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  1. Well regardless of what you believe, you are taking a risk here. So it's up to you to decide whether or not that risk is going to be worth it. The drugs could help you a lot, or they could make you worse, and your blind belief that you should be able to just overcome it is potentially dangerous. If you have a history of serious mental health issues, be very careful. I'm not telling you not to take them or to take them bro. Just be careful. You don't know fully what these drugs could do to you.
  2. @ShardMare As @Leo Gura says right at the top of this section. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR SERIOUS ISSUES. As much as anyone on this forum wants to believe they know best, if someone in deep shit mentally/physically needs support, remember that we're just a bunch of random people on internet. As much as you may want to argue about corruption or incompetence at times in professional fields, you need to make a decision, and if you're in serious shit mental/physical health wise, and you want to know who to listen to, your safest option is professionals. By all means educate yourself, don't blindly trust authority, just realise that no one on here has anything more than info we gathered over the internet. If someone is telling you do something as a substitute for professional help, be very concerned. If I was in your situation, from what you've described, I'd personally not take them, but I don't know you, so I wont tell you not to take them. You may not have fully articulated your issues.
  3. When did I ever say this? When did I ever say a single word of this? When did I even imply this shit? You are doing the same shit you always fucking do on every fucking thread. You twist and manipulate what I say. I never said you knew nothing, on the contrary, I said you're more than welcome to try and advise him on the subject. You may be very knowledgeable on the subject. AND I DON'T DISAGREE WITH YOU. I don't want to take medications either, and I realise the issues they can cause, and you are well within your right to educate him. But just give him the information and let him make his own mind up!!!!!! The issue I took is that you told him NOT to take medications. IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO TELL PEOPLE NOT TO TAKE THEM. You shouldn't do this. You don't know his circumstances. NEVER EVER EVER tell someone to take or not to take meds. This is not me forcing me view on you, you are forcing your view on him by telling him not to take meds. I'm not saying take meds or don't take meds THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FUCKING DOING!!! As much as I may not want to go on meds myself, I know people who would be dead without them right now, so what you are saying is irresponsible. This is the final straw with you. I'm adding you to my ignore list, I can't be bothered to deal with your slimy personality anymore. You misrepresent what I say, you often don't focus on what the person is actually saying and just them themselves. You have the audacity to sit there and preach to me and others at times about their own bias and paradigms, yes you are so sure of yourself that you think you have the right to tell someone not to take medications. What you have said to him is irresponsible and reckless.
  4. 100% this. Life is life, choose an option, try it. If the end result is that you are satisfied, then that's all that matters.
  5. People take MBTI way too seriously. Being a good musician has nothing to do with MBTI.
  6. Does anyone have any decent sources to determine what the limit on eating nuts should be? I can eat between 35-70g per day of mixed nuts - Cashews and almonds. They're a great way to get enough calories and be healthy, just wanting to know what you guys think?
  7. This is wreckless advice. Yeah I agree I'm skeptical of anti-depressants, but don't tell people not to take them. You are not a doctor, and you don't know that person. Anti-depressants do help some people. You should never advise anyone to take or not to take their medications. If you want to advise on the impact it could potentially have and just state facts, then fine, but you're not an expert or a professional. Telling someone to take or not to take medications is irresponsible. No one on here should be saying this. Give people the facts and let them decide for themselves. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you the guy who gave his girlfriend a psychedelic and it harmed her mental health massively? @ShardMare - Take everyone's advice about medications on here with a pinch of salt. I personally don't ever want to take anti-depressants, but they can be useful in some situations if someone is really bad. Anti-depressants have saved lives, even if they are not a good long term solution, that's a fact. I'm not a fan, but some people have said it's helped them, so I wont argue with them. Read into the science, anecdotes and evidence, and then decide for yourself.
  8. Why can't you just stop coming to the website? I didn't use the website in over a year for a while.
  9. The reality is though that some people say they feel better on SSRI's. You guys need to respect that some people may have tried a lot of things that haven't worked in relation to depression. I've seen examples of people who are fit, healthy and have done therapy etc and they still are in bad shape mentally. Unfortunately meds may be the best some people can get, as some damage is irreparable, and humanity is not wise enough yet to resolve some people's issues. I agree it's silly to just take meds without trying anything else first, but obvious if someone is so bad that they cannot even function or on the verge of ending it all, then meds are better than suicide or not being able to get out of bed. I'd personally prefer to do whatever it takes to avoid meds for anything. But I will admit that I've done so much, and it has worked to some degree, but I still don't feel like I used to regardless of what I do. I'm not full on depressed or having mental breakdowns but I feel quite anhedonic and more neurotic than I did before my issues started. My symptoms have improved due to better lifestyle and self awareness, but I feel like they will never go away, they can only be managed.
  10. What do you consider his job title exactly? Since you think that being on a forum hours a day is his job.
  11. The much better option would be to just stop giving a fuck. Go outside with your stomach showing, stop hiding it, convince your brain there's nothing wrong. That feeling is priceless.
  12. You keep saying you're not engaging with me anymore, but every time you respond with a rant, and don't even address any of my points. You're also trying to out-ego me by saying you're just too far ahead of me lol. Are you serious? Grow up. You sound very unstable, which is what makes me think you are mentally ill even more. I wouldn't give a shit if you dismissed my traumatic experiences because I'd be resolving them on my own time and deal with it myself or with professionals who are trained. I'd be trying to practically resolve them, not seek validation from people online and getting triggered over everything. You keep saying you're not interesting in debating me, yet you keep responding. I keep on making arguments and you don't even bother responding to the points I'm making, you just get triggered over one part of them, and go on a rant. You'd see that I've made way more of an attempt to discuss this topic here than just insult you.
  13. Depends how I'm gonna die really. Am I ill? Or just gonna drop dead suddenly in 24 hours? @Someone here