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  1. Thanks for sharing.
  2. @hyruga Did you actually click next and know what you say?
  3. What do you think about this quote? Is this quote reflected in your daily life?
  4. Long interview. Venant look so agressive to this guy.
  5. I'm very interested mastering KAP. But the wallet would be sad if say yes for now.
  6. FAQ about KAP foundation:
  7. Got me laughed ?? I had many weird things to say.. One of those is when I am getting weird pattern sacred geometry like when I am in remote place for few days.. This place is very tribalistic in the past and have lot of rituals going on before modern day.. I cannot sleep well because the pattern keep occuring in my head. Every pattern show how things work. Its like language, I can understand some of those message weirdly. The meaning is vague.. some of those sacred geometry I cannot completely understood. My astral body feels light and want to go out of my body. I need to keep awake and grounded.. I didn't want something bad happened. Like meeting horny deity.
  8. @Ima Freeman I search on gmaps. The homes looks so aesthetic. Bookmark note in place to go! Hope when I go there I will enjoy the winter instead of getting depressed by the cold ?
  9. What camera did you use? Love the tone.
  10. I believe he have some kind of gift that can move and do something that awakened kundalini of people in front of him. Look how his hand move. He is very grounded on what he says. Kundalini Activation:
  11. @Ima Freeman where do you live? Its all beautiful ❤❤
  12. Waterfall from Selayar Island.
  13. One misty morning, in family rice fields.
  14. One day in the beach with my friend.