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  1. @Ulax Hi. Welcome. My contribution to start with are Hemi-sync for helping left/right hemispheres be friends and make sure they come along with the middle part between them in combination with "meditation" and write journal 24/7 for discover/monitor whats going on and learn stuff about your self, at the same moment start be able find "solutions". Do you already have it covered or is there another necessary pieces "triggers,coping, pattern and more" for the big puzzle ptsd and such can be helpful, meanwhile also parallel follow ❤ @Nahm awesome help and there are plenty more helpful people for all kind of questions along your journey. Perhaps follow some guideline's for how Dissociative Identity Disorders are built and healed. @FlyingLotus IFS? Teal Swan. YT video, Fragmentation, and much more amazing deep healing videos. Some boy's seems to have "man" issues watch her's content.
  2. How does social distancing, affect the club's nowadays?
  3. @fopylo This is inspiring in many way's, to mention some, how you and "support" interact , your courage and wiseness, supercool in all levels ❤, thank you for sharing! *After reading this thread, read also some of yours latest post, woke interest for the bigger picture. What is pre-military school 6 months and what age are the average in these (pretty big) groups? Wonderful 🫂 ❤! @Eph75 @Nahm
  4. @taotemu Some stories ❤ https://beherenownetwork.com/ram-dass-here-and-now-ep-185-playing-with-reality/
  5. Thank you for sharing 🫂❤🙏
  6. Please ❤ @hamedsf don't be such a monster joker. Consider whatever the question is about and if you not resonates with it or whatever reason you have, maybe this question seen as a joke for you, but an answer can be interpret dead serious by someone else, a person we cant know what is feeling, doing or what condition that person are in for the moment, who knows, might be tripping or something else. @Gabith Seems be active not long ago, if watch the profile. So he is probably fine?
  7. @Andrey Hi ❤ Your question are difficult to answer, but it is a great start and you can make more specific questions later. Dig deep, check out many possibilities, learn as much you can yourself, have patience to avoid make misleading conclusions. Hope you can find what you wish for. Suggestion for your big picture building.
  8. @UNZARI Ye, playing have not been a total waste of time, but seems closer to be sort of another way of working rather than as relaxation and recreational time, all day long? Can you find inspiration elsewhere that gives nuances to your work/digital art, "time of from the branch" but maybe gives your creativity more room, so it not get's burnt as well? I feel like I burnt myself out cause I was going really hard for 2 months straight. Maybe I need this break? Do you have or had something outside this branch of "3D world" during the day's? What did you do these 3-4 years? Pandemic have isolated many for a long period and you maybe have some other interest or hobbies that been frozen for a while and wait's for you to give more balance during the day's?
  9. @UNZARI This seems to be very close and under same branch, computer/technology, 3D(games/models). Almost to be an professional tennis player and for change play some table tennis for fun. How does this part look like?
  10. @UNZARI Great, wasn't entirely sure and did not want to assume to much + you now giving more nuance and that gives more info for people give suggestions.
  11. Hi. What is that?
  12. @Noahsteelers34 Hi! Linking to useful resources for non-commercial purposes This book bundle, maybe can give some helpful inputs to make your decision. This is an Charity site, various bundles for very very low price. Charity site's main page www.humblebundle.com Engineering and Physics - Book Bundle Direct link to this specific bundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/engineering-physics-mercury-books?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_2_layout_type_threes_tile_index_2_c_engineeringandphysicsbymercury_bookbundle
  13. @PBen534 Hi! Ye interesting, who knows. You maybe already come in contact with this? https://www.lawofone.info/ http://lawofonesociety.com/