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  1. Book: "The Order of Freedom: The only principle that can save the world" by Oliver Janich ($5 e-book version)
  2. The World Economic Forum: "Once we can access people's thoughts and access people's emotions [...]" minute 10:05 - 10:10 The World Economic Forum is "committed to improving the state of the world".
  3. Has anyone got an idea who this might be?
  4. @Matt8800 I think you wrote somewhere that you do some kind of yoga or daoist practise to increase (psychic) energy. What particular practise were you referring to?
  5. Control your Emotions and Hormones through Hypnosis It is possible to trigger any mood/state and release hormones through hypnosis. When you have anchored it, you can trigger it at any moment within a few seconds. That enables you to: Release DMT prior to meditating or astral projecting Release Testosterone after working out Release Seratonin after getting up Trigger Alertness and Focus when you want to study Trigger Wellbeing and Happiness and release Dopamine and Endorphin when you feel down or depressed Trigger Tiredness and Melatonin when going to bed ... Some more useful states to anchor: Motivation and Inspiration Deep Non-Dual states Melting in Love Surrender and Letting Go Confidence being Hilarious and Funny Harmony Thus you totally master your mind, body and psychology. It's quite easy to anchor a specific mood. When you feel good, you anchor that mood of feeling good. Then you can re-experience that feeling anytime you use the anchor. (You obviously need to be good at hypnosis for this to be most effective). Triggering a specific hormone is more difficult. Sth like dopamine should be easy, when you anchor feeling good you also anchor dopamine. But how are you going to anchor sth like testosterone? The release of testosterone is probably too subtle to notice and identify so it's hard to anchor. I guess the only way is through direct suggestion. So you say "now release testosterone". For this to work you would need to be very good at hypnosis. It should then be easy to check whether it works or not. Go to the doctor and test your testosterone level. Immediately after making the test, use your testosterone anchor and immediately do another test. I really believe this is possible. People report achieving things with hypnosis that seem far more difficult. For example, some people (including the famous hypnotist Milton Erickson) claim they could enlargen the breasts of their clients through hypnosis. "I have done hypnotic breast enhancement several times very successfully. Lactation is also very possible. [...] What I do have is results on 4 different women who each gained between one and two cup sizes. The changes remained for at least 6 months that personally know of... lost touch after that. [...] The physiological changes that hypnosis can affect are those that are already natural for the body to experience. Both breast enhancement, lactation, and even weight loss fit nicely into this category... growing a third arm... not so much."
  6. Assumptions. Consider the possibility that the opposite is true. Read the book: "The Order of Freedom: The only principle that can save the world" by Oliver Janich ($5 kindle version) He explains with examples and logic how the result would be: "wars are a thing of the past, the power of influential groups, both clandestine and publicly known, is reduced to zero, the mafia and the deep state cease to exist. Crime rates fall dramatically, prosperity increases and social safeguards improve significantly." Tbh, I am unsure whether all of what he writes is 100% realistic. But even if only 20% is realistic, it would be more than worth it.
  7. If I looked it up right, it's about that the government prevented a monopoly. But it had nothing to do with corruption. I agree that the government can prevent monopolies, and in some cases such interventions might be good, but we are on a slippery slope when a monoploy has the ultimate power. Generally, monopolies rarely form in a free market, (which doesn't mean it never happens) (and when they do form, they are quickly replaced by competitors once they make a mistake or sth stupid). Oftentimes, state regulations and interventions promote monopolies. For example through high entry barriers which for example exist for insurance companies. But my main point was corruption in state monopolies. Any political power should be descentralized and be a direct democracy, so all decisions be made through popular referendum A further step might be to demonopolize and descentralize courts, banks and police.
  8. Did you watch minute 8:30-13:30? of the video? Because he is debunking what they wrote
  9. How can you possibly call this on the line of a conspiracy theory? Minute 8:30-13:30 is purely mainstream evidence, and he is talking objectively about. The fact-checkers spread (in this case) fake news. He is correcting it.
  10. I also believe that you can't reach such states through meditation. However, I do believe that you can reach any psychedelic state in OBEs. I would even say that you can reach more through OBEs. If you take psychedelics your experience depends on what a physical human body is capable of. It is limited to the number of chemicals that exist on earth and limited to how they can interact with a physical brain. Once in a OBE, you have bypassed these physical limitations. But it takes a lot of practice till you can do that with OBEs, so it might not be worth it. Taking psychedelics is far more time-efficient. But if you want to do it with OBEs, I recommens first learning how to enter the Esdaile State within a few seconds. Then you have overcome the biggest obstacle.
  11. The government has the biggest monopoly (eg. the court, police,...). Therefore so much corruption. If we want to eliminate corruption, we have to eliminate monopolies and decentralize power. Corruption doesn't survive on a really free market. If a private court is corrupt, its reputation is quickly destroyed and a competitor will replace it. A competitor can't replace the government court, because it's a monopoly.
  12. The supposed fact-checkers say: "Genetic modification would involve the deliberate insertion of foreign DNA into the nucleus of a human cell, and vaccines simply don’t do that" Seems like they are poorly informed, because that's exactly what some vaccines (can) do. Watch minute 8:30-13:30 for proof.