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  1. It IS all in your head lol. But, it also is a problem, ofc. I'm pretty sure there are purchasable courses for your specific issue. You can find out anything about anything, if you really take the time.
  2. Those scientists should take a peek at this website and channel. They'll leave with existential crysis🤣
  3. @Zeroguy You're saying that as if there was ever any chance of that happening🤣😭
  4. We'll see. First I gotta actually start being social, and get the ball rolling. That will be the hardest part. Not so much attracting, but getting out of my damn head.
  5. I cringe hard every time I hear some guy say that😀 Not only because he'd likely not harm a fly, but also because all of that passion is wasted on what... protecting?😀 There are better ways to use one's passion.
  6. Considering my social backround, and my disorder, I'm gonna be struggling in the beginning, for sure. But you know what? I don't give a bollocks😁 it will be worth it.
  7. Well, have fun with your weird fantasies, guys😆 Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to depart. Cya😁
  8. @Hulia Wait for @Zeroguy to make some money first, he's gonna buy you Porsche scooter, that's gonna make the trip even better
  9. @Hulia Why don't you go to Serbia? Go and prove your love for the serbian, girl😁
  10. Anyway, I don't wanna keep this theoretical, ofc. I need to start going out, regurarly. Starting is the hardest part, though.
  11. "Models" by Mark Manson is the only relevant book on dating for me. Everything else is bullshit. All these cringy PUA teories. Femininity/masculiny bullshit, endless arguing on the forum. Lol. The most interest I've ever from women, was when I was unapologeticaly myself, authentic. I'm not gonna try to be someone I'm not, ever.
  12. Focusing on writing, that's what it's all about right now. And on copywriting. Not investments. I'll chart out my vision in this area of my life, during this day. Right now, I have a birtday to attend to.
  13. @Vzdoh From your profile pic, it seems you kinda look like an older version of Daenerys, aka Emily Clarke from Game of Thrones😀 That's still a compliment, btw😀
  14. Let's ease up on that cOcK cArOuSeL theory, shall we? Lol. Sounds like I'm listening to some MGTOW talking about F E M A L E N A T U R E
  15. I like the thing he said in the beginning; "It almost feels like you're cheating" damn right😆 that's exactly how it feels. In fact, whenever I try to do this, I feel so guilty I automatically revert back to my "needy for love" self. It's quite interesting.