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  1. Primary psychopathy -1.7 Secodary Psychopathy-3.5
  2. @Leo Gura What do you think about Backwards law( the more we run behind anything more it gets away from us )?How can I use it in my career, relationships ,overcoming OCD,family life ?
  3. @Leo Gura Is not chasing pleasure a way to Eudonic happiness ?
  4. @Leo GuraCan meditation,contemplation ,exercise,listening to Binueral Beats (Seretonin releasing music),using semi psychedelic app lumenate heal my OCD better than compared to medication and therapy ?
  5. Now after meditating,contemplating and listening to Binueral Beats for sometime it is feeling better .
  6. And also I have many issues besides my personal life like my friends once bullied me ,one teacher hurted me .Now is the case that I am in a good collage (persuing Biotechnology engineering)and the girl that I mentioned and also the friends who bullied me are taking 2nd year drop after their 12th standard for preparing for medical entrance exam .My career is also going well by I don't understand that why do l feel hurt by obsessive thoughts .Even going to the mental health professionals hasn't cured me .
  7. We measure with the clock the quantity which depends on the relative position of the earth with respect to sun and not beyond that .
  8. @Leo GuraI took steps and talked to many girls after she was gone but what about the mental images that come in my mind of her flirting with another guy comes in my mind .How to heal that as it results in anger ?
  9. @Leo GuraWhat to do if your past girlfriend cheated on you by flirting with other boy.I feel constantly angry for this .I just woke up with the angry mood with the image in my head of she flirting with someone else . What to do ?
  10. But what about the visuals that is perceived when the eye is closed and bombarded with flashlight of the phone ?
  11. Just type Luminate on playstore
  12. @Leo Gurau What do you think about Luminate which gives a semi psychedelic experience by bombarding flash lights on closed eyes ?Can it heal my OCD,anger ?
  13. @Leo Gura Which book of David Bohm do you recommend in your Holistic thinking video which is on your booklist to start thinking holistically ?
  14. Contemplate : .What kind of positive impact I want to have on mankind ? .What great things I am willing to offer to mankind ? (It has to be non material like offering high quality music ,high quality theories ,amazing art etc.) Also try to see things holistically like seeing a thing having interconnections in itself (resulting in a world of itself) and also how it is interconnected with other things (like how one context connects with other context to influence situations , processes in life ,world etc. ) I was in the same situation in my 7th class . Gradually as I continued studying I became interested in biological aspect of Science. Then I took Bio science stream for my 11th and 12th class with an optional subject as biotechnology which fascinated me . I considered it then and now as advanced biology .But still I didn't had a life purpose then.I recall that I became temporarily depressed due to a heartbreak ,I watched one of Leo's video on depression and in that video he mentioned to have a life purpose as I thought about that topic and contemplated the above questions my life purpose became concrete(also it took a little time ). As I completed my school ( after my 12th class ) I was improving my marks during a drop of one year (to prepare for entrances ) then I went to university to enroll in my favourite course biotechnology.And now I am enjoying it. All the best for life ahead .
  15. @Batman No she is not in contact with me