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  1. TIPS - In general: wear a sleep mask and ear plugs Don't stay in your room if you are a beginner, otherwise you are constantly reminded and drawn back to your physical body Always visualize from 1. person pov Don't mix the grey zone with the physical world. That means, If you try to visualize your house, then don't materialize a dinausor. So that it is clear for your brain when to imagine stuff and when to try to see the actual physical thing. Concentration/focus is very important. View every visualization in your ethereal/double body as a concentration practise. Additionally, you can concentrate for 5 minutes on a object or sensation. If you are advanced, use an image in your head as your concentration object. And do a 1 minute hardcore concentration, that will help for your DEILDs To speed things up: Try to visualize/hallicunate objects during the day whenever you can, listen to hallucinated music while driving and intensify or alter the taste and smell when you eat something. If you get bored with the physical plane, then go to the grey zone, if that gets boring too, then live out some fantasies. have a comfortable place to sit: just spend time in your double body, every minute strengthens it, whether you notice improvements or not - Visual: Look into a mirror to see the parts of you which you can't see from 1. person pov. Whatever you look at, force it to get more colorful Don't wear (too much) clothes in order to better see your body - Feeling: Vision and feeling are by far the most important. Particularly being able to feel your body. That solidifies your location. So try to feel your ethereal body parts. When you are advanced, Try to fell your whole body at once. You can train that with your physical body first. To feel your mouth, you can eat sth. Eat sth large like a baguette which you can see from 1. person pov even while eating massage, tickle and touch yourself In your physical body, hallucinate your hand vibrating, once you can do that, try it in your double - Sounds: Start with sounds made by instruments, machines, touching things... then move to listening to music (like going to a concert) and finally to hearing and talking human voices. - Music When having OBEs, you are in theta brainwaves. Binaural beats and isochronic sounds can help to get you there. blisscoded sounds are said to be very good too. And affirmations and subliminal sounds might help too. If you listen during your visualizations, then the noise might be too distractive and prevent you from going deep into your visualizations. But perhaps, after a while you get used to the sound and can ignore it. Just experiment. Also take into account that most of the soundtracks start with one frequency and then slowly get to theta over some time. So after you listened to them and are in theta you shouldn't replay, or the beginning of the soundtrack might get you out of theta. I intend to listen to that one (once so far): (it combines several technlogies) during some of my visualizations. Still trying to figure out whether it's worth it. But it seems like it gets me deeper. After the 50 minutes, it seemed like my brainwaves actually are different and probably in theta. My two favourite possibilities during the night are these subliminal sounds which can't be heard and thus don't disturb you: . Or these Affirmations. They are loud which has the advantage that you might slightly hear them and thus notice that you are dreaming: - Specifically for lucid dreaming: InstaDreamer. A wrist band that detects when you are in REM and then vibrates. During the day, you train yourself to do reality checks when it vibrates ( during the day). If we are lucky, it gets on the market in March. you can experiment with light sleep. When you have light sleep you are more likely to get lucid. Options: Have a warm light on during (the last hours of) sleep or sleep sitting: pada/ada, reality checks lucid dreaming pills When you do DEILD, expect false awakenings Before-sleep routine: Review the day (these things have a higher chance of appearing in dreams and you train your memory, good for dream recall), and if you like, your last dreams too (for dream recall) Go through your dream signs Go through what you do once you get lucid: 1. reality checks (go mentally through them), 2. stabilizing (go mentally through the possibilities), 3. checking your level of lucidity to turn any semi-lucid dream into a full lucid dream ("Am I fully here/conscious? Can I freely do what I want?") Affirmations and strengthening your desire and intention to lucid dream CHALLENGES they are good to solidify your double See and touch your physical body Do any kind of sports: dancing, exercising your muscles, climbing, downhill biking, table tennis, snowboarding, skateboarding... Walk. It's very difficult and weird Make a salto in slow motion and see everything from that new perspective, or walk/crawl on the walls and ceiling like a gecko See yourself in a mirror When you perceive anything through your double, then try to only feel/see/hear/smell/taste it with the double and not with your physical body as well. That's important.
