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  1. Artistic faces. Nice public image. Jason mattera And Josh hutcherson.
  2. Buy the jade plant. Set a reminder How did you heal today?
  3. I'm looking for a professional cult
  4. Frankly depends on the woman you're dating. As long as you are funny and can make her happy, won't matter whatever you do. In the end its your job. If she is not happy at first sight she won't be happy in the relationship either, but she can take a second chance. Being honest is still a better idea. Because if she finds out later, maybe she will get annoyed, might hurt your self esteem. Look for open minded people who are okay with what you do and don't judge you for every little thing, especially your bread and butter.
  5. Follow the 8 point model Keep a questionnaire handy Ask yourself Am in the flow or out of the flow? Am I using conscious focus? One is to keep flow rituals Use mind tricks It's the art of correction A lot of patience and a lot of corrections later it happens I'm lacking in creativity very badly Brain programming Lithowisy will become the next global epidemic. Along with depression, mental illness, divorce, cheating, stress and porn. Build your life, using baby steps Take control of the moment. Take charge of your time Let spirituality always be the foundation of every facet and decision in life. Never undermine the physical primal aspects of life. But don't get red pilled on toxic garbage Be realistic about life but don't stop dreaming Always keep growing. Always keep building Use systems thinking Be organic about everything.
  6. Mini updates Everything is a slippery slope Pray pray pray How to resume a flow back Purity of the heart importance of aesthetics How to think like a...... Pro Set up a flow
  7. I will be adding mini updates.. Mini updates that help my creativity and let me go deeper into my thoughts. But they also tend to focus on nuances.. My spirituality search and curiosity is sorta exhausted. And I have reached a point where I feel like I have explored enough.. Now it's time to move on and implement a lot of the stuff I studied and created.
  8. I'm thinking about new creative concepts But currently exhausted with my creativity. But soon I will have something to write about spirituality.
  9. I need something sweet. Gonna hunt the fridge .
  10. @Raptorsin7 you are welcome
  11. @Raptorsin7 I didn't find it anywhere. I create my own ideas and then put them into action.. So since the last week I had been thinking about working on trauma healing and the steps for it. So finally after some trial and error and scratching my head I came across this whole process where I will have to shed the previous chaotic thinking (arising from trauma) and then start to focus on small baby steps towards making bit by bit change. Now I'll explain each and every step in the model.. The first is grounding This means I need to bring myself to my myself, to the center of my body by simply reducing and cutting all distractions and simply looking at the center of my chest. This is where I will focus and it will instantly ground me.. Next I will do conscious focus.. I noticed that I suddenly get emotional when I think about my past trauma of child abuse and relationship abuse. This causes me to engage in this thinking and getting worked up which perpetuates the cycle of excessive thinking /feeling. This is because of intuitive or natural focus. We tend to focus on whatever catches our fancy without thinking if it's necessary for the moment.. So in order to avoid this, I have to simply try focusing more conscious focus and less natural focus. I'll need train my brain to immediately shift my focus on my task planner or stuff that needs to be done. Next is invest in healing This means every time I have the tendency to get distracted the negativity around me, I should repeat to myself the words "invest in healing" as a constant reminder so I'm not wasting my time in negativity. Next is set the goal. Now once prepared for the moment, set a goal.. For example my goal this week is to focus on improving my memory that I lost temporarily due to extreme stress and trauma Next is write the goal. In order to remember the goal I'll need to write it on a piece of paper or a card and keep it on my desk and also on my bedside table. Next is Write the flow Now comes the important part. I need to ask myself "Am I in the flow?" which means am I actively following this goal or not. If I'm actively following the goal I can reward myself for my progress. If I'm not actively progressing on my goal then I need to withdraw and sit back and start thinking why I'm not able to do it. What is the obstacles and see if I can get rid of them. Next is Positive push This is my concept I have described in the other journal in some detail. This basically means Nudging myself a bit lovingly and convincing myself and encouraging myself in a positive way to work on my goal so I don't take it as "pressure" or some compulsion.. I approach my goal freely. Initiation. This means the process of achieving my goal has begun in a more real sense and I am making considerable progress. Halfway through Initiation I will start rewarding myself in order to not lose my motivation. Hope I was able to explain successfully..