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  1. No not yet😫 Im working on that
  2. I totally understand friend. I see the significance of that as well🙏🏻
  3. If that what one calls spirituality then yes. Personaly don’t like that word spirituality anyway. It’s yours my fiend 🙏🏿
  4. Yeah I think that is correct🙂 And if one observes this in there baby/toddler, they can see it to. It’s interesting but if we see what is happening deeply it can be quite sad 😞. So I just attempt to not fuel this identification and association processs. U know what I mean?? But paying attention to our own thoughts is demanding in of itself. It’s quite a challenge having a child and watching there’s as well...We are responsible to make sure the child remains incapable of being hurt. But everything seems to work against this trying🤷🏿‍♂️
  5. My son use to be without a head but now he has reached the age where fragmentation ‘experience dictates the now’...he’s 2 years old now. Memory, ‘psyhological becoming’ is starting to take hold. 😫 from about 1year to 17 months there seemed to be no head in him. But now he has been taken in.
  6. No that’s the beauty of it.. it’s not an experience. It’s unrecognizable. The freedom form experiencer is freedom
  7. @cetus56 Yesterday my girlfriend told me to find it... she doesn’t like when it goes missing 🙂
  8. We have to see that fragmentation is contradiction. Can that which is contradicting get out of the pattern of fragmentation???
  9. @tsuki what is it that sees fragmentation??? Very interesting
  10. Fragmentation can’t see itself as fragmentation. This what u mean?
  11. Beauty, joy, creativity, compassion, and love are born out of attention without motive....Headlessness is when the perceiver and the perceived are not, but when there is only perception. To be headless is the ultimate freedom. Not freedom for or freedom from but just freedom.
  12. I don’t think we must go through all the confusion and contradiction. If we see somthing as dangerous we must negate it. And all of the above are dangerous and only prevent freedom to inquire/learn. First thing there must be is freedom form every conclusion. Then there is freedom to investigate. Other wise one will spend there entire life playing with themselves🤷🏿‍♂️ Unless you like to play with yourself of course lol
  13. I understand...we don’t need to take psychedelics to see what is happening in thought/the self....If we undertand ourselves deeply it becomes very very clear, without any question. But this must be seen by ones self. 🙂 So it’s obvious that individuality as the word implies today is an illusion Original usage for that word individual was meant to imply indivisible, whole, not seperate. Interesting huh? And this is what I meant to go into on behalf of individuality. Wasn’t questioning psychedelics although I do often, but was rather pointing to the where the movement of motive to take such a stimulate comes from. It is in this sense of individuality/the center/the self that arises this demand of self sustainment. Do you see that participation in the demand through motive, effort, will is always a movement of thought and therefore becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. And that by engaging in such a movement, being a movement of fragmentation can only lead to further fragmentation. Do you see that this illusion as individuality fuels fragmentation and that no matter what fragmentation can never be integrated to wholeness? I hope you the significance of this🙂