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  1. I feel like there once was an extensive section on occult. But I think this might have been a Mandella effect type thing (I might have imagined it), this happens all the time to me.
  2. What is something you might experience when performing Magick? You mentioned that you are not against using black magic, what would it feel like to cast a harmful spell onto someone else? How does this manifest in your experience? Why practice Occult?
  3. i did Nofap for a similar amount of time. I didn't really care to count days or anything. (Warning to those reading on: explicit sexual content) Understandably, when I eventually hooked up with a women, I "finished" whilst simply grinding on her whilst the two of us were making out and grinding on each other. Also when I did start masturbating again, my semen was a kind of yellow colour. I've read this is because after a while semen mixes with urine. I decided to make the effort to at least quit porn (which I have been successful at doing, probably 4 months since I've watched porn), and also to just moderate the habit of masturbation.
  4. I started his 30 day course on Insight Timer. I am about 12 days in, doing 2 rounds breathing and am up to 60 seconds cold shower (the shower increases each day by 5 seconds). The showers are getting easier. I feel as though my lung capacity has increased. Feeling happier.
  5. Also Craig Holliday and his website have great resources.
  6. Enlightened through the path of Kundalini by Tara Wells has a great outline of how to prepare to awaken Kundalini.
  7. Probably something you want to be cautious with. I would say to wait until covid restrictions are eased, and to work with a holotropic breathing instructor.
  8. Do your research. Read both books on Leo's book list before going near it. I was il-informed when doing kriya yoga, and I ended up actually breaking my Brumadhya (third eye). I was doing self inquiry, trying to focus really hard, and my third eye broke and I felt energy like liquid fall all throughout my body.
  9. I feel heaps of people will relate to this. I find that it is better to hang out with people who shares interests to me e.g. healthy eating, exercise, meditation. Because when you go home form hanging with them, you feel better. When you hang out with lame people, you feel exhausted or guilty after hanging out with them. It doesn't mean some people are better than others, some people just feel better to be around; find those people.
  10. Thank you for your reply I feel like his series "advice for young people" gives a really distinct and nuanced action plan, whereas the other more metaphysical topics, I could probably view with a more right-brained attitude e.g. "reality is infinite consciousness" vs "start taking learning and understanding extremely seriously" warrant two different responses; one warrants the implication of a new habit or schedule, the other understanding for its own sake and to be matched to my experience.
  11. I literally hang off every word Leo says, and try to take notes basically transcribing what he says. I assume that what he is saying could be immensely valuable to my life, and try to avoid misrepresenting it through simplification. This is very time consuming, but I see people in his comments section who have just finished a 5 hour long, 2 part series. It takes me weeks to do that lol. What is your learning strategy?
  12. What my naturopath advised me: - 1 tsp Apple cider vinegar each morning and night with warm water. - Plant based Probiotic - Slippery elm Foods: - Cooked apples with oatmeal - Roasted pumpkin - Fermented foods such as coconut yogurt I would say slippery elm has been the most effective.
  13. Have you tried the Wim Hof Method? It is said that this can help with both focus and energy. I started a 30 day introductory course the other day, seeing glimpses of improved energy and calm.
  14. Lol spot on. 20 pages into a book on nutrition totally transformed my behavior in terms of what I put into my body.
  15. @Tuan thankyou for your awesome reply. What is a sales copy?