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  1. Do you want to change for what? You smell have no direction in life where you want to go.
  2. I think It's important to remember that not every relationship is meant to be long-term and that it's okay to end things if they're not working out. It's also important to take time for yourself to focus on your own growth and self-actualization. It's possible that you may meet someone in the future who aligns with your values and goals, believe me actually I met the girl that match most value of myself. I think intuition can lead you to find the most compatible person with. Can't agree no more with @soos_mite_ah But it's also important to be content and happy being single. It may be helpful to set some specific goals for yourself in terms of your personal and professional development, you can surround yourself with supportive and positive friends and mentors. Remember, it's never too late to make positive changes in your life and to manifest the things you really want.
  3. Any thought about the best data security between android and iPhone? Currently I using both systems, iPhone 13 & Xiaomi phone. I little bit worried on data breach.
  4. @MsNobody you look fantastic!
  5. @Ulax people's views on this issue can vary widely within any political ideology or group. People have different life experiences, beliefs, and values that shape their views of LGBT rights.
  6. @Ulax It's not fair to make a blanket statement about conservatives or any group of people when it comes to the rights of LGBT individuals.
  7. @Leo Gura They believe in limited government intervention and that people should be able to make their own choices as long as it doesn't harm others.
  8. I know people in my high school who going crazy tooking datura after 3 years
  9. @asifarahim wow.. Im speechless how the rule of thumbs is applied.
  10. @Tyler Robinson Octagon vibe is very positive and bright. Do you actually have the tatto or what?
  11. Please kindly share sacred geometry reference. Thank you! Below is the example.