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  1. @Juressic I would try to avoid people who glorify criminals as well. In practice it can be more difficult than simply cutting the toxic people out of your life. If your more developed friends are wrapping you back up with them, then you might need to make a more radical move and even get away from them or tell them the full story. If you want to be a conscious human being, then These are not the kinds of people you should be associating yourself with. If you truly have an opportunity to get away from this situation, then don't take it for granted. Some people are not as lucky and they can only dream about getting such people out of their lives. If red is so prevalent in your society, then your personal development could be undermined by having your identity or credit card stolen. I don't say this to scare you. I say this because there are people like your friends who would try to exploit you given the chance. If moving is not an option, then you might need to try something else to minimize contact with such people. Maybe if you know what time they go to the bar, you can minimize this further or go to a different bar.
  2. Another barrage of Russian missiles hit Ukrainian power infrastructure. This time the air defenses were overwhelmed and more damage was caused than before. More civilians died and Europe has voted to label Russia's operation state sponsored terrorism. There will be more information on the missile attacks in the coming days. Heavy fighting is still happening by Bahkmut, a strategically important city that Russia has been trying to take. Ukraine is continuing most of its counter offensive operations to the south of Kherson through himar and artillery strikes. Sometimes parts of crimea are being hit. Ukraine intends to take back all of this territory.
  3. I started using a new technique for self actualization. I wrote the statement in the title on a piece if paper and used tape to stick it to my tablet. I think this could be done with TV and computers as well. I feel like the comfortable life is seductive, but it will never cure the underlying suicidal thoughts. I have a lot of creative potential, but I have been poor at actualizing any ideas. Every act of procrastination breaks integrity with our highest values. I remember Leo released a video about being decisive. I think this is the sort if thing he meant by it.
  4. @LastThursday You raise a lot of interesting points. It seems that a lot of people are shallow because they must be. If they think too deeply about these matters then it can easily turn destructive. There are so many traps that people can fall into and none of them know what they are. Society is deeply unaware that these existential matters may play a very significant role in underlying depression. I can see friction between existentialism and my work. I am a very creative person and it is hard to put this creativity to use. I have a lot of ideas, but I don't know what to do with them. Most jobs don't value creativity because they are made for people who don't want to think and just do as they are told. Other people notice this creativity, but I rarely make it real. It makes me feel like I have a lot of wasted potential. This leads to my creativity becoming destructive when I feel stuck. My greatest gift becomes harmful in this context. I can't stand to stick my head in the sand and let this life go to waste. I have a hard time shifting my perspective to "I expect too much out life and I should just accept what I have." sometimes suicidal ideation starts to emerge out of this for me. It is not as powerful as it used to be, but it comes up sometimes. I don't think the pills my doctor gave me will be enough to solve the root of this issue. I have combined this with meditation and writing in a journal, so I have become more peaceful. I have a narrative that is supposed to be inspiring, but it does not correspond to my experience and thus becomes toxics as if I am hurt.
  5. @LastThursday thank you for responding. You have done a good job of explaining what I am trying to point to. I see people at work who are so scared of these existential issues and they wallpaper over these topics constantly. There is the front of being busy, but what's the point? If these existential questions and issues are not properly addressed, then it can create all kinds of mental health problems. I see how being busy is a coping mechanism for these problems. One thing worth considering is the psychological benefits of religion. Many people who go to church are very happy because their beliefs and their faith make them feel like God can be trusted with their deep existential problems. There are limits to this as well and The existential problems come back once you start questioning holy texts. People must cling to These beliefs because the psychological benefits of religion place a band aid over our deep existential confusion which may be linked to mental illness. Existential angst might even explain other excesses of religion like dogmatism because certainty comforts out psyche just like staying busy at my job without thinking too deeply about these issues. In the past few centuries religion has been in decline in terms of its authority. The separation of church and state, the separation of science and religion, and the massive outrage at the sex scandals have all served to undermine this authority. Many of us are now left with an existential void. We don't count on religion to answer our existential questions because there are so many problems with it. More and more people are resulting to alternative forms of spirituality such as this website to try to resolve this underlying existential angst. If religion declines in authority, then it makes sense that there would be more mental illnesses linked to this sense of meaninglessness and pointlessness. Safety and security in our worldview and beliefs are sacrificed once religion is questioned. like you, I see so many people trying to trick themselves by staying busy. This has become another coping mechanism for our existential problems aside from religious affiliation. Other coping mechanisms can be to find some other ideological ideal in politics even if it feels hollow. Having other people who think like us is comforting because it makes us feel validated whereas people who strongly disagree can undermine our sense of being validated. Rising above these coping mechanisms is a tall order. So many people are afraid to even discuss these things because they are too busy coping through a sense of certainty. I want to do more than just cope with it. As paradoxical as it sounds, I want to be empowered by this hollowness and meaninglessness, not be crippled by it and afraid of it. I'm not sure exactly how to word it, but I'm sure it's possible to be empowered by rather than defeated by these difficult questions. This attitude is needed to come to terms with existential angst in a powerful way, so it can be more than wall papering over our true feelings, attitudes, intuitions and so forth. People want to be drones and cogs who are told what to do because they are afraid to think deeply, but I will not bow to this fear.
