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  1. This diagram complements the above diagram perfectly. I can see different aspects here. (I guess I broke psychological down into desire, memory, belief and physical down into external world and body the black background was where I represented consciousness the background to everything) ok, I meant it in the sense that people want only one of 2 things generally. To solve a problem in their life, or to achieve a goal of some kind. The two can both be the same obviously. Then to do that, you usually have to take consistent action over a long period of time. To do that you need to have a consistent mindset and thought patterns over a long period of time. To do that you need to understand the major factors that influence your thought patterns: Body Emotions External World (and everything that happens in it) Your desires, beliefs and your memory Then I showed that all those things are interconnected and affect each other. (Blue lines) Then each individual will need to work on different blue lines, using different techniques. For example one person might need to work on their emotions to affect their body, which will then affect their emotions and develop new memories that will create better beliefs that will lead to stronger or more evolved desires that will lead to better action. The different theriapies listed in red show what those things mostly focus on affecting. Which is why some things work really well for some people at a certain point on their journey, but not well for others. Or not well at a later point in time.
  2. I actually hate the idea of power.. Confidence is one thing. Confidence is about creating trust. Whereas power is too red for me. So women who like power are definitely a bit messed up.
  3. Yea stage green injections are always in short supply. The whole Blue Red thing lags overall human development.. Honestly I wish more countries were greener by now. It sucks tbh
  4. @Parththakkar12 you want to portray women as these horrible manipulative men loathing, opportunistic selfish hateful creatures. But you want to paint men as angels and saints. None are. That's human nature. If you put women on a pedestal, that's your fault and your dissonance to deal with.
  5. These are your statements. If that's not hateful then I don't know what is. You seem to be having a problem with demonizing patriarchy. But you don't see a problem demonizing women throughout all your statements. It pays us to see that women generally don't care on a biological level. It takes a special individual to actually have compassion for men and to actually not want men to fight each other. Also, it pays us to see that 'toxic masculinity' is toxic only when it hurts women, not when it benefits women! Not when women can manipulate it to their ends.
  6. Well then you hate women only when they don't benefit you. Same.
  7. That's a misogynistic mindset. Well it benefits the patriarchy right? Generalizations about how all women are going to be is not a great idea Both gender fail in certain respects. Let's not try to make everything a woman's fault.
  8. I don't think that this is a gender issue as you're trying to make it out to be. Some people tend to laugh or make fun, it's simply their silly instincts. It could be both male or female. For example a group of guys could be laughing at me on the street, I wouldn't automatically jump and say it's a gender thing. Because it could easily be women doing the same thing. It's not gender specific. In this case it could even be a bunch of guys laughing at you. This could be a human issue rather than a gender issue. Some people are kind. Some people are not. I don't think you can draw a deep conclusion on the basis of someone simply reacting to a situation when you are not perfectly sure what's going on in their minds. What if they are not thinking the way you are thinking about them. Careful about cognitive dissonance. It can easily ruin relationships with the opposite gender. If you are already thinking negative about those women, even little things that they do will be used by you for confirmation bias A person's personality cannot be fully evaluated from just a few reactions and situations. It takes a lot to know how and what that person really is If they are unkind to you today, the same people could be kind to you in a distressing situation. Your paradigm could easily get shattered Don't build an entire paradigm about gender or humanity only on the basis of a few situations and responses. A single response doesn't define an entire person because we are complex beings.
  9. Careful with such generalizations. Not every woman is going to laugh at him. When I say that I like a confident man, it can mean a ton of different things, for example how confidently the guy approaches me, how he handles situations, how he responds to my requests etc etc. Confidence does not mean I'm expecting two guys to fight with and see who wins. Not every woman is hateful.
  10. If they find it funny, I would say that they are being unkind and mean. Hostile energy. I'm not sure if they are getting attracted to toxic males or not because their behavior with other men is not visible or known to me so I can't derive conclusions on the basis of whatever info is given. All I can say is that they are being hostile and they are best avoided or ignored.
