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  1. You can remember what you learn if you learn them correctly. Check out things like Overlearning. Distributed practice. Active recall. Retrieval practice. Testing effect. Also check out chunking in learning how to learn. The reason you forget things is probably because you don't use them in practice or actively retrieve the information.
  2. I recommend spending time improving your english. The better you understand what you are reading the faster you can read it otherwise the alternative option is to find more time to read in order to read more. I recommend reading this. Scott young have learned four languages in one year he knows what he is talking about related to language learning. one of the fastest way to improve your english is to speak it with someone.
  3. This is awesome thanks for doing this.
  4. The science of learning suggests that the better we learn deepened on how we learn so i don’t think you have to worry that much if you think you aren’t a good learner. If you think you are bad at learning you can just find ways to improve your learning some examples of what you can do is to learn more actively (called active learning) which is for example doing things like deliberate practice, Testing your self, doing practice problems, teach to understand something and focus with intense focus distraction free retrieval practice for memory. i think that all of those can help despite having a diagnosis. It may also help to have a growth mind set vs having a fixed mindset. A growth mind set is the believe that you have the ability to improve while the fixed mindset is the believe that you can’t improve or some way a long those lines. Btw some scientific research called attention residue says that the reason we have bad concentration is because we when we switch our concentration from one task to an other our concentration get diminished this can happen when we spend a lot of time on the internet’s for example. I recommend reading deep work and digital minimalism where cal newport talks about this and how to improve your concentration.
  5. I don't think elon musk want to go to mars to have sex but rather to save humans from doom from the suns expansion which will happen in the future and leonardo da vinci was interested in men not woman. I think we do these things because we are craftsmen and actually enjoy things just from the craft it self which is called passion. So good they can't ignore you by cal newport talks a bit about this. I remember elon musk have said that he does what he does because there need to be a reason to get up in the morning there need to be a bigger reason than just solving problems so he is doing it for a bigger purpose than him self. Not to get girls. In this case it's probably more to get life not feel meaningless than to get girls.
  6. @7thLetter That make sense. But unfortunately i am unclear on how i should be pushing my self outside my comfort zone with my interest of composing music do you or anybody have any tips on how to do that? Thanks for your response.
  7. I think this would be a really helpful topic. Once you get stuck at a specific level and can’t seem to improve anymore on a skill what do you need to do in order to breakthrough the plateau and keep improving?
  8. How do you overcome plateau? That part where you first get good at a skill but then all of the sudden it seems like you are getting stuck and can’t seem to improve. How do you avoid getting stuck and keep improving?
  9. What helped me was to take boring breaks instead of spending the break on using the internet. That way i could relax probably and get more work done after relaxing.
  10. Same here I get "there was a data base problem" frequently and sometimes the website doesn't load at all.
  11. “also list your own resource on how to combat anxiety!” I have anxiety and the best way i have found to overcome it is to face what you are afraid of and fully feel the emotions. That’s what worked for me in the past and now my fear is pretty much gone in those particular areas where i faced my fear.
  12. Yes if you want it you should.
  13. check out scott young and cal newport. Scott youngs rapid learner course and cal newports deep work. And also peak by anderson erickson. If there is something that i have learned from researching on learning how to learn is that there is no short cut to learning there is only doing the right work vs the wrong type of work.
  14. @Aeris ? That seems like a whole different topic
  15. Well music is about making other people feel so it isn’t entirely selfish.