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  1. Pernamently, pls. I think I've squeezed all the juice from this forum, and there's really no point for me to be here. Literaly the only point of me being here, is the spiritual advice. Any other advice here - career, dating etc. is subpar. Doesn't go into specifics and technicalities, because that's not the main focus of this forum - the focus of this forum and all the work on is to ultimately realize God - and survival is secondary. That's why you see a lot of people in their teens and 20s comming here, trying out psychadelics and spending entire days and weeks isolated, contemplating about the nature of existence - which is a huge mistake in my opinion. When you're young, you have to live to your fullest, you have to gain life experience, you have to make foolish mistakes, you have to be brave and ballsy, you have to build foundation for your life - not contemplate about fucking God. That can come later. Anyway, that was a bit of a side tangent. It's been nice experience here overall, got to know some good folk - and some obnoxious folk that made me figuratively vomit from disguist. It's all good though. I think the forum helped me the most with challenging my limited beliefs and perspective on dating. And I got a lot of inspiration from a lot of inteligently written posts, by a very smart people, on a vast range of different topics. My mind has been stretched, so to speak. So, thank you for that, and it's been a privilige to be here. Meanwhile, I'm on my way to potentially make 2k this month, and very likely get wasted in a house party. Because that's what you're supposed to do when you're young. Have a good life yall, and God bless?
  2. True, but it's still better to pursue spirituality, while having a place of your own, rather than living on a street in poor conditions. It's just survival, but still you need to survive somehow in this world, otherwise how are you even gonna be able to pursue spirituality? Life purphose/career can help with that immensely. Ideally, you want to merge the 2 paths together, like Leo did. As he continues having his awakenings, he's also able to make enough money to survive, from views on his YT videos, LP course and book list.
  3. I mean, to be fair, weight is something you can change, whereas height is pernament. Still, I think it's a waste of time talking about this.
  4. This is very true actually. It's starting to be a big dillema for me, how to put it all together, so that I can pursue spirituality and self help stuff, and still work on my LP 8 - 12 hours a day. Really need to use every second of the day. If you think about it, the only reason Leo could afford to go this deep into spirituality, is he made it his life purphose. So, if your future job doesn't have anything to do with it, it's gonna be a problem.
  5. You probably have some autistic tendencies. I do also, and have felt exactly like you for most of my life, until recently.
  6. @Karmadhi If you're short, you're fucked with some women. Definitely not all of them. Just need to find the ones who are into shorter guys, or height doesn't matter to them as much.
  7. Psychological disorders, such as psychopathy, can severaly halt your spiritual "progress".
  8. Not all of them, but some do for sure. Although, I find that pretty scummy, this tendency to want relationship AND sleep around. Like MF, pick one?
  9. "If she's a step sister, it doesn't count"?
  10. Lol. Looks like I don't have to edit anything, do I?? You're comparing apples and oranges. Mantaining a relationship with 3 adult women, and raising children, is galaxy apart in terms of difficulty. This stuff is too obvious. I think it's an ego thing. Some men want to have the cake and eat it too. Basically having a harem of women, that are "his".
  11. That's like saying you can have 3 careers/ life purphoses at once, and ace in all of them. Incredibly naive?
  12. If emotional integration covers that whole aspect, the I guess that settles it then? However, polygamy would still be hell to manage. Imagine all the jelousy. It would become hell very quickly?
  13. I know. All of these are traits that are high quality, in terms of getting women. However, you included children into the mix, and made a claim that it would be best for society for these men to procreate. However, these qualities say nothing about their ability to be a good father. That's what I'm trying to say. For all we know, you can check all the boxes, but if you're a psychopath, you'll raise a fucked up children, and those children will also raise the next generation of fucked up children.
  14. I mean, it would be multiple times more fun, for sure? but absolute hell to manage, longterm. I dissagree. Define me high quality. Jusr because someone is good at attracting women, doesn't mean it would make them a good parent. In fact, I think, quite the opposite.
  15. @impulse9 The biggest irony is, it is most likely YOU who have been indoctrinated with some stupid conspiracy theory? not us. Most people I know try to weight their options of vaccines, try to find which one has the least potential to harm them, etc. Meanwhile, no conspiracy theorist does any kind of research, they just keep blabbing their fucking mouths on social media, with their uninformed opinions? Just sayin. Not calling you one, but you are pretty close to being one.