  2. DEILDs = Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dreams, that means, upon waking from a dream, you immediately re-enter it. - A good tutorial: - My shortened tutorial 1. Waking up (from a dream) in REM use an alarm clock which turns itself off after some seconds Use autosuggestion/mantras before sleep to wake up from a dream. "I wake up from my dreams (in the beginning of my REM phases)" involuntarily waking up from a lucid dream 2. Remain still mantra before sleep: "When I wake up from my dreams, I remain perfectly still, keep my eyes shut and do a DEILD some dreamview turorials mention that you should study the blackness of your closed eyes a few times in order to make this a sign for you to remain still and perform DEILD 3. Enter a dream visualize the dream you just exited. or visualize any scene/situation from your visualization practises. 4. If you fail Set another alarm clock, do some mantras and fall asleep. Now you have MILD + WBTB so you might get lucid and upon waking from that lucid dream you can try DEILD again. (DEILD is easier if you wake from a lucid dream rather than a normal one) The first challenge is that you actually wake up from a dream and stay still and remember to do the DEILD technique. With enough intention you should manage that after some attempts. The biggest challenge is the re-entry of the dream. The better you are at the OBE technique from this thread, the easier this is. Most people who do this don't do any visualization practises, so this technique should become very easy for us. - Advantages of DEILD You can dream chain: having several lucid dreams in a row You can set several alarms and thus potentially get lucid several times a night If you do the double body visualizations this technique should eventually become very easy. So you benefit from these visualizations before you master the OBE technique - How I do it. I started trying DEILD two days ago. Today, on the second night I got a lucid dream using DEILD (with sleep paralysis). I have had over 30 DILDs, and this was my very first wake induced lucid dream. Currently I set several alarms that ring for 10 seconds. I don't have them too loud in order to not wake up too much and to not wake up in case I am in deep sleep. If a remember right, 3 out of 5 alarms woke me up.
  3. Phases of progress Being able to have OBEs whenever you want is only possible once you mastered the technique. To make the journey more juicy, you can use the technique to have lucid dreams (and normal OBEs) before mastery. Phase 1 establishing a basic vividness of these double body visualizations. Phase 2 Now you can use that skill to have DEILDs (dream exit induced lucid dreams) Phase 3 you can use your visualization skills to have WILDs (wake induced lucid dreams) while being in REM Phase 4 You can have WILDs anytime during the day Phase 5 You can have almost instant lucid dreams anytime during the day In these phases I only included lucid dreams and not OBEs in general. To have an OBE in our actual physical world: With some skill, you can turn any lucid dream into such an astral projection Instead of entering a lucid dream, you have an OBE. So just do the conventional OBE techniques which should get easier the better you get at the technique of this thread. You turn remote viewing into an OBE. As I mentioned before, visualizations/Imagination will hopfully eventually turn into seeing the actual physical thing and thus into remote viewing and OBEs. You will probably be able to do this once you are in phase 4
  4. That was very inaccurate because: These DILDS were probably more vivid than I assumed. I didn't take into account poor dream recall enough You don't know how vivid they were, so it makes no sense to compare my visualizations to my DILDs I did the assessments spontaneously as I wrote the post and didn't devote too much time making sure they are as accurate as possible So here my new progress assessments in terms of vividness/realness (after 5-6 weeks with averaging around 4 hours daily practise). This time I contrast the visualizations to waking life. The figures in the brackets are the assessments of the vividness after 2 hours of initial practise (5 weeks ago). Since I am doing these assessments right now, they are even more inaccurate. - Visual: color of the object I look at in the first second 60% (27%) color of the object I look at after 5 seconds 35% (3%) clarity and details of the object I look at 75% (35%) and stability thereof 14% (2%) color of the rest of the vision 18% (3%) clarity and details of the rest of the vision 20% (4%) - Feeling: Touch 65% (10%) percentage of body parts I can feel 95% (6%) how vivid I feel these on average 50% (1.5%) Feeling my hands 75% (5%) - Sound: Sounds induced by instruments, machines, touching things.... 38% (6%) voices 10% (2%) (without the help of the thinking voice in your head, but purely hallucination) - Ability to move: basic movements: 85% (3%) different movements on average 50% (1%) walking 40% (0.5%) - Vividness/realness of the experience alltogether: 33% (6%) (not weighing all aspects equally). Also taking into account that a good part of my consciousness is still in the physical body. These assessments are still very inaccurate (particularly those on vision) because it's very hard to put a number on it. (The assessments are on visualizations with the double/ethereal body after spending at least 5 minutes of visualizing)
