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  1. Take risks in your life that are well calculated, become hard to reach and the hardest worker, know when to call it a day, only speak with men who speak the Truth. Develop high emotional resiliency. Become a warrior in life. Bow to Source energy, and seek guidance in all your endeavors. Stay alert at all times, and do what must be done. Die with a smile on your face.
  2. @Angelo John Gage More of these on versatile videos would be a whole new niche market for this guy!!!
  3. @Star Net Could you explain a bit?
  4. @Star Net @Paulus Amadeus Yup, this revolution is going to be somewhere near 3000 more powerful than the Industrial revolution. AI is first going to start with automation of cars and semis, which is 13% of America's economy. As it gets more sophisticated, it will take over more and more jobs. Because of their self learning ability, they will be able to learn jobs like engineering. Not for many years, but eventually. Jack Ma of Ali Baba said that up to 800 million jobs will be automated by 2030.
  5. @UDT This makes sense, thanks! I will start to look at it from this POV
  6. @Fortunate Son Play the game of life, and win the game.
  7. @Shroomdoctor No short cuts in the real world buddy
  8. *Realizations from Leo's QM videos/Self Inquiry* "Reality" is just another excuse to come back into duality. Leo mentioned that all these "objects" around us stop exactly where they are, and that there is "no thing" behind the scenes. Isn't that beautiful? The dreamer less dream. The meditation of labeling must be transcended. Because, even to say that there is an observer implies separateness from the "issness" that is BEING.
  9. @Chrissy j It is possible, but the opportunity for mastery arises when you follow your "Primal Inclinations" as Robert Greene states it. An example for me is natural movement. I love it. When i was 5 i would spend time in the back yard with my gramps who was deep squatting and planting veggies. This allowed me to learn about my body and how it relates to the world in a tactile way much sooner than most people. I have been tapping into this awareness over time and have developed a very intricate bodily awareness. So my question for you is, what were you doing when you were 5? What do you remember doing that woke you up to the world of possibilites? Investigate that question and see where it leads you.
  10. @Elliot Have no fear, @aurum is here.
  11. @robdl very good insight to notice! Thank you. Noticing things simply as they are, removing the "observer" as well.
  12. Most internal friction/mind chatter stops the second you freeze into stillness. "Stopping on a Dime" - What Shinzen Young refers to using your awareness to pull you into your sensory field. No matter what you are thinking. Observing a lot of bodily tension, especially in the abdomen. Breathing is not consistent and could be improved. Sensations could be labeled 100x more than what i am currently experiencing (Leos retreat videos help with this)
  13. This is an open challenge to anyone who would like to test their will power, patience, and level of neuroticism. Rule: Every action you do (For 1 whole day) must be done, as if you were a 90 year old man/woman. MEANING, you must walk as slow as you possibly can (deliberately) as well as open doors, close doors, grab objects, move your body, read a book, type, everything! I will be documenting this starting first thing in the morning! The goal is to develop concentration and intention with every passing second. Good luck my friends (Slow, mindful, deliberate, action)