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  1. Entering SLEEP PARALYSIS with the Double Body Visualizations Once you can get into sleep paralysis with your double body visualizations, you can have full-blown OBEs whenever you want. Once in sleep paralysis, it should be as real and vivid as a dream or a normal astral projection. So at this point, you have finally made it - Energy/Attention Sleep paralysis will only set in if you are completely focused on your double body visualization and forgot about your organic body. So it's all about your ability to focus. "[...] it's about developing a laser-like and unwavering focus in the new location." - John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 96,97 John Kreiter's book The Magnum Opus is all about energy/attention. The book contains some powerful excercises how to absorb and re-absorb (from the past) energy and to store it. This is one of the most important books one can read because energy is fundamental to anything. Whether you want to learn for an exam in school or try OBEs, your level of energy is crucial for how successful you are. Energy can be somewhat equated with attention. Here some quotes on energy on page 115: "Everything is fundamentally about how much extra energy you have, because the only way to perform what some would call miracles is to have enough energy to actually do it." "[...] it is seldom mentioned that what is most important in waking up in dreams or in being able to induce trance states is personal energy." "[...] you may be successful to some degree depending on the amount of energy at your disposal at the time, but you will never have the consistency or power that you want until you have absorbed, re-absorbed, and stored enough energy." The more I do the double body visualizations, the more I realize how important this energy/attention is. If I had a lot of stored energy, I could probably easily enter sleep paralysis. Therfore I think that his energy techniques are very important. So I think that a big factor determining whether you can enter sleep paralysis with the double body visualizations is your level of energy/focus. Here are 2 other factors: 1. Vividness of your Visualization The more vivid your visualizations, the more real this other reality becomes, the more you shift into it. I would guess that the realness roughly depends on: Seeing: 36% Movement and feeling your body: 29% Hearing: 17% Touching: 14% Smell: 4% (I find taste to be counterproductive because it draws my attention to my organic mouth) The more of them you can do at once, the more immersive it gets: Seeing: always see something Movement and feeling your body: Always try to internally feel your body and to move (limbs or the whole body) as often as possible Hearing: Try to make sounds as often as possible. If you are advanced, you might be able to have a constant background sound Touching: Touch things as often as possible. And be as often as possible aware of how your feet are touching the ground. Smell: Try to smell something as often as possible. 2. Engaging Environment The less boring your environment, the easier it is to stay focused and to forget about your organic body. I would say there are 2 places where you can do your visualizations: On earth. Upside: You can go to places which are very familiar (like your house) and therefore you have a good memory of them which ensures a constant seeing. Downside: you can't interact with it. In the Grey Zone (where dreams happen). Upside: You can interact and create engaging scenarios. Downside: you need to consciously create something which requires effort and might be distracting, thus it's easier to lose focus. I choose the second. In order to deal with the downside, I plan to create an engaging environment (which takes many hours). Then I will have a place that is engaging and I don't need to spend any time/focus on creating more. So the plan is to create an environment where you can be in for at least an hour without getting too bored and which is engaging. I am creating a house with many rooms which enable things to do. - Rooms: living room, bath room, etc. A shelther for many different animals Terrace, balcony Giant aquarium with big fish Playground with a swing, sliding board, etc Cellar, workshop kitchen with a blender, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, mixer,... Bowling alley, climbing wall, swimming pool, jumping castle, gym A shop garden with plants Try to programme every room with a particular smell. - Tasks: cooking, baking cleaning (washing up the dishes, sweeping,...) sports (skateboard, surfing, skiing, boxing, working out, biking, tennis, basketball, paddling,....) . At my current stage, I find that when I do sports, my organic body often slightly twitches or tenses up so If you want to get into sleep paralysis then avoid stark movements. making fire writing (you can make use of that time by writing affirmations), painting playing instruments, watching tv shopping gardening, growing your plants and harvesting them feeding the many animals and mucking out screwing, sawing sword combat getting dressed, showering doing the laundry For example if you want to cook something, you first need to get eggs and milk from the animals and harvest plants in your garden, thus you are engaged for some time without worrying what to do next. But I would recommend to first make your visualizations more vivid and then work on creating an engaging environment. And then I would try not to spend to much time in that environment or it will get too boring but also not to spend too little or it will lack details. I do almost all my visualizations while lying and usually try not to move. - Entering Sleep Paralysis without Double Body Visualizations It is definitely easier and quicker to enter sleep paralysis with the normal method and WILD. But I think that after many many hours, the double body visualizations will outbeat the WILD technique. If you want to have lucid dreams and astral projections every now and then, then I would recommend you do the WILD technique and not waste your time with the double body visualizations. But if you want total control and are interested in all of the benefits of OBEs I mentioned on the last page, then I would recommend the double body visualizations (and the Explorer's Astral Projection as well, depending on what you want).
  2. @Thomas_VH @Bryanbrax That's great! Seems like you are particularly sensitive to these influences (like the moon). And yes, WBTBs noticably increase the chances of DILDs.
  3. Time Dilation Quote: "[Time dilation] has allowed me to perceive many years of dream content in a mere 2 hours of sleep. I have also had times in which I have slept for over 24 hours and dreamed for what felt like hundreds of years, to the point where I had forgotten many things from irl [=in real life]. I felt as if I could remain their indefinitely (or near indefinitely) but I always choose to come back for some reason or other. These days, since I tend to spend much more time in my dreams than the waking world, instead of keeping a dream journal I keep a sort of thisworld journal which I use to keep from forgetting important things irl. I write before bed and read upon waking to reintegrate myself into this world."- MyLynes, (2nd page, 3rd post) I know of 2 ways to have more time in OBEs. Splitting your consciousness ( thus being able to have several OBEs at once) and actual time dilation. (OBEs include lucid dreams (you create the dream content, consciously or unconsciously) and astral projections (you are in an 'objective' environment like this physical universe or astral realms)) - 1. Splitting your consciousness in lucid dreams This should definitely be possible. In the second half of this post I quoted several people who have experienced it: - 2. Splitting your consciousness in Astral Projections " You have therefore, the possibility of not just experiencing here and there simultaneously, but also here and there and there and there and there; the only limit really being the inherent power of your own consciousness." John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 73 " Such journeys can also include the ability to experience life as a multidimensional gestalt of selves, each seperate and distinct. At this point the limits of the single ego-self are broken so that it is possible to experience a multitude of different identities existing within one body, each having its own ego identity and each fulfilling its purpose completely without disturbing, but actually uniting and empowering, the entirety of the gestalt that they are all part of" - John Kreiter, in his OBE book pages 181,182 I guess that both of the quotes refer to OBEs in general and not only to lucid dreams. " Inhabit two bodies at once" - Michael Raduga, book the Phase page 58. He writes that on what to do in the phase, so again I guess that he refers to OBEs in general and not only lucid dreams. - 3. Time Dilation in lucid dreams "The other main tech I use, is I have 1 of my bodies meditate in the hyperbolic time chamber from dbz. This is much harder to explain but is based mostly on visualization (using HUD clocks) and feeling which I doubt I can explain better than the ear muscle explanation. This body attempts to slow down (or speed up depending on perspective) perceived time for all of my dream bodies simultaneously." - MyLynes link: (2nd page, 3rd post) " Since time in this inner Zone is measured in intensity, not in sequential movement through space, you could have a lifetime of experience in an hour of physical time." - John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 168. But that might not be actual time dilation but rather because doing many things in a short time (which is possible in dreams) makes it seem like much time passed, idk. "[...] So long periods spent in the mental body can strangely occur in the equivalent of mere minutes passed in the physical dimension." - Sandie Gustus, book Less Incomplete page 31. On mental projection. - 4. Time Dilation in Astral Projections I guess it is probably not possible to deliberately dilate time during astral projections because you are in an 'objective' world/realm. But time can naturally pass at a different rate: " [...] the relative rate at which time passes can be different [...] for the aliens you may visit" - David McCready, book Real Alien Worlds page 63. "[...] might perhaps decide to live an entire life in a wholly different realm as a being that is beyond the humanity that you left behind." - John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 181. I think he refers to OBEs in general. I think learning how to dilate time takes MUCH practice, otherwise more people would talk about it "Good luck with time dilation guys, from my experience it has mostly been simply a case of much practice and much trial and error." -MyLynes
  4. RASA transmissions can enlighten you, it would be nice if there was an equally powerful transmission that activates your astral projection skill and makes you omnilucid. If that 10 step process activates your energy body then that goes into the right direction. Would be interesting how effective it is. Another similar thing might be this: "I channeled this light language transmission of 5:55 to activate our light bodies and induce astral travel. I suggest listening to this one right before falling asleep. Being in a tired state is sure to help. This light language is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic codes to activate your astral body and induce astral travel." I haven't tried it yet.
