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  1. The text you quoted, I think I had misinterpreted you. Your advice was general for whoever reads your post. I thought it was addressed to me lol. I was too slow to delete my response haha.
  2. @allislove I guess the intention behind that is to encourage ego surrender? With enough surrender, your reaction to the problem is changed, and thus depression can be relieved. But the actual problem is still the same. I guess, why not do both. Surrender your ego till the idea of solipsism doesn't make you depressed any more. And at the same time try to understand what I've written in this post and recontextualize solipsism,
  3. We think that our consciousness is all there is and that there is nothing outside our consciousness (and that is true from the Absolute perspective within that bubble!). But what if, Consciousness is so powerful that in can imagine one tiny appearance (within the whole field of Consciousness) in such a way, that it seems like it is all there is, that it is the Whole, that there is nothing outside, and even that it is Absolute and Infinity.
  4. @Mason Riggle Yes. When you are in solipsism consciousness, you know that they don't have a bubble. And when you are in multiple bubble consciousness, you know thay others do have a bubble. In terms of raw appearnces, there is no difference. But when the mind knows that one apple is fake, then it makes a big difference. The mind creates the difference. But that doesn't change the fact that there is now a big difference.
  5. @BipolarGrowth It can be considered one experience from some POVs, but not from all POVs. Let's say there are 100 bubbles. All of them happen within one consciousness. But that doesn't necessarily mean that every bubble knows the stuff from all the other bubbles. You could be part of these 100 bubbles and know the other bubblee too. Or you could be part of them and not know the other bubbles. It does look very contradictory. Like if it is one consciousness, then all should be known, otherwise it would have to be several consciousnesses. But I think it actually is not contradictory. Let's say you are Consciousness, and imagine appearances. You imagine appearnces which make it seem like there are many bubbles. Then you imagine the Trump bubble in such a way that the thoughts, beliefs, 'perceptions' of that bubble are as though there is only this bubble. So actually, there is only one Consciousness. And you believe that your consciousness is all there is, that it is the Whole Consciousness (and that is true from the Absolute perspective from that bubble !!!), but actually it is only a tiny fragment of the Whole, but it is structured in such a way that it seems like it is the Whole!!! Again, this is from the bigger perspective, from the Absolute perspective (from that one bubble) all of that is nonsense. But the 'One' who actually has the Whole experience, of all bubbles (God), is conscious how your consciousness is just a fragment, and from that bigger POV, this is Absolute!!! I'm struggling to make sense of it myself. But I have an intuition that it works somewhat like that. But I haven't fully translated that intuition into conscious understanding. Eventually I might understand it better.
  6. @Fran11 Spot on? Some days ago you made a post about becoming inanimate objects. I think this is probably the most direct way how humans will merge in the future. When you became an object, you stopped being Fran11, but with enough practice you will be able to remain aware of the Fran11 bubble at the same time, thus Fran11 bubble and the object's bubble are both 'within your' consciousness. And eventually other people and animals could join too. @Mason Riggle When you are in a normal state of consciousness, you can't tell the difference whether other people have their own bubble or not. So in a sense it is the same whether they have or don't. But practcially speaking it does make a huge difference.
  7. @Ry4n Yes, but only if you are in solipsism consciousness at that moment. When I use the word "solipsism" I don't refer to the classical definition, rather to an upgraded non-dual one. So, your descripton of "non-dual" is not contradicted by solipsism. I might sometimes have treated it like a perspective. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. That's my view too.
  8. @Eternal Unity You're welcome @Raptorsin7 If you go deep enough, you will probably eventually have to deal with it.
  9. If you are aware of one, feel free to share
  10. If we consider the expanded perspective from our current state of consciousness, then solipsism is absolutely false. But not Absolutely False. I think that my argument is true (unless I made a mistake somewhere). But a nuanced understanding of what is meant with "true" is required. It should be clear from that post that things can be true and True and false and False all at once, depending on how you look at them You mean that solipsim might not be true from God consciousness? Have you been in deep God consciousness?
  11. It is the simplest answer to convey that understanding. Any answer which is simpler, conveys a different understanding. And all of these other answers/understandings conveyed that solipsim is absolutey true. And this is the first (the first that I am aware of) answer/understanding which conveys that solispsim is absolutely false. So it is significant, it has been very significant for me at least. "Isn't this a case of the mind arguing with the mind. Mind vs Mind. Mind still wins" The purpose of these contemplations are not to silence the mind, to transcend the mind or to become enlightened. But about understanding whether others are real from that "bigger perspective".
