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  1. @Blackhawk do you consider murder level 100? By this logic you would kill one person to stop them from killing two people. At the same time murdering one person to prevent them from murdering one other person would be equal in terms of suffering. I am not clear how this logic applies to animals. How many animals equal one human in terms of murder? Another hard situation comes from people who like pain and suffering (believe it or not). In this way suffering itself is not an inherent evil. If you struggle to deconstruct morality, I have a method. It comes from self observation until you discover where good and evil comes from. You appear to believe that evil is created in the world outside of you. In my self observation I discovered that good and evil is something I create through imagining it. One way to create evil is by imagining moral values against suffering. If you did not imagine that it is good to reduce suffering, evil would not exist for you. So long as we imagine moral values, that which contradicts our goals will be labeled evil. This includes life. If we did not imagine life to be an inherent good, then death would not be something bad, therefore murder would not actually be wrong. Morality can be a difficult illusion for people to see through and you may feel threatened when you deconstruct it. If people get pushed too far they can have certain reactions. Notice if you feel heat in your body, or become defensive and prone to rationalizations and insults. This is a fight or flight response. It reveals how emotionally attached we are to our sense of reality. If you make a lot of self observations like these, you will let go of morality. Of course morality is still useful for serving our survival, but evil is not something out there, it is in you. By letting go of morality, we cease to create evil through our imaginary values and ideologies. I hope it helps.
  2. @machiavelli I will elaborate on the notion of doing wrong. First, if you wonder how it is possible to do wrong, then you will see that this is relative to a goal. First lets suppose I build a phone. When I try to use the phone it does not work. If the goal is to build a functioning phone, then you would say I did it wrong. If my goal is just to build a phone even if it does not work, then I did just fine. If my goal were to build a wheelbarrow, then you would be confused. Of course these goals are something we imagine and then act out. In this example of building a phone, it demonstrates that right and wrong in this context is relative. In the case of morality, right and wrong are relative to a goal. This is a very common sense of morality. In a sense Blackhawk is right in his actions if he saves you from a rapist. In a sense he is also wrong if he is absolutistic. For example, punching a rapist in the face causes someone suffering. In a sense he would have done the wrong thing. If the goal is to save you, then you could say he did the right thing from a certain point of view. The common goals in human morality are survival and reducing suffering. This can easily be demonstrated to be a mental construction if you consider animals rights. Many humans argue that animals are less valuable than humans because of our rationality. This is arbitrary just like saying an embryo is more valuable than a blastocyst. The reason we make these sorts of arguments of value is to serve our survival. If our goal is to ensure the survival of humanity then we are right to use factory farming. If our goal is animal rights then we are wrong to use factory farming. Some argue that humans are not actually more valuable than animals, resulting in two different moralities. This should easily demonstrate that morality is an imaginary construction relative to your goal. On the topic of value, if you ever argue that one thing is more valuable than another thing, then remember money. The only reason money is valuable is because our society acts like it is valuable. We don't have to meet the gold standard for our society to function. Meanwhile, money is only valuable to certain countries in cases like the UK. This is why value is subjective, including moral values. This should clarify morality. There is actually no such thing as "doing wrong." This is something we imagine along with our goals. Think about it. If there were no goals inherent to existence, then literally how could you " do wrong? " you would just do. I hope it helps.
  3. @Leo Gura I can tell you all about ideology in chess. When you start to analyze the environment it is not surprising that chess is riddled with ideology and dogma. For now I can tell you that I love Fischer random. It takes out months of opening preparation. My most enjoyable chess games arise from New positions with a unique way of thinking. Chess gets very repetitive after you study a year long course on one opening. Later I can expand on ideology, ego, survival, and pride in chess.
  4. I want to tell you that I got my second vaccine a couple of days ago. The side effects were more intense this time. I ended up throwing up and I had to leave work. I have been in bed for over 24 hours with a terrible headache. I think this was the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I am starting to feel better.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine This is completely logical. Remember throughout history other countries were attacked for their resources. This includes precious metals. This makes Martin Luther King's argument that racism, capitalism, and militarism are inseparable seem obvious. A good example is how the United States fought for land against the native americans. This was a capitalist expansion through war which was justified by dehumanizing the enemy by using the label "savage." The part I would like to clarify is the relationship between capitalism and racism in modern warfare. I heard a lot of talk that the United States attacked the middle East because we want their oil. I don't know if this is completely true. If it is, then I would like to point out that Muslims are being dehumanized. Like racial profiling, there are some in the United States suggesting religious profiling because Muslims are associated with terrorism. These worldviews are reinforced by people like Shapiro debunking the myth of the peaceful Muslim majority. If Muslims are all dangerous terrorists, then we may as well call them barbarians or savages. This would be used to justify Trump's statements so he can "bomb the hell" out of these people. Racism, religious bigotry, and xenophobia are all an "us vs. Them" paradigm with which the United States justifies its evil. This was a cringe to watch.
