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  1. Yoga ✅ 20min Meditation ✅ 10min Sleep ❌ 8h, went to bed at 00:45 Could've slept longer.
  2. Yoga ✅ 10min Meditation ✅ 10min Sleep ❌ 6.5h, went to bed at 3:30 Accidentially put my alarm clock off in the evening when I was supposed to put it on. But it's ok
  3. Yoga ✅ 40min Meditation ✅ 10min Sleep ❌ 6h, went to bed at 1:30 Crap
  4. Yoga ✅ 30min Meditation ✅ 25min Sleep ✅ 9.5h, went to bed at 23:15 Yesterday was better. I get into a meditative state when I'm in the shower and standing right below the stream of water and just letting it hit my head.
  5. Yoga ✅ 15min Meditation ✅ 10min Sleep ❌ 5.5h, went to bed in the morning I couldn't sleep. Then I realized I'm hungry and I went to eat. Then I just kind of stayed active all night.
  6. Yoga ✅ 15min Meditation ✅ 15min Sleep ❌ 9h, went to bed at 00:30 Almost early. Been feeling disconnected from everything. And exam stress is piling up and I'm paralyzed. Mountain cabin would be nice. I still have time to study though.
  7. Yoga ✅ 15min Meditation ✅ 10min Sleep ❌ 8h, went to bed at 2:45 I've been having a backlash lately, pretty apparent. I can't go to bed early. My thing with being late from everywhere, extends to that.