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  1. @Leo Gura to be frank, some people deserve to be cancelled. A lot of the right wing media is just pure hatred. Think of someone like Tucker Carlson. They are like supporters of racism. To tell you frankly, I've been in the US and faced racism myself. My immigrant family in the US routinely face racism even if they pay taxes and are top class citizens and have absolutely no crime or any kind of violation on their record. Yet they get called names or discriminated or treated badly when they are out shopping and made to feel bad for belonging to a different race. Just yesterday I was having conversation with them and they were talking about some racist incidents they experienced in a restaurant. Racism is just a serious issue and the constant barrage from right wing media to deny it is completely insane and their claims are insane. I have been around white people for the longest time and I have a white boyfriend. I have never disrespected white people at all, so how the right wing media portrays immigrants or other races is completely false. The fact that these right media demagogues like Ben Shapiro or Tucker Carlson, they have a channel, they make money, they are privileged, living in cushy mansions in places like California, how is their freedom of speech taken away if they have a good career. Freedom of speech should not mean that they should have the right to spread their hateful attitudes to other races and justify the hate and discrimination against others as something deserved. It baffles me how they go around playing victim. Are they so oppressed?
  2. I must admit that this is an absolute joy to watch for the cat lover like me.
  3. I like how Janelle spoke in this.
  4. This was a bit scary to read. I think you guys were very irresponsible throughout the relationship. Safe sex is a huge imperative in a relationship and considering that you both are adults, I just can't imagine how you guys were so flippant about it without considering the consequences at all. Did you get the question in your mind after sex "what if she gets pregnant, would I be ready for this?" such questions are very important. Please don't have sex without precautions in the future, it's the most basic necessity in a world where a lot of children are born fatherless. And the part where she says that you shouldn't take any precaution before sex just baffles me. You have a great deal of responsibility here for which you are solely responsible. She is in a poor situation with no financial help and delivering a daughter soon. This is already a recipe for disaster. Both of you should have thought of this way before. You will need to keep your life purpose of traveling on hold right now. I understand that you are young and adventurous. But you are also a dad now. I don't think you would be comfortable in Peru for long since from the nature of your posts it seems like you just go to places for the job and for experiences but not to live there, you return back to Europe each time, I surmise this as a sign that you are more comfortable home with your family in Europe and any decision to live elsewhere will be only out of coercion. The best thing here is to marry her. Be in Peru. Marry her. Make it legal for the child. Do all your documents. Get your girlfriend all the documents and fly her back to your home where you live. If she is legally married to you under your European laws then she won't have to face any concerns regarding visa documents because in today's world, immigration has become an intense political issue especially in Europe, considering this, it can be very chaotic in the future for immigrants, a sudden change in European laws can immediately change everything and you might be left in a helpless spot, either you separated from your daughter or the mother separated from her if she is not allowed to be in Europe, so consider future possibilities that can arise out of political frenzy and for the sake of the safety of the child, the best thing will be to get a legal citizenship( for the mother) of your native nation through marriage. It's good that you have a job. You can take the financial responsibilities for your child and for her while she lives with you. It seems like she has nobody to help her except you. Be a dad to your child and raise your child safely in the presence of both of you. The child needs a mother and a father very much. And tell you expecting girlfriend to continue psychotherapy in Europe. This is important because her psychological condition needs to be excellent while carrying and birthing a baby. A happy Woman is necessary for a child to be born mentally healthy. Tell her and convince her that she need not worry about anything. Please do not argue with a pregnant woman. Any argument which leads to anxiety in her can be potentially fatal to fetal mental development of the baby inside the womb. Do your part as a father to the child which also involves a great deal of responsibility on your part to respect the mother and marry her and make all this legal. Any wrong decision on your part can be bad for the child. You will need to be selfless. You are not 50 years old yet to regret anything. You have a long life in front of you. Do not consider the kid as an obstruction to your life purpose, the kid is already going to be born during the time of pandemic in uncertain conditions, any negative cognitive dissonance on your part will only add to the layers of Insecurity confronting this child. You have many more years to develop your life purpose but do you realize that this kid needs you more than anything? After a certain period of time like a few years, you could easily focus back on your life purpose, it's not going or running anywhere. At least the initial first years, the child needs both parents securely protecting and raising her. Once the child is a few years old, you could take breaks for travel or whatever life purpose you have in mind that you want to follow. If you are married to her legally, you can easily take the child and the mother with you anywhere you decide to go for your life purpose plans. But right now, try not to focus only on your life purpose because this could be incredibly selfish. Focus on being a dad and a husband and let it sail smoothly after which you can think of other things. I guess that your job is not in Peru or it won't pay you much in Peru, of course not as it pays you in Europe, so the better financial situation for the kid is to be raised in Europe rather than Peru. In Europe the child will have access to best medical care and insurance and host of options for her growth Hope everything goes well and I hope that you take everything with great responsibility from now on.
  5. In spirituality I find hope,peace faith, power and positivity Hope Peace Faith Power Love and Positivity Hope Faith Peace Power Love Positivity The acronym will be H F P P L P Hope faith peace power love and positivity
  6. Hey, you're looking fabulous and gorgeous as usual. Sending hugs. ❤️
  7. I'm a Stage Green Feminist. But is this another way of making money? I would like to know if there is valid proof that funds are being used rightfully.
  8. You can control your anxiety and then tell her that. It's necessary to tell her it's part of being honest. And she deserves to know. Women can vary in their tastes for men. Some women are okay with a man who has been to prostitutes. Personally, I would never date a man who has slept with prostitutes before. It would make me feel very uncomfortable. So if a man is not telling me that detail, that would make me very upset and nervous. When I date men, I have always asked them if they have been to some prostitute before, just to make sure if that part is ticked off. Some men hide it and it's bad. It would impact my mental health severely if I realize that the man I was sleeping with has been to prostitutes. To me sex is a part of love and romance, not a transaction. I would look at such a man the same way a man looks at a golddigger. I know my opinion might not be popular but I'm just being honest about how I feel. So you need to assess the mentality of the woman who you are dating and then have a serious calm discussion about it. If she is okay then fine. If she is not okay then don't blame her, because some women feel a biological repulsion to the word "prostitute." Because prostitutes give their body for money, to me it appears as a subjugation of womanhood or derogation or insult of a woman's sexuality by turning it into a transaction. You could talk to her openly about it.
  9. I feel like this guy who is singing the song
  10. What can a spiritual person use as a recourse from this world? Maybe music, art, beauty, spirituality, devotion, meditation, romanticism etc
  11. All our lives we are looking for love and acceptance without realizing it All our lives we look for love and acceptance in the wrong places. The only real place where you find love and acceptance is a blessed heart, a sacred heart. Turn your heart into a sacred haven of hope and peace. This is the fountain you build inside yourself. This is the fountain of love and acceptance.