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  1. This thread will be a discussion of different ways to fight pollution and climate change by holding multi billion dollar corporations accountable for environmental destruction. These companies are getting away with what I consider crimes against humanity because of all the people whose lives are ruined by pollution and environmental destruction. If you have any ideas for stopping them, then share it here. One of my ideas has to do with the fact that chevron owes over 50 billion dollars across 70 lawsuits in 31 different countries. In order to avoid accountability, they imprisoned prosecutor Steven Donziger and they refuse to pay the lawsuit he won for the people of Ecuador. Congress woman Rashida Tlaib of the 13th district of Michigan confronted Chevron on its refusal to pay these lawsuits, but the company continues to lie about the existence of these lawsuits. One idea that crossed my mind was to file a lawsuit designed to compel the company to pay for the lawsuits they owe. This would likely need the support of powerful public officials if it were to have a chance of success. Otherwise, the one suing them would likely be imprisoned on the grounds of false defamation charges. This In conjunction with the corrupt judges who fail to refuse themselves when they hold stock in a corporation is a symptom of a deeper problem. The entire American government is a corporate monopoly and the legal system is broken so long as lobbyists write the laws and manipulate the courts. The American government needs to be radically transformed by breaking up this corporate monopoly on the legal system in order to hold the rich accountable for their crimes. By bringing oil companies like chevron to justice it will help to break up this Neo liberal corporatist monopoly. This is necessary if we wish to bring about equality, fairness, and justice while protecting the planet from the greatest threat we face. How should we stop the corrupt oil companies? How should we transform the government?
  2. @Husseinisdoingfine I got outsider left on the first one. Some of the questions and answers seemed too simplistic like the one about world trade. There are so many factors that go into some of these questions that it can be hard to say for sure. Ultimately I reasoned that the United States benefits because of the increased exploitation of cheap labor overseas. As for the one about religion, I got relaxed religious. I don't think that it accurately represented my views because it said I believed in the God of the bible. I think this happened because I was not clear on the definition of religious. I went by the Ghandi definition in that he said that there are as many religions as there are people alive. This makes sense if you think about the axioms we operate under even though all worldviews are ultimately imaginary and groundless. I think that spiritually awake or religious resister would be more accurate for me. Because of the difference in definition of religion, I have answers which suggested that I was more religious by their standards than I really am. One comment on the test I had is that it asked me if I believed in heaven. I would add that not only do I believe in heaven, but I know it is real. It is like experiencing life as if all suffering is an illusion and this allows complete healing to take place. When Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is found within I don't think he meant a place you go to in the afterlife.
  3. @lxlichael and I plan to make it an awesome dream.
  4. @Leo Gura I am currently applying for new job opportunities that I would enjoy more. My career counselor just got back to me today because she was sick for a week. At least I am doing what I can for now. I am changing fast, but I could be getting impatient with this for some reason. I still have all the time I need to realize my goals.
  5. @Jacob Morres @puporing I have been suspecting this for a long time. I see a lot of projection and I have reason to believe that it is related to out dysfunctional parents. There are a lot of things I have yet to attempt to tell her because most of it she might deny again and some of it I don't know how she will react. One thing she will likely deny is that she is jealous of my father's sexist favoritism toward me. She often gets mad at me because I don't talk much and interprets this as me not listening or not caring. I haven't told her that sometimes I don't talk because I recognize when I am about to say something hypocritical and therefore say nothing. I try to be generous and open to criticism because it could be a good source of growth, but in this case my sister is in denial of a list of problems and I have a hard time approaching this. As for the money situation I am probably confusing blame and responsibility again. I am harsh on myself and a perfectionist because I love myself. The least I can admit is that these self judgements are often wrong and could therfore be limiting my growth.
  6. @universe it is very accurate to say that perfectionism comes from wanting control. Not only is this true for my chess games, but one of my greatest fears in life has been the sense that I am not in control. This happened a lot when I tried to be good but others around me interpreted my behavior in a way that made them uncomfortable. This left me with the impression that I will always in some way be incomplete so long as I am interpreted as bad from other people's point of view. The best evidence I have that I am not in control is the fact that I have a hard time letting go of the sense that I am in control. If I were in control rather than my emotions controlling me, then it shouldn't be hard to let go control.
