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  1. @Gianna I know how you feel, i can totally relate. I enjoy friendships with men also, but do not want anything with them romantically/ sexually. I feel bad/ like a bitch when i have to reject them and struggle to say no when they try to make a move on me. I too need to stop being too nice and just accept it. I do not like to hurt peoples feelings either but thats life. Good luck girl
  2. congrats! I'm happy for you it was very entertaining to red, even better that a Erotic novel. enjoy it
  3. @ivankiss hehe happy to hear that with your fwb situation, quite an intresting post. As a Female I myself try to direct my energy in other ways whenever an urge arises, but as @WelcometoReality said 'You cant control what you desire, but you can control how that energy is expressed' - You cannot control control your thoughts, they're not here to be controlled. It is what it is. Im from london but currently living in Barcelona
  4. what are you currently doing to transend your urges? hows your journey going? out of curiosity where are you from?