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  1. Hope you had a happy time writing all that
  2. @flume Wow, inspiring! The habit-trackers and rituals made me laugh...they are quite fun but really do look insane after a while. After about 2 years, I'm slowly experiencing the 'becoming a kid again' aspect too. Letting-go and not being too serious about the work is so counter-intuitive because it looks counter-productive to the work itself. Cheers!
  3. @Husseinisdoingfine Look here, you've gotta do what's right for you. After watching Leo for a couple years, I've come to realize that not everything he says/does is suitable for me. If you like meditation and other classical techniques and they bear fruit, then keep on keeping on! Don't let Leo stop you, lol. Listen to your intuition. For me, I meditated daily for 14 months straight and then stopped because the insights and emotions labor got too heavy. So I switched to binaural beats for about a year. Now I'm considering jumping back into sitting as it seriously helped my mindfulness skills while I was doing it. To me, you cannot build serious mindfulness/concentration skills using psychedelics. Psychedelics will take you further, but they won't automatically grant you skills that other techniques can. Just my take. Still a noobie for the most part.
  4. Has anybody read this enneagram book? If so, in what ways did it change your life? I've become a personality type junkie in the past few weeks and just got this in the mail. Ken Wilber has spoken highly of it. Just flipping through the pages I can see tooooonnnns of models which turns me on. Cheers~
  5. @museumoftrees Cutting away excessive screen-time is a mid- to long-term process. It's not going to happen overnight. Perhaps keep a personal log of how many hours per day you consume media. After a week or two you will discover an average. Slowly bring that average time down day-by-day until you reach a level that's healthy. But hey, if you are truly into entertainment in a way that is related to a potential life-purpose, then find a way to use what you are consuming rather than watching passively or in a neurotic way. Another piece of advice is to sit down and contemplate why you want to: Oh and of course, change is difficult and painful. This surface unhappiness you are experiencing is actually a sign that you're doing the right thing. If you feel at a deep level in your intuition that removing distractions is right for you but it stings on the outside, is is still the overall right thing to do. Don't let surface reactions fool you! Cheers~ ^ This too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0B_StY__Bg&t=772s
  6. Cykaaaa's "Hierarchy of distraction" What is growth to you? I agree, the forum can be used in more conscious or less conscious ways. But still you're talking about the forum paradigm. You don't necessarily need the forum because you can grow faster doing other things. @PurpleTree @ted73104 Bingo. A better way to frame it is like this: Working with teachers/mentors who are more conscious than you grows you faster than the forum alone. Working with coaches who are conscious makes your desire to come to the forum on a regular basis dissolve; you don't really need it if what you're after is growth.
  7. Not everyone will be into this, but it was pretty cool to find music that really brings in spirituality and psychedelics hardcore. The album as a whole reminds me of the hero's journey: start in ignorance, get thrown off balance, search for answers, get knocked down, realize it was you all along, become the grounded motherfucker you already are. Dark beauty at its finest. Three songs in particular are stunning to me. The first is track 3: Metacine. This one is an effort to reconcile decades of black torment with our current spiritual crisis and looking to shamanism/psychedelics for answers. Track 7: 4D, to me is basically a first-person perspective railing against one's own ego. Track 14: Aquamane is the grounded track. After going through the trials and tribulations of some spiritual purification, you come out the other end with scars, but also a stable groundedness. Just remember gems -- musical ones or otherwise -- are formed and found where the sun don't shine. Artist interview: https://www.passionweiss.com/2020/05/27/hindsight-20-20-is-very-psychic-an-interview-with-zeroh/
  8. You come here to grow. Yet, the less time you spend here, the more you'll grow. Visiting this place is nice because it's inspiring to see fellow actualizers going after it and sharing. But in the end, all of this adds another distraction to your mind and slows you down (even if just a little bit). Better to check out the forum here and there, without making it a crutch. Thoughts?
  9. @Vivaldo Yes because the way Leo presents is so blunt and sometimes emotionally disturbing for newbies. (Like it was for me. ) Most people won't take these ideas seriously (let alone do any growth) so it's a waste of time. The only way to share Actualized is to do it after slowly (over weeks and months) building-up a critical mass of interest in somebody who is already predisposed for this work. You don't need to share this channel per se. There are plenty of other teachers and books that talk about the same exact things.
  10. That's gonna be challenging! I stopped drinking over a year ago (never had a craving for it anyways). But recently I've picked it up just a little as it's impossible for me to keep up with drunk folk when out on the town. Literally all my friends do it so I've got no choice. Talking to a hyped-up drunk person is like trying to rap battle fuckin Eminem...you're on a totally different level.
