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  1. @Mikael89 Do you have a job at the moment? Or study? Is there anything you do on a daily basis which brings you a sense of purpose?
  2. Is there any possibility of you becoming a personal fitness coach? I'm pretty sure the qualification only takes a couple of months and isn't too expensive, after which you could work in most gyms. Health and fitness is a growing niche. As I understand you're currently spending in order to do these hobbies. With coaching you could get paid to do them.
  3. I'm moving to a new city next year where I don't know anyone. I've realised that healthy friendships are important to me for my psychological well-being. The last few years I've really focused on self-help and career, and I've lost a lot of friends because of that. I've also had a girlfriend which made me less inclined to go socialise because I'm quite introverted. I find myself feeling lonely frequently because I don't have close friends in my current city that I hang out with. I tend to discuss problems only with my gf, which creates a bit of an unhealthy dynamic. If you: a) were moving to a new city next year where you knew no-one, and b) wanted to make a group of close friends who you would feel comfortable going to with issues/things to dicuss/get a second opinion on/ hang out etc. (as opposed to acquaintances who you know, but would not talk about deep stuff with) what would be some thing that you would do?
  4. That's like saying if you make the flower beds in your medieval village look nice it will stop a horde of combat-advanced barbarians from burning every single building, raping and killing every single woman and child and gutting every single man in the village. There are viruses and bacteria that can do as they please with the human body. You will have no natural defence. They will rape and kill every cell in your body until you are a melted liquid mess on the ground (figuratively speaking). A human without access to modern medicine is like the US without its military and combat technology.
  5. In order for vaccines to work efficiently, immune promoting substances called adjuvants are added. One such adjuvant is aluminium and is added in tiny doses. The reason for adding adjuvants is to stimulate the innate immune system. This results in a better long term response in the adaptive immune system. They inflame and irritate the injection site and are painful - but that is a sign that the vaccine will work better not that the vaccine companies are trying to kill you lol. Think of it like this. Your immune system is a bunch of militia in a town. vaccines are like training dummies - help to train the militia but wont actually hurt the town. With adjuvants, the dummies are still harmless, but now yell insults at the soldiers like "your mom's a fat whore!" which angers the soldiers more and gets them riled up. Next time when an actual virus attacks the soldiers will remember the insults from the dummies which will send them into a fighting rage and they will be more effective at killing off the real virus. TL;DR - adjuvants (like aluminium) make vaccines much more effective. They are there for a reason. To properly understand the pros and cons of vaccines you need at least a second -year university education in immunology. I'm sorry but most anti-vaxxers have no idea what they're talking about. The posts in this thread are full of conjecture, conflating causation with correlation, and just not understanding how basic science works. Yes science has its problems but most anti vaxxers are not scientifically literate, they have not transcended the limits of science and looked back on it - they've not understood vaccines and instead made a strawman to attack. I'm not saying vaccines are 100% risk free but I'm cautioning you to read and learn in detail about what vaccines do. DO NOT take a stand FOR OR AGAINST vaccines based on mob mentality. Take it upon yourself to learn about them from both anti-vax and scientific sources (this is made harder by the fact that not every scientific study is equal in the quality of its design). IN GENERAL, anti-vaxxers make huge leaps in rationalising their position and generally have no idea what they're talking about. The reason for this is that there are many nuances in traps in science which only start becoming apparent after at least a university level education in a scientific field, which most anti-vaxxers don't have. For transparency I am speaking from a position of a bachelors degree in biochemistry (with added education in immunology, genetics, and plant biology) and being half way through med school. Take from that what you will, you can even say I'm biased, but just take the time to make a thorough inquiry before you make a stance. Not pointing fingers, but anyone saying that you can just abandon these things by turning to nature and "natural" remedies is speaking from such arrogance and can only say this because they are standing on the shoulders of the giants enabled modern medicine. Sure it's not perfect but just take a look at history and how close we have been to being wiped out by infectious diseases. The only reason anti-vaxxers don't get ill is because of herd immunity. And by not getting immunised they are putting people who can't get immunised in a dire situation.