  11. An open announcement to some people on this forum I'm a human being and not a toy. Please learn to respect boundaries and emotions and feelings of other people. I should not be constantly subjected to your temper tantrums and your misconceptions and misunderstandings about me. I'm not your mother neither am I your slave. I'm not here to babysit your tantrums and your problems with me. If you got problems with me, simply avoid me. Some of you people are stalking my profile nearly daily. It's fine if you just want to read my content but I feel it's not so much about that and more about trying to get into my life or be an annoyance to me at the expense of your personal entertainment and pleasure. I have noticed these same people on my profile over and over. It feels stalkerish to be frank. I'm a frank person, I say things to the face. I don't hide my feelings about anyone. These people then try to message me. They will follow me for some time and then unfollow me. This is some uncool passive aggressive shitty behavior. If you truly want to be a good friend, learn to respect boundaries and respect the person who you want to share your space with or be on your way and just leave me out of your drama and mess. Don't come to me expecting to be nice and sweet to you meanwhile you get to irritate me and frustrate me. I'm an extremely polite person so please don't take advantage of me opening up or being nice to you. Being nice to you is not a license for you to mistreat me. This not only applies to me but to anyone else. I'm not here for chatting. Of course I would love to make friends here and why not, but I'm not primarily here for making friends. I'm primarily here for my own spiritual work along with self development. Making friends is not a priority for me. Please don't attack me if I don't reciprocate your constant advances for my attention. I'm not obligated to fulfill your needs, I'm not your toy or slave. I'm a human being deserving of respect and space and understanding. If I am politely refusing your constant interference or intrusive personal questions, please don't go on with it and pressure me to be your friend. It's not nice. Disrespectful to impose yourself on others. If I sensing that you are approaching me only for the sake of curiosity and not genuine understanding of me, sorry, but I don't want that and I don't need that. Please learn to respect my boundaries. If I don't like to share something, please don't pressure me. Be polite and kind, it's not hard. Don't be overbearing and imposing. Don't try to control me or micromanage my every move on the forum. I hate that. Treat me like a human. I don't like your games. Learn to be honest about how you feel. If you are following me on my profile then do so with genuine intent. I only unfollow people when I see that I no longer resonate with them. That's completely fine if you unfollow me for that reason. But a couple of months, a guy kept following and unfollowing me within a week just to make me feel bad. You're no loss to me. If you don't want to follow me, please don't. But don't play these games. I'm not into social games that you guys like to play. Your actions don't hurt me since you are just a Random person on the internet but your actions do frustrate me because I constantly have to check your unnecessary intrusive messages and respond to your silly requests and unpleasant comments.. Please don't come online to hurt other people. This is not your playground to play games with people and ruin their time. I'm doing serious work, it may not be serious in your eyes, but it sure is very serious in my eyes. So please don't ruin my time with your silly games. If you plan to approach me, be respectful and kind and respect boundaries related to privacy. Don't approach me if you don't have a genuine intent to be friends or offer help. If you are trying to offer help, then do so without using it as an opportunity to put me down or control me. Once again, respect my humanity and don't try to puppet me, your controlling behavior can be easily visible through your texting. I regularly deal with people on the forum who get trollish, one second friendly next second Hostile, sorry but I don't have time for your mistreatment. What you're doing is not friendship but simply being testy and passive aggressive and taking advantage of someone's politeness to see how much you are allowed to mistreat me. Please don't be tempted to do such things. Bring the word 'respect' to your mind every time you feel tempted to cross other's boundaries or take pleasure out of poking me. I'm not your entertainment or joker. Once again I am not obligated to fulfill any of your expectations or requests out of me. If I am not comfortable with what you want me to do to please you, it's not my fault or obligation or duty. It's my right to say no. If you get offended because I did not follow your orders and expectations of liking or cuddling you enough, it's totally fine. I'm not here to please you in any manner, it's not my job to please you