  12. Yesterday I had insights which recontextualized my solipsism awakenings. If the idea of solipsism makes you depressed, read this post! The only way I manage to convey my insights is by going through some mental gymnastics, so please forgive that. ? 1. Absoluteness of this moment When you wake up you realize that this moment right now is Absolute. And it is obvious that every moment is Absolute, when it happens, but as other moments are just your imagination right now, this is not true from the Absolute perspective but from - let's call it the "bigger perspective". (This kind of "bigger perspective" will be used later again.) 2. The 3 Perspectives - A. Normal Perspective; For example a materialist. - B. Solipsism Perspective: It is seen that past, future and external world are your imagination. - C. Expanded Perspective: I hope you already heard of the possibility of splitting your consciousness. Your consciousness is of course not split, this is just the way people ended up calling it, instead you could say your consciousness expands. Rather than there being one bubble 'within your' consciousness, there can be many. (Actually there is no expanding, but rather a changing/shapeshifting of current appearances (which happens in a way that makes it seem like expanding).) Here are reports of people doing it during astral projections and lucid dreams. It is certainly possible in our 'realm' too. One example (the most radical example) is Ethan ( @Synchronicity). Read this post. I never read the Ra books, but I suppose this is what is meant with social memory complex. I guess in the future humans will merge their bubbles together. The way I see it, this can be in different ways. For example, let's say you, Leo, Trump and Biden merge your bubbles. This could happen in a way, where your bubble has access to the bubble of others, while they don't have access to other bubbles, and don't even realize that they are in a super bubble. It's of course also possible that several or all are conscious of other bubbles. 3. The Actuality of solipsism from the Absolute perspective: - A: Normal Perspective: Most people believe that other people are real. They imagine this and so this is, in a sense, real for them. - B: Solipsism Perspective: It is seen that others are imaginary. Here, solipsism is Absolutely True. - C: Expanded Perspective Here you are directly consicous of other bubbles. Thus conventional solipsism is obviously not true. If there is a merge of 5 bubbles, then that is the new solipsism. The ultimate super bubble is the one which contains every single bubble (see Ethan's post). Here it is also recognized that this present moment (which can contain bubbles of past and future, because this present moment or super bubble is beyond time) is Absolute. Therefore solipsism is Absolutely False (from that perspective). 4. How each of the 3 Perspectives looks at the other perspectives: -A: Normal perspective Perspective 2 and 3 are believed to be insane and false. So from that perspective solispism could be considered false. - B: Solipsism Perspective: Perspective 1 and 3 are both imagination. They are completely meaningless and merely mental noise. So from this 'perspective' solipsism is still Absolutely True. - C: Expanded Perspective: solipsism is Absolutely False. 5. The truth of solipsism from the "bigger perspective": - B: Solipsism Perspective In a sense, solipsim is false from the normal perspective (as mentioned earlier). But from the solipsism perspective it is seen that for people in the normal perspective, solipsim is true also. Ultimately, other people are for the normal-perspective people just imagination, in the same way as for the solipsism-perspective people. Basically, the solipsism perspective can be regarded to be meta and higher than the normal perspective (when looked from the relative/bigger perspective). Therefore the truth from the solipsism perspective is higher than that of the normal perspective. (when seen from that bigger perspective. From the absolute perspective, each present moment, each truth, is equally Absolutely True). Therefore it can in some sense be said that solipsism is absolute. It is true in every now moment. But hold on... - C: Expanded Perspective This is the big insight I had, which recontextualized my solipsism awakenings: In the exact same way that the solipsism perspective is meta and higher than the normal perspective, and therefore recontextualizes the normal perspective, and imposes its truth over the normal perspective......... in that exact same way is the expanded perspective meta and higher than the solipsism perspective, and therefore recontextualizes it and imposes its truth over it, and thus from a bigger perspective, solipsism is not true. In the exact same way how someone from the solispsim perspective concludes that solipsim is basically absolutely true, true in every now moment, in that exact same way does someone from the expanded perspective conclude that solipsism is absolutely false, false in every now moment!!! Which means, from that perspective, which could be considered the highest perspective (from a bigger/relative perspective) solipsism is always false, no matter how it seems to you. This effectively means, that other people have their own bubble too It even means that birth actually happened lol. You could also see it like this: When there is a moment when someone is not conscious of God, and believes that God doesn't exist, in a sense, that becomes true and God literally doesn't exist. Because the present moment is Absolute and there is nothing behind the scenes. When God imagines to be not-God, God literally becomes not-God, in a sense. But from God consciousness you realize and know for a fact, that God imagining to be not-God, ist still God. In the exact same way: When you are in solipsism consciousness there are no others, and it is Absolutely True, because every moment is Absolute. However, someone who experiences the expanded experience, realizes and knows for a fact that others still exist even for someone being in solipsism consciousness. In the exact same way you in God consciousness realize that even not-God is still God. !!!! 