  5. You mean "focusing on your toe" has no cause? Actually, you are doing that right now. You are your friend talking to you. Your friend is not a part of you, your friend is you, so you are literally talking to yourself
  6. How does focusing on your toe happen? I would say it's a result of a feeling, emotion, thought or sensation. Watching a movie has a duality, the watcher and the watched. When this body pays attention to what is happening, then it seems like everything is unfolding by its own, and I am all that. When this body looks at a table, then am I the table or the one who is conscious of the table? I am not totally sure yet, it's subtle, but it feels like I am the table and there is no one who is conscious of the table. Being the table and being conscious of the table is the same. But I don't know whether that's true, I haven't read it somewhere, but it's like it currently seems. The way I make sense of it is this: Imagine a jellyfish. The jellyfish head is the Godhead and each tentacle is one indivdual self plus its peception bubble. The whole jellyfish is God. Whenever the jellyfish head (=Godhead) focuses on one tentacle (= being incarnated in a human body) it believes that it is that tentacle. When a tentacle 'awakens', the jellyfish head realizes that it is the whole jellyfish, but while it is still focusing on one tentacle, it perceives/experiences only that tentacle. If it wants to perceive/experience another tentacle, it needs to stop focusing on that tentacle (=physical death for that human body) and start focusing on another.
  7. @Bryanbrax Thank you! I think the techniques of the book really are worth looking at. But I don't believe it is as easy as reading this book makes it seem. Her techniques are basically a combination of: many esoteric tricks, visualizations, the classical "waiting for sleep paralysis" approach, and help by guides. I have a hard time believing that by just following her instructions, an average person will project. I think it would take a lot of dedication. But I can't assess how helpful the help by the guides is. If it is as helpful as she says, then her techniques are indeed powerful and easy. I have some experience with the Explorer's Astral Projection technique which also involves the help of guides and I can confirm that this can be powerful. (When I have more experience I will write in more detail about it). These guides help you to remote view (and thus make you able to explore and telepathically interact with other worlds and aliens), which can probably turn to astral-projection-like eventually. This book, however, seems to indicate that they can even help get you into sleep paralysis and to the vibrations, thus a full-blown obe. The techniques seem to be a combination of the OBE visualization, Explorer's Astral Projection, and waiting for sleep paralysis techniques (plus some additions, which might make the crucial difference). That means the better you are with these techniques, the easier the techniques of this book will get. So I believe that they can be very effective, but it will be easier if you have at least some skills with the other techniques. And, if you learn the techniques of this book, the other techniques might get more easy. So it's all a bit synergizing, hopefully. I personally will stick with the other techniques for now, but will definitely include some of her techniques in the future. @Bryanbrax Have you tried the techniques of the book?
  8. So you agree with: the more awake = the less selfish. That also means: even more awake = even less selfish. You can be 60% selfless and 40% selfish. Or you can be 95% selfless and 5% selfish. Depending on the depth of your awakening (generally speaking). Do you fully comprehend what 95% selfless and 5% selfish means? That means if you have the decison between going to cinema or using that time and money for a good cause, then you would not decide for the cinema, that means you would not go to cinema, watch tv, eat more than you need, go on holiday,... Basically behave like Ramana Maharshi, Jesus or Babaji perhaps behaved. I don't say that one should behave that way, nor that an enlightened person should behave that way, but that, the more awake you get, the more you naturally tend towards that direction.
  9. @LfcCharlie4 In moments I am lost in the illusion (which is the large majority of the time) and act as though I were a seperate self, I tend to be more selfish. If there is additional work to do in my parent's household, I tend to stay away from it unless I am directly asked whether I want to do it. In moments I am conscious that I am the Self, then this body tends to want to help others even if that means discomfort for that particular body. Not because there is a "belief" that it should be like that, but because it feels like the most obvious and natural thing to do. As obvious as it is for a cat not to bite it's own tail. So in my direct experience, more conscious = less selfish @VeganAwake So that's basically the same as what I called influencing factors? Yes, I think that's the case. But in what way does no free will contradict the following: @crab12 But how is your awareness directed at something? Isn't that just the result of influencing factors? As I understand it, God creates the illusion of splitting itself up into many individual consciousnesses. (Though of course, in the end there is only one Consciousness). One Individual consciousness is conscious of the feelings, emotions, thoughts,.. of crab12. And another individual consciousness is conscious of the feelings, emotions, thoughts,... of GreenWoods. And this individual consciousness is what I think you meant with "I": and with "fragment of the infinite mind". In my experience, this individual consciousness has no control or influence, it just is, and observes/is conscious of what happens.
