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  1. Hello everyone, Before you read, i just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to read and consider what my situation is. Feedback would be appreciated Here’s the abstract: I believe I am very close to closing in on my Life Purpose. I’ve found a niche and have skills that provide value within that niche, as well as the potential to scale my business in this niche. Hey everyone, my name is Sahil and I have a very unique situation that dawned upon me in September of 2019. I met an individual who is a Professional eSports Player. Not only that, but one of the best in the world (at the game that he plays). Soon after meeting him, i began working for him for free (reason being, the upside of the relationship has lots of potential opportunities). Over time, we built a great relationship and I have become his social media manager. My job is to help him grow his business (This entails building his brand image, producing YouTube content, editing videos, actively seeking brand deals, endorsements, etc.) The reason why I am writing this is because i’m starting to tap into the big picture of how this niche is untapped. If i do this right, i could corner this entire niche with my skills. I am looking to scale my business and acquire 3-4 more clients + build an agency that helps these gamers grow their online presence. How would you go about this process? Do you see how this could become a LP? Would you like to share some advice? If you would like to share some insights or knowledge, please feel free. (Now I know this is a very specific case, but i just wanted to share this with the community to show you guys what is possible. You can make your LP come true if you put everything in place.) Thanks in advance
  2. The greatest privilege we have is the opportunity to stay in the fight.
  3. This last week I had the opportunity to Visit EA HQ to record and document the Madden Club Championships in San Francisco, CA. For 5 days and nights, i was able to stay in a 5 star hotel with all the Professional Madden Players. What an insane week! I have over 40GB of video footage i need to sift through, but that's besides the point. This was the biggest week of my life in terms of growth. I was able to do what i love, which is filming and documenting inspiring people. Also, i was able to network a ton and make connections with really cool people. You'd be suprised how much of your income can come from people you know, which is why I really want to get better at networking, sales, communication, and overall just pushing my comfort zone.
  4. You have no idea how good life can get. You have an inclination, but that's only a hint as to how good it can really get. The more the outward seems appealing, it's ALL about that inner game and inner exploration. Keep that in mind. Also, remember that you can relax sometimes. You can buy a toaster. You can take a break, you can rest if you need to, you can let go of obsessive thinking. You are in control to do as you please, so please, take care of yourself.
  5. @Identity THIS. You're a genius, remember that. It's gonna pay off!
  6. @Ampresus what about the rest of your life? Can you rationalize your information intake by having the rest of your life in order? I feel like it's okay to watch YouTube and a little bit of netflix, so long as your meditation, work routine, diet and gym routine are in place...
  7. @Nemo28 I've been there. It's amazing and peaceful, you may stay there as long as you like. But on the flip side, there is amazing moments to be had while sharing with others. Perhaps this will come back to you when the time is right.
  8. Learn to swim at both ends of the pool
  9. Are you practicing conscious relaxation throughout the day? I would like to start this practice and develop it over time. I've noticed that often times my energy could be more "grounded" so to speak. Also, i notice my breathing is nowhere as deep as it should be. So i ask you: have you working on this?
  10. @brugluiz Yeah man. We evolve and change. That's the name of the game. Keep it up.
  11. The weekends are becoming increasingly important. Saturday and Sunday are great because they allow for undisrupted down time. Also, you can plan out the week ahead in terms of what needs to get done, etc. Looking forward to the next upcoming weeks. I've decided to listen to more audiobooks rather than music, and i hope those seeds are being implanted now so i can benefit in a couple months from now.
  12. What is memory? Where is it located? Do we have control over our memories? What's the relationship between emotions and memories? All questions aside, this video is eye opening and shocking...
  13. @Leo Gura ok boomer.. i mean, Rumi
  14. The road ahead is long. It extends for miles and miles beyond your current view point. You're here observing it, looking around to see if anyone else is noticing how long it is. Meanwhile, as you keep looking around, time is passing by, things are happening... Life is happening. We must continue onward. Push forward with clear, focused energy. Do not fear, for that is only going to slow you down. Let go of the fear, the "what if"... all that is just a distraction from the Path. Keep going.
  15. @Forrest Adkins stagnant water compared to freshly flowing stream water. What do you think the energetic differences would be? @DrewNows