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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this, i miss his old blog vids, and want to revisit some of them again
  2. intresting read, good on you just came across your Youtube vid, and will check out some of the other vids, btw that transformation gym pic above ´´hes so handsome whats his nameee´´ loool
  3. Thanks for your responses. Thats what im currently doing, feeling the hurt and pain as much as i possibly can. Trying to embrace the hurt feelings and not distract myself as i usually would. Fully be there and observé my feelings through meditation. Whats a bitch is the thoughts come to be at night especially, and cant switch off my mind and sleep.I know theres the advise 'feel to heal' but at the same time im a bit concerned about LOA, as like attracts like. Thing is im conflicted, part of me wants to resolve things with this person but the hurt right Now is too painful. Other side of me has Accepted the situation and trying to come to terms with the loss..
  4. Yeah i know much harder said than done. I Love Anna Brown shes amazing! What a babe
  5. Yeah whats sad is i never Saw It coming, i recently watched leos vid 'everyone acts out of good intentions' and It felt like he spoke to me directly when he said something like ' naming other people Evil/ hating others, only makes you a more Bitter person' which is so true in my eyes. Still a Bitter pill to swallow. Other videos that come to mind are 'how to forgive someone' and 'how to del with strong negative emotions' but i fail to actually put into practice.
  6. I dont really know what im asking for posting this. I have recently cut out a family member that has done something in my eyes unforgivable. What hurts me most is i was very close with this person, i cant see them changing. I know forgiveness is the answer, but my ego is resisting hard. i cant sleep most nights. Taken pills, exercise some times, but now its taking toll on my mental health too. Any one havre similar experiences? Also btw i have my first silent meditation retreat this evening, so yeah will be very intresting/ challenging for my ego, which has completely hijacked my thinking mind (more than usual) during this difficult time..
  7. Yes good reminder. Good post! Definetly biggest benefit, not trapped in wage slavery.
  8. Im just fearful of the unknown. But its a goal of mine. Yh just the extra crap that u have to Pay in the beginning like taxed ect. More freedom in some ways. But if like something breaks, or isnt working you're responsible as the homeowner to Fix It. Dont like the idea of morgages also. i wouldnt say that the only benefit is financial. I would say that its your own place, and you have less restrictions, can decorate It how you want. Also your own space if youre not living with roomates. This id the biggest benefit, as i Love my own space and Love living alone.
  9. i know its relative and also depending on the country you live in. Question to homeowners: biggest benefits and the challenges of owning your own property instead of renting. I know theres a loads of variables to consider as well as the financial aspects of owning. I would like to purchase a flat one day but a little fear holding me back. thanks
  10. Im just using plástico Walter bottles, sometimes a glass 1. RO isnt an option for me where i live.
  11. Anyone own one? Does it actually do what it claims? Or just expensive hyped up?
  12. i agree, personally i didnt think mastery was the greatest book, as in for me personally a 1 time read. but grow rich , 7 habits ,and compound effect are far better and pragmatic IMO
  13. wow this is inspiring, thank you for sharing. Bravo to you for actually taking action and doing what you set out to do despite the challenges,. I hope to do something like this also, much respect to you
  14. yes i agree, totally makes sense. Even though we create these lies and justify to ourselves that its ´normal´, we kinda are just brainwashed and accept it as true.