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  1. God realization is a process, it isn't something that you force it to happen. You don't have to surrender anything because your ego has it's functions but you shouldn't identify with it either. God is the Whole, not the ego or the persona, nor their absence.
  2. The secondary might be true but I don't consider myself a psychopath
  3. Boom! Congratulation
  4. Ghost in the Shell Yes, it is God who has the free will, not the human form. You have to switch the perspective from the material to the spiritual/mental to realize that. PS. I believed in the "no free will" dogma for almost 10 years.
  5. You decide whether you want or not. Not wanting is also wanting. And you are free to make your own choices and plan ahead. I'm sure that your choices aren't involuntary twitches of your body or brain. And if I were you I would have been no different. Also, you do not have the subjective experience of being me. The influences are only internal and mental (the materialist interpretation says it's the brain chemicals and genetics but it's way more deep than that). It's more like a "thought thinking itself", so it creates a body to reflect upon itself. Who are you talking to inside your head?
  6. Great topic. I often wonder why we experience TIME as an external force when it is just a mind construct? It looks like an external uncontrollable force that makes us age and die but it has nothing to do with what really happens. Also, distance is an illusion. So yes, you cannot measure objective reality. You can only measure what happens inside your head.
  7. Well, if you want other choices and will them to happen, maybe they will. But that requires exercising your unconscious mind through conscious choices. When you train your body, the will of your body will be more aligned with the will of your mind because the body does not cooperate when the mind doesn't decides what to do. Most of our decisions are on autopilot because our body is most of the time controlled by unconscious urges (that may seem unwilled if the conscious choices are absent). I see that you equal the mind with the brain which is just a materialistic interpretation. The mind is not the brain.
  8. A coin has two sides but without a mind to perceive the world, the world is nothing. Mind = world
  9. It's the unconscious that decides for them. The ego is just a collection of the unconscious content that comes to the surface. To make the unconscious conscious is a bit tricky, but not impossible. The body impulses are different from the rational choices. For example, you know that eating junk food can make you sick but you keep on eating it because it tastes good. Without discipline, man is not any different than an animal. If you let your body choose for you, then it's your body that decides for you (no "free" will).
  10. By becoming conscious of their choices. You have to make the unconscious conscious.
  11. That's exactly the conclusion I came to. There is the will of the flesh and the divine/true Will but that has to be reached (not by the ego).
  12. I think there is only one true choice which has nothing to do with the collective or individual will (STO or STS). It's more like a mix of both where the human is exercised in order to balance the will of the body for its own survival (outside world) and the will of the Soul (service to the higher Self). So the outside world, the Universe and the Mind have to be in perfect alignment in order to accomplish one's true Will which is nothing but the Will of God. "Do what thou wilt" but the question is do you know what thou wilt?