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  1. Raw Aloe Vera
  2. @Vido Block youtube from your computer. Remove it from your phone.
  3. @SunnyNewDay There's no need to push through the discomfort. Workout till you feel good, and then call the workout complete.
  4. Good videos, it's always nice seeing both sides of these high level athletes.
  5. @Lubomir At the end of the video, there is a URL to the full talk
  6. Yummy Omelette 1 onion 1 bell pepper x amount of eggs cook it up with a pinch of salt/pepper and your favorite seasoning. Enjoy! (Use high quality eggs)
  7. @kieranperez
  8. @RickyBalboa what i used to do was put my hands together underneath the table we were sitting at so i could feel a baseline level of connection to start from.
  9. @RickyBalboa Do you work on your body posture when you are alone? It helps to do yoga and breathing practices to really let go of any unconscious tension you have. Doing this will also allow you to have better posture when you're out and about and will help you become more comfortable.
  10. @Daphnedenninghoff23 1 word: Yoga
  11. @Harikrishnan Keep up the consistent effort!
  12. @kieranperez Same here. The search function isn't that useful in my experience. Then i go to search for something for the third time and i get timed out.
  13. @Max_V Make a firm decision to dramatically reduce your stimulation intake. This could look like the following: Turning off the computer and phone, and not looking at it for ___ amount of hours. During this time, sit on the couch and purge through the need to "do something". Instead, use this time to connect to "Being". After that, make yourself a meal or go for a walk/gym. Then when you come back, slowly start improving other areas of your life as needed. (Clean up the room, organize your items, reduce your items, etc.) Then come back and u can use your phone to see if you have any missed texts or what have you.
  14. @EternalForest This boils down to what your intuition is telling you. No one will be able to make the decision for you.. it's really up to you. Just know this; Regardless of the path you decide, own it 100%.