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  1. Just trust yourself. Forgive yourself. Study study study, but then break away and build your own thing. Honor your uniqueness and don't get sullied down the wrong corridor by a persuasive fellow. Have fun and laugh at life. Then get serious and drag your elbows thru the mud to create something beautiful. Etc. You've got this-
  2. Take the last hour to reflect on paper: Top 3 major moves you made and how they've changed the trajectory of your life, What new seeds did you plant and how'd you grow, Top 3 moves for the next year and how you'll grow the seeds you planted from the previous year, Then get into the bod: do pushups, jump in the air, and physically feel into 2024, Then jerk off to christen the new year
  3. Spiral wizardry. Telling the truth. Being patient with yourself. Awareness of one's devilry and self-deception. Willingness to lose old friends [as you change] and go periods of loneliness before gaining new friends. Seeing all sides to a problem, but choosing a solution that's the best-fit for the long-term health of the thing. Humbleness and paying mentors to hold your ass to the fire as you're facing deep fears. Pioneering something new even if it's not popular. Being yourself even if it's not popular. Having a strong sense of reality. Systems thinking. - - - A couple leaders I look up to are Owen Cook and Bernie Sanders. I've met both of them each a few times. You can feel what they're about. I don't agree with everything they say, but they sure as hell lead. For each of these examples if you look up old footage of them (1970s Bernie, 2000s Owen), you see them passionately talking about unpopular causes they truly believed in, way before they were on anyone's radar. Great leaders are grown, not born.
  4. Been there before. Have a friend who says –40ºF winters are normal. IMAGINE! This is modern Mongolia. Imagine being Chinghis Khan, in 1200A.D., unifying tribes across the steppe to build a trans-continental empire. Ridiculous.
  5. I'm part Armenian! Hope to visit one day. Looks beautiful. P.S. if your there now be save, the conflict with Azerbaijan sounds awfully hairy.
  6. Ya typical rejections mean nothing to me anymore. In fact some of them make me genuinely lol The only times it hurts is when chode guy friends jump in and talk shit or if I realize I said/did something super cringe even tho I knew it was wrong. 95% of people just go out with the same social circle so when they see a guy with balls approach their female friend, they shit talk him; what's really going on there is they're triggered cuz they would never have the balls to do it and so they feel that hurling insults will make them superior. Anyway... @kamill Stud.
  7. Actually, you're right! I conveniently left out some moderate successes. last year in Mongolia I dated 5 women off Tinder and took 2 of them back to my hotel (made a really strong connection with this sweet, intelligent Japanese girl and we got down on all 4 dates) I've had like 3 or 4 insta-dates from daygame I pulled these 2 girls from nighttime in Miami but we didn't fuck, we just shared the bed (long story, don't wanna get into it lol) Ya, to people reading this who want to get into seduction but are wondering if it will produce any fruits , PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT THIS IS ME SAYING THIS SHIT DOES NOT WORK. IT ABSOLUTELY DOES. It's just that it will 99.9% likely not be a linear progression of pure failure to pure success. It's a hero's journey, perhaps the most challenging one you'll ever have to embark like it is for me. Good point. But for people who don't have any requisite skill, you have to start somewhere to bust through early limitations. Then you can go more off intuition and stop conceptualizing attraction. Again, for some people this is a non-issue. Different people require different styles and levels of solution. How the fuck SHOULD this feel "light and natural" for men who were socially/sexually traumatized early in life? Logically it makes perfect sense, but the emotional midbrain hasn't caught up yet. People who just "get it" will never understand. And that's fine, they don't need this advice.
  8. Feedback. I don't need a coach to tell me to approach, I want to know what my blindspots are then course-correct. Thank you. That's a helpful point. @StarStruck I rarely watch porn. 1. Currently in the gym working on it. 2. Also working on that. 3. Yes and no. 4. That's actually a good idea. I just moved cities so will look into that. 5. Yep, the No Quit attitude is my foundation. 6. Have you ever received coaching? 7. Ya, it's a progression. Part of it is social acuity and vibing, also dumping trauma energy. I am doing pickup first and foremost to become a great leader and to develop deep inner peace and love for people and life. When I was younger I became massively jaded and distrustful of people and numbed myself to it all. To me, spirituality is laughably easy compared to this. If I can handle dating and attraction to a T then 80% of life will be solved for me. I guess that's why it's so challenging HAHAH. I actually miss park daytime. As you know I'm now in Arizona where it's too hot for that kind of thing haha. Fall will be epic tho. Ya, shadow work is definitely a LARGE KEY in this. Let's do it. @ValiantSalvatore Cool man, ya I'm getting much more into physical escalation. I actually eskimo kissed a girl then pulled her out of the club, full compliance, less than 2 mins into the interaction. I'm far from being shy about making moves. It's just a matter of more reps and better calibration, reading the play, and being smooth. I also have a high school friend who's a natural. I tell him "Dude you're fuckin hilarious, you have zero filter" and he's just like ya I guess. Does whatever he wants at the club, gets laid every other night. Some men are just born with it or had a good older brother that taught them. I had zero teaching combined with negative emotional programming regarding my sexuality as I grew up. So a lot of this is reversing a ton of bullshit. @Jacob Morres Facts. It's about who you become in the face of adversity. For sure. The times where I had the most fun I got the best results. My sticking point is drawing state up from within. Takes time I guess. I'm just putting together my life in a new city so yes and no. I moved to a place with no friends so kinda working from scratch. I do Uber so I meet some people and network thru that. Ya I used to do loads of meditation right before getting into seduction. I actually would meditate 30-60 min daily. Gonna bring that back as it did make me more relaxed in general. Thanks. When I first started I was nervous as fuck. Then I became chill and even enjoyed it late 2022 into early 2023. Now I've come full circle back to fear and anxiety. I think what's happening is I'm about to jump up another couple levels in the next few months. I'm breaking down old thought patterns and habits to jump into a new paradigm as I organize my energy and life. ___________________ Thanks for the insights y'all !
