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  1. @studentofthegame Well anxiety in my experience is located partially in the mind and partially in the body, so both of these need to be worked on and purified. Have you checked out the Kriya Yoga Mega Thread? That's a great place to start, and it will help a ton with your anxiety.
  2. @studentofthegame can you impliment some "do nothing" meditation in your routine or some mindfulness practice? Slowing down your life may help as well... You're perfectly fine just where you are at, if you can see it!
  3. @mathieu Raising awareness = turning darkness into light. ^ this puts the ego on edge.
  4. Just hit the town with me and @kieranperez , you will be balls deep in poon tang in no time
  5. @Andreas Interesting take... So that must mean you're a vegetarian
  6. @Andreas You could have been born as one of those "arrogant" people you are talking about. Do you realize that?
  7. @KenDo what if you are gonna be ok regardless of what happens?
  8. @LoveandPurpose are you running away from letting go? are you running away from feeling something very deeply? These are the two questions i would like you to question, and see if there are any clues within them...
  9. Yoni Mudra is recommended only before bed.
  10. @zambize it was a good day
  11. Here is an audit of my day: 4/16/19 1.) woke up at 10am. 2.) did first Kriya session - 10:10-10:30am 3.) 10:30 - checked the Forum and had breakfast (tea+ some toast) 4.) cleaned up my room 5.) Ran some errands (Bank, lunch for grandparent, etc.) 6.) Cleaned my car 7.) Body care (Shower, shave, dry skin brush.) 8.) Meditation session #2 - Kriya exercises 1 & 2, do nothing. 20 minute session *the time is 1:40pm* 9.) Tea #2 10.) Prep for running coaching/practice 11.) Coached some runners (Form drills + track workout) 12.) Lunch/Dinner (a veggie burrito at a Mexican restaurant) 13.) Went to Starbucks to study/research + Do LP work *the time is 6:20pm* Will most likely do one more Kriya session before bed at 10pm.
  12. @Recursoinominado it's important to reflect on what you learned, how you felt, the insights you had, etc. I would also like to add that moving closer to "Being" will help keep the insights. Expect the few days/weeks afterward to be confusing and full of uncertainty... it's all part of the confusion that must be moved through and integrated as well.
  13. Yeah that's happened to me in that past. Neatly starts to break down any materialist notions you thought reality had, hehe.