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  1. Talent and bastardity
  2. “I think you’re just avoiding me because you’re afraid that if you’re near me for too long, you won’t be able to control yourself and you’re just going to attempt to start making out with me,”
  3. How to dissolve karma
  4. The Meaning of Karma and How You Can Break Its Grip What is the meaning of karma? Karma is not existence’s reward or punishment system as people seem to think. Sadhguru dispels this notion and explains that whatever kind of karma you have, it restricts and binds you - unless, you know how to loosen its grip! What is the meaning of karma? Karma is not existence’s reward or punishment system as people seem to think. Sadhguru dispels this notion and explains that whatever kind of karma you have, it restricts and binds you - unless, you know how to loosen its grip! Sadhguru:Karma literally means action. We are referring to past action. From the moment you were born till this moment, the kind of family, the kind of home, the kind of friends, the things that you did and did not do, all these things are influencing you. Every thought, emotion and action comes only from past impressions that you have had within you. They decide who you are right now. The very way you think, feel and understand life is just the way you have assimilated inputs. We call this karma. The Karmic Software In modern terms, I would say it is the current software on which you are working. Your whole system – your body, mind, energy and emotions – is programmed because of the impressions that you have taken in. A complex amalgamation of all these impressions is your karma. Whichever way your software is, that is the way your mind, emotion and body function. Even your energy moves that way. Whatever kind of karma you have, it is a limited possibility and that is what makes you into a limited person. Depending on what kind of impressions you took in, whether it was hatred and anger, or love and joy, you accordingly have a certain kind of personality – usually every human being is a complex mixture of these things. Once you allow this karmic structure to build beyond a certain point, there is really no such thing as freedom. Everything that you do is conditioned by the past. So if you want to move in the direction of liberation, one of the first things that you need to do is to loosen the grip and shackle of karma. Otherwise, no movement will happen. Break free! How do you do that? One simple way is to break the karma physically. In the morning if your karma is to wake up at 8 o’clock, you set your alarm for 5 o’clock. Your body’s karma is that it will not want to get up. But you say “No, I am going to get up.” Even if it gets up, your body will want to sip coffee. But you give it a cold shower. Now, you are just breaking the old karmic process by consciously doing something. This is not the only way, there are other subtler and more effective ways, I am just telling you the crudest possible way. What you dislike, you have to do it consciously. What you like you can do it unconsciously, isn't it?”
  5. Breaking the Karmic Cycle Sadhguru looks at the repetitive nature of the karmic cycle, and the three ways to approach the spiritual process. Sadhguru looks at the repetitive nature of the karmic cycle, and the three ways to approach the spiritual process. Sadhguru: The karmic structure in every human being is essentially cyclical. This cycle is not from lifetime to lifetime alone. If you are observant enough, you will see that events generally repeat themselves in cycles of twelve-and-a-quarter to twelve-and-a-half years. If you observe much more closely, you will see that even within a year’s time, these same patterns are happening many times over. If you observe very, very closely, the same cycles are happening many times over even within a day. The karmic cycle actually takes force every 40 minutes. These 40-minute cycles are called galige in Kannada. So every 40 minutes, you have an opportunity to break it. It is very important to see this. If you see that your life is just a repetitive foolish cycle, that you are doing the same cycle over and over again every 40 minutes, you would realize in two days that the way it is going is no good. If you only see the cycles once in 12 years, it will take 24 to 48 years for you to realize this is no good. And if you see the cycles once in a lifetime, it will take a few lifetimes to see this is no good. It depends on how conscious you are. The more conscious you become, the more you see living in an unconscious cycle is no good. So, every 40 minutes, you have an opportunity to become conscious of it and to break the cycle. You want to break your present walls and go away. 3 Ways to Approach The Spiritual Process There are three ways to approach the spiritual process. One way is, slowly, by doing the right things through a few lifetimes, you will get there. Another way is, you remain in your present circumstances, do the best you can do, keep yourself open and focused and make yourself available to the process. In the last moment of your life, we will see that it happens. Another way is, you want to know something now. You want to break your limitations now and go beyond its limitations. Then you should not be concerned about what is happening around you because many things will happen that no one will approve of. Society will not approve, people will not approve, your family will not approve since they related to you because you were one kind of person. If you become another kind, they will not be able to relate to you anymore. This is a simple thing you can do: team up with someone that you don’t like. Spend time with that person, very lovingly, joyfully. A lot of things will break. Let us say you got married to someone. They married you because you were a certain kind of person. If you become another kind, maybe it is a beautiful kind but still a different kind, you are suddenly an alien to them. They cannot live with you unless they have the wisdom and sense to see you as a great possibility, that “My partner has gone ahead. It is wonderful to have somebody who is ahead of me.” If that much sense is there, fine, but if that much sense comes, then the relationship has to transform itself. It can no longer be what it was. It has to become something else. Once you recognize that someone is way ahead of you, that relationship cannot be husband and wife, mother and son, this and that. It will become something else. So, in some way, whatever you used to value will be broken – either