  7. @universe I am very judgemental of myself. The reason I do this is because I think it makes me better by holding myself to higher standards. I am often a perfectionist and detail oriented. I also pay close attention to my hypocrisy and choose to say nothing when I am about to judge others. If I don't judge other people then I can't be a hypocrite I reason. This is partially done out of fear of showing my true colors when I am at my least conscious in a heated fight. This seems to be closely related to thinking I'm a bad person which I know isn't true. Does judgement keep me stuck somehow? Why is it so hard to stop judging myself?
  8. @Yarco currently I am 23. My father died of cancer after fleeing the state the avoid paying child support and was a life long drug deal / gangster. I moved out of my mother's house because of domestic violence and drug addiction. Her other boyfriend has since been evicted. I am currently living with my grandma, sister, and brother. My sister still lives with my mom. Currently my family has cut all ties with criminal activity and my mom is off of the drug addiction. In the process my money was stolen on multiple occasions and so was the money of my siblings. This is the most functional our family has been in decades. This was following all of the fights over child support and after nearly a century of drug dealing since prohibition. That is when many of my ancestors became drug dealers and the cycle is finally stopped with my father's death. I will talk to my grandma about this though.
  9. I think that my sister commonly interprets my behaviors as targeted at her when In fact they are not. My grandma is now echoing her words. Meanwhile my brother thinks this is far from the truth because I helped him talk through his suicidal thoughts and he feels better now. I get along with my brother just fine and the only person he has a problem with is my sister. When my grandma and sister say these things it is in reference to things like not paying attention when I am fixated on writing a book, getting a better job, or trying to start a business. Sometimes I get over stimulated by my thoughts and I get very jumpy and excited. This could be related to autism and it's nothing personal. My sister talks about all the times she bought fast food for me or drove me to work. She thinks I am ungrateful for these things. She does not specify what she wants me to buy her or how much, but I still give her Christmas and birthday gifts. I would guess I could buy my own groceries or something so that grandma would buy more for my sister.
  10. I did some self reflection after watching Leo's video on why we avoid truth. I think the reason I get so fixated on building a business, moving out, or getting a raise is because I feel bad about the fact that my entire life style depends on stealing from those who love me. By stealing I mean that they drive me, buy my food, and pay the bills. I pay rent, but it is so little. I Even started paying rent before my older sister, but that is not enough. Even so I am still spinning my wheels in the mud and I am not getting anywhere. COVID is making it even harder to reach these goals and homelessness is worsening because of the disease. This also causes me a lot of anxiety that prevents me from working as effectively as I should be. I could pitch in more for rent or something. I will be losing money for years if i move out. I still don't like my job and people at work hate talking about how we feel our lives are wasted potential. At least I am willing to talk about it. I am also attacked by my sister a lot because she thinks I'm inconsiderate. Maybe the connection between being a considerate person and money is that I would be more motivated to stop stealing. So far my motivation for these actions are negative and coming from guilt. If My motives were improved, then maybe I would not be hurt by anxiety and guilt to the point of being ineffective at even achieving these goals. Maybe I could do these things because I love my family and I want them to live a better life rather than because I feel harassed and attacked and want to leave. In some cases my family agrees I am being harassed by my sister and she is in denial of it so I don't know how to solve that. Maybe it should be by announcing my intentions to my family. I am considering telling my boss that my entire life style depends on me financially exploiting those who love me as well and I want to stop doing that.
  11. @Preety_India I'm sorry this sort of thing happened to you. This is the kind of bullying that people need to talk about most to prevent this abuse of power. This kind of bullying requires a collective effort to strip away the authority of these people while putting policies in place that strengthen checks and balances. This is the kind of bully you can't really stand up to on your own because they hold all of the cards. I remember my father had an abusive boss at one of the restaurants he worked at. It took nearly every worker in the restaurant to finally get her thrown out. It takes so much effort to overcome those in power. It would be like if the president raped somebody, but the political party in power refused to impeach him. This is when bullying becomes a common problem in political leadership all over the world. Ultimately, this is why dictators are overthrown and you end up with the Syrian civil war over violent oppression. Alternatively, you get the American civil war over slavery and racism. This reminds of human traffickers who get sexual pleasure from beating little girls and raping them in modern slavery. My definition of bullying seems to be very broad.
