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  1. @Tech36363 Hi, be open and you will meet people you seek for, they arent open to you, if you are closed to them. One example of many sites https://beherenownetwork.com/ @Nahm ❤️🙏 https://www.actualityofbeing.com/ Was the one helping me, after some period with some baby steps first, then more advanced trial and error ... tada begun slowly adjust to be able "meet" more people in a another level and also able find some new friends. Yes, it was terrifying a while..
  2. @The Mystical Man Wow thank you for eye opener. He is awesome, had not understand what he speaks about, then was young and saw his movies. Now i will watch his movies again Amazing!
  3. @Village Thank you ❤️ That was perfect, it will for sure, help reduce intake towards zero faster.
  4. More good habits, food, exercise, let go of negative thoughts(various ways), less stress and more creativity. I had many addictions and ended them in various ways, also started to be more conscious about, why and what substances i still use. If you ask me, i would say all addictions, fading eventually by it self. Coffee have different taste and flavor. Choice of brand, change strength and quality to be conscious coffee drinker Drink less coffee when it is black and feel the sort, change sorts, test new sorts, for not drink by slentrian. Makes each cup "worth" more for well being, even if there are pros and cons with coffee. There are ways to do every cup more "healthy", in other ways than just drink a cup of coffee I am minimize coffee by it self, because it taste less good for each year. Drink whatever coffee for the socially connection, then are coffee really good and are boosting the health
  5. @Nahm Im not against the answer or you at all, it is so hard to grasp.. I will let it be now, read it again another day and one day it hopefully sink in. //
  6. @dflores321 Sorry if hijack your topic. @Nahm I still remember some how it was. Seriously this is hard nut for me to break then it is about childhood and your kind to help everyone, but realistic? Is it going to work that easy for him or do you have a plan b? How about our path and suffering, if you had know me for 25-30 years ago, around 10-15 year old, could you have tell me or slap me around a bit so had woke up, to be able do that you wrote to @dflores321 and i would maybe changed the path then so all year of suffering had not came from trauma path karma or whatever. Shit im confused, i have the first 0-20 year of mostly blank! Illusion are reality and ye that part..
  7. @Seven7 A break up can be a opportunity, to be alone and grow with the one, you have closest, before searching for a new relationship
  8. @Roy Let go of suffering: Age 2.5 Fostercare Age 7 Social workers gave Biological-mom back custody, for me, not my older sister, so i almost moved to complete stranger alone, left mates in 1:grade class and begun 2:grade class, yep insane.. Stepfather got cancer after 6 months...about after 12 months i been there or so, he died= mom druglife again, OD= i did call. + bunch of adventures during 1.5 years. Aha.. first time i was drunk + cigarettes was then was 8 years old... With mom and her friend+ was at adventure with her friends hiding from social workers a couple of weeks, shit got crazy, The A-Team was showing me their lifestyle.. That was the start for a long adventure. Let go of suffering and live life whatever age. Better it gets, better it gets.. Teal Swan have a lot helpful solutions for complex c-ptsd. I returned to fostercare family, not a child that came back. Age 38....Actualized.org / Leo's Videos I am comfortable, i wish i could write the way i talk native.
  9. @Lemar98 Welcome to the forum Hearth vs Money = Balance Help someone are not always easy. If a homeless ask for money, are this person going to be able use them in a way that not lead into more suffering? If you give money that day, you find out if needs clothes or food are important for example. Can make an difference what you sense then help someone. Who knows, buy a coffee and share and care time can be in the long run what heals the most. Maybe
  10. @ivankiss Thank you for sharing Wonderful. Glad on your behalf. Awesome list, impressing how you distilled, so much important into a readable short list. These kind of summarizing are something i would like to have done a long time. Will save yours and maybe use some of it and remodel some into what suits my situation or period in life. This forum are amazing.
  11. I have used ADHD meds during "re-program" all the trillion dopamine thing brain can use as source. This is a long story short. So i choose one solution for deal with the many problems, to solve the dopamine source "meds", so brain let go of seeking and instead start able get focus to do something about it in the long run. But it was necessary to take a big break reset and stop doing almost everything fun, that was mostly distractions from what ego ,knows are towards a change and death are coming... again...again and The need feeling for meds are slowly fading, all changes that done makes it fading automatic, but it has been a struggle and process to keep the "needs" stable.