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  1. What to talk about with girls ?
    What to talk about with girls ?
    Talk about yourself like a narcissist.

  2. Methods of "breaking the ice"
    Methods of "breaking the ice"
    The most charismatic and sociable people always talk about themselves.
    Shy people never do. A shy person needs to talk about themselves way more to over-correct.
    I never said to be obnoxious about it. Obviously there is a balance to strike.

  3. Day game: minimizing flakes
    Day game: minimizing flakes
    Always hard stop a walking girl. Run in front of her with a bit of extra room, do a u-turn and stop her cold.
    Opener can be anything, but something like, "Hi, I know this seems awkward, but I just saw you and had to come talk to you. Don't worry, I'm awesome."

  4. Difficulty in understand what exactly causes women to lose interest.
    Difficulty in understand what exactly causes women to lose interest.
    @KGrimes Your problem is very simple, you are hitting on too few girls. When your numbers are so low you will constantly be frustrated because the reality is that this is a numbers games. If you hit on 5 girls a year, chances are that none of them will pan out no matter how good you are. If you hit on 1000 girls per year, now you'll get some results.
    Talk to more girls. Don't expect any one of them to pan out. Don't focus on attracting any one girl -- that's just a recipe for misery. Girls will be extremely fickle and flakey until they sleep with you. So the trick is to hit on lots of girls and don't hold your breath for anyone particular one to sleep with you. Majority of them won't.
    It's just like sales. It is foolish to hinge your entire business on one customer. Your business should be structured such that you are so busy no particular customer matters. You shouldn't need any customer's business and you should be willing to lose it without a hint of threat to your business.
    The paradox is that when you structure your business this way, more people will want to buy from you. And more girls will want to sleep with you.
    That's creating abundance vs being stuck in scarcity. It's counter-intuitive and girls will tell you they don't want that. But practice they love it because it os am honest signal of a high value guy. A high value guy has lots of options and girls can smell it and they LOVE the smell even though they will deny it if explicitly asked about it.

  5. paranoid smoking weed
    paranoid smoking weed
    Yes it's genetics. It's in the genetics of the weed.  Weed produces THC as it's natural defense against animal predators that may want to eat the plant in the wild. The THC content in the plant creates a feeling of heightened self conscious after ingestion which in turn causes the animal to feel vulnerable and exposed to it's predators, even though there may be no real immediate threat. It really is an ingenious defense system.  
    So how can you use that paranoia created by the THC in the plant to your advantage? By transcending your animalistic response to it. By using it as a tool for exposing the ego then contemplating "what is this ego?" while it is naked and has nowhere to hide.

  6. How to learn to talk a long time?
    How to learn to talk a long time?
    No doubt it works.
    Because it takes a stranger time to warm up to you. By talking casually about yourself you put them at ease amd give them something in the conversation to think about and latch onto.
    If they hear something interesting they will want to ask questions, and soon a deep conversation forms.
    This is a good skill to practice on the airplane when you fly. Make it a goal to start a convo that lasts the entire flight long. It's doable. I've done it. It's also much more fun than sitting their like a cold zombie.
    What's the best way to start a deep convo on a plane? Just start talking about yourself like the persona already knows you.
    "So when we land I'm going to get a burger and a coffee. And tomorrow I'm going fishing...."
    Bottom line: if you want to be a master of starting conversations you must lead them. You must do the initial heavy lifting.

  7. How do I start out learning about money?
    How do I start out learning about money?
    Nobody will ever give you marketing. It's your job to create it. That's what business is!
    Let go of the gurus and books and start using your brain creatively and independently.
    With that said, you can find hundreds of different courses/seminars/workshops on marketing. They can teach you principles and give you ideas, but none of them will do the trick for you. Only you can do the trick.
    The right marketing plan is worth more than the entire business. To expect someone to hand you a marketing plan is like expecting someone to gift you a gold mine.
    Just as an example, do you know what AirBnB's marketing plan was? They created a horde of bots to spam Craiglist to steal all their rental clients and lure them over to AirBnB. Without this plan AirBnB would not exist today. AirBnB is now valued at $101 billion. That marketing plan was worth $101 billion dollars. No book will tell you how to do that.

  8. Best strategy books?
    Best strategy books?
    Your question is too vague. You want strategy for what? Business, Life, Career, Relationships or Learning?
    If you want some life principles, you can check out 36 Stratagems.
    If you want business strategies, check out Toyota principle (The Toyota Way), first principle etc.
    If you want relationship strategies, check out The 5 love languages.

