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  1. @Scholar Thanks for the long reply You are right. It's been dawning on me for the past day. @kbone Great posts as well!!
  2. mind works too little to make sense of that
  3. I don't know whether I wrote anything sensical. I justed contemplated further. And got mindfucked. I really don't know anything. That hadn't hit home to that degree yet . I can't make any statement. No matter what fancy perspective I come up with it's all bs. "Relative perspective", "from within the game", bs. @Gesundheit You broke my mind Now I'm dumb.
  4. Hmm... The difference between a mental image of my shoes vs the visual 'physical' appearance of my shoes? You are right, the difference is relative. Constructed by the mind. No actual distinction. Did I actually not see that? Lol. Thanks bro! From a larger perspective, yes.
  5. Yes, the snapshot from god's perspective contains all of Infinty. That is, it contains every possible snapshot (link). And one of those snapshots is your present moment right now. The snapshot from god's perspective must contain every limited snapshot. If it didn't, where would they be?
  6. Was there a "came up" though? Right now "came up" is a thought. Have you been directly conscious of "came up" when it happened? I would just say that it IS. Saying it was created or that it popped into existence seems like adding onto 'raw' reality.
  7. Yes, indeed. That's the vibe I'm getting when someone talks about intelligent design and creation. These seem like qualities of a finite self and not of a non-dual God. If Infinity contains every snapshot, then there is no point for any preferences or such anyway. Only a finite self could be like that, because it lacks the bigger picture POV and is attached to the parcticular snapshot it is presently experiencing. It's incredible how much intelligence is everywhere, eg how the body functions. Yet, given the nature of Infinity, it's inevitable that such intelligent 'universes' exist. So there also exist an infinite number of completely dumb universes. Yet I wouldn't call it having any less "intelligent design". The awe is in its existence, not content.
  8. The past and future are concepts and imagination. Am I wrong? (Of course, the real nature / essence of an appearance like a chair is the same as the essence of a concept/thought/ imagination of a future or past). yes that is what I'm saying. They are independent. No causation. Yes indeed. "past" "present" and "future" are concepts that I'm creating. They are only actual as concepts. Plus, the appearances you are right now 'experiencing" are actual as well. But a content of a past is not actual. That which is actual. What do you mean?
  9. (a) relative perspective: Every single instant of the process of the creation of this thread exists as one snapshot. These snapshots have always existed. And are always themselves. (b) what-is-actual perspective: The thread exists right now. "Creation" implies that there was a moment when it didn't exist and then there is a moment when it exists. (Whether that be through a process over time or instant materialization into existence). The only thing which is actual, is that it exists right now. "Having not existed" at some point is a concept. (c) absolute perspective: Only God / Nothingness 'exists'. There is no thread. I don't see how this thread could have been created . The main reason why I 'started' this thread was because I couldn't make sense of how some people use "creation" and "intelligent design". Or am I just hair-splitting? Different people using different words to verbalize the same stuff?
  10. I wouldn't call it an object. It's just this perfect singularity. The past and future exist as concepts and imagination. Is it? Do you have direct experience of that?
  11. Does intelligent design exist? Is God creating anything? Let's first look at it from this perspective: Infinity contains every configuration possible. If we regard every moment as a snapshot, then Infinity contains every single possible snapshot. Time obviously doesn't exist, so every single snapshot 'always' exists. So from that perspective, there is no creating, because everything already exists. Now, let's look at direct experience: Right now, there is one snapshot. Which can be analysed as being made up of different colors, sounds, body sensations, emotions and thoughts. Also, you can imagine any other snapshot. For example the snapshot that is believed to have occured 5 minutes ago, or one that is likely to occur in 5 minutes, or of an alien drinking beer on mars. First of all, any imagined snapshot is of course not the actual snapshot, yet is just as 'real' as any other appearance. The snapshot of what happened 5 minutes ago is not actual, only the imagined snapshot of what happened 5 minutes ago. The only actual snapshot there is, is the present moment right now. This means there is no time. The imagined snapshot of what happened 5 minutes ago has no more meaning or relevance than the snapshot of an alien drinking beer on mars. The meaning and relevance is something the mind projects onto it (yet another appearance). And neither has it a link or connection to the present moment. This is yet again just a thought. There is no causation. The snapshot of what happened 5 minutes ago hasn't caused this present snapshot any more than the snapshot of the alien drinking beer on mars. "No time" as well as "no causation and connection" completely undermines the notion of a "process of creation" in terms of different snapshots happening one after the other. But when people talk about "creation", they don't necessarily mean the above, but often how this present-moment snapshot exists rather than nothing or something else. So let's cover that now. Is there a difference between "nothing", "this snapshot" and "any other possible snapshot"? From the absolute perspective, no. There is only Nothingness / Love / God. Your hand and the table are literally the same, there is no difference in appearance, because there is no appearance. It is just God. So from this perspective, there also isn't any creation. But from the relative perspective, different snapshots differ in that they are made up of different appearances. That's an illusion, but for the sake of the game, let's pretend to take it serious. So let's pretend that there are other snapshots out there with different appearancs