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  1. That sounds fair:) Another question: Mystics often can't communicate with spirits as well as clairvoyants can. You solve that by working together with your fiance. Another possibility, for us poor fellows who don't have a hot witch girlfriend yet, could be to meet and communicate with them in lucid dreams. Should work, right?
  2. @Matt8800 Very interesting posts! Thank you You wrote that the way to deal with parasitic entities and 'evil' spirits is to appear like a dangerous predator and threaten them. Somewhere else I heard that you should just love them. Such entities feed off of fear, anxiety, etc so If you are totally fearless, full of love and express it to them then that might work too, right? Or do you think the other way is more powerful? I had been wondering how to reconcile power and love and your posts have shed some light on it and helped me to also embrace power and balance them better. But I would still prefer to get rid of such entities through love
  3. I gave it some more thoughts. (Sleep yoga is about staying conscious during dreamless sleep. You are no longer conscious of the body, only awareness of awareness remains.) So here is my new take: 1. What I called exiting the dream is probably the same thing as turning dream yoga into sleep yoga, thus becoming aware of awareness as awareness. 2. There are no imagined mystical experiences. If you have an awakening inside a dream, then that's the actual thing, depending on how deep the awakening, it can't be considered happening inside a dream anymore. (This is my new assumption, I am not sure). That also means that LaBerge (the guy from the video) probably merged into the actual Emptiness. I see two opportunities/options: 1. Sleep yoga. If you learn sleep yoga then you can abide in nondual awareness during the whole night. Usually, you achieve this by not losing awareness when the body falls asleep (but I don't think it's like WILD. Because with WILD you are still conscious of the body. And I doubt that all the lucid dreamers who can successfully WILD can stay aware during dreamless sleep). This usually takes years to achieve. An easier way to experience it is through lucid dreams. You dissolve everything till only awareness of awareness remains. Or do it like Andrew Holecek. In the book Dream Yoga page 236, he says that it works best for him to "close my lucid dream eyes, hold my breath, and take the plunge through my dream ground". If you are very advanced, you can remain in this awareness the rest of the night, independent of REM or non-REM cycles. 2. So far, I only read about awareness of awareness during sleep yoga, which doesn't seem like a comprehensive awakening. Probably you can turn it to other directions too. But I would prefer this way: Instead of dissolving the dream first, just induce a facet of awakening first and then dissolve the dream. My assumption is, that at the beginning, this is still happening inside the dream (or rather you are perhaps 80% still in the dream and already 20% outside/beyond the dream), but if you go deep enough, you completely dissolve the dream and get to the pure and actual facet of awakening, beyond the dream. Here you can probably stay at the most till the REM cycle ends. But I believe you can extend this to the whole night if you are advanced.
  4. @AlwaysBeNice @seeking_brilliance @mandyjw Thanks for sharing
  5. Sexual energy transmutation can be powerful. Here are some good books: Here a yogi: (Though I wouldn't take everything too literally what he says)
  6. @TrynaBeTurquoise Thank you! The critical part is around 18:50-19:05. Here he says that he goes beyond the body into Emptiness. Was this Emptiness still an imagination, a part of the dream or did he merge into the actual Emptiness? I tend towards that it was still in the dream, but ain't sure...
  7. I have a question: Is it possible to exit a lucid dream and merge into the actual Godhead? Obviously, you can have mystical experiences in lucid dreams. You can see that everything is the Self, can dissolve the dream scene into pure Light and have insights into Love, Consciousness, .... But all that is still produced by your mind, or God's mind, you are still dreaming and not at the very Source yet. If you take psychedelics in waking life you can 'exit' this reality and merge back into the actual Godhead/Source/Love/Nothingness. So is this also possible to do from a dream? Actually it should be possible because this reality and dream reality are both equally an imagination by God. So it should be possible to exit both, right? Perhaps you would just wake up? What do you think?
  8. Good idea. But I would spend the first 10-30 lucid dreams getting used to being lucid, learning how to stabilize and increase dream control. If you do something exciting in your first dreams then you will wake up prematurely and waste lucid time.
  9. Funny that we both got into lucid dreaming with pada at roughly the same time. I've had similar experiences, but that will definitely improve over time. When did you try it? after 6h? Then try after 4.5 or 3h. The REM phases are shorter but it might still be worth it. Or try a different supplement. Or add a supplement that helps falling asleep. Or just meditate and try to have as little thoughts as possible, that helps to fall asleep.
