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  1. @Shiva What else would you do with your free time? Whatever your answer is, do that, until you get bored of it. And then do the next thing that you want to do, until you get bored of it. Then you might realize that you want to help others, that's what you want to do the most. Then you do that, and you realize that in the process of trying to help others you're causing emotional pains to the people in your life. Then you start to learn how to be more loving and accepting simply because you don't want to hurt your loved ones. And you realize that meditation is a great tool for becoming more loving and accepting and because of meditation you feel better every day, even in your private moments. You'll meditate a lot because you'll become good at it and it becomes the most enjoyable activity that you've ever done. At this point you're still not enlightened. But somehow you became the happiest person you've ever been and you love every second of your life. And all this happened just by continuously doing what you wanted the most. Living a life like this, would you really ask 'Why to do all the hard work for enlightenment"? So then, what do you want to do the most right now? Be very sincere with yourself about this.
  2. Are you afraid that nobody will pay for your pension?
  3. If a black hole's event horizon is a 2D surface on which the 3D "physical reality" is stored and Consciousness is the surface on which "subjective reality" is stored then can it be that a black hole is the pure physical manifestation of Consciousness? If I want to imagine the pure physical manifestation of Consciousness then I would imagine a huge and powerful being that is able to break Space-Time Continuum itself. A black hole is kinda doing exactly that. Maybe it doesn't even make sense to talk about multiple black holes. If black holes broke through the Space-Time Continuum and separation doesn't make sense outside of the Space-Time Continuum then all black holes are essentially one. Maybe existential separation doesn't really make sense from the point of view of Consciousness the same way as physical separation doesn't really make sense from the point of view of the Black Hole. What if there's also a physical aspect for the inside of a black hole? What if there's a whole universe inside of every black hole? If every black hole is conscious and our universe is inside a black hole then I could be the Black Hole experiencing myself as a human inside the universe that is inside the black hole that I am.
  4. Congratulations! Now you can start to really live. You can start doing anything that you've been afraid of doing before. Learn to ride a motorcycle! Learn skydiving! If hope is already lost, what else can you lose?
  5. Yeah, its awsom tu kombine self enquire whit fyscadelix!
  6. Try a guided meditation of Adyashanti and see it for yourself
  7. Yes, as I said, he's is talking about everybody. He compares the outgoing energy with the inward going energy, regardless of the level of consciousness. But I agree that the title of the chapter is misleading.
  8. If he would talk about enlightened people he wouldn't talk about them being unconscious and their ego taking over and relying on "efforting" to get what they want. These are clearly the attributes of people who are still asleep.
  9. Note that he doesn't talk about enlightened people. He talks about everybody. In these two paragraphs he is not comparing the enlightened with the unenlightened. He compares the outgoing energy with the inward going energy. But these two energies are not correlated with the degree of consciousness.
  10. I'm not very good at expressing my perspective on something, so I link a video instead. This talk is the most brilliant teaching I've ever heard on the topic of will:
  11. I'm not talking from the absolute or no self perspective. I'm asking these questions from the human perspective. Right here, right now, hearing your thoughts, feeling your emotions: if you feel that you want something, is that want yours? Can you trace it back to its origins? Does that will come from freedom? Or is it the result of your past experiences? Be sincere to yourself about this.
  12. @ivankiss Do you have free will? Or does the will have you? Where do your wills come from? If you have free will, can you change your will? And where does the will to change your will come from? Can you stop wanting anything? And where does the will to stop wanting come from? Is the will really something that you have? I think the most important question is: are you free from the will?