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  1. Hi @Leo Gura your videos have really changed my life. Back in 2017 when I started following you I started meditating ,contemplating. Your videos are really good pointers for questions to contemplate,understanding etc. By the way Leo do you have some epistemology questions to contemplate? And do you plan to release more epistemology videos in the future?And also what questions must I contemplate in the domain of success, personal life to excel in them? Also sorry for a little trouble #SaveShwetabhGangwar- I know that there are a number of Indian youtube audience are present. If you all can them please help this youtuber - Shwetabh Gangwar.
  2. Would optimism lead me to become more attractive ?
  3. @Leo Guraand guys. Is it Good for me to be hopeful for the future that I will get a girlfriend in the future?As a 21 year old who has been single from a lot of time ,it is paining me as when I come to know that if a girl has a boyfriend.I become extremely jealous of couples. Although from my side taking action is important to attract a quality girl in my life.
  4. Will eye contact work like if I am trying to make eye contact and she is not making it?
  5. @Leo Gura how are you and all.Haven't posted for a while now .How to find out that if a girl has a boyfriend as it is so confusing on the surface to know ? Feeling that it is impossible to get a girlfriend (although I must keep my feelings aside and be persistent in the game).
  6. @Carl-Richard I am hurt by what people say to me as many colleagues of mine have called me inferior from time to time.They say that don't get involved in dating and relationships as you are a child whereas they themselves are getting engaged at early age ,entering into relationships,dating etc.
  7. Hi @Leo Gura and all. From long time I have struggled with the problem of taking life too seriously. I get angry ,hurt easily when somebody says something to me. I take life and people too seriously. So what is the solution of it? Any books ,videos(especially Leo's videos) recommendation guys?
  8. Hi @Leo Gura and all. So I was contemplating on this topic and came to the following answers . So what are thoughts of you all on it ? .Non seriousness .Past is the only thing which happened to me .Only bad happened to me in the past .I will not fall into a trap .Future dosen't contain beautiful things .There are no upcoming traps .Not questioning assumptions .Traps are the traps .Thinking that everyplace and everything is safe .The thing which we think is good .Falling for vague thinking .Acting out of impulses .Falling for what seems beautiful
  9. Yes and change is already happening as it is evident from your second and third pic.
  10. Thank you for the replies people.
  11. @Leo Gura what is your opinion on this condition of mine ?
  12. Sorry from my side as I am talking about other person's work on @Leo Gura 's forum.I just want to ask that are the books like Fearless Dating,Subtle art of not giving a -- ,Models worth reading along with Mark Manson's YouTube channel ? As I found lot of useful content there and some similarities between his and Leo's work.
  13. @SgtPepper thank you.I was contemplating what is the way out of this situation and one of the answers came that I am good as myself.
  14. @SgtPepper Ya but there is one more thing that I just wanted honestly to communicate to the boy that I was hurt by him but he abused me called me to meet in the college place and that girl whom I initially proposed when I called her she abused me and told me to tell him sorry so I told him sorry as I didn't wanted to provoke him and he said ok.But she told to meet me in college and she wouldn't spare me .By the way I also don't understand myself till now that why do I get jealous of people who are in a relationship.Whenever I hear or see people in relationship it makes me so hurt that I cannot stomach that.