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  1. @Bird Larry
  2. @Philipp Lots to unpack here. What are you interested in? What are your strengths? Have you taken the LP course?
  3. @UNZARI The good thing is, the Creator Economy is starting to emerge and it's providing a lot of new opportunities. Sure, it's not as stable as a corporate job, but its worth looking into and its only getting bigger.
  4. @decentralized could you elaborate?
  5. @UNZARI @Jabrail1111 Do you guys have portfolios? How much experience/projects are on them, if so? If you have a well done portfolio, I'm sure you could land a role that pays relatively well. Just gotta start applying to jobs online and keep at it for some weeks/months.
  6. @PurpleTree My definition might be different than yours. To me, that means eating well and taking care of my mind and body via meditation and exercise.
  7. Perhaps push yourself on things that you find worthwhile. Is it worth it to you to be healthy? To meditate? @PurpleTree
  8. Thanks for sharing
  9. @Terell Kirby What are the most important things for you to be doing? Make a list. Once you make a list, work at those tasks early on in the day, until you notice your will power diminishes. Perhaps try this out and see how it works for you? Good luck.
  10. @LiberatedMonkey The good thing is, Engineering and C.S. both pay well. Either way you go, you will be able to make an income that will be able to sustain your needs. This is a good start. From there, you could implement what you've been learning from Leo's LP course on the side, maybe after work/weekends, to build that website you're speaking about. I say this because having a steady income to work on your LP with is a huge advantage. Plus you're only 19... you're just getting started my guy. You got this.
  11. @BipolarGrowth Just clicked on your channel and I would suggest working on your thumbnails. That's a good starting to point to build out a brand. A branding "template" with recognizable colors or something consistent like your face helps as well. It would be a shame to work hard on a video but then no one clicks on it because the thumbnail was half effort.
  12. @UNZARI It's worth researching. I see it being a huge opportunity for those who understand how to create them and build a demand for them. That being said, 98% of NFT's will fail, which is why it's important to position yourself in the market as someone who can stand out.