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  1. BTW what do you mean by sexual tension? How are we supposed to build sexual tension (without getting into deep conversations)?
  2. After watching the How to get laid video series I started gaming during the day. Its been 3-4 weeks since then I've got over approach anxiety, went on instant dates and am able to keep the conversation flowing... But the problem I'm facing currently is that the conversation is just surface level talk which seems to go nowhere...I'm not being able to get into deep conversation during the dates BTW a friend (wingman) of mine was telling me to get into nightgaming as well if one wants to improve faster...anyway Thankyou so much for your advice and suggestions
  3. Is nightgame important to get good at social dynamics and overall gaming? Or is just doing daygaming enough to get good with girls?
  4. Is there any other way of making a girl squirt, if she doesn't want to be fingered?
  5. @FlyingLotus No it's not.
  6. @Leo Gura How come it harm those helps them to earn a living, I guess!
  7. @Bob Seeker Nevertheless you still can still learn pickup artistry...just don"t go past the LMR phase with girls you aren't that into!
  8. I listen to these kindof peppy songs though! Helps me get back to feeling light
  9. @Danioover9000 Hey you've watched this movie? Or read this book of Napoleon Hill?
  10. And how did that happen? Last time you were saying that you couldn't look into a girl's eyes, now you say you saw infinity!? It sounds mumbo jumbo...
  11. Maybe women's power isn't physical but psychological.
  12. @flowboy Can this state of being in flow be made permanent Is it possible, is there a way or technique for it?
  13. @unborn_chicken no bro i've not yet tried armodafinil or any other nootropics
  14. @StarStruck Approach girls wearing shades bruh (along with a white stick aka peacocking) Problem solved!