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  1. Thanks for your perspectives and thoughts
  2. Do you use it for enlightenment? If so, how? Or what would you recommend how it be used to attain enlightenment?
  3. @Adam Lockworth That one is the cheapest I could find: and it's long-term Or you ordain in a monastery in Asia. That will be almost for free
  4. @Pilgrim Are you familiar with spirituality? If so, you could remember some metaphysical truths while in such situations, like: There is no self, you are God, everything is perfect exactly how it is, life is a dream, every problem ( and the reasons why you are not perfectly relaxed in such sutuations) is only a concept, a distortion of reality.
  5. perhaps you find something helpful in this thread: "First 30 day retreat - Advice?". You can find it with the search option
  6. Obviously, the law of attraction won't substitute spiritual techniques but perhaps it could amplify them slightly. I have in mind a 5-minutes visualization done daily. I would visualize my reaction after having had a potential mystical experience. Do you think that is silly or could it actually increase (even if only slightly) the chance of having mystical experiences?
  7. @Leo Gura You are alluding to what God says in the books "conversations with God "? Looking through the lense of reincarnation, the soul reincarnates over and over again, becoming more conscious and evolving to Oneness. Very spiritually advanced aliens also have a soul which can also reincarnate as a human on earth. If I remember right, God mentions (in the books conversations with God) the possibility that an "alien" soul reincarnated in a human body - Jesus. In case this is correct, then it would mean that we humans theoretically could also be able to do what Jesus did. Because our soul is fundamentally not different. It is most likely just much much less evolved than Jesus'. But that only means we would have to work extra hard in case we wanted to do what Jesus did. "whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do" John 14:12 But, as you also pointed out, when one becomes extremely conscious - that is more and more God - there comes a point when it becomes too much for the human form and it dies. Thus we humans might actually not be capable of handling such things... (yet, Jesus' soul also inhabited a human body. I know, I'm getting lost in speculations)
  8. If you buy the booklist, you automatically also can download all the audios of the videos
  9. That's why they killed Jesus...
  10. When you do enough research on it, reincarnation becomes almost undeniable
  11. @CreamCat with right posture, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Yogis and monks meditate many hours daily and I bet they are extremely healthy. Reducing meditation to 20 minutes a day and equlizing sitting meditation with during-the-day-concentration "meditation" seems like a nice ego trick But you are right, when you meditate for longer durations it is no bad idea to add some bodily movements
  12. @Leo Gura I don't know whether Jesus' miracles in the bible like healing, turning water into wine and raising the dead are only metaphors or not. But in case he actually could do these things, then he probably did it similarly to how you described how imagination works. You said that - in an even deeper state of consciousness - you could probably turn your hand (with your imagination) into tentacles. That would be how Jesus turned water into wine. Then Jesus must have been incredibly deeply enlightened when this was his baseline consciousness. (except the ability to do these things doesn't necessarily require such a deep enlightenment but can also be attained for example through a kundalini awakening as a siddhi)
  13. @Inliytened1 Thank you:) In case I will experience a kundalini awakening I will hopefully remember your advice:)
  14. Is this in response to my question whether kundalini awakening can kill you right away? Then I wasn't precise. I didn't mean whether it can kill the ego (because this can of course happen, furtunately:) ) but whether it can directly kill the body (and thus the ego along with it) (and with directly I exclude indirect ways like suicide due to not being able to handle the awakening)