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  1. i just recently rewatched this movie, i liked it, good cast
  2. there was a YT channel named couch wisdom, who posted just leos blog videos(i assume without leos permission), i can no longer find it, was a good channel, bookmark of his prev blog vids
  3. hey, i remember leo mentioned in a few vids the importance of solo travel for growth ect, and even living in a new country what impact has this had on your life? i think in his satisfaction meditation vid and another one? if someone can remember for me.
  4. hi, was there an update on them?
  5. yes thnk you, i already do this with dimming the light settings on android phone and laptop. i guess the glasses could work for some, part of me think they work other just marketing. also might sound a bit weird and unnecessary, but im also thinking of wearing them if i go out clubbing (i dont go out often) but there is a lot of bright, artifical lights in clubs so to minimise the exposure to them lol
  6. hello, yes im your typical person, for my job in front of a screen all day, and my phone... then in the evening more staring at the screen, making it harder to fall asleep, anyone have any experience owning a pair? is it just a hype
  7. yes definetly depends on the girl, i mean honestly maybe first date is nice and you´re into her, i dont expect it going forward, if he insists to pay then maybe ill let him. But i wouldnt feel right him paying for all the bills, if im working but thats just me.
  8. stimulation, alcohol (sometimes), coffee, gym, watching Youtube, this forum
  9. well said leo, sad but very true
  10. @gettoefl nicely said, spot on!
  11. this is an intresting post, as I was wondering the same thing as you. I mean i like the feeling of being a lil tipsy also, without overdoing it. But i still look for alternatives, i still value my health more but still its a lot of fun in moderation.
  12. Leo, In one of your videos, i think it was the satisfaction meditation one, you mentioned you had been reading/ listening to a book on dopamine. Can you share? Thanks
  13. thanks, good classic practical vids, needed this reminder
  14. yes thank you, i think it was that one ill rewatch. much love