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  1. Anyone In Qatar And Interested About Self-actualizing, meditation, consciousness, life purpose ?
  2. I've noticed that what I say to people is what I need to say to myself. Most of my haha moments are when I recall what I've said in conversations. But I will be carefull with judgments too. To see what they can reveal to me.
  3. @egoless i think it is because for depressed people the "normal" way does not work any more. the structure which everything is/works, wich for most of the people is ok isn't for them. that's why they search for something else. so i dont think is about depresion because not every depressed person follows/finds this way but is about realizing that something is not ok, realizing that there is something more. what i found personally is that pain serves/helps to focus our attention thats why it is helpful to see a crack in reality. but you can find it even if you're naturally curious about life.
  4. what's the point in arguing if he raised from the dead or not ?
  5. @Joseph Maynor what i experience personality is that the more i care for my self the more i care for others too. the less i judge myself the less i judge others too. i don't care for them in a selfish way,i don't care because they are good to me or something like that. i just wish for them to be happy . if i can help in this ok, if not still ok. so i guess by helping/improving yourself in an indirect way you help others too.
  6. @Dodo i was waiting for an answer but the state of letting go of answers and surrendering to now is ok too
  7. @Dodo and what is love, what is now, what is energy, what is life, what is healing, what is body, what are you healing, why are you healing,what is awareness ? sorry for kind of ruining your post but every time i have a similar question the answer i get is not a real answer but just a description made with other things/words/concepts that i don't know.
  8. @AleksM thank you , this was really helpful
  9. The last days i literally question everything. like what is me, what is thinking, reality, love, truth, existence, illusion, humanity... the problem is that whatever i come up with becomes another thing to contemplate on and it goes like this all the way. The answer becomes a new question. how can i get out of this cycle?
  10. @air9 i think of the pain. i feel it. i let it be. and after some time it goes by itself. don't resist it.
  11. i have had the same experience about a week ago. but i didn't have any fear. things were nor good nor bad. fear come after the experience. also i got a weird feeling, it looked like a dream. i would have that feeling even later on from time to time. people would talk to me, i could see them and hear them but in some way they did not look like they were there talking to me. i wanted to laugh. at this point i got scared that people and my family would think i was crazy and i stopped the inquiry and meditation for a couple of days. but now i wish i hadn't.
  12. You can love EVERYTHING Every problem comes from lack of attention, once you give it attention everything becomes ok, even if it is "not ok".
  13. @Just10 yes it feels. who's thinking? who's watching? ( it looks like the watcher dosen't feel or think ) i'm looking for whatever it is. and i can't find a me. but still there's something that tells me that even though i'm not finding me the search is not over ,even if it's a me or not. . @Serge actually we can use just thoughts appear in consciousness and it still makes sense. thank you for the example
  14. @Nahmi do that everyday . i have not found a me when searching for it but when i say who am i it looks like i say those words. even though i can't locate me it looks like i say those words.
  15. maybe this video could help you