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  1. @Loba @Preety_India @mandyjw @modmyth Thanks for the feedback, yall? All of you are right in some ways. It is probably, indeed better for me to keep journaling publically like I've done to this day. The benefits are undeniable, and besides, at this stage I probably do need some sort of accountibility for what I share. I'll just keep the details in the private one, in onenote. @Flowerfaeiry True. I'll never share too much detail, ofc. I can potentially damage me in future.
  2. True, but still, it's a worthy long term "goal" to pursue. Come to think of it, it's the most important, and most worthwhile goal to pursue. Well, that's true. I mean, like I said, the goal is not to become a social recluse, just unpluging myself from the reward mechanism of the social matrix.
  3. @Preety_India True, you certainly have a style of your own when it comes to journaling, that is perhaps less dependent on validation of others. Although, I'd still question that, since just the fact that you're posting on online forum, and not keeping it in Onenote for example, tells me that there is still a sliver of need for that valudation, or at least acknowledgement of others that you're making a progress. Surely it must feel nice when someone tells you you've done a good work. I don't know, maybe I'm projecting, but for me, validation of some kind is, and always was pretty important part of my motivation, for just about anything. There are only few activities I've enjoyed without people. For a long time, I've used it as a main metric for progress. Only recently, especially during Covid lockdown, have I started to realize, how flawed this reward mechanism is. Btw, don't worry about typos too much, I'm sure I'm making a ton of 'em myself?
  4. Not sure if I should post it here, or in the meditation/consciousness section. Leo's most recent video about root solution to people pleasing and loneliness, really hit me deep, even deeper than his other videos used to. Really made me realize just how much of my behavour is/used to be predicated on other people's approval, or just survival in general. Especially the part about people's innate need to share, is something I can relate to. Reality is to be ultimately enjoyed, and understood only by yourself, and noone else. You can also be only loved by yourself, and noone else. I'm not against socializing and just chatting with people, but it seems to me that most people share their journals exactly due to that need to share. Which is great, but if the most important goal in life is maximazing happiness (which sounds pretty reasonable, if you define happiness correctly), isn't this endevour kind of counterproductive? After all, why not just keep everything to yourself? This is the main reason why I hid my journals, and probably won't be so quick to share anything with anyone, regardless if it's this forum, or some other platform. I mean, even the fact that I started this topic, is due to my need to share. Perhaps I shouldn't do that either? Where to draw the line?
  5. True, but it's still better to pursue spirituality, while having a place of your own, rather than living on a street in poor conditions. It's just survival, but still you need to survive somehow in this world, otherwise how are you even gonna be able to pursue spirituality? Life purphose/career can help with that immensely. Ideally, you want to merge the 2 paths together, like Leo did. As he continues having his awakenings, he's also able to make enough money to survive, from views on his YT videos, LP course and book list.
  6. I mean, to be fair, weight is something you can change, whereas height is pernament. Still, I think it's a waste of time talking about this.
  7. This is very true actually. It's starting to be a big dillema for me, how to put it all together, so that I can pursue spirituality and self help stuff, and still work on my LP 8 - 12 hours a day. Really need to use every second of the day. If you think about it, the only reason Leo could afford to go this deep into spirituality, is he made it his life purphose. So, if your future job doesn't have anything to do with it, it's gonna be a problem.
  8. You probably have some autistic tendencies. I do also, and have felt exactly like you for most of my life, until recently.
  9. @Karmadhi If you're short, you're fucked with some women. Definitely not all of them. Just need to find the ones who are into shorter guys, or height doesn't matter to them as much.
  10. Lul? Haven't heared of that song for ages. Good shit.
  11. Psychological disorders, such as psychopathy, can severaly halt your spiritual "progress".
  12. Not all of them, but some do for sure. Although, I find that pretty scummy, this tendency to want relationship AND sleep around. Like MF, pick one?
  13. "If she's a step sister, it doesn't count"?
  14. Lol. Looks like I don't have to edit anything, do I?? You're comparing apples and oranges. Mantaining a relationship with 3 adult women, and raising children, is galaxy apart in terms of difficulty. This stuff is too obvious. I think it's an ego thing. Some men want to have the cake and eat it too. Basically having a harem of women, that are "his".
  15. That's like saying you can have 3 careers/ life purphoses at once, and ace in all of them. Incredibly naive?