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  1. The brain creates what you see. That means YOU don't create what you see. (It's done involuntarily by your brain, not deliberately and consciously by you) Again, your argument was that reality is good because it can decide what to create and experience and therefore creates only good. But that is undermined by the duality between creator and experiencer.
  2. No one who experiences intense suffering cares about juiciness and realness. Even if you argue that realness and juiciness could justify human level suffering to any extend, it certainly doesn't justify more extreme horrors in infinity. An omnipotent reality could obviously create a paradise that is perfect, which means you have all the realness and juciness you want. Even if you say that genuine realness and juiceness requires some level of suffering, then that requirement is obviously a limitation and specific to humans. In a paradise such limits obviously wouldn't exist.
  3. You can't control most of your experience so in case you are creating it, it's obviously not consciously and intentionally. Even if the world were projected out of your eyes, it wouldn't automatically mean that your are doing it deliberately. Science says your bubble of phenomena is created by a brain, not by you. You can't control what it creates. If it is true that conscious observation creates reality, then that's still something very different from deliberate intention.
  4. It's not happening consciously and deliberately. Your argument was that reality is good because it can decide what to create and therefore creates only good. But that is undermined if the one who experiences doesn't consciously and intentionally creates the experience..
  5. But why isn't reality structured such that you can get these good things without having to suffer? That would be goodness
  6. That argument would only hold, IF the one who has the experience is also on a conscious level the one who creates the experience. Which is obviously not the case. What happens is what reality imagines, so if reality imagines that you can't enjoy depression then you can't do anything about it. On a practical level you can, but not on a metaphysical level
  7. Yes, but if reality is infinite then it's quite likely that they will become actual at some point. And even if they don't, then the fact that it remained a possibility is reason enough for why reality is not good. Reality were good if it were absolutely impossible for involuntary suffering to exist. For that, reality would have to be biased.
  8. How is "Because it created itself through the strangeloop that is consciousness" an argument for reality being Goodness? That music can bring enjoyment. But there's no enjoyment in depression. If there's enjoyment then that is despite the depression. Or it's a side product. If reality were truly good, then you could get such enjoyment without the depression
  9. But if reality is infinite then you can infere that these imaginations have happened or will happen If you say past and future don't exist then at least you must admit that the present moment is moving and not static. Which means any horrible nightmare could happen any moment
  10. @Someone here So you're saying the highest goal is enlightenment, losing all biases, and thus to love everything including evil and all suffering in existence? Even if this is were true, how is that something desirable to attain? Isn't that the worst thing ever? Not only relative to humans, but relative to all beings in existence. How can this state be good in any sense if it doesn't include the wellbeing of others
  11. Shaktipat Initiation Last year, I received an initiation into the shaktipat lineage of Maa yogini Lalleswari. This initiation can help to awaken the kundalini and to get enlightened. This could happen during the initiation (unlikely) or some months or years afterwards, or never. During the initiation you also get a mantra which is charged with shakti, and it is recommended that after the initiation, you practice a daily meditation where you chant the mantra and visualize the shaktipat gurus. For example, you can visualize them around you while chanting the mantra. During my initiation I felt energetic sensations, my body felt weird, I got into an altered state of consciousness and it felt as if the gurus of the lineage are present. In some ways it was the most intense experience I've had from transmissions. Most people probably don't feel anything during the initiation. Whether you feel something depends on many factors like energetic sensitivity, chance, resonance with that lineage,.... It doesn't matter whether you feel anything, the initiation is said to work either way. I sometimes visualize the yogis of the shaktipat lineage around me and I have the impression that this meditation works, for me it seems to mainly increase shakti and bliss. The same happens if I visualize any ascended masters, but I have the impression that the initiation did make a difference. Initiations are considered more serious than regular transmissions. You don't just do an initiation on the fly. Usually you are expected to be serious about it and devoted and motivated to keep doing the daily meditations. If you just want to do as many transmissions as possible, then do the other transmissions mentioned in this thread. If you feel intuitively drawn to this initiation and lineage then you can consider trying it. Read through the website to get more information and a feeling for the initiation and lineage. Also, the people in this lineage tend to do things in a traditional way, for example regarding guru disciple relationship. You can just get the initiation and not keep in touch, but it's usually encouraged to keep in touch and be devoted. The ideal lifestyle for progress and enlightenment is said to be basically like that of a bhakti yogi disciple who surrenders.
  12. @CuriousityIsKey I think Reality can completely cease to exist. And it can emerge again. And by the same logic, nothing prevents it from "not being".
  13. @Kalki Avatar John Kreiter says that dreams continue after we wake up.
  14. I had an insight into why presence could make transmissions stronger. I think being present and self-aware has an immediate effect on your aura. And it makes sense that transmissions are stronger when your aura is stronger.