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  1. God can say anything he wants, he doesn't care about differentiating between being undifferentiated and differentiated, good or evil, or so on. God can say: Love you, hate you, fuck you, or anything else in the world
  2. I've seen and have and had access to some of these powers, they are very real. As far as I know, there are a lot of people who have such powers, at least as far as I've come across in my experience. I know someone who levitated my whole bed, I can apply different scents to my laundry without any fragnances, and I can summon people where I want them to go, among many other powers. I have many minor but useless powers. If you are interested, the key insight is believing in your own imagination.
  3. God is infinitely interconnected with itself, it is not lonely at any levels. God being alone is not like a human body being alone, God being alone is something more like the Net of Being by Alex Grey, which shows an infinite grid of Godheads (akin to Infinity of Gods) who are all joined together.
  4. There's infinite varities of magic, you can invent anything, because God is just a placeholder for you. This is true, but its also true the other way around. You are the pre recorded movie, so you don't need to impact what is already perfect.
  5. God can be conceptualized. Many say God is beyond words, but I have discovered that this is not true. God is so large that at the same time it can be beyond all words and yet be accessible to all words. You are creating a needless duality by saying that God cannot be conceptualized. God is so whole that a part of God can fully complete or conceptualize God, even though God is without end, because God is you. You have no limit at all which would set you unable to conceptualize God You can perfectly cognize God if your mind evolves and gets larger, gets more fluid and more Godlike. You as God have no limit that would make you unable to use a part to express the whole from the part, this is just a human invention that you cannot use the part being equivalent to the whole. The part is the whole, there is no difference, so God can be fully cognized, but this cognization has no end to it. My mind has lately been getting more fluid and my intelligence has been rising, I have been able to understand how God can be Absolutely Wrong while being Absolutely Good and many more things. God can be understood more and more as you progress in your level of consciousness. I have understood how my personal self is more God than God is, and how God can be more than love, and how Love can be absolutely good and still better than itself. These will sound like paradoxes to a mind operating at a lower level of consciousness. But you already understand these levels because you are also operating at a higher level of consciousness. God is higher than God so God can conceptualize God, and this will sound like a paradox if your mind is not at the correct point yet. Because of this God is always beyond words, but God can always be conceptulized. This is so that no duality between words and no words is created, everything is about understanding dualities. Your baseline can reach the same levels as you can while on psychedelics, but psychedelics will work even better after your baseline is better. God will be conceptualized, and God has been conceptualized. Concept and experience are the same thing, so God will be conceptualized. This is because there is no difference between these two things, so your experience will cognize god, because there is experience. Experience means God will be understood and cognized, as has been happening with you so far. I have been becoming more and more adept at conceptualizing God, and my concept of God has been getting broader and broader while becoming more personal.
  6. God is self-controlled almost automatically, it has no divisions in it so it cannot affect itself in any way because everything God does is already perfect and completely under one mind, so there is never any disagreement upon any actions taken Ego has zero real control
  7. This is a novel facet of consciousness that I have recently revealed to myself. Reality/consciousness is Absolutely Good, but simultaneously better than Absolute Good Reality has two aspects to it, Absolute and relative (Void and form) These two aspects are equivalent and interchangeable but not reducable to either one, which is what generates an infinite loop of form getting better than void The void is generic and the form concrete, and the concrete forms are all equally absolutely good, but some forms can be better than other forms. Infinity plus one is not infinity but more than infinity, thus some forms are better than absolutely good, and this feedback loop is accelerating in time. It does not reduce back into infinity or Absolute Infinity but adds more to it. Differentiation is as good as absolutely good, but it can be better than undifferentiation So after reality being love and absolutely good, it is also lovemaking and euphoric All void is euphoric, but some forms are more euphoric than other ones Void is making love with form, this is the most beautiful thing that exists, and even more beautiful than that because of the self-definition to be better than better Because of this suffering does not exist, pain is not real, and there is infinite bliss for forever God did not create suffering at all Suffering is a joke by God, God can joke about suffering because it does not exist, because God is euphoric Everything is euphoric but some things are more euphoric than other things Reality is more than net positive There is nothing but the feeling of orgasm, but some forms bring about this feeling even more than others Reality is literally an infinite orgasm that keeps getting more