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  1. Chapter 95
  2. Chapter 94
  3. Chapter 93
  4. Chapter 92
  5. Chapter 91
  6. Chapter 90 You cannot lie to a mirror.
  7. Chapter 89 How to increase emotional intensity. Zee expansion and intensification Feel an emotion Think about a situation Invest your emotion and purpose into your goal. Show love Feel the vibration Pray on it Be deeply engaged Constantly feel the same emotion. Bring up the same emotion Reiterate this emotion Repeat the thoughts. Remember and repeat. Be deeply attached. Be passionate. Make this an important life's mission Be completely devoted
  8. Chapter 88 Moving onto greener fields. Today is November 15. An important day. Lot of the stuff needs to be sorted out. I need to take things strictly. Need to devote myself more to myself lol. Yea the agenda is surely going to change and the focus will be me. Haven't had that for quite a while now.. I am also thinking of something like time compression. And how to get more done in less. Today all toxicity goes away.
  9. Chapter 87 Keep your psych radar always on.
  10. Chapter 86 This has never happened to me before. This is mind blowing. All thoughts just percolate my mind. Never before. I don't need to decide anything. Decisions just flow. Everything just clicks in my head just like that. I have become so acutely aware of even the most minor things. A minor statement or a minor change and a minor difference in the human weather is enough to alert my senses.. Now I just know what it means. It's like I already know everything and it doesn't bother me anymore. I have become matured enough to accept the disgusting side of others.
  11. Chapter 85 Suffered from flu on 10 November
  12. Chapter 84 The other concept is basic narcissism. This is healthy because it is basic. Toxic narcissism is dangerous. But some basic narcissism is necessary for self preservation. It involves a strong self protective instinct, the ability to say no, draw boundaries, make others get along, be strict, not give in easily, not to fall in trap of other's judgement and validation,draw clear lines, express honestly, be assertive and self confident, be emotionally free and not dependent, bringing power to yourself.
  13. Chapter 83 The other concept is emotional intensity or emotional strength. This means how intensely emotional you're about something. How much emotional value you attach to someone, an object, a goal, a desire, an event, a past incident, etc etc. Higher the emotional intensity higher is the passion. Passion helps achieve goals. Thus emotion is a central key to motivation.
  14. Chapter 82 I know I know, I know what's happening with me. I'm just not crazy My emotions are just in a tailspin that is all. I am thinking about 2 different concepts that came to my mind a few days ago. That is emotional strength and emotional expansion. Very important ones. Emotional expansion means experiencing a wide range of emotions both from positive to negative. And the deepest side of the negative and the extreme side of positive. It also means that you experience intense emotionally challenging or psychologically challenging experiences and situations like a plethora of emotionally twisted or inert or subtle or situations involving emotional conflict or turmoil, and experiencing psychological impact of deeply emotional experiences, both good and bad. This opens up emotional maturity and extension and expansion of the emotional experience index/spectrum. Also it brings psychological experience and psychological maturity and psychological radar opens up. I can call this the psych-radar. The psych radar sharpens. Now you're easily able to detect and understand psychopathic behaviors. This is not all encompassing, in the sense it does not include all experiences of life like experiences related to health or financial disaster or the system or law enforcement or career etc. Just emotional experiences. So mostly relationships. However these experiences are intensely involved with the most personal part of our lives. The other added benefit of such an expansion of the psych radar is that they also help in daily evaluation of even those who are just acquaintances solely on the basis of body language and communication. What a person is really about is easily visible through what they write or speak. The way they communicate their different ideas. It is a wealth of information into the person's psyche. This field should be called "language character decoding." that is decoding a person's character based on their language or words. So instead of saying eyes are a window to the soul, it should be words are a window to the soul.
  15. Chapter 88