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  1. @Leo Gura How come it harm those helps them to earn a living, I guess!
  2. @Bob Seeker Nevertheless you still can still learn pickup artistry...just don"t go past the LMR phase with girls you aren't that into!
  3. I listen to these kindof peppy songs though! Helps me get back to feeling light
  4. @Danioover9000 Hey you've watched this movie? Or read this book of Napoleon Hill?
  5. And how did that happen? Last time you were saying that you couldn't look into a girl's eyes, now you say you saw infinity!? It sounds mumbo jumbo...
  6. Maybe women's power isn't physical but psychological.
  7. @flowboy Can this state of being in flow be made permanent Is it possible, is there a way or technique for it?
  8. @unborn_chicken no bro i've not yet tried armodafinil or any other nootropics
  9. @StarStruck Approach girls wearing shades bruh (along with a white stick aka peacocking) Problem solved!
  10. @unborn_chicken I too tried the one from sun pharma, on different doses...didnt feel any different, be it 100 mg or 200.
  11. @eyalgi11 why don't you get started with the oldest ones first.
  12. No you're not..hehe
  13. @Peo But isnt it also true that most of the guys in the pickup industry say that "looks dont matter"?