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  1. Yeah but outside of it's natural form it's harmful. There's a difference between sugar from fruit and sugar from candy. Your body processes it differently.
  2. The only thing that gives anything meaning is feelings, and AI has none, unless we give them feelings.
  3. If you're 18+, do whatever you want to your body. If you're a kid, you should get mental health support and support groups etc. I don't agree with giving kids drugs and other medical treatments that can have negatives, because I do not believe kids can consent to it. It feels wrong.
  4. I think OP expects this place to be the holy grail of knowledge.
  5. I got the initial two vax, but denying the boosters. The reality is it was a risk either way, neither side should walk away smug about this. You could flip a coin and choose the right side, it doesn't mean you chose the right side due to being more informed.
  6. If you're really concerned with health on a vegan diet you shouldn't be relying on mock meats/highly processed foods to begin with.
  7. My advice , If you want to make veganism work, don't bother with these 7 day, 30 day challenges. Gradually take animal products from your diet. I've been vegan for 7 years, blood tested fine, It took me 6 months to go from meat eater, vegetarian and then vegan. Any sudden change to your diet may impact you negatively.
  8. You have to give these things time to kick in. You wont be aggressive and irritable forever, it's a temporary period of discomfort. But tbh if you can get to the state where you're jerking off occasionally that might be the best for you. Just stop fapping to porn regularly. This is why nofap has a 90 day challenge, give it time to kick in.
  9. There's no such thing really as a life purpose, you have a purpose once you become useful to something other than yourself, and that can be in many different ways.
  10. Funny guys, good inspiration when it comes to fitness, good personalities, but politics makes you a lot of enemies unfortunately.
  11. So basically just embrace your dark side. Accept your animal nature, and be ruthless if necessary.
  12. So basically, I started to feel dead inside around age 23. It was quite random, I just felt differently one day. I felt by default more anxious, discontent and depressed. From age 27-now I've made a lot of changes and live a super healthy lifestyle. I've given up a lot of things I used to do like video games and watching TV regularly, as well giving up regular alcohol and eat healthy. All these changes have gradually made me feel better, and have sparked a bit of life in me. But no matter how healthy and self aware I am, although I'm better than I was, that switch that flipped in me at around age 23... has never quite flipped back. I know I can never been like I was because I'm now 8 years older, but I wonder if there's anything you guys could suggest to make me feel more alive than I am? I feel OK, I don't suffer much, but I feel a bit void of feeling a lot of the time despite being over the worst of it. I've tried different diets, exercise, making sure I'm meeting all of my nutritional requirements, gotten blood tests, meditation, hiking outside etc etc. All of them help. I don't expect to be as alive as I was a kid, but just 20-30% more feeling would do. I feel relaxed and calm, but still quite numb. I never getting excited for much, and when good things happen, I feel a small percentage of what I used to feel.
  13. You still with us OP?