than this snapshot. And in every moment there is a different snapshot. One explanation could be that consciousness experiences one snapshot after the other. Like watching a movie. But consciousness and appearance are one. There is no watcher. I would put it this way: Every possible snapshot 'always exists' and floats around in 'empty space'. There is no one who will ever experience any snapshot, because every particular snapshot is identical to Consciousness, to God, so it is 'experiencing' itself. You could say "always, for eternity" but when there is no time that doesn't make much sense. It just IS. So why are you right now 'experiencing' this snapshot rather than any other? Infinity must contain every snapshot, including this one. And in order to be this snapshot you have to be this snapshot. And that's what is happening right now! This snapshot can't be any different or it wouldn't be this snapshot. So from the relative perspective you are this snapshot with amnesia of other snapshots, otherwise you wouldn't be this snapshot. And that is happenig with every single snapshot. So you are right now every single snapshot, with amnesia of other snapshots (however, there are also snapshots without amnesia of other snapshots: link). Remember, from the relative perspective. From the absolute there is only God, only Nothingness, no snapshots, no universe, no existence. Snapshots is thought, which is God. So from this (relative) perspective there also is no creation because this snapshot is always this snapshot. Never ever anything else. This snapshot contains a thought saying that this snapshot evolved from another snapshot. But that's just a thought. Part of that particular snapshot. Thus: No creation. There is one more thing to address. People sometimes mention that God creates this moment with intelligent design. From the relative perspective, every single snapshot exists. People usually use "intelligent or perfect design" in a relative context. Since every single snapshot exists, there also exist snapshots where things didn't happen perfectly relatively speaking. So are they created through intelligent design as well? I would say yes, but not because of the content but simply because of their existence. Because they are Love. Ok, let's now look at it from the direct-experience perspective. There are no other snapshots. There is only this snapshot, with these particular appearances and no other. And people say it is perfect design, that there are precisely these appearances. But why? This is God so in that regard it is perfect. But when you say "it is perfect that it is this way and not that way" isn't that talking from the relative perspective? Which I covered previously. Apart from that, that's just ego, isn't it? Oftentimes it is also said that the past leading up to this point is perfect and happened with perfect design, but the 'past' didn't cause this present moment any more than the alien drinking beer on mars, as explained earlier. So yet again, no intelligent design. Then, sometimes it is said that everything happens perfectly and with intelligent design, not in regard to the ego but for the greater good or for the universe as a whole. If we judge "perfect design" by relative content rather than purely because of its existence, then this also doesn't make any sense, though. With greater good it could for example be meant that all of humanity's wars happened through perfect design because they prepared humanity for an alien invasion that might happen tomorrow. From the direct-experience perspective, this doesn't make any sense because the past and future don't exist. They are imagined and just as real as an imagination of an alien drinking beer on Mars. And from the relative perspective it also doesn't make any sense because every single snapshot exists. So the snapshot of aliens invading a prepared humanity exists just as the snapshot of aliens invading an unprepared humanity exists. Conclusion, no intelligent creation (in terms of its relative content). If I'm missing something, please point it out!
  12. My Current Routine Thought I'd share, so you get a better idea how a more concrete routine can look like. However, I always end up making small changes on my routine daily, and big changes every couple of days, so there is nothing special about this current routine, just one random routine that seems to best fit me today. - Deliberate Sleep: 90 - 200 minutes These delta binaural beats darkness close to the SWS peak if it coincides with my tiredness - Sleep Yoga Session when not extremely tired: lying on a couch or sitting on a chair, head and arms resting on a table If on the couch, optionally hold arm(s) up, supported on elbow(s) FILD alarm clocks snooze every 10 minutes nootropics Either delta or theta binaural beats darkness To increase tiredness: reverse blinking and trance triggers - Sleep Yoga Session when very tired: sitting on a chair, head and arms resting on a table FILD alarm clocks snooze every 5 minutes nootropics gamma brainwave entrainment audio light on. Normal light or only red light, depends on the degree of tiredness
  13. @electroBeam Thanks man! Your posts are the best stuff on the forum! I think, in the future this forum will be about how to get closer to these higher levels of consciousness in peak experiences as well as baseline consciousness, without overloading the body-mind, without doing mahasamadhi. The human body-mind has a limit to how much consciousness it can sustain, beyond that it dies and you have mahasamadhi. I believe the game of the future will be about upgrading the body-mind to sustain more consciousness. This could surely be done through technologies like genetic modification, but I believe it's possible through meditation techniques as well. For example, when someone becomes a breatharian or stops aging, they had to reprogram the body-mind. A similiar reprogramming must be done to sustain these higher levels of consciousness.
  14. Breatharianism is not stronger than psychedelics. It definitely gives your baseline consciousness a huge jump, but doesn't completely awaken you, far far from it. And it can't compare to psychedelics when it comes to peak experiences. These two are breatharians: If someone is interested in learning how to make a gradual transition over the course of many years, read the book " the Food of the Gods" by Jasmuheen, it's the best book on the topic.