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  1. I like dark vibes in a music but I don't agree with your 'only dark is pure' conclusion. Yes, dark can be thought of as deep and people listening to happy/light music are most of the times swallow and don't want to experience the intensity of negative emotions because they're afraid of their shadow... but that isn't always the case. My music changes depending on my emotional state. I appreciate both happy/dark music and that doesn't affect my worldview too much. There are songs which aren't dark but can enhance your awareness and understanding tremendously. For me, that's the true light and if you want to be whole, you should be able to enjoy both sides of the spectrum.
  2. I don't care who's he in his reality. In my reality he's just an idiot.
  3. How can I block users such as this one? I have no energy to read stupid replies.
  4. First rule of Fight Club: Stop making assumptions about people you don't know and you have no idea what they're talking about.
  5. Human is just a role you're playing in the collective consciousness. Alien is also a role.
  6. Yep, it seems that we're heading towards something really bad...
  7. Yes, I also think she has emotional issues and her ego is very big. But we aren't in the position to judge anyone. Her videos are brilliant, so behind her 'shadow' is a great wisdom. Learn to appreciate ideas instead of people. People will always disappoint you no matter how great they are. I think that's her shadow. Behind her mask, I feel like she's a very sensitive soul and she's trying to appear as tough as possible as a way to protect herself. She's afraid of being vulnerable.
  8. Just like in a lucid dream you have to be conscious to manifest something at your will. As humans we cannot control much because we're mostly unconscious and do most of the things on autopilot.
  9. It seems that creative people have a tendency to a chaotic lifestyle. Maybe you have to solve some trauma or change your mindset/paradigms to increase your motivation. I am actually dealing with the same problem but mine is related to PTSD besides being a perfectionist which always leads me to burnout.
  10. If you want to experience a true transformation and increase your consciousness, you need to put yourself in challenging situations, those that tests your limits. Discussions on a forum are a joke. It's all just mental masturbation if you don't put theories into practice.
  11. These unconscious forces or thought patterns are called archetypes in Jungian psychology, or egregores from a mystical POV. God is like the ultimate power that contains all the knowledge and imagery of the collective unconscious. To stop being at the mercy of these forces, you need to increase your consciousness and understand how the mind operates, then pick your thoughts wisely. Most of people are like sleepwalkers and live their lives in an unconscious state, that's why its difficult for them to make substantial changes or achieve anything of great importance. You can believe in a higher power within because that's actually where God resides but cannot be accessed until you become aware of all the unconscious forces behind the curtain. As Jung said "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Here's an interesting video that explain how these forces operate. It's a bit difficult to grasp but found the theory mindblowing. Source:
  12. Agreed. We are all wearing masks and most of the people identify with them. That's why acting in a way that others don't expect or like consciously and be ready for their judgements without taking anything personally is true mastery. Just that you should know where you should stop. The problem arises when you're identifying with the role you're playing. It seems that we are all actors on the scene of life.
  13. Well, I'm suffering from really bad social phobia and anxiety and realized this has to do with what other people think about me, besides my past trauma. But recently, I've showed my ugly side without trying to look pretty or sane in other's eyes and I've been called crazy and a loser. I had no desire to change their opinions so I confirmed them how crazy and loser I am. From this point, I started noticing how my ego is challenged to change its fate for the better or worse and I decided that I should play the worst role society expects from me. I think being an outcast is the most genuine role one can play, although someone need to have a clear understanding about who they are and how society are influencing them. This is not a child play. It can damage someone's self worth and image to such a point that it can make you literally go insane. As for the learning, surely, if you aren't ready to face your own demons then it's just another game crafted by the ego. To become truly detached you should care less about what others think of you and this applies to anybody, in all situations without having to deal with anxiety or social phobia.
  14. Interesting. Do you think there's a healthy way to implement this without harming yourself or others? I've been through something similar recently and it revealed really weird stuff about my unconscious. I haven't been aware that my ego would be so resistant to other's disapproval and criticism.