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  1. Jesus wasn't a christian!
  2. Enjoying the Shogun TV show.
  3. The Buddha had several enlightenments before his awakening under the Bodhi tree. This suggests that paradoxically, one can become more deeply conscious of the absolute, and also that transcending life and death requires more than a few enlightenment experiences. Maybe.
  4. Hmm. I think it's useful to first see it in yourself. Then, you can see how you actually love everyone, and so do others. Although this isn't evident or obvious. It's more existential. A bit like: without another, I can't exist. So my existence is fundamentally shaped by "other." Something to investigate.
  5. Just started watching True Vs False Skepticism.
  6. Whatever you have about the absolute is not it. Notice how language subtly influences the way you think of it as "something" that is huge, as "lots and lots". It's useful to check yourself on that.
  7. "Students today can't get anywhere; what ails you? Lack of faith in yourself is what ails you. If you lack faith in yourself, you'll keep on tumbling along, dragged this way and that." — Rinzai
  8. What is worth and what is life? We've got work to do!
  9. [Fill in the blank with correct answer]. What does hearing an assertion change in your consciousness? At best it opens up new doors; you may even get a hint of its reality experientially. In any case, it's best to get serious with grasping one's nature, and that of life, for yourself independent of confabulation.
  10. @Razard86 Do you think it's a matter of hearing and understanding an answer? If it were that easy...