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  1. Just finished watching a documentary I found interesting about overcoming drug addiction through psychedelics. Might be of interesting for you guys. "Dosed" http://imdb.com/title/tt9787524/
  2. You should never worship anyone. Speaking of careful. Be careful to make definitive statements. It assumes knowing and the one thing we can know is that we can never really know anything. I have no opinions about Sadhguru btw.
  3. At the end of the day, we're never ever going to know anything from conceptualizing and speculating. Only from confrontation and asking the right questions in the right way leads to true (or less inaccurate) understanding. Unless we are willing to attack that "beast", trying to figure out the whys and the hows make little sense, other that being distractions that are going to end up strengthening our own egos, as the answers are likely to end up being beneficial to self. So, the way forward is either practicing attacking "beasts" - or - practice letting go. Regardless outcome it amounts to growth. Shit don't make sense, so trying to make sense of shit on your own still amounts to... shit.
  4. This strikes the nerve of growing awareness; to stop looking outwards, turning inwards and start building up understanding and compassion of self.
  5. @kindayellow No, being alone with your thoughts should not be equivalent to setting yourself on fire, tearing your world apart. The inability to be alone with our thoughts in a healthy manner is what sets our world on fire. Distraction is the defense mechanism that prevents us, in our unhealthy state of being, from setting ourselves "on fire". What if being alone and in equinimity with thoughts is the way to go? And how do you get there? What ideas are there that needs to be let go of that is acting as fuel to your ruminations?
  6. “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Distraction is the easy way out - and avoidance of growth. Face your demons.
  7. This is amazingly easy and it's amazingly amusing to see how people struggle with this, something that is trivial in the context of actualization. Go to bed same time every night, get up at the same time every morning, never sleep in, patterns shall arise and you shall awaken before the alarm rings. If you want to make it easier, when the alarm rings, put on previously prepared clothes and go for a nice walk. No hesitance, just do it. If you don't have time, set the alarm earlier to create the time. A few paces and you're completely awake. Choose not to be a victim of circumstances.
  8. @Jed Vassallo Very cool stuff!
  9. @LordFall Yes. Furthermore, there is a significant level of amusement in all of this, the trick is it see through and beyond the packaging and not allow it to lead you astray; the content of the review, the content in this thread, the content of the minds at play, the content of your mind. It's all a big joke. Existence that is, so why not surrender and join in with the laughter? But also this thread is what can be expected from the typical [replace with description of self].
  10. Not knowing the depth of the toxicity in this, but from what I've read in the different threads you have started about your past relationship, it sounds like a volatile situation. Whatever happens, make sure you stay safe.
  11. His ego has been chipped, he tries to recover/rebuild the ego by attempting to control you in your absence. It's the same but a light weight version of the "If-I-can't-have-her-no-one-can" that in extreme cases lead to violent acts and worse. Controlling/possessiveness shouldn't be mixed up with real love. You seem affected by it, even though the relationship is over. Does he still have an emotional effect on you?
  12. There is no value in erasing history unless we judge that history from newly gained perspectives. That's kind if missing the entire point. Embracing all that is mean we also have to embrace all that has been, it can not be with it. This is where there is time to just pause and turn to introspection. No thing in this thread is "out there". What you are looking for is, like everything, within you. Therefore, this is a distraction.
  13. @Lento I think we already agree. A destination implies a desire to get somewhere - or - need to prove something which results in distractions. This thread is such a distraction
  14. The definition of "awakening" matters hugely, awakening implies awakening from a sleep. To me, that happens once and only once and that is when we've awaken from the "sleepwalking" state that most of us spend our entire lives in. There is no mistaking when this awakening has happened. If you're in doubt, guessing or feel you have a stong enough concept, no - that's not it. This you just know, and feel. Awakening makes us "see" in a completely new way, a kind of third or a fourth person perspective. We see and make sense of things in a drastically different way. We're more of a spectator of the going-ons that we are the participator. With all the consequences that follows. Insights we can have infinitely many of. None of which can be "total". An insight is just a new way of making sense of "some thing" previously known or "some thing" that we've been made aware of that we we've not been aware of previously. Still, this is just one more distraction that pulls us away from that which matters - which is embracing "nothing".