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  1. If I remember correctly, it was Bioshock: Infinite. say the least Lol
  2. Yes, I see your point better now
  3. I agree with this part. But some levels of pain (like experienced in the Holocaust) are too great to erase through a simple change of mindset. More heavy-duty stuff is required. I’d be happy to talk more about that, but I won’t divert this thread. You’re welcome to message me
  4. Rearranging words didn’t take away suffering for Holocaust victims. The ego likes to think that getting rid of suffering is so simple.
  5. I’ve verified it through direct experience. Reality is absolutely infinite which means it includes endless amounts of everything (even the stuff you don’t like, such as suffering). The ego can’t stomach such a frightening notion.
  6. There are unhealthy aspects of Green and Turquoise. The Psychologists aren’t just deciding to shit on them.
  7. I have a sober lifestyle that doesn’t incorporate psychedelics. None of my consciousness originates from psychedelic practice. However, I have experimented with them to test the conscious insights they reveal and I vouch for them 100% By this, I don’t mean that they help 100% of all people nor do I mean they help the people that they benefit 100% of the time. But I certainly mean that they can and do greatly contribute to conscious-raising work. Now, with that said, Ralston is right that having these profound psychedelic experiences doesn’t automatically integrate them for you or make you higher-conscious. I completely agree that a person can experience being one with the Universe, for example, and still be consciously-immature. Yet, psychedelics don’t just give experiences. They also can shift perspective and consciousness directly and I don’t see how Ralston could argue with direct shifts in pure consciousness independent of the experiences themselves. Afterall, it seems like that’s what he considers to be consciousness-raising work. So I see Ralston’s points and they are valid. However, he doesn’t seem to have experimented with psychedelics deeply enough to see their full practicality. He says that the work “must come from YOU” but psychedelics are a part of you and your experience. What are we calling you and what are we calling not you? It seems to me that Ralston is just splitting hairs on what raises consciousness directly and what doesn’t.
  8. Time is also infinite because there exist infinitely many forms to experience and infinitely many lives to live. Reality is infinite everything
  9. 👍🏻 Infinity is beginningless and was never created. It just IS pure is-ness
  10. Yep exactly! It’s everything to an infinite degree Oh yeah, it’s absolutely endless. You’ll have an endless expedition while exploring such questions! Yeah that definitely could be. Complexity can be harder to integrate
  11. I’m experiencing infinity 24/7. So yeah, I’m more certain of it than I am of my own thoughts 😂
  12. Except Voids are still things and vanishing is still a thing👉 Haha
  13. To give some context to what I’m saying in light of this, I wouldn’t say that the senses hide consciousness because consciousness is everything, including the senses. Just a comparison between insights.
  14. Yeah exactly! So think about it this way. If everything is made of consciousness then messing with things is messing with consciousness. So cutting open your brain messes with consciousness - not because consciousness is held within the brain - but rather because you’re manipulating consciousness itself. Because messing with other things also creates changes in experience. Like let’s say someone cut open your foot rather than your brain. That would change your experience as well by adding pain to it.