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  1. @aurum i would love to see a mastery 2.0 where he takes a look at this digital age we are living age and how we can transmute that into a form of Mastery.
  2. I believe you and I share an appreciation for beauty and excellence, my friend.
  3. @Vittorio Check out Leo's video on asking questions. That may help. It takes practice and trial and error, but I like to recap what happened, what is going to happen, and what the viewer can expect next.
  4. @Mu_ woah, very cool! And yeah. It's only getting bigger now... The next 5-10 years of gaming and culture will continue to expand, so making a career out of it is more feasible than ever, like you said. @datamonster I've had a camera ever since I was 15, so filming was never really the obstacle. The obstacle was having a firm foundation to build upon, (a niche) and I believe after years of searching I've found it
  5. @Leo Gura Nobody wants to put in the work to make the distinctions
  6. Hey guys, It's been a while since I made a post. Over the last year, I've been working pretty intensely in eSports. It's had it's ups and downs, but overall, it's an amazing space to work and I enjoy It a lot. (Much rather work in eSports than a minimum wage job, or do something I dislike..) Anyways, I've decided to come out of my shell and document the process of what I do. Today, I posted my first ever video "A Day in the Life of an ESPORTS Content Manager" Special shoutout to @Leo Gura for inspiring me when I was 15 to follow my curiosity and @Average Investor for pulling me through along the way. This dream career/LP work is the real deal, although it will take a lot more sweat, emotional labor, hard work, and sacrifice than you think. If you ever thought of giving up or feel lost, please let this video be a signal to never quit looking for "that one thing" that is your creative calling
  7. @Leo Gura Can you finally speak about the courses you've been working the scenes? (EX: course on creativity, course on fear, etc.) Any dates on when we can expect these new projects to be announced/come out?
  8. @K VIL *Sahil Pandit but in green*
  9. @Leo Gura would you mind sharing the name of your lav mic? I'm in the market for one
  10. @Nick_98 Great question. Thinking about thinking is an interesting field of study that has lots of granularity to it. In a debate/argument, the best position to be in is the one that doesn't need to defend it's beliefs. Ask yourself, "What is a belief?" what function does it serve? As you think about this, sit in silence for a bit. Then when you go out into the world, notice how people have beliefs but haven't questioned them. This may lead to a heightened sense of awareness and a ability to think more clearly. That's been my personal experience. (btw, this process takes time, perhaps 3-6 months. But it's totally worth it!
  11. @Dinesh Karki do you drink tap water? or do you have sources to cleaner, purified water?
  12. @Dinesh Karki What you eat may be causing the brain fog.
  13. I really like this guy's content a lot.
  14. @ivankiss Hey Ivan, i'm a social media manager and i believe your best best is to use Twitter. You can search what's relevant to you in the search tab to engage with like minded individuals. Also, you won't have to scroll for hours on end if you set specific notifications ON for those who you want to follow. Lastly, if you can speak in concise and simple words (which i know you can) you will attract an audience. Hope this helps.