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  1. Sub communication is key. Today those two girls came to me out of nowhere and asked me how I’m doing and just stood there smiling at me. From my experience the average girl don’t just go around chit chatting with stranger guys. You might be an exception.
  2. @Consept probably it was a prank for YouTube
  3. People and self help gurus tell you have to work double hours to get your business off the ground but from my experience is not true at all. I’m earning 3 x the money I would earn if I take had a normal job. I work less hours and earn a lot more. The thing with money is that it is what you believe it is. If you think it is hard to get it it will be so. The opposite is true too. You just have to know where the money flows are and just be at the receiving end of the money. The hardest part of being self made not getting money. It is not fucking it up and dissolving your ego on the path of individuation. Actually loving yourself while you made stupid decisions. Your brain is the greatest asset. Everybody is rich but they don’t know it. They prefer not to think and stay a donkey for the matrix as explained in the book think and grow rich.
  4. For example if your domain name is, how can you prevent problem taking the name
  5. @Dauntment since spring I got approached a couple of times so I was wondering if other guys have similar experiences. But you are right about their indirect approach. Today I got approached by two girls. They just came up to me and said how I was doing. I said ok. And they just stood there. And I was like ?
  6. I watched Soul Kitchen and it was ok
  7. This topic misses the mark so hard, it is not even funny. I wish live was as easy as applying self-love to shame. 😂 In my opinion shame is not an unhealthy emotions. All of our emotions are healthy emotions but the thing is how do you deal with the emotion? In a healthy way or unhealthy way? If anything shame can be a powerful emotion to get your shit straight. That is if you transmute it in a healthy way.
  8. @Emerald Exceptions do exist. But when shit hits the fan, women will conglomerate around real men. Not men like freaking Jack Black. And obviously we are talking about archetypical energies. No need to create false dichotomies: one can be warm hearted and be cold hearted at the same time depending on the situation. I have both and it can be sensed. When I walk into a room, the men know what is up and the women too. I need to work on warm heartedness though to be honest. I think you haven't watched the Peterson video. He explains it very well. You need to develop the animal first before you can tame it.
  9. Exactly, if somebody broke into your house and was trying to get you. You wouldn't call freaking Connel West or god damned Reggie Watts. Lmao... you would call a real man.
  10. I had this only a handful of times. I don't know how I managed to do it. I remember it as very pleasant and non draining. Normal ejaculation and normal orgasm is very draining in terms of energy. But this multiple orgasm thing was not that. Do you guys have exp with this?
  11. When shit hits the fan, I doubt those guys would be any use to you or anybody else. Neither would you feel safe. My definition of healthy masculinity is a man who tamed his inner animal. I like Peterson’s philosophy on this one.
  12. @Inception you know a way to have sex without feeling depleted?
  13. Some girls just like embodiment of raw masculine energy while others want a mix between masculine energy and feminine energy.
  14. Women can get inherently horny I think, especially during the time of the month. But from my experience, women just don't horn dog out of nowhere. From my experience, when I get horny, it is easy to get her horny because feminine women just mirror your state most of the time.
  15. They call it that way nowadays 😂 I'm going to use that line on girls hahah
  16. If you misuse your sexual glands by watching a lot of porn it can cause problems. Old school guys still can get their dick up at 60. My 55 year old dance instructor got his 30 something year old wife pregnant while young brothers can't get their dick up to save their lives. Sexuality and spirituality can't be separated. It is the same thing.
  17. @Princess Arabia What is on your chin? lol
  18. Level of consciousness by David Hawkins is a good model to see how these emotions are connected. It is not enough to understand an emotion. You have to link it. Another great book on this topic is called emotional equations or something. I forgot the name.
  19. @Schizophonia he has good taste in girls but little too old for her lol