physically broken, or you will live in the same space but still it will change. How many people in the world are ready for that? So, the other two options are better for a lot of people: you do the right things, be available to your Guru, and when the last moment comes, he will take care of it. Or, you are not even willing to be available but you are willing to do a few little things. Practice some kind of nourishment for yourself so that somewhere in the future, something will happen. I do not wish that for you. Either you must break your limitations now or it must happen at least at the moment of death. I am not a patient person. I practiced impatience for lifetimes. People generally see me as an extremely patient person because my acceptance is seen as patience, but I am not. I want everything on fast-forward. I don’t like anything moving slowly. There is no mountain standing between you and the ultimate. There is nothing else but yourself – just your own mental structure. If you have to break that, we have to do something in reverse. This is a simple thing you can do: team up with someone that you don’t like. Spend time with that person, very lovingly, joyfully. A lot of things will break. But you always team up with someone that you like – that is not good for you. If you choose something that you like, it strengthens your personality. Learn to do things that you don’t like, be with people that you don’t like, and still live your life sensibly, lovingly, joyfully. Everything will break. Editor’s Note: Sadhguru delves deeper into the spiritual process and the role of
  6. Becoming Free from Karmic Structure Sadhguru gives us a simple method by which one can move towards becoming free from karmic structure. Q: If our thoughts reflect our karmic structure, can changing our thought pattern impact our karmic structure? And how can we become free from it? Sadhguru: There is a difference between thought and thinking. Thoughts are simply floating away, depending upon the content of your mind. Thinking means you consciously think about something. How you think may be strongly influenced by the content of your mind, but still your intellect has some discretion to think beyond that if you are willing. In the Inner Engineering and Isha Yoga programs, we spend over thirty hours with you to transmit a twenty-one-minute practice. What we are doing in this time is helping you to consciously think beyond your karmic limitations. When you do a certain kriya or sadhana of any kind and your thought does not facilitate this, energy may burst upwards, but your thought may go downwards. If thought and energy collide, it will create a certain amount of friction and struggle This is what is happening to a lot of people. You sat in the program and suddenly realized, “Yes! It’s really me who is doing all this. I always thought it was someone else who is doing something to me, but it’s actually me!” That was true for you for the first three months after the program. It was like a dream – everything transformed. But slowly, people fall back into the same old patterns. You again start to blame others for what is happening in your life. That means you are re-establishing your ignorance. Then there is no ambience for your sadhana to flower. If you do the practice without setting the necessary psychological ambience, it will only create health benefits, no transformation. If you do the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya (from the Inner Engineering program) without setting the psychological ambience, the energy will go up, but your mind will pull it down. This is not because the practice wears out. This is not because your sadhana has become ineffective. This is simply because you are not setting the psychological ambience that is necessary for the practice to succeed. If you do the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya (from the Inner Engineering program) without setting the psychological ambience, the energy will go up, but your mind will pull it down. That is why those of you who have done the program should give yourself a three-minute crash course in Inner Engineering every day before you do your Shambhavi. This crash course will create the necessary psychological ambience for you to distance yourself from your karmic structure. If you do not create that psychological ambience, the content of the mind will catch up with you. What we offer you in the Inner Engineering program is a fool-proof way to fix that. There will be no room for you to get stuck to anything. If you fix that every day and do your practice, transformation will be a continuous process. As long as you live, the transformation will go deeper and deeper. Just one practice is enough. You do not have to keep doing different things. If you give yourself to this one thing, it will take you all the way. To become free from your karmic structure does not mean to forget about it. Forgetfulness is not freedom. It is important to know it but not be stuck with it. Being ignorant of something is not freedom. Knowing it and being untouched by it is the important thing. If you set this ambience, it will take you beyond your karmic structure. Editor’s Note: For dates and details about Inner Engineering and other Isha Yoga
  7. ost of you who grew up in this culture would have been exposed to a fair amount of talk about karma. Still, the question remains how to get out of this seemingly endless cycle of activity and karma, cause and effect? Are there activities that are more conducive than others on the path to liberation? Actually, no activity at all would be best – no movement in the body, no movement in the head. But how many people are capable of that? This happened towards the end of the British Raj, when the independence movement was growing strong, and the British knew their rule in India would soon come to an end. Before they left, they wanted to grab as much as they could. When the Great Depression hit economies around the world, their eyes fell on the South Indian temples. Even though people were poor and starving, they took care of their gods well, and the temples accumulated huge treasures. If you perform every activity as an offering, your karmic bondage will start to unravel. The British saw this as a great source of revenue and brought the temples under their control. One day, one of the collectors came across the following entry in the account book of a temple: “Onnum Panaadha Swami ki Sapadu” – which translates as “food for the Swami who is not doing anything” – twenty-five rupees per month. The collector said, “Why