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  1. ONE

    2 month break from the forum (mostly), just commenting here and there, not much. A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend last week and he said he started to write a journal, as in hand-written one, and I remembered my entries here, so I decided to check in. Not doing much in my life, at the moment. Kind of hiatus.
  2. Absolute Infinity - Part I What is Death? What is Reality?
  3. ONE

    The truth deserves to be spoken.
  4. ONE

    Feeling at peace. Nice feeling, indeed.
  5. ONE

    Don't quit until the awakening is complete.
  6. ONE

    Sometimes, silence is life's greatest blessing.
  7. ONE

    Going through light depression. I'm experiecing it as it is. I learn how to respond to life circumstances as they come. Freedom is mine how to feel.
  8. @OBEler A female friend of mine took it and ended up in a hospital. She was not ready...
  9. ONE

    5 months - alcohol and pills clean.
  10. Eternal Lover! I like that High truth, indeed!
  11. The Latin English dictionary has arrived. Stephen King book is on hold, at the moment. Translated wall street document. English to Hebrew. The client did a presentation at work with my help. It took me 30 mins = 150$
  12. Two

    Tal is getting more beautiful everyday. She's with someone, at the moment. We remain friends.
  13. ONE

    Whoever doesn't want to live forever is depressed and really wants to get it over with. They distract themselves with momentary pleasures and say: my life sucks anyway, give at least that cigarette... or icecream... or porn...