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  1. Happy Birthday Leo..
  2. Kepler-442b is far too distant for current human technology to reach. It is an exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf star Kepler-442, which is located about 1,115 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Lyra. At that immense distance, even with our fastest operational spacecraft like NASA's Parker Solar Probe which can reach top speeds over 400,000 mph, it would take many millions of years to travel to the Kepler-442 system using conventional chemical propulsion rockets. Advancing future propulsion technologies like antimatter drives or nuclear pulse propulsion may one day make interstellar travel to exoplanets like Kepler-442b possible within a human timescale. But with our present capabilities, sending human explorers or even robotic probes across such vast interstellar distances remains squarely in the realm of science fiction for now. So while Kepler-442b is considered a potentially Earth-like exoplanet based on its size and orbit in the habitable zone, the monumental gap of over 1,100 light-years makes it completely unreachable for human visitation or exploration using any technology we currently possess or have concrete plans to develop in the near future. If we reach Kepler-442b. Here is the photo by AI.
  3. Tentacled, bio-luminescent creatures grazing on fluorescent vegetation under Kepler-442b's crimson sky. Imagined to be taken by rover sent from Earth.
  4. Have studied other religions as well apart from Islam. But what is fascinating is that radicalized / Fanatic Muslims are themselves responsible for most of the problems within Islam. Yes, I don't buy the narrative of the West. When you attack /intrude / Invade a country. They have every right to defend themselves. One good point to study is that the West never had any terrorism issues where no precious metal and mineral reserves were found. You can take the example of a poor African country. There is a good documentary on Bolivia (Not able to find it right now. Seems to be taken down). Once lithium reserves were found in Bolivia. Western countries (First World countries) started raising concerns about the government of Bolivia :) which doesn't allow Western corporations to enter their mining industry. Coming back to our discussion point. As we were talking about Islam. The below input is very specific to it. There are other teaching as well for example Advait Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Taoist, Buddhist, Old Testament, kabbalah etc. The list goes on. What I will say now will be contradictory. The teaching is helpful until you get some experience, Insights, or conviction out of it. Otherwise, there will be no difference between the fanatics & people who follow this teaching. If you have any hate toward any of these religions. You will not be able to explore the core teaching that's why open-mindedness has to be there. At one point even this teaching has to be "let go". In the Quran, there is a mention of Extraterrestrial life. Free translation: It says that there are other creatures more advanced than humans which the Force (Allah) has created across dimensions, the Universe's. Until you didn't have experiences or insights into this. The statement would not be hair-raising. In other words, there is no way you will get this. Some say it is entities, state of consciousness, Alien, or unearthly consciousness. The other beautiful thing about it. You can't chase it. These experiences will come to you or may not come at all. There are "No others". Let's take an example If there is a knob with infinite numbers. The human experience is between 0-5 (that's what this person has experienced). That's why Never be arrogant on this journey. Love/Infinity/One force/Allah/God will never give you experiences that you can't bear. Be humble; Be fearlessly in this Love like a warrior. The rest will be taken care of. You can check the 99 names of Allah. Some Sufis mentioned these 99 names/Attributes/Forces are specific to human dimensions. There are infinite attributes of the one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_God_in_Islam Every religion at its core is speaking the truth but once it's institutionalized & used by people for their own goals. Corruption is bound to happen. Each one of us has our journey (There are "No others". Words used to convey pointers). Refuse to be a mere parrot echoing spiritual concepts without internalizing their true meaning. Explore for yourself each & every word written by me or other forum members, anything you hear from the internet, people, books, etc. How to check if the mind is creating another concept of religion, Non-duality, anything you do to reach the "Truth" is always remember that "Truth" will bring you peace, clarity, and a deep sense of conviction.
  5. There is other side of Islam which teaches a totally different understanding which talks about "oneness" "unity" etc . Checkout Ahmed Hulusi work. If you ask me how i landed in this search. There is fanaticism within Islam & radicalization has made Islam evil . Wanted to check whats so evil in it & got to know people , corrupt leaders made it. The only reason why the path which Ahmed Hulusi took (toward Sufism) is not reachable to common Muslim : - Persecution of people who talked about it . "Mansur Al-Hallaj" is one of it. You can search for his story. There are many. - Its tough when you try to convey it to public even Muslims . They will not get it . Common Muslim & Christian believe God / Allah something outside and sitting on cloud but the book (Quran Translated by Sufi . lets take example of Ahmed Hulusi) doesn't say anything about it. - Wrong translation of Quran by Fanatics to serve their own agenda. Check out Translation from Ahmed Hulusi . I haven't read it fully. May be in future i will check it out. There are tons of article , audio, books translation on his website . Just mentioned couple of them below. https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/from-god-to-allah https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/observing-allah-throughout-existence https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/the-meaning-of-the-word-of-unity Here is snippet from a audibook of Ibn 'Arabi/Balyani . While going through my search. Some people who are working to get this out to the world have mentioned that most of the work done by many Muslims authors , philosopher in past is either destroyed or dis-credited by Fanatic's within Islam. You will find the same things happening in other religions & even in spirituality. Also Check out Leo video on Islam. Can you be able to convince your fanatic friends after reading Ahmed Hulusi work. Most probably "No" . But you can always share. As in Air travel get your oxygen mask first in case of emergency before trying to help your next seat passenger. Have been to many parts of the world . I understand when you are surrounded by so many conditioned people that opposing them will land you in trouble sometime. So you have to play your survival game carefully. Always Start your journey first before giving advise , motivation to others.
  6. It is increasingly concerning to see the rampant "AI washing" across industries, where companies heavily market and over hype their use of AI, often exaggerating capabilities and drawing parallels to historical technological deceptions like the "Mechanical Turk chess hoax". The overuse and misuse of the "AI" label serves as a marketing tactic, raising the specter of an "AI bubble" similar to the dot-com boom, while the more concerning trend is companies quietly using AI to replace human workers despite claims it will create jobs. Here is a good video around it.
  7. The decision to continue or discontinue watching Leo's videos should be based on what feels safest and most supportive for your mental health journey. Seek medical professional help as well. What works for others will not necessary work for you. So explore every option available.
  8. You mentioned the word "count". It only count if in future you didn't make the same mistake again. Not talking about going in to relationship again but the "red flag" in your previous relationship which act as experience for future relationships.
  9. Importance of vulnerability and authentic connection. If it doesn't make any sense. Leave it.
  10. Right now listening . Created with Suno AI. https://suno.com/song/e48c0ee8-24c8-459b-8d91-469dbd6fc3a5
  11. Leave black pill . Take some Positive pill 💊.
  12. @Ninja_pig The level of answer "Claude 3" is giving is profound. Apart from 0.01% glitch . Was in Awe reading this which took almost more than 45 min as the answer was clear and deeply profound. Keep posting this kind of post as your questioning the AI was very direct . Liked your prompt writing. The way it moved to poetic explanation give us glimpse of its creative algorithm coding by its team of coder and its rich training data. How meticulously it reach out to its data and present very deeply to its audience. Compare to chatgpt where you can pin point that it is written on AI. In "Claude 3" it is very minimal (Just started using it . Will explore more).