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  1. @InDeep Thank you very much for providing those insights. I agree that higher doesn’t always equal better. For example, someone could definitely gain insights into Truth and yet use it all for hate instead of love. So what you said about applying “higher =\= better” to Spiral Dynamics sounds like a good solution to this discussion. Each stage has positives and negatives to offer. It can be healthy to integrate the positives👍🏻
  2. I agree. We need to be looking at the pros and cons of both sides rather than favoring one side’s pros and the other’s cons.
  3. @tatsumaru Difficult as in skill-development. Performing magick is a very difficult skill to learn. For example, I think it’s possible to develop the skill to walk on water (without any technological aid) but such a skill is so difficult that I’m sure almost nobody in human history has ever done it. As such, this difficulty explains the lack of people able to provide evidence for the existence of magick. It would take such magnificent feats as flying or walking on water just to start feeding some solid proof into the scientific community. Yet, as explained, the chances of someone developing to such a point as to be able to perform such feats and provide the proof are very low due to its level of difficulty. However, “very low chance” doesn’t mean impossible. It can still be done in this dimension. So, as for pointing you in the right direction for discovering magick, you have a verrrry long road ahead of you. You need to dig into a ton of self-contemplative work. If you focus on anything else right now (like magick) that’ll ironically make the development of such skills even more difficult than they already are. Take it one step at a time. This stuff is harder than training to be an Olympic athlete
  4. @tatsumaru I completely respect that viewpoint. Many spiritualists attack people like you who want proof for what they say. However, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting proof. Proof is powerful. It’s also possible to provide proof for the existence of magick. The only reason we don’t have an abundance of proof that’s as readily available as mainstream science is because of how difficult it is for us to perform magick in these limited human forms Lol But that’s no excuse on my part. Proof is still possible so there’s no need to stop asking for it
  5. @montecristo There’s a Relativity to it. The past doesn’t exist relative to this moment. However, it does exist in the 4th dimension
  6. I assume you’re looking for a more scientific answer (rather than a “woo woo” one). So I’ll deliver... All past and future moments exist in 4-D space. If you were a 4-D being, you could walk backwards and travel to the past, for example. Walk forward and you would see the future of this universe So basically, for a 4-D being, time travel is space travel. This is because all of Eternity is one instant in the 4th dimension.
  7. @tatsumaru Ohhh Hell yeah. Reality is Absolutely boundless. Anything and everything can and does exist. I’ve also had my own experiences with all the magickal “fictional” stuff you’re referring to. That’s a ton of stuff to talk about in one post though...
  8. @Serotoninluv I see your point now. That’s a peaceful close to this discussion 🙏
  9. @Serotoninluv That’s what I’ve been pointing out this whole discussion. But you haven’t even considered one way in which Conservatives could be seen as equals
  10. @Serotoninluv So, in your opinion, are liberals objectively higher conscious?
  11. @Serotoninluv Yes that is true that SD is defined that way. Let me rephrase that differently Don’t be so quick to consider self-restraint an objectively lower-conscious quality I’m saying that Conservatives are higher-conscious in other areas that the SD scale doesn’t measure The SD scale isn’t the only way to measure consciousness
  12. @Serotoninluv Consider that self-restraint can be seen as a form of consciousness. It frees one from egotistical needs Don’t be so quick to push it down to stage blue
  13. @Leo Gura But you’ve only studied it from the perspective of relativity. Mental toughness is another way to measure levels of consciousness and Conservatives tend to excel at that more than Liberals Conservatives are usually less reactive when they don’ get what they want. This is demonstration of a more unconditional thought process
  14. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. There’s additional ways to measure consciousness levels
  15. @Leo Gura I’m not saying Conservatives are more advanced at relativity. If you read my previous posts, I say that Liberals are more advanced in that area. I’m saying Conservatives are more advanced in other areas that I’ve listed... And ultimately the strong points can balance out