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  1. Leo has cried in a fair few videos, ya boi says some inspiring stuff
  2. Logistics will hinder your results, the most successful people have ideal logistics, its not a coincidence. Learn the kino escalation ladder. I've heard of people pulling girls to bathrooms at clubs, this sort of thing... never done it myself but see how you go with the creative solutions.
  3. In theory, 3 months emergency savings (your expenses x3 months). Put money in an index fund. Invest in self help products.
  4. Just start going out and talking to girls. Once I started having sexual encounters with girls, I was fine going a week or two without fapping. Your sexual energy wants to go somewhere, when you're always just home alone being neurotic, it is easy for it to go into a tissue.
  5. It just depends on your vibe tbh. I've briefly met guys who are into game and they are digging themselves out of a deep hole; recently addicted to video games, living an Incel lifestyle etc. And cops have literally stopped them when they are doing daygame. I think making sure you're relaxed and also groomed/dressed really sharply makes you less threatening.
  6. Drop the victim mentality. You have no idea whether it is possible nor impossible for you to find romance; if you truly desire romance then own that desire, and make a real effort despite your uncertainty. I have a friend who is tiny, Asian and has a haircut like Justin Beiber, and has an active sex life.
  7. A girl asked me to buy her McDonalds in return for sex.
  8. I'm saving for an RO filter, but at the moment I'm using tap water.
  9. I did a hair test and posted it to the ACC Facebook group. I definitely have a mercury problem, and also arsenic was off the chart. I was advised to find the source of arsenic; was wondering if anyone has experience addressing their exposure to arsenic, water tests etc.
  10. Does anyone actually have a concrete answer to this? Is anyone on here at least 2 year sober from junk food?
  11. Incels seem to fundamentally believe they are victims, which would mean they are fundamentally wrong about attracting women.They love to throw around the word "can't" when talking about attracting women. There is a YouTube channel called Squirmy and Grubs, where the guy is like 4 foot tall and in a wheelchair, in a loving relationship with a beautiful woman. If literal disabled people can attract, so can a so-called incel.
  12. In theory you could pair your stimulant with L-theanine, that's supposed to chills you out. Matcha tea/green tea already has this in it, but I've found it doesn't really wake me up that much.
  13. The title is kind of misleading, she's not making me consider a relationship, I'm doing the considering all on my own. After my first week of serious game, doing night game every night of the week except for one or two nights, a girl came and stayed at my place on Saturday. She is gorgeous, has one of those fierce work ethics, and overall has a good vibe. I moved into a big city a month ago to start my life away from my parents, and also open myself up to the pleasure of sex and socialisation, and soften my tense personality through pickup. Coming out here I was certain I wouldn't even think about a relationship. It's not like I'm obsessed with this girl (I'm going on a date with a different, beautiful Columbian girl on Monday) but she's definitely made me reconsider whether I want to be with just one person. I have a feeling this is the most common trap of all, considering a relationship with my first pull lol. What do you guys think?
  14. Does anybody have experience doing fairly consistent pickup whilst chelating heavy metals? The ACC protocol recommend not "running around having a great time" as this is stressful and therefore has a negative impact on adrenals. He recommends living a quiet, happy life. Perhaps I should chelate first then get into pickup? @Leo Gura