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  1. Multi tasking is not a very positive thing because it diminishes cognitive performance due to attention residue just wanted to point that out what you want for optimal cognitive performance is really single tasking. I recommend looking attention residue up. but i think meditation is a good thing other wise.
  2. I recommend looking at the bulldog mindset it's similar to grit and may give a better idea of what it looks like to have grit and how to develop it. an idea from grit is also the idea of the hard thing rule. I also recommend looking at the growth mindset angla duckworth said that it was one of the ways she knew of that made people have grit. i have also read somewhere that it really comes down to making the decision to become a bulldog in order to have that mindset.(yes it was for the bulldog mindset but i think the idea is still the same for developing grit it comes down to making a decision)
  3. elon musk and franz liszt. i really admire elon musk's drive and i admire how great franz liszt became and all the things he had to face in order to get that good, in my opinion, no one else is that good at composing music or at the piano.
  4. check out ultra learning and deep work by scott h yung and cal newport. also their top performer course.
  5. eat one meal a day aka omad
  6. Having a fixed mind set can seriously limit what you can accomplish while a growth mindset can help you achive great things. would be nice with a video on how to develop a growth mindset. a fixed mindset could stop one from growing for good.
  7. it just seemed interesting and then the passion grew stronger after getting better at it i recommend reading so good they can't ignore you by cal newport that talk about this approach to finding passion.
  8. if you want it it's worth it if you don't want it it's not worth it.
  9. he said somewhere that he isn't enlightened
  10. @TylerJ have seen it
  11. The danger is time that could have spent on valuable things but was just wasted instead. For example a waste of time vs a great career or a waste of time vs fixing some personal problems. 5 years watching tv for example could have been spent on getting a really good career. What could have been a great opportunity was instead a lot of time wasted that is the danger. Another danger of wasting time is that you can't get it back.
  12. It's too easy to waste time if you aren't conscious about it which sucks because time is limited.
  13. this can be used with fear as well.
  14. Get good at rarer and valuable skills. rarer: few people who do them or few people who have reached that level valuable: so valuable people want to use money to buy it. to get good do deliberate practice and deep work on them. People who have studied experts for example people like franz liszt, nikola tesla and albert einstein how they got that good it seem to be a lot hours spent on deliberate practice and deep work. books so good they can't ignore you cal Newport deep work cal Newport Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise anderson erickson how to find rarer and valuable skills? interview top performers which the top performer course is about. The top performer course by cal newport and scott h young. I also recommend checking out ultra learning by scott h young.
  15. You can teach online and sell courses or sell other products. Or create a portfolio where people can see what you do and then hire you.