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  1. I am a complete beginner to studying Marketing. I have seen some courses from local universities which are 6 months - 1 year long, which introduce you to concepts such as: consumer insight and target audience profiling media planning and buying strategic marketing and research in business digital media applications and software social media marketing and advertising creative and persuasive communications website marketing and video production. If I do not plan to create a career in Marketing specifically, would this be a wise time investment? Is a university a trustworthy source of information in regards to Marketing? Or would I be better off consuming videos, youtube videos, books, online courses etc.? Thanks.
  2. I don't think the idea that physiological prosperity involves looking a certain way has legs. I've never come accross whilst educating myself on health and nutrition; what I've read involves getting the right amount of certain micronutrients, eating enough, moving enough. I respect plenty of men that do don't look like bodybuilders. And also depends what you want; Krishnamurti walked around with fucked knees because he sat in full lotus so much. Who cares? They're his knees. Sadghuru says that if you develop the muscles too much, you can end up needing to sleep for much longer than you need to. I'm sure that if you spent years doing intensive Hatha yoga in Sadghuru's Ashram, that you would not come out of that experience being "unfit", even know you wouldn't have huge muscles.
  3. How do you actually take action on anything Jordan Peterson says, he gives no techniques or contemplation questions
  4. I love your posts, you're always so inspiring. All the best brother.
  5. Once I decided to find a bookstore called the "Theosophical Society of Melbourne" (I think that was the name). It is full of cool self-help books from authors like Byron Katie, David Hawkins, Shinzen Young. I walked up the steps, and found a little breakout room, with a guy sitting outside the doorway. He told me that a guy inside had written a book on gratitude. I caught the end of it. He was a nice, charismatic guy, and people who asked questions seemed to love sharing their insights they've had. He proceeded to sign books and chat to people, I bought his book and got him to sign it. I asked him how to identify the process of growing/healing, he had some interesting answers. At some points in the conversation, we would just stop talking and look each other in the eyes. It made us both smile, I think it felt quite good in my body. I was resistant to keep looking at him, the fear/anxiety in my body kind of wanted to take my gaze away from his. Why does it feel good to look someone in the eye, and be silent?
  6. I watched Corpus Christi the other day, I found it very emotionally moving, and some good wisdom aswell.
  7. Thanks for your advice. Everything you've said I'm going to take into account. However, this is not an ACC specific forum. The ACC method is informed by the pharmacokinetic process of Mercury chelating agents, and claims that other methods do not. If such claims are true then this does suggest the method is safer than others. I'd suggest reading his books rather than relying on this forum to convince you of a specific view. Also nothing personal on my end, just parroting what I've read. Thanks for your response <3 Edit: typo @Michael569
  8. "The Mercury Detoxification Manual" (book): Andy Cutler, Rebecca Lee P.177 - What should I do if I have been obliged to get a vaccine anyway? Take a gram of vitamin c every hour for a few days Take 2 or 3 tablets of aspirin 3 or 4 times per day Apply ice to the injection site Apply hydrocortisone cream to the injection site three or four times a day for several days. I would also reason that a "theureperutic dose" of Alpha Lipoic Acid would be appropriate for testing whether you have become toxic from the vaccine, or a hair test if you have Amalgam fillings (both procedures are outlined in the book).
  9. I drink it for the immune support, and have it every other day. I've considered trying a decaffeinated matcha, but am not very educated on the risks of caffeine, I've only heard rumors.
  10. He still criticizes left wing though.
  11. The only issue with Vaccines that I have actually read is that they contain Thimerosal, a Mercury containing ingredient. Mercury poisoning can cause autoimmunity, depression and attention deficit. Mercury can be detoxed. Therefore, a wise choice would be to get vaccinated, and then detox the Mercury. That way you protect yourself and others from a deadly disease, whilst also countering negative side-effects. Are there any other dangers of vaccines I am not aware of?
  12. They taught self-defence at my school in year 10. Really informative stuff; how to defend against a knife, how to stop someone from attacking you whilst giving yourself time to run away.
  13. You can get an iPad and do both; they have a really effective technology that converts written text to computer text.
  14. You can go to an Ashram, apply for residency at a monastery, work with a consciousness work teacher, apply for residency at a psychedelic retreat centre. Peter Ralston would sleep at his retreat centre on a loft he built out the back, go out and teach, then spend the rest of his time meditating. Also, the food you will be eating in prison will be garbage that will make you lethargic and your mind floppy.
  15. I finished high school last year. I had a terrible year, had a very irregular sleeping pattern, depression, isolated myself and would binge eat to deal with stress. Imo, what your son needs is perspective on why school is important to him. That is what was missing for me; I would constantly be trying to motivate myself, affirmations, journaling, putting inspiring words on walls. In the end I couldn't put my finger on why it was important to me, but I could probably define it now. My friend who got awarded dux (best marks in the whole year level) said to me "I think a lot of the time I didn't manage my emotions, but year 12 was very important to me and I knew I wanted to do well". Meaning she probably had similar emotional challenges to me, but her vision allowed her to prevail. If money would allow it, I would recommend booking your son one or two sessions with an NLP coach. This way he'd be given a practical technique to be able to motivate himself, and a chance to meet a really positive role model.