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  1. "some vitamin C source to improve bioavailability so few drops of lemon may do" I actually put some calcium absorbate in it sometimes, because I take it with my breakfast anyway - I'm assuming this will do the trick? @Michael569 @Villager Albert thank you for your reply
  2. This topic would be a cool pinned thread; maybe a list of live facilitators, groups, books that can help you integrate.
  3. I've been contemplating recently what I want from life. I've been toggling between using a journal, and exploring my direct experience. I come to a point each time where I could start to "create" what I want; I could write it down a detailed list of things/an image. This would be creating a vision. Then I could also ask deep questions, and contemplate what wanting actually is. Should I be doing both? @Nahm Your dream board is more so a "making up"/creating process, do you have insight on toggling between asking deep questions, and creating?
  4. I'm using Evernote for a while
  5. I've seen a couple old threads where talk about ALA as if it is just another supplement. I have been reading "The Mercury Detoxification" manual, a book about Mercury Chelation via the Andy Cutler Method; ALA is used to test if you have Mercury, by taking increasing your dosage every three hours, if you experience side effects, it means that the Alpha-Lipoic-Acid has found something to Chelate - ALA is a chelating agent, it will move Mercury through your body, it is not just another supplement. There are other people on here that are more educated on the Andy Cutler method than me (I'm only like 40 pages into my book), and I would encourage them to contribute to this thread. I would hate for somebody to read a thread where someone mentions they take ALA as a supplement, then go out and buy it, and cause damage to themselves.
  6. Do you actually like the effect it has on you? I smoked from ages of 16-18, a few weeks on, a few weeks off. Always felt like I have impaired cognition the next day, last time I smoked was new years and I threw up. Is it really worth it? You would get so much more value from doing psychedelics, and finding a healthier way to relax imo.
  7. Sadghuru says that Hatha yoga "prepares the body for higher possibilities", and the practice Surya Kriya is practiced with the intention of deepening States of meditation. Therefore I ask: can practicing Hatha yoga deepen psychedelic trips? Is Hatha yoga the only way to increase spiritual possibility? E.g. If I were to eat a big Mac, it probably wouldn't feel to great.
  9. Some Australian hip-hop. Stage green content imo.
  10. Would it be best to consume epigallacatechingallate (ECGC) from loose green tea or matcha powder?
  11. Thankyou for your reply. When I say "the worksheet", I'm talking about the series of inquiry prompts that she outlines in her book "loving what is", which is the same as her worksheet. She also has other variations of her worksheet. Katie advises against doing The Work in the mind, she says that if you only do the work in the mind, the mind can distort stories and choose as outcome rather than realizing deeper truth. - Doing the Work in the mind is apart of the vision of The Work. After becoming an advanced practitioner, the mind does the process subconsciously.
  12. Lol, now that you mention it, a lot of people. Did this take you a few hours? Thanks for your reply