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  1. @artcastle I just read your whole post. Interesting experience! The explanation, that you still indentified with a body from a dream, seems plausible. At least more likely than other explanations I can think of. One of them being that you reality-shifted (which is possible) from a very similar reality where you had a larger body.
  2. No difference. Thoughts and visualisations are just as real like stuff you see or hear like a chair or a bird. Both direct experience. Both imagination. A thought or a concept is real, it exists. But the thing that the concept describes / points to, isn't real.
  3. @Big Steve Welcome to the forum:) Everything is possible because Reality is Infinite and God's imagination. Therefore I believe this kind of resurrection is undoubtedly possible. But we can't be sure whether Jesus actually did it because you never know which parts of the bible are literal or metaphorical or both at once. But my guess is that Jesus did it.
  4. You are leaving it to Yourself then. Because You are God.
  5. I stumbled on Sapien Medicine too, but haven't really listened to these audios yet. I really should start. Thanks for the reminder! So far, I've been listening to the audios by Maitreya Fields. I guess they are quite similar.
  6. @GreenLight wow that's impressive! For me, these youtube transmissions are only very subtle. Except those by Kai Shanti. (But I guess that's only because I combine it with a certain meditation technique of trying to receive the transmission.) From nowhere? Or did you or someone else induce it? Most people with these abilities are born with it. But some aquire them in this life. Either through activation or blessing/grace by someone else or through much effort and practice.
  7. Perceptual Illusions are not illusions but truth. For example, someone sees a triangle on a picture and believes there is actually a triangle. You now say, in 'reality' there is no triangle, the triangle is a perceptual illusion. That is not true. When someone sees a triangle then it is true that there is a triangle. Saying there is no triangle is false. All your reasoning and beliefs and concepts of a material reality and stuff behind the scenes exists as mental stuff. You are imagining all these stories. When that person looks at the picture differently and the triangle is no longer there, then it is no longer there, but only then. There is no "normal state". There is only this state right now.
  8. Why wouldn't it be possible lol. Even from the relative perspective it seems quite plausible. I guess on the forum it is already well accepted that you can have an OBE, leave your body, do some stuff and return. If you can return to 'your' body, then why shouldn't it possible to return to a different body. It's not easy because the other body is different and you don't have a connection with it. But a highly advanced yogi should easily be able to do it. I read several reports of people achieving something of the like. Don't know whether their stories are true, though. One person said that by being in someone else's body, he actually became different. He became that person and I think he said that he didn't remember his old body. But I don't think this is like this in all cases. I think it is possible to remain your old self and remember your old body and life. Also, this is basically what possession is. There is countless evidence for possesion, so it's probably true. And isn't changing your body quite similar as what some people experience on salvia (for example becoming a stone or a book)?
  9. Directly realizing that the seperate self is a complete illusion and that You are God, will probably reduce/heal this inferiority complex. A few peak experiences might not be enough though. You might not necessarily have to increase your baseline consciousness to God consciousness, but you probably will have to really integrate your God awakenings. It doesn't have to be that way. This is like a programm in your subconscious, which can be changed. One way is to deeply understand why this is like this for you, and to realize the absurdity of it. You also need to change some attitudes. If you have approach anxiety you should view rejection as something great. You cold approached a girl, had an awkward weird converstaion and then she rejects you, awesome! Other people were watching tv while you had that sensational experience. You gained experience and had an exciting conversation. And if you were nice, the girl probably will remember you for some time and be flattered, even if she doesn't seem to admit it and even appears irritated by you. If she is honest to herself, she probably doesn't regret having been approached by you. If you wake up and see how life is a dream, it becomes easy to see the absurdity of stuff like approach anxiety, and you will just laugh about it as though you lost your mind haha. I assume you watched Leo's videos about fear? You don't necessarily have to be exposed to your fears to overcome them. Do the meditations and some deep contemplations Leo recommends in the videos. If you do them consistently, you will probably be able to reduce your fears. See through the illusion of the ego and identify with Yourself, God.
  10. Transmissions by someone live and which are one on one are usually more powerful, but transmissions on YouTube can work too. 1. Kai Shanti She channels God's Love and Grace and Kundalini Shakti and also sometimes speaks an intuitive light language. Her transmissions had a huge impact on me. I can feel the transmissions and sometimes it gets intense. Since being exposed to several of her transmissions, my normal meditations have become deeper, it's easier to surrender and I have deeper Love awakenings. 2. Ethan from Everything Explained It works!! He is also on the forum, @Synchronicity. You gotta check out his other YouTube videos too. Ethan has a very interesting talent, it's like the ultimate siddhi, he explains it in this Thread. 3. Into The Unknown Love transmission ❤ He is on the forum as well, @Mu_. It's worth checking out his YouTube channel!!! 4. Siddhanta Yoga Most of her transmissions are pure kundalini transmissions like this: But she also has other transmissions. When I energetically connect with her hand movements, I can feel their impact on me (subtly). 5. Jan Esmann 6. The Enlightened Way 7. Mariella La Cunza Quite interesting transmissions. 8. Trigram Healing Transmissions usually have both an immediate / short term and a (usually subtle or very subtle) gradual long-term effect. 2 years ago, I probably wouldn't have felt the immediate effects of transmissions. How well transmissions work mainly depends on your receptivity and sensitivity. Do you know of any good YouTube transmissions?
  11. Generally speaking, yes. I've become way less fearful. I was quite an anxious person. I wrote "generally speaking" because some stuff can actually increase fearfulness. For example, when I get into the state of not knowing, a wall behind me is just as real as an orc behind me who is about to stab me. I've had moments of looking behind my shoulders as if I'm paranoid. This is solved, either by complete surrender, by fully accepting you being stabbed in the next moment. Or by realizing that there is no next moment and behind you doesn't exist lol. But I think this exercise only gets scary when you have done a lot of contemplation on it.
  12. God consciousness = being conscious that You are God. Just because you are in a more insightful state of consciousness doesn't mean that you are in God consciousness. And, you can also be in God consciousness without having insights. "Everything is God" is not the same as saying "everything is conscious that it is God".
  13. If you believe it is bullshit, then it is What makes you a frog? There are certain criteria that must be fullfilled so that you can be considered a frog. And it is 100% onto you to set these criteria. The only authority there is, is your authority. If the criteria/definition which you set (of what is a frog) is met then you are effectively a frog! From your dad's pov, you are not a frog, but that doesn't matter, only your judgement matters. So if you believe that your criteria is met, and when you believe that you are therefore a frog, you LITERALLY are a frog. What else would make you a frog? What would make you be no frog? Not the judgement of somebody else. Only your judgement matters. You live in your own 'universe'. So if your judgement says that you are a frog, then that is what is true for you. If you believe you are a frog, saying that you are a human is completely false.
  14. Direct experience is Absolute. And yet, if you believe that direct experience is not Absolute, it literally becomes not Absolute, in a sense. Which is only possible because it is Absolute. In the same way, God can stop being Absolute because God is Absolute. Crazy paradox. I was aware of that before, but I just now realized it to a deeper degree.
  15. watch that one too: