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  1. When Agnes Furey lost her forty-year old daughter Pat and six-year-old grandson Christopher to homicide in 1998 at the hands of Leonard Scovens, words could not describe the hole left in her heart. Even so, rather than hate, Furey chose peace, and she reached out to Scovens in prison. Wildflowers in the Median tells the story of their journey of restoration. Through a collection of poems, vignettes, and letters, both Furey and Scovens pour out their emotions and reflections. It is a tale not of forgiveness, but of understanding-a story of a survivor of crime and a criminal finding communion as each struggles with grief and suffering, eventually coming to terms with their spiritual identities and a desire to help others in similar circumstances. A valuable testament to the human heart and its capacity to love, Wildflowers in the Median shows how grace was found in the aftermath of a tragedy. This is the most amazing story I've come across on forgiveness and love. And how we must seek to understand first, not judge. Hopefully this would help or inspire some of you.
  2. I've noticed that what I say to people is what I need to say to myself. Most of my haha moments are when I recall what I've said in conversations. But I will be carefull with judgments too. To see what they can reveal to me.
  3. @egoless i think it is because for depressed people the "normal" way does not work any more. the structure which everything is/works, wich for most of the people is ok isn't for them. that's why they search for something else. so i dont think is about depresion because not every depressed person follows/finds this way but is about realizing that something is not ok, realizing that there is something more. what i found personally is that pain serves/helps to focus our attention thats why it is helpful to see a crack in reality. but you can find it even if you're naturally curious about life.
  4. what's the point in arguing if he raised from the dead or not ?
  5. @Joseph Maynor what i experience personality is that the more i care for my self the more i care for others too. the less i judge myself the less i judge others too. i don't care for them in a selfish way,i don't care because they are good to me or something like that. i just wish for them to be happy . if i can help in this ok, if not still ok. so i guess by helping/improving yourself in an indirect way you help others too.
  6. @Dodo i was waiting for an answer but the state of letting go of answers and surrendering to now is ok too
  7. @Dodo and what is love, what is now, what is energy, what is life, what is healing, what is body, what are you healing, why are you healing,what is awareness ? sorry for kind of ruining your post but every time i have a similar question the answer i get is not a real answer but just a description made with other things/words/concepts that i don't know.
  8. @AleksM thank you , this was really helpful
  9. The last days i literally question everything. like what is me, what is thinking, reality, love, truth, existence, illusion, humanity... the problem is that whatever i come up with becomes another thing to contemplate on and it goes like this all the way. The answer becomes a new question. how can i get out of this cycle?
  10. @air9 i think of the pain. i feel it. i let it be. and after some time it goes by itself. don't resist it.
  11. i have had the same experience about a week ago. but i didn't have any fear. things were nor good nor bad. fear come after the experience. also i got a weird feeling, it looked like a dream. i would have that feeling even later on from time to time. people would talk to me, i could see them and hear them but in some way they did not look like they were there talking to me. i wanted to laugh. at this point i got scared that people and my family would think i was crazy and i stopped the inquiry and meditation for a couple of days. but now i wish i hadn't.
  12. You can love EVERYTHING Every problem comes from lack of attention, once you give it attention everything becomes ok, even if it is "not ok".
  13. @Just10 yes it feels. who's thinking? who's watching? ( it looks like the watcher dosen't feel or think ) i'm looking for whatever it is. and i can't find a me. but still there's something that tells me that even though i'm not finding me the search is not over ,even if it's a me or not. . @Serge actually we can use just thoughts appear in consciousness and it still makes sense. thank you for the example
  14. @Nahmi do that everyday . i have not found a me when searching for it but when i say who am i it looks like i say those words. even though i can't locate me it looks like i say those words.
  15. maybe this video could help you