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  1. Got the pdf, I would print out soon. Thanks!
  2. I want to buy new book about Philosophy and Epistimology. Do you have any recommendation? And why you recommend the book?
  3. Outside Gravity = From enviroment (60%) : Purple (3%) - I dont want to write it. Red (5%) - Village dude. Blue (25%) - Family. Orange (30%) - Business, uni and city. From what I watched (40%): Blue (7%) - TikTok and YT comments. Orange (5%) - Business content. Yellow (28%) - Yellow youtuber and spotify podcast. Learn : What I need to learn actually to question and contemplate lower stage and integrate it to myself. I have big tendencies to just total ignoring what they are talkin about. Integrate the value of the enviroment that I lived in help to survive a lot, thanks to SD. Noticing the different between healthy value and unhealthy value that have been integrated in the self is important here. Integrating Red stage give me huge stability in my mental health. Be more men and assertive. I notice my mind have swing learning, in a time I like to study lower stage but eventually I got feeling enough. I have urge to learn higher spiral, then back again to lower stage.
  4. @Jannes I know what your intention. If she knew she is ready. She is ready. You are so kind. I think she will be in good trip if you are the trip sitter. Ask her what enviroment that she prefer to experience? Dont forget be gentle, and ofcourse dont giving too much of negative background of psychedelic. I think you are already research a lot to do this decision, so yeah. Just do it with love.
  5. Im advocate primary, scientist shadow and anti performer. The result advice and description is not feels right for me, seems like some important information has been hold.
  6. This speak a lot. In any kind of relationship serious talk, this is the strong guidelines. It will be painful, but the most right way to do it in my view is brutal honestly.
  7. @tolo Relate af. I thinking this as well. No commitment issue at all. I approach multiple local girl in my area and we talk even go out but eventually... nah it is not gonna work.. We have very different worldview and I realize I need to put some hard work to make this relationship running. But even to start this relationship is like cutting my own value. When talking to blue people, it is just weird you know.. Like their emotional awareness is cutted so much and then the conversation is unflexible. The fuck I dont want to cut off myself too much for just having a girl.. Fit in doesnt work together with self development.. And I dont chase sex in relationship, I leaning more towards mutual emotional and personal growth, sex is topping. Most ppl in my area dont know about personal development either, and so yeah im out for now.
  8. For me, I listen death metal like mgla. But it is just very little power actually that it gives. The biggest power that I gain is changing my apperance that look so masculine and even little bit intimidating. I wear big tattoo sleeve and metal mantel. Thats big. I noticed my attitude naturally become alpha af. Some dude that I dont know become so rude to me without I doing anything lol. Still, this development I say is unstable and need to be nurtured slowly. And ofcourse I wont be able to heal this without watching Diaomond Net youtube channel. It give me map for what to do and what to think in this healing process.
  9. @JosephKnecht 😂
  10. @fopylo I think you dont need to do that at all. It is very personal for me. Because, I am that person that never be angry before, and never felt some kind of power sensation. My life before is kinda dull and like senseless, full of fear and trauma. You know flat face? People see me as that. For me, it is important to burning the power feeling and even towards toxic meter. I do that a lot in this time and indeed it helped me. And yes it let me more vast as fuck. I can handle more power capacity in my life, feeling my own energy and of course clearer mind and healthier ego
  11. @Max_V do you have a blog or youtube channel that you recommended to do this kind of shadow work? You write it so beautifully!
  12. Feel dat thoo! Dark metal is make me more powerful in mind and grounded. I love power now. Have some burn here and there because of the integration process. Make it burn! The fire will become more mature! Integrated to the bigger personality. Bigger self This!
  13. Im graduated from tourism study this year. But Im not satisfied with what I get here. In the way I found, I am not really interested in tourism too. I have career direction towards what I enjoy, photography and filmmaking. And I love to study my own ego pattern and collective pattern. And in that case, I want to bring social issue perspective in my career work. I think I dont need to study filmmaking/ photography any further and get its degree because I can join internship and get more practical value in it more than in university. The benefit in getting filmmaking/photography degree just the relation/link from what I see in several youtube video. So yeah, I want to study something to make my work have some sort of intellectual foundation, like what I said before.. I want to bring message about social issue that happening in our world. And what do you think is the best degree for me to pursue? Is it philosophy? Psychology? School of human science? Or any other degree program?