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  1. If one realises and understands that everything is pure infinite consciousness and imagination, and one is God, what’s left?
  2. Thank you very much all for your precious insights. Yes, I have a therapist, of course
  3. In a chronogical sense, which one is first? Do we react to a feeling with a thought which then influences our behaviour/actions, or the thought comes first? In one video (I think it was the one about addiction, I’m not sure anymore) Leo talks about the importance of regulating the interpretative filter of the brain. Event—Brain’s interpretative filter—Thought—Emotion. But is it possible that the emotion or feeling is just “there”, and it provokes thoughts; in other words, that we cope with emotions through thoughts? What is the source of the feeling then?
  4. I share your point of view. I also often saw the concept is used to “justify” toxic relationships and unhealthy attachment.
  5. If all is one, we are all waves of the same ocean, so we are all each other’s twin flames ?
  6. ...and it’s fluid anyway
  7. I was beaten by my mum almost on a daily basis between age 4-19 (when I moved away from home for university). She has NPD and paranoid schizophrenia. Her agression and violence towards me (and my dad) faded away as her schizophrenia escalated from 2008 on, but the damage from childhood is there. I forgave with all my heart, although it sucks that I know that I don’t and won’t have the chance to ever talk this through with her in this life. If there are other people here who were physically and/or verbally hurt by parents, how did you manage / cope with it?
  8. I was recently thinking a lot about this judging thing, as I see that it is a massive issue in the lives of many of my beloved friends and family. I’m sensitive like a dandelion, but the opinion of others really rarely affect me. Knowing myself, it is not evident why it is as it is, because I didn’t do any conscious self-work in this regard. So I came to the following conclusion: I am so not judgy (INFP..) that somehow this is my standard. The origo. As I automatically don’t judge, I don’t even consider the possibility that others would judge me for anything. Probably they do, but I don’t even notice it, as it doesn’t accur to my mind that they would. (I also don’t judge myself, and am pretty forgiving and empathetic with me.) So perhaps it makes sense to start from “not judging”. I don’t know if it makes any sense ?
  9. I’m not so sure of this. I think he is brave enough to embrace his feminine side too ?
  10. and by the way, if you ever read this, @Leo Gura, thanks for everything
  11. If he was some fake-smiling fake-positive idiot I could have never finished watching any of his videos just be and flow if it resonates - good / if it doesn’t - good will find his right audience, I’m sure
  12. “For she had a great variety of selves to call upon, far more than we have been able to find room for, since a biography is considered complete if it merely accounts for six or seven selves, whereas a person may have many thousand…and these selves of which we are built up, one on top of the other, as plates are piled on a waiter’s hand, have attachments elsewhere, sympathies, little constitutions and rights of their own… so that one will only come if it is raining, another in a room with green curtains, another when Mrs. Jones is not there… and some are too wildly ridiculous to be mentioned in print at all.” from Virginia Woolf’s Orlando
  13. ?
  14. I think really really really small amount of people (men or women) are ready to connect with another soul in a truly loving, selfless, kind and giving way.