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  1. @Preety_India So the issue then is that these "troll-comments" are publicly seen by other forum-goers, meaning your distress comes from the thought of others seeing the trollish comments. Is that accurate? I'm just trying to understand your situation. The more specific you can get, then I think the better you can address this. Also, you create your own reactions to these comments, whether you can help it or not. If everybody on this forum received the same comments that you do, then we would all have different reactions, be it disgust, embarrassment, indifference, etc. You're very intelligent, and assuming you're growing, this problem should be transient. You might still get trolled in the future, but you'll be less moved by it. Good point.
  2. Rampant commercialism and materialism. Small integrity, big profit. This has gotta create a serious cognitive dissonance for some repubs. I could see libertarians maybe being cool with her, but I don't know about those who ID as traditionalists.
  3. Hey, I'm sorry that you receive this crap and that it affects your emotional stability. How are 'they' actually 'attacking' your character? I know this isn't what you want to read, but I think the quoted line is the perfect thing to contemplate right now. I get the feeling, by reading your post and past ones similar to it, that you want Leo/mods to take action, and they probably will to the extent that they can. But I think you can also balance that with some self-reflection as well, so that trolls bother you less in the future. Trolls aren't worth your time. Forget them. Only focus on the comments that are conducive to your goals/desires. Your mind is a wonder.
  4. This is just cringey. Caitlyn seems confused as to why she's running and has no original comments/ideas. Thoughts?
  5. Good question! I'd say there are different degrees of democracy. Take Mongolia for example. Mongolia was a full-on republic for most of the 20th century. In the 1990s however, due to mass poverty and unrest, 'the people' protested, forced the communist party to resign, and crafted a new constitution and market economy virtually overnight. Today, Mongolia claims to be 'democratic' and heading further in that direction, yet they are still very much dependent on Putin and Russia for resources (since poverty is still a huge issue). Not to mention, their president is a Trumpian-like strong man who worships Genghis Kahn, a stage red emperor. The vast majority of people living there are still very traditionalistic/nationalistic in their worldview. They are democratic on paper, yet in practice it's a whole other story. Contrast that to what you said about the U.S. There's definitely some truth to what you say about America; we have some oligarchical shades of grey. However, we appear to be much more evolved as a democracy, when compared to other countries whose democratic systems are just starting out. There is a large chunk of the population who can't think critically, but it's still democratic overall. I'd say we lean more towards democracy, but the democratic process is by no means pure.
  6. @Khr The Book of Not Knowing. Nathaniel Brandon's self-esteem practices. Etc. I am dealing with this exact issue myself, and this is one of those things that takes a while to clean up. Don't expect it to go away in the short term. Contemplating the what that you think makes you an impostor could be helpful. Best done on paper!
  7. True, the more lenses you look at an issue from, the better the assessment will be. You'll know which levers to pull to get a better outcome.
  8. The problem here is that both spiritual and psychological approaches are, in a sense, right. However, each approach is right in a different way. If we take development into account (i.e., psychology), then we can look at a person and see where they are at. Ken Wilber once said "Spirituality is the highest level of any developmental line." If that's true, then spirituality will only work for those people who have developed to a point where they are ready for it. Until then, psychological approaches may be most appropriate. Once a healthy sense of self has been developed, the self can be transcended. At least, I believe that's how it works for most people. @Preety_India Ever heard of the phrase "spiritual bypassing"?
  9. What counts as 'wrong' and as 'Karma' are up to you. Though if you want to survive, you have to play the same game that the rest of society is playing. You can either do this unconsciously, by believing that 'wrong' and 'Karma' exist. Or you can do this consciously, by understanding that 'wrong' is relative and 'Karma' is a false proof of some divine fate. And if you do this consciously, you have the choice to be good or not. Choose wisely! It just is. Ever taken LSD? The answer is implicit. First, accept your confusion. There's going to need to be a lot of that if you want answers. Next, take action. Meditate, contemplate, etc. Be prepared to suffer for the truth.
  10. @Tim R Ayyye don't spoil the surprise
  11. @Swarnim Make it fun. Validate her interest by encouraging her. Your sister sounds lovely.
  12. @vedame Just do what's in front of you. Carve out time to nurture yourself, whatever that is for you. About 5 years ago, I found out that my ex had been cheating on me. It broke my heart. I had zero self-esteem. (It was my first relationship and I fell into the naive trap that it would 'be forever.') So for me, I got "pissed off for greatness" and did what I was passionate about, and that transformed me. Coping is fine, but you deserve to thrive too. Good luck!
  13. @Eternal Unity Uncover the insights for yourself. Practice spirituality hard for about 1-2 years. During that time, the notion of free will will become less and less true for you. At first, that will be shocking and super unsettling. You might get a feeling of heartache, like I did. But then you'll accept it and laugh about it. It's kind of like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, except you're just breaking up with an idea.
  14. Straight up. Get the vax and get out there. Start small. Just practice getting in 'the flow' with women. Then take it to the next level. That's what I'm doing. You can do it too. You need a paradigm swing.
  15. @Joyful Silence Interesting idea. I'd market it more broadly as a 'spiritual' app, and then have options for your bio like... Spiritual type A) Fundamentalist B) New Age C) Mystical Gender A) Male B) Female C) Non-bianary D) God (lol) Stuff like that. Give people options or you'll only have 10 people using the app and they will all be from this forum!