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  1. Post pending Draft post (post is in edit mode with all mistakes, will be fully edited later) The heart must be set free from whatever is hurting it. When you have a negative emotion you feel trapped. The heart suffers extreme stress. This is visible both in the heart rate and blood pressure and also in sleep wake patterns as well as the nature of dreams nightmares. The feeling of vexation and lack of control. The feeling can be described as depressed, trapped, helpless, stressed, pressured, unhealthy, uncomfortable, gnawing, irritated, tensed, disturbed, confused, traumatized, hurt, distressed, chaotic, cathartic, anxious, angry, mad, obsessed, etc etc.... The list goes on. The point here is that whenever the heart experiences discomfort, it's important to listen to it, this is the start, this is the first step, is to listen, see what's making it feel uncomfortable, do not ignore it, don't think that anything that stresses you out is worthy of getting into, no its not, in fact it's the opposite, you shouldn't have to experience discomfort, it's not helpful but damaging... Now the damage can be little or huge. Damage is inevitable but not necessary. Anything that is fragmenting your emotional state should be discarded. This post is going to be extremely long and I'm going to be focusing on emotional liberation and the heart Chakra both in the romantic sense and otherwise. This will also involve aspects emotional abuse, terrible relationships, and since emotional abuse is such a strong word, I'll replace it with the word /phrase emotional tangling. Emotional entanglement, emotional knot or Emotional Jumble. And the process of coming out of this will be called Emotional Uncoupling. And this can be further taken to complete recovery. This is the new chapter after Uncoupling. It's called The Recovery Channel. In this recovery channel, there will be phases. Recuperation - this is the phase I'll call it the rehab phase where the potential cause is first removed or separated in order for healing to happen.. This is like going on vacation. Healing - The last phase is Regeneration.
  2. My current focus will be more on emotional liberation. This thing is working for me. I finally can see the unraveling.
  3. Some of these stats look exaggerated to me. Like I just read somewhere that 4000 people died in New York. But I checked on another source and the number was lesser than 3000. Will need to do a lot of fact checking because the media is in a frenzied mode and just jumping at anything they get Reliable news is hard these days because it's too easy to manipulate numbers on a website. I don't think journalists care to actually go to the places to check things for themselves. They are too spooked for that. It's always easy to feed false data into a website and create a fake chart or numbers. It's also good fodder for traffic. At this point everything is just conjecture. Even YouTube cannot be trusted. Too many organizations revving up income through false reporting. Of course the situation is dire but the numbers are all bungled on different websites.
  4. @Raptorsin7 thank you
  5. Saturday 4th April Today is the best day. Got some good hours devoted to meditation. Was satisfied. It really kinda removed the "high strung" in me. After many bad days today was a good day. Yay yay yippy yippy yay
  6. Looks like you are doing great m8
  7. What if I told you that even if you became aghori you'll still reincarnate. And nothing will stop your reincarnation. That you have no control over it. Can these aghoris prove that they didn't reincarnate. And why this fear of being reborn. If you believe in Hindu philosophy, then you are never going to get freedom from samsara. You are in it. There's no escape. Well if you did manage to successfully escape, come back and tell me so I can also follow your path.
  8. Today I did something different. I meditated for 20 mins and then simply stretched my whole body immediately after and that was very calming. I really want to activate all the Chakras and that's what I'm going to do. I always feel like the vibration of my heart Chakra is very strong because I become emotional very quickly. So today I did a little something different to escape my emotions. I wrote "freedom" on a stone and kept it far from my eyes, like 6 feet away and then looked at it intently while meditating. This thing really helped.
  9. @Chintan desai in my mind it's all superstition. And by the way even superstition gets a lot of followers. Something doesn't become true or right or beneficial just because many people follow it. Look at drugs. Many people do drugs. Does that mean that drugs are healthy?
  10. Don't believe all that. Birth and death is for everyone. Nobody is privileged enough to escape this matrix. Nobody can save anyone from anything. Nothing can be planned. What happens after death is unknown. Nobody can know because there is no way to know. Try living this life fully. Worry more about this life rather than the life you have no idea about.
  11. I don't agree with this. This virus is not the first (nor the last) thing that has rattled humanity to think about its survival, wars, famine, epidemics have happened much worse in history and yet we still had dysfunctional governments, individualism, capitalism, elite etc, this will never end, no virus can end it, much of the cash flow is run by government and corporations and the elite. The poor classes and the middle classes are merely slaves to the government. Elections are based on choosing the lesser of two Evils. All that I see that's going to happen is the government in major countries announcing stimulus packages for public health and safety, allocating more equipment to hospitals and refurbishing the emergency health department that deals with global epidemics and then later on politicians politicizing it and bragging about it. The only silver lining here is if less people die and some hope for the future in regard to preventing such outbreaks in the future in terms of immunization and safety standards. Economy is hit now. But it recovers. Everything goes back to normal. Corporations and elite profit from capitalism. They'll never let it die. And middle class. All they can do is vote. But their vote doesn't count much when most leaders are puppets of corporations and organizations. The above situation will continue as long as the following three exist Government Money Elite Government is a false illusion. Government is meant for governing people. But it always does the opposite. It controls people... In every country. No exception. Having complete autonomy independent of the government is the key. No dependency on the government at all. But this is extremely difficult but not entirely impossible. The only way I see all the bad stuff ending is if people collectively boycott and refuse to cooperate the government and create their own viable systems. But this will need massive responsibility and moral control..
  12. When I was thinking and writing about emotional abuse, I also wanted to elaborate on spiritual abuse. I call it moral abuse. For example shaming a person in my opinion is like moral abuse. We aren't aware of it. But in every moment we are suffering some form of emotional abuse that goes unnoticed. Take responsibility for your own emotions and detect and stop emotional abuse early.
  13. I'm not pretentious, that's the thing. If I pretended here to be this awesome person with an awesome life, that would be a lie and that doesn't help with healing. I have to be honest with my emotions. That's a tall order. But that's exactly what I need to do. I'm suffering currently from a mixture of emotions arising from multiple things and the breakup hit really hard and in the middle of a pandemic, things have been bad, if I pretended I'm all cool, it's not going to be right, I try to be as vocal as possible, I vent, I put it out all there.. It's like my throat Chakra and heart Chakra are in perfect alignment. Whatever I say, it comes right from my heart. If I look bad or crazy to people who read my journal, I don't care. I'm not here to impress them or seek their approval or be popular for them or inspiring for them. I'm me. Just me. Whether you like me or not. I can't be anyone else. I can only work through me. So pretense doesn't make any sense to me. I'm not here to be a model writer or clinch a title. That's like window dressing. This journal is my bare soul. What I feel I write. No holds barred.
  14. Learn to label bullshit when you see it.