  6. Many enlightened people see through the illusion of love between family members and having children. One important question would be how many enlightened people would reproduce? It is possible that some would be too focused on consciousness to the point that not enough people reproduce. This could be bad for society if everybody were that enlightened. Assuming there are enough people reproducing, I would expect the crime rate to be much lower. Corruption in the government would not be tolerated at that point. Businesses would be regulated enough to prevent white collar crimes. I don't know if a totally enlightened society would keep money or go full blown communism. Sadhguru is a communist. If the society were stage turquoise, then it would recognize the importance of the entire spiral. Space exploration could continue and new technology would still be developed. This is necessary because one day the sun will engulf the earth. We must terraform other planets to survive. An enlightened society across the galaxy would have varying survival strategies. They may be interested in bringing love throughout the universe. This means if humans discover other intelligent species, we may guide their evolution like friendly aliens. I have an optimistic view of alien life. If there are intelligent species that evolved for tens of thousands of years beyond humans, then their morality would be more developed as well their technology. This is why aliens would be interested in preventing humans from blowing up the earth through nuclear war. If an enlightened society existed already, I would guess it is the aliens preventing us from blowing up the earth.
  7. In this case my opponent is my brother. His loved ones are my loved ones. This strategy would only work if he had a wife and kids. "Resign the chess game of you want to see your daughter in one piece" there have seriously been people murdered over chess games before. One man cut open his opponent's body and ate his internal organs. The first man to stab his chess opponent in the heart was in 1251. "Newton was executed on May 24, 2007 by lethal injection on Ohio. He was the first murderer executed for killing someone over a chess game. In 2003, Simon Andrews of Falls Township, Pennsylvania, stabbed to death Jerry Kowalski during a chess game. Authorities said that Andrews was disturbed by Kowalski’s constant talking during their chess games. Andrews then pulled a knife from under a sofa-bed mattress and stabbed the unlucky Kowalski in the neck, who bled to death. Andrews was sentenced from 15 to 30 years in state prison." This is from a forum I found. was executed on May 24%2C 2007 by,by Kowalski’s constant talking during their chess games.
  8. @Leo Gura I like the idea of Fischer random. This would eliminate all opening theory and leave me only with strategy. Some of my best chess games came from going into unfamiliar territory. has chess 960, another name for Fischer random. In the past I tried blindfold chess, and unbalanced time controls to handicap myself. This did not work. I think I will try a few games like that.
  9. @Blackhawk it looks like human trafficking comes from poor regulation. People are at risk of human traffickers if they sell sex in the black market. It could prevent some from becoming victims of sex slavery through legal sex work. I will now name a few examples of trafficking. Drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and organ trafficking are a few I know. Others forms of human trafficking include child labor, child soldiers, debt bondage, forced labor, and involuntary domestic servitude. There could be more forms of trafficking you know that I don't. Domestic servitude is a big issue in Africa and the middle East. It is possible in the United States if somebody is exploited through child marriage. If women travel to dangerous parts of the world, they could have their passports confiscated and they could be forced into slavery.
  10. That is a good point. This is a contradiction in sex work. Porn is so popular and easy to access nowadays that I don't think making both illegal would be feasible. If I were to go in the direction of regulating sex work, then some porn would be illegal. For example, there are human traffickers who profit off of porn sites. There have been some attempts to regulate porn by requiring a licence. This would be useful because there is otherwise too much porn being posted at once to be regulated. This leads to women being beaten and raped for a profit. (This could be the argument for criminalizing porn.) In order to maintain both as legal, they would have to be better regulated to prevent sexual abuse.
