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  1. Have you tried checking if you can publish it on amazon? alternative you could make your own website from websites like Weebly and uploade it there for free.
  2. Deliberate practice and deep work. Use that to get good at skills and you most likely be more creative.
  3. Focus with high intensity and with out distractions(for understanding it better). Recall the information without looking to remember it. Explain the concept to better understand it.
  4. Do deliberate practice and deep work to get good at rarer and valuable skils.
  5. How do you use willpower effectively? We have a limited amount of willpower so we can't necessarily accomplish everything we want to do throughout the day. I think it also plays a role for example if you want to become world-class at something I don't think a chaotic schedule can work to become a top performer if you plan to spend the rest of your life doing deliberate practice or maybe other things in life so knowing how to use willpower effectively could have a positive impact. It probably also plays a role for those who want to achieve enlightenment or just anything really. Some things I think may help is to use habits and rituals and maybe see your life as a lot of projects. would be interesting with a video on this I think there may be more to it than what I already have mentioned.
  6. @Sari find him on the forum then send him a private message Click on hes username > then on message.
  7. Deep work by cal newport it give a great tool to thrive in the economy and how people like Albert einstein have succeeded that you can now use yourself to become great. So good they can't ignore you by cal newport. It gives a great idea on how people actually end up passionate about what they do for a living and gives you instructions on how you can find your own passion. feel the fear and do it anyway susan jeffers. Gives a great idea on how to handle fear. Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by K. Anders Ericsson. If you want to become an expert this book tells you how which is deliberate practice. the road less traveled scott peck. It gives a good idea on what to do when things get hard in life. how to become a straigt a student by cal newport. Gives great insights on how to learn effectively.
  8. usually, the paper version and I read free from distractions.
  9. Already seen it. It seems slightly different to what i am talking about. It doesn't talks much about the limits rather how to take action i think talking about limits is also important because not everyone is aware of how the lack of taking action or lack of responsibility can create a lot of limits in life.
  10. To find your life purpose you could just go with something you find interesting and then try to get really good at that. there is research in cal newports book so good they can't ignore you that study how people end up loving what they do and what they did was basically getting good at something they found interesting. the research shows that if you are looking for passion you will have to get good at something and then it comes as a side effect not before. to get good I recommend looking at deliberate practice and deep work and something called the dan plan you could start something similar like he did there is great rewards from doing it.
  11. read more intense and without distractions. (or just without distractions) Explain the idea to see if one understand it. Have a specific time just for reading. Know for how long you are going to read. Alternative stop using a lot of time online so you have more free time to read(in case you spent a lot of time online)
  12. thanks, i should have mention i got this idea from 2000books
  13. Here is some interesting life hacks i have found. Lack motivation? owe someone money to complete your goal example: Have trouble to become something, for example, a vegetarian? change your identity Having trouble to learn something? Explain it Having trouble focus? Become a deep worker. Want to learn a language in a short time? use 100% immersion Want to become mental tough? Do hard stuff by your own free will. want to find your passion? Get so good they can't ignore you Want to get so good they can't ignore you? do deliberate practice.(and deep work) how to deal with strong negative emotions? fully feel them with zero resistance. getting burnout from work? take more breaks. what life hacks have you found?