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  1. Before i got my driving licence, i had to learn a bunch of mysterious unknown stuff, it took time in every area before got enough skill overall, how to drive and enjoy the ride fully, comes with practice. Trial and error. I have driving a lot of different cars, some for many years and some 1 day.
  2. @EternalDream If it possible you dont have encounter any struggles that matters to be able get prepared for various situations, i would say that you have to build up knowledge and experience somehow to get atleast some perspectives that can be found from hard times, to be able thrive in life and have allround experience. Martial arts, maybe a door to be able to come in contact with some of hidden emotions that can occur during training and therefor able to work with, fears and action e.ct and various people that maybe can give perspectives from certain areas of life you today only see on tv. Watch out for trap yourself, one day in life then getting older, realize you have avoid living it fully.
  3. Fantastic compiled video, thanx for making the effort. Made me smile and warm The video "Hey this is Leo for Actualized.org" reminder me about all the hard but rewarding struggle and the nice welcome"Hey" made probably huge impact in the beginning to be able drop the guard, before was start understanding anything of what Leo said and very often passed out sleeping really heavy during the videos Really enjoyed to watch these minutes listen to "Hey". Makes it possibly see a glimpse of his development and effort to share his work, and get a kind of time travel my own during watching the "hey" video.
  4. Thanx for sharing, nice
  5. @dflores321 Know it can be hard, try dont worry so much about it, it can be a lot of scary situations and extra hard sometimes, here in this forum, you are not entirely alone to go thru with it. Know several people including my self going thru what you describe. Probably same for you as well, a part of your self that comes into awareness, that you have to deal with and heal. Dont feel ashame and resist it, keep observe, reflecting and find different ways to deal with it. Keep seek understanding, keep write about your struggles here in forum can help a lot. I wish you all the best My edit was a little slow... @dflores321 I do understand @DIDego oh no I'm not concerned with it at all . But thank you. All is fine with awareness.
  6. Hi This are a important topic, two important and easy ways to make us feel connected are rare nowadays, hugs and handshakes. We maybe can post something little everyday about connection, in the forum or in this topic, as a reminder to find more ways to stay connected somehow, to spend more quality time with others somehow, both irl and on internet with each other, keep safety when connect irl ofc.
  7. This is going great, i write here in my journal everyday. No, only doing it in my imagination. Reevaluate. It's not the end of the journal. I'll be back
  8. @dflores321 Way More Unconscious When I'm Inside My House But when i spend a day doing things, I have blissful/peaceful experiences where i think I'm almost enlightened. Why do you not enjoy yourself having blissful/peaceful experiences? Why do you think it are a weakness? Don't you deserve to be released from suffering? Are you sober or take drugs to be blissful/peaceful?
  9. I have been stuck because of not had either the money to use private help and self-aware understanding how to handle my huge destructive conservative deep-rigid-ego that did not want to die and develop, my ego that got a resistance and refused to do progress, have struggle with society free government financed mental health field since 2001 and got nowhere and got a view about my self that not was true. They dont have a structure to use a holistic view and therefor not able give a proper help or listen what the patient are saying between the lines. After found Actualized.org 2018 and Leo's start list with videos i got on a path, that today have got my eyes wide open and a understanding that i got to keep low profile what i say and how i say stuff now on when have contact with society based health care systems. The drugs might be helping a while, if the issues are holistic treated, if drugs are used parallel with tailored treatment,strategies are learned to give patient a coping toolbox and not use drugs as a bandage and never able clean the wound to heal properly.
  10. @Opo It's tricky going any near these kind of topics, discuss fact mixed with personal perspectives and own opinions to try make some "theories" where we coming from, what we can learn from history, to "imagine" and try grasp somehow a bigger picture whats maybe are actually going on in the present, can be seen as conspiracy theories, and that are forbidden to discuss.
  11. Thank you all, for contribute with all the great music to this topic. I have because of this topic, discover old songs in a new way and start listen to music that i had not bother to try out otherwise. @Nahm Want to ask if you are ok with a playlist or if there are reasons not to, because have started this great topic. Are there a possibility to make a public playlist of the songs in this topic? Hope i not have missed any written about a playlist earlier in this topic. How to do a public playlist? How much effort does it take, if there are much can the effort be shared among several people? Actualized.org? Suggest names and run a poll? Or is it so easy that the choice of playlist name are the topic "Songs Written About Enlightenment"?
  12. Let go of the fear and resistance, start the journal regardless. Start the journal. Check Step 2. Why do i start a journal and what content? I dont really know, yet Why a public journal? Lvl up skill in language. Pandemic have put a lot on hold, especially social activities. List of stuff that might helps me, to do a (public)journal. Learn how to express myself, readable, struggles write fluently in any language. https://translate.google.com/ https://sv.bab.la/lexikon/svensk-engelsk/
  13. @Blackhawk Heard about The Marlboro Man? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marlboro_Man
  14. @Mesopotamian The one that can see life more as a puzzle and not seek for only one fantastic solution, should try to grasp what Teal talks about, because out of own experience can recognize what she says and can be helped. Sure, bs can everything be from a closed mind. Teal are one of many sources, have many sources gets a broader spectrum of tools during the journey. Sometimes a content from any source you stumble over, can be handy to see and also re-evaluate later in a another situation, because some new puzzle pieces have arrived to the table. The dangerous part is how to use it all and some seem have the hopes doing well all time, there are powerful deep-level content on internet and if it used properly you will have a chance to thrive and change deeply. If use the content, do it properly, create a safety protocol. The one who not judge anymore, because already had experience of a fooling mind, that can destroy any solution there is, behind a closed mind. People will always try bs all content there is and also them who wants to share content. Yes, be careful what you do in life are always important and also be careful how to give advice to others about own opinion.
  15. @Jo96 My post was about your question. I try to write more. In the beginning of my journey i wanted to save the world, put to much focus on that ocean can drain much energy, needed to own development. Ofc in case of emergency, but otherwise change your self and the interaction with others can change the situations to the better in the long run. What can you learn that change you, so your part of the toxic issue can get less or dissolve into something else? What happens if one part in a problem or a toxic argue changes the approach, how to deal with the situation? This year have put many people towards a more toxic manner, mostly because of raised fear and pretty exhausting situation with much changes during a long period. Invest in your development and in the long run you get rewards from the efforts, if you have the patient Quote: " Healing will happen one step at a time and the better it gets, the better it gets. " - Teal Swan.