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  1. I had some pretty big break throughs with my life purpose work today. It was a good idea to take an extended break from this fully. I dove into my strengths a bit and it was really feeding more and more into my values. I now have 9 values that are really solid. I am still doing some contemplation for a 10th. I had actually done this part before, but I think that I did not really invest enough time into it. It seems like I have just been much more able to contemplate lately. It seemed as though I had a block there for awhile. From what I did today, I got a pretty good look at what I might want to do for a living. My strengths really benefit from having relationships with others. I've had a client based business before, so I have a lot of experience with one on one with people. At the time I did actually give them advice funny enough. A fair amount of people actually valued it then. I am much more advanced I feel now though for sure. The advice was not the point of the service though either lol. I have also one on one coached someone to start a successful business from scratch. My top strength is input. So basically, I like to store a lot of information and learn a lot. Learner was also up there by that. So it went hand in hand with learning and storing the info. I notice that others will pick up my my large variety of stored facts and information too. So these types of strengths go well for teaching. These are things that I can really start to hone and increase my skills with. I really enjoy reading books, so if that was part of my life purpose, then that would be ideal. Of course this probably just sounds like some stuff I already thought before. However, I have made a lot of clarity here. I'm not so sure I want to just rush right back into the youtube thing or what. I'd kind of like whatever I do to be creative and expand and build something new. My goal isn't to just copy Leo. This work is just so damn good. It's hard for me to want to learn or study other things. There are for sure segments and things that are not fully tapped into here though either. There is a lot of stuff to contribute. It's also really hard to market a lot of this stuff. So it might be best to teach lower level stuff that I have more fully mastered if I go that route. I also did enjoy teaching the stuff last time. Survival, overworking, and some anxiety around it stopped me last time. I was actually having a lot of fun. It was the most alive I had felt doing some work. I have pondered about stuff like learning how to heal trauma much more deeply. Psychology is quite interesting to me. Same with health stuff, which seems to go hand in hand a lot. I do like the one on one stuff a good bit. So there could for sure be some potential here to work with people like that. I am good at building connections with others. My listening still needs some work though for sure. If I wanted to give advice I would need a lot more work with maybe life coaching type material. I did kind of prematurely cut this off yesterday after working on it for about an hour. I think it would be wise for me to start back up on working on life purpose stuff daily. I am back in the groove for it and refreshed. I am still going to balance the work I need to do as well.
  2. It might not hurt to make your own page that posts these types of things. If you are committed to the cause and passionate about it, then it would probably be worth it. You could even make money talking about stuff like that these days. I know a lot more people are starting to use the internet in India, so there is a large audience there for sure. Also, don't get caught up too much in the likes and all of that garbage.
  3. It's been nice to take a break from work. I went to California and Las Vegas for a couple of weeks. It's blown me away how much there really is out there in the world. I have explored some other states a bit, but not in a long time. So many different people and different ways of life even just a thousand miles away from where I live. It's inspired me more to start working more heavily towards moving out. I am still on the fence there and it isn't something I can do right away, but I can see some major benefits of it. If I were in my own place with my own rules and values it would really help my growth. I can still do a lot here while I am working towards that. I feel like I still have some stuff to solve here. I was also considering moving to Arizona in the past and that for sure changed my mind a bit with how much heat is there. I was actually in Arizona very briefly and it was super hot. I am not too big on the 100 degree weather. It is hard to even walk around for that long lol. I am sure the other seasons are not too bad though. I actually had no allergy issues in the desert areas. I did actually work on thinking about my top values more while I was gone. I really want to get myself more honed in onto figuring out what my next business will be. I did discover a few values that I had not really thought about. One was Truth. Before I had not really considered that as a top value, but the more I do this work I think it has started to rub off on me. I can see the value of dedicating a good portion of my life to discovering the Truth. I notice in general I have made a lot of fantasizes of what enlightenment might look or feel like. I think that if there is some way to integrate this into my life purpose it would be great. I'm not sure how it would go about