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  1. Rarely. I may be using a VPN for accessing random websites and then login in the forum without noticing. Also, my device uses iCloud Private Relay, in Safari. I don’t really now what it is, though; may have similar functionality than a VPN.
  2. Yes! Thank you. A really valuable contribution.
  3. @flyingguitarist good catch!
  4. @Carl-Richard Good one
  5. Stage red, then? “But I didn’t shoot anybody!” A gentle, stage blue criminal.
  6. Stage blue: as long as it makes you money, it doesn’t really matter what you do.
  7. Oh shit this is why you’ve got to browse the forum extensively and for hours. What a goldmine!
  8. Silence is also conversation.
  9. @universe thanks.
  10. The greater the relaxation, the greater the effectiveness. Or: the more relaxed, the more effective you become. Discipline and commitment are simple and straightforward.
  11. By not consciously creating a purpose, you’ve fallen into a toxic one. Likely.
  12. When Leo publishes his book: