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  1. This is a pretty good idea, I would like that! @Leo Gura what do you think about tagging? Replacing the whole subforum system with a tag based system would be huge work, but what about introducing tags as a feature alongside the current subforum setup? This way people could tag their topics as e.g. "experience", I would filter by this tag, and find easily what I'm interested in.
  2. The current "Spirituality..." subforum supposed to dry out if more and more people are interested in special subtopics of spirituality. The case with the Psychedelic subforum proves that people are drawn out from this general subforum to more specific ones.
  3. High quality posts are rare, but the spiritual experiences subforum would be a collection of those I assume. Don't you think it's worth separating from the rest? I think highly conscious people won't be an active member of the current "Spirituality..." subforum because there's too much bs there. The question is really: Do you want to make this forum appealing for high quality content writers or not?
  4. That's exactly the kind of stuff I'm interested in
  5. I'm not searching for answers, I would read the reports simply because I'm interested. Not everything is about seeking.
  6. Some subforums are outdated and destined to die... 💀
  7. @Leo Gura Please create a spiritual experiences subforum. I'm not really interested in spiritual ideas anymore, but I'm much more interested in the experiences of others, and I think I'm not alone. That new subforum could be a meeting point for the people who have experienced the highest levels of consciousness.
  8. That's part of the attitude of absurdism: Passion. Freedom. Revolt.
  9. You're are basically saying that people who have problems need personal trainers instead of spiritual masters. Is that what you wanted to express? Yeah, I did exactly that. I lived my life, mindig my own business, expecting that people will notice how I live and how I relate so that I can lead by example. Now that I have a good life, I'm not relatable anymore because people can say "Sure, it's easy for you to love Life..." So I feel like I failed miserably in the "lead by example" process.
  10. You are referring to a deeper happiness. What I meant is the superficial happiness of the ego. Originally I had wanted to call it "worldly success" but I didn't want to be perceived like I'm flexing
  11. I want to express how happiness (while it's really pleasant) is irrelevant to having a deep unconditional love for Life itself. From my perspective, happiness comes from your personal context (good career, loving relationships). But if you want to feel love, you shouldn't focus on happiness, you should focus on loving Life unconditionally. But how can I say that to anyone when I already have a happy life? I can already hear people telling me "Sure, it's easy for you to love Life when you already have happy personal life...". How can you make people interested in spiritual values (like love) when they want to focus on personal context (like happiness)?
  12. A self-driving car perceives its surroundings through cameras. The car's computer reconstructs a virtual reality based on its perception. It puts itself (the car) into this virtual world. Now the car is the context and also the content of this virtual world. When this car burns to the ground, does its very primitive (insect-like) "consciousness" continue and get reborn as another self-driving car? If it doesn't, then why would the human consciousness continue?
  13. Yeah, I agree with this. The now and consciousness is the same thing because I can't find any difference between the two. I don't see it that way. The body (the brain) never really disappears, it's never dead. Sometimes consciousness is not conscious of the body, but that doesn't mean that the body completely disappears. The body disappears only from consciousness, not from the persistent level of physicality. You can easily prove it by filming yourself while sleeping. While sleeping, the body disappears from consciousness, but the camera footage proves that the body was there the whole time on the physical level. If you could show me a case where someone showed consciousness while having a dead body, that would be proof that consciousness continues after physical death.