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  1. @Tyler Durden You don't actually know how you imagined it. It sounds like you are confusing the teachings. When Leo talks about imagination, he means that literally EVERYTHING (reality itself) is imaginary. Even imagination itself is imaginary, hence you imagining that you imagined a goddamn earthquake. Get it? I'm a geologist by that way, where are you from??
  2. Who said that death is an illusion? Do you know this for yourself? Personally, I don't (although I'm expecting it to be the case, as I've realized other facets of awakening like "everything is nothing," "no free will," and so on). I'd say that until you know personally that death is an illusion, you cannot have a satisfying answer to your question. In the relative sense, yeah: survival is important. I wasn't sure if "survival is bad because it's ultimately an illusion" was an implicit assumption you have based on your post. If it is, I'd drop it, as I used to carry it around myself and it stunted my development for a little while. What's so hard about this work is that many of the ideas that Leo and other gurus talk about are just too advanced to 'get' without proper experience. The mind will not understand the higher mind/spirit ideas without some semblance of mastery in the gross, material domain first.
  3. Facebook is aware of the negativity bias that is hardwired in the human organism (see Jon Haidt's Happiness Hypothesis). Their algorithm is a function of the content you engage in with the most, and because our brains can't help but look for the negative, we end up engaging with such content the most. This then tells the algorithm to show us more divisive, low-consciousness content like before, which compounds over time makes us cynical. Facebook knows that these tactics have a negative ripple effect on on society at large, yet they put business first. The interview below highlights exactly that: Personally I don't deal with Facebook (or Instagram) anymore. It's so toxic that anything is better than it at this point. For all of you "no-fappers": if you think NoFap is great, try going without social media. Once you do, you will have more time to focus on life-purpose and you will feel so much more alive!
  4. Not gonna lie, the positive support for this post has increased my forum use. Check out bullet points #3 and 4: Isn't it stunning the lengths the ego will go to bask in empty glory? I've come to realize that a ton of us on this forum act like enlightened stoic battle soldiers with philosophy PhDs, but we forget to show our human-ness. We are afraid to let others see that we haven't got it figured out. I'm personally many hail-marys behind some of y'all. Here's an idea: Let's try to be students in a classroom, collaborating with and encouraging each other. I think that's how we can reap the maximum possible benefits of this forum.
  5. Yeah, web-search the correlations between chakras and psychological levels of development. Ken Wilber matches them in his work as well.
  6. Bring up past experiences where others were appearing to be doing wrong to you. Notice how there's a flip side to this: you judged and blamed, thus contributing to their behavior OR the way that they were acting was out of innocent ignorance and you just couldn't see this. If you realize that, then the next step would be to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not knowing better, for being so blind to your devilish behavior. But don't put the cart before the horse (forgiveness before admitting your devilry). Cheers!
  7. Precisely, it's a break in integrity. Having integrity is all about alignment. For me I get a sensation in my heart and throat areas. I was bullied much during my belongingness (heart chakra) & self-esteem (throat chakra) stages of development. Yo I get that too! It's so sneaky, because you feel like something is off, but you don't know what it is. Yep, that's the plan.
  8. @soos_mite_ah Here's a fun primer: Really contemplate the coherence vs. correspondence theories part. It helps you to delineate "intra-" vs "inter-" when you draw distinctions. The rest is about various ideologies. Just somewhere to start!
  9. I was confronted with the devilry to such a high degree through a sort of psycho-physical suffering that there was no avoiding it; it was as if I was FORCED to admit it. Hell, I was having dreams of past girlfriends in the nights leading up to the experince. The funny part is I relived devilish acts in the dreams! I huge insight that I had in reflecting on the experience is this: you know when you're being devilish because you will feel like you're doing something wrong in the moment, even though you usually can't logically deduce what it is. Like, you'll literally get this 'dirty' feeling in your body or mind that says "I think I'm doing something wrong." Watch out for it! I'd say it's only useless if you don't learn from it! Wonderful, thanks. Yes, I actually whole-heartedly agree with everything you wrote. Yep, there was definitely a "meta-" quality to the experience I had. For example, I texted somebody local, letting them know I was having this psychotic experience. I felt so guilty about sending the text, because I knew they were going out to have fun that night and I didn't want to take away from that, that it took me 30 minutes just to send the text. Yeah, the experience sucked, but I applied lots of mindfulness and non-judgement to it. I also introspected on it the day after, and now I feel amazing. Take the view that if tended to properly, anti-blissful, low-vibe experiences can be a good thing in the long-run
  10. @Egzoset You're a poetic writer. No, after contemplating today I realized that the shame-fest I endured was directly connected to long-standing interpersonal issues in me. I accrued tons of social traumas as a child (including literally YEARS of bullying at school, which I hid from my family). Since then (over the past 10 years) I've been working on getting better at seduction/dating and social life. It's been a super painful journey, and today I came to the conclusion that I psychologically wronged many people (especially women) in the past 10 years. I have prided myself on integrity all the while, but last night's sudden experience forced me to admit that I wasn't being as saintly as I thought I was. I AM the devil. When I first watched this episode over a year ago, I could sort of intellectually get it. Now, I REALLY get it. For those of you reading, actually seeing and especially feeling your very own devilry is a whole different game. You never would have thought that it was you all along!
