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  1. There has been a few months gap between beginning the course and where I am now. I have taken quite detailed notes of the core concepts, and on the second pass of the values section. Because there has been this gap, would it perhaps be a good idea to begin the course again, as I want to do the course as thoroughly as possible. Thanks. @Leo Gura
  2. If so, what did you think of them?
  3. Here is a question: What is there to want other than consciousness, this, and/or an alien banana peel (etc.)? I cannot find want, but there is a force that drives this. And so I conclude that I must align with whatever is true. My question is, why would you do anything else? - I have so many objections: I am deluded (probably true), I do not deserve it as I have not done enough work to subscribe to any insight; all insights are illegitimate because of this, I am not psychologically ready nor physically ready, I have do not have any success so I will constantly be faced with the pressure of leaching on society as opposed to pulling my own weight. (I am working on all these things at the moment) - Perhaps I'm talking shit. And I assume I am in dangerous waters as I came to this conclusion in my notebook and not looking at my hand, but then again I do look at my notebook.
  4. If reality was that way, then society would already know about it.
  5. For me it was one of the enlightenment videos, and after he finished explaining what it is and how important it is, he said "maybe you're too stupid to understand". And it was like he reached in my mind and pulled it open, like "oh, perhaps there's something I don't know, that overrides everything that I thought was important". Opening someone's mind is probably the greatest gift you can give to someone, it gives them the power. So thank-you @Leo Gura ---- Was there a distinct moment you can recall, when you got reeled in?
  6. I finished my last exam today. I feel a surge to vision, and continue contemplating what I want out of life, really get that down. What would you have done differently when you were your most free in your life?
  7. Sorry if it came off that way, I just saw an opportunity to look for the funny. Perhaps inappropriate given the general consensus of the thread.
  8. "Intelligence is the ability to change" - Albert Einstein
  9. But Leo, I was going to make trading cards...
  10. (Delete if not allowed) A few weeks ago some people on here were talking about a meditation system that had levels; one person mentioned that he was a level 8 meditator within a system of meditation, and was giving advice to another user on the system; stating that the practices would require a 4 hour daily commitment. He also mentioned that using such techniques, involving one-pointed focus, that one could break through to enlightenment after developing this ability (I have probably skewed what was said but this is what I inferred). Does anyone know what I am talking about? Peace and thanks.
  11. Hey @Matt8800, thanks for sharing, very helpful! What constitutes incorrect body-scanning ?
  12. Very inspiring, thank-you.