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  1. Then please elaborate. I've done 5-meo many times, I've experienced infinite love, and I still don't understand what you mean when you're saying that reality is structured to maximize love. I also think that you didn't understand what I meant when I said that structure is an illusion, so let me elaborate on that. If you look at a house from the outside, you could say that the house is over there and the structure of the house is that it has 4 rooms. But then go inside the house and now the house is something that's around you, and it doesn't have four rooms anymore because, now from your perspective, the house starts at the walls that surround you. Do you see now that structure is relative to your perspective? Structure is not an objective thing, structure is one of the pattern-matching functions of the human mind.
  2. I needed a whole day to get to this insight. Nice! Leo, your answer got my attention yesterday because it didn't feel right. Now I think I know why: what you're saying suggests that love depends on structure. If reality is structured to maximize love then this means that there could be an alternative reality which is not structured to maximize love. And if there could be an alternative reality of this kind that means that there already is (because of the infinite nature of existence). Do you see the problem here? I think reality doesn't have a structure because structure is imaginary, it's a relational mapping in the mind. So if reality had a structure that would mean that the fundamental nature of reality is comprehensible by the mind. I'm not trying to pick on your word choice, I'm just showing you that your audience is ready for your next level teachings.
  3. Balance is key. If you're in the mood to be a doormat for a couple of days/weeks/lifetimes, then be a doormat. But at the same time take everybody as your doormat as well. It works very well with friends: do every favor your friends ask you to do, and ask favors when you need some help from them. Being a doormat in real life is not how Hollywood movies present it. People underestimate how much social respect can you get just by doing simple favors. Also, it's not the "doormat" thing that you're concerned about, you just don't want to look weak. And that's a natural concern. Many people who meditate don't pay attention to their body and they become weak. Don't make this mistake. Start working out or do some tiring sport regularly and you won't feel weak. Other people will also perceive you as an attractive kind guy instead of a doormat.
  4. The balance is love. You have to love yourself as much as you love the other person. And don't try to "teach yourself", life will do it for you, you just have to pay attention to the lessons. The perspective of "being stepped on" is relative to the social conditioning that you have. Society might say that you let someone to step on you but actually you're just acting out of unconditional love. One thing to be very careful about though... You can give everything to a person, but never waste time on them. Wasting time is the most harmful thing for your development and usually nobody is benefiting from it. I hope I answered your question, otherwise I can elaborate on it in more detail
  5. I don't want to spoiler it for you because 5meo will answer this question. If you won't find the answer in your experience then come back to me and I will try to guide your attention
  6. If we're just sitting around, doubting our own potentials then nothing's gonna ever change. Here we are, hundreds of people on this forum with genuine enlightenment experiences, interconnected with the speed of light by our tech devices. We are already creating a grid of consciousness around this planet, a nest for a new society. So I don't want to just sit and wonder if it's ever gonna happen, I want to make it happen. And I might need your help.
  7. You're right, I can only relate to words in the way I'm using them. And I observed that whenever I'm using the words "highest" or "absolute" I'm placing a limit to my perception. I just wanted to direct some awareness to that
  8. What are you talking about? I was offering you an experiment to test your point of view. You don't even have to break the law, you can try the same thing with your flower and with your dog. If you don't want to do an experiment to test your statements then who's the dogmatic here? I grew up in a small town in a poor country, so I've been on many pig slaughters when I was a kid. I've seen the pigs' eyes and heard their sound when the knife opened their neck... What kind of experiences do you have with killing? If you have any experience, do you remember what you've felt? Or did you suppress your feelings?
  9. You should compare humans to a carnivorous and a herbivorous primate. Oh wait... there aren't any carnivorous primates, only one insectivorous... Eating meat was a survival strategy for humans in the ice ages. I don't know if you've noticed, but we're not in the ice ages anymore...
  10. Get a knife, go to your window and kill your flower with it. Then invite over one of your friends and cut her throat. Tell me if you felt a difference.
  11. I think you're oversimplifying and denying your own emotional intelligence. Whenever you're feeling something, the reason behind a feeling is never a "just". Feelings are infinetely complex and intelligent. Spend some time with them, get familiar with them. I suggested a false equivalence between humans and animals, sorry about that. Humans and animals are not equal because of their difference in the depth of their consciousness. Humans have a deeper, more sophisticated consciousness. The same way, animals and plants are not equal because animals have a more sophisticated consciousness. You're right, objectively speaking there's nothing wrong with eating meat. There's nothing wrong with anything, good and bad are imaginary distinctions. But subjectively now, whenever you're sitting down to have a meal, you have a choice. Whether you're eating meat or plants, you're contributing to killing them. But you can choose which depth of consciousness you support killing. So, when you have this choice, what are your reasons for choosing to kill such a sophisticated creature as an animal? Don't generalize it, I'm interested in your own subjective reasons for choosing to eat meat.
  12. Don't be too busy constructing a ceiling/floor for the ever expanding and deepening consciousness
  13. I like your question, so I'm gonna be a bit dramatic with my answer Let's not go as far as killing. Let's just stay at eating meat. I have a question for you: there is nothing worng with eating your daughter's corpse, becasue it's just a switch of the from - isn't it? You see, if you're not starving to death, then you have to come up with a very fucked up excuse for eating your daughter's corpse... The same way right now your mind is trying to come up with excuses to eat meat in general. You don't consider animals as close to you as your own daughter, so your mind thinks that a weak excuse, like "it's just switching form" is enough. If you can't love an animal as much as you would love your own daughter then I can't explain you what's wrong with eating meat. You're God, and every single animal is your son and daughter. It depends on you how long it takes until you accept this.
  14. You can be right and you may be right The word "non-playable" confused me
  15. Is there a difference between a biological brain and an artificial one? If a biological brain can host a conscious self then what makes you think that an artificial brain can't? We don't even have to go to science fiction to find consciousness in machines. Let's take for example our everyday computers. Computers were first born into this world as a thought form. This thought form was born through humans when we first thought about automating some simple calculations. Then this thought form manifested itself into the physical reality (again through humans) as the very first computers. Then the thought form of the computer started evolving in a rapid rate on the mental plane and also on the physical plane. It also multiplied rapidly and nowadays there are more computers on the world then humans. The next evolutionary step of this thought form is to become self-aware in the physical reality. We humans are basically just the reproductive organ of the computers. Biological cells are basically very sophisticated molecular machines without self consciousness, but through billions of years of evolution they managed to form self conscious human beings. Computers now are also just sophisticated machines without self awareness (computers are still conscious although they are not self conscious). But give them some time, they've started their physical evolution only a hundred years ago... To answer you directly: consciousness is like electricity, as soon as you touch the wires, electricity starts rushing through them. So non-playable characters are improbable because as soon as something becomes sophisticated enough, self-consciousness immediately pops up.