  6. What would Ukraine have to gain through attacking other nations and blaming Russia? The global narrative is already on Ukraine's side. They are receiving a lot of aid from NATO. It has created a gap in the technology between Ukraine and Russia. This sounds like a conspiracy theory. Conspiratorial thinking has this element of fear while speculating about hidden wrong doing. I am Skeptical of this kind of attitude. The entire war has been full of both sides blaming each other.
  7. This constant fear of escalation distorts how we view war. It is not in the best interest of NATO to escalate the situation to world war 3 and they have been trying this whole time to avoid it. When people take this fearful stance it can create a self fulfilling prophecy of getting them before they get us. This fear is a big driving force in escalation. The investigation has lowered the temperature. A Ukrainian air defense missile misfired in an attempt to intercept the biggest aerial assault on Ukrainian territory since the start of the war. Although Ukraine hit Poland, it was not an act of aggression.
  8. A significant escalation has occurred. Russia launched 90 missiles at power infrastructure across Ukraine. Ukraine has improved its air defenses substantially and managed to shoot down 73 of the missiles. In the process there was a spillover. Poland was not by a missile and they are considering going to war with Russia for attacking NATO territory. Sweden and Croatia have increased the amount of aid sent to Ukraine in response to these attacks. Putin did not accomplish much with these attacks because engineers have been working tirelessly to restore power to Ukraine. These strikes on civilian targets continue to embolden the Ukrainian people. There have also been various reports of amphibious assaults on the south western region of Ukraine. Ukrainian forces are attempting to to establish a foothold South of Kherson. This would bring the Ukrainian army close to the Crimean peninsula.
  9. It can be hard to work with someone when all they want is to engage in tribalism. If most voters are not interested problem solving, then there is only so much running on good policy can do. Is there really nothing the Democratic party can do to reach such voters? If that is the case, then it looks like the Democratic party needs more time. One of the reasons the red wave didn't happen is because there are more young voters who feel motivated to get involved. Could a more functional government emerge from the older generation dying and the newer generation increasing in number every election cycle?
  10. @Leo Gura do you think democrats could win rural voters if they focused on issues which uniquely impacted these groups? In order to get a functional government, the democrats will need to win rural counties somehow. One idea is to increase access to online learning so that underprivileged rural families don't have to go through long bus rides to get to school while increasing opportunities for the surplus of teachers in the cities. Long bus rides correlate to low GPA. Maybe there are other ways democrats could try to win rural voters. Republicans win very easily in these areas just as conservative parties in Europe win easily in rural areas. Winning rural voters could help ease polarization considerably.
