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  1. @KMB4222 Important realizations indeed. Console yourself and give yourself self love. This might not sound like what's needed right now, but realize that you just had a massive insight and are now about to begin going through a transition phase to figure out and decipher what it really means. Unraveling this is gonna take some time, so take care of yourself. The "Nothing" you are talking about isn't as bad as it seems. It's the nothing that allows "everything else"/form to be. It's the primary substance to of reality. This emotional pain you are dealing with, remember that all feeling's are visitors, and this moment shall pass. You're on the right track, just give it some time and keep pushing through. Good luck to you.
  2. @danton It's a good book glad u liked it.
  3. @K VIL Yo watch this before bed when it's quiet in the house (use headphones and sit/contemplate)
  4. @Spiral Do you wish it was different? If so, you need to work on it, whatever that looks like to you. If you don't want to work on it because it doesn't seem beneficial, i would recommend thinking long term what you want from your relationships (regular and intimate) and your family (If you decide to start one). I say this because i'm kinda going through the same thing right now. Personal Development can isolate you from a lot of people.
  5. @John Lula You're good, just keep it respectful and re assure your friend that you are no pimp
  6. @AdamDiC Blessed u r for dropping dis golden nugget upon thee
  7. Right now, i'm looking to instill good habits with my runners to make sure they enjoy themselves and the process.
  8. "I'd rather nap than fap. I'd rather twerk than jerk. I'd rather fiddle than diddle. I'd rather mack it than whack it. I'd rather pet a dog than flog my log. I'd rather toot than play the skin flute. I'd rather hug a moose than self-abuse. I'd rather doodle than violate my noodle. I'd rather feel forlorn than shuck the corn. I'd rather strum a chord than polish my sword. I'd rather fly to Savannah than peel my banana. I'd rather make a bouillon cube than lube my tube. I'd rather spoon a light socket than polish the rocket. I'd rather save my sperm than whip the one-eyed worm. I'd rather write a poem that's funky than spank the monkey. I'd rather play with a slinky than shake hands with Dr. Winky." - Reddit
  9. @Dominic Is it your diet? Or are you holding onto some type of fear?
  10. When you aren't resistant to the present moment, you are authentic indeed.
  11. @Eric Tarpall You could seek authentic friends You could develop genuine connections with people Someone could teach you something you don't know Someone could open you up to a new perspective
  12. @pluto8 Contrast is what makes life rich.
  13. @RachQuel It doesn't sound to me like painting is a distraction for you, per se. More like a hobby, or past time. If it brings you joy and satisfaction, I would keep doing it. Painting and doing art is really cool