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  1. I have read a good portion of the book list and it is great. Well worth the money.
  2. You could give those things with an NFT if you wanted. Some have it where you get to claim something with it. You could even tie it to physical item if you wanted. Not really big on them myself, but it doesn't seem like a bad avenue to try if you plan on making the art anyway.
  3. It's a pleasure to be here. Thanks for all you do!
  4. @MarkKol @MarkKol Yes, I just started getting into it. It is pretty easy and not a big investment. I can link you some videos if you want to learn more about it.
  5. @MarkKol I would suggest investing into stuff to grow microgreens. Search on youtube for how to grow microgreens. This is going to be a much more affordable way for you to get a lot of nutrients.
  6. I think a lot of it will come down to what you are getting. Something like a goji berry is going to be still be beneficial dried. Same thing with dates as well. I personally really enjoy dried jackfruit. I am not sure on all of the research, but I would not want to be consuming large amounts of dried fruits. There still will be some benefits and it is better, than junk foods. Also, be very wary of added sugars onto the dried fruits and any other additives. You want the most pure fruits. It would be worth exploring all of the local stores and seeing what kind of fruit and veggies they offer. Sometimes some will have a surprising selection that you won't know of. I am in the US, so my experience might vary. What country are you in?
  7. @Leo Gura Would like this and something with subconscious mind training if possible. Of course, I am pursuing other sources too. Not sure if you are still planning a course with any of that or not.
  8. It would be good to get something like Macrium Reflect and a second drive. You can do auto back ups of your entire pc contents regularly and automatically.
  9. There is a lot of bullshit in the crypto space, but even most of Leo's takes are pretty pro crypto. Mostly pro bitcoin though from what I have seen.
  10. @aklacor727 I have been there myself with those types of things in relationships. Best to try to communicate what you want, when you can. I notice people subtly doing those kind of protest type behaviors as well, then I directly ask them how I can improve for them. There is a lot of games and bs that western dating has for early stages. If you tell someone directly what you want early on, it should weed out a lot of bad partners too. Just observe how they react and how they change based on your need. If they don't want to directly communicate, then that could be a problem long term.
  11. Directly communicate your needs to him. If you want him to take more charge on your plans, then tell him. What you are doing here is protesting his behavior in a more subtle way. He might not even directly correlate that with what you are wanting as your need. It also might make him feel like you care about it less potentially too.
  12. I have personally taken a supplement out of china once, but had many people who were in the US do 3rd party lab testing on it. Even that felt a bit risky with a trusted supplier. Absolutely, do not buy compounds like that. Especially something you are planning to take frequently.
  13. No course, but I recommend the blog video about requisite variety if you want more content similar. That video is excellent.
  14. Notes are super easy to do while on camera if you prefer that. I think the big thing is having a good position for the camera and just practice it. I like to do vocal warm ups before any sort of live talking. A lot of toastmasters anymore is online, so you could hop in some calls and get practice in that way.
  15. @John Paul I did mention on your previous post that I would only recommend doing the protocol to a T. Neither of those things you are asking about are recommended in the protocol.