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  1. A match made by God is the perfect match. Twin Flame. A match made by those who love you is a good match. Soul Mate. A bad match is the one you choose by yourself by means of pick up, temptation and when you're driven by lust. When the dick thinks and the brain shits. Yes, it can be solved by communication. Greg
  2. ONE

    When you dream, you fragment as a physical body in another universe. This universe is the KEY universe. Why? Because I exist here.
  3. Two

    Love Love Love, I want your love! Registered to a dating website together with Tal. High maintenance girls (as in When Harry met Sally) What about Tal? same as forever... Maybe she's The One, maybe not... Until we get that sorted out, me AND her want other company. Yoga is going good..
  4. No should or shouldn't's but I recommend to go for it. let a girl massage you. Full body brazilian or something
  5. ONE

    I'm a one man army. I'm me.
  6. 400$ received. Contract for construction.
  7. @Theodor Ludenhof I want to join your wolf pack. I am very early Yellow. I work in a library and recently started to translate books. I also compose music.
  8. ONE

    The peak of my awakening is subsiding. I sleep more.
  9. @Daoguy Thank you so much, my friend! That really helps
  10. Tantra practitioners. Anyone has experimented with this? I have one near my home but I was too shameful to register... From my understanding they help with porn addiction, channeling true sexual energy (horniness) and heal emotional trauma.
  11. ONE

    My awakening is not decreasing as usual, bout spontaneously INcreasing. Thanks to an individual in this forum! It sabotages my daily life for now, but it'll pass. For now I'm taking a break. Not from the forum but from decisions regarding my personal situation - Financial, romantical and spiritual, So, you who had affected me so much (when you read this - know that i'm not mad, but thankful!) I am very okay! Greg
  12. I declined. Not yet ready. Yes, my fear is too great for now, I was offered a different project which I declined as well. Personal reasons,
  13. Sorry, dude, to interupt - but that is actually a good thing. Yes, trying to predict the future. Let go of planning.
  14. I was in Tel aviv, Israel today, 10 miles south to where I live. Registered to Zoom Lessons. Starting tomorrow. Edit: Wrong Sub forum by accident, please move to finance, sorry..