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  1. This is mostly a response to @Leo Gura in his latest blog post. At about 13:20 he was talking about how he used to brainstorm new Rubik's cube designs. I chuckled a bit because there's this one creator I used to follow. The puzzles he makes are utterly ridiculous and jaw-dropping. Oskar van Daventer:
  2. @Lyubov Well said. By the way, weren't you the one that told me to dress like that guy in the size XXXL jeans on a related post? For me this is one of those areas where you have to experiment a bit to find your style. It's basically trial/error. Another trick is to make a distinction between "practical clothes" and "casual-but-stylish clothes". For example, I'm an avid hiker and outdoorsy guy, so I have some fleeces and hiking pants, which is good for those activities. But those clothes are not so good for a day out in the town (or anytime you want to be seen). It pays you back well to have both kinds of clothes and use them depending on the context!
  3. I'm a university TA and I told my students that I meditate, and one of them told me that he goes to these monastery retreats every now and then and partakes in multi-hour chanting ceremonies. I've never heard of such a thing. Have any of you ever tried this? I watched a Sadhguru video on it and it sounds legit.
  4. + flax seeds (ground into flax meal) + dates + turmeric. Great suggestion! I make one every other day.
  5. Know the feeling, haha. Give it time my friend!
  6. As opposed to? An unhealthy dump?
  7. Yes. Focus on your partner Breathe deeply and slowly
  8. @dflores321 Ever tried standing? Be sure to pad your feet with a soft rug!
  9. Here's a simple model that I designed by pairing some neat concepts in Daniel Ingram's book: Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha. I don't claim that it's totally accurate, but it was a fun little project that I was inspired to pursue. Enjoy! Progress of Insight and 7 Factors.pdf
  10. Living a 'good life' means making all sorts of counter-intuitive moves. Believe it or not, Truth will actually make your life better. But that's only IF you're ready to go for it. The reason that Leo's reply sounds scary is because it's only a thought to you right now. Truth doesn't mean your physical body dying. It's a more subtle death, if that makes sense. All percepts and sensations are still there. Since you wanna be healthy, a good start for you would be trying out plant-based/whole-food diet. Grade into it slowly. And lay off the Cola. It takes time, but in a few years you can have a diet that makes you feel amazing. And for relationships, read books and get as much experience as you can!
  11. This is gonna be a sweet b-day gift
  12. @vinc3nc On one hand, a lot of what you wrote is on point - good on you for being decisive and choosing to develop yourself! On the other hand, have you ever had a gf before? A lot of this sounds like it's coming from a place of inexperience. There are advantages and disadvantages to both being single and being in a relationship - one is not better than the other. How do you know that? Actually, having a supportive partner can make you MORE productive and effective when you are working on your projects.
  13. @Javfly33 You'll know when to do it through intuition. Perhaps changing paradigms would help. Try fapping to feel into your body and learn about your own sexuality, rather than the old way of doing it to release tension. Thus, when the urge comes up, only do it if you genuinely want to. Mechanical fapping, "just to get it outta the way," was never fun for me personally. But when I tried doing it to learn about my body, it changed my whole view on it.
  14. @Stefan Heuer Are you new to these teachings? Best to stick with the softer stuff at first. But then again, you seem very interested in "getting it," which makes me think spirituality will be your friend! The easiest way to "make sense" of it is to do lots of practices (meditation, shamanic breathing, psychedelics, etc.). A lot of people are going to want to sell you theories and models, which are neat, cool, and helpful, but ultimately are NOT "it." I only began to value the forum after doing some self-actualization, which made it easier to relate to what I was reading here.
  15. @Husseinisdoingfine From my experience, you basically have to maximize the stage you're at until you become sick of it in order to fully transcend (e.g., SOLID orange to SOLID green). You'll reach a breaking point where your emotions go in a downward spiral and you become open to a new way of living. Then you will either consciously or unconsciously move to the next stage. For example, I was good at track and field in high school and had a big achiever mindset. I wanted to win, win, win, and indeed I reached many of my goals. I made it to college and even though I was getting better at the sport, I burned-out because of emotional upheaval (my orange mindset had become exhausted). I quit and within a month smoked my first joint, meditated, and became a lot more social and connected with my body (green). Stage transformations take time, so there's no need to try to rush. You can't rush it anyways! The transformation I described above was about a 2-year span. It helps to look for those inflection points in your history where you decided "this ain't working" and switched to a whole new mode of being. Also, it helps to plan your path ahead. For example, I expect to be in the stage I'm at for the next 6-8 years or so. You need time to deepen your understanding of the value system of each stage as you exist in them.