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  1. I did Nofap for about half a year. Urine can get mixed in with semen, causing it do have yellow in colour. Wet dreams happened multiple times per week, which was kind of annoying as I was changing my sheets quite a bit. When I was with a girl, I would finish in lightning speed. I kind of understand porn though. I feel as though watching porn disconnected me from touch, and that I was becoming sexually attracted to a computer screen. I am not sure if this directly contributed to erectile function but mine is definitely been influenced in some way. Porn has been an issue for me as I would use it to distract myself from work, and my tastes were getting rather graphic. My approach at the moment is to void all internet porn (have been going a month strong) and this week I'm seeing how only masturbating once a week feels.
  2. Make sure you do it during a break so you can focus.
  3. I don't think it is technically Holotropic Breathwork if you do it alone. From my understanding Stanislav Grof's technique involves a facilitator, music, the breathing technique and also a sitting partner. You probably want to be clear about what technique you're doing and have an understanding of the process. Breathwork like Leo's shamanic breathing or the Wim Hof method are pretty simple and not risky, so long as your taking deep breaths and aren't prone to epilepsy.
  4. Doesn't butt get sore from sitting so long?
  5. Has anyone attended a Holotropic Breathwork workshop? Thinking of attending one in April.
  6. If you are in fact mercury/heavy metal toxic, chances are this will negatively effect the function of your adrenals. Therefore fasting will just cause unnecessary stress to the adrenal glands. Before you're actually chelating its probably okay, but whilst you're regularly taking a chelating agent (e.g. ALA), I've heard this can put unnecessary stress on the body. As for eating certain foods, stay away from Chlorella. A lot of naturopaths, homeopaths are convinced that it can detox heavy metals, however there are many horror stories of how it has worsened people's symptoms. The issue with it is hard to measure how long it lasts in the body as a chelating (detoxing) agent, so although pick up the mercury and carry it around the body, it is unclear if or when it will eject it from the body (via sneeze, urine etc. Which are ways the body detoxes heavy metals). So the issue is that it could pick up mercury that is stored in the thigh muscle, and then redistribute it in the brain making you bipolar or something. (I only mention this because it is used really commonly). There's an elimination diet in Andy Cutler's new book to determine if you are sensitive to thiols. If so, I would recommend Jillaine Kay's cookbook on low thiol cooking. As for saunas, probably stay away from infrared saunas, they supposedly don't heat the body evenly so are not ideal for detoxing. Stick to traditional steam saunas and Finnish Saunas (which are way more relaxing imo). I've heard people use these at the end of a chelation (detox) round, but these methods are like 2% of the process, it's most important to research Andy Cutler Chelation.
  7. (This popped into my head last night) If I was interviewing Leo, I would start with personal development questions, more inquiring into what is possible for people's own development, then as the interview progressed I would get into to metaphysics. It would start like: - What is personal development? Why does this study deserve people's attention? - Could you describe your vision for the development of people/humanity? .... And then build to: - what is reality? - why does humanity exist? - what is god? etc.
  8. Go to the Andy Cutler Chelation website and forum, and follow every step of the process. If the research you have done does not mention the dangers of heavy metal redistribution when beginning to detox, then this is probably dangerous advice to follow. If you half ass a heavy metal detox you will for sure debilitate yourself, people have been driven to suicide caused by mistakes made whilst detoxing.
  9. I tried to do the life purpose course during my final year of high school. I also tried to do enlightenment work during this time, and keep up a yoga practice. My biggest take-away from this time was that I simply wasn't mature enough nor good at taking care of myself, to be doing hours of spiritual practice. I had to revert back to working on my career, my emotions, hatha yoga, working on my health and also socialising and pickup. The deal I made with myself is that once I have ruled out mercury toxicity, and am self-employed, I will start doing more intense spiritual practice.
  10. One of the first steps to self-actualizing is finding healthy ways to relax. Maybe try a couple of days of replacing video games with a nature walk, some meditation, a sauna, a mixture of these etc. I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking people their ways of relaxing and got some really good suggestions.
  11. It sounds like: a. You're doing very minimal research on health and nutrition, using Leo as your only source. Leo's list is pretty good from memory, but you'll probably feel more confident when you get a few more books/podcasts under your belt, and you'll start to realise how complicated and contradictory the whole study of nutrition and health is haha. b. If you're gagging on salad, it tells me that you're coming from years of eating just garbage, so it at first it is going to be difficult for you. There is a book called 'The Pleasure Trap' which I think would be a good start for you, I finished the audiobook a couple of months ago. There's a recommendation in the book to help people break out of their addiction to processed food and transition into wholefoods by eating just one wholefood that they like (e.g. watermelon) for just a weekend. This could be a good first step for you if wholefoods are super out of your comfort zone at the moment. There's also a whole cookbook that this author wrote called " The Health Promoting Cookbook", which is a wholefoods vegan book. I'd say if you're not accustomed to putting the effort into a wholefoods vegan menu diet, then it would probably be a good idea to incorporate some high quality meats into these recipes; I'm recommending this cookbook because they're really delicious.
  12. Buddhist Groups Satsangs Reiki classes Wholefoods/health food stores Yoga classes Wim Hof workshops
  13. Hi Leo, In the conscious politics episode, you talk about Trump having an extremely limited skillset, one of those skills being SPIN. I remember there was another episode, I think it was the dualities episode, where you briefly mentioned that some sales people believe they have to be manipulative or dishonest when going through a sales process. I am currently a full-time salesperson of Photocopiers, my motivation for staying in sales is that I want to develop a digital marketing skillset, and be able to grow any business, including any of my own projects. A large part of my education in this role has been SPIN selling. I have also observed some occasional dishonesty amongst my superiors, never at a large scale e.g. When wanting to speak to a decision maker during cold phone calls, my manager may say that the person is expecting their call to the receptionist, when they are not. My question is: - Am I potentially going down the wrong path by putting a lot of time into learning SPIN?
  14. It just depends on what skills you're willing to develop imo. I don't think it is a question of which companies are genuinely useful to society and aim to make a positive impact, because there are tons of them, it's a matter of which role you're qualified for. What do you want to do with your life? What do you want your career to look like? What skills do you need to develop for that? Are you going to need capital to make your life purpose happen? (probably) Okay, so what job could allow you to develop the capital for your own entrepreneurial project, whilst utilizing skills that you need to develop anyway? (That's my thought process anyway).
  15. Pfizer, headache for like 10 minutes, fatigue for a day.