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  1. Dan Brown novels. Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Origin.
  2. Stephen King Neale Donald Walsch
  3. @Conscious life Yes, we can. It does help to understand concepts of duality. Any way to explain the truth is valuable.
  4. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. A historical novel.
  5. Leo, do you watch your own videos?
  6. Meditation combined with physical exercises produce a magnificent effect for Being. I recommend Tai Chi. Both movement meditation and high body awareness is gained!
  7. "What is Death?" - This one introduced me to Leo just when I needed a new source of teachings. "Understanding Absolute Infinity" - Straight up. Triggered a mystical experience. "What is Reality?" - The most complex content I encountered on Like Leo, I love mind f*cks *Apologizing for reviving an old thread, but maybe it can benefit the new members (like me ) and provide some new insights. Greg.
  8. I've experienced this as well. Consciousness wants to be active in the body and when it is awake, it produces the desired effect. When the body wants to rest it signals the mind and sleep comes over. Very natural process, all in all. The further you are on your spiritual path, the less sleep you need.
  9. How perfection defined in various domains of life? Philosophy, Spirituality, Mathematics, regular human language. Does every individual experience perfection differently? Does perfection IS an experience? Is it objective? Is it a state of consciousness? If so, how to reach it and how long will it most likely last? The relationship between perfection and enlightenment. Are they the same?Is everything perfect?
  10. I've been practicing the Law of Attraction prior to my first mystical experience. After that, it incorporated itself in a more mature and natural way in my understandings and as a tool of progress on the path. Cheers, Greg.
  11. Creation is infinite. It includes everything. So, straight lines, being a part of everything, are included in creation.
  12. "You'll end up playing video games in your mom's basement and eating Cheetos"