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  1. Any forum member from Amsterdam interested to meet up? I am in Amsterdam until oct 27th let me know ! would love to have a local show me around and have interesting discussions!!
  2. @Raptorsin7 good idea! how are you doing man! its been a while @mandyjw is there an eipisode in particular? thanks
  3. hi all i am looking for resources that specifically talk about raising kids in a conscious way. leo has a video called how to raise rockstar kids, which i really enjoyed. i am looking for similar resources of that type. I know the bottom line is that you have to first work on yourself , bring your own consciousness up before you can raise someone else. This is what Im currently doing. Not planning to have kids in the near future, but eventually yes, so I am looking for such specific resources/videos from conscious teachers Thank you
  4. @Leo Gura can we plug changa ?
  5. @Preety_India i dont recall any obvious trauma in my life until an accident 2 years ago, but the recurrent theme has been going on for longer. but definitely worse since that acident. thank you
  6. @Origins @seeking_brilliance interesting. how do i change this maladaptive day dreaming pattern? sounds like lucid dreaming is a way to go! than you guys
  7. @DefinitelyNotARobot thank you so much! i have been transiently lucid in my dreams but my instinct is always to try to wake up from it instead trying to navigate. how do i learn to start asking and lucid dream? thanks
  8. I keep a dream journal and for as long as i can remember, my dreams are almost always about running away for my life, people coming to get me, escaping, etc. It has been the case every single night last week (as far as i can recall). I never get into trouble or get killed. I somehow always imagine myself to get away in my dreams. either i gain super power or just before i get caught , the dream ends. I was wondering if anyone hear can give me any ideas as to how to analyze and learn from the recurrent dream theme ? i can give you more details about my personal life if needed. i have been reflecting on it, and i cant seem to find a reason IRL. I do have the tendency to think of the worst case scenario in real life. I also have compulsive thoughts about people trying to get me; for example, if a car that i dont know pulls into my driveway, id automatically imagine it to be someone who is spying on me or trying to break in. even though i dont actually believe it. i know that its not the case, but thats the first thing i have tendency to think of... thanks!
  9. @Forestluv thank you!!!!
  10. very cool@bejapuskas if you do lmk
  11. Also how long have you been in india now ? This is so cool are you there without your parents ? Supervised by school officials ?
  12. You should make youtube videos about it! If you like filming, it would beinteresting
  13. psychedelics and plant medicine its just so interesting their transformative power my nerdiness + research led me to find them and experience them in legal ways i also like editing videos, running, and stretching. these days im really into stretching so im reading and doing a lot of stretching what about you@PepperBlossoms
  14. @Forestluv thank you for sharing your experience i am interested in the group as well if you dont mind sharing it ? i have tried a few times with michael stone it was a very insightful experience but his sessions are not free so i couldnt continue