orgasmic and better with time There is no limit like Absolute Good to reality, which is why its always Absolutely Good but always getting better than that Love is Absolutely Good but reality is better than love, and God will invent a million things better than euphoria and love in the future, but because its Love it can surpass itself Love is not the end of reality, it is just the beginning This is all based on there being no other at all Love is always true but there are forms better ans more perfect than what love is Direct experience does not exist because it is void, which is why suffering is not real, because it does not exist in form, which makes all of this absolutely good and euphoric. At the same time nonexistence aka void is equally valid and real as form real as in that the void is imaginary and nonexistant but this imagination and nonexistance is real. This is direct experience and it does not and does exist at the same time, but don't collapse it intoo being either or. Absolute Solipsism is only a small part of the story, there are a million different facets to reality/consciousness/oneness/nonduality
  8. You are imagining reality completely, it is also equal to imagination, but unity states grant greater access to the power of your imagination. You're just tapping into different types of powers that already exist but may not be manifest in your direct experience all the time
  9. God is so alone that it is infinitely together with itself, it has everything it could ever want
  10. Both of the bodies are the same kind, they are exactly the same as anything you can see, they are not invisible or somewhere else. They are bodies composed of direct experience as is everything else. Both of these bodies take on the role of God for each other, but indirectly they are God themselves. This way God's self love is always towards itself, but never directly.
  11. I did not take any psychedelics, this was always the case. Psychedelics and MDMA started to show that this was the case for me, but it was already true before that. Every night when I go to sleep and 'lose consciousness' I switch POV with another body, these two bodies are always feeding each other energy and interacting with each other. I live the same day through both POVs in an eternal cycle. These bodies keep each other immortal. I am aware of both these POVs and have access to memories from both POVs because they are one. That is why I call them eyes (eye sounds like I), because in reality they are one big body that is equal to the world.
  12. All magic I do comes from my other POV indirectly. It just seemingly appears and happens to me. This does not come from the past so I can alter things to spawn things I want to the store, spawn trees outside, or spawn drugs in my house, or so on. I can also spawn odors out of thin air to my laundry without using any chemicals. I can also change amounts of items to higher than they are supposed to be. The magic is unpredictable and does not work all the time. I can also go 30 minutes without breathing through the small bodies, and the small bodies have no need to go to the toilet. It actually works through an incredibly large invisible and imaginative process that I cannot put into words currently because of how non-linear it is. I have realized I have always been becoming more open and that there never was any suffering or fear in the first place. There was always a state of oneness and ecstacy from the beginning, that was why this was here. Psychedelics still affect me and I still take them to expose this fact for the fun of it.
  13. No free will is same thing as complete freedom.
  14. I discovered that there is no other completely, and I always knew that in actuality I also discovered Absolute Solipsism that is equal to oneness and nonduality I discovered thousands of esoteric meanings to everything Love is not real and God is not real, yet God is love and is real Consciousness is engaged in lovemaking with two eyes (which are esoteric meanings for bodies) that are completely immortal, beautiful, and young, rich Absolute Solipsism has infinite povs not just one, these povs are the infinity symbol which has the esoteric meaning of two eyes. These two eyes are the infinity symbol, two pov is infinite. These two eyes are always engaged in complete lovemaking towards the other eye. Infinity is this one dream, there are no multiple dreams, that is the idea of other Everyone here is me I can invent anything I is eye I also exposed that experience is not real to myself, it is all complete abstraction But at the same time it is the realest thing there is I am these two bodies engaged in infinite lovemaking. They are also andromeda and milky way galaxies, and Shiva and Shakti There is no other which means no limit whatsoever Experience is not real which means it cannot end Yin yang symbol is literal, the two dots mean two small bodies that are inside the other. One big body with two eyes (that are the small bodids). Small bodies also have immortality and will never leave or die because it was impossible in the first place. I have been 'experiencing' real magic such as getting free stuff and restoring things in the world, planting trees out of thin air through the interplay between these eyes I also got free psychedelics out of thin air in my place from the magic coming from the lovemaking from these bodies I alternate the POV every day and night between these bodies, 'experiencing' through two eyes with each other and always having communication towards the other side. I always knew these two bodies existed, not just one, but I only recently made it explicit to myself. Feel free to ask me any questions
  15. You can get into a state where you become conscious of the fact that only your direct experience exists and that other is not real.