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  1. Western psychologists don’t even know what self dissolution is, the process of it, at least where I live. It doesn’t have a name they only know “derealization” etc any sort of thinning of the self and sense of reality is seen as something being not right
  2. Ok got it yea I’d say the same about alcohol
  3. @Chadders i wonder if the dog is conscious, whatever it is seems better than being human
  4. As long as the dog is happy 👍🏻 it doesn’t mind the same route 🤣
  5. Lol i swear. People always have to refer and compare to other groups , it’s never just them doing their thing independently of judgment of others kind of.
  6. I feel like each human have this like cycle they are in, and a lot of it is quite mindless as you say, and it can be hard to break out of and into something new, but why do it if you feel fine in your little cycle, like many seem to do, otherwise if they were so miserable they would try to change or maybe im wrong. Average is fine as long as one is cool with it themselves. Seems nice to me to be able to just mindlessly go along sometimes without having any major problem with it
  7. I’ve thought about this precise thing although I have no knowledge of it. Interesting I have wondered if there are these “higher” beings (which would be the spirit guides you mention) that plan reincarnations on earth or if it’s all just spontaneously happens . And if there are different “levels” of souls like some souls are more developed so they reincarnate into more developed beings or something idk Why would any conscious being want to reincarnate into earth if we look at how much suffering is here so it makes sense that there might be these beings that pushes for it or maybe the souls are highly evolved so they see how it’s all love or whatever so it doesn’t matter to them what they reincarnate into. if there is even a soul I have no idea .
  8. Idk I guess the mind will always try to serve the person best
  9. lol u saw me change it you have a point absolutely . Those who are bothered by them also put pretty women in pedestal in their mind in a way
  10. Whne salvijus see pretty woman
  11. If you are so persistent in pointing out how we are all human and have our flaws then why doesn’t that thinking apply to pretty women and their “flaws” (in your eyes) . Then you wouldn’t feel a need to attack them in particular. But since you do then this type of “we’re all human and imperfect” type of thinking is only used by you to feel better about yourself
  12. I don’t know what u mean
  13. @Thought Art don’t tag me tag op 😂