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  1. thank you! already know im gonna like it, cant wait to watch it. greatful for your work. what a great day its been
  2. @LSD-Rumi whats gbl/gbh?
  3. I agree. Yes even though Im all for my health, alcohol is my guilty pleasure. I dont drink often but like the confidence and temporary good feeling it gives you.
  4. this is a great post, I can really resonate with this currently in my life. yes awareness really is they key
  5. just wondering is there any evidence that organic wines are a bit better for you than other wines ? obviously all alcohol in any cantidad is bad for you and you cant believe everything that is online.
  6. Yes i loved it, watched it twice. Incredible film
  7. i think most people can relate to this, good that youve got awareness over it. Have you heard of the sedona method? and letting go of thoughts?
  8. @Vlad_I love this post. Wish i could save this. thanks for sharing. I keep making the intention to do this but keep failing. Even if i plan to do it on the weekend,cos of my weak mind - i keep getting sucked in back to the screens/ instant gratification. Other than meditation what other things did you do on your detox?
  9. Like someone said in a previous thread. Im all for RO but as i live in a rented apartment (like a lot of people) i dont have the option to have/ install an RO system. Even the on the counter ones unfortunately. @Leo Gura what about buying water in glass bottles? Its a Better alternative to plastic
  10. @Leo Gura can you share your thoughts to why a Brita filter/jug is inefficient. I know its nowhere close to a RO filter. Isnt it possible that brita filters some of the unwanted stuff?
  11. I can resonate with what the o.p is saying here and i agree. I understand Leos teaching style and that he deals with a lot of low consciousness comments ect. But yes sometimes i get triggered by his attitude, especially when his message is being more loving to others. Its not his words per se but the way he says it. For example most of man kind is still in the dark ages, and living from ego. What bugs me is leos harsh, condescending tone, and judging attitude of others for example their lifestyle choices such as drinking ect
  12. @iceprincessI am also in the same dilema as you, i have an appointment for my 4th vaccine(booster) next week. But im hesistant to go as I don't think its necessary especially for my age.
  13. Can anyone share the name leos most recent vid on his blog `Toxic Masculinity In A Nutshell´´ as the video is not avaliable in my country. thanks
  14. Exactly, great comment.
  15. anyone here from Italy/ rome?