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  1. I have exactly same experience. I report it to shaman.. 2 shaman say similiar things. There is lot of negative vibe being in my house. Shaman say they build temple in there. Funny but the shaman have ability to see object in 5D dimension so to speak anywhere in the world. Just a possibility. But after leaving my house my energy never drained like hell again. More conscious too!
  2. @hyruga yeah just like you.
  3. Im joining! Tomorrow I would start. For 4 days too. My goal is to make my body feel good and raising my consciousness. Just it. Cz I have good result before!
  4. I take mushroom 3 days ago. It was great trip until end of the wave. I start thinking lot of nonsense stuff out of my intention. My intention wasnt strong actually in the first place. I just want to do shroom cz nothing to do and maybe I can get some insight. I got very important insight but yeah then my mind going wild everywhere. Until now I struggle with overthinking. Headache. Its hurt. How to deal with that?
  5. Shallow is not right word, not creative. I think they serve some good purpose for the progresive mind.
  6. Wow.. nice thought.. It explain why some people disgusted by my new idea about things. And why I dont really be happy around people that have traditionalist mindset. They not inspire me. Sometimes I found they are just shallow mindest.
  7. Wow. I can think clearly without any doubt in my head! I can think clearly, speak clearly, choose without worry. Like there is some swift in my awareness. Yes I feel I can regressing back to my old. But now im feeling amazing.
  8. Today I feel very different from the previous days in my entire life. I almost never feel this way. This is weird. I feel like I've never been me before. Well it's weird, I done some work, yeah the story is very long and complicated. Before this day I can't even feel my energy for the rest of my life. I always absorbing another people energy and act like its my energy, Weird you know? Well some shaman say I have quite a strange ability in this reality. They say I have the supranatural power, but I also don't know what they are saying because the language is very vague about this. One of the shaman said that on my right hand there was a kind of line that represented a power, which was the same line as him. But with this ability I still don't know how to use it. I have lots of suffering, lot of mental and emotional damage from this. I didnt want to write that now. This shaman says my energy always waste. I've never been me. The voice that speaks in my head IS NOT ME! what the fucking happened to me? !! That's what I said to myself the first time I was awakened by the shaman, and became myself for the first time in my life, at the age of 21. I cried sadly mixed with happiness. After that awakening day, I returned to my baseline, struggle to find where 'my voice', struggle to find where is my energy. Today, consciously without anyone's help, the voices of energy that are not me, are not in my head anymore. It was like removing a helmet from concrete. I am very grateful. I am very grateful. I feel like, reborn. This is me, yes me.
  9. This is beautiful! I will start journaling today!
  10. What technique you use to see your past life? Is youtube tutorial to seeing past life is worked?@SilentTears
  11. My whole body feels like full blossom, whoahhh so beautiful to remember it even now. Like falling in love blossom, but this in full body and soul far far deeper experience.
  12. Yeah it can be. I meet lot of conscious being and sage too, already have taste of the vibration. But I think this is very different taste of being hahaha
  13. One day I met a woman at the bakery. She's wearing a mask. I didn't even see her face. When I checkout I was behind her. I felt something I had never felt before, My tense body was trembling, It felt like my heart was very calm and it felt extraordinary. My whole cell vibrates with unconditional love. Like my body start healing itself. Who is this woman I thought. After exiting the shop it turned out that this woman was in front of the bakery pretending (very obvious) that could not open the trunk of the motorbike and I finally helped her open the trunk and talk for a while. I think she want to talk to me too seeing her gesture. But stupidly i'm not asking this woman's number. I felt a very deep connection. I feel like I can sarcifice my life for this woman. I haven't even had time to see her face covered in masks and glasses. Even after that day at the night, my body still shakes in healing sensation. So beautiful. Is there anyone on this forum who has a soul track from memory? I know this is a crazy question, but who knows. I associate this with twin flames meeting.
  14. This is what we need Leo!