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  1. You got angry when I used that word and now you use it yourself hahaah.
  2. Girls like masculine energy. I won't go into detail what that entails but what girls want is very selfish. I had a hard time accepting that although my requirements of the opposite side is equally selfish. I discovered that we want the polar opposites of what we are + we are looking for the opposite sex to heal our trauma's in a conscious or subconscious way. This also counts for girls: they want masculine energy + somebody who can scratch their traumatic itch. There are actually ways of finding out if a girl has a traumatic past (most do) and you can cater to that.
  3. @Lyubov how did you develop the fuckboy frame? Which sources did you use?
  4. Distances in the US are bigger so people are spread over the land and so are the hot girls. There are a lot of fat women in US compared to Europe. Guys are willing to pay more to get in a room with the fancy people.
  5. I don't get why nobody talks about salsa dancing. There is always a shortage of guys with salsa dancing. You get instant report. And most girls go there to find a boyfriend. With the new lockdown the clubs are closed so I don't have an option anyway. You hit two birds with 1 stone: learning to dance and socializing. It is like shooting ducks. Why go to fucking expensive clubs? Here in Europe hot girls are everywhere.
  6. Take a broader perspective on addictions. Read the best books on addictions so you get a mental map and understanding of your problem. The problem is not your porn addiction. If you find a way to defeat it, it will be replaced by another addiction. What they say is that addiction is a distraction from suffering, trauma and deep hurt that you don't want to face. If you have a off day. Lock yourself into a room and do nothing. Don't even think: that is another distraction. Let the shit come up but you need to be prepared mentally as I said. Get therapy if possible.
  7. It is weird because you think it is weird. When you think you are weird for not holding a drink, stop your thinking and question it: is it really weird for not having a drink in your hand? Perhaps the drink is just a distraction for your lack of social skills. Having no social skills: that is weird!
  8. I find that one of the least weird things about him to be honest.
  9. How do you befriend a group of girls? I'm afraid they expect me just to pay for stuff.
  10. It is a cashier girl. So I don't want to date her. There are two reasons for that: I go to that store every week and I don't want things to get awkward. And secondly if she wants to do something with me she has to initiate. Normally I always initiate with girls but this a little experiment. I want her to want me so much that she invites me to do something with me. So I already know her for half a year and when she sees me she is excited and asks me how I'm. In the last half year we literally talked about everything: we already know about each other's lifestyle, we talked about products, hobbies, joked a lot about things. Yesterday I noticed that things were getting a little bit boring: we already talked about everything and secondly she looked like she had a bad day so the vibe was off. I know I could just ask her out. I don't want to. This girl is a little experiment I'm doing. I'm trying to figure out how I can vibe things up so much that she will beg me to go on a date with her. So how could I do it? For the guys on this forum this might a fun experiment. It is a good way to train non attachment.
  11. @Salvijus I don't like only teens.
  12. Feminine energy is submissive but people can misinterpret what I said. Couple of days ago I said I don't like women above 30 and I got a warning for being sexist and judging women on their appearance. 🤣 I really don't take this forum serious anymore. I put a complaint to Leo and he didn't even care. If the mod bans me so be it.
  13. I wish that was true for me. DMT fucks up my circadian rhythm while cannabis doesn't do that.
  14. Perhaps I chose the wrong words. I prefer somebody who is willing to work on the relationship. Some people simply don't want to improve (!). I'm constantly working on myself so I don't expect anything from the other that I'm not putting on the table.
  15. @Gesundheit2 true. That is why I want a moldable girl who can be taught.
  16. Hot, blonde, funny, submissive, bubbly, intelligent, and ambitious.
  17. I decided to start a journal on my pickup journey. I started this journey about 5 weeks ago. With night game I had some experience but with day game I was totally new. In this 5 weeks I went from being fearful from just saying "hi, what is up?" to having whole conversations. My approach anxiety decreased considerably but I still do have some. Especially when talking to real hotties (9/10's). Talking to 7/8's is no problem.
  18. Be authentic. You can do everything by the book but if it isn't you she won't buy it. Guys can sniff authenticity. So if you are smiling and it is fake; forget about it. Even if you can pull a fake good smile eventually she will smell it. So it is rather to have a normal smile (and be authentic) than have a huge fake smile (and be unauthentic). The problem is that when you are new you don't know what is being authentic. It is an incremental process: build it slowly.
  19. If I have to guess: you are boring. Girls need to be emotionally stimulated in a good way or a bad way. She needs to feel alive with you.
  20. I love picking apart Leo's comments. I won't quote him so I won't bother him: This is so true. I'm working on developing a healthy ego. Because of my upbringing I failed to set boundaries and have strong self-concept, healthy self-value and develop personal power. For people who want to develop this I recommend the book "No More mister Nice Guy". From: This is so true. And I'm still not where I want to be, but this is what we are doing it for: The thing is that I'm already extroverted but I don't have an interesting aka emotionally stimulating personality. Introversion versus extraversion is purely about how much you communicate your inner world to the outer world. I need to focus on self-entertainment aka finding out what I like, what makes me laugh, how can I approve of myself, what makes me passionate, a girl can't do that for me.
  21. Couple of days ago I did a Salsa lesson to try it out. It was amazing. It is a gold mine for socializing with beautiful girls and social circle game. When I was there I saw a girl from a house party, she recognized me and it is kind of awkward; I would have loved to have a cute conversation with her but the conversation really didn't come off the ground. You would say "don't worry, it is not a big deal"... This girl is very popular in my city. If I can befriend her, it would be a major catalyst for my social life; it would be a game changer. In summary; I would love salsa but I'm afraid I will be disappointed. I mean: I do love dancing and I suck with dancing with girls so doing salsa is a no brainer but still; what I described above is just very cringe for me. If I don't perform socially I always attack myself. This is something I need to stop doing. Salsa dancing is very intimate. The other girls are literally in your aura. I really didn't mind it because the girls were pretty but ... I don't know. If I do take the salsa route of doing 8 weeks of salsa, it will be a challenge. And if I don't take this opportunity right now I know I will regret it. There is not much else to do in this (new) lockdown anyway: I can't go to clubs or bars (they are closed very early. I will have to play with the toys that god has presented me with. At best (and what I want) I will gain a social circle from salsa dancing, at worst I will totally make a fool out of myself trying to socialize, but at least I will add a couple of dance moves to my repertoire. Leo is so good at describing what I have to be versus what I shouldn't be
  22. Stoic philosophy might help you. It is too vast to explain it here but there are some good books on this topic like "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor" by D Robertson.
  23. Day game by Roosh. It is a good book if you are bad on small talk. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  24. Leo says he would never buys drinks for girls or give free handouts. I think the same about this topic. I only buy her coffee or a cheap meal but I noticed (through introspection and felt sense) that I resent doing that. I can totally afford it and logically it is not a big deal to spend such a small amount on a girl but on an emotional level it does sting me... and girls can sense that. This already happened to me couple of times. I really try to not be influenced by such a small investment in a girl but I'm on an emotional level. What can I do about it?
  25. What if she ends up homeless? How does leaving her on the street fit with your philosophy of embodying love? Isn't she a part of you?