or be your baby doll. Then when I don't do what you want me to, you people get upset with me and start show hostility and hate to me. Look I'm not asking for your love, but I'm not even deserving of your hate or resentment. Understand that these are your own childish needs that are making you build resentment, nothing to do with me. I'm generally polite and understanding and always dignified and respectful to people who approach me. But I can't do that if you are blatantly being passive aggressive, testy, and overstepping my boundaries. For example if i say I don't wish to disclose a private information about my life, then please don't keep forcing me to do it. It's disrespectful. Don't try to control my heart or my mind. It's my property and my self. What I do with my mind and heart is all up to me and you don't have a right over me. Sorry but you don't own me and I'm not your slave. So stop that controlling shit. I'm a free spirited bird. If you are trying to be my friend with genuine intentions, then I'll be more than happy to be your friend as well. I'm not hostile or unfriendly or unkind. In fact I assure you that I'm a very sweet person. But sometimes I have to put my foot down and let the other person know that their behavior is uncomfortable or stalkerish or offensive or disregarding of my space. Please don't engage in such childish behavior. Whoever is doing this, you're an adult who is reading this. I think you can do better. Don't try to hurt on purpose and then act friendly. And lastly please don't abuse the personal messenger pm option. It is given to share valuable insights and help and socialization. It's not meant for prying into someone's personal space or harass them. Don't misuse the personal messenger to chat indecent with me or get mean or intrusive. If you can clearly see that I'm not interested in showing a response to you, it's a clear signal that I didn't like the communication or I'm not sensing genuineness or friendliness with you and then you can respectfully move out of my space. If you wanna try again, I won't mind at all, but try being polite and considerate and respectful again and maybe I might begin to trust you again. I offer ample opportunity to people to befriend me. So if I'm not being responsive enough, it definitely means that your behavior is upsetting me in some manner, because I'm never hostile to anyone for no reason, my intuition with people is always on point. I'm like an Open book. In case where I happen to misunderstand you or I'm getting mixed signals from you regarding genuineness of intent, I immediately make it a responsibility to get in touch with you, resolve any misunderstandings and give out ample space for you to get friendly with me again. So misunderstandings are going to happen,no doubt, but if you are trying to hint at resolving things, I'm always more than willing to chip in and provide my feedback so you get to understand me better. I also tend to apologize humbly and immediately if I figure out that I was completely misunderstanding you. So no worries if you are really being genuine with me. I will always find a way to sense that energy in you and make amends with you at some point. I'm writing such a long letter/note because often times I run into toxic people online that completely ruin my health and time and so I've learned to be more guarded and careful about dealing with people online. I have learned to step up my boundaries ever since and screen people before I go forward into bringing them into my close friends circle.. So please give me respect if you want me as a friend. Or else please walk away but don't hurt.
  12. Regarding people on this forum. Im not going to be talking to some people anymore. It seems like they doesn't appreciate me. not letting me know if something went wrong, so I'm kinda confused and I don't have patience I mean I have self respect and so I'm not playing into whatever others are doing. I'll have to kinda just let these people go and continue on my path. What I'm going to do is minimize my communication with these people on the forum, I really struggle dealing with them . And I'm only going to be talking to people who get along with me, because it's quite stressful for me to handle people like that and all the unnecessary drama that results from it. I'd rather keep out of it and just talk to a small bunch of people that are understanding and get along. Managing people on the forum is quite the task
  13. My spiritual practices need to be reduced to the following - Different aspects of growth (refer diagram above) Channeling Psychic Energy Channel Sign language and communication Shadow work Dear Sacred Angel Letters Communication and Connection Cosmic Support Chain and Divine network Tarot cards Intuition Contemplation and insight work Psychic powers To keep away from toxic people Love God is everything Wisdom Self awareness Love life To be authentic Psychic, psychological, insight.
  14. I'm also going to incorporate the law of attraction as a part of my spiritual work