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  1. Another milestone completed.. I returned back home safely.. Job done. Thank God finally it got done safely
  2. Awesome post. But I didn't get what sort of mind games you were referring to. Explaining with examples would be appreciated.
  3. Karma can mean so many different things It can mean for instance The way of the righteousness and not instinct. Like mindfulness and consciousness It can mean clearing the Karma It can mean a record of good deeds and bad deeds It can mean cause and effect It can mean what goes around comes around as in karma and justice It can mean purification of the soul It can mean not expecting the outcome but always working towards the goal without greed or expectation. But the basic meaning is the intentions and the actions good or bad. Your motives and your actions. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. The good you do will lead to productivity. The bad you do will lead to destruction.
  4. An Instigator is a person who does not fit into the role correctly and therefore tries to manipulate the role or the opposite gender or another role to serve his purpose. They do this to serve their own ego. Example - they will out of Insecurity or out of greed and hate and contempt, they will start oppressing the opposite. This for the gratification of evil desires and not needs. A Rebel is a free bird An exploiter is someone who plays the role but not for greater good but for consumption. The real ones fit properly. They are called real. They are the defenders. They are the dharma seekers. The ones that do the dharma will only bring good outcome. Because they did as they were supposed to. They discharged the role they were given or the role they accepted. The dharma followers will not bring suffering The dharma is the way of the role Karma is the way of actions. Bhakti means worship
  5. The more you deviate from the physical health standards the sicker you get The more you deviate from the role, the more oppressive you get
  6. Powerful keyword Embrace
  7. Love life Health Career Money and livelihood Spiritual awakening Personal growth Progress Balance Birth and death If you go round and round on your current situation you already see clues for your future. Assistance, relaxation, therapy, relief, confidence, guidance, support, positivity, counseling, advice, analysis, suggestions
  8. Energy tarot
  9. Kino tarot Soul whisper tarot Chanel Bader tarot Luz lumiere
  10. 2 extra sets of tarots
  11. Life is like driving. It needs a lot of skill and strategy and flexibility and maneuvering A bow arrow Archer tarot best represents this
  12. Flexibility.. Give and withdraw Optimization. When to spend energy and when to conserve Using everything as a weapon therefore nothing is right or wrong. HH. Perception of future. Strategy . Can't use all your arrows at once. Have to save them but also have to use them Caution. Very careful Knowledge. Preliminary knowledge Observation Maturity Gigantic strength and preparedness Recovery and resilience Resources. This is the most basic One process is love and the other process is elimination
  13. It's important to know the future beforehand
  14. I want to be a part of the "good people club"
  15. Two extra tarot cards 16 Progress regress 17 positive negative