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  1. Haha I gotta tell ya, this diary of yours is quite a threat, in a good sense of word😀 you made quite a progress in dealing with this pain, so congrats! After reading this, first thing that came to my mind was "damn, this dude is identifying with relationships quite a lot, he probably shouldn't put that much value in it". And that would be my advice for you. In the future, choose carefuly whom you give your energy to. You already spent a lot of time on 2 women (4 years at minimum), which could have been spend elsewhere. Of course, I'm not saying this was necessarily a waste of time, just make sure this doesn't happen again (maybe even consider going for hookups only instead of relatiinships?). Remember, your life purphose should be priority #1. The clock is ticking.
  2. Alright, so, I was supposed to update yersterday, but I completely forgot. But, here we are. Important note: I decided I'll be updating on mondays from now on, since it is easier to remember for me than other days (I don't know why). So, next monday I'll update, and will continue to do so every week on mondays, without exception. So, I'm gonna keep this short and precise, according to the scheme I mentioned in the first post. Career path: to be honest, at this stage I am still a lot more clear about what I don't wanna do, than what I wanna do. Action: I've been watching some of the Leo's LP course, and I'm currently in the middle of concepts. I don't wanna skip them, since they are foundational, but at the same time I'd like to finally do some exercises. I could have finished the course last week already, but I also have to study, so it took some time. Hovewer, I was also little too lazy to watch them, so this week I'm planning to speedrun the entire course. Challenge: overall, I'd say my biggest obstacle is my resistance to do things I know need to do, and laziness. So this week I'm really gonna be concious about this aspect of me, and try to push myself more. If not, maybe use some technique (like sedona for example). Also, I lack structure and haven't developed good habits, so those 2 are something I'm gonna work on in the upcomming months.
  3. Well, like I said before, PUA industry is predominantly about "how to attract women", nothing else. Obviously, the new branches of PUA's focus on the "inner game" nowadays, but the focus is still on women. There may be women who'll love you for you, given that you already have some attractive qualities about yourself, whatever they are. If not, it's advisable to get them if you want to get women. Self-acceptance and self-love often comes as a byproduct of developing oneself. Even if you don't see results, you'll feel much better about yourself, knowing that you tried, and not just wallow in self pitty
  4. What IS authenticity tho? You can self-improve and still be authentic
  5. Well, the core idea of PUA industry is that you can improve with women by changing certain aspects of your personality. Which is correct, YOU CAN somewhat improve. Obviously, it's not geared towards teaching you about self love, it's geared towards getting you women. But don't be so quick to categorize men-oriented self-improvement as "hating men". You might learn a thing or 2, which may change the quality of your life. 🙂
  6. There are no side offects of not masturbating, it was all made up by porn industry. Think about it, if you were CEO of pornhub, you wouldn't want people to NOT look at your videos, yeah? Body always has a natural way of getting rid of unneccesary stuff (ever heard of wet dreams?) I can't even remember exactly the last time I did it, and I feel fine. Believe it or not, the urge is at least 80% psychological, maybe 20% actually physical. Just observe the urge, watch it go away. You'll be fine. You can focus on important things.
  7. @Etherial Cat well, pick up can be certainly done more conciously, so you are right, but certain ammount of selfishness, or "devilry" will still remain. If pick up and dating was devoid of any selfishness, that'd mean neither the man nor the woman would have any preferences, because they wouldn't care about their survival no more. And the whole point of relationships is survival, sooo... Anyway, I know this wasn't your original point, just wanted to add this to the conversation.
  8. It's ALWAYS better hahahah
  9. Never gave an F about style, never will
  10. Hmm... well, from my point of view, it's because women don't wanna be approached by unnatractive men. They want to be approached by guys with good face and height. But hey, what do I know. Alternative explanation, given that being PUA and learning game works as good as it's talked about here: if that's the case, then this would be actually pretty threatening to other men. Think about it. If ANYONE can simply pull some strings and press some buttons on any hot woman's mental panel, that would mean complete chaos and anarchy for society and civilization as it's structured today. Other men would ensure that this becomes stigma, so their survival and survival of this society remains unthreatened.
  11. Actually, what makes these "bad emotions" really bad is often our unwillingness to accept them. If we resist our emotions, this tension tends to manifest in the body. I found this out to be true after some time of conciously observing my mental state. And I noticed that, although there's an emotional trigger at first, it was the thoughts and interpretations of these feelings that actually made me emotional (made me cry, angry, etc.). Thoughts are the reason you needlesly suffer during these periods. Depression, in and of it self, is a cool feeling actually, it makes you discover what's wrong in your life, so you can correct it.
  12. I meant to say they have it easy in terms of FINDING a partner to have sex with compared to men, since most men already want to have sex. Just because they need additional things to check off the list in order to actually HAVE sex, doesn't make my point wrong lol.
  13. The thing is, if a man pursues a woman with intent to be in a relationship, and is not sexual right away, it tends to come off as overly needy and it's generally not the best approach. Like Leo said in one of his posts, there's a natural dynamic between man and a woman that must be mantained. It's all very counterintuitive lol. Ussually, woman gets to really know a man once she is already in a relationship with him for some time. And by that time, he may have already hurt her in some way (cheat on her, abuse her, etc)
  14. If a women is just looking for sex, she has it pretty easy, looking for a good relationship and picking the best guy is where it gets challenging. I'd also imagine though that even women who are "just looking for sex" are really looking for a relationship in long term, they are just not honest with themselves