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  1. Watched it. This is a cool one. But newbies in facing negative emotions might be overwhelmed with the spiritual dictionary.
  2. Underrated comments. That book works for me very well. I felt enormous happiness after practising the technique. Every time I let go, the more I am free emotionally. Now, I experience trauma very little. Highly confident. The technique is simple, yet it is oil for your mind and body. You will be less rigid, and happier. You should try it!
  3. @halfknots what??!
  4. For me, embodying masculinity leads to a better sense of self. As a background I am repressing so much my masculinity because of childhood conditioning that says a narrative of "being a man always creates evil", I also don't have any healthy masculine figure in my environment. Some benefits are: that I can be more assertive and certainly won't hold back myself doing what I need to do to achieve the goal in mind. I can assert dominance and leadership if I need to. My whole body is also more grounded, I can feel all my body as ever before. I am not as arrogant as before (I am not sure why), but certainly I am more courageous. I am more at ease. My body has some kind of warm aura (I never felt it before). As Emerald says before, it makes me more whole. Literally.
  5. @Davino I am still playing with the dose. As far as I know, every kratom in sale has a different potency, and I think in my case.. the potency is high. I assume that if I have the dose low enough, it will work fine. For now, I have had 3 trying times, the best one is the second one.. but the mild fear remains consistent in every dose, I might lower the dose in the future.
  6. Ahh, I see now.
  7. And the weird thing is that, after I take the kratom, the wavy dizziness (mild) is not worn out even after a week. Can anyone explain about this?
  8. In my experience, it is not addictive at all.
  9. I get the light mood and the euphoria of it. But fears always come up after the high. And the fear was very absurd
  10. Hi guys.. please share your experience with kratom. I will share my experiences using kratom. I bought the premium one stated in the online store. The colour is light green, and the smell is just like a matcha. The first time I took 2 big spoon, high for some time and I got nauseous and vomited several times. Just like a sick person. The second time I had 1 teaspoon instead, and the experience was perfect until the wave ended. Yes, I got confident and felt good about my body when I was high. But, why do I always have some fear after the wave ended? I never had that kind of fear before. It was absurd fear. I need several days to get the fear gone. Or maybe the dose was too much?
  11. Sister Cody. He awakened from his long deep years of suffering. He transforms his experience into art, leaving a message. His style of teaching is bright and warm. I leave a post example below for you to know.
  12. What do you think about the Instagram guru? Do you think all Instagrammer spirituality is just pure BS? Or maybe not? Why? Anyone following some great Instagram Gurus account can list them in this thread, I will look into it and maybe there is a good thing to learn.