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  1. I just start working down a worksheet, an each time I get to “who am I without that thought” I feel a big release. Instantly puts me in a good mood, I don’t even need to do a full worksheet. Then I take lsd
  2. I use it to pump my state before lsd
  3. Not necessarily curated but certainly dumbed down yes. Yeah the menstrual cycle is interesting, life is interesting, reality did all this all by itself it’s crazy blah blah blah. when Leo says talking to women is like talking to a child it’s dead on. Bro I wish you could just randomly bring up spiral dynamics, the menstrual cycle, the constitution, but as a rule the place these topics emotionally come from is not what women enjoy responding to.
  4. This thread has 24 replies
  5. This community often has insane standards for Leo. His ego development video provided an interesting insight; people who teach complex and profound models of development are themselves heartbroken that they can’t embody their own vision completely. Leo ain’t perfect, he makes some cool videos though.
  6. Once I said “I’m not sorry at all, you’re gorgeous” she melted lol. we had dinner and made out after the next week, we weren’t compatible in the end but she truly was gorgeous
  7. Yeah for sure, makes me want to really want to get dead serious about grounding and harm reduction. Spirituality is such a fucking minefield, it’s crazy that I was doing self inquiry and lsd on a whim as a teenager. I don’t regret it at all but I want to develop clinical understanding of deception, psychology, cults before I “teach” or “facilitate” anybody.
  8. Because I’m in my 20s and have high stamina, want to put away a very large amount of savings for 12 months.
  9. I’m planning to move back with my parents for a year to save money and start a business. my plan is to get a full time job then do 4 hours a day of building a project when I get home, and socialise with my hometown friends on the weekend. Will do one hour of my LP in the morning. I had a tiny bit of success this year doing freelance marketing, and I could see the time spent to amount paid was very worth it. Also love working on my own terms. Was wondering @Leo Gura if you were escaping wags slavery again would you still start with marketing, or were you on time with that trend, or did you want to develop marketing skills to apply to your video game business? People talk about building Ai chat bit businesses, it seems to be worth it to genuinely be on time to a trend.
  10. This story is crazy, worth a read if you’re planning to do psychedelic retreats.
  11. My purpose is: To portray insight poetically through my music, making people feel inspired. It feels like my whole life converged to this statement. Like all of my childhood experience, my peak experiences of wonder and joy. I have taken a Birds Eye view of my life and chosen to build a career using my favourite things about life. For some reason I don’t have regrets about finding it sooner, it seems like a waste of time to worry about this as I’m just grateful I’ve found it now.
  12. I’ve done 3 trips. two LSD and one psilocybin. LSD showed me love as a peak experience. I haven’t really felt anything better than burning love in my body. LSD showed me that I love difficult people who I don’t imagine to align with my values, love is physical. Being off psychedelics this is so easy to forget. LSD showed me psycho cybernetics before I read it basically. It allowed my mind to stop being so hard on myself and actually give myself credit for the conditions I actively create. I love myself. I love myself so much I hugged myself. Kind of emotional remembering this now it was quite some time ago. Psilocybin opened my mind and allowed me to stop ignoring my peak experiences and take them seriously when planning my life. Incorporate them into my vision. Also helps me be extremely imaginative in my visioning.
  13. I broke up with my girlfriend last week. It hurt so fucking much, we both just sobbed all night and into the morning. basically I broke her trust, we organised to go to Borneo for a few weeks, but I didn’t forecast my finances properly and can’t afford it. I said I didn’t want to be together because I broke her trust and it means I’m not ready for a relationship because I can’t hold myself together. But really more things snowballed, her friends relate to each other by drinking, gossiping and bickering, eating junk food. It’s a low energy environment. Me and her related to each other through gratitude in our own lives, making music, she was supportive of my ambitions and me working long hours but didn’t like me not making time for her when I worked a crazy week. I told her about the trip, and she was really understanding, but I had this horrible feeling in my chest that just stayed there, it was like it wouldn’t go away until I told her the truth. That we shouldn’t be together. But I really miss her, and I think if we lived together (which we were planning to do) we could be a really good influence on each other and build a beautiful home. Like the more I contemplated why I don’t like her friends, the more I realised I blame people for my lack of discipline, and how literally every single person I know is involved in some form of debauchery and health destructing behaviour (especially me), but I want to change, and she also wants to change, it’s on both our vision boards lol. And how I’m looking for some mirror image of my ideals, will I ever actually find her? what the fuck is the point of relationships if it just ends in pain or two mediocre roommates?
  14. You’re misinterpreting David Deida. He said THE masculine (energy) grows through challenge, and the feminine grows through praise. Think of one as your curative ability to create and manipulate matter in the world, and the other as your ability to relax, let go and enjoy the moment. This energy is present in both men and women.