  5. - Disadvantages of good visualization skills In case dreams get more vivid, then so do nightmares. After many months of practise, your visualization skills are probably so good that you can visualize (with eyes open) a monster sitting on your table and it will appear as real as the table. I don't know, but possibly good visualization skills might amplify the hallucinations of psychedelics. This can be desirable. Or it can be undesirable if you want to have nondual insights and breakthroughs but are distracted by intensified hallucinations. The question is whether you have your mind under control or are a slave to it. Then the 2nd and 3rd disadvantages are probably of no big concern. I like the book magnum opus by John Kreiter. One of the results of the practises is a strong attention and mind. - Advantages of good visualization skills Instant OBEs (including lucid dreams) Great for problem solving, as you can now better visualize it. For example, Nicola Tesla, perhaps the greatest inventor in history, had extremely good visualization skills. He invented stuff like the radio and the first induction motor. The whole process of inventing a whole machine took place in his imagination. He ran through all possible scenarios and perfected it in his imagination. Once he had it perfect, he built it in the real world. And it always worked on the first try. (Whereas usually you have to test and correct things a thousand times) Good visualization skills are good for manifestation (law of attraction) Probably more vivid dreams Good visualization skills probably greatly enhance the power of the Mind Laser Technique. It is said that it can heal physical (for example cancer), emotional and mental problems. It's from the book heal your body, free your mind by Ramaji It will greatly assist you if you are a student and have to learn a lot. You can make very vivid memory hooks. I hope you are already using some kind of visual story/connection if you -for example - have to learn some foreign words, but now it becomes more vivid and you can include the other sense. Especially the smell sense might make a significant difference because smell has a close connection to memory visualization skills are very important in some occult practices You can visualize eating your favourite food and it will seem (almost) as real - Disadvantages of OBE-WILD You have to wake up takes time to learn the skills You probably need good attention/focus to stay in your dream body and not lose consciousness and thus fall asleep
  6. Yes, It does take time... And don't try to keep up with the progress plan described in the book, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses so it will be very individual. For the hearing part, I will probably need many weeks rather than the few days. I think a problem is when you work on your double only something like 15 minutes a day. Because then the progress is very slow and one is therefore very likely to give up. Doing it for a whole hour can be very difficult if you have a busy schedule but I would at least spend 30 minutes a day. And at the beginning you can split the time up as often as you want. But once you progressed far enough that your physical body enters a deep trance and then sleep paralysis, I would do it all in one go because it will take some minutes till the body gets there. But once there, it will become very vivid:)
  7. I think you can certainly get enlightened with the books too and I personally don't resonate with having a guru at all, but I think if you want to get enlightened through yoga then I guess it is more reliable if you do it with a good guru. In the beginning, I don't think it really matters whether you do it 100% correctly. Just start the main techniques. When you do Kp1, then put your attention on doing that right. Eventually it will become more easy to constrict the throat and you will probably know that you are doing it right. If I remember right, MountainCactus wrote some posts earlier that you don't need to actively try to constrict the throat, if you do everything right, then that will happen automatically over time. In the beginning I was also wondering whether I do it right, but now it's very obvious and feels natural. good to know, that's interesting.
  8. My opinion on the guru and proper techniques topic: - Enlightenment If yoga is your only tool for enlightenment, if you want to get enlightened through yoga then I would recommend to find a guru. I do believe that kriya yoga has some very subtle elements which are very hard to do right on your own. And I guess, if you find a good guru, this path is very reliable, in a few years you will be abiding in samadhi and getting enlightened. If yoga is but one of many tools you have for enlightenment, that is that you don't rely on yoga for enlightenment, you only do yoga in order to have a more well-rounded approach, to hit the target from yet another angle and to synergize with and amplify other techniques, then I believe the techniques from the books are great. Also, I suppose there are no gurus who would allow you to keep doing things like psychedelics. - peace vs power If you want to get enlightened and resonate more with Ramana Maharshi, and want to live a peaceful life and perhaps help others in a peaceful way like Ramana did, then the 'proper' kriya techniques might be more suitable. If you want to get enlightened and want to help other people in a way that requires you to be very active and powerful, then the techniques which energize and ennergize your chakras might be more suitable - Negative Symptoms (due to the techniques from the books) a) you say fuck it and keep going b) You don't want to have negative symptoms, then you can try doing more grounding work and de-energize the techniques. If that doesn't help, stop yoga or choose a guru. - strongly feeling prana in the physical body. This could possibly have negative effects on your health if this is over a long period of time a) try doing more grounding work and de-energize the techniques. If that doesn't help, stop yoga or choose a guru. b) the daoists talk about the dantian. It is located in the centre of the body, close to the navel. They say that chi can be stored safely there. any amount. So try to get the prana/chi into the dantien. At first it won't stay there once you stop focusing there but I guess over time that will change. I like the practises from the book the Magnum Opus by John Kreiter (but many of them are even more energizing).