  11. I found a rare issue regarding the legalization of prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in most of the United States. Most people are concerned that prostitution is immoral and leads to health issues. If prostitution were heavily regulated, it could counter intuitively protect some women from more dangerous forms of sex work in the black market. Nevada is currently the only place in the United States with legalized prostitution. If these laws were extended to other parts of the U.S., It could help reallocate police resources so they are not arresting otherwise innocent people through offering drugs and sex while under cover. Parts of the police force could become redundant with the legalization of prostitution as well as psychedelics. This could improve funding for social programs to prevent crime. I find it interesting when I notice rare connections to mainstream issues. I think it helps me see the world from more unique perspectives. Should we legalize prostitution?
  12. @Jacob Morres the first lesson was basic strategy and endgame tactics in standard chess. We arrived at a playable normal chess position through meta chess. By using different variants of chess my brother became more interested in learning standard chess. He became a more confident player in the process. There is also the meta game in which we were not playing to win. We were playing to have fun. This is why we avoided making rules that would make the game broken. I can introduce him to other variants as he learns more about chess. One idea I have is the rancor variant in which the rancor from star wars return of the Jedi is standing in the center of the board. The game becomes boring when other players are outclassed. I hope this clarifies some of the lessons.
  13. I watched part of Leo's video on going meta. In the video he mentioned meta chess. This is a game in which you get to change the rules during the game. Charlie never had as much fun as I did with chess because I won many tournaments and he did not stand a chance against me. In meta chess we were now in equal footing. Some of the rule changes included: Black moves first the fourth and fifth ranks are lava and any piece that touches it will die. The board wraps around itself on the a and h files. Bishops can jump. (This one is broken) Pawns can capture backwards. Bishops have a sniper rifle. Rooks have machine guns Knights have double range (This one is broken) Captured pieces join your side At any point in the match someone could say "it is now regular chess" Sometimes he won. Sometimes I won. Charlie learned more about chess this way and he had a lot more fun than usual. I can share the final game here. In this position Charlie thought the position was hopeless because knights move like queens and queens move like knights. I told Charlie that he could change the rules one more time. I told him that if this were regular chess then black is completely winning. Charlie thought that he was terrible at regular chess so I told him that he should try to check mate me from this position with no more rule changes. Along the way I taught him some basic tactical tricks white could try to win the black queen. In my attempt to make a fortress, I eventually pushed the pawn to a5 with the knight on b3 protecting it. Charlie thought he had to stop the pawn, so I taught him about initiative. His queen can attack my king and pawns faster than I can promote. After this my position crumbled leaving me with a knight against a queen. I did enforce the touch move rule as if we were in a tournament. I did this because I wanted Charlie to earn it and make more fun that way. Eventually Charlie landed check mate. We shook hands and we both had fun. At this point I showed off various stalemate tricks I tried in the hopeless endgame. Charlie learned more about real chess strategy this way. When Charlie is done with exams I can train him for chess club next year. He is more enthusiastic about learning chess now and is a little more confident in himself. Thanks for the idea Leo. I can watch the other half of the episode tomorrow.
  14. @Husseinisdoingfine that's correct and it is the reason why I created this thread. Because capitalism depends on the exploitation of other nations, the corruption of capitalism runs through unequal exchange, slavery, and militarism. Capitalism and the class divide are linked to all of humanity in its corruption. I am now seeing that the global economy is so corrupt that it is hard to imagine it changing drastically enough to stop this exploitation. Because it is hard to imagine, I am trying to figure out what the economy should look like in theory to stop this exploitation. It looks like the corruption of capitalism won't stop completely until there is a world government that gives everybody universal basic income. Along the way there are significant steps. These include but are not limited to... Abolishing lobbying Enforcing anti slavery laws Punishing white collar crimes more severely Universal basic income for the U.S. more affordable health care. Potentially punishing war crimes more severely. The U.S. Is responsible for a lot of war crimes in the middle East. In fact Biden committed one in his first 100 days. The consequences were not that bad. This would put a halt to militarism in many cases.
  15. @aurum these are the kinds of responses I am looking for. The main problem with capitalism is that it is designed to create poverty resulting in governmental corruption and criminal activity. By UBI do you mean all of humanity or just one country? I doubt it would be enough to get rid of the penny and nickel even though these are more expensive to make than the coins themselves. If the world currency were electronic how would it create debt to make? This would require a far more advanced cyber security system to pull off as many successful criminals are hackers. Would an economic system like this stop imperialism?