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  1. Thank you guys for your advice. Its helpful to know that even 40s can be no problem at all. Lot of people here in Indonesia suggest that good age to marry is 20s. Married in 30s a @Ajax@Dauntment@Bando @something_else Why bro?
  2. Background: I'm a 24-year-old guy and I'm thinking about starting a family at some point. However, I'm feeling confused about the ideal age for me to pursue a relationship with a girl. I've heard from self-development folks that it's important to have a clear life purpose and direction before getting married. On the other hand, my friends in their 50s have advised me not to wait beyond the age of 32. Here's my plan: I'm planning to pursue a master's degree for the next two years, so by the time I graduate, I'll be around 27 years old. After that, I want to spend another 3-4 years establishing my career in the field that truly interests me, and aim for a more stable income. Concern: I'm also concerned that if I wait until my mid-30s or beyond, I might not have as much energy to dedicate to raising my kids. There's an opinion that getting married at a younger age means that by the time I'm older, my kids will already be young adults. This could potentially mean that as a parent, I would be less worried about their survival and have more time to spend with my spouse and pursue my hobbies. I am open to any advice or perspective on this matter.
  3. Books: Letting Go - David Hawkins
  4. Thank you for your post. I realized I one of this, since I was child. Taking psychedelic have no difference than ordinary daydreaming. Sober daydreaming I can see things in my mind eye with such a great detail of visual and 'mechanism'. The most frustating things when I was child is taking pure imaginative fantasy as reality ? The difference between fantasy and psychedelic trip is how easy I get TON of insight from a question on psychedelic, also psychedelic is much more vivid, whole and intellectual.
  5. Before Communication: very passive and introverted. Relationship: I afraid of relationship, my friend is few. I am the weird guy. Public speaking: Full of anxiety. Emotional: Lot of trauma, brain fog etc. Happiness: Ups and down. Any happiness comes from desire, which is not consistent. Dating: I am on the nice boy side. After 4 years on Communication: on the extroverted side. Relationship: I am not afraid of relationship. My relationship with all people be more deeper and satisfying. I have lots of friend. Public speaking: I dont have anxiety. My co-worker said that I am suit to become public speaker. Emotional: Its all much more, more more clear. Big trauma solved. My emotion is more like steel. Addiction is gone. Happiness: My happiness level is constant. Its not full sage bliss but hey I never feel much better than this Dating: Authentic and confident, detached. I am not watching how to get laid rn haha. On spiritual side, I am not too much into it right now. My transformation really kicked off in year three when I invested $35 in Leo's booklist. Reading and learning from those books was a game-changer for me, and I was able to make rapid progress. Some topics just clicked better when I read about them, you know? Looking back, I can't help but wonder where I'd be if I hadn't discovered Leo's videos when I was feeling so down in 2019. Thank you for your threads, remind me that its been 4 years!
  6. I have an idea to start a school for homeless children. My aim is to establish an independent school for those who are less fortunate. I am wondering what kind of curriculum should be included in their education? Many of these children may have experienced abuse and have low levels of affection in their lives. I would like to help them get back on track and become productive members of society by providing them with quality education and a sense of self-worth. In the curriculum, what subjects and topics do you think should be incorporated?
  7. This is interesting.. and make sense. Thank you for sharing.
  8. if someone's not bringing their A-game to a conversation, you're not gonna waste your time on it. Good bro.
  9. @Devin It's not cool to generalize about how rich guys treat their partners. People are different, regardless of how much money they have. And let's be real, the push for no-fault divorce wasn't just about a lack of romance or willpower. It was about recognizing that many marriages were unhappy or even abusive, and giving couples a way out without assigning blame. Plus, saying that men have to "work at" romance or that it's unnatural for them is a pretty outdated stereotype. Both guys and gals can show affection in their own ways, and it's not fair to put everyone in the same box based on gender.
  10. Hey, it's your call if you want to booze or not. Just weigh the pros and cons and decide if it's worth it. If you're going for it, start with a small sip and take it easy. Stick to beer or wine with low alcohol content to begin with. Oh, and don't forget to chug water and munch on food while drinking to avoid feeling like crap later.
  11. I don't know Sedona but I tried David Hawkins technique on Letting Go.. it works well on heavy stuff. The theoritical things about anatomy of emotions is fascinating.
  12. I can relate to your experience, as it reminds me of my old self. Looking back, I realize that my pursuit of wisdom was at times more of an addiction and mental stimulation rather than a grounded practice. The insights I gained were not always applicable to my daily life. If this already happen for some time. Where do you think your wisdom in this? and why this even happen? While I understand the desire to seek wisdom, it's important to prioritize developing healthy habits and a sense of self before diving too deeply into philosophical inquiry. Without a strong foundation, the pursuit of knowledge can become overwhelming and even detrimental to one's well-being.