basically threw out all of those things I helped her with an went back to smoking etc. I guess for me at this point I would have to ask myself why I could not date someone who is not dysfunctional and actually has their life together. I am building a solid foundation for my life and I plan to continue to improve myself. I want to to expect the same from the partner that I plan to invest a lot into. I also realize that this limits the amount of women I can be with more and more. However, I would rather be single than deal will all of that again. Another issue with this "saver" dynamic in a relationship is that it will eventually cause a big issue most likely. The partner that is healthy is going to want the other partner to reach that level as well. Someone riddled with those issues is going to have an issue with self-sabotage, which will eventually push away the healthier partner. Not to mention it would suggest someone has a self-esteem issue to date dysfunctional partners knowingly. I think this video could be helpful to express my thoughts on it:
  5. I guess I am confused here. In his protocol he specially says do not do any IV chelation. You will not be doing any substances on their half life with this method. You could order quite a few rounds for a few hundred dollars.
  6. It would make sense to me to compare the same methods of testing against each other.
  7. @no_name It is probably going to be as difficult as Adderall to get. Watch yourself on just taking quick shortcuts. Good luck with your studies.
  8. @no_name The caffine could still be an underlying cause for the issue. It could be related a lack of interest in your topics, burnout, stress, or other issues too. What do you define as a good diet?
  9. @no_name I am significantly better. I invested years into developing a healthy life style. Back when I was taking the Adderall I was eating the standard American diet and I didn't exercise much. I required a lot of things like caffine to keep me going throughout the day. I have eliminated all processed sugars, processed foods, and caffine. I have worked on building a whole food diet that is suited to me. I have done an elimination diet to find what foods work best for me. I also invested in my exercise heavily. Doing things like meditation daily as well seems to have helped a lot with my focus. At this point I am significantly more energetic, than I was back then. Sure, it is hard to beat the productivity of being on amphetamines, but it comes at a lot more of a cost. Building discipline and a healthy life style can bring some surprising results. The problem with taking something like that is it will just compound the amount of stress on you body. It will make it even harder to be a good baseline level of health and energy. It is a lot more work to do it naturally, than to just take a pill. There are some natural substances that could also help. However, they still will not provide the kind of results a good life style can.
  10. @no_name I was basically at a point where I needed something like that to operate through school. I became depressed and very unmotivated after I stopped taking it. I am not sure how much of a correlation there was to that though. If I were able to start building up my energy and focus naturally that would have been the best investment. I did not have the knowledge or know how at the time though.
  11. Something like modafinil could be a better alternative potentially if you insist on taking a drug to do it. I use to take Adderall in college a bit to help cram for stuff I procrastinated on. It was going great until I stopped taking it. I don't recommend it personally.
  12. If you plan to do ACC, then I would do it exactly as the protocol says to do. You could start with any of the chelators really. However, from the research I did it seems best to start with DMSA, then introduce a bit of ALA at a later round.
  13. This forum is pretty good for that. I have some people on here I have kept communication with for years. Something to consider though is that it is hard to compare it to someone you see in person. I find that I crave that a bit still.
  14. You could go try out something like toastmasters. It is a lot easier to make friends if you see someone repeatedly. Some sort of club or social thing.
  15. I found it helped me to remove any distracting apps off of my phone. I also have made the google search to where it does no show any trending search or articles. Another thing I found helpful was using the app blocksite to restrict certain cites off my phone. Granted, I still spend a good deal of time on my computer. For me it saves me a lot of hours to block a lot of those applications. I use similar things on my computer and will even use a different user account to help keep me focused.