  10. Splitting Consciousness Splitting your consciousness means that your are not only aware of the body sensations, thoughts, ect ... of this body but also of other bodies. Interesting things to do 1. Split your consciousness into a male and female body and have sex 2. Split your consciousness into warriors and fight against each other 3. Enlightenment-related: That one is a bit more complex. I don't have an extremeley solid understanding of enlightenment yet so I hope I am not talking nonsense. But to me it seems like there are basically two kinds of enlightenment experiences. The first kind, you may realize facets like no self and that you are God, but the body is still there. The second kind is, when the body and world is gone. You are pure Consciousness/Love/Godhead/Nothingness. Now, if you are very enlightened (baseline consciousness) - let's say like Jesus - then it is still not quite God-Consciousness because you are only conscious of your body sensations, thoughts,... but not of other people's. So there are still seperate consciousnesses (or souls). However, if splitting consciousness in dreams is possible then that might intruduce an interesting possibility. Let's say there are 100 people. You split your consciousness and become all 100 people (thus are conscious of all their body sensations, ect...) and now you induce the first-kind enlightenment experience. Don't know whether that's worth it but it seems interesting. I haven't yet read "The Law of One" books but watched some videos (by Aaron Abke). When our bodies die then we return back to the Godhead/Oness (from the Absolute perspective), but from the relative perspective our soul keeps incarnating and evolving. According to the Law of One books, there are 7 densities of consciousness - stages where the soul evolves through and in the end returns to total Oneness. We are currently 3rd density. If we get deeply enlightened, the soul will probably incarnate into 4th or 5th density after our physical death. So the journey from the relative perspective isn't over yet. Ra (the chanelled entity) says that in 4th density so called "social memory complexes " start forming. Like a super entity that is conscious of the body sensations, thoughts, memories of all its 'members'. These social memory complexes grow till they include every individual seperate consciousness and then merge into Oneness. Now the soul(s) has merged into the Godhead from the relative perpective too. (I'm making assumptions here, so don't believe everything blindly:) ). It seems that such a social memory complex could be similar if not the exact same thing as what might be able to be done in lucid dreams. So in lucid dreams you might get a glimpse how your soul's future journey might look like. You can (if it's possible) slowly include all humans, all animals, all beings till you are conscious of all and are All. Now back to the original topic Is splitting your consciousness in dreams possible? Some reports by people: "In my dream I was both flying a plane and watching myself fly the plane, i was on the ground, and in the plane at the same time, watching myself fly, and in the plane trying not to crash, it was a VERY vivid and strange dream, I will never forget it." "I was one person, but in two places experiencing two different things. One 'version' of myself was playing xbox, holding the controller and watching my avatar on the screen. My other self was the avatar in the game, physically running through a forest chasing after someone. I experienced both selves in the first person, at the same time but independently - it wasn't simply as if two views were superimposed. At the time, it seemed perfectly natural to be aware of being two people at once, but after waking up, I soon gave up trying to remember exactly how it felt." "Basically you split yourself into 2 separate dream bodies, separate awareness. Not mere clones but bodies with which you can perceive the world through separately. Both bodies have completely separate vision, hearing, touch, ect. If you can do this, then you can effectively split into 2 and have 2 completely separate dreams simultaneously. In short, you can have 2 full and separate dreams in the same time frame as you would normally only have 1 dream. You can then continue splitting your awareness to increase the amount of content that can be perceived in the same amount of time." (2nd page, 3rd post) "(...) we can manifest those multiple selves in a dream. Rather than simply having our attention divided, in dream we can divide into different, simultaneously existing dream bodies." - book: The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Rinpoche, page 122 "There are times in dreams where I control multiple people at once, and I’m quite confident that I could superposition my awareness between many different areas if I could be free to do so, which I believe would come with practice/experience ." "When I had a dream the other night (non-lucid) it was all sort of jumbled up and I remembered parts of it, and they seemed to overlap. It was quite a long dream, and it felt like I was in more than one place at once in some parts of it." Most of these people didn't even intend it, let alone practice it. So is it possible? I believe so. I will try to find out. Splitting your consciousness really opens the doors to many possiblities, now you can experience many dreams at once, and thus experience much dream content within a short amount of real time.
  11. In a dream, you don't need a knive or bullet to physically die. You can just dissolve the body. And whether the knive or bullet harms you or not depends on your expectation.