  9. Progress so far I suppose my visualization skills were a bit above average before I started because I used to daydream a lot until a year ago. - Visualizations I started a visualization practise 11 days ago, after reading the Magnum Opus. I usually target every sense on its own, but mainly visual. I've been doing it probably 1 hour a day on average. For example, I try to see a banana with eyes closed. And during the day I try to use every free second to train my visualization skill, for example by trying to see and hear a dragon flying before me while jogging. As I have been mainly focusing on the visual part, that's the only area where I have noticable progress. If I close my eyes, I manage - with a lot of effort - to hold the image of a simple object ( which wasn't possible at all as I started), but it's still slightly morphing, and the edges aren't distinct. - Etheral Body Today is the seventh day. On the first 3 days it was very exhausting. 5 Minutes were more challenging than 15 minutes concentration. On those days, I probably spent about 40 minutes in the etheral body daily. In the last days probably 2-3 hours daily. visual: (being in the etheral body) I see my etheral body and the environment. Visual perception is stable but faint. And I am sure 99% of what I see is imagination/visualization. So the visualized environment doesn't yet match the actual environment ( and as I can't remember every detail) feeling: It was really difficult at the beginning to feel my body. But I spent a lot time practising this so now I do feel almost every part somewhat clearly. And It does feel like I am actually in the etheral body and not in the physical body. If I touch something then the sensation is very vivid. Hearing: My weakspot. I'm still struggling a lot to hear through my etheral ears. Here my progress is very tiny. But I believe that visual and feeling is by far the most important so I don't care much and don't train much for hearing (currently). When I wanted to eat sth I noticed that it's impossible to move my mouth. But after practicing, I can now chew. That was difficult because you can't visually see the mouth moving, otherwise you wouldn't look through your etheral eyes. As I started and tried to look at my physical body, I got constantly snapped back to the physical body. Now I only get snapped back 1-2 times and only for less than a second. I've had around 20 lucid dreams in the last months, all were faint DILDs. My OBE visualizations have perhaps 45% (roughly between 30% and 60 %, depending on some factors like the time when I do it) of the vividness and realness of these DILDs. As I started 11 days ago, I would estimate it was around 15%.
  10. Forget about pada, I have found a technique that is way more powerful: Pada works. I was doing it for about 10 weeks and had 14 lucid dreams that lasted on average 2 minutes and 5 lucid dreams with 7 seconds on average (perceived time). during most of the weeks I put all my attention on pada. It's way too much effort. Disadvantages of pada: you can only lucid dream during REM and only as long as the REM phase lasts. you have to be aware almost every minute of every day plus constantly be checking whether it's a dream (if you want frequent lucid dreams). This is very exhausting and boring. And it prevents you from doing other stuff effectively. It would take many many months till it could become effortless. pada leads to DILDs (dream induced lucid dreams) that means the lucid dreams will probably never be as stable, vivid, long and with as much dream control as a WILD (WILD is superior because you enter the dream with your full day-time consciousness). But all these things are very important if we want to use lucid dreams to have mystical experiences The other technique (the one in the link above) solves all these problems.
