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  1. maybe these videos could help I hope everything turns out well
  2. Whats the benefits of contemplating on something vs learning it from a book that explains it in deep details?
  3. @Nahm i am sorry but i still don't get what i did well(except if it was the points i had maybe?) glad it wasn't an insult👍
  4. @Nahm is it an insult? I really don't get it
  5. @Nahm how? It doesn't make any sense why would the body have ears to be able to "detect" sounds if both just are an illusion why would they have evolved over time if its not real? Sorry but it doesn't make any sense from what I understand of evolution what are the knowledge(or proof) we have that ears and sound are an illusion?
  6. isn't sound vibration created by other things? if it's an illusion why do we have ears?
  7. I recommend reading Deep work by Cal Newport and ultra learning by Scott H Young
  8. hi what do you think is the optimal(or ultimate) personal development lifestyle?(if there is one) for example, some of the things i have found my self could be in a career: be so good they can'y ignore you personal life: spend less time on distractions(or time waster) more on taking responsibility, taking action(design your life in a way so that it support taking action for example it helps spending less time on distractions and on too many things throughout the day), permanently fixing problems at the root cause, doing the emotional difficult thing, Truth, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, meditation, deep relaxation, exercise, digital minimalism what do you think is the ultimate personal development lifestyle?
  9. would be awesome if he would do a video on this
  10. Some of the things that seems to worked for me that i have observed is to just try to be freindly and make her comfortable around you and try to make her laugh but also show that you are interested (i guess that if you go directly in without even getting to know her she knows very little about you and you are pretty much just a stranger to her) but you also have to make a move instead of waiting for her to make one(if you are having difficulty to approach her it might be approach anexity) something else that might be holding you back could be limiting belief(maybe also some other belief other than those mentioned) such as natural talent and that woman doesn't seem to have any trouble (i am sure both are just wishful thinking as you don't have to look hard to the first one find an explanation for what's really happend than just it's just natural talent at least i have found this to be true in terms of natural talent in learning and that you probably don't have to look so far if you are in a group of a lot of people to find girls who also have trouble just as much as you)
  11. its definitely not something all males are interested in so it's not a nature of a male(if you mean the same for every males that is if not i misunderstood and i am sorry) I am sorry but that's just sexist
  12. @Dominik Drums I just try to understand the information and then find a way to use it in pratice if it's important to the goals i want to accomplish( isn't the only place I use if i need information for the goals i want to acomplish but it has a lot of valuable information for personal development) but this is also what responsibility means you are responsible for the action/decisions etc you take on your own which is what leo said you should agree to do if you use the things he says in the videos
  13. he also says in the video description that people should take 100% responsibility if they take action on what he says in the video(paraphrasing but similar) at least i sware i have seen it before either on hes website or hes videos yep he did it with this video