  11. Have any of you ever had a state of feeling deep shameful feelings that just smacked you out of the blue? Last night I was about to go out with friends but took a detour away from the venue, as I began feeling paranoid and submissive towards people. I felt shame about who I was, and this came with feelings of division with other people to the point where I couldn't even look people in the eye. Since I've done lots of meditation, psychedelic trips, and binaural beats in the past couple of years, this state was imbued with a sense of no-self. Honestly, the no-self was less scary than the shame, because the shame is a part of this deep interpersonal shadow that I have due to traumas I accrued as a kid, mainly through bullying. Has anyone had a similar experience? This was really scary and I'm still trying to make sense of what this was and why it happened so suddenly.
  12. @Jacob Morres Not weird at all. You're touching on the idea of holons. Google it. Read Ken Wilber's books if you're interested.
  13. Yes. Also @Yeah Yeah drop the word approach if you haven't already. It has negative connotations associated with it. Focus on talking to and connecting with women. Seduction is a step-by-step process, and it will naturally lead to sex. Some years from now when you've got it, you'll look back at *right now* and laugh, as if this were actually an issue!
  14. Ever since I joined this forum in March 2020, I've had very mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it's a blessing that this exists. I'm awfully thankful for the golden nuggets that people drop, be it practical-resource posts, or interesting advice/feedback/conversations. However, there are tons of flipsides to this place. Most of it depends on you, but some of it is pre-given, as forums are open to all players. There's no way I'm going to touch on everything here + some of you may disagree with these points. So please, feel free to add your own thoughts! Traps one may fall into on the forum: The #1 trap: wasting time, compounding into hours, days, and even weeks of lost time Getting triggered and more importantly, not being aware of one's own triggered-ness Trolling, debating, or defending pet-theories out of spite/pride Wanting to have a high post-count (I'm not saying that people with high post-counts actually want this, just pointing out this as a general, natural tendency) Posting just to get self-esteem boosts or to shoot-the-shit, as if this is social media or therapy Worrying about whether or not people will respond to your comments/posts; if you have this fear then don't even post (for your own sake), just observe How to use the forum to get the most out of it: Only use this forum because you are choosing to use it, not out of an unconscious, reactionary habit (I used to have this page bookmarked but dropped it so now I have to consciously decide when to hop on) Stay away from toxic threads (don't let chimp-ery appeal to your lower self; seek that which you want, not what you don't want) Actually learn from those who are wiser than you, do not idol-worship others Detach your heart from the 'outcome' of posts Delete your expectations Dive into new perspectives, even if it's a bit uncomfortable When in doubt about somebody's advice, ask "does this feel right?" (even if their advice is 'objectively good', if it doesn't feel right to you, than maybe you're not ready for it, and that's okay) Give encouragement to others, so long as they're being genuine and not looking for attention (it really makes a difference to people when they feel seen in this work: self-actualization is challenging!) If you feel some connection with another user, PM them! Sometimes you'll make fruitful 1-on-1 conversations and learn even more that way vs. a post Don't take the forum too too seriously, have some fun sometimes! But don't overdo it and become a clown
  15. Thank you all for the feedback. Your experience and reflection of this industry has clarified a lot of questions/concerns/doubts. @Leo Gura you said you're making a video about "Life Traps/Scams" soon, right? Will self-help industries be a part of this? It seems like there's a lot to be said there. Okay thank you. I really dislike the over-the-top obnoxious attitude that, for instance, Tyler pushes. Sure, he's an amazing human, has an incredible life-story, and is hyper-qualified as a social skills coach, bar none. But damn some aspects of him rub me the wrong way (e.g., the mansion, ramblings about his business, his hyper-stimulated state, etc.). Same thing for some of the other RSD coaches it seems. Dope, this looks great - thanks. . . . Personally, I'm already working with a dating coach but was checking out other sources for the future when my current program ends. The coach I'm working with is Jad T Jones, and his way of facilitating is online (very similar to the video calls @Nahm does, where he points out blindspots). He's a very down-to-earth and trustworthy guy overall. He has somewhat of an obsession over the notion of "success," but besides that he's compassionate and well-balanced. Never talks you down and his coaching is quite personalized.