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  1. It seems that there is a lot of people on the forum who have social anxiety including me so might be a good video topic.
  2. @theking00 well it definitely happens in the brain so I guess it does but getting rid of the ego does not get rid of life’s problems only the way you see them.
  3. Stop avoiding it. Face situations you feel anxiety over a hundred times (to develop confidence) fully with zero resistance and you should get over the fear. I think your goal should be able to let go of the fear. You need to be courageous.
  4. We are all going to face the end someday would be nice with a video about it.
  5. “What are the skills which I should develop in order to have a successful business in consultancy field” The best way to figure that out is to interview people in that field who is a little bit ahead of you. Most of the time people don’t actually know what really matters so you have to ask them in a very specific way. There is a course called top performer by cal newport that goes in detail on how to do this.
  6. @okulele yeah I forgot about it when I wrote it.
  7. I think too many people does indirect effort when in reality what they need more is direct effort.
  8. I think this can be a good mindset to have. There is a lot of areas in life that is a challenge. For example if you have social anxiety it’s a challenge to be with people you aren’t familiar with but that may also be the cure for the social anxiety. Same with getting good at a craft you don’t get good by doing the same stuff over and over again when it’s easy you need something outside your comfort zone that’s a challenge. You may also have problems talking to the opposite sex that’s a challenge too but by facing that challenge over and over again you gain confidence in that area. It’s normal for most people to give up when they face a challenge but it may be a good idea to change that as there is greater rewards from taking the challenge. “if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t chance you” “We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges” (I am afraid I don’t know who said it).
  9. @brugluiz It doesn't have to kill the creative process it can actually make it better because you get so good. Franz liszt was really creative and good because he got exceptional good at one thing. Same with Albert Einstein. I don't think it kills the creative process at all(because you get more creative the better you get). I am also pretty sure Nikola tesla stuck to getting exceptional good at one thing which was to create innovations. Also mozart was exceptional because he pretty much stuck to one thing. Same with bach And John williams. There is this 10000 hour rule that it take that much to be a master. You can't spend 10000 hours on a lot of different things. Actually innovations comes when you are at the edge of a field not from being on multiple fields that idea comes from so good they can't ignore you by cal newport.
  10. It probably best to stick with one thing and then get really good at it for example Albert Einstein didn't became Albert Einstein by doing Art, Music(actually he played the violin as well but i doubt he did more than that) and so on but he pretty much stuck to one field and then become pretty much the best at it. There is a book that is called so good they can't ignore you by cal newport that talks about this idea of getting really good at one thing. It's hard to get exceptional good at a lot of things and it is pretty much required to be exceptional if you want the best rewards in your career.
  11. Great list! "6- always be kind and lovely even if people are rude " But don't always be kind it's much more important to be true to your self and have self-respect than trying to be a fake version of yourself.
  12. To me, these are my favorites. They really helped me to take more responsibility in my life.
  13. You get confidence after you have done something not before. Getting started just comes from a decision to get started. If you have trouble getting started you can get an accountability partner but ultimately you have to realize that there is no quick fix. You have get up and get started. "How do you get over fear?" You fully feel it with zero resistance Leo have made a video called how to deal with strong negative emotions where he talks about it. There is also a book called feel the fear and do it anyway.
  14. The last time someone said this their thread got locked