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  1. @Zeroguy ❤️ Hah yeah I wondered too if you have time to study that in a university. I did the ❌ thing when I hadn't gone to bed and tried to sleep when I was supposed to. Didn't matter if I fell asleep or not. My goal was to just be there before midnight. Now I try to go there from midnight to 1.
  2. Definitely it's helpful. Do it for sure we can talk about this stuff together then I sleep alright. But I'm afraid I can't and that makes me keep discipline Yeaah. Well you can still let it out privately.
  3. @Zeroguy You will study psychology too really And yeah this habit journal helped me too with discipline for a while, then it just stopped lol. The insomnia thing actually helps with that a lot now. I would probably need to do some expressive journaling.
  4. @Zeroguy Ha yeah that's about the important stuff. So that's now like the foundational habits journal you were planning to make. I'm ok. I've been just trying to meditate a lot.
  5. @Zeroguy Thank you. I’ll try to do that. You’re awesome too.❤️
  6. @Zeroguy Ok good luck with that. Love you too
  7. Sorry about that No idea. Might make a new one might stay with this one might stop this altogether. I've indeed been a mess lately I'll figure it out later. Toxic masculinity is always great A bit confused but you're welcome. Glad to help.
  8. @Zeroguy Love you too. Thanks for staying again.
  9. @Zeroguy Ok thanks I don't know when it starts exactly I have to figure out all that. In the beginning of fall.
  10. @Zeroguy It was the grades I got in since I got the psychology grade up. Didn't even do the entrance exam. ❤️❤️
  11. @Zeroguy No problem I really do understand. I can't go to spain or anywhere this summer I got a summer job. But maybe I could next year or next fall. I'd also like to do some volunteering abroad thing.
  12. @Zeroguy You too❤️