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  1. You can get into a state where you become conscious of the fact that only your direct experience exists and that other is not real.
  2. It's something you become directly conscious of and directly verify. I am sure because I have confirmed these things directly - just as you have confirmed that infinity exists directly. It's a matter of becoming conscious of consciousness itself.
  3. The truth is that the relative does not exist and is actually the Absolute. So you're not just a pov. What exists is direct experience, so if you are not currently aware of these infinite povs then they do not exist. Why? Because existence/consciousness is first-order, it is the qualia. All the stories/ideas/abstractions are second-order. If you are claiming that there are infinitely many povs currently (or anything outside the experience you are having right now for that matter), then you are saying that consciousness is second-order, not first-order.
  4. The ignore function of your mind is the best one, they're just online forum posts
  5. You can go for deeper and deeper realizations and also have time to pursue other things, I don't see why these things would be mutually exclusive. Nobody is saying you have to understand reality or consciousness, it is something you can do if it is of interest to you. Personally I find realizing absolute truth to be an absolutely amazing experience filled with love, understanding, and bliss, more than anything else, which is why I do it (and also because I love the truth). A deeper and deeper realization is no better than the experience of taking a shit, though it will probably feel better than that. All I'm saying, once you realize infinity, then you will realize that this is infinity. Whether you go do something else or have deeper realizations it's still all infinity.
  6. Part of the realization of infinity is the experience of hugging your best friend. This is infinity. All of it is. All the finite experiences are contained within one infinite happening. Of course, infinity is an ever ongoing process of play and discovery, I'm not saying that take psychedelic and then nothing more to do in life, I'm just saying once you grasp what infinity is then you will understand that all of those finite moments are a part of infinity. You never leave it. Thus, there is nothing beyond that.
  7. As he said infinity implies all the forms, which would mean in your analogy that you will both realize and see all the movies. You cant decouple these things from each other. If you realize infinity, how can you not desire to see all of it? Seeing all of it is part of the realization.
  8. If you re-plug it for such long extended periods of times, do you eat anything during the day? Wouldn't you get hungry if you don't eat all for the whole day in a way that would affect the trip?
  9. Why don't you just stop talking to them while you are in there and no longer talk about your mystical experiences to the people in there? I don't understand why you are even letting them know of anything like this, it's obvious they would interpret it as a mental illness.
  10. It's far deeper than that. There are infinite states of consciousness which can produce various degrees of awakening, show you insight into consciousness in different ways, and on top of that there are tons of facets to awakening and consciousness. It's not some on/off switch nor some linear up/down dial. I keep having new and different awakenings some so shockingly different from each other that I don't know what I will experience the next time, things I had no clue about before. Out of all my awakenings I've only had one experience that had any relation to the chakras so far.
  11. Only negligible differences as Unlimited mentioned like small changes in duration. I think 1D-LSD has the biggest change in duration making it a few hours shorter but it isn't widely available right now.
  12. You're not going to find the truth in any book
  13. Haven't done salvia nor am I Leo but it can happen with any psychedelics, at least it has happened many times to me. You won't know where you are, who you are, what language is, or what any concepts are, so you cannot communicate to yourself in any way about anything. Basically no memory at all. You probably cant even walk because you completely forget everything during this period of time. You can't even differentiate between your body and the environment because you don't know what a difference is. It never feels like a negative experience to me because it is usually a nondual state.
  14. It can't destroy itself. It cant not be love. It cant create anything except qualia. (well basically the same thing as you said about actual physical matter) It cannot sustain one form permanently for an infinite amount of time without ever changing it, no relative immortality.
  15. This is a very cool realization to be had. My first realization when I realized that there is nothing but the direct experience (not sense organs or any mental constructs outside of that) was very profound. It makes it clear that the direct qualia you experience are indeed first order and not second order, and it also reduces the feeling that there is a real external world that you are receiving your experiences from instead of creating from or even being them.