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  1. @purerogue That's not arrogant, and I agree.
  2. @purerogue Yes, of course. Nonduality is a concept in itself, a construction of the human mind. Someone has to transcend the human mind and break the limitations of what we are limited to as humans in order to really know, and that's not within the freedom of the human form. Even with the greatest insights, awakenings, enlightenment or via psychedelics it can not be ruled out that nonduality could be a concept that exists for the sole reason to keep us preoccupied with this nonsense, yet anouther layer of disillusion, a greater trick and anyone claiming otherwise might just be mentally ill. It would not matter how profound the experiences would be. If you don't want to acknowledge nonduality, you're not wrong (with a nondual twist). It doesn't mean that it's right either. So trying to argue something from two different worlds of existence, assuming nonduality is only a concept, it absolutely pointless, but then again, everything is pointless and should not be taken too serious. That concept only disappears when you believe it strongly enough and any other possibility dissappears, and then you are either right - or caught in dogma. But regardless, you are Right. In the sense you can't argue nonduality, as it applies regardless, there not being separation and what really is can never be known.
  3. @Consilience @Consilience great explanation. @Mafortu The answer can thus be yes, your illusion/reality can be a simulation from a duality stace. But something is running that simulation. And that simulation can be running in 1000 other instances of a simulations but at at some point the simulations end, and there is something greater, the one, oneness. From a non-duality stance it doesn't matter how the illusion/reality you are operating in is projected, it is still a projection, and if there is only the one, which there is with oneness, all those simulations are inside it/are a part of it, thus, the higher you, the one with that oneness, can never be within a simulation. That would if so meam that such a simulation has no origin and is not running on anything, and if so, can it be a simulation - no.
  4. Stretch yourself into engaging in a conversation? What's the worst that can happen? Sometimes it doesn't have to be more complicated than that.
  5. @7thLetter let's say that meditation would be a feminine practice, just for the sake of the conversation. How would that make you feel? Would that be a problem for you to engage in? What inside you would feel bad about it? And why?
  6. Anger, apart from being a healty emotional impulse that calls out to you to take appropriate/healthy action, e.g. set outward boundaries when those are crossed, it also is a magnificently destructive coping skill. In other words, if there is something that we are consciously or unconsciously avoiding that we can't handle that is painful we can turn to anger to protect ourselves/ego from that negative feeling. That anger shuts down the circumstances in which our ego becomes vulnerable in respect to whatever the issue is. As the underlying issue can literally be anything and everything, overcoming it takes switching inward focus, finding and addressing that underlying cause. All of your examples are leading to introspection and understanding of your inner workings and hence engaging with that underlying cause.
  7. This. But one of the great lessons to learn in life is to find answers and changes not externally - people, circumstance, objects etc - as it only leads to justifications and blame. E.g. "people are idiots", well no, they aren't, they are and function just like everyone else once you know them and they open up to how they really function. Instead look internally, find your own inner workings and how those play in with what you are trying to achieve, as it is within you that you have the power to create change. Take such a simple thing that it is not they that trigger you when they don't reply, it is you that allow (or choose) to get triggered, based on what emotions and thoughts of yours that are related to those kind of situations. Maybe you've repeated this so many times that it has become an emotional chafing and every time you re-live such a situation it become much more than trivial to you as it is like poking a finger into that pre-exising chafing which understandable is very sensitive. We typically have several such emotional chafings, some people have a lot and we know them as the victim personalities that react strongly against seemingly everything. The answers why this is sensitive are within you, as are the means to overcome those problems. Not with others, that is just a distraction that gets you nowhere. Switch focus from other to self. Do it with self-compassion, don't judge yourself, it only makes things worse. With that said, if they are looking to what you have to offer, and they likely don't answer because they don't see what's in it for them, turn that around onto yourself and into introspection. What is it you need from them and why is that so important? What are you trying to achieve? Whatever that is, it may come out as neediness, which isn't very attractive. Online messaging makes ignoring easy. Personal confrontation makes it harder for the recieving end to reject you/address their inner conflict, but it would still be toxic if you are operating out of neediness. Understanding yourself and letting go ultimately allows you to operate from another place than need and desire, and that is when the recieving end starts seeing somthing more interesting in you. Paradoxically, at that point you can "have it" but you no longer "need it", whatever that "it" is. That's a point where people all of a sudden might want to be around you to absorb some of your radiating energy. They desire something from you. Getting there isn't easy, it takes long, hard and self-honest introspection and practice.
  8. @AwakenedSoul444 Low self-esteem is more likely to be the underlying cause and social anxiety a symptom than the other way around. It is easy to get locked onto the situation/circumstance where we feel anxiety as being the problem, while it is more likely just a distraction that gets you nowhere, since there are no answers to find there. Digging deeper and finding the way towards the core issue may give some understanding and clarity, and change your relation to your self-esteem, which changes your social awkwardness. The low self-esteem - for whatever the reason it exists - is fuel to the monkey mind and it, as a consequence, will set you up for anxiety and hence failure - or feeling like a failure.
  9. @AwakenedSoul444 Exercise does great stuff with the brain, in many ways, it doesn't have to be very advanced walks works good, but probably try getting your pulse up, gives you more energy. Walks in the morning is a great way to get a great start of the day. Also walking can be done in a meditative way. Walking is also a great opportunity to pair with learning process, consuming audio books or otherwise inspirational audio. Consuming "self-help/-actualization" material while getting those walks I find perfect, it's a great time to really concentrate to what you're listening to while still getting that effect of exercise.
  10. @AwakenedSoul444 Do you do much self-criticism? Do you down-talk yourself, self-judgement? Do you love yourself, practice self-compassion in how you are, look, act, talk, what you know and how you compare yourself with others? How is your self-esteem? Do you have awareness of how you treat yourself in from these kinds of aspects?
  11. Excerpt from the forum guidelines.
  12. Just because women are generally speaking the oppressed gender, doesn't automatically mean that there are no men that are oppressed in some kind of situation/way. Some cases where women have the "upper hand" have already been mentioned here. Anywho, The Red Pill is an interesting documentary related to that subject. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3686998/
  13. First stage of meditation is reaching access concentration. When you do the breath typically gets very shallow and then parts of the body can get numb, tingle and other things. For me my fingers typically feel like they're numb and point in strange directions. The breath can get so shallow that you feel like taking a deep breath, but don't. Ther may be invoulentary "gasps" for air, don't pay attention to it. Just stay with it, don't bother too much about what happens, it will disrupt your concentration and prevent you from moving on to deeper states where even more fun stuff happens.
  14. I have been in therapy twice, first time I had no idea that I needed it and circumstances got me there - it was an eye-opener to something that I had never seen about myself. It was only two sessions but it was the start of unraveling myself. Life changing. The second was at a phase where I had explored "all my known limitations" but I felt confused as there was "nothing left" but something wasn't right. I went on my own initiative and it made me expose myself to most rooted and to me "known unknown", blindspot and limitation. The second time around was about 5-6 sessions and on to of that 12 x 3h group sessions/training in emotional responses. Life changing. Somehow before these I thought of therapy as admitting failure and a weakness, something to be ashamed of - in truth it is a strength and power to know when it's time to get some guidence into rearranging what you know so that you get better chance to assemble the pieces of your life puzzle that you've already figured out - which adds clarity. The outcome of therapy I think fully depend on you doing the work, not then therapist, they just guide you forward and into reasoning that is a blindspot to you.