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  1. @Farnaby He reported my posts in the past even when those posts had nothing offensive in them. Then a moderator gave me warning points. After I talked to the moderator about it, the moderator understood what was going on, because he was constantly reporting my posts for no reason, then the moderator removed those warning points.. He constantly tells people that I need to be banned. I don't like to create hate here or splinter this community so I don't report petty things. I feel so much fear that I am thinking about deleting this thread.
  2. @Farnaby The thing is that this person has been doing this against me for months now. I always thought it was over. He has been doing this since the month of February. So my morale is breaking down. I'm thinking to myself why I'm tolerating this person's behavior without telling moderators. Also the fear I have every time I think about telling a moderator is that he will do more than what he is already doing and won't stop. That way I might attract more trouble by complaining to mods. So it's tricky. Every time I feel like I should approach a moderator, I feel intense fear. I begged him many times to stop.
  3. I also tried to message this person to resolve any conflicts of opinions but he had blocked me from messaging. If the person has me on their block list/ignore list why is this person still talking about me. Shouldn't the purpose of the ignore list mean that you're ignoring the person and don't want any interaction with the person.. He constantly plays victim to me, as if I did something to him. When I don't even talk about him. His victimhood is making me very uncomfortable. If he has me on his ignore list and if I have never talked about him and always requested him to stop talking to me or about me, how is he my victim?
  4. Should I report a person who has been harassing me on the forum. I don't know how to deal with this situation. I don't like to complain about someone to moderators because to me it looks very petty and childish. And I don't want to be the reason for someone to be banned from the forum. The problem is that this person is constantly making suggestions that I need to be banned from the forum and this has been causing me some emotional distress for some time. His actions feels like a harassment campaign against me. Because despite my multiple requests to him to stop talking about me, he keeps going on about me almost to the point of obsession. He keeps saying the same absurd nonsense about me every time, that I'm racist and keeps bringing up past content where I said something about Muslims and he uses it to bully me. I have even apologized for my past comments but he doesn't let it go. I have always been against racism and yet this forum user desperately tries to frame me as a racist and takes me out of context to frame me as a bigot. It seems his agenda is that I should be gone from this forum but I enjoy the company of people on here. I told him to put me on his ignore list and I never talk about him yet he keeps talking about me. People here have complained about much less. I'm constantly thinking whether I should talk to moderators about this person. Because I don't like to blow things out of proportion. But I genuinely feel harassed by this person. I don't know what to do.
  5. Pine Grove will be about certain mentalities that are toxic.
  6. @Robi Steel It seems to me like you are worried about certain things.. I can't put my finger on it though.
  7. @Epikur So tell me the definition of xenophobia which seems independent, unbiased and objective according to you?
  8. @Epikur shouldn't everything be both left wing and right wing at the same time, because that would make sense from the point of view of objectivity and fairness. Would you rather have everything to be right wing?
  9. @Leo Gura
  10. I think all the racist posts from your piglets have scrambled your mind already.. (don't mind me, I say weird things.)
  11. @wwhy You are going to be a tremendous contribution to the forum.. You make better arguments than me. I'm very impressed at your skill. A hearty welcome from me buddy. You are a gem.
  12. 4 divine virtues Truth Courage Justice Righteousness
  13. I think any humane society will support 4 fundamental virtues Justice Truth Courage Righteousness I see these as the fundamental necessities of morality of a system I cannot imagine a system thriving without these 4 virtues.
  14. So you care about truth!! Should I drop the greatest truth bomb on you? The greatest truth bomb is this . Law does not see the race of the person who commits a crime. And if it does, it's a prejudiced law and not a humane law.
  15. @Enlightenment I care about the truth. That's why I don't believe statistics. Because they are man made invention. It's Ground Hog Day. I will patrol the grounds and see the reality for myself. Pure raw truth. To seek real truth needs real courage.