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  1. Just don’t have any of the foods you are trying to aviod at the house. Then you don’t have to spent will power on trying to resist it.
  2. Nice journal. It almost feel like I wrote it my self I am trying to do similar things. At the moment I am trying to wake up early and go to bed early so I can be productive early as well and also trying to take 100% responsibility. Keep up the good work!
  3. Sounds awesome that you started being interested in learning more. Regarding learning how to learn I don't recommend rereading your notes because you can be in danger of "Illusions of Competence" I believe it's called. instead, I recommend putting them into questions and answers because that makes use of retrieval practice which improves memory. You can look it up if you want. It works even better with spaced repetition. Re-reading is more of a passive approach that doesn't produce a lot of learning compared to an active approach which forces more learning. Alternative to questions and answers you can use direct practice which improves learning as well. Practice what you learn in a situation in which you will end up using it. This idea comes from Scott H Young's Ultralearning book from principle 3: Directness. It may be a more effortful approach but effective learning comes from more effort.
  4. @PukkaDanks I am not trying to reach a point where I am not caring at all I am just trying to reach a point where I don't beat my self up mentally every time something doesn't go right in a social situation. You can still acknowledge what happens without beating yourself up. I still believe that you are 100% responsible for your life but beating yourself up constantly is really painful. "Maybe trying to change yourself is part of the issue!" Do you mean that not accepting the situation as is, is causing the problem? I did mention that I am trying to practice self-acceptance or else I am not really sure what you are referring to or mean here.
  5. @Zigzag Idiot Thanks for your responses. If I understand correctly is external considering looking at the situation from an outside perspective instead of an inward perspective? I think that could be really helpful to help you realize that it might not be as bad as you think it is. Thanks for the advice much appreciated.
  6. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this? I am currently trying to practice self acceptance. It usually happens in social situations if the smallest thing doesn’t go right.
  7. I think this would be an interesting topic. I have noticed from my own experience that I have enjoyed what I am doing much more when I am focusing on the process instead of the results. When you set goals it can be too easy to get focused on the outcome instead of the process. When you keep focusing on the process eventual you will achieve the results anyway. Would love to hear if Leo had more insights on this.
  8. If you find you can’t sleep aviod screens the brain becomes too stimulated. Read a book instead. Go to bed the same time every day and wake up the same time every day. It might help to have a night ritual for example two hours before bed no screens. When trying to sleep I have heard it’s good to relax every part of your body and focus on breathing but it may require daily practice to work effectively. A shower can also help you falling asleep. once you have found something that works make it a habit. to make it a habit I found it helps to don’t break the streak(or chain). Write some where you can track your progress. it also helps to write the specifics you want for your habit down and add a reminder to read it so you don’t forget it.
  9. I am starting to believe that in order to improve at something you need to seek frustration because it's a sign that you are outside your comfort zone. and growth/improvement only happens outside of your comfort zone. So frustration means you are doing something right. It would be cool if Leo had some insights on this.
  10. @fridjonk well actually I find it difficult to do more than one minute lol
  11. Mine would be to take 100% responsibility for my life.
  12. @Oliver Saavedra Thanks for the advice
  13. @Stef19 I am not familiar with Qigoing but it looks interesting.
  14. Hey i was wondering if anyone know about any good exercises that helps improve your energy. My current morning exercise is to do 1 minuet jumping jack. 1 minuet running in place. 5 push ups. My goal isn’t to train my self but just to feeling energized but I am not sure if what I am doing is to little or not effective enough.
  15. you could also say chasing after easy solutions instead of facing the real work. A quick fix might be to read a book on facing a fear instead of actually facing the fear. Although it may be helpful to get some insights. Or to look for study hacks instead of actually studying. Not sure if they are the best examples but I hope it helps to understand the concept better.