  6. The major risk of vaccine is having an allergic reaction to one. And that will happen to 1/10,000. Any other adverse side effect like chronic fatigue has incredibly low chances of happening. Don't take vaccination for granted, this tool is one of the reasons you're able to live without the fear of getting polio or measles or a number of other crippling and paralysing illnesses. My town in New Zealand is currently going through a measles outbreak which is spreading through the metropolitan areas because we don't have 100% vaccination coverage here. https://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/conditions-and-treatments/diseases-and-illnesses/measles/2019-measles-outbreak-information Yes there can be some catastrophic reactions to vaccines in 1 in a 100 million people. But ending that would be at the detriment of the rest of society - especially those who cannot get vaccinated such as those with immune suppression or very young children.
  7. Talk with your doctor. There are many possible reasons for this and a doctor will be in the best position to diagnose the issue.
  8. Be careful. I never said people don't quit. What I said is that a nicotine addiction is for life. Even people who quit and never go back still get cravings for nicotine. In my experience with talking with past smokers, they say that even though they stopped smoking 10 years ago they still wake up craving a cigarette. I'm not saying that it's impossible to stop cravings, I'm just saying that it is not the norm.
  9. I will give you my personal opinion of what I wish I had done/done more of in my late teens (I'm 23 btw). - learn to accept yourself as you are and learn to trust yourself. Avoid allowing the comparison to other people sway your life purpose. - learn about how to do basic adult skills: > personal finance > reading and signing lease agreements for when you go flatting/live on your own > cooking for yourself, buying groceries etc. > dealing with banks, power companies, water companies, internet companies etc. > dealing with lawyers, doctors, accountants, government agencies etc. > dealing with a boss and making money - basically, learning how to go from dependence on your parents to total and complete independence There are a lot of admin things our parents do behind the scenes that we take totally for granted (bless them) and I see a lot of young people can't handle very basic adult things. If you spend a good few years moving to independence, it will serve you well for the rest of your life. Try some good old fashioned self-help before you touch psychedelics (Check out the Actualized.org textbook for this) Also, don't drink too much and don't get into bad habits like smoking weed every day. Alcohol and weed I have personally seen destroy young people's future. Also don't ever smoke nicotine (e-cigs or regular cigarettes), not even socially. A nicotine addiction is for life. It never leaves you and will seriously hinder your progress, just don't touch it. Again, this is just my opinion. It sounded very paternalistic and like basic stuff, but it's getting the basics right that will set you up for life.
  10. Try using alcohol. It worked well for me for this. Get to the point where you are giggly and feel light in your body. Then sit down and just observe. Notice how your body and mind are just being, without "you" having to interfere in that being. Obviously don't do this too often. And you must do it alone, not at a party. Do this as a serious spiritual exercise.
  11. Hi everyone I am excited to announce a little project I've been working on for the past couple of months. The Actualized.org Textbook! I have assembled a document of summaries of foundational Actualized.org videos based on the "Start Here" section of the website. In addition, there are some extra video summaries at the end. A lot of these summaries were written by me but I would also like to acknowledge that a very major part of the work came from the video summary thread and also some YouTube comments. I would like to thank @Juan Cruz Giusto, @TimStr, @Huz, @Nic, @Hello from Russia, @AleksM, and @Dan Arnautu from this forum for their significant and very helpful contributions. I have tried as best I can to standardise the format, but doing this perfectly would take a massive amount of time. So please do note that the summaries are written by different authors with different stylistic preferences, some with English as a second language. Secondly, there are still small mistakes and probably some typos that I haven't picked up. This document is best suited for: -People who have seen the videos and want brief notes -People who are up to speed with the latest videos and have followed for a while, understanding the conceptual frameworks within spirituality For complete newbies, or people who have recently joined, the summaries may confuse you a little so I recommend you watch the original videos. A lot of the nuance and subtlety is lost in text. Also, This is version 1.0 and I have linked word and pdf attachments to this post. You are free to download them and modify them as you see fit. However, if you wish to update this version (i.e. fixing mistakes or adding in more fundamental videos) for the community, please keep a couple of things in mind: - There is a changelog on the 2nd page, so please insert changes made and also update the version number (i.e 1.1 from small fixes or 2.0 when a significant amount of content is added) - Also, please consider that when content is added, page numbers may not sync up so you will have to update them. Think of this as the textbook for the undergraduate course. - Watching the video is like going to class - The textbook is like all your classes in one place in note form. - To get a good grasp and to orientate yourself you will need a massive theory base at the beginning (i.e an 3-4 year undergrad degree) - Taking action and watching the advanced videos will be like post-graduate study - Doing this work seriously and taking massive amounts of action, and going off on your own is like doing a PhD You need to get the basic theory down BUT YOU MUST NOT GET LOST IN THEORY AND CONCEPTS. Orientate yourself, and go take action (a Masters/PhD candidate does experiments in the lab, he doesn't just sit in lecture theatres) My main reason for assembling this is I see a lot of wasted time on the forum (myself included) of theorising and arguing and advanced people not communicating at the newbie level to newbies. Don't get me wrong, the forum is a great place and many people have helped me here (thank you!) This is my parting gift to the community. I saw that I avoided doing the work by visiting the forum too much so I will be leaving to do the work for the next 5-10 years. My main focus is embodying and fully integrating stage orange, green, and yellow, as well as doing the spiritual practices and planning for psychedelic retreats. Finally, @Leo Gura, I'm so sick of hearing your voice. I've probably listened to 20 of your videos in the last 3 days I only now have caught a tiny glimpse of how much work has been put in by you over the past 5 years. Thank you for what you do! I'll still be sticking around for the advanced stuff Actualized Textbook.docx Actualized Textbook.pdf
