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  1. Do not turn this work into an ideology. Hold this work very loosely... This is all just talk "about" the Truth. Look at the moon. Not the finger pointing at the moon.
  2. in two days, ill be 30 days into no Fap. It's just that you're using that energy in healthier ways instead of depleting and desensitizing yourself. Most people don't know good life can get if you eat well and conserve that vital energy. Couple in some nootropics and a little bit of tea, and you'll be feeling even more amazing.
  3. @Charlotte
  4. @DrewNows some gems right here you're sharing with me. Thank you!
  5. @Charlotte OOF i need to get on your level. What did this to you
  6. @Flowerfaeiry Love it
  7. Tap your foot 100 times. Then switch legs. Do this Twice a day for 3 days a week.
  8. @DrewNows That sounds amazing. I would like to do that as well. When i drink tea and eat fruits, i feel insanely good, although the tea can give me too much of an adrenaline rush at times and it disturbs my focus. Could you share resources/links for this? I'll give it a go!
  9. This path is yours. Walk it. Own it. Keep Going.
  10. @DrewNows I saw you mentioned fasting. What do you usually eat? Your abs are really popping because of your diet.
  11. @DrewNows (0:31 - 0:38) notice how i did both the front side of the stretch and the back side of it as well. I believe your video was lacking the front side portion of it. The ball and socket mobility of the hip joint is an amazing thing to loosen up.
  12. Here is a snippet from today's flow @DrewNows @Raphael @Hansu @kieranperez
  13. @Raphael Make a video response and post it here. That way we can see your body movements and tell ya what to work on