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  1. hey there, sorry youre going through this difficult period, as they say pain makes us stronger and we 'grow' through the hard times. and yes be easy on yourself during this time, cry if you need to. Who broke up with who? or was it mutual? let her go,if it is meant to be she'll come back. if not like said above youll attract another high quality partner evenutually.
  2. hey, hows your streak going? wishing u the best of luck
  3. anyone could do a summary on 'Lessons From Ketamine - Is Ketamine Useful For Spirituality' would be appreciated thanks
  4. good post! enjoyed reading it, you made some valid points. [ractical wisdom. yes surrender is the key
  5. What is the video posted above? I cant see it by OP
  6. @Edwardo hey im actually going next thursday 16th, but thanks for the recomendation. how was your trip?
  7. hi, anyone in barcelona?
  8. Ok thanks for suggestions all, I Will be staying in Grünerløkka
  9. currently watching- some funny parts so far, worth a watch!
  10. oh my.. this is a hard one- so many to choose from. Just some that come to mind -How Your Mind Distorts Reality - Needy vs Non-Needy Perception *(This one i resonate with a lot) -Outrageous Experiments In Consciousness. -What is actuality? -Self deception series -Self Love -40 signs you are neurotic..
  11. Hi Bit of a random post, i will be travelling to oslo, norway in a couple of weeks. Just wondered if there was anyone from Norway/ or has been before on the forum who could recommend me some places. Thanks
  12. wow what an amazing read, so inspiring and profound. I have my IM retreat next week for 3 nights, so excited and a lil nervous. I can resonate about the part where you talked about your mother. I know words probably dont do it justice, something everyone needs to experience. I have never smoked before, so a bit corncered when i do the bufo, how to inhale it and hold it properly?
  13. good insights! what did you take that showed you this?
  14. @Gesundheit2 aew thanks for the compliment. yes you are right, its kinda like a double standard. Girls can praise or give compliments to eachother and its considered normal or nice. However if a guy does it sometimes, then some people interpret it as "creepy" or something silly, or he has a motive. Yes, fuck what other people think, people will judge no matter what you do/say. So yes I cant blame guys for having this fear. We need more guys like yourself!
  15. unfortunately I do not know anybody that has access, or knows where I could get this type of stuff.. nor a Shaman ...