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  1. Manifestation is far more complex than most LOA people think. Your internal has an impact on the external to some extend. But the external certainly is not a perfect mirror/reflection of the internal. There are many factors: thoughts, beliefs, emotions your vibration your psychic power genetics, astrology, karma, luck light percentage of your body intent and influence of others spirits .... Your psychic power is the biggest one. The main reason why you can't just disintegrate the tree with your thoughts is because you have far far too little psychic power for that. Someone like Babaji might be able to do it. If you're interested in making your life easier, magick is by far the most powerful manifestation practice. Check out Damon Brand's books.
  2. Love is all that, but it is also more than that. It is LOVE. Otherwise people would just call it Appreciation or Acceptance and not Love.
  3. @Tyler Durden From the absolute perspective, there is only this right now, but from the relative perspective these astral beings exist. When you are at gunpoint, you can close your eyes and the gun and bullet are gone. From the relative perspective they still exist. And when the bullet hits you, it also exists from the absolute perspective. It works the same with astral beings, or with anything else in this dream. From the relative perspective, I'm pretty sure these gods exist. Even if it wasn't the way that humans discovered original entities and started worshipping them, they would still exist know because of the worship. In that case humanity would have created them as thought forms, and they would be just as powerful as "real" astral beings. It's just the way energy, thoughts, intent, emotion and all that stuff works. Non-existence doesn't exist. There is a CRUCIAL difference between saying it "doesn't exist" vs saying it is "non-existence". The latter implies that there is some kind of Nothingness or empti space or infinte potentiality or Void or non existence outside your bubble.
  4. @machiavelli The Infinite nondual God won't ever punish you for anything. These gods your parents worship do exist however. Non organic beings on the astral plane. They are intelligent, if you have bad thoughts about them then they usually don't just punish you for it because they know there is no true emotional intent behind these thoughts, that it's not your conscious intention. But if you want to be sure, give them some offerings, maybe fruits and flowers and explain your situation to them, tell them that you are not responsible for these kinds of thoughts and that you only mean good to them. And that you apologise now in advance for any such thoughts. That should do it.
  5. @Tyler Durden It's a lot better than most philosophical or religious attempts, but still far away from the Truth. Awakening is a lot more radical.
  6. Yes. Consciousness is Absolute. Yes. They are God's imagination. Imagination is real. Imagination is reality. Appearances "in Consciosness" = Consciousness = God There is only Existence. Objects " in Consciosness " = Awareness = You God is Consciousness. Love is more than that. For baseline: transmissions + self Inquiry. For peak awakenings: psychedelics. Yes. Or more accurately, God IS all these things. No dualities or mechanisms. Yes.
  7. Amazing How long did it take till the transmissios became strong? And is it the same transmission audio each time or does your teacher charge the audio each time again?
  8. Then SAT and Pure Divinity will likely be even stronger Enlightenment and political wisdom are two different things.
  9. Yeah, for practical survival issues it is good to play the game and pretend as if illusions were real. But when you want to awaken, you must give up that game and go for the truth.
  10. No. It is a mental projection to call colors that are changing in a specific pattern, "body" or "walking" or "walker". Yes, "body " is a projection too. There are changing colors, sensations and thoughts. That's it. You can call that "body" or "frog" or "pizza", nothing is more true. But from an imaginary survival perspective it makes more sense to call it "body " and to pretend like it's a real thing. To create a body you don't need atoms or cells or energy or blood or warmth or oxygen. You only need: colors feeling sensations thoughts, like "this is a body" "it is made of cells and atoms" belief/intuition/feeling that these thoughts are true That's how God creates bodies.
  11. Reality is Love, Infinite, Intelligent, Creative, Mind, Nothingness, Empty, Somethingness, Everything, Existence, Isness, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, perfect, Imagination, Singular, Alone, AMness,... The word God fits that very well IMO. Better than any other word. Like for example Nothingness, or Being. Using these terms it's not straightforward that for example Reality is also Love. And at deep levels of God Realization, the above description is still lacking something. It's just pure GOD. It's the perfect word.
  12. The "physcical body" is made of colors, body sensations, and thoughts. It's neither physical nor can it really be called a body. It's just a bunch of appearances, it works the same as when you visualize a body while daydreaming.
  13. God is Infinity. So God needs to create both peace and war. Not creating war is God avoiding a part of Itself, which God can't do as It's Love for Itself, for all parts of Itself, is unconditional and Infinite.
  14. Mother Meera Transmissions She gives live transmissions on her Youtube channel every day at the same time. I think her transmissions are aura transmissions. Many consider her to be an avatar.
  15. If you made progress that quickly, you are probably quite naturally talented. Your description of God is good. We however can't know whether it was only conceptual (from listening to Leo's videos) or actual awakening. It seems like actual awakening though. Ask yourself whether you have any doubts about your awakening. like: "maybe it was just a hallucination/deception from neurons in my brain". If you actually reached God, there is no doubt. Though, if you didn't have a deep God awakening, there can still be doubt. That kind of doubt doesn't mean that the awakening wasn't legit, but that you didn't go deep enough. God is Love and Consciousness and Nothingness and Infinity.... But that doesn't mean you will be highly conscious of each of these facets during every awakening. When you are more experienced yes, but not at the beginning. IMO, the most effective way to increase your baseline consciousness is through transmissions . They are also pretty effective to experience more bliss and become happier. Buy the book "greater words of power" by Damon Brand and do the ritual "the Road Opener". It's worth a try.