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  1. @Leo Gura Can you finally speak about the courses you've been working the scenes? (EX: course on creativity, course on fear, etc.) Any dates on when we can expect these new projects to be announced/come out?
  2. @K VIL *Sahil Pandit but in green*
  3. @Leo Gura would you mind sharing the name of your lav mic? I'm in the market for one
  4. @Nick_98 Great question. Thinking about thinking is an interesting field of study that has lots of granularity to it. In a debate/argument, the best position to be in is the one that doesn't need to defend it's beliefs. Ask yourself, "What is a belief?" what function does it serve? As you think about this, sit in silence for a bit. Then when you go out into the world, notice how people have beliefs but haven't questioned them. This may lead to a heightened sense of awareness and a ability to think more clearly. That's been my personal experience. (btw, this process takes time, perhaps 3-6 months. But it's totally worth it!
  5. @Dinesh Karki do you drink tap water? or do you have sources to cleaner, purified water?
  6. @Dinesh Karki What you eat may be causing the brain fog.
  7. I really like this guy's content a lot.
  8. @ivankiss Hey Ivan, i'm a social media manager and i believe your best best is to use Twitter. You can search what's relevant to you in the search tab to engage with like minded individuals. Also, you won't have to scroll for hours on end if you set specific notifications ON for those who you want to follow. Lastly, if you can speak in concise and simple words (which i know you can) you will attract an audience. Hope this helps.
  9. On having difficult conversations; Man, this is one of those personal development topics that most people including myself like to not talk about, sweep under the rug, ignore, hide from, etc. The amount of fear, doubt, insecurity, and overall lack of transparency can muddy the water of relationships rather quickly. I'm starting to learn how important it is to say how you feel, what you're thinking, and the truth of the matter sooner rather than later. This requires courage, presence of mind, and awareness that other points of view can be just as valid as yours. I've been putting off a hard conversation for quite some time now, but the topic has reached a tipping point where it's no longer able to be avoided. I must face this challenge face on, instead of cowering away from it. The Hero's Journey is very accurate when it comes to "threshold guardians". I've been hiding and denying this for so long, but it's time to bring this issue/topic to the light. Why? Why not keep hiding it? Because i'm holding back a lot of growth. Is this really that bad? Of course not, but my mind has spun things out of proportion for so long and i've become so accustom to it, that it's my normal reality. I gotta be careful next time, so that this doesn't get become a re-occurring pattern in my relationships.
  10. Diving back into reading lately has been helping out tremendously in the realm of understanding emotions. Currently, I am halfway through "Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender" by David Hawkins. Super helpful material with great examples for context.
  11. Today is gonna be a wild day! i get to film for ESPN/FOX. What am i doing? i am documenting the life of a professional madden player behind the scenes of his 220K tournament. Pretty cool stuff isn't it? The guy i'm working with has done lots of work for FOX, FS1, and other big media outlets. He also shot the eSports Player "Ninja" documentary. Super cool stuff. I'm looking forward to it.
  12. On Happiness and Love while pursuing your Life Purpose: I thought that these things would sort of figure themselves out when you find your LP and start to have momentum with your LP. But boy was i wrong about that hahaha. Now, more than ever, it is important to cultivate self love and happiness. Without it, the work i do feels hollow. Stage orange level hollow... which is another trap all together i must watch out for. It's getting easier for me to lose myself, which is something i have a fear of... especially when i get busy. Exhaustion, being on alert at all times, and not taking care of my personal needs all feel like they are neglected when i'm very focused on accomplishing a task. Anyways, so much to unravel...
  13. Man oh man, its been a while since i updated this. Where do i start? My eSports career/LP is really taking off. Being a social media manager for a Professional eSports player is opening up so many opportunities. Even EA is saying they are willing to support us directly. It's hard to balance working in eSports with personal development though... that's something i need to really work on...
  14. @Mada_ Keep moving forward. Develop your values, take more and more action. Ask good questions and absorb good information as you go along. I would reccomend taking lots of time to really figure out your top strengths and values... it really does start there. A dominos job would not be ideal, but hey, it'll allow you to day dream and somewhat think about what you'd rather be doing.