  10. @VeganAwake The question is: How is a decision made? I see 3 possibilities: Influencing factors. There are many influencing factors (like: thoughts, emotions, sensations, habits, nemories..) which determine the outcome of a decision. The body is like a calculator and these factors like numbers. 5+7-2=10 ,no matter what. This seems to indicate that everything is predetermined. Influencing factors + randomness. That means nothing is predetermined. So there are these influencing factors, but there is some randomness which determines which influencing factors are dominant, so it determines the weight of every possible influencing factor (including 0). For example, it might be regarded random whether it rains or not, and that will determine the value of influencing factors like emotions, thoughts,.. The body has free will. So there are the influencing factors + randomness, but in the end the body decides how much value/weight to give to each influencing factor, and thus can decide the outcome. I assumed without investigating that the body has free will. I thought, as there is no ego then the body must have free will. But how can the body have free will? What exactly would have free will? I feel like this free-will thing is only possible with some seperate entity having it, which obviously doesn't exist. Therefore I think that the 2. possibility (influencing factors + randomness) is most likely how it works. Or as close as I get to with my current understanding. That would mean that I was wrong with my "the body can decide what to do and behaving altruistically would be the only logical result of awakening, otherwise it is not embodied" Though, I have one last idea that would support that line of thinking: Let's say a body/mind has to decide whether to buy another car for itself or buy a car for a poor friend. Now, let's boil all influencing factors down to "survival factors" which include all factors which want that car for that body and "selfless factors" which include all factors that want the car for the poor friend. The weight of all these influencing factors is determined by randomness and other influencing factors. So for example, after taking shrooms (which is a result of influencing factors and randomness) the value/weight of the survival factors is likely to have decreased and the value/weight of the selfless factors is likely to have increased, even if only slightly. That would mean that it is only a matter of how deep you go with your awakening till the selfless factors eventually outweigh the survival factors and you buy that car for the poor friend. If that is the case, then it would make sense that generally speaking, the deeper your awakening = the deeper your embodiment = the more altruistic you become. Wouldn't it?
  11. 1. humanitarian work doesn't require a feeling of lack. You are right, as long as there is an ego, lack is perceived and needed in order to 'improve' something. Once it is gone, there is no 'lack' anywhere and nothing needs 'improving'. But I would argue that humanitarian actions would still be taken. 2.Where is the difference between running around and 'improving' something or meditating at home, thinking nothing needs to be done. In both instances a conscious or unconscious decision was made to do that particular thing rather than something else. How is this decision done? As I pointed out earlier decisions would have to be 100% random. Unless you artifically - consciously or unconsciously - create some guiding principles. These can be anywhere between service to self to service to Self oriented. The Self doesn't need 'service', yes, but neither does the self need 'service'. So we are back to decisions being random unless guiding principles are created. What I am argueing is, that if your life seems to naturally unfold because there is no seeming interference by a controlling ego mind, then I say, a guiding principle was unconsciously created in order to allow that particular reality.
  12. I would roughly define being awake as "being conscious of your true nature". And embodied awakening as "having your actions aligned with that realisation/knowing". I think you would agree with that. But what you would probably call full embodiment, I would call 60% embodiment. Yes, it certainly is a part of an embodied awakening. I also don't think that all money made should be used to create value. My point is that someone who has fully embodied awakening (like perhaps Jesus) would do that.
  13. Because these 2 are often at odds Yes. The more we help others the more happy we become. But once a certain point is reached helping more will decrease your happiness. I guess that could be a realistic sweet spot. My intention was to contrast embodied enlightenment from not embodied enlightenment. Because I think that answers the original question of this thread. Or actually, I think it has two answers. The first is a lack of embodiment, but then the question is why isn't there perfect embodiment. And this question was already answered by other forum members. And I don't say embodied enlightenment is better than not embodied enlightenment. But relatively speaking, there are pros and cons. Definitely not. They provide value and have to live from something
  14. @LfcCharlie4 First of all, thanks for taking so much time to answer to my post My responses to your post are in cursive
  15. There are no guiding principles and it doesn't matter what you do. But you have to do something. Be it meditating, helping others, buying 10 cars, eating or killing yourself. But how do you decide what to do? Either your actions will be 100% random or you artifically create guiding principles. So the question is what kind of guiding principles you create. Is your artifically created guiding principle "maximising happiness and pleasure for this body/character/mind" which is ego-based or "maximising happiness and pleasure of other people" which is based on awakening insights like Self-Love and Oneness and therefore I would call that embodied enlightenment. If you are enlightened you can live a life that embodies enlightenment or one that doesn't embody it. If you live a life that doesn't embody enlightenment then that seems to me like a contradiction to your awakening insights. Of course you can live a life with that discrepancy, nothing wrong with that. I just want to contrast embodied enlightenment from not embodied enlightenment. Yes, it is a form of love, but a very constricted one. It is likely very close to self-love and very far away from Self-Love. =no embodied enlightenment.