  12. Ask yourself what you would want your life to be like when you're 50/60 and work back from there.
  13. most of the fun parts of college start in the 2nd and 3rd years, were you realise that you can't find stuff on google as easily as before (at least this is what it's like in science fields). The first year builds the foundation, the 2nd and 3rd years can challenge you which makes it enjoyable. Some courses like commerce aren't as necessary to go to college for, cause it's mostly just information. When I did biochemistry we also did a lot of lab classes and used million dollar machines which you don't have access to outside of college. We manipulated cancer cells with different chemicals and would analyse their DNA to see changes. Some of these chemicals can cost around $100-$500 per mL. Yes you are training to do a 9-5 in college, that's what most jobs are like. But if you like your field then that's a good thing - you get to do your practice and master your field without necessarily dealing with the admin and logistics. The important thing is to go to college for a subject you enjoy not to find out what you enjoy. Also be very clear on the career path and job prospects once you finish. will you have to pursue post grad degrees? will you need to apply for internships? are the job prospects good in your area? will you have to move? In New Zealand, we sell milk and lamb to the rest of the world, there are not many positions for biochemists lol. If you feel it it too easy which it sometimes is, then consider adding to the workload by taking more papers than needed (depends on your university), and you may be able to finish a 3 year degree in 2 years or a 4 year degree in 3 years. Also consider building a business while in college, you will have lots of free time. And college will be the best time to make business mistakes - I learned a lot by trying to start multiple businesses in college part time. All of them failed, but I learned valuable lessons. Of course take into consideration the finances. In New Zealand college isn't too expensive, and the govt loans are interest free for now, I hear that's not the same in the US so be mindful of it and do you homework. Alternative would be to move to a college town and work a 9-5 there while you're building a business for 1-2 hours a day and gaming college girls at night . Pretty sure that's what Alex Becker did with his SEO biz. One important thing Alex says is to figure out the absolute minimum amount of money you can live well on and try to meet that. You could probably make enough working 4 days of a 9-5 to cover your basics, leaving you with 3 days to do biz stuff. Once you've built it up you can transition to biz full time. This is the time to take risks, say yes to a lot of things, and have as many fuck ups as possible so that you can grow. At the end of the day you need to meet your needs like finances before you self-actualize too much. Hope that helps
  14. I thought it would be a good idea to make a big list of masters from different fields. It can be really inspiring to see masters in your field of interest. It's also interesting to see the similar meta skills that masters possess in terms of how they approach their art. Please feel free to post any examples you feel are appropriate and use the following format for people to get a quick idea of the person's field(s) of mastery: [Name] - [Field] Here are some of my examples: Buckethead - Electric Guitar Eiro Nareth - Fingerstyle Guitar RSD Tyler/Owen Cook - Dating/Social and obviously, without a doubt, our hero, Lord and Saviour, hallowed be thy name, Supreme Overlord Leo Gura of Actualized.org - sexy witch dating coach, the great withholder of 'understanding emotions pt2', vanquisher of devilish threads, and provider of steroid-infused self-help advice. Also to note: a good marker of a master vs someone who is just good is that the master lives and breathes their art, there is soul and passion for the practice.
  15. @mkrksms Go one night without sleep. Watch the sun set and then stay awake and watch it rise again. You will realise there are no such things as days. You do't go "through" time. There is only ever the now. There is nowhere else to go. This moment is the only moment you've every experienced. There is no past or future outside of your ideas of them in the now.