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  1. Somebody took the red pill
  2. Has any of you listened to the audiobook called The One of Us? I'm looking for similar books/audiobooks. Any recommendation is welcome.
  3. =)) best thread of the month. Moderators: please don't stop this!
  4. This is my new favorite spiritual practice, thanks!
  5. Concept and imagination. Look at your hand! I agree with the things you're saying, but the way you're saying it sounds disharmonic to me. It has truth but little love. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like you're using your knowledge as a weapon, and you fight for your self development. In any case, whatever your beliefs are, those are exactly what's keeping you from evolving further.
  6. I can assure you, officer, everything is fine, no conscience around here!
  7. @i am I AM I think there was a misunderstanding. I didn't say that I had "no need for response". Although, that's true, why would I need responses? I just said that I didn't ask those questions to get answers for them. Those were contemplating questions, not questions to be answered. A contemplating question in me comes from curiosity and it searches for a feeling, not a thought. I like contemplating, I shared it for others who would also like it.
  8. You can be thankful for the food that you're eating before every meal. This can change your diet drastically. Before eating an apple, you can be thankful for that apple and for the tree that produced it. Before drinking a cup of milk, you can be thankful for the milk and for the cow that produced it. This way, before eating every meal you'll remember where the food came from, and you can decide whether you want to support that source of food or not. For example, before you drink milk, you'll remember that this milk came from factory farming or from a nice farmer household depending on what kind of milk you (or your parents) bought. And then you can decide whether you want to support that source of food or not. Emotionally it feels very good to be free from the diet related guilt that builds up over time.
  9. Beautiful. Both videos. The first one reminds me of the meditation I was doing last night. I was curious how does it feel to be from the most effortless aspect of myself. So I just fell into that effortlessness. In the end I just fell asleep.
  10. Eat mushrooms. And then eat what the mushrooms tell you to eat
  11. I don't believe in conclusions. Conclusion exists only in thoughts. In reality, everything is infinite without finalities, without conclusions. I ask questions, but not to get an answer in thoughts. My intent is not even to start a thinking process. I ask questions because I like to feel into that curiosity that the question opens up in me.
  12. I wasn't expecting answers, I was offering a contemplation. I'm not searching for answers and I cannot trust those who have them.
  13. When I ask "what is Truth?", the Truth is not gonna be the answer to this question. The Truth for me is the question itself.
  14. I know, the title is weird, but hear me out I just realized, that when I'm considering doing something risky, I'm afraid only because of one reason. This reason is that my future self wouldn't like the negative consequences. When I resist what I'm doing in the present moment, I'm only resisting it because the self in me doesn't like it. But what is this "self"? Why does the opinion of this self appear to be more important than what's actually happening in the present moment? Why do I want this self to like this life? What if this self is really just the conditioning of the past? What if this current self couldn't even like how the unconditionally loving Self expresses itself? Why do I have to like my life if I can choose to unconditionally love it?