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  1. Leo seems to have a video about it i haven't seen it yet but at least the title have higher self in it lol.
  2. Pretty sure it already have. Ai that compose music: @tsuki isn't art just about some way of expressing emotions through craft? That basically what Music, Story telling and art and so on is about,
  3. @abrakamowse sorry but I am not sure what you are trying to say but I just want to clarify I am not saying what you are saying is wrong and that what i linked to is right all I am saying is that it isn’t the only way and that both of them can be right and that’s it.
  4. @abrakamowse it’s not the only way
  5. I don't think its a good idea to smoke weed mediation won't help much probably but here is some things i think may be useful. You should probably look for more professional advice.
  6. Great stuff very valuable information.
  7. I don't have social anxiety because i try to impress people in fact i don't try to impress people but I am afraid of people because of past bad experiences. The real key to solve social anxiety is to face your fears and fully feel it a 100 times until you feel comfortable with it. Its true that you can have social anxiety for a lot of other reasons but in my case it isn't because of trying to impress people but you can be right as a case for other people.
  8. @Ampresus Just shave where you feel like you need to shave.
  9. I think you are overthinking this I only shave my beard.
  10. Read and think a lot thats what i did.
  11. Great video. If you are interested you basically do things when you feel like it but if you are committed you do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.
  12. accepting 100% responsibility. I think this is a pretty powerful insight. I am the cause but also the solution.
  13. I think to live a good life one must embrace quality over quantity. For example a lot of bad art work in a career does not make a good career but a really great work like mona lisa does make a good career. And One really valuable friendship is more valuable than a lot of small friends that isn't that much valuable.
  14. Sorry i don't think the first one was very good all i got was that he bought a lot of batteries.