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  1. It feels like waking up from a dream. It's however not a human that wakes up, but God. Being human was part of the dream.
  2. Do you call your dreams "physical" reality too?
  3. Nothing is something, so it always is truly nothing It makes no difference whether there are forms/perceptions or not, the 'substance' is always the same. As far as I understand, Consciousness can exist with 0 forms/perceptions too.
  4. Open mindedness will destroy "physical" reality
  5. You "see" that nothing, when you become conscious that something is nothing.
  6. It's not a human waking up to God, a human trying to discover the secrets of existence, with human limits. It's God waking up to Itself. Human limitations are imaginary and were never the cause for limited consciousness. God created the limited consciousness. And God dissolves it by waking up to Itself, by going deeper into God Consciousness.
  7. God doesn't create something out of nothing, something is nothing.
  8. That sounds a lot more similar to God Consciousness than to cessation.
  9. A question for anyone who believes the gap during a cessation exists. Do you believe that sleep exists too?
  10. So what is there when there are no senses, no consciousness?
  11. @BipolarGrowth No hurry, if you ever post them, and remember, you can post a link to them here in this thread:) So it is kind of an experience? With consciousness? If not then how do you guys know there is something? It would be literally like teleporting into the future, with nothing in between. The only thing you can do is to afterwards imagine the gap was real. Maybe those Buddhists haven't had a deep God awakening. In the text you linked, the guy writes: "I have not yet spoken with anyone who had attained it who didn’t consider it the absolute King Daddy of meditation attainments other than arahantship, as the depth of its afterglow never fails to impress and amaze" That doesn't sound impressive at all. God Consciousness is sooooooo beyond any meditation attainment or afterflow. God Consciousness beats everything imo. And if there is doubt about that, then it isn't FULL God Consciousness imo. @BipolarGrowth Do you consider cessation more significant and ultimate than God Consciousness?
  12. @Flyboy Interesting, didn't expect that. @Nahm No mind or cessation?
  13. Thanks guys for the detailed responses!
  14. @Flyboy I think, if I had the exact same 'experience' you are talking about, I would still call it Consciousness/Existence, while you wouldn't. Btw what is your recommendation for how to have a cessation? Stop all clinging? I can't imagine that works. Maybe for extremely talented people. Doing Jhanas?
  15. How do you know that when consciousness blinks out, it actually is out for some moments? Rather than just teleporting a few moments into the future? Because that's what's happening IMO. Consciousness doesn't actually blink out. Similar to sleep, you wake up the second you fall asleep, without a gap inbetween. The only way to prove that the gap of cessation exists, would be to experience it, but then it isn't non-existence/unconsciousness anymore. Yes, God doesn't really have a self. It's just that God is God. Which is similar to what you are saying: "you're IT". Yes. And emptiness IS, Emptiness exists. If it didn't, you wouldn't know about it, about the proposed beyond consciousness.