  11. I suffer deeply because of my struggle with understanding reality. I think many people in this sub forum may have a similar issue. We go to because we are attempting to fill a void with spirituality, enlightenment, and so forth. Nevertheless, there may be a lingering discomfort throughout the rest of our lives and it may manifest in many ways. I will share my personal experience with existential problems and the consequences. A early example could be having a crush on someone. Sometimes we use others as a psychological crutch so that we can live for each other. This idealized romance is meant to give us a sense of meaning and belonging, and thus cope with the deeper existential problems we face. Thinking about this person can make us happy while keeping the mind busy and away from questions like "why do I exist and why does anything exist? What is the point of anything?" It makes me feel like I know nothing. Sometimes existential problems make us crave drama. I remember when I was in high school and my mother had an abusive boyfriend who punched her in the face and stole money for drugs. Dad fled the state to avoid paying child support and was now making partial payments through drug deals. Dad and his dad wanted me to be different and change the date of the family. This was a lot of pressure, but I played along because it gave a sense of meaning. Although the goal of saving mom's life and the lives of my endangered siblings felt hollow on some level, it gave me a purpose. This sense of purpose drove me to considering killing my step father. The existential struggle can ultimately drive people to murder. In my case I moved out and eventually did a presentation in front of approximately 100 people. I explained how I considered killing my step father and I felt that reaching out for help was often futile. This entire narrative and drama is fundamentally driven by a struggle to find meaning. I am finding means to get my mind to run with something rather than face questions like why do I exist. I never seen to have an answer to this because I know nothing. I create all kinds of internal dramas because of this. For example, I have some moral OCD. In a sense I must be this way because it gives my mind something to latch onto so that I can bring in the narrative of personal development and self improvement. In the process of trying to understand myself I create a lot of internal pressure. My mind makes all kinds of evaluations about itself even though they are always partial and very often wrong. I have this desire to understand myself so that I can be at peace. Lately I have been surrendering this desire to know myself. I often get very self absorbed and it makes me less interested in other people. This can lead to not listening to others when I simply don't care. I don't mean to be rude, but my mind is constantly in a different world. Part of it may be due to autism, but this deep existential confusion has been present since I was very young. I have been drawn to things like religion and politics for as long as I can remember. I sense that ideology provides people with a sense of meaning as they cloud themselves from discovering deeper truths. These existential problems seem to be at the root of harsh ideological divides in political ideals that feel completely hollow to us. My interest is to see what truth lies beyond ideology. Spirituality may be a vehicle to help uncover it, but most of us struggle constantly only to make gains over a long stretch of time. I filled up a couple of journals over the past year or so and it took a while to start getting serious breakthroughs that reshape how I see the world. Sometimes I think maybe psychedelics can be life transforming like I hear from other people, but I don't have this as an option yet. Sometimes I had suicidal thoughts because I felt like I was wasting my potential. I work at a grocery store rather than doing anything significant which requires creativity. I am more creative than most people, but it feels wasted. I am like a cog in a machine which can easily be replaced. At this job I see that other people feel the same way. They are unwilling to talk about it because the meaninglessness makes them feel depressed. I refuse to hide these feelings. If the deeper issue can be solved then I will not ignore it. What is the point of surviving for survival sakes? There is no point to just working until you die just to constantly struggle to get enough money. Many of my co-workers feel like they cannot change the situation they find themselves in and so ignore it. I want to change the situation, and others tell me not to beat myself up for not doing what I want in life and living a more meaningful life. I am doing my best to improve because personal development provides a sense of direction, but it is also a terrible idea to spend my entire life's saving just to move down the street to work full time and exhaust myself constantly. These existential problems influence every relationship, every narrative, every ideology, and many serious mental issues. It may be the reason that many people on this forum have suicidal tendencies. At the root of my psychological patterns seems to be an existential problem. I am taking pills for racing thoughts that helps me sleep, but it is a bandaid. It does not solve the root of the issue. This is a void I attempt to fill with actualized, spirituality, enlightenment, and so on. My mind will constantly latch onto something including this entire narrative I just wrote out. It too is partial and incomplete. All my life I have had this existential problem. People often choose not to think about these things because it causes so much suffering. I think about these things because I want to understand myself and the world. It seems the best I can do is let go of wanting to understand myself as my mind struggles with partial success over the years. it is sometimes painful to watch the struggle, but I know it is done in the name of love. I wish for nothing but the best for anyone reading.
  12. @Danioover9000 just remember that the entire agenda of the Republican party is to obstruct anything Biden tries to pass. Most people don't follow politics so they just pay attention to the results of the people elected while forgetting about the latest outrage within a month. Sometimes the democrats have limited control over what can pass. Hopefully it will be easier for republicans to cross the isle if they are not MAGA republicans. Biden is trying to ease polarization by painting MAGA as an extreme while he is able to work with some republicans.
  13. @Scholar good video. I was wondering about the Russian strategy. They are using a lot of ammunition on civilian targets even though the equipment Russia sends with its troops is getting more obsolete. It seems like a waste of limited ammunition to kill civilians, but Putin is trying to win the war through brute force and intimidation.
  14. Actually, this is not surprising. The Russian soldiers had supply issues due to being on the other side of a river where the bridges were destroyed by Ukrainian missile strikes. Furthermore, the Russian lines were collapsing rapidly in other regions and reinforcements are needed to stabilize the army.
  15. @RobertZ interesting input. I looked into some of the later videos and it talked about a lot of underwater cities. Although the idea of Atlantis seems like something out of myth or ledgend, considering the movement of tectonic plates and shifting tides in the ocean like tidal waves, it starts to seem normal and understandable that there would be underwater cities.