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  1. what is the equivalent of 0.5g mushrooms (approximately) in truffles?
  2. @DefinitelyNotARobot i dont get it?
  3. wow great trip report, very intresting read. I like how many insights you had and how you will continue with the work. Truly mindblowing descriptions too of what youve discovered, nice! cool actualized vids as well that you mentioned too.
  4. i would be intrested to know also
  5. well said!, agree most with 'Opening my heart instead of closing it'
  6. like your writing style. good luck on the new chapter in your life? what country is MB?
  7. @justfortoday great explanations, i liked the way you stated: 'Similar to a dream, all the characters are just projections of your subconscious. You manifest all people you meet into existence the moment you are aware of them.' This is so profound and mindblowing, my ego mind is getting in the way of me grasping this.
  8. @aurum yes thanks I appreciate that coming from a males perspective, i dont think im asking for too much- e.g marriage proposal. At the end of the day everyone is different in their wants and expectations, and if nothing is communicated then i cant be 'upset' at the person for not saying anything. I know there is no one fit answer but now i have more clarity on the situation.
  9. Thanks everyone for their input. i definetly have some food for thought. The thing is in the past when Ive not communicated what I wanted (out of fear of scaring the guy) the majority of the time they ghost/ loose intrest @hamedsf @Etherial Cat and @somegirl points i strongly resonate with, starting to disagree with some of Leo's comments. But yes still lots of reflection and Self love need to be a priority here. Yes this, for me sex is never casual. And yes I will communicate upfront that I want something serious if it comes to it, i know its a balancing act. the thing is its hard to drop my expectations as it is hardwired and programmed into me and the majority of females.
  10. @zazen yea you make some good valid points, this is my dilema- I need an emotional connection before sex, but i know the issue is men arent biologically programmed the same way and also for the sexual compatibility with the other. Yes some men will look at it with respect and others wont care either way. I know all depends on the guy.
  11. yes true, I can see both sides of the coin, but the expression 'why buy the milk, if he can get the cow for free' comes to mind.
  12. thanks @Preety_India, boundaries are key @Leo Gura, Yes you are absolutely correct with everything, i liked the analogy . I do want to express my sexual energy with him, or someone in general and have a commited relationship. I still have a lot of inner work to do, especially with self love. Intresting to hear a males perspective on 'No quality guy is going to commit to you before sex'- never thought of that before. However saying that I do still belive that *Some* guys will just take advantage of the sex if it is just given in the early stages, thus unlikely to commit. Again just my belief and what Ive found with past experiences.
  13. Hi All. Should you communicate with a guy you’re seeing that you want a relationship before you have sex or just let it unfold naturally?. .I am seeing someone currently and feel a connection with him(we haven’t discussed labels), just seeing eachother, going on dates and enjoying eachothers company ect. On the one hand I know boundaries are important and I need to speak my truth, as in telling the other person that I want something serious, however from all the conflicting information online that says that saying that you want a commitment upfront ‘usually’ scares the guy and he should usually come to his own decision and/or go with the flow. As a female, I overthink more than I should about stuff that really doesn’t matter. I know @Flowerfaeiry has a recent similar post. I don’t want to just have sex without commitment, and don’t want to share my sexual energy with anybody either. I understand I am giving off some fear energy writing this post. I know that the answers is relative and every male is different, but I just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance, have a good day
  14. @KennedyCarter hehe every woman needs to read/listen to him!
  15. @KennedyCarter thanks for the recomendation, recently discovered this author and currently listening to 'ho tatics' which is really relatable/ funny. will check out this book after