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  1. @NoN-RaTiOnAL what exactly is the job like speficially if you pursue your life purpose? What are entry level of this job? Are there present job opportunities for these?
  2. @roopepa you see now that a lot of people specially who is pursuing spirituality felt just like that some point. I, myself felt that i am going to lose my mind many times. Normally it is when im letting go of my limiting beliefs or some form of ego. One of my craziest example is when i deleted all my social media lol. It turned out i was okay without it so i created an account again just to stay on top of news and general information and keep in touch with my family and friends.
  3. @tatsumaru even if you didn’t pursue it you will still experience pain. The path to spirituality will hopefully free you from different types of pain like depression, anxieties, fear and etc.
  4. @Username what level you think you are at? Yea, that would be nice. Leo said he is yellow and torquise. My family and friends are highly religious.
  5. @Intraplanetary me too. As suggested, i should look for a job that is more green or yellow. But for me to excel in my career i need to work at bigger companies for work experience and for money as well to afford comfortable life. The cost of living where i live is very high. Big companies are more likely to be orange than green or yellow. But having to realise just recently and discovered spiral dynamics. I believe that a job opportunity will be presented to me to assist me to move up to yellow hopefully. I believe in manifestation. “ ask and you will be given”. I had been contemplating about how i move past my current behavior, and then i come across spiral dynamics. I feel like a whole new world has opened to me. I had the same feeling when i moved from blue to orange then to green. So much love and forever thankful to Leo .
  6. @Leo Gura thank you. This helped. I was raised blue. And it took me more than 3 years to abandon my religious beliefs. And this is through journaling, contemplation, watching your videos and reading books and challenging life situations.
  7. @Leo Gura i did. And one of the reasons i know i am still at green stage is because i still judge people. But im trying to catch myself when i do that and pause and let go. I obviously need lots of growing to do. Its just gets hard when you are experiencing it first hand and i get offended by it. and just letting it slip makes me feel like i am letting them treat me that way.
  8. I just recently watched the spiral dynamics series. And i believe that i am at stage green and ready to evolve to yellow because being at stage green is making me miserable. I know i am at stage green because i get trigged for racism,discrimination ,’cruelty and unfairness in the world and etc. I am sensitive and can be emotional about this. My personal life experiences can be attributed by this. But how do you move on to yellow when people around you are red, blue and orange? My entire family is blue. The company i work at is very orange and I experience lots of discrimination and even racism. You can advise to quit but for sure i’ll face it again along the way. So how do you actually deal with. so for example, your manager exclude you from the team most of the times. Or your team mates put the blame on you cause youthey expect less resistance from you but would not do otherwise to other team members? thank you
  9. @JonasVE12 why did i feel crying reading that? Haha. Maybe i am just not in to that level yet. Ive been writing journals and I remember writing like i watched lots of Leo’s videos and I understood it but then why do i still feel easily overwhelmed and fearful sometimes. But i def see myself progressing, i used to get mad how my family and or people around me weren't supportive of me, and now they are still not supportive and negative but it don’t bother anymore.
  10. @Shin yea thats a good point.☺️ Did you ever met at least two people in your life that you have deep connection with? Excluding friends.
  11. @JonasVE12 wow thats a beautiful explanation. Yea, i thought about that too. That like you said you can experience a “soul like” like a deep connection with someone when you share common values, principles etc. On that note, its kind of hard to establish a deep connection or relationship with someone or even just with your friends and families when you become more awake and pursue spirituality . thanks for your reply ☺️
  12. Do you guys believe in soul mates? If we are infinite being and re living every possible realities, then its possible that we will come across someone that we know in our past lives or we loved in our past lives.
  13. What to do when you actually have to deal with narcissistic people? What if its your mother or sister? How do you make the relationship bearable without sacrificing your sanity lol. Have you guys met anyone who was narcissistic then changed?