  9. Please help Leo! How can it be sustainable to always do the things you want to do?
    Please help Leo! How can it be sustainable to always do the things you want to do?
    In one of Teal Swan's video's she explained how one always should act according to self love, which include always doing what we want to do. In other words don't do stuff you don't want to do. This is a paradox I can't seem to grasp, cause...
    I don't always want to work out
    I don't alwyas want to meditate 
    I don't always want to work on my life purpose
    I don't always want to study
    Yet... I of course, I want to do all of these things at the same time but only from a higher perspective. My point is that we all have lower drives that don't want to do anything at all... so how the fuck can one do everything that one wants to do? 
    I don't get it. I know this has to do with manipulation vs accapetnce/doing what you love but I just don't get it and the confusion freaks me out. Please send help!? What's an explanation to this paradox? What's the nuance that I am missing? Thanks!
    For the confusion: 
    I'm doing the things I need to do regardless . What I'm trying to understand is the paradox Teal swan talks about.
    @Leo Gura

  10. Objective Personality
    Objective Personality = their website = their YouTube channel
    Basically, they're trying to really track personality types (based off Myers-Briggs with some additions) with the scientific method.  they've been doing it for 10 years and have typed up to 2500 people with their system with 90% accuracy (accuracy meaning that, out of the 512 subtypes they discovered below the Myers-Briggs 16, when they both type a person separately, they get the same type 90% of the time).  
    You can get typed by them, but you have to subscribe to their website which is $20 a month for two months and start to learn their stuff more in-depth.
    They're pretty funny as well. 
    But ya, highly recommend if you find the whole personality typing community being a bit ungrounded and "woo".  

  11. Help overcoming laziness and procrastination once and for all
    Help overcoming laziness and procrastination once and for all
    This is a HUGE issue for me. Everytime I have to do something, anyhthing, that I  don't want to do or too afraid to do I just find myself putting it off all the time and distracting myself from thinking about it.
    I see this pattern has been reoccuring for most of my life after graduating high school 6 years ago and spent literally years in this way of being.
    It's also part of how I stumbled on, I needed some advice!
    But So far though nothing quite worked and I regress to my lazy habits. Even today I have an aversion to doing hard work and my ego to put it bluntly just bitches and moans and whines about how life is hard and terrible because of the hard work I need to do and will do.
    Any advice would be really appriciated guys, In my opinion this vice of mine has been goning on for too long now! 

  12. Good Exposé Of Jordan Peterson
    Good Exposé Of Jordan Peterson
    I totally agree with this analysis. He spends a lot of time reading or researching Yellow, even perhaps Yellow/Turquoise authors like Carl Jung, in which he seems to recognize a portion of truth. But he can't properly recontexutalize it because he's got massive problems with the Feminine aspect of life.
    I do think he is aware of the Masculine/Feminine characteristics. I think I have even seen in his Maps of Meaning book some graphic about it. But he's confused about their relationships and how they integrate. He's fascinated with order and demonizes chaos per example. A healthy Yellow person would understand that chaos and order are interdependent. 12 rules for Life is named  "12 rules for Life : An Antidote to Chaos while his new book is named "Beyond Order".
    I'm suspicious that he thinks the Masculine has to impose itself and assert its dominance, hence his rejection or his second order ranking view of whatever is part of the Divine Feminine realm. It wouldn't be a surprise coming from someone who has been growing in stage Blue environment and where the Masculine domination translate into a certain form of oppressive dominance towards the Feminine. He could have unconsciously integrated that type of relationship as the norm between the two polarities.
    But as a consequence, Jordan is preventing himself from unleashing and totally accept his feminine part. It explains his political view, and his absence of real spiritual gift. You can't be connected to God.dess when you are rejecting 50% of its DNA, especially when that's related to the heart. The heart is what connects us both to the material and the spiritual. Jordan loves God in his head, but fails at seeing and connecting with this planet's need.

  13. Why red pill philosophy its not entirely true
    Why red pill philosophy its not entirely true
    @Leo Gura Funny how all of your "How to attract girls" advice is the same stuff as the red pill says. Being confident, masculine, assertive, dominant, not caring about the girl until she has fallen for you, being detached, being edgy, emotional stimulating the girl, doing numbers game, cold approaching, ALL OF IT is red pill stuff. Maybe now you are more mature but all your 2014 videos about girls are pure red pill information. Now of course red pill sucks balls when it comes to maintain a relationship with a girl due to how neurotic it is, however regarding attraction and getting a girl to sleep with you it is SPOT ON. So you cannot call it a pile of turd when you used most of it's principles to get laid.
    RSD is basically red pill 101.

  14. Why red pill philosophy its not entirely true
    Why red pill philosophy its not entirely true
    @Leo Gura I think you do not understand the core principles of the red pill and confuse it with just the toxic elements of it like "females are not loyal", "she is not yours it is just your turn" etc. Yeah that is the extreme version of the red pill which is indeed very toxic but it it is not the core idea of it.
    The red pill was made by pick up artists after they discovered what females were actually attracted to, not the typical shit people say in the mainstream media like : be kind, be caring, be nice, treat her like a queen etc. Your rant on the PUAs is basically all the toxic elements of the red pill but it does help people since it shows them what girls are actually attracted to. Sure it is toxic but a lot more accurate than the "girls care about values" or "girls just care about looks and money" kinda shit you see people say. 
    Basically red pill teaches you about what females are attracted to, anything else in it is toxic garbage.
    If it was not for red pill knowledge RSD probably would not exist and your journey to getting better with girls would be a lot harder (making assumptions about the second part)