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  1. @TheAvatarState it's time to move radically closer to Teotl.
  2. @Mezanti I feel the burn
  3. @Mezanti I struggled with this for quite some time, and still do a little bit. For me, finding positive emotions/values i can strive for in public we're key to overcoming this. Example, in the gym, i would strive to have an excellent workout, this motivation gave me fuel to push myself. Another example, when talking to people, i would remind myself of my highest values, and would find a way to bring that into the conversation, so that it provided value to the other person. This could be something like finding common ground in one of our values, or sharing a perspective on something. Being grounded in these really helped me become less in secure in public. This response wasn't as direct as i'm assuming you are looking for, but i hope it helps.
  4. Teotl.
  5. @Alexop "but being fat runs in my family..." False; no one runs in your family.
  6. @llumi One time, my friend and i went to an open field and screamed as loud as we could. After we did it, i was smiling and there was tears rolling down my face from repressed emotions that had bubbled up from my sub conscious mind.
  7. "Your task is to practice physical relaxation, allowing yourself to feel pleasure while breathing. This may bring up anxiety, “unacceptable” feelings or impulses. The key is to relax and inhale slowly and steadily, gently stretching the diaphragm and rib cage. Then let go as you exhale, without pushing or holding back. If you experience anxiety, try to spread the energy and sensation around the body. Or switch to slow breathing in the belly."
  8. Learn from Mentors. Mentor others. Help those who can't help themselves.
  9. @Jonson You may become depressed for a little bit. But i would rather integrate my mortality into my live than live a life of fear (of death). Death has increased my gratitude for life 10 fold. 18 is a good age to start to think about these things. Let go of the old life you once had, and embrace one with deeper meaning
  10. @Average Investor i feel even more empowered when the weather is nasty and i'm the only one outside and people are looking at me in their toasty warm cars while i'm drenched at the stop light waiting for the light
  11. @Shin Just a reminder, Tesla batteries are mined by exploiting the children of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  12. @Average Investor The weather is there for you to overcome! Some of my most memorable runs were in sub par weather.