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  1. Hahaha thats really interesting take.
  2. Yeah the more I mature I become more conscious about this thing. Lot of people really love to see others suffering because of them. They gain sense of control over it in some way. I mean I really hate that. I think people dont really aware of what they doing to other people, but now I clearly see how people conscious to choose such behaviour. Like... why? The solution I only have is to move away from such of people and just move on from problem that they made for you. Just let go. But at the same time I want revenge and make they suffer too lol. I have that traits too for people like that haha.
  3. With jerking off or real sex?
  4. Mmmm nope.. I have beautiful ex girlfriend with developed mind and awareness.. You just dont find it yet. You need to learn distinction about high quality girl and not in the first sight. I see lot of high quality girl.. yep alright they not really in the same page if you fanatically lean to Leo's content. But still there is a lot of compatibility to be in a relationship. Anyone have their own way to develop oneself.. your life learning map can be shaped like grape and your mate can still be apple haha.
  5. I tried that stuff. Some work but just in a few days and the effect is goes away even I listening to it in higher repetition. I recommend you if you found a good clip just stick with it for some weeks. Different binaural beats even if it had same chakra target to unlock have different nuance effect in the body. And in different clip, the effect mostly clash into each other, so if you listen root chakra clip A and then in different days you listen root chakra clip B, all of the effect in clip A worn out. And you can have cloudy thought, anxiety, random heart beat and not feeling good in your body. If you want the effect to stick with you, I recommend you mix it with giving food mindset to you related to what chakra you unlock. I got one really stick with me in root chakra. Good luck!
  6. This is really interesting video to watch about islam in the context of SD! In the video laying some of historical background of Islam too.
  7. Jack Harries now becoming Film-maker & Climate Storyteller. Check it on instagram @jackharries.
  8. I got you dude.. I have problem like this too.. Its really embarassing for a guy. In my case thats happen because I always jerking off really hard in my entire life and I already in love with 'in control sexual input'. But by the time I stopped watching porn, jerking off ... and try to start loving sexual input from my girlfriend, gradually I became turn on dangly hard just like watching the porn in my screen.
  9. Do you ever feel something moving in your body? like ant crawling, centipede move, snake move and many more weird sensation in your body? In my experience I have a lot of that in my life, almost everyday. The sensation have a lot of variation. Its moving sensation, sometimes it feels like little ant bite, beating spot and many more subtle weird sensation. I feel like its energy sucker. All of my body feel it. And when it attach to me its play big in emotional regulation. Its really effect in how I think. How I behave. I feel suffer cz I feel never really became me. Like im just projecting all of this feeling in my whole life. Its become mind layer feeling. Sometimes I become really different person if my body got lot of that energy sucker. I become total unconscious. I became total slave of emotion. I have lot lot problem from this, and the big problem is.. I can't learn. Anything. And when I lose all of that. My body feels light, I can think clearly.. I can feels my own energy and think for myself, grounded. Decisive. Some shaman says its real demon, they can feel the energy and its shape. It can make me become rude to people. They say it can make me and all sort of bad behaviour without I aware of it. It is controlling my mind. They talking to me in my head (maybe they refered self talk, but in my experience, it different source (energy) of self talk). I can see that this is maybe the real demon that religious told. Make me unconscious in my doing. Or maybe this is some unseen different dimension creature that really attach to my body and have effect in my consciousness Is that is? Is all make sense? Anyone have opinion or experience in this case?
  10. Thank you guys for your comment! Really appreciate your thought.
  11. Lets be real guys. Do you think if you married and you just having sex with only one girl for your entire life is make you satisfied enough? Do you think you not repressed lot of sexual baggage in your mind that will blown up for potential cheating in the long year? Anyone experience long term relationship and still going good? Your perspective is very welcome !
  12. @Valwyndir Thanks for sharing! It help me unblock some unconsious meta belief in my head. Love!
  13. I have exactly same experience. I report it to shaman.. 2 shaman say similiar things. There is lot of negative vibe being in my house. Shaman say they build temple in there. Funny but the shaman have ability to see object in 5D dimension so to speak anywhere in the world. Just a possibility. But after leaving my house my energy never drained like hell again. More conscious too!
  14. @hyruga yeah just like you.
  15. Im joining! Tomorrow I would start. For 4 days too. My goal is to make my body feel good and raising my consciousness. Just it. Cz I have good result before!