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  1. Leo has grace. Only a different kind than is typical. His charisma is off the scale.
  2. If you can find the right affirmation. For example, I only respond emotionally to affirmations that have the word 'You' prominently in them, instead of I. Also affirmations tied to oracle cards feel more personal. Affirmations that you respond to emotionally can help in finding your resonance.
  3. Yeah. People seem to be becoming more genuine, relaxed. That could be good or bad. The beginning of a new 4chan.
  4. Incessant, relentless routine.
  5. List of items in my routine that are assisting me in healing: ASMR AMBIENCE MUSIC/ AMBIENT MUSIC GUIDED MEDITATIONS ORACLES
  6. Honesty COURAGE Speaking the truth but more broadly presenting oneself in a genuine way and acting in a sincere way; being without pretense; taking responsibility for one's feelings and actions. Love HUMANITY Valuing close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing & caring are reciprocated; being close to people. Spirituality TRANSCENDENCE Having coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the universe; knowing where one fits within the larger scheme; having beliefs about the meaning of life that shape conduct and provide comfort. Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence TRANSCENDENCE Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in various domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience. Zest COURAGE Approaching life with excitement and energy; not doing things halfway or halfheartedly; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated.
  7. All things happy and positive. Positivity.
  8. I like Christian music recently and reading scripture. Takes a lot of healing on my end cause association with abusive Christian parents.
  9. Cooking videos would be great. I used to make his smoothies and soups religiously.
  10. Moby is BOMB. Love you all. This forum is leading edge.