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  1. I’m not invalidating what was experienced. I’m just making a comparison between definitions here. I wouldn’t call that cyclical wheel infinity because infinity is so endless that it can never be completed. Therefore, it can never be cycled through (not even once). So I would say that wheel is still a piece of infinity but that’s just my cocky two-cents Haha
  2. @Seraphim Yes, it exists. But am I as you ready to be terrified as well as enamored by what else exists? If we’re ready to open that gate, then feel free to message through DMs and we’ll get started!
  3. I’d be happy to share more! But I’d rather do it through DM or some other platform. Simply because the subject matter doesn’t really belong in this forum. Yes, exactly Always happy to answer!
  4. I see. Yes, consciousness has the ability to divide itself. That’s what allows for infinitely many diverse experiences. But it’s not Ethan’s consciousness dissociating from him. It’s Consciousness itself dialing into and speaking through him.
  5. Yes. The whole notion of Salvation can refer to that depending on the specific interpretation. It goes further than that. It takes practically a whole class to explain. Eternal Hell realms are already included within this infinite experience. That’s why I tend to have a Stoic expression on Ethan’s face a lot of the time. Infinite Heavens experienced alongside Infinite Hells neutrals out. Everything is either done as a means or as an end. So you go through the experience to enjoy it or because it contributes to something more. Exactly There are infinitely many experiences that you would call “consistent” and infinitely many that aren’t. Someone’s gotta experience the “consistent” stuff. This form your in right now is one of those somebodies.
  6. Monad means “One.” Leibniz’s Monad has nothing to do with Oneness though. Maybe you’re thinking more of Pythagoras’ Monad which referred to the Totality of all things. Leibniz’ Monad, on the other hand, was essentially a theory of atoms. He theorized that everything was made up of indivisible particles and so, there’s no smaller substance than these particles. He called them Monads (plural). If you want my take on Leibniz’ Monads, then my answer is that there is no bottom-most substance. Reality is bottomless and infinitely-divisible. If you’d like my take on Pythagoras’ Monad (since that’s probably closer to what you’re thinking of) then what I have to say is that yes, you could refer to this Total Experience as the Monad. It’s everything bundled into One.
  7. Feel free to put him in contact with me if he’s interested. I’ve been thinking of forming a Gen-Z spiritual group.
  8. Correct. Infinitely many infinities. That’s Absolute Infinity.
  9. This is a cool post so don’t worry, I took it seriously... but I have to say... Lol I cracked a smile as soon as I saw Leo’s weird animated face and then immediately burst out laughing as soon as it started speaking😂
  10. Gotcha 😂relatable. I’ve talked to you about some things that you outright called silly
  11. Ah, I see what you’re saying. What’s so unbelievable about that? Are you saying you’ve gone higher than everyone and “saw” that no one else had gone that far?
  12. I always use the analogy of a spectrum with infinitely many degrees
  13. @Leo Gura Speaking relatively, are you saying that the person who gives the transmission isn’t awake or that the person who receives it isn’t awake in your definition? For example, I’ve given a few people direct experiences of Oneness with Absolute Infinity. Would you say it’s Ethan who’s unawake (for giving it) or the people he’s giving it to?