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  1. That's why I invented the God's house journal. In that journal I'll focus on keeping love thst i
  2. Love is love whether fat or thin.
  3. Today I did not masturbate. Success for today. . tomorrow let's see Good control.
  4. Make it like a process Starting point-this is where you enter the house. Make goals. Motivate. Prepare yourself mentally. Increase focus. Process point - this is where you start doing the work and getting done. Exit point - now you can choose to have fun or deep rest or use this time for self reflection as to "what went wrong this whole time?" Or ",what I can do to improve current situation/current progress?"
  5. One thing that is lacking in me is the holding of love or the keeping of Love.
  6. Winderbeetle One problem that I constantly suffer is that my mind goes blank for long periods of time. Some of the solutions to this problem my-mind-goes-blank Cut down drama Don't engage in drama Increase self focus Have something that reminds of what you need to do. Maintain a sequence or continuum. Focus on action Self reflect a lot Go inward instead of going external Cut down distractions Develop laser focus Be very clear about what you want Develop motivation Constantly think about what you should be doing for the next moment Value yourself and value your time Have a vision board- smaller and bigger goals Work on "self abandonment" issues. Develop healthy stage Orange mentality Ignore superficial emotions Ignore hurt/pain because it stops you from getting job done Note down obstacles (challenges) and obstructions( sabotaging factors, distraction etc ) I liked this response from the thread "For mindfulness iit helps to have something that catches your interest and get the wheels turning in the brain. A poetry book for example, or listening to an audio of your poems etc. like this.. " I have to direct my awareness and attention to something that will get "my wheels" turning .
  7. Winderbeetle's work needs to start right away. At every moment he dictates me my psychology. How cool would that be ? Right now.... Right now.... Right now... Winderbeetle - you have to focus on being in an emotionally good State. Winderbeetle not only tells you what psychological process you're going through but also what psychological changes will fix the current state. So Winderbeetle operates in a dualistic mode
  8. Sometimes I feel like I want to stare into the Abyss. The void. The darkness. It brings back a sense of peace. I have never been arrogant. Suddenly the darkness tells me that being arrogant is a good thing. Just be yourself
  9. God also gave him nice name- Alexander.
  10. Another good thing about him, he got gentle hands, look at his profile pic.
  11. He is emotional but doesn't show. Best combination of a guy. You should take him to Germany and make him sit in Porsche. Actually he is better than Porsche. Like a gem.
  12. Good point.
  13. Bump
  14. After my recent breakup with my boyfriend, I began to get lonelier. Loneliness began to bite me.. Yet being in that toxic relationship was not a solution to heal loneliness.
  15. I love him. . But I love you as well. So win win for me.