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  1. @cnfvm how are his practices dangerous.?
  2. I really resonate with his practices. I am dedicating the next few years to explore his practices seriously. What I love about them is the notion of preparing the body for higher energy through physical yoga, and balancing/calming the system to do enlightenment work. I would recommend that you have a really good sleep schedule/waking up early habit if you want to explore his practices. They can take a long time to complete when you are first learning them, and pretty much all of them require an empty stomach to practice.
  3. @LfcCharlie4 Thank you for this I also PM'ed you a few days ago
  4. @BjarkeT I live with my parents at the moment, so when I move out i will definitely do this. Thankyou. @mandyjw Thank you Mandy <3, I think I will do some journaling tomorrow. I've also got some recipes for traditional Indian deserts from a cookbook by Sadghuru, so I might schedule one of those in as this is a healthier options.
  5. @Leo Gura I saw you were online so I thought I'd @ you
  6. Leo's video talks about making only one change at a time. But if I were to make the change of waking up early, then because that is the only change, does that mean I just be lazy everyday, and not do anything else until this is an ingrained habit?
  7. Is it possible to completely eradicate unhealthy eating, like to just never do it ever again? Because I would love to do this lol, and if anybody has done so I would love to hear your perspective. What I understand from Leo's video on addiction is that there is an existential reason we behave in such ways: the fear of emptiness. I'm reading a book by a functional medical doctor called Susan Blum, who says that not giving your body the right nutrients to support the immune system, can create a specific circumstance within the body that results in craving sugar and salty food. So to connect the two perspectives: - Doing nothing/spiritual work - Giving your body adequate nutrients Is the solution to craving unhealthy food. Could the idea of "achieving perfect health" be detrimental. Because it assumes that there is one, specific circumstance that is perfect health, but health and fitness does vary depending on what one wants from their health e.g. A yogi eats lots of raw food (positive pranic), a bodybuilder will eat high calories with lots of protein, a starving African child will be given meal replacement powder to help them gain weight. I find it difficult to let go of this idea of being in "perfect health", because whenever I binge eat unhealthy food, I feel immense guilt and all that fills my mind is the longing to change back to when I felt good and being on top of my health. I would love for people to share their perspectives on their health journey, and share tips on how to overcome binge eating. Was there a specific moment when you decided "okay, that's it, I'm only eating healthy food from now on" and never went back on it?
  8. I love David Deida personally.
  9. @Kailash Bhattarai Yeah it's a scary move isn't it. The girl I approached was sitting on a bench in a park, and I was hesitating for maybe 15 seconds, then I just walked straight up to her and introduced myself. After the interaction was over I felt like I could do anything.
  10. These kinds of people piss me off. I like how they value peak performance, and pushing themselves. But whenever someone jumps up and down saying "YOU NEEEED TO TRAIN LEGS OR YOU'RE A BEEETA!!" I often react by face palming.
  11. @Username Oh fuck yeah, I've got one of those!
  12. Become fit and healthy, and be clear on your calling. And practice approaching women in person, I did my first cold approach the other day, it was really self-esteem boosting.
  13. Have you questioned whether you need that particular woman? -- When I feel needy towards a woman, I ask myself "Do I need this woman?", and I look into my current experience, close my eyes and wander my attention around my body. I have never found a "need" for a woman. Perhaps it may evoke some positive emotion having certain interactions with a woman, but the notion that I "need" her or that her being in my life is alarmingly important isn't true in my experience. -- There is this girl that I hang out with sometimes. And when I talk to her I literally feel like I'm contemplating reality, and when I look at her face I feel like I've discovered everything I could ever want in a woman. She is sexy, hard working and philosophical, I couldn't ask for any more. The day after we made out for the first time, she told me that she didn't want to pursue anything romantic with me, and didn't even say that she explicitly wanted to continue being friends. In the process of trying to process this information, I was singing about it on my guitar, and I came to the realisation that right now, in this moment, I don't really need her. As I kept singing about her I noticed that in this moment I am without her, and I'm fine. In saying this, I met this cute girl whilst walking my dog the other day, and I felt like I my mind was getting really needy towards her. And as I questioned it I was brought back to this insight: right now I don't need her, maybe I would feel good with her, but I can live without her. So I don't think I am liberated from these tendencies. But I have a feeling that this is because I am not clear on what my calling is yet, once I am more clear about what I want, and have a really inspiring vision that emotionally drives me, then this will probably override my desire to use women as a scapegoat of satisfaction.
  14. I have never asked someone to kiss them, and I have hooked up with a considerable amount of people. I feel like I ask for consent through body language, like I stall the encounter, and touch them really subtly e.g. Removing a piece of dust from the girls sweater. This is confusing because a lot of people online say that it is good to ask "can I kiss you", but I've asked people on this forum maybe a year or two ago, and the general consensus was that this wasn't a great idea. I would never "go further" than kissing someone without regularly checking with them "is this okay". And I think it is important to understand that the other person's body has thoughts and emotions, and isn't there for me to use. In saying this, I feel like at sometimes I've overstepped boundaries, not in a way that could get me arrested, but but I've felt that I learned how to treat a woman through making mistakes occasionally. And I do think educating people about boundaries is important.
  15. @Blacksmith Thankyou mate. I thought this was a really great strategy and implemented it the other day.