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  1. I've read it like a year ago, but it still pops into my mind from time to time
  2. It's a long story, I wouldn't read it
  3. I had the same question a few years ago. Why do you want to improve your energy skills? What's the end goal there?
  4. I wish the best for the people who are following your philosophy... Psychonauts are the bravest people on this planet, they don't need my good wishes
  5. Almost everybody can notice the eternal now, but not everybody appreciates it. Psychedelics and meditation are for getting a deeper, more complete view on the eternal now. A psychedelic experience leaves a mark, it leaves a desire to have a deeper experience of reality. I agree with you, no drugs or spiritual practice is required for deep realizations. But when people don't even have the desire for deep experiences and understandings then telling them that "everything to experience is already here and now" is not helpful for them. So the question is: do you want to be right, or do you want to be helpful?
  6. @electroBeam Awesome! I'm looking forward to move there:D
  7. I plan to move to SF or somewhere in Silicon Valley because of my profession
  8. I'm more interested in the mentality of the people than just the laws. There are countries where 5-meo is not a scheduled substance, but that doesn't mean that the people of the country even know about the substance. And you can get 5-meo almost anywhere, regardless of its legal status
  9. I also had the same question. You might get surprised, but I decided that I will move to California. There are a few reasons for it: it's easy to live a zero CO2 emission life there. The county is unmatched in the speed that it's moving into using renewable energy sources, like solar. And for a Californian salary one can afford to buy an electric car and put some solar panels on the roof of the house. As we develop and we become more caring, protecting the environment will become more and more important The people there seem to be also conscious about their diet. If you move there then probably most of the people you choose to hang out with will be vegetarians The people are very open minded there. They legalized weed and now they're on the way of legalizing other psychedelics as well. It's a pity that the laws are changing so slowly, but it's good to see that the people there are already open to these substances. The trend of microdosing LSD originates from there If you like to have fun with open minded people, Burning Man is nearby every summer My favorite spiritual teachers live nearby (Adyashanti, Matt Kahn, Leo) Can you think of a better place to live for spiritual people?
  10. Why do you think that spirituality is something extra that you do? When you sit down, do you like to think about random stuff, or do you like more to relax your mind and just feel your breath as it gives you life? When you want to watch something, do you like to watch some no-brainer action movie, or do you like to listen to deeper talks of your favorite teachers? What I'm trying to point out is that you don't have to make any kind of sacrifices for spirituality, you just have to be very sincere with yourself about what you like to spend your time with. If you sincerely don't want to spend your time with "spiritual-spiritual" stuff, then whatever you're choosing to do instead, that's gonna become your spiritual practice, just put your whole heart into it. @Pure Imagination cool name btw. My brain cannot read it without singing
  11. Yes. Once you're there, you're there. It doesn't matter how you got there. Causality doesn't make sense in the state of infinity. I'm talking about the usefulness of psychedelics in general for most of the people who want to know why to pay attention to the present moment. I didn't realize that you made this thread to talk only about yourself
  12. Psychedelics are not a path, but rather the signs that are showing a direction. When I take psychedelics it's like the substance is telling me "See, this is how it feels when your ego isn't with you". Psychedelics showed me such states of consciousness that now I have a motivation to meditate. Everyday people don't have reasons to meditate. If you don't recommend psychedelics, how do you show the everyday folks that it's worth having a daily meditation practice? Do you actually know anybody personally who really wants to be more peaceful, or truly enjoys listening to the present moment?
  13. It's funny how you guys perceive it What you see as him being unsure is just him being careful. He sees most of his group doesn't want to go too deep into existential questions. It's okay if you're resisting his deepest teachings, it's normal. Just do meditation and self inquiry regularly and later you'll appreciate the depth of his teachings
  14. The space exists, awareness exists. Where is the duality? Where is the exact distinction between these?
  15. How do distinguish the space from its content? Is there a physical line where the space ends and an object begins? Don't be too quick answering this. Really contemplate it.