  11. The technique takes some months to learn, but once mastered, you can have instant OBEs and lucid dreams whenever and how long you want. The technique is mainly from John Kreiter's book "Out of body experiences". (I just give a brief explanation of it and elaborate on some more points, so definitely buy his book, it is invaluable.) When you have an OBE, there are basically 3 places to go. 1. you can explore our physical universe 2. you can go to paralel universes/ other dimensions and 3. you can go to what John Kreiter calls the Grey zone. Every daydream or night dream takes place in this Grey zone. So dreams are a kind of OBE . Whenever you daydream you already have a very very faint OBE. The difference between a daydream and a lucid dream is that daydreams are way less vivid and your consciousness is not fully established in your daydream body, but is still in your physical body to a large degree. The difference between normal visualization of your neighbour's house and a real OBE in your neighbour's house is that the visualization is way less vivid and that you visualize the house, so you don't yet see the actual house. - The technique: Upon closing your eyes, you visualize your etheral/astral body in your room. You try to perceive everything from this new body through the new sense organs. Over the course of weeks and months, it gets more and more vivid and your etheral body starts to perceive the actual environment instead of visualizing it. You probably say that this is not possible but I believe it is. Google thought-forms/servitors/tulpas then it's easier to understand. A servitor is a real entity in the astral realm which you create through visualizations. The difference to your etheral body is, that the servitor has its own will and consciousness, whereas when you have created an etheral body, your consciousness can access it, such that it will eventually make no difference in vividness and realness whether you are in your physical or etheral body. If a servitor can pick up legitimate data from the physical world then so can your etheral body. If you doubt that a servitor can do that then google, there are too many people talking about it as that it could be untrue. Once your consciousness establishes more and more in your etheral body, your physical body will be in a trance and eventually enter sleep paralysis. - So are these OBEs actually as vivid as classical OBEs (including lucid dreams)? according to John Kreiter's book, it seems so Someone on the forum dreamviews says: "my level has increased tremendously, but I am not quite at the max. Right now, within 10 minutes of sitting down for a visualization, I can enter into a lucid dream, any time of day (...) I am hoping to be able to, with persistent practice, take this down to an almost instantaneous WILD at any time. and I have read similar things by other people but I do have a small doubt. Because - even though your body is in sleep paralysis - you are not in REM compared to classical lucid dreams (and OBEs in general I guess). I am very sure that you are not im REM, because these OBEs you can do as long as you want, longer than any REM phase would allow. So perhaps these OBEs are less stable or less vivid. I don't know, but according to the above-mentioned it seems that they can be equally vivid. But even if not, then it wouldn't be that bad. The solution: OBE-WILD - OBE-WILD This is the most instant and reliable WILD variation. Wake up in REM. get into your etheral body. Now you already have an OBE (potency depending on your level of mastery) but within a few seconds/minutes your body enters sleep paralysis, you are in REM and have a very vivid lucid dream. If you want you can use this lucid dream as a gateway to a classical astral projection. - Advantages of OBE-WILD (compared to other lucid dreaming induction techniques) Far more reliable then any other technique imo (if you already have a strong etheral body). You can probably reliably WILD in every REM (if you wake up). The problems with the classical WILD variations are that you either can't enter sleep paralysis because you are too conscious of your physical body (which is solved with OBE-WILD because your full consciousness is established in your dream body and your physical body would enter sleep paralysis anyways even if you weren't in REM) or you fall asleep because you can't stay conscious (which should be solved because being in your vivid etheral body, it should be more easy to stay conscious) you don't need to be in REM. you can have non-REM OBEs whenever you want and as long as you want (during the day, not during non-REM sleep). I guess that you could easily do this 10h a day if you wanted Full day-time consciousness, very stable and high dream control (just like every WILD, because you directly enter the dream with your day-time consciousness, unlike with DILD) Very vivid. Because your OBE is already very vivid and then gets potentially amplified by the REM phase you are (almost) instantly in the dream, compared to other WILD variations which often require you to lie still for 15-60 minutes - How long does it take? Let's assume that you have average visualization skills and practise 1h daily. So here are my assumptions: 1 month to build a strong etheral body. that means that you truly feel like you are in that body and not the physical body. These visualizations will probably feel like a very weak DILD. That also means that now you can start trying the