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  1. From your different videos like the video recently about scam & stuff he talked about buying a house can be a process & there are many traps. So he went through this hole process of buying the house. I wish there were a video or a blog listing everything he went through to buy this house of his. & things to look out for. So I don't want to loose or Regret later on this big investment.
  2. need more thought & research from my part. i can now a little better now. thank u.
  3. A boy who can see was trying to explain what he can see with his words to a blind man. The blind man says to him… “ I find that people often say it’s important to look inward. In order to find strength or meaning in life or whatever else people say. But I can only look inwards. And I found that it doesn’t get you very far !. The most enriching moment the most enriching experiences what keeps worth living I think are where you’re looking outward. At least metaphorically. For most of us almost all the time we are looking inward. At our self-thinking about what matters to us or because of us or with us at focal point. Concentrated on how we look how we act how important we are or aren’t. But if you really look inwards, there’s nothing there. Trust me, it’s all I see. ” " We are out here." The blind man Points out & down with both hands, waving them small circles." In every little detail, of every little thing in every little moment – in immersing in to all unfathomable feature of simple & mundane, and in realizing viscerally, what it means that you can perceive at all. That is where, I think, life is." You did in fact just help me right now Tylor saying to the boy, I’m not some sort of selfless sage. Any time I feel like I can help someone who can see perhaps see better. Selfishly that’s my way of seeing the world. I believe if there is any kind of spiritual Experience, or whatever you want to call it. “ It’s not when you look in to find yourself. But when you look out to lose yourself. “ Question from me (pushon) : there's nothing inwards ? how can be there's nothing inwards !
  4. What's wrong with feeling more feminine ? my personal advice to embrace this feeling as for body language & tone. it's will change over time. to change that you need to be out there meeting with a lot of people & have experience with talking to many people. To fix this feelings you need to understand some things... and leo can explain these things exceptionally good Watch leo's Developmental Psychology & Spiral Dynamics -> https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFfM65xLnO-G2ytmWV1A6WBNrvLte92kN It's more then 10 hours of content. if you are serious about fixing your self start by watching this playlist as is.... don't skip.... take notes... use your brain ? if you wanna talk we can here...
  5. " it's not when you look in to find yourself but when you look out to lose yourself " What does it mean ? what is he trying to say ? "A Blind Person Describes What the World Looks Like" from this video -> https://youtu.be/6TEBHQ-qm7c?t=506
  6. Anyone who started self-actualization at the beginning it's really lonely. & People around are so dogmatic specially the country like Bangladesh. It's really really hard to find a friend who cares about self-improvement. Leos "The Root Solution To People Pleasing & Loneliness" was really helpful but he also recommends socializing. I am looking for friends not because he recommends it's more of a instinct or something. Is this the right place to find friends? Don't know.