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  1. Stress and misery? Stress and misery was when I had a binge eating disorder, was completely ungrounded and couldn't get a straight answer out of any doctor. There is too many differing opinions on health and nutrition, but most of them point to eating real food and not processed food. It's not necessary to my question about what precisely my partner eats, health is a lifelong study, I'm more concerned that she isn't interested in it as a study. How can you be on a Self Actualization forum promoting junk food? It is such a hard addiction to break, it's not going to kill her but it will keep her from her full potential.
  2. I smiled reading this, could be used as sales copy for a pickup course haha. I relate to your mindset so much, I remember being in a club on a Thursday standing in front of girls feeling almost inferior to them, but being in awe of their beauty and style. It's growing pains my friend. Keep at the approaches.
  3. Dude you don't know how 5-meo will mix with your medication. There was a guy on here before covid who couldn't sleep, he boiled it down to the 5-meo mixing with another western medication he was taking.
  4. From my perspective none of this permanently justifies eating inflammatory food. Inflammation is an immune reaction, meaning you're either making yourself sick with what you're eating or allowing your body to heal. If someone is recovering from literal starvation restricting calories wouldn't be wise advice. As for people healing from trauma, how will they fully integrate their trauma if their food choices killing their gut flora and therefore making them depressed, or exposing them to heavy metals so they have adhd, its hard to do inner work with adhd. I have never tracked calories or successfully limited my quantities of food. I eat as much as I feel like, am in love with preparing whole foods and enjoy everything I eat. I used to skip classes at school to stuff myself until I ached.
  5. I started dating this girl recently, I'm attracted to her, she is genuinely open minded, stage Green and I enjoy being around her, I can fully emotionally relax with her. She holds this very liberal view of food and has this story that people shouldn't get into dieting because viewing foods as anything but "just food" is an eating disorder. As far as I can tell she has not moral obligation to adhere to any sort of system regarding her diet and lifestyle - however based on my own research I would consider this wise.... Basically I think her view is unwise, I think she is ruining her chances at being happy and to self-actualize. She sees coaches and has an interest in Self-Actualization work, but as far as I can tell if she wanted to deepen such work she would stay at step 0 by neglecting her biology. David Deida advises that criticism will not fare well and she will interpret it as an insult, and that it is a better approach to just love and praise her and that the ''behaviour will correct''. I've got to be careful here because if I am praising her so that she "corrects a behaviour", that's manipulation. If everyone "had" to eat "healthy", they probably would, but they evidently don't, so there probably isn't some divine rule about it. Honestly I think I can accept her fully, if it becomes a deal breaker I'm happy to cross that bridge when I get to it, if we break up I'll just go back to game.
  6. That's a good point, there are definitely nuances and exceptions. E.g. with my boundary about people stopping me from positive habits. Usually I go to sleep with a taped mouth for health reasons, but when my girlfriend stays over she asks me not to. I'm sort of happy to because she only stays over once every week/fortnight.
  7. I recently listened to the 6 Pillars of Self Esteem Audiobook a couple times through. One of the pillars is Self-Assertiveness. This inspired me to list my boundaries in my commonplace book (I can't believe I hadn't already done this). These are three solid boundaries I have drawn from 22 years of my life experience, definitely open to change: - I don't consume anything that I don't want to. Someone buys me a drink, I don't have to drink it, it is Christmas lunch with my family, I will sit there with an empty plate and socialise. I choose what goes in my body and nobody else has autonomy over this. - I don't let people discourage me from doing anything constructive. No appointment with anyone can interfere with my current practices e.g. Yoga, Self-Help courses I'm doing. - if somebody hasn't researched or thought about a topic, I don't have to continue the conversation.
  8. Dude I've seen this kind of mindset applied IRL, I lived with and have been around Red Pill guys. Your fundamental beliefs around masculinity are flawed, and it will undoubtedly sabotage your results with women. 'The Boxing Ring' will ruin your chance at cognitive development. Any dreams of a deep perspective or profound contemplation will be ruined. Even your communication will suffer from frequent trauma to the head. There are other Rites of Passage for men, a good one is Game. Ice baths, public speaking, wilderness survival, jiu jitsu... there are other ways to challenge and shape yourself without hurting your brain. David Deida is a good role model for masculinity.
  9. How does Tate end up on this forum? You would have watched Leo's Spiral Dynamics Series years ago, but you're noting "insights" from some Stage Red guy who would pimp your mother. People like Tate are mistaken for world philosophers tragically, Tate isn't a guy with a worthwhile perspective, he is a person with niche skills. Sure if you want to emulate his skills, take notes - write his biography, sure. But you'll end up with brain damage from combat sports, health issues from the shit he eats, and as we've seen recently you'll end up in jail.
  10. This is all fair except for the drinking part, you not being self assertive enough to not drink is on you.
  11. Dude drop this shit, you know it is silly. You are exposing yourself and those around you direct to Antimony when smoking. Leo mentioned some sort of organic vape once, maybe research stuff like that as a transition. How can you self actualize whilst breathing heavy metals?
  12. Good fun, make sure you do high volume and quality sets, and prepare for funny adventures and some liberating blow-outs
  13. I think there's like quercetin in red grapes, so if you had a little bit of red it could deflame your cells. I mean in saying that the alcohol itself would be inflammatory, and not that good for your liver. I can demolish a bottle of Biodynamic wine, not other wine compares imo, can see it becoming a problem so I cut it out.
  14. Dates fall through, get used to it. Also get used to walking a tight rope of trying to organise a locked in date, and being too needy and messaging her too often. IME it's a fine line. If you don't have lots of sexual options your mindset should be "okay well if this date falls through I'll just go out tonight and meet someone else". If you have lots of options it would be "okay who else might be free".
  15. Very difficult to get 99%, especially in Australia. Leo managed to track some down and basically said it enhances your experience of love a fuck ton. Same precautions as any psychedelics I presume, understand what you're taking, draw off the experiences of people who've taken it before. MDMA in Australia gets cut with nasty stuff, they tested a bunch of pills at a music festival a few years ago which came back 100% meth. Its critical to test your pills.