6. Objections Objection 1: " The expanded perspective doesn't recontextualize the solipsism perspective in the exact same way that the solipsism perspective recontextualizes the normal perspective" You might say that solipsism is true both in the normal experience and solipsism experience. And the only difference between the solipsism experience and normal experience is, that solipsim is recognized (and apart from that recognition, they are identical. (let's ignore alteration of consciousness for a moment)). While the difference between the solipsim experience and expanded experience is enormous. Extra stuff is added, therefore the comparison I made is bs. But actually, the difference is of the same kind. There is what is, one appearance. In order to get from normal experience to solipsism experience, there is a small shapeshifting of that appearance. And in order to get from solipsism experience to expanded experience, some shapeshifting happens too, nothing else. The change is of the exact same kind, it's merely a difference in degree. Objection 2: "All that is imagination" When you are in solipsism consciousness right now, all of that is imagination and has no meaning. So for you, solipsism is still Absolutely True. You can look at it like this: Depending on what experience/state of consciousness you are in right now, following is true: 1. Normal Experience: solipsism is absolutely false (bigger perspective) 2. Solipsism Experience: solipsim is Absolutely True (solipsim perspective) solipsism is absolutely false (bigger perspective) 3. Expanded Experience: solipsism is Absolutely False (Bigger Perspective, which is now Absolute) solipsism is absolutely false (bigger perspective) I'm not necessarily saying you should completely dismiss solipsism. Because it is still true in some sense, always depends on how you look at it. And it is a component of God Consciousness. If you want to get into God consciousness, you won't get around solipsism. However, that is not absolutely true. This just happens to be the case at our current evolutionary stage. There are infinitely many now moments which consist of many bubbles (thus solipsism is Absolutely False from that state of consciousness), and that whole super bubble can be in God consciousness. In that sense, solipsism (the way we define it) is not an absolute part of God consciousness. Only for us humans, it currently is the case. The purpose of that post was to show, that while solipsim is, in some sense true, it is also false (there are more perspectives from where it is false than from where it is true). And given how many get depressed because of thinking that solipsism is absolutely true, I hope this post helps and gives a different picture. Soooooo, what are your thoughts?
  13. This is the dilemma with teaching advanced insights. On the one hand, they can make it a lot more likely that the seeker will get that awakening too, in that way they are very useful for seekers. But the problem is, almost every enlightenment insight/awakening is depressive for the ego. It's not the insight itself but the ego's misinterpretation and self bias. If someone has an awakening which is accompanied with ego death, and thus sees the awakening without biased lenses, it will be blissful and perfect. But if someone thinks about that same insight without having gone through the surrender and ego death ,which would be necessary to have that actual insight/awakening yourself, this insight is bound to be misinterpreted and depressive for the ego. Look at it this way: If any enlightenment insight makes you depressed, then that is a sign that you understand something wrongly. The depression is not because Reality is inherently depressive, but because you don't understand Reality yet, and believe it to be different than it is. If you were to have a complete awakening and reallly understood the full picture, you would be in bliss and not depression. Reality is Infinite Love. If an enlightenment insight makes you depressed, dismiss the insight and remind yourself of Ininite Love.
  14. @Mu_ Yes, from that response, and from the few videos I've seen from him, he indeed doesn't seem to say the same as the guy in that video. I mentioned Frank's name in that post because at one point I think he said that Consciousness is impermanent. I really like Frank and consider him very awake. But I think there are deeper levels to some of the things he said. For example his mention of the natural state. That just seems like a thing of the ego. @RedLine Accepting the present moment and trying to escape from it, are both part of the same game.