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  1. The problem is not with what you see. The problem is your perspective on it. You're looking it from a self-centered perspective, this is why it's not satisfying. You care wether you are valuable enough. If you want a satisfying life, you should look at everything from a decentralized (selfless) perspective. You should look around you and notice who needs more self worth, and then try to provide it to them. If you habitually give others what you need, that's the most effective way to have it yourself. This works with everything. This is Karma itself.
  2. Maybe witches are just simple women who don't have orgasms... 🤔 No more orgasms to my girlfriend!
  3. When people are telling you that "I can't explain it, you have to do the work", that just means that they don't understand it well enough to put it into words. Sometimes I'm also guilty of this, but now I'm attempting to answer this question for you now. You have to see the want of the ego first to see that it's not what you really want. The ego wants mostly two things: avoid pain get pleasure/comfort Notice that these two things won't help you to evolve. If you avoid pain then you won't get stronger, if you're in your comfort zone, you don't develop yourself. So if you love yourself, you have to accept pain and discomfort in your life because that's what keeps you growing. But suffering is unnecessary. Suffering is not pain. Suffering is the resistance against what is. So you suffering is the want to get out of pain. And suffering is also the want to get more pleasure/comfort. So basically, every egoic want is in itself suffering. Once you realize, that you don't want to suffer anymore, you'll start to want the present moment more than anything, simply because that's the best training ground for your self-development. The present moment is also the Truth. In spirituality, wanting the Truth is the same as wanting the present moment. It's that simple. Everything leads to this. Alan Watts did an amazing job explaining the nature of desires:
  4. When you're dreaming, you imagine the world based on the the neurotransmitters in your brain. When you're awake, you imagine the world based on the neurotransmitters in your brain and sensory input. So it's always an imagination, only the input differs. And the thing is that whenever you ask a "what" question, the answer is always gonna be a false belief. Because reality doesn't have "whats", it doesn't have objects. An object is a human concept, but reality is far deeper than concepts like this. If you want to go deeper, try asking "how?" instead of "what?" And the answer to the "how?" question is: Exactly the way it's happening right here right now. It can't be explained to you, only you can explain it to yourself because you are experiencing it far deeper than words are able to describe it. This is why masters don't ask a lot of questions from other people.
  5. I feel personally offended! It's not confusion. It's simply not knowing. And that's part of the process. The less beliefs we have about the future, the less we "know" about it. The end goal is to realize that we don't know anything, because only then can we be free of all our beliefs. And then we can be guided by something deeper than the cold mental logic that makes sharp distinctions between"good actions" and "bad actions".
  6. I think it's wrong to kill anything that wants to survive. But in order to have a want, one needs to have a sophisticated enough nervous system. For example, animals have a sophisticated nervous system (they have a brain), so I wouldn't kill animals. But a few weeks old embryo doesn't have a sophisticated nervous system, therefore it doesn't have a want yet, so I guess abortion is okay in this case. And let's not forget that if the parents want to have an abortion, there's probably a good reason for that. And if I was an embryo, I wouldn't want to get born into a family that didn't even want me in the first place. Would you? Anyway, I think you misunderstood when Leo said that "God loves abortion". Because Leo also said that "God loves rape" and "God loves torture"... So what Leo meant, is that God loves everything that's already happening. Without exception. Because God is all-loving. Try to deal with this.
  7. Thanks, I just watched the first episode. The style is a bit childish form me, but the conversations are pretty deep! Here's another one that I really like:
  8. Teach and serve others from your deepest understandings as long as they can receive it. Once your teachings and services get too advanced for the people, pull back from the public and start to focus more on yourself. And later you can come back again as a teacher, but on a much higher level, like Jesus Fucking Christ
  9. It's not only the static things or situations that are beautiful. Progress and continuous evolution are also beautiful. I think the most beautiful thing about existence is that it's always transforming. And I like to take part in this transformation process.
  10. Yep. The most vivid dream of our lives is the one that we're dreaming right now
  11. Reality is not falling apart. Only your limiting beliefs about it.
  12. I'm not more awake than the average Joe here, so I won't give you an answer. But I can still ask you a question, right? Do you find joy in helping others? Can you imagine a career for yourself that would help to make the planet a better place? Actually, this civilization that we have is beautiful when we look at it from the right perspective. We're practicing giving service to each other and we're earning money this way. I could spend my time with skydiving or kite-surfing (and I probably will, at some point), but right now I enjoy being in service for humanity.
  13. From which perspective are you asking this? Are you asking if love is the acceptance of the little me? Or are you asking if love is the acceptance of consciousness? Consciousness already accepts everything. Your current experience is happening because you (as consciousness) accept every single detail of this experience. This acceptance is the love of consciousness. But the acceptance of consciousness has nothing to do with past or future. Consciousness can accept only the now because this is the only thing that's real. But in this now moment, you can accept your current thoughts and feelings about the past and future. So don't try to accept the past or the future. Human consciousness is not capable of accepting the past or the future. If it was capable, then we would experience multiple timelines at the same time.
  14. In order to do proper advanced science, you need an AGI system attached to your cortex. This technology would be an absolute game-changer for humanity. Compared to this, the alien anti-gravity machine is just a silly toy.