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  1. Spirit Walker.
  2. God will never fail you. Trust him. God will do justice to you. God help us be our best.
  3. Sociopathic behaviors Stealing Aggression Control Domination Exploitation Lack of compassion Lack of sincerity
  4. The lesser I care about you, the better I feel. I have begun to feel better now that I don't think too much about you. All the hurt is dissolving. You are a great guy, no doubt but I'm not feeling good with you. We won't get along. Things won't be okay between us. How I wish we were together forever as a happy couple in love. Oh I so wish that. But fate has different plans. If I wanted to ask God one thing, I would have asked for you. But it's okay now. I understand that things in life are very different. My desires will die with me. But at least I will live with the hope that something good will happen some day. Something good. I'm not sure what that will be. But I know it won't be bad. Honey I loved you and I still love you to death. But I'm unfortunate and I will leave it to this. I will be happy if you're happy. I will always pray that you be good and everything works out for the better.
  5. When a man respects a woman, everything falls into place.
  6. Sleep early and wake up early.
  7. Tasks categories F SBU NP F - flow S - situation appropriate B - bridge U - urgent NP - New progress
  8. I will call this "zero reaction" behavior. Hopefully this will control some of the stress. Also I will use deception and "keeping a facade" to go along so I don't get hurt. I will call it ghosting although it's not what ghosting exactly means. But I will call it pseudo ghosting, a method where you just give a silent treatment and act like the relationship exists when it actually doesn't and be pretentious about it and carry the facade as long as you can.
  9. I will call this "zero reaction" behavior. Hopefully this will control some of the stress.
  10. For 2 long months, I kept telling him how much I love him and I said it every day. But he never bothered to show any affection. He only said that he loves me in return like an obligation or favor that is being returned. Since 3 days I have avoided him and not talking to him, just giving him the silent treatment and for the first time in 2 months he texted me "hugs" today, like he suddenly remembered that he needs to show me some affection. I'm so surprised. He will again use the guilt trap to pull me back in when I am trying to whisk away.. He showed me the texts between him and his mom and how unresponsive his mom was. All of this strategy is just a way to make me feel sorry for him and feel bad for him. But I'm not giving into all of his bs. He can go on with his pity party and pretend that he is too sick. Since I wasn't able to completely block his texts, I've decided another strategy to avoid him Is to not reply. Tell him I'm busy, keep mum most of the time, act like nothing happened, show no reaction, not complain anymore, not get mad at him, not even say "I love you to him" because I have said enough of that, alienate him from affection, avoid saying much, avoid talking about his family, basically pretend like he doesn't exist. I was obsessed with him for a while. Kinda stalking his every move but that's because I was suspicious of him and my suspicions were true. But I'm no longer going to snoop on him. Not interested. Not wasting my time thinking about what he does and doesn't. I'm neither going to praise him nor complain to him or show dissatisfaction. Just going to act like I don't care. This way he can't use any strategy to rope me in. And I don't have to deal with the guilt of leaving him. I am just going to passively agree with whatever he says because he is such a narcissist that if I ever disagreed with him then he will fire a cannon at me. I will just say yes to everything he says. That way I'm safe from his rant rage.
  11. I'm going to use deception with him if that's the only way to escape him.
  12. March 9 2019.. I know hun that he is not good for my mental health. It's a tragedy. I promise you that I won't let his actions bother me anymore and I will set myself free from him. All of his manipulations are not going to get to me. They are not going to change my heart. A real man is one who keeps the heart, one who promises and doesn't fall back on them, who doesn't break your heart, and most importantly respects and values you the most. Whatever else he says in his defense is just that, only manipulation, every way of making you feel guilty for being mad at him. When a woman is able to say in a relationship, that, "I don't care about you, I don't care what you think or do, it doesn't matter whatever whatever whatever you do, I'm no longer in love with you, I have barricaded myself among these walls and you are far away from me and you can do nothing to me, and I don't care what happens between us, I'm free to move on with a man who will respect me and not hurt me... " when you don't give anymore fucks about what he does and his actions no longer impact you and you no longer are attached to him with love, you have taken the first step towards emotional freedom.
  13. I know how you feelin.. I know your pain Your tears are mine I understand you I know what you been hiding for so long I know what you mean. I know everything about you. You are a sweet angel Don't let it bother you I can see through your eyes, your eyes hide your pain. I know gal what's going on Don't let them outsmart you, don't let them use you Be a free bird and love yourself Protect yourself gal, before it's too late Set up that 5 feet wall around you, so that nobody can hurt you. I know your heart I know your soul I'm your true soulmate..Remember me
  14. Sbu Flow tasks.... Regular flow or routine. They form a pattern or sequence. Situation appropriate... For that particular situation. Bridge tasks or fillers. Urgent tasks.
  15. I've finally left Joseph behind. Goodbye Joseph. I caught you talking to a 16 year old. Honestly that's it. I spoke to Tracey and Dawn yesterday. And it was a welcome relief. I also spoke to Cindy. It was wonderful. They were very kind and helpful and warm and gave me the best advice on this whole situation. Tracey said that he was using me for his advantage. I wish him good luck. But I have grown up in many ways. I have learned and realized. Hopefully and finally and at last I will be able to focus on my life and move on and work on my spirituality and find peace in life and bring it all together. I will never suffer in life again. I have closed the doors on all the toxic people in my life. And I am finally getting closure and no more chaos or sabotage. Mummy I do love you but you caused me a lot of pain. I will forget you and you're out of my life. I will continue living in happiness and grace and your shadow won't bother me anymore. Find your peace and leave me alone. Goodbye to you. I can be free at last.