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  1. Brev shave it. When my dad started losing his hair he combed it back, smart man. Remember getting laid is primarily verbal.
  2. Twitter's mission statement reads "to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers." By this logic I guess Elon Musk's decision to give Trump back his account and reduce regulation falls in line with "everyone" having the power to share without barriers. This forum has a much more niche and explicit intention than Twitter seems to, so its understandable you moderate the way you do. At the end of that Netflix Documentary, they basically boiled down all of the problems with social media to not answering the question "what is truth?". You seem to have a fair grasp on the truth Leo, maybe you could moderate for Musk lol.
  3. What are you doing for adrenal support?
  4. Stay the fuck away from Chlorella. Chlorella is a chelating agent, it contains molecules that seem to bind to mercury molecules and begin to move them around the body. The issue with chlorella is that nobody knows how long it lasts in the body. It doesn't have a measurable half life at this stage, so when it binds to mercury, it could only last say three minutes, and then it will drop the mercury. ALA for example has I think a three hour half life, so the chelator molecule could bind to mercury that is say in your thigh, and then after three hours the molecule will basically dissipate, if you don't consume a fresh dose of ALA after that time, the mercury could travel from your thigh and be dropped in your brain (for example). That is why people say the ACC method is tedious, because you have to keep taking it every three hours, even when you sleep. Chlorella doesn't have a "half-life", and even if it did, you're probably not going to be taking the precise same dose each time so it is inconsistent and therefore dangerous.
  5. Because they refuse to see that what they're complaining about can be changed, developed, accepted etc. Which makes their perspective fundamentally false. "I'm ugly..." - "go to the gym, get contacts, get haircut" "I have low self esteem" - "read a book on self esteem" "Girls don't like Asian guys" - "rsd Tyler is a balding ginger and gets laid"
  6. Man... I wish you all the best, with this attitude your dating life will be full of hard lessons.
  7. During the night, you can get away with it. My friends say the most crude stuff and its a wonder how they haven't been slapped. During the day a girl will run away from you or make a Tiktok about it.
  8. Yeah Andrew Tate has nuggets that resonate, anything about hard work can be inspiring, as well as quality over quantity regarding being a good father and spending time with kids. You clearly haven't studied marketing though if you think AT is some significant public intellectual; you should pay more attention to the buzz words he uses and how he talk rather than his off-the-cuff messages; 100% of his content appeals to powerful survival motivators, sex, health/being sexy, making money. Of course you're following him.. I guarantee this guy is not fulfilled though, would have brain minor brain damage from being kicked in the head that many times, and be stressed all the time from the amount of shit he eats. Create your own vision and go for that, you don't have to copy the next big influencer.
  9. Dance floors are tricky. I've heard of people just dancing and having a good time, then opening a girl by saying something random like "these are my signature moves" to a girl, then keeping dancing, opening with a similar thing a minute or so later. Kino is probably better when it is super loud tbh, probably the one place in the world where heavy escalation is appropriate. Maybe look at some infield dance floor game.
  10. I'm 21, moved out of home and am working as a disability support worker/babysitter for a few hours each day during the week. I socialise and try to do pickup probably four nights per week with one day of daygame. I've been visioning, reflecting on my purpose, not quite there yet but I'll make it happen. I've built some momentum doing yoga and eating fairly healthy, have a good supplement collection. Feeling energetic. I'm building a freelance marketing skillet in my own time. I'm surprised that little things seem to just sometimes workout, I quit one of my jobs then ended up earning more money at another one. I can't imagine moving back home now, I've got more responsibility to take on and conquer.
  11. Its up to you in the end. I don't like demonising people who want to be excellent in any area, whether that be nutrition or another... If trying to be perfect isn't the right move then you'll learn the hard way. Nutrigenomics would tell us it depends on how often your cells are inflamed as to the rate in which they return back to a healthy state. So if you were as clean as can be for a year and then had a bag of corn chips, your immune system would bounce back extremely quickly, but if you eat the chips everyday your immune system is probably working to fight foreign invaders around the clock.
  12. Leo has cried in a fair few videos, ya boi says some inspiring stuff
  13. Logistics will hinder your results, the most successful people have ideal logistics, its not a coincidence. Learn the kino escalation ladder. I've heard of people pulling girls to bathrooms at clubs, this sort of thing... never done it myself but see how you go with the creative solutions.
  14. In theory, 3 months emergency savings (your expenses x3 months). Put money in an index fund. Invest in self help products.
  15. Just start going out and talking to girls. Once I started having sexual encounters with girls, I was fine going a week or two without fapping. Your sexual energy wants to go somewhere, when you're always just home alone being neurotic, it is easy for it to go into a tissue.