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  1. @flowboy @aurum Thank you both. Your advice means the world to me. My specific problem is just this: lack of confidence. I do not feel "content" when I look in the mirror. Yet, somewhat mysteriously, my problem seems to be limited to my physical appearance. You would think that such an issue would stem from a deeper, internal issue, right? I thought the same thing. In fact, I have been contemplating this "issue" of mine for a little bit now, and it seems without source, without cause, without reason to exist. Why do I not feel confident with how I look? I feel confident with who "I" am, my hobbies, passions, interests, thoughts, etc., yet when it comes to my appearance... well, I'll stop repeating myself.
  2. Memories, Dreams, Reflections - his autobiography. It will inform you as to whether or not his domain is conducive to your interests
  3. Alright Ladies, here's my call for help I am 16, at a boarding school, in Israel. I just arrived, I'm here for four months, and God is it good to be away from my parents! They are mean and emotionally unstable, but that's beside the point I've already connected with many kids, the boys are cool here; some of them even into philosophy and God and such things. One of my teachers speaks about enlightenment, about Truth with a capital T, from a Jewish perspective. It's enlightening, to say the least. There are 18 boys and 40 girls in this program. A lot of the girls are very beautiful and I want advice on how to talk to them, connect with them, and more. I guess I'm just inexperienced. And also looking for advice for my unique situation. Any further advice regarding how to get the most from this experience would be greatly appreciated.
  4. @Leo Gura I suppose that's true, and "What's in it for me?" filters everything I look at. Spirituality means self-sacrifice.
  5. Leo, I believe that most of your audience, if not just myself, are still thoroughly entrenched in the Orange "MEME, and this means it influences our decisions and desires significantly. If the authors of Spiral Dynamics suggests that community and individuals alike can only evolve progressively - that is, stage by stage - then would it not be wise to focus more on the foundation of the tower before you reveal the clouds from the top? I'm sure you have a solid reason for catering your teachings more to the advanced mind, but with the objective of spreading your teachings to the most people, while greatly influencing them too, it seems that material to transcend orange (or green) is necessary. Can anyone otherwise point me in the direction of a solid and sure way to transcend orange?
  6. Thank you! I feel so grateful for the members of this forum. It's almost like having a guru of infinite wisdom at my disposal (if the right person answers!)
  7. Yeah, that's one thing I don't get about Leo's teachings. The part where you "are" everyone else, including Hitler and Osama and all other manner of people. It's not that it doesn't sit well with me on an emotional level, it just makes no sense, neither intellectually or existentially. I have had many awakenings, and in none of them have I become Hitler. Or Osama bin Laden. Or Jesus. Or Buddha. I'm just me
  8. Dear friend, you are blinded by your own ignorance and concern with yourself. Who said God must serve you, or anyone? God serves no one. Do not try to reconcile non-duality with the issues of human pettiness. Whether in the realm of politics, or science, or whatever, the truth is always beyond ourselves. Humble yourself.
  9. I have recently begun to dwell and get hung up upon this idea of "honor." After a few enlightenment experiences I cannot see how one can be so ignorant to sweep this away as "myself" and not hold it in a truly precious, magnificent regard: the Transcend Other; the Holy Thou. Call it what you may, my claim remains: we must humble ourselves before God
  10. so competing with oneself? Can this be done in a truly conscious, deliberate, healthy manner? This route or path (call it what you may) seems to run counter to that of "sacrifice". Look at this way: you can become enlightened by saying fuck all and sacrificing everything in this very moment and merge into infinite love, blah blah -- ok, we got that. But how about the other approach to oneness, wherein one seeks knowledge from honor and rigor and dedication? @gettoefl
  11. I agree so much. The problem, of course, is just what defines such an "integration!"
  12. The title says it all I feel like our culture (keep in mind I live in San Francisco, which is abundant with hipsterism and on the cutting edge of wacky ideas) has become a little too touchy-feely, thereby denying the importance of healthy competition. Not in the sense of what you're mental image may be, of a bloody pit of selfish egos fighting for validation from each other. I just mean a competitive mindset to better oneself and reach the top, even if "oneself" is an immaterial construct and just a mere accretion of beliefs.
  13. I don't mean to throw any shit in the cooking fire (if you know what I mean), but I would like to share a theme I have noticed with psychedelic use. Time and time again, it seems as though psychedelics are the real wild card of the spiritual journey, playing the "call to adventure" role, revealing the infinitude of possibilities in the universe. Psychedelics offer an outlet to dive into the realm of non-materiality. Because we are so ill-accustomed to that which lies outside our limiting, three-dimensional citadel of physical objects, we tend to crave the experience of that wonderful, joyous, undescribable place. However, sometimes we fail to honor this place. We need not treat it like an inner-Disneyland that we can visit at will to pig out on beer and rides and irresponsible things. We must regard this realm with honor. Leo misses in his teachings the "I-Thou" aspect of God. Many have talked about this, Wilber included, but most prominently Martin Buber, but that is entirely besides the point. All I mean to say is regarding God as oneself rather than as a Holy Other can become dangerous. That's what I have to say.
  14. @Tim Ho Thank you! I have found, too, that the practices we enjoy most can act as the most powerful form of meditation, engaging us fully in the present moment.