it, but I suppose even if I help people move in that direction by just making them more healthy. I also solidified health as one of my top values for sure. I know this is a value that I hold strongly, but this is for sure one of the top that I have. A lot of my thinking and things that I want to do are geared towards the health of myself and others. I'm going to recommit myself strongly to really deeply discovering these. I am planning on making sure that I am being much more consistent with all of this. I really want to have more clarity in my life. Whatever it takes for me to do that will be 100% worth it. One thing I noticed while I was out was how much more attractive girls I can meet in larger cities. It would take me a year to meet as many attractive women in my town versus these places in week. I have been thinking more about moving closer to a larger city I am familiar with. If I am still reselling then it would be fairly easy for me to make rent and such there. I could also easily meet new women and maybe make some more friends that way. It would be a good experience for me for sure. I am still thinking about sticking it out another year here and mapping out what I want to do next though. I did think again on the super health fast food restaurant, or trying the teaching thing out again. So if I can get some grounding with something else, then that would change a lot. I really need to save up some money as well to make this happen. This current environment isn't really a major drag, but I can see it could hinder me from trying as hard. I just need to keep my focus up and work hard. One thing that that I find I need more improvement on is removing more of the filter from my mind about people. This trip has opened me up to see a lot of different people. Where I live it's basically just white people and I don't have a whole lot of contact with people in general. I notice my mind tends to have slight judgments. I won't to work on toning this down and just experiencing people as they are with no filter attached to it. I did face my fear of heights a good bit on this trip as well. I have always been afraid of those Ferris wheels and I went on a big on at the Disneyland park. I used my release techniques a good bit on it and it helped a lot. I noticed myself even wanting to go on a even larger one in las vegas. The sky diving still seems quite scary, but I think this would grow me a lot. I wanted to do some pick up a little bit, but I did not do that. I had thought about the clubs in vegas, but I am not vaccinated and it just seemed a bit irresponsible. I can try some clubs at the larger city near me. A lot more stage green women that way too. I'm still not sure how I would feel about just hooking up with a girl if that is what would happen. I have never done that before. I have only been in committed relationships. I think there is still a lot of potential benefits of socializing that I have just not had. I've been pretty cooped up a good bit of my life. It feels good to be back home. I want to keep it rolling off of this experience. It's given me a good bit to contemplate and work on.
  4. I think most of the issue stems from this. Work on building up your self-esteem would be a great start. You should be high value to yourself and others. This "looks scale" is pointless. I would start out by reading the 6 pillars of self-esteem. This would likely help your results a lot if you apply the stuff said.
  5. @herghly I would like to hear how it goes as well.
  6. I finished the whole book and didn't find it all that great. There was a pretty good layout for the heros journey though. I extracted a few good nuggets of wisdom for sure.
  7. Whatever, I have been sick with has slowed me down a lot. Sleep has been hard, digestion, energy etc. I am taking it a bit slower. The time off got pushed a little back, but I am going to go light until then. I am going to get some work in, but I will go easy on myself with this. I do feel a bit better today, but I have just felt like garbage. I am going to start weighing options on how to expand my business, when I get back. For some reason I have a fear of expanding it seems like. I want to see what the biggest space I get at a lower rate would be. I want to model this inventory system of a guy that is close to making a million a year. I think I am ready to start growing it in that direction and just be more consistent overall with it. For some reason, I always feel scared/hesitant to make moves like that. It slows me down too much, but I know that I need to do it. Hopefully, I can find something kind of close. I think once I get survival handled with the reselling it will be time for me to really keep working on committing to a life purpose. My biggest issue for sure is just not sticking with stuff. I still kind of feel like making yotube videos or something would be good for me. It just seems like I am not really providing something unique or original. I talk a lot, so I think making that into a creative outlet would probably be good for me as well. I'm still going to finish out the course and really extract my values. I know my strengths pretty well at this point and I use them regularly. I also want to make something that has vertical growth with me. If I want to reach high levels of development in life, then I want to have something that can scale similarly. It's just been hard for me to think outside of the box. I'm sure I could contribute a lot of good stuff if I dedicate my life to any field really.
