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  1. Yes. This is the only way to solve all the problems of humanity. It sucks how little people care about spirituality.
  2. I'm not keeping well since the last few hours. My extremities are going cold. I'll be back later.
  3. @mandyjw I'm struggling right now. I had sharp pains in the chest an hour ago and I felt like I was losing consciousness. So I tried to place my hands on the bathroom stand to prevent myself from collapsing. The hospital down the block is closed right now and I won't be going there because it's full of Covid patients. Few people in my apartment have already been admitted in the hospital because of Covid, it is gradually spreading in my area so people are scared to go out. I don't see anyone outside my window on the path. I'm just trying hard to survive because it's brutal right now. I am feeling sudden blood rushes to my head on the back of my head. This is just the worst time of the year for me. I can't go out because they have banned anyone from walking around the apartment because of high Covid and a few nearby buildings and stores are sealed with no entry. I was told to use the garage area to exit the building in case I needed to get food. I have stocked up food in my basement for next 3 weeks.. I am experiencing intermittent consciousness, I feel giddy and doze off and then wake up 2 hous later and I feel better and then again an hour later I begin to feel drowsy and low in energy. And the same cycle continues. I'm waking between periods of drowsiness and making food and eating hungrily to conserve energy. I also stocked up eggs because eggs make me feel a bit warmer and stronger.
  4. You will deserve what's coming to you You brutally betrayed my trust. In the same way someone will brutally break your trust as well. "Don't hurt her (if she genuinely loves you) " don't take her for granted (if she genuinely loves you.) Send her back with a good word but don't hurt. That's the least way of being fair to someone who genuinely loves you. Maybe one day you will realize how much hurt and pain you caused to someone else. You will go through multiple cycles of multiple relationships with multiple betrayals. You won't find peace this way. In the end you will think of those who genuinely cared about you and yet you squandered them because of your bipolar narcissism. You just didn't care who you left behind. One day you will realize how fickle you were. How much you hurt me. You love cheating on women but it won't go down well. You won't be truly happy by hurting someone no matter how hard you tried to clinch that happiness. It will slip out of your hands
  5. I'm aware of that too. But I guess one can at least ask the person before quoting if they would be comfortable with it.
  6. @Rilles zero sunlight dampens my mood and puts me into automatic depression. Sucks I know.
  7. @Yog it has nothing to do with mass immigration, legal immigration refugees, or integration. It's all about ethnonationalism. Watch Carl Benjamin discussion with Vaush Vaush exposes right wing motives.
  8. @Keyhole me too lol. I'll be able to do cardio only if I had the slightest motivation to get out of bed. The only thing that's motivating me to move my ass is hunger and it takes me on frequent trips to the refrigerator and the microwave.
  9. I don't think it's fair to immediately quote someone just because you saw their picture. Obviously you can simply mention that person. It's a sneaky thing to immediately quote someone. I know why people do it on this thread frequently but let's try to be more understanding of each other's privacy concerns. What if a person doesn't want their picture to stay here. Even if they delete the post, the quoted post with the picture is still visible. Lets be a little more understanding and avoid doing that on this thread even though some of you might have the tacky temptation to do it. Be mindful of others.
  10. @Opo thank you, I know what you mean. Thanks for telling me.
  11. I think I've tried this. It's kinda okay. But I would rather prefer conscious writing because it makes me feel more concrete.
  12. @Opo it was meant as an analogy of republican politicians and not about Trump supporters. I apologize if anyone was offended. Just the only analogy of the rat and ship that I could find to be a perfect match. And I don't consider rats to be offensive. That's like insulting rats. They are just animals just like other animals.
  13. So this thing has been bugging me for the past few days. It's winter in my place and it gets too cold outside. Once my body detects a temperature drop, I instantly feel my body shutting down. All I want to do is just sleep under a heap of blankets or something cozy, drink tea to keep warm or rubbing my hands together. I feel very sleepy, tired and it seems like my heart slows down and I just don't get the motivation to do anything physical. Even getting out of bed becomes a chore. Sometimes I feel spaced out as though my whole body is close to a complete shutdown. I wish there was a "no work" option during winter. How can I stop hibernating? I know humans don't. But it feels a lot like the body shutting down to conserve energy. Also I feel a lot more hungry during winter. I feel like eating hot foods.
  14. It's so freaking cold outside. I'm gonna die.
  15. Slowly. Imagine life to be this dirty pot, all rusted and gunk in it. It's a toxic pot. Now imagine that you are cleaning away all the rust little by little everyday. And finally it's all clean. All the toxicity has been removed. This is how you deal with life.