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  1. Hello @Leo Gura and guys. What are the questions by contemplating which I would make the counterintuitive move in almost many situations ?
  2. Hi all. As I am practicing actuality from over an year by day to day by looking at my hand I gained an insight that reality is both real and illusory.Also as I practice it in the dark my hand disappears and also becomes visible.What is it @Leo Gura and guys ?
  3. Hi guys. I have been practicing actuality for over 2 years and when I concentrate on my hand then there appears a spot around the point around which I concentrate.Also like my hand starts to become blurred and at the same time becomes real like interchangeably.Could you all guys tell me what is it?Also the surroundings become blurred and real interchangeably.
  4. @Someone hereYou are facing a problem but the answers to the above posted questions by you can help you to navigate through life as you can contemplate them.
  5. When do I felt love in the past? My answers: .By my mother .Care by my mother .Care by my father .My parents fullfilled my demands . Love by my brother .My mother carrying me to the van on first day of my school .My mother accompanying me to tution .Boosting up ,cheering up of me by my mother during bad times Why? .Because I needed it .Because it was good feeling .Because I wanted it(the things my parents brought) .Because I liked it(the things my parents gave me in birthday gift) .Because it was in favour of me .Because it was sweet .Because I craved for feeling good
  6. @Michael Jackson ok now that's an interesting perspective.
  7. @Michael Jackson How could you say that and I am not making stories.By the way how could you know that I don't give myself 1% of the love I deserve even if you don't know me in real life. I am here to questioning that is why I am posting these topics.
  8. By the way @Michael Jackson I love myself and rather the perspective of not accepting myself would be better.
  9. Hello everyone, I was contemplating that how am I being a fool in life and these are the answers that I got .By not focussing on my life instead of other's life (like seeing their status then being jealous ) .By thinking that above move is not a counterintuitive move .By not questioning assumptions in every situation .By procrastinating .By comparing myself to others Any thoughts guys and @Leo Gura?
  10. @bejapuskas that's great as truth is experience.
  11. Further answers after contemplating: .I am a doormat .Reality is head on .I need to study .I am avoiding truth all the time .I am avoiding many undiscovered truths
  12. Thank you @bejapuskas ,@Esilda however we must try to keep this post alive so keep posting here people .As I would posting my results of further contemplating it.
  13. @Leo Gura and people the results of further contemplating: .My mother is no longer with me .Yes there are problems in life .People will treat me badly .Truth will not go by my assumptions about truth . Present experience is all that is .Truth and my emotions could be inverse
  14. Welcome our leader 😅😂😂
  15. Thank you @Leo Gura but any more ways that how can I know I am facing or not facing the truth in case of comparison with others as I am a bit of confused in this case .