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  1. great story. thank you for sharing. i had the most profound/mindfucking experience on ayahuasca and your story brought some memories back. i need to revisit soon
  2. I just finished watching the netflix documentary Wild Wild country. it was pretty good, but i found that it actually painted a pretty positive picture of Osho (it demonized his secretary Sheela). I was expecting some Jones Town shit to go down in his ashram, but it wasnt nearly to the same extent and the series didnt really explain who was behind the illegal operations. Like, if there was a rajneeshpuram today, i might join even after watching this show, cause it just doesnt seem that bad. Does anyone has a more in depth understanding of Osho and his teaching ? im curious
  3. @Bogdan thank you! i actually started doing loaded stretching after you shared those videos! it did help a lot
  4. an update. i am now 4.5 months in. id say there were 2 months of plateau where if i stretched, i notice a slight difference, and if i didnt stretch for a day, id be back to day 1. ive finally gotten past that hurdle and starting to see some improvement again!
  5. what have you tried so far in terms of diet change and pharmacological treatment? are you overweight ?
  6. @Nahm it happens immediately following the comedown of the trip. , last the whole day. i took a nap then slept 10hrs the night, and felt better the next morning. i was taking the vitamins you mentioned and drinking water and eating fruits. whats BMI?
  7. which vitamins and nootropics do you recommend? time for experimentation then thanks for the input everyone. seems like headache is pretty common with mushrooms.
  8. @dflores321 I tripped at 9:30am after a good night of sleep. Ive tripped in the evening before and it doesnt feel like that time thanks @Leo Gura i will try some supplements. For me it wasnt even the next day. It was immediately after the come down of the trip . I tripped in the morning. After the comedown, I had to nap, then that night i slept 10hours and the next day i felt better. Dont thiink i was sleep deprived the day before either.
  9. Hi still a newbie in psychs here, but after tripping on mushroom (light dose), i have this hangover feeling that lasts the whole day where im just feeling groggy and headachy. the trip lasted 3h ish, but the grogginess continued on for the rest of the day. I was wondering if you guys have similar experiences on mushrooms? i havent explored many other psychs, but dont remember being this groggy the other times. any hangover cures lol? i have some 5 meo DMT and AL-lad that i will be trying out soon. which psychs do you guys find have the least physical hangover effect after the trip?
  10. @exhale great advice. i appreciate you taking the time to read my story and write back much love
  11. @Nobody_Here thank you its an eternal battle inside of me. i will see where my heart leads me but i do wanna give psychiatry another try. I feel like i didnt try hard enough you gave me a different perspective so thanks for that
  12. @amyjackson @ArslanGhaffor seems like 2 bots here. @bejapuskas @allislove @Michael569
  13. @Artsu what do you do for a living, if you dont mind me asking ?
  14. @BroccoliSalad Hey thank you for sharing your story. I resonated with so many of the things you said partly because i was in the same boat of indecision when i was in medical school (in canada), not knowing what i want and feeling like my life is heading into an unknown/wrong direction. I have always had the dream of going to california as well, but never even had the guts to actualize it. So kudos to you for having a clear vision of your future! I had a lot of parental pressure, and given the promising job / salary / socio-economic prospect that becoming a doctor offers, i decided to continue and i have now graduated. I wanted to become a psychiatrist as well, but things did not turn out the way i wanted and i am now a family doctor. I can't say i regretted not dropping out, but i cannot say this is the life i want either. However, i am in a very fortunate position because i am financially independent and i can afford taking time and a step back to re-evaluate my life. I think you already know a lot more about what you wanted than i did when i was in medical school. in the end of the day, no one can tell you what to do. you just have to follow your heart. My advice would be, can you somehow move to California FIRST with your dad, then figure things out from there? It sounds like the easiest way, especially when your dad is a citizen and has settled in USA. you'd at least be in your dream location. The thing about medical school and becoming a psychiatrist is that its so time consuming (4 years of medical school + 5 years of residency). are you willing to wait 4+ years to find out whether you even have a chance of going to the US for residency? iF you don't match to a USA residency (which is highly possible), or if you don't match into psychiatry, what will you do? from what you wrote, it seems that you have a lot of options ahead of you in terms of career (not limited to medicine), but moving to California seems like a bigger back ground goal. Given your interests in more creative things and mainly psychotherapy, i would say medical school is somewhat closing the doors for you, as you are way more likely to build your dream career going through another route (psychotherapy, researcher, psychologist etc). Although medical school might give you an advantage in terms of visa, but we are talking 4 + years from now, so many things can happen in that time frame. Not to discourage you from medical school either, because if you keep an open mind, medical school can open you up to new career prospects you never considered before. You might discover something you never would consider interesting before. but again, it seeems like you already have a clear notion of what you like and what you dont. Ive met colleagues in medical school who are in just so they can become psychiatrists, so its definitely not wrong to go in only for 1 specialty. Anyway, i think you cant go wrong if you just follow your heart good luck
  15. it all looks nice on the outside. but i dont actually feel that way. there are days where i feel really out of alignment with my life vision, days where i feel like im a total imposter and alien compared to the rest of the medical community. for the most part. i have been struggling a lot, questioning everyday whether this is what im meant to do. theres no real difference between you and me. i have never worked my entire life until i started working as a resident. so before that, we were in the same boat. and we still are in the sense that i just followed the path that was layed out for me. and now i get paid. so i didnt carve out a path for myself either. the pôint is, dont compare yourself with others, because everything looks more glam from the outside. you are doing great and dont stop believing yourself!