OBE-WILD during the night in REM phases. But it will probably be still very unreliable 2 months: When on the physical plane, you start picking up legitimate objective data from the physical world. And many of your OBE-WILDs will be successful - Enlightenment Lucid dreams are a powerful tool for mysyical experiences. If you master the OBE-WILD technique, you can have mystical experiences every night. On top of that, I guess that you can have mystical experiences in the non-REM OBEs as well. But I am not sure because you are not in REM. Perhaps you would just get thrown back to your physical body because the OBE might be too unstable if not during REM (even though your physical body is in sleep paralysis during these non-REM OBEs). But if you can have mystical experiences there then that would be a game changer. You could induce any kind of mystical experience like a zen master (probably more instantly amd more reliably than the zen master) without decades of meditating, just some months of practising the OBE technique ( for non-REM OBE induced mystical experiences, you probably need at least 6 months of 1h daily practise). The reason that we can't easily have a mystical experience is because our consciousness is so firmly bound to and identified with the physical body. With these OBEs you instantly go around that problem by leaving the physical body and entering an etheral body. Once in the ethereal body it is way easier to induce an awakenig because everything is less dense on this plane. - Some Resources: Book: Out of body experiences by John Kreiter or kindle edition $3.61 That's basically the OBE-WILD, he calls it V-WILD (I don't call it V-WILD because in the above-mentioned technique you actually have an OBE to induce the WILD) make daydreams so vivid that they are like lucid dreams visualization to WILD, so the same again. I have found out about it just a week ago. I am on day 6 and already see many improvements. I currently practice as many hours a day as possible. I have already tried the OBE-WILD during REM but without success so far, my etheral body is still too weak.
  12. That sounds fair:) Another question: Mystics often can't communicate with spirits as well as clairvoyants can. You solve that by working together with your fiance. Another possibility, for us poor fellows who don't have a hot witch girlfriend yet, could be to meet and communicate with them in lucid dreams. Should work, right?
  13. @Matt8800 Very interesting posts! Thank you You wrote that the way to deal with parasitic entities and 'evil' spirits is to appear like a dangerous predator and threaten them. Somewhere else I heard that you should just love them. Such entities feed off of fear, anxiety, etc so If you are totally fearless, full of love and express it to them then that might work too, right? Or do you think the other way is more powerful? I had been wondering how to reconcile power and love and your posts have shed some light on it and helped me to also embrace power and balance them better. But I would still prefer to get rid of such entities through love
  14. I gave it some more thoughts. (Sleep yoga is about staying conscious during dreamless sleep. You are no longer conscious of the body, only awareness of awareness remains.) So here is my new take: 1. What I called exiting the dream is probably the same thing as turning dream yoga into sleep yoga, thus becoming aware of awareness as awareness. 2. There are no imagined mystical experiences. If you have an awakening inside a dream, then that's the actual thing, depending on how deep the awakening, it can't be considered happening inside a dream anymore. (This is my new assumption, I am not sure). That also means that LaBerge (the guy from the video) probably merged into the actual Emptiness. I see two opportunities/options: 1. Sleep yoga. If you learn sleep yoga then you can abide in nondual awareness during the whole night. Usually, you achieve this by not losing awareness when the body falls asleep (but I don't think it's like WILD. Because with WILD you are still conscious of the body. And I doubt that all the lucid dreamers who can successfully WILD can stay aware during dreamless sleep). This usually takes years to achieve. An easier way to experience it is through lucid dreams. You dissolve everything till only awareness of awareness remains. Or do it like Andrew Holecek. In the book Dream Yoga page 236, he says that it works best for him to "close my lucid dream eyes, hold my breath, and take the plunge through my dream ground". If you are very advanced, you can remain in this awareness the rest of the night, independent of REM or non-REM cycles. 2. So far, I only read about awareness of awareness during sleep yoga, which doesn't seem like a comprehensive awakening. Probably you can turn it to other directions too. But I would prefer this way: Instead of dissolving the dream first, just induce a facet of awakening first and then dissolve the dream. My assumption is, that at the beginning, this is still happening inside the dream (or rather you are perhaps 80% still in the dream and already 20% outside/beyond the dream), but if you go deep enough, you completely dissolve the dream and get to the pure and actual facet of awakening, beyond the dream. Here you can probably stay at the most till the REM cycle ends. But I believe you can extend this to the whole night if you are advanced.
  15. @AlwaysBeNice @seeking_brilliance @mandyjw Thanks for sharing