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  1. Psychological time and the knower/known. We really seem to be on the same page. You see the similarities here? I have only listened to a couple of sadhguru vids. We seem to share similarities to. 🙂
  2. That’s a good question for people to ask @robdl To me this is very important.... Any form of psychological knowledge should be disregard. As that is the driving force to all confusion, conflict, and disorder. Psychological knowledge becomes a barrier to what is. If a conclusion is made in accordance to any movement of psychological time this will lead to self deception, illusion, and their will inevitably become a self imposed image that acts as a barrier to realizing/learning anything new. The clinging to old ‘known’ will conflict with any possiblity of that which is presented as new. So all accumulated knowledge will at some point become contradicting. And when their is contradiction their is always confussion. This is a fact. Meeting each moment with an image ‘accumulation of past psychological knowledge’ will lead to never actually meeting that moment or coming to any original realization. To me this is very important. Time must end for creativity to bloom. And to me creativity is what it’s all about. If time ‘knowledge’ is accumulated psychologically their can be no creativity. anyone else have something to share
  3. I have never read any books of his. But I have listened to him recently. His sharings really resonate with me. Also he is a great communicator.
  4. But could I have done that without actual freedom from fear and the movement of psychological time. 🤷🏻‍♂️ That was an instantaneous and sudden perception. As the lack of freedom is usually why we can’t explore without self decieving, and getting caught in illusion to escape fear.
  5. That’s what I mean when I say to people you are your own book. Everything you need to know is already there in your self
  6. I went into all the different aspects of the conditioned consciousness. The whole of consciousness as it currently was at that moment. So I investigated the nature of all the things that presented themselves as an issue to me. Fear, pleasure, anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, sorrow, suffering, as on as they just kept piling up. I explored what they were, and what caused them. I saw that all such psychological problems had to do with thought and explored thought as whole. Then investigated thought in relation to identity and so on. I saw that thought and the psyche are one and that thought in its very nature was influenced by the other and vice versa. Seeing that thought/self are one and that the self being bias/prejudice influencing thought must end or in order to inquire freely and non partially into questions of reality, mind, truth and so. 🙂
  7. The question is will thought let go of the thinker enough to go direct in inquiry. For me when I saw the falsness of the thinker only then could I move on. Inquiry for me wasn’t as such. I went into all the different aspects of he conditioned consciousness. In this I learned about the whole of consciousness, which in seeing the falsness that I was that conditioned conciousness. This made the act of direct and total negation of that entire field. Also for me their was first freedom then inquiry was more brought about with a greater quality then if I would have inquired before their was that freedom.
  8. My good friend I grew up with parents are like that. His dad was even a preacher for a while. My friend suffers tremendously. Hes doing better since we share stuff with one another. But he can’t seem to break that conditioning. Everything is determined by the that conditioning. View on life/existence. Classic alienation, separation, the stranger in the world outlook.
  9. Psychologically time is suffering so yes, at least thats what I went through. That’s where I seemed to get my passion to face it without running away. I feel that i let go of fighting the suffering as I seen that that was itself the root of suffering. I saw that the movement away from the fact caused suffering. So then their was a holistic action not born of time that ended time. Anyway this perception was the action away from that pattern. Not cultivating time to be free of time, but seeing the truth of time brought about an action of intelligence ‘wholeness’ not influenced by the movement of psychological time. The perception and the action all in one. It wasn’t perception and then gradual ‘time’ then action, as that implies thought ‘time’... in order for time to end the action away from time must be whole. All actions influenced by the stream of thought/volition/time remain bound by time. At least this is my experience. 🙂
  10. Poor Jesus 😩 poor people who believe what is preached😩 poor us 😩
  11. To bad that is not is not preached🙂