  12. Guide to becoming lucid in every dream (omnilucidity) How to get lucid DILD (dream induced lucid dream). That's the way to go. Techniques from wakefulness like WILD, MILD, ect... Only WILD can reliably get you lucid. But even if you have mastered the technique, you will only be getting lucid once or twice each day. It also takes time and is not as natural as DILD, therefore I don't like it as The solution. But I do think everyone interested in lucid dreaming should master WILD, MILD, DEILD, FILD at some point. There are many more but I find theses the most important/effective. Mastering DILD DILD is when you realize that you are dreaming and then become lucid. The reason why we are not getting lucid in every dream is because we are not lucid in waking life (and not questioning it). So I think the key to getting lucid in every dream is: ada (all day awareness) just be aware every second of every day. . Eventually this will carry into your dreams and you will get aware when dreaming = lucid. But I don't feel like that's enough. If you want omnilucidity then I would add what I call: pada (potentially-a-dream awareness) You want your mind to be constantly checking whether this is a dream. Or to have the awareness that this could potentially be a dream. It feels like projecting dream-potential-ness onto reality (or de-projecting the realness). Thus everything is your dream sign. It does not involve thoughts or anything that would prevent you from doing your daily tasks effectively. It's more like a knowing/seeing/acknowledgeing/wondering/mindset/attitude. I have been trying to train my mind for that, now when I'm writing this my mind is at the same time checking whether this is a dream. At my current stage, it still does make writing a bit more challenging and I still struggle to keep the pada, but I believe that once I have trained my mind enough, it will be almost effortless and not negatively affect other activities like writing. Additional possibilities: a) always be aware of your location. Is it familiar? (dreams are mostly in unfamiliar environments). b) always be aware whether you need to breathe or blink. c) always recall how you got here (that will also improve dream recall). d) Have "humans" as your dream sign. You can add them or do these instead, but I do only ada and pada. If you do ada and pada then you will also massively build your concentration and mindfullness skill which translates into more stable and longer lucid dreams. A concern of mine was whether this would negatively impact my meditation practise. I guess, if you don't meditate more than 2 hours a day then you can forget about pada during meditation and focus fully on meditation. And I guess that this is possible (to forget about pada) even if you have trained your mind to do it all the time. But I usually try to keep doing pada during meditations because I don't find that it distracts me much and currently lucid dreaming is a far higher priority than meditations for me. ( Once you are good at this, you can merge this with self-inquiry (so your mind would effortlessly be doing all three every second) to superboost your enlightenment journey) How to I recommend that you spend about 2-6 weeks training ada. Till you manage to be aware about 80% of the day. Then start adding pada. If it helps, you can at the beginning use thoughts like "is this a dream?". But eventually you want to have the wondering/mindset without any thoughts. It's very tricky and subtle. It is extremely difficult and exhausting trying to do this all the time and it takes some time till you see results. I will soon post a progress report. If you choose that approach then you basically need to invest almost no time but extremely much willpower and peserverence. If you are someone who needs an additional challenge and enjoys sds then that's for you Additionally Without good dream recall you can forget about omnilucidity. So have a dream journal and use your intention and affirmations to remember your dreams Before-bed routine. I will post on it in the future conventional reality checks (RCs) Affirmations, Intention, law of attraction Herbs, supplements, vitamins: They can increase your chances of getting lucid (some good ones are dream leaf, huperzine a and Galantamine). Also interesting are dream psychedelics (like the african dream root), they will increase your chance of getting lucid and getting non-dual. Lucid dream masks/devices. (But I'm no big fan of those) binaural beats might help REM phases (where you dream) get longer the longer you sleep
  13. Before some people get too excited, if you don't have much time then I wouldn't recommend to learn lucid dreaming for enlightenment and rather keep doing the other approaches. But If you do have the time (actually you don't have to invest very much time if you are determined and disciplined as fuck, and that's rare), then it is likely to pay off long term.
  14. @Raptorsin7 If you are also interested in how it can facilitate enlightenment then I can recommend these two books: - The tibetan yogas of dream and sleep by Tenzin Rinpoche - Dream Yoga by Andrew Holecek but most of it I got from youtube videos and some from blogs and forums. My favourite youtube channel is "HowToLucid" because he is also getting somewhat into spirituality. But the other youtubers are very good too. Otherwise just google. I found reddit and dreamviews very helpful.
  15. Depends on how much effort you put in. If you are very ambitious, you are very likely to have a lucid dream(s) within the first few weeks. But it may take some more months to get really good at dream control. But if you are doing everything right and put in the effort, then it's definitely not years.