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  1. @Rigel thank you.
  2. @LordFall Sorry but I have a life purpose.
  3. Most of my peers are not doing any personal development work.They are engaging in jumping from relationship to relationship. Even though I have attracted many girls and was close to sex but realised that I doesn't have that much value in it as it is projected. They are busy insulting , abusing people. They laugh at philosophy and think that spirituality is not a risky thing even though they don't do it . Even they are not doing science properly. When I move out of my college environment for some work I see a different environment - people busy in their day to day work and I am not surrounded by kissing couples as in my campus. At the same time I had an insight - College is a stimulated environment. And there is another realisation of mine from years of heartbreaks ,rejections,attracting few girls that heartbreak is a saver of you from a low quality person in life . One of my seniors told me that you will never get a girlfriend but now I am greatful that I don't have a low quality person in my life . A friend of mine gave me advice that go study don't engage in relationship and I found out that he himself was engaged in a relationship and later I found that he had a break today recently I found out that a girl whom he was dating while giving me advice is getting intimate with someone else . Almost nobody is reading self help even practical advice from Bhagvad Gita which I have read a little and will read in the future cause I think that philosophical teachings have value. Am I right @Leo Gura ?
  4. Guys could you point out the truth that I am avoiding cause I am suffering due to images of past such as threat , rejections, heartbreak coming to my mind .
  5. -Cause I am assuming that I know the truth -Cause I am not seeing other's suffering -Because I don't understand that other suffer -Cause I think that I am the only one who suffers -Because I don't understand the irrationality of my emotions -Cause I think that everyone has reached the end point of success and I am in the starting point -Cause I don't know that success has no end point and failure is temporary -Cause I don't know that success is also temporary Any thought @Leo Gura and people ?
  6. Thank you for the reply guys by the way @Ayham I am not a teenager 🤣. I am 22. @Michal__ by seniors I mean college seniors. Recently as I was walking in my hostel I had an insight - All my struggles will seem insignificant in the future .
  7. They keep attacking me , telling me not to watch it. They say that see what other people see on the internet. This happened when I was watching the video -Avoidance of truth . How can I continue my self actualisation journey despite so much resistance from society ?
  8. @flowboy I am already on antidepressants and been councilled before by psychologist .
  9. So I was suffering due to lack of girlfriend in my life . A senior told me that you will never get a girlfriend to which I replied that so I must commit suicide. Senior told that go and commit suicide as there is no meaning for existence of a boy like you and you are a disturbing element to girls. Also when I shared this with my friends that I am suffering they scolded me and told that others have their dating life and career handled and you are not like that . And also as I mentioned that I was kicked out of campus that senior told me that that girl abuses me and literally hates me . They also adviced me to not to watch the video of bald headed person - Actualized.org . They also told me that that is western culture and it is India those things won't work here . I am feeling very bad .
  10. @UnbornTao that shows us the counterintuitive nature of life .😂
  11. @UnbornTao I also contemplated what creates Success and made a topic on this forum but no one replied to it. 😂
  12. -Mindless action -Not willing to change -Being stubborn about past strategies -Foxussing on what is not working -Not focussing on what is working -Not knowing the correct approach -Not changing the approach
  13. Most of the time our fears don't pan out . It is worthwhile questioning them .
  14. You can question your thoughts and recognise that your thoughts are not you , your deep contemplative thoughts are you .