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  1. @aurum I had to think about this and I guess I have a hole in my heart and I want her to be my surrogate. If I want her to be that I should offer her a good deal, and currently I still have some traumas and I'm somewhat clingly; that makes my vibe off. Lately I discovered how important vibe is. I'm really investing time into letting go of negativity, karma and ego so I can be more in the now, more fun and connect better with the other. From my observations, a girl will put up with a lot, if the guy's vibe is good. All this time I betted on the wrong horse. There is really some truth in the saying girls just want to have fun. Offering good vibes is probably the single most important thing one can offer in casual dating.
  2. Sometimes I really get happy if a conversation goes well. Especially now since I was out of the game for couple of months. You can really see it on my face. I recognized a pattern though: The couple of few approaches went really well but when I show that I’m “winning” by smiling (or lighting up) , I see women hooking off, cutting the conversation short or telling me they “have a bf”. Why is this? Should I hide this happy feeling when a conversation goes well? In pickup they say “make her feel like she is winning, don’t make her feel you are winning”. I think this right but I don’t understand why they are like this. I feel like I can’t be myself and I have to turn in an asshole to get some fucking slack. I’m doing well right now but it still frustrates me.
  3. @aurum haha that is so funny and true about the salesperson but I feel like sales dynamic is different. Who determines who is the buyer and the seller? Why should I always assume I should be the seller of myself? Why can't I be the buyer? In fact in PUA they advice to take the buyer frame (qualification) and that she should be selling.
  4. Is kechari mudra necessary? That exercise I don’t like and that is withholding me from doing it. What are the necessary daily practices of Kriya yoga?
  5. The book power versus strength is the solution if you are an empath. How I see it is like this: If you are an empath you are like a communist, you don't produce anything (good vibes) and want to collectivize (take advantage of other peoples vibes An egoist is like a capitalist, it produces (good vibes), so it adds value to the venue. It is crazy how good vibes (from power, not force) can be such a major factor. I've had girls literally come up to me, or strike up a chat, 5 times this week.. and normally that doesn't happen that often. Just being static and resting in power (not force) will already influence the environment. I've also done some approaches and I got receipted very well. I still have to work on leading though; power is letting go so I also let go of leading and that is something I have to work on. I'm not sure how to lead from power instead of force. Leading always feels forceful to me. For example, when I dance with her or lead her in a conversation, there are times that the leading happens by itself (power) but a lot of times it stalls, so I have to resort to forcing the leading and that kind of messes things up.
  6. Some people give a lot of info.. damn😃
  7. @Leo Gura do you believe in past lives?
  8. If you love her enough you quit with porn, if you don't you quit her.
  9. That is what the problem is. I can't lead myself.
  10. Fix your vibe. Read David Hawkin's shit. Start doing release and shadow work. What is above is below. In clubs people react to your vibe. What you say and all other things you think are important is false. Get to work.
  11. Sometimes.. I'm getting better at it.
  12. Nahm would have said that there are males and females, there are no trans people. All is love. God bless his heart. He was misunderstood.
  13. He has 20 years of experience and he drops some deep truths. It is principle based. In his social skill course he hits the nail about why vibe is the most important thing. I've gained so much clarity of mind about this topic!
  14. Julien and Tyler has put out new free courses. They are called: Higher purpose program by Tyler Social skills program by Tyler RSD Social confidence by Julien You need to google and sign up so that you get free username and password. I finished them, and they are very dense and HQ material.
  15. You perceive god as you are yourself as prof David Hawkins says. But why can’t you continue your passion for music? You don’t have time? 27 is still young. If your passion is really you can do a lot in 5 years and be a banger at age 32. I mean if you expect to live until 80 you will still have 50 +\- years to go
  16. @hyruga It ıs really good shıt though... belıeve me
  17. Are there successors that build on his work? In the same fashion Jung build upon Freud. I find Hawkins work extremely helpful and I would like to know some other authors. I'm already aware of Frederick Dodson.
  18. If I find a video and I like the video topic how can I see which to which (creator) playlist this video is added? I find going through playlist much more valuable for me than just going through the videos randomly. Leo doesn't have his playlist sorted out properly but other channels have amazing playlists. The problem is this: sometimes I can't guess to which playlist the video belongs. Is there a way to see this?
  19. So you have the start your own thing, that will require more work than a normal wage slave job, and then what? The only way to work less so one has time for spirituality and fun is make your business so big that you can hire people, let them work for you so you can work less. No? I’m in IT so I can’t do that anyway. It will be an one man thing. I will need at least 10 years of experience before I will have enough capital and experience to start my own gig. Even working for myself in IT has a lot of risks. Perhaps if I develop very high skills I could work 3 days per week. That would be ideal. The remainder of the week could be used for self actualization.
  20. I want to become a programmer and I’m getting into mathematics. A lot of them are stage orange and I was thinking: are there stage yellow material on this topic?
  21. That guy is getting mad pussy. If you have to balance between being a nice guy and being a Tate, that will get you more play.