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  1. I think it's completely fine it's never too late to begin learning new things
  2. From what i have read you aren't born with a life purpose but it is something you create and work on(from so good they can't ignore you by cal newport) so i am sure every one have a life purpose
  3. But i am not talking about how to make faster progress but how much time it usually take for other people to make the progress they wanted to make because i think it could maybe give a better idea of how long i should expect it would take when i would make my own progress i know it's probably different deepening on your effort and what you are working on but it still nice to know what to expect
  4. hi when there is something you want to improve on in personal development how long does it approximately/usually take until you feel like you have made the progress you wanted to make? kind regards
  5. i agree it can really help to give you a more clear view or a better Understanding about yourself and about the situation you may find yourself in kind regards
  6. maybe it would depend on if there was any bad side effects
  7. what life have thought me is that you eventual have to bite the bullet(aka do the emotional hard thing) if you want to make progress
  8. an other really good book by cal newport i think this is a really good book if you are trying to find your passion he gives a lot of good clear examples of why some things work better than other things and what some of the traps are i highly recommend reading it kind regards
  9. if you are interested in how to become really good at something i highly recommend this book it gives a lot of good information on what the process(or just a process) is to become really good at something and how to create impact in the world it also have a lot of good information on how to get your focus back in a distracted world probably one of the greatest book i have read my self so far kind regards
  10. i am from Denemark
  11. at the moment the thing i find help full is to just sit in a quite isolated room for sometime (maybe just 10 minuts) and do nothing except focusing on my breathing and trying to find some form of inner peace
  12. hi if you haven't already seen this i think this video might be usefull kind regards
  13. something that helped me was to work in the same hours(for example from 13 to 15 pm with breaks) but then when i am done i am done so i also have time to relax something else that helped me was to recognize that it will be a challenge to finish working the hours you set for yourself and then decide to finish it anyway leo have a good post on it on hes blue print page kind regards
  14. not really sure if this have been posted here before but i really like this quote it's a nice reminder
  15. Really doubt it's an alien if it looks anything similar to human biologi