  12. @Preety_India I have a scenario for you and this really happened to me. I was bullied by the assistant principal and other teachers at school. At first she asked me do I know what month or is. I interpreted the question literally and said October. She interpreted this as me being smart, so she gave me detention Monday. The answer she wanted me to give was "bullying awareness month.". It was the worst month ever. I told my parents and family, but nobody supported me. They assumed that I had a smart tone when In fact I interpreted the question and never would have guessed bullying awareness. I went back to school Monday and was sent to the office without a referral. The assistant principal did not remember a reason to give me detention and neither did the other teachers involved. So I was then given detention for no reason. I stood outside on the playground until everybody else went in. Another teacher told me to wait out there, but the teachers never came back. I therefore stood outside on my own until lunch was over. Finally I went in on my own because I needed to go to class. What should a child do In this kind of situation? The real question we should asking is "how do we stop people from abusing power and authority?". This is the worst kind of bullying and the hardest to confront. This abuse of status is the one people should be talking about or else we will have the president of the United States abusing executive privilege or big corporations using false defamation lawsuits to avoid accountability for their crimes.
  13. @Husseinisdoingfine I can give a few reasons. Firstly, bullying can be a survival strategy. For example, if parents can't afford school lunches, then children start going into debt. Therefore, bullies start attacking you for your lunch or your lunch money. I was bullied on multiple occasions by children who did not have lunches. In this way bullying could be framed as a systemic issue related to student lunch debt. If you don't mean a school bully, then it can be harassment from your family. This happened to me because of my father's sexist favoritism toward me. This made my sisters jealous so they started being mean and condescending toward me. When somebody is jealous of you, they are prone to hatred toward you, therefore they harass or bully you. I agree with pretty India on this point. I was bullied in school because I was dealing with ignorant children. These children are impulsive and don't think about the long term consequences of their actions. When children stole from me constantly in elementary school, I started developing paranoia. I would constantly check everything to make sure nothing was stolen or could be stolen. I would keep my belongings under my feet and so on. Friendship is key to preventing bullying. This way you have people you can trust who can watch your back. This is done in prisons when a new inmate wants to make sure they are not beaten and raped. You become a target when you have no friends.
  14. I am currently working a book with a complicated plot. It is based on a real story about child custody and involves drug abuse, domestic violence, suicide, and more. I may try to cut some of what happened out to make the plot less complicated. Is there a recommendation for how much needs to be written in a novel? I will summarize the plot here before posting parts of the story. Sometimes I cry while writing the story, and I am interpreting it as it is a sign of a good story. I am a senior in high school in 2016. Throughout the year I am looking for ways to reach out for help, but for no avail until the end of the year. The main conflict is that my mother and father are fighting over child support and they are both trying to use their children as pawns to gain an advantage in court. In the story I side with my religious drug dealing father who fled the state to avoid paying child support and his new girlfriend. I side with my father because my siblings are in danger at the other house full of drug addiction and domestic violence between my mother and her new boyfriend. There is a separate, simultaneous case of domestic violence with my father and his girlfriend. Throughout the story the protagonist lies to protect the father who he falsely believes loves him in the hopes of evicting his abusive stepfather, protecting his siblings in the process. Ultimately the story ends with a true event in which I described the entire situation with a power point presentation for literally 100 people. People seem to find this story inspiring and I think it would it would help describe issues such as domestic violence, drug abuse, suicide, child custody, and many other complicated issues which are all in play at the same time during the story. People also seem to think that mental disorder such as autism and OCD create challenging obstacles in addition to everything else. The book has a mixed ending after all of the betrayal between the parents and children. The step father is evicted, dad dies of cancer, my siblings are moved to a foster home, and now I'm with my grandma writing the story. Should I write parts of the story in an actualized journal?
  15. @kag101 that is pretty incredible if sexual fantasies stopped bothering you that quickly. I already noticed that thinking doesn't get me anywhere on this issue. Thanks for this idea.