  8. @7thLetter We are about the same age and I feel where you at with the situation. I don't personally disapprove of it. I think that using it as a building block to help escape wage slavery can be useful. I don't trade, but I invest for the same kinds of reasons. Even for me in my situation, it's not the end stop for me. It's a building block for sure. I have had second thoughts a lot about it. I am just at a point where I need it to generate enough money to survive, then help me pursue other creative adventures. Being able to enjoy the work I do is crucial too. Don't let what anyone says limit you on what you decide to do. I for one have not got it all figured out, but have some experience with it. I think Leo has some solid advice for it, but you have to start with where you are at and what you want. I enjoyed looking at stocks and such for quite awhile. I have read a good variety of books on the topic too. I feel much better now only checking on it 4x per year. It caused me a lot of unneeded anxiety. However, if I was to look for new investments I can put in some work. I've also never been able to rely on it for my full income either aside from maybe a few months and I wasn't trading. Even with that though it is stealing from someone. I am sure there is a lot of people though who bought that at the top price and lost money. Regardless of who they might be. A lot of the people involved in that are talking about it like it is a good thing they are doing. Like it's a robinhood type of situation. The situation is so normalized in our society. I think it is a good example that highlights the issue with those activities. I almost put $50 into GME at $5-$6. You can be sure I would have cashed out my profits had that been the case.
  9. @7thLetter One thing I notice is that it is very easy to self deceive, when it comes to survival. Even in the reselling business I have to be ruthless with some things and I notice myself perpetuating a story that favors me. It's very difficult to sperate the two. Where in one customers or sellers eyes maybe they see me as a thief or the bad guy. In mine I did the right thing or the best I could. Of course I try to apply more consciousness as I go. My income also isn't at a point where I can let someone just take $500. Or let someone know they're selling something for 100th of it's value. I would recommend stepping back and consider meta wise where you are with stocks. Not saying you do that with the stocks, but I know it was easy for myself to get really wrapped up in them. I also use to be a guy who would pump up crypto stuff on youtube maybe 3-4 years ago now lol. I've surely developed a lot since then. I have had other businesses that were just wrong, but still convinced myself that I was doing the right thing. I agree though that the crypto stuff is incredibly low conscious stuff. There is some trickles of great innovation I see coming from it at least. I have invested there, but I don't spend my time listening to all the BS around it anymore. With investing, I think funding businesses is very important. A lot of that money that gets raised actually helps a lot of companies and a good amount of them are doing a lot of good. Even if just at a minimum creating some jobs. It's set up in a way though where it is hard to even make the most money if you fund the most conscious investments. Then if trading is sprinkled on you see stuff like the GME stock situation and AMC, which takes more and more away from the good it could do. No doubt some people made out big on some of that stuff, but they scooped up all of the money from a lot of people who simply didn't have much of an idea what they were doing. Also, if you have not read Leo's top book on the booklist for money, I highly recommend it.
  10. @Bob Seeker Wow, that was great. I really enjoyed listening to her reasoning for getting married. Not something you would typically hear in US culture.
  11. I think the big split there is the value creation difference. Even in drop shipping you are still creating value for someone. When it comes to investing I have heard numbers in like the 90% area for people who cannot out perform the market. Not only that it creates no value or service at all for other people if they are just trading. From what he mentioned with the stock market it is kind of a theft. If you took a bunch of profit off people and the price tanks on something, you basically just took their money. Similar to something like playing poker isn't really creating value either, besides maybe some entertainment. I actually resell stuff myself and you would be surprised how often people are very thankful of the services that I provide. I had a guy today thrilled about rare collectible book I sold, which I will ship with a printed out texted for the recipients birthday. I have never once had someone thank me for selling some investments at the top. Even with the book the guy who sold me it knew I was going to sell it on ebay and was happy with what I paid as he didn't want to mess around with selling stuff online. That might not always be the case, but there is still much more consciousness and positive impact than most regular jobs. My guess is he would still not promote or encourage any sort of reselling either because of the fact that it isn't a powerful life purpose. Although, I have seen some instances where people have made a lot of positive impact in their communities with it. It's also still filled with the survival aspects of "how can I get this cheaply off of you and make some money." It isn't much of a creative domain either. There is leeching off of things like premade products and structures. Jeff Bezos for example created the pathway for all of the Amazon sellers, so it would be leeching off of that structure in a sense instead of making your own. Not to be confused with extrapolating with that platform either though. Still it is a legitimate way of making money where you can have some conscious control over how you operate your business.
