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  1. Awesome! where was this workshop? I am interested in attending something similar!
  2. @Rigel my recent bad trip felt very similar to what you described... i felt i was suck in the racing mind forever,like as if i died and was stuck forever in "purgatory". nothing seemed to exist except me being stuck in it. it was so horrible i think i ended up passing out... totally know what you mean. i wasnt ready for that shroom..
  3. @ajasatya thank you my question was more about where and the different retreats centres like the retreat centres that you’ve been to
  4. Hello, for those of you who have attended ayahuasca ceremonies, is it possible to provide some insights of your experiences and where you did it? there are so many out there and i wanted to hear a bit from people who have gone to them. and if you have any advice for first timers, please drop them as well thanks so much for your help
  5. I read many posts about people’s experiences in ayahuasca retreats. I became very interested and I was thinking a thread with a list of different retreats and maybe a link to their website would be nice for people who are looking for different options but don’t know where/which one to go to. So if you have had a positive experience, please name the retreat name, the country, and maybe a brief review if possible! Thanks in advance for you input!
  6. That’s really an interesting quote
  7. @Leo Gura so any successful monogamous marriage require suppressing many instinctual desires. In a way forcing oneself to be loving and loyal? Thats really sad reality
  8. @Leo Gura why did you say that monogamy is supposed to fail by design?
  9. agreed with zzzz. i am a medical student in canada. i will be graduating next year. when i applied to medical school, i definitely had similar intentions of "accomplishing big things" in society, the desire to get that status and power as a doctor. but also the desire to help people and treat diseases. i dont think thats a bad reason. in fact it motivated me so much that i worked really hard and got what i want. now 4 years later, i realized that having that title of a doctor doesnt make me happy forever. i was over the moon, proud, happy, even arrogant for being in medical school for so many years, but eventually that feeling wore off and i am back at the beginning: is this my life purpose? is this the career i really wanted? i started to consider factors that i never thought of before.. so my advice to you for now is to keep that door open. meaning: try to do well in school, so that you have the grades to get in medical school if that ends up being what you want. meanwhile outside of school, try to shadow doctors, do volunteers works in hospitals, get some experience in healthcare settings, get involved in research, so that you can have a bit of an idea whether this is what you imagined it to be or not at all. just explore the profession, email people, get in contact with people, and you will get a lot real life experiences that will be helpful in making up your mind. the most important thing for sure is then to explore and get to know YOURSELF. why do you want to become a doctor? what is your life purpose? what do you want to do? of course those questions cant be answered overnight which is why while you look for the answer, you gotta play society's game and make sure you do well academically to have that doctor route as a possibility.
  10. @Leo Gura in the video, you also mentioned that EVENTUALLY everything goes to nirvana, its just a matter of how long. so that means there's no such thing as hell where you are stuck forever..? there's no consequence of doing "good deeds" or "bad deeds" because eventually we all end up merging with god?
  11. @Leo Gura hi leo do you do pickups these days ?
  12. Hi is anyone going to the breaking conventions psychedelics scientific conference in New York City this fall? i am also looking for a place to stay. Hit me up if you are from NYC. not sure where to put in the forum this topic.
  13. @winterknight hi, i think this quote described my situation well: the more you search for spiritual development, the more selfcentered you become.. and i think this has been happening to me... i find myself filled with selfish thoughts and wanting to keep spiritual enligntenment to myself that I don’t master the even basic emotions. I struggle with jealousy and self-esteem. what would be your advice for me? What do you think was the trap in my pursuit... having a strong ego backlash period right now.. thank you
  14. Yes you are correct then in that sense... i don’t love my boyfriend unconditionally.. I am in the process of learning what it means to love and how to love beyond just the « for my own benefit ». How do I stop micro managing people a😅☹️