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  1. Yes, I agree. In the state of acceptance there's nothing to do. And anything can be done through you. And I would like to add that acceptance is not required for anything because life already accepts everything on your behalf. But there's greater peace in you when you know that you're one with life.
  2. Acceptance is not something that you "do". Acceptance is a fact of reality. Look around. Everything that you see, hear, feel is already accepted by consciousness, otherwise you wouldn't experience it. Space already accepts every object in it. Silence already accepts every sound in it. Acceptance means to realize that you are one with the accepting field of existence.
  3. Then why are you trying to correct me? Does truth need enforcing? I'm just trying to understand your attitude
  4. So the Nothingness over there is getting offended if it's called "you"?
  5. Not my thoughts. I'm just using everyday language. Do you know any non-dual language we can switch to?
  6. @non_nothing you can keep insisting that you don't exist, but if that was true then you wouldn't feel the need to say it. In my experience: I am. But there's no distinction between I am and being and non-being. At least that's what my thoughts tell me
  7. People are like "I don't want to die today, I'll do it next time" Stop procrastinating death! Just sit down, choose your most comfortable meditation position and let death take you. Let it take away all your future and all your past. Let yourself die to the present moment. Life, as we mostly know it, is all about our memories of the past and our plans for the future. The afterlife is simply the present moment.
  8. What keeps you distracted? Do you know what you are? Do you know how this awareness works or where is it coming from? What is more important or more interesting than figuring out who you are? Deep down everybody wants peace, joy, love, excitement, satisfaction and beauty. Everybody wants to be whole. Is there any way to truly get these "things" from the outside world?
  9. Probably I'm gonna also take shrooms today. See you in the psilocybin realm
  10. 5meo showed me that everything that I experience is in the Consciousness which is me. The "physical space" which appears on the outside is actually the spaciousness of Consciousness which is inside. From this point inside and outside doesn't really has any meaning because it's all one, it's all consciousness and it's all indescribable. The whole existence is in me, or more accurately, the whole existence is me. Everything becomes meaningless but in the most positive way. I was trying to find meaning in life only because I had not known before that I was life. As the whole existence became me, my personal problems became so insignificant and silly that I started laughing. To ever believe that I was an ego was the best joke I have ever played on myself.
  11. The highest form of meditation is described as "being yourself" or simply "being". But it depends on your level of consciousness what it means to you to be. The higher you get the meaning of being gets deeper and deeper. For me right now being myself means being every experience and the awareness of it. For you it might mean a different thing. But note that just because it's the highest form of meditation it doesn't mean that it's the most useful for you right now. If you want to find the the most useful meditation then you can experiment with several of them, or you can try out the Finders Course. It costs a bit, but they claim to have high success rates. Or you can try the Trinfinity Academy for free. Here's a topic about it:
  12. Do you have emotions? Or are you just aware of them? If you don't have emotions, then why are they a problem? When you're watching a sad movie, do you feel like you have to stop the movie to work through your emotions? Probably not because the events in the move are not happening to you. Do you think that you're living your life and it's happening to you? It's okay to have emotions and if you have time feel free to fully focus on them. Just don't make a problem out of them. If you have a solution for the cause of your emotions then use your emotions as the energy to solve the cause of your negative emotions. If you don't have a solution for the causes then use your emotions as a spiritual practice. Just sit with them. Don't focus on the story of your emotions, but focus on the awareness of the emotions. If your emotions are too strong then let them destroy you. Die to your emotions, but keep on breathing. That's how masters are born.
  13. I get similar chills on psychedelics, but I don't know what it is
  14. Yeah, welcome back How did it feel physically? On mushrooms and lsd I always feel a pressure in my head. The only reason why I don't take higher doses is because I'm concerned that I might break something up there (physically)
  15. Life is a spiritual practice described as: "Whatever happens, just keep on breathing"