  12. I actually put a bit more effort into my toastmasters speech today. I had been doing a lot of just extemporaneous speeches. It felt good to put together something that was pretty good quality. It's much easier now that I have no obligations in the group. I no longer need to show up 30 minutes before the regular meeting and handle all of the business. I can sleep in a bit more and be a bit more prepared. I do want to try harder in there, but I for sure need a break. I am coming up on two years and I was in two groups most of that time. Crazy to think about how much I have progressed now doing it. I hit 1,000 items for sale! What an awesome number to hit before I take a little vacation. I am just tearing though my listings it feels like. I actually enjoy listing the stuff a bit. I listed 20 items today in an hour and 15 minutes. That was a pretty solid amount of time for that many listings. The stuff I am selling is only getting better and better quality too. I am for sure listing way more value than $22 profit per item average right now. The trick will be able to sustain that longer through the year. I am going to give it my best though. I am going to easily hit my goal of $50,000 listed once I come back. I could seriously hit that in a week or two. Crazy to think how before it was hard for me to even list $5,000 worth of stuff and now I could do that in a week. I really want to hit $100,000 listed by Christmas time. That will be quite difficult because sales will start coming in heavily in quarter 4 and I will have to ship a lot, but I will see what I can do.
  13. If you are having issues with allergies, then it might be worth trying out some licorice root powder and quercetin. Of course if you can find the root cause that helps a lot more, but this still work. Quercetin will especially help breathing quality in my experience and drop stuffiness. itching, etc.
  14. If I could sell 17.4 items per day with a $22 net profit each I could make $100,000 per year just doing this. It would be hard for me to sell that many right off the bat, but I could at least try to aim to list that much per day. That is about 2 hours of listing. I would not include extra time that stuff gets listed from help either. I could just make a habit of even 20 items per day and that would not really be too bad. I think that would be obtainable for me. Even if I sold half of them by the end of the year and I got $50,000 that would be total game changer. I could do a lot with a bit more money in my pocket. I am going to do some testing, when it comes more into winter time this year. I want to see how many items I could get at the bins on a regular day of the week about an hour trip away from where I love. It would be possible for me to move just to somewhere where I could easily find 20 items a day like that. I could even try to rent a hotel somewhere and do it, but that sounds expensive. I am still going to play around and see what I can do here too. It looks like the one guy still has the DVDs in bulk, so I might be able to keep a similar deal to last time. That would help me get closer to hitting my goal. I would profit about $15-$20 just keeping it at my one guys store not having to think about it, when they sell. I can keep working on some other connections to sell in bulk or place in stores. Even if I could manage just a couple sales of these boxes a week it would help get me closer to that goal. I am not going to try to lose focus much, when I get back from the break. I am less worried now about taking a vacation. I feel like I really need one. I think if anything it will help energize me more. I am just worried about having the funding I need to really get all of the stuff I need during these few crucial months. I haven't been selling stuff cheap, so that slows down sales a good bit. I want to just list more stuff and try to not worry about that. I can gradually go down on prices in due time, but if anything my stuff will be worth 10-15% more in some cases once 4th quarter is here. I still feel fairly sick. I feel a good amount of fatigue and it is just hard for me to want to get up and really do a whole lot. I did manage to get the yoga in this morning and I am still on the ball a bit with other stuff. I only have a few more days of this until I am taking some time off, so it would not hurt for me to try to get whatever I can do for now at least. I might be better off trying to list more if anything I suppose. Once I am back into the groove I am going to work on life purpose work again too. I think a few weeks off of listening to Leo and all of that stuff would be good. I am planning to read though, but I would like to do that while I am taking some time off. I am going to keep myself off of the internet as much as possible too. I am not going to check the forum for a few weeks, facebook, etc. I will need to monitor ebay sales while I am gone a bit, but I am going to limit that as much as I can.
  15. This one is best to cycle in my opinion. The effects wear down too quickly if I use it often. I go for about once a week. I do a bit larger of a dose and focus it towards a long mediation session. You might find it different for yourself though. As for it's effect with others I don't know. I have personally considered it before tripping due to the fact it relaxes you and puts you in a meditative state easily.