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  1. Spend time in nature, read a book, build a concentration practice, do self inquiry, contemplate using a journal, build your One Note, watch a documentary, study spiral dynamics, organize your room, minimize your room, reduce your distractions, clean up your diet, clean up your closet, throw away all the non essential things, reduce your information intake, make a list of goals, fix your morning routine, fix your night routine, meditate.
  2. I have a pretty strong tingling sensation in the back of my head which is a slight headache due to 75mg of Modafinil. 50mg seems to be the sweet spot for me.
  3. @Anton_Pierre Bodybuilding while dropping the materialist paradigm is key
  4. @Anton_Pierre Not only through body building, but any physical discipline. Taking running for example.. . You can practice meditation, mindfulness, zen, as well as self inquiry while running.
  5. @d0ornokey I'm in Sacramento as we speak (A "test city" for 5g.) I'll have to do more research and get back to you on this.
  6. @SoothedByRain No need to worry. Keep some water by your desk or bed side at all times, just a reminder to drink some. It's good stuff.
  7. This is deeply resonating with one of my highest values - I reccomend you check it out!
  8. I am using the books to become a better coach for the athletes i train --- i'm a running coach/personal trainer. On top of that, i am using these coaching books to better understand the core desire of people who want to be coached, so that i can build a successful coaching business
  9. @Javfly33 Imagine having this happen to you during an intense mile race
  10. I don't look for free gym equipment.. free gym equipment looks for me. Within the last few months, i've gotten a free treadmill and a free elliptical. How? It comes natural to me haha. Garage gym is next level right now. But, that's not the reason i'm writing this post. The reason why i am writing this post is because i have my #1 LP strength pretty much nailed down (Health). It's time to keep these health habits up, while focusing on things lower on the list (Focus, Discipline, Fearlessness, Love/Romance/ Relationships). As well as my top 5 goals. I can make significant progress towards now that i am ready to buckle down!
  11. @Angelo John Gage you have a pretty impressive ability to speak about these topics. Nice job. I hope the next video is more focused on what "to do" instead of ranting as much
  12. @Surfingthewave
  13. @Jj13 You're on the right path. Check out Leo's video on "Setting Proper Expectations" as well as his "Ego Backlash" video You're gonna need those