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  1. Is this true? Or is this an excuse for thinking about everything?
  2. Wisdom has been spoken here
  3. Sadness is the feeling when the higher self wants to cry out of compassion for the mental self, because the mental self doesn't see the beauty in life.
  4. The feeling of Infinity and the feeling of Nothingness is the same feeling, because Infinity is so infinite that we can't even feel it. Don't believe this statement, just meditate on it
  5. Are you working with weed or Ketamine? Or deeper psychedelics like mushrooms or mescaline? I noticed a slight addiction in myself to weed (meaning that I crave it even when I don't need it). So now I'm using it less. But I can't imagine being addicted to mushrooms. My body doesn't like mushrooms at all, I feel a pressure in my head, my whole body becomes weak and I feel cold. I'm still taking small doses of mushrooms (0.5 g) on the weekends. But it's only to step out of my physical and mental comfort zone.
  6. What do you mean by addiction? Are you addicted to spirituality? Or you're following the spiritual path because you recognize that it's good for your development? How do you differentiate between being addicted to a tool and using the tool consciously?
  7. @Shakazulu I didn't memorize those questions, I came up with those as I was typing. It's enough to remember one question: How can I love myself in this moment? All the other questions come from this one.
  8. Doing spiritual work instead of providing yourself your basic needs is spiritual bypassing. Doing physical (or mental) work without being conscious of the present moment is "mental bypassing". (I just made this term up right now ) The mind likes to divide things into opposites: I either do this or that. But in reality, you don't have to draw a line between spiritual work and material work. Life can become simply the process of learning to love yourself. You can ask questions, like: What would help me to heal right now? Which activity would make me the happiest right now? What would help me to love life more? How could I contribute the most at this moment? What would make me the happiest right now? You could see what to do at every moment, just by answering one of these questions. Sometimes the answer will point to a spiritual activity, and sometimes it will point to a physical activity. And that's okay. Life is not a straight line but a spiral. Life is the act of balancing ourselves. I seldom make decisions about my future. I like to ask myself questions and let my quiet self answer to these questions moment by moment.
  9. If you're into psychedelics then I can recommend you a combo that will show you exactly your barriers against loving every moment. But I can also answer this question in words, if you want me to spoiler your own discoveries.
  10. This kind of love is beautiful, but it wasn't the kind of love that I meant. The love I was pointing to is a bit more subtle than that. Like, being aware of the world is in itself an act of love. Being aware of the world means that you're inviting the experience of it in, in every moment. Thank you Thanks!
  11. @Wisebaxter Pay attention to the transition from around 4:20 until 5:20.
  12. In my last post I talked about two important questions that we can ask ourselves. If you haven't read that yet, I recommend that you do so because we're gonna build on that in this post. Yo can find my last post here: Now I want to talk about emotional healing. When I feel a negative emotion, I recognize that the emotion hurts only because it's concentrated into a small space in my body. It hurts because it needs more space to balance itself out. So I just ask the question: What am I? This question reminds me that I am also the external world. And immediately the experience of my being is expanded because now it includes the external world as well. In this expanded self, the emotion has space to rush out and fill my entire being, This way the emotion balances itself out. 99% of the emotion will go to the outside world, and it doesn't hurt my body anymore. I hope this technique will help you.
  13. Yes. I thought it was obvious from my answer.