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  1. Knight and day, westworld, back to the future, rick and morty, breaking bad, better cal saul, the strain, game of thrones, the planet of the apes triology, the book theif, attack on titans, superman vs the elite dc comics, the defenders and all the previous shows they made for the same characters in it, agent of shield tv series, the mist by stephen king(the movie not the tv series) and the dark tower by stephen king(the movie) not really sure what you mean by non toxic when it comes to entertainment but those are some pretty good tv shows/films in my opinion
  2. If you are looking for something where you can both read faster and still have full comprehension i think an alternative to speed reading might be to concentrate much more intensely without distractions but it is also much harder to do (there is a book on this called deep work by cal newport)
  3. the best thing i know that could be a solution might be to really dig deep and find the root cause of the problem and have the self disciplin to face it and also fully feel the emotion with zero resistance i think it might also help to read a book called the road less traveled by scott peck it have a lot of good infomation on how to deal with challenging things in life (for example one of the things he talks about is to accept that life is difficult) something else that could help might be to have a journal where you write the problems you are facing to get a clear idea of what the root cause is and to track your progress hope it helps good luck
  4. i am sorry if i am rude and i might be wrong but isn't this sort of working at the problem at a superficial level rather than dig deep and finding the root cause of the problem? or could you say its a way to gain the courage to work on it at a deep level?
  5. @Shakazulu I don't think time mangement is as important as having the best possible technique(planning and scheduling also helps ) i think if you have a really effective technique (and zero distractions) you should be able to do what you want to accomplish more and at higher quality in less time an example of a really good technique could for example be something called deep work if the goal is to learn something or if there is something you need to pratice it could be by using both deep work and something called deliberate pratice one of the best techniques i have found for doing personal development is fully feel the emotion with zero resistance, doing the most difficult emotional thing, and really dig deep(looking at whats going inside/behind at ones thoughts to find the root cause of the problem) (having a clear goal of what the problem is helps or at least it did from my experience ) the only downside maybe is that it can take some research to find a good technique but if it isn't related to what you are looking for maybe you could schedule every minute of your day the day before there is some people who have written about this before so you should be able to find something on google (on example is cal newport) i think it also helps to focus at one thing at a time but really focus as much as possible until it's finished and then repeat the same thing with the next thing you need to finish of course with breaks here and there if necessary (or in other words work hard play hard) kind regards
  6. @Captain Flint exactly what i am thinkingšŸ‘
  7. Just because he is late doesn't have to mean he is dead he is human too stuff could come up and it have happen before that the video got delayed a day if we don't hear anything at all from him after a month or so then it make sense to start worrying
  8. I think some of the things that plays key role is self discipline(not just a little but as much as you possibly can), pratice and of course remove all distractions if it something that you have to learn i highly recommend reading deep work by cal newport
  9. Maybe instead of waiting for opportunitys to come to him maybe he would have a better chance if he created the opportunitys him self btw about being passionate the reason why I recommended the book is because most people get passion wrong and therefore doesn't feel very happy at what they do so it could be worth reading for example some people believe that you have a pre existing passion and you just should go out and do that then you will feel happy but it turns out the research according to the book shows that this isn't the best way to feel passionate about what you do one of the things the researched showed that how people ended up being passionate had a much more complicated beginning than that and it was first once they became extremely good (for example at the level of top performers in the field)that they felt passionate about what they did. Being really good wasn't the only thing that made them feel really good about what they did there where of course other things that also where important but being really good was one of the important things to feel passionate about what you did I really hope everything turns out well
  10. So your life isn't wasted and you get what you want out of it
  11. The best thing would probably be to get him professional help from someone who really know what they are doing and maybe also read self help books that might be relevant to the situation otherwise the best thing i can come up with might be to send him a link to these books so good they can't ignore you and deep work by cal newport the books explain how you can become really passionate about your career and how you can become really good at what you do i hope everything turns out well kind regards
  12. @WaterfallMachine thanks for the suggestions it looks very interesting so far the goal isn't to overthink but just for a better understanding and more clarity
  13. Maybe find writers who have already wrote similar to what you want to do and ask them how they did it, and look for courses and read books on how to do it maybe also deconstruct what you need to know and what the skills are This is just an example of what it could look like don't take this example literally "finding a good title, structure, grammer, maybe finding good examples why the idea could benefit others" @nahm feedback should be a great way to improve your skill if the goal is to become better at what you do there is actually a lot of research on this called deliberate pratice which a lot of professional musicians(and a lot of others) use to improve their skills about the solo retreat my best guess is that a book by cal newport called deep work could describe why it is a solo retreat has benefits for creativity there is also something called the diffused mode which might describe what you said
  14. Hi i have been thinking about that it maybe could be a good idea to consciously sit down for a specific time (for example 20 minutes per day) and really think things through not necessarily overthinking but just for better clarity or/and understanding of something for example sometimes throughout the day something comes up for example if there was something you wasn't capable of doing and therefore might think you never might be able to do it and if you don't really think things through you might stick with the conclusion that you really can't do it for a long period of time which could maybe have some bad consequences but if you really think it through what happen it could turnout that you would find a reason that it wasn't true at all that you couldn't do it but maybe because of something else going on at the time it could really be anything that you could think through for better clarity and understanding from experience i have found that if you aren't careful a lot of thoughts through time and throughout the day could come and go without been thinking through which sometimes can give you unnecessary limits/consequences Any thoughts on this? kind regards
  15. @Gabriel Antonio isn't it because we aviod pain that causes neuroticism and will power action and effort is what you use to heal(for lack of better word) it? I rember in a video called how to deal with strong negative emotions leo said something similar