  11. For me it's weed. I still smoke now and then, as it's a jarring way to alter consciousness. But anyways, for two years (Jr & Sr year of college) I smoked 5-6 days per week. After a year and a half of doing it intensely, I became disgusted by it. But I made friends over it, so giving it up took a clever strategy. In the end I was happy to go through the journey as it taught good lessons that eventually lead to self-actualization. In fact weening off weed was one of the first changes I made in Oct 2019 at the beginning of this work. Then came the spiritual rabbit hole starting in Feb 2020 just before COVID slammed us. I began to meditate a lot due to lockdown. Then became inspired to take a journey toward Truth--whatever the hell that is--at the year progressed. Then... Jan 2021: first glimpse of "nothing" on LSD (was terrified yet excited). Mar 2021: Sober awakening that lasted several moments. Since then I've been working with a coach on seduction/dating and showing up to the world in a more authentic way. To be honest this part of my life is more important than a direct spiritual path, even though I tried that. I can't speak for everyone, but I think this was Leo's best video yet. It addresses the human condition of being animalistic. I especially appreciate Leo's vulnerability and honesty about not being fully 'there' yet; I think sometimes we as students of self-actualization tend to delude ourselves into thinking that Leo is above it all, as silly as this sounds. Anyways, I burned through all of my weed. (Craving resolved!) What's a craving you've burned?
  12. @SamC Hey man, I can relate quite a bit actually. I'd peg myself up at green/yellow with some big-time shadow material in the 'belongingness' rung of Maslow's hierarchy, as I got bullied for about five years straight as a kid. I don't know how old you are but I'm 23. Some of these other comments seem wise--I think part of our predicament is a matter of age. (Another way of putting it is relative lack of experience.) Remember to keep the long-term game in mind when you have your setbacks. I'm not sure that I totally understand this, but it sounds like you were hurt when you were younger and this has stunted some of your development. PM me if you'd like. Peace
  13. @Godishere Okay, so you're scared shitless. So what? You're fucking God, you can handle it. Look, going through what you did is one of the risks associated with this work. Really, some degree of horror and freight is mandatory upon pursuing consciousness. I know this sounds harsh, but just hang in there. You will develop one hell of a character over the coming months and years. I don't blame you for saying this. Or this especially, lol. To this I would say that in the long-term awakening is cool. But in the short-term it is torturous (especially if you take a strong psychedelic which blasts you there rather quickly). Much love. P.S. What psychedelic did you take?
  14. 1960's USA Blue & Orange: *yawns* We are bored, what's next? Green: Wussup wussup, want a hit of this J? You'll chill the heck out Blue & Orange: FUCK NO GO TO HELL Green: Ok, maybe next century :'( But in all seriousness, basically what Leo said. It's not something you can put a date tag on, but rather society is going to drag itself into Green slowly over time. Orange's demise is going to be manyfold, including, just as an example, privacy problems. Isn't it interesting that under the principle of libertarian freedom, we create business systems that end up owning data on each of our subconscious consumption habits (thereby making us less free)? I live in a relatively green city (Bernie Sanders lives here) and it's still pretty damn orange. I think that it's going to start in the cities and then spend outward (already is, of course). What's also interesting is that even Red/Blue/Orange people seem to have caught some Green aspects that 'true' Green people embody; it's fascinating how dominant psychological stages are like a collective flu if you live in a place where it's quite prevalent. I think the countries that are already at the apex will continue to lead. Iceland is very sustainable with its geothermal energy grid. As a geologist, and this is just from the theoretical side (I don't actually know the nuances of processing geothermal energy); that nation can basically just coast off of the fact that their power needs are taken care of. They are also the healthiest nation in the world according to Bloomberg health index (U.S. is 34th). But the thing that the U.S. has is population size (which might or might not help). Who's to say? I'm just riffing out my butt... Let's see what comes of the technology race and climate change. The world changes so non-linearly and unexpectedly that I always feel that 'anything' can happen!
  15. Mother earth, planet earth, the blue marble, Gaia, la terre. This rocky, dirty, dusty, lush ball of magic that we live on ... It's. Just. Beautiful. So complex, yet so simple. It's simply delightful. Take to the forest and grab some soil. Touch and inspect fucking rocks. Maybe you think I'm kidding, but this is actually the most absurdly wonderful gift of existence to me. This why I became a geologist. And with the help of resources like Actualized, I hope to take humankind's understanding of what the earth is doing and our relationship with it to the next level.