should we feed a man who does not do anything? Cancel it.” Concerned, the temple priest went to the trustees and said, “How can we not feed him?” One of the trustees asked the collector to come with him to Swami who did nothing. The trustee requested the collector to simply be there and do nothing, just like that Swami. The collector thought, “What’s the big deal,” but within five minutes, he said, “Okay, feed this man.” This Swami did so much of nothing, something tremendous was happening there. Clueless of this dimension but nonetheless overwhelmed, the collector gave up. Someone who does absolutely nothing is free from karmic memory and karmic cycles. As long as you are identified with your karmic memory, the past repeats itself. Karma means action and memory at the same time. There is no memory without action, and there is no action without memory. As long as you are ruled by your memory, it will drive you to do something. Only if you completely distance yourself from your past memory, will you be able to sit still. You can do an experiment – try to do nothing at all for ten minutes. No thoughts, no emotions, no movements. If this is not possible for you yet, if there are a thousand things going on in your mind and you cannot sit still, then activity is absolutely necessary. This applies to most human beings. Then what kind of activity should you choose? Should you drive a bus? Or ride a bicycle? Or swim in the river? Or sit in the office? Or gossip with your friends? Or smoke marijuana? What matters is not the nature of your activity but the way you conduct it. Karma grows from self-gratification and self-importance. Most people’s physical and mental condition is such that it demands activity. To bring the body and mind to a state of freedom from all activity takes a lot of work. For now, it is advisable to keep the body and mind on a certain level of alertness and agility, so that when the time comes, you are prepared. Until then, you need to throw yourself into incessant activity. The important thing is not to give yourself a break. And the activity should not be about you. When you do something that is needed for someone else, the activity you perform is not your own. You have nothing to get, nothing to show. Doing activity as an offering is a simple way of turning off the karmic recorder within you. As long as you have the need to do something and you identify with your activity, the karmic recorder records this activity for you, and its consequences will multiply. By contrast, if you yourself do not have the need to do anything, but you do something because it is needed by someone else or something else, then the activity will not result in karmic bondage. If you are capable of it, no activity at all is the way to go. It takes a lot not to do anything on any level, neither physically nor mentally nor emotionally. Until you get there, do activity as an offering, without identifying with it. If there is something that needs to be done, you do it. Otherwise, you simply sit. If you do not perform activity out of self-importance, it will not have karmic consequences. Karma grows from self-gratification and self-importance. If you are fully alive and active but do not gather any new karma, your old karma will start falling off. This is the nature of karma. The old layers of karma can only stick to you if you keep adding new layers of karmic glue. If nothing that happened today sticks to you, the karmic memory of what happened in the past will disintegrate. If you perform every activity as an offering, your karmic bondage will start to unravel. Until you are capable of doing nothing, do whatever you want, but do it as an offering within yourself. In a state of offering, you become available to Grace
  8. The other thing I want to focus on is the stuff I learned on Isha foundation on how to get rid of karma through conscious action. Like if coffee is not good but if there is a natural drive or instinct to have coffee, then one can consciously choose not to take it. This way the karma is resolved.
  9. The other very important spiritual lesson I learned is that you live in whatever you choose to create. So if you create pretentiousness, you live in it. If you create productivity, you will live in that. If you create discipline you will live in that. If you create victimhood or victim mentality, you will live in that. So whatever you create that becomes your new reality, your new energy that you choose to live in and the consequential events and effects and situations that arise from this are the consequences of your own doing that you will need to put up with. So for example you create jealousy and this leads to a fight between you and your classmate who is a good person but you chose to ruin it with your insecurities, then maybe that person was wonderful and sweet and helpful but if a certain bad situation arises in the future, this person will choose not to help you. So it's your loss created out of your own heartless stupid poor choices
  10. I wanted to write about gainful distraction. Which means any distraction that helps in gaining something useful for life or the moment. All other distractions are wasteful
  11. Hosinic satanism can be represented by black purple mystic roses with or without dragon blood and or goblin orange black rose or snake... Since this satanism is derived from dragon wicca. Dragon wicca is also represented by these symbols along with gold water Representation of dragon wicca with gold water and sparkling wines.
  12. Write interview transcripts later
  13. Thanks for this journal. And grateful for all the efforts.
  14. I also want to include goldwater Drinking goldwater early in the morning would be the way to start or initiate dragon wicca every day. There should be a daily initiation practice for all witchcraft methods/branches. So I graduated gradually from Christianity to wicca to leaving Christianity to coming back to Christianity and then embracing witchcraft, then moving to dragon wicca to Santa muerte, to Satanism. I will follow both the Anton Laveyan way and the Satanic Temple of Lucien Greaves. Then there are other religious branches that I would love to study like Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo etc. Veve used in hoodoo Or start my own brand of Satanist practice. I will name it Hosinic Satanism. And there are 2 parts in it. Hosiris and Orsiris from dragon wicca and 3 roles of the devil. Orsiris can also be called the dajjal.
  15. I have decided to include the satanic temple and Laveyan Satanism in my witchcraft practices