  9. Pickup is not easy. In fact I believe its way harder than spirituality, lol. I'm 25. I've already spent 10k in coaching (including 2 RSD bootcamps), done 400 cold approaches in 2 years (with 300 of them being in the last 5 months), and gotten laid 0 times. Between July 2021 and now, my fear around going out and approaching was reducing, but shot back up in the past month (not sure why). My skill was plateauing and after just working with Jeffy infield, my game got worse. (Part of the natural progression??) For the typical person, this would be sufficient grounds for quitting. 400 approaches, no intimacy, and now getting worse? Hell, I'm almost reluctant to post this as it might deter newbies. But proper expectations go a long way. But here's the thing: I am not giving up, I'm only going to go harder. I've made it my goal to go out EVERY night and walk around the club area just to get in the habit of being out there without necessarily approaching. Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday try and get together with wings to go ham. This is the only way. I'm scared at the soul level, but I've got to do it. It's the fight of my life. Who can relate?
  10. Kudos for getting into the arena and battling it out! I'm 25 and i've been doing pickup for a little over 2 years with about 400 approaches under my belt (~300 of them since April this year). I wasn't sexually abused, but sex and sexuality was something my parents declined to teach me and even shamed me for when they found me fooling around with a girl at like age 6. This event made me think I wasn't allowed to be sexual in any way and it fucked me up because it made me deny my craving for women and pussy in my life. Therefore I fell behind everybody in school in terms of experience. It also got me envying and hating on anyone who displayed anything sexual throughout middle and high school. This problem of being able to physically and emotionally relate properly to the opposite sex for me is actually the motivation behind almost every decision I've made in my life up to this point. Kinda insane. What are your biggest lessons following those 400+ approaches?
  11. @RawJudah I traveled and stayed in Mongolia for over a month. Best 6 weeks of my life. From learning to speak the language, to hiking Bogd Khan mountain which overlooks the capital city, to dating multiple girls, to meeting several nomads in the countryside, to camping and waking up to 1000/10 sunrises, to eating their unique and delicious cuisine, ya there's a lot to be gained. The touristy stuff i did was the least valuable. The main reasons i went was 1) for graduate research and 2) to date women on my off time. What are you specifically traveling for?? Your sounding unsure about your decision makes me believe you don't have a specific objective. What's important to you?
  12. @Sugarcoat That's bizarre, spirituality has taken me in the reverse direction lmao
  13. Natural fear. Just approach and either she will go to him or he will come to her. And if that happens, you wish them a nice day in a natural way and move on. It will feel weird at first, but it gets better. You can't let this stop you from approaching as you'll miss lots of opportunities.
  14. Explained simply: How you experience yourself during your first trips (or low dose trips) is how you will, after enough development, experience yourself in normal waking life say 5-10 years down the line. Explained more in depth: Perceptions and sensations that you experience over the course of a trip (the way you feel, think, and relate to the world) are how you will perceive and sense reality as a baseline in the future if you do personal development / consciousness training properly and efficiently. Ever since my first trips in 2019/20, I'd say the intelligent ways in which I thought/felt/functioned on the substance then are about 60% baseline, normal ways of functioning at present. For example, on my first and second ever trips I tripped in my college apt. Not the perfect environ, but it did the trick. I experienced all kinds of visual distortions and enhanced sensations. For example, as I was eating the oven-baked pizza I watched the tomato sauce ooze out from a pocket in the dough and could literally feel it oozing, on top of the most vivid tomato taste ever. One of my friends and his girlfriend came over, and I got a super good read on their EXACT emotional states based on their facial/body language. Today, objects look sharper 24/7, they have more of a vapor-like quality, dissolving the real/illusion boundary to a degree. When I concentrate, food tastes more real. I have a pretty good read on people based on how they hold themselves; less aspects or reality are taken as normal or 'whatever'. I can feel my mind's entanglement with the world more clearly. In the past it took a few mushrooms to get to all that. Now it's the norm. Psychedelics can show you where you're headed if you follow-up on it.
  15. Hell ya! I think he's just as good as Owen. They take different angles and have different teaching methods. Zan is more about metaphysical beauty. I think his latest 21 convention speech (2023) was even better, though this one is classic ZP. The alabaster girl is in my top 3 books of all time. It's gold, and he gives them away for free (minus shipping) on his website! Not sure if he's still doing that tho- https://arsamorata.com/about-the-alabaster-girl/