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  1. I am Egyptian so that's why there may be traveling difficulties but I don't know if that's the case.
  2. I am currently 23 and in my third year in college studying business and I hate it with all my guts I have failed for 2 years and this is my third year failing too I have no motivation or interest in a business major I got into it bec my dad forced me. should I change my major and start all over again or quit college? If I quit college and got no college degree will that affect my travelling possibilities and my passport? I can support myself finances are not a big problem for me and I am not interested in any cooperative kind of job and want to travel and pursue my interests in programming.
  3. VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery Pure Energy I love Quran it's literally the word of god otherwise you cant feel this energy in all chapters not just this and every chapter has a specific unique energy.
  4. want to relax and be free from your ego and mind listen to this :
  5. It's the opposite actually there is concentration but it wasn't like the Modafinil one, the Armodafinil one has a little effect which is weird it's supposed to be more potent than Modafinil. I should have taken more but I do not want to take it every few hours so I will try a bigger dose tomorrow. I become more creative and effective with them they are amazing but it's my first time taking Armodafinil maybe it's the product quality. I will buy a different product and try it again.
  6. Can You meditate on Modafinil & Armodafinil ? I have taken 150 gm of Armodafinil and cant relax I haven't tried meditation on it yet is it effective to do it? I have taken one in the morning 50 mg then 2 an hour ago I don't feel any difference only some hyperactivity. I have tried Modafinil it worked great for me and felt its difference, now idk what is going on with the Armodafinil is it the product quality bec I when bought it was very very cheap.
  7. The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths To Greater Self-Knowledge
  8. Mastery is one of the most important things in life and you must work every day towards mastery bec there lies true joy and fulfilment. I was watching an anime called Jigokuraku: Hell's Paradise in episode 8 you can see why mastery is the only thing you are here to do. If you are in a wage slavery job quit it and go master something even if that means you will be homeless go find a master and learn from him even if you will pay him all the money you have. if you are comfortable with your wage slavery and will not pursue mastery you will be just another fat pig who is wasting his life you will have no joy no fulfilment and a sucked soul I can't imagine a worse hell than that.
  9. @Razard86 why are you writing paragraphs lol better use this time to write a book or something too many words lol relax bro and get a life for god's sake
  10. I mean madrid era has ended despite wining champions league in the last decade, they have not invested in the team and will suffer next seasons while barca has a whole new squad with the old cows are leaving the team now with messi return madrid has no chance anymore in laliga and champions league they will get knocked out by england clubs bec their defeat yesterday was humilating nobody fears them anymore. Zidane left them bec they the president didnt support him with new players that he needed. the trophies they won bec barca was in a disaster and the champions league bec of experinced players like modric & kroos and some luck helped them wining the champions league. its actually a joke that they lost the laliga to the current barca squad
  11. this era is the premier League era English clubs will dominate Europe with Newcastle's new investors and Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United having crazy squads maybe Barca if they get good players in the summer can compete other than that forget about Madrid for at least 3 years they will not win anything anymore
  12. I wish Madrid to not win anything in the next 5-10 years
  13. I have watched leo video about visualization where at the end of the video he do a visualization exercise. leo says you need to do visualization everyday and he was visualising everyday for a year so deos anybody here tried visualizing for a long time and got results? is visualisation necessary to achieve your goals? how to skip the need to use willpower and force myslef into doing work as fast as possible is there any tool for that?
  14. are you saying that hell is a place where one goes after death??
  15. I watched it. you cant do ketamine regularly you will damage your kidney I know someone whose kidneys are damaged bec of drugs. I think that ketamine isn't going to be fun I feel it's going to be a serious and animal-like experience where you can't do anything except sit and wait for the trip to end even though I haven't tried it yet. but I want to try mushrooms first I wouldn't take ketamine if other psychedelics exist.