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  1. Whatever you resist persists SDSing your addictions will only work if you fully accept them and love them and allow them, rather than tolerating them. By loving, you learn to let them be, and by learning to let them be, you allow a natural letting go of what doesn't serve you. Feel them in your body and take a deep breath. On the exhale just let everything be, just relinquish all control. By allowing something to simply be through your love of it, you do not cling to it, and naturally over time impulses will subside. Combine this by creating distance from addictions (i.e. selling your console, blocking porn sites, not going to the casino etc.) and you will be well on your way.
  2. How old are you? Do you currently take any medications? Especially of note are ACE inhibitors such as cilazapril/enalapril/quinapril (sold as Pharex or Hypace) Can you describe your cough? Is it dry or wet (i.e. mucus comes out when you cough). If mucus comes out does it have a colour (green/yellow/frothy white?) Do you have any pain when you cough? How intense are the coughs. Do you smoke cigarettes or weed at all?
  3. She will be interested in you if you openly and directly communicate that you like her and are willing to leave if she says no. The biggest turn off is sub communicating neediness.
  4. This is an important part of the process, and will pass. You begin to realise the limitations of simply titilating the ego with distractions. Consider magnifying love in the "outside" world. In other words, offering your gifts to others, giving back to your community, empowering others. Some of my greatest fulfillment has come from tutoring a small group of undergraduate students in biochemistry. It's a complex subject for beginners and just watching their faces light up when concepts suddenly clicked in their head from my input was extremely fulfilling and humbling. My point is that your ego is suffering right now because it's grasping at things, asking what the world can do for "me, me, me..." Realise you are all things and magnify your love to yourself. Help other parts of yourself see love within their world. You can do this in many ways. It's up to you. You can buy a takeaway meal and give it to a homeless person and sit with them for 5 minutes. And notice how through your actions you have magnified love in that situation.
  5. Here is a simple method that I have found helps to cut through the initial monkey mind and agitation when sitting down to meditate. For me this specifically helps with the Do-Nothing technique to achieve prolonged, focused awareness with little monkey mind within 3-5 min - you could call it a flow state. Thought I would share in case it helped some people. 1. Obviously, get rid of anything that might distract you. 2. Get comfortable and sit in whatever posture you plan to meditate in. 3. Begin breathing deeply and quickly (hyperventilating) for maybe 15 seconds. 4. At the end of that short time, finish your out-breath (DON'T force all the air out, just let your lungs deflate like at the end of a normal breath) and stop breathing. 5. Don't breathe for a while and just be aware of wherever you are in TOTAL stillness. Because you hyperventilated for a bit it will help you to stop breathing for a while. 6. When you feel like you would like some more air repeat steps 3-5. 7. When you have repeated the cycle about three or four times you should be in a very aware state with little monkey mind. You can then proceed with your normal breathing and meditation as you wish. Play around with it and see whether it helps. Some notes: - I've found it better to stop breathing on the out-breath and not to hold a big in-breath in. It's just more comfortable. It's why I mention 'not breathing' rather than 'holding your breath' - You will know you've done it correctly if you don't feel an immediate hunger for air when you stop breathing. This will allow you to sit in complete stillness. - This is similar to what Wim Hof does but his method is way longer and for a slightly different purpose, from memory I think he hyperventilates for a full minute. Here you are just doing about 15 seconds so that you can sit in stillness for a bit.
  6. If you understand what you understand then I don't know why you are bothering with this either. Absolute is ineffable. You can't communicate it, you can only dance around it with language. Every person can only see it for themselves and no other way. I can only communicate with you through concept
  7. I think you are trying to point to the nature of something being itself. i.e. Good is Good, Bad is Bad etc. in other words saying the fundamental nature of something is itself. And that this distinction is between Absolute and Relativity. I think you are chasing your own tail a little bit because you can make distinctions about what something is ad infinitum and from infinite perspectives. From an absolute perspective BLUE is BLUE and NOT-BLUE i.e. non-duality. From a relativistic perspective blue is a colour seen relative to a human's eye sight, for example. Even though you are saying BLUE is BLUE (i.e its fundamental essence) this is still relativity because to distinguish BLUE being BLUE you have to accept that it is not NOT-BLUE, which is duality. From an absolute perspective BLUE is infinity. To insist that the nature of something is its nature is just mind and word games. It doesn't get you anywhere. And fundamental nature of anything (as you describe it) is just concept i.e. Swarmness is a concept made to identify swarms within infinity. It's not really its fundamental nature, it's just an illusion made by mind. The fundamental nature of a swarm is Swarmness, not-Swarmness, and everything in between, i.e. infinity.
  8. The notes for most of the beginner videos have been curated here: for the more advanced videos just listen to them and take action. You don't need to memorise every little detail as that would be a huge waste of time. Read through the textbook for a big overview to get yourself oriented and then just start doing the practices. There is a whole list of exercises to start doing on the first couple of pages. Once you understand the foundational theory, the more advanced videos will be like pointers approaching this work from varying perspectives, you wont have to make detailed notes, maybe just a few bullet points per video. Hope that helps
  9. I have been contemplating how the process of creation works. If I am God, how is it that I create the things that "I"/the ego self/the human self observes and does the human self have any control over it. From the God perspective do I create everything and then choose to experience said creations from many different perspectives, forgetting that I created them and then believing that I am the false ego identity? For example, I as god create a business meeting between two people. I split myself into the room, the table, the two people, the chairs etc. And do I then choose to experience the situation/aspects of myself as God from the perspectives of each of those parts? I.e. I am one person and the other person interacting with each other as ego selves but in actuality I am just god interacting with myself? Also can situations be created by the ego self? I/my human form is currently studying diseases. Through my choice to study diseases I now know more about them. By knowing more about them I actually am able to recognise more things in the environment, such as person with disease x or disease y. In this way have I created diseases in my experience by choosing to study them? Was the choice to experience leading to a newfound knowledge, which then crystalized into "material" existence for my ego self to experience? And does the ego mind have any control in creating experiences? I assume so because it is a part of god? But is it limited? I, as the ego self don't think i can materialise $1 mil cash on my lap. But sometimes I have these very weird experiences where I say in my mind that something will happen and it happens. I was standing by the conveyor belt which moves luggage that has just come off of a plane and I was looking for my suitcase. i was standing for a good 5 min and my suitcase wasn't coming. I decided to test out my creative power and just focussed my mind on seeing and honestly believing that my suitcase would come out next. It was a sincere thought and I pushed that thought with a lot of mental power. And literally as I was pushing this thought with my mind, my suitcase came out onto the conveyor. This has happened a couple other times where it's too frequent for me to feel it's a coincidence. Although I'm not sure? It could just be a coincidence? or could it be that I have a creative power that allows the human to experience things. Often when I try to do something it will take months before it 'materialises' in 'my' life. For example, I want to start riding a motorbike. After 3 months I got my licence. It will take some more months to save up some money, it will take another month to find a bike etc. After a number of months I will go from wanting a bike to it actually being my experience (i.e. sitting on a bike and being able to ride it). Is this an example of the creative power of mind? Is it possible to "wish" things into existence? Can I just think really really hard about $1 mil in my bank account and it comes the next day or does that thought have to play out over months and years because I as a human don't have full god creative capacity. I.e. I get the thought about $1 mil, and then I spend years training up skills, starting a business, etc. etc. etc. until I'm x-years into the future and have $1 mil in my account? From an ego point of view I have all these wants I want to have right now - sex, money, freedom etc. From a no-self point of view "I" am silently observing a "human" walk around all day having these "thoughts" about sex,money,freedom. From a higher perspective, "I", "human", "thoughts", "sex" "money" "freedom" does not compute, all of it is just being. How does the creation of all these things happen? Does mind, help "pick out" the desired experience from the infinite that is here and now and crystallise the desired experience? As a human can I meaningfully change my circumstances with thought or will everything just play out as it's meant to, me receiving everything I need at the exact time I need it?
  10. @Serotoninluv can I please request this to be moved to 'high consciousness resources' so it's in a more appropriate place?
  11. Regarding the space kangaroo from the last video. I saw these mushrooms while walking in a forest in New Zealand. It was a total and complete mindfuck, I'd never seen anything like it. Made me realise that there are so many things I don't know exist in reality.
  12. @Mikael89 Do you have a job at the moment? Or study? Is there anything you do on a daily basis which brings you a sense of purpose?
  13. Is there any possibility of you becoming a personal fitness coach? I'm pretty sure the qualification only takes a couple of months and isn't too expensive, after which you could work in most gyms. Health and fitness is a growing niche. As I understand you're currently spending in order to do these hobbies. With coaching you could get paid to do them.
  14. I'm moving to a new city next year where I don't know anyone. I've realised that healthy friendships are important to me for my psychological well-being. The last few years I've really focused on self-help and career, and I've lost a lot of friends because of that. I've also had a girlfriend which made me less inclined to go socialise because I'm quite introverted. I find myself feeling lonely frequently because I don't have close friends in my current city that I hang out with. I tend to discuss problems only with my gf, which creates a bit of an unhealthy dynamic. If you: a) were moving to a new city next year where you knew no-one, and b) wanted to make a group of close friends who you would feel comfortable going to with issues/things to dicuss/get a second opinion on/ hang out etc. (as opposed to acquaintances who you know, but would not talk about deep stuff with) what would be some thing that you would do?
  15. That's like saying if you make the flower beds in your medieval village look nice it will stop a horde of combat-advanced barbarians from burning every single building, raping and killing every single woman and child and gutting every single man in the village. There are viruses and bacteria that can do as they please with the human body. You will have no natural defence. They will rape and kill every cell in your body until you are a melted liquid mess on the ground (figuratively speaking). A human without access to modern medicine is like the US without its military and combat technology.