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  1. Meditating or/ and recognition just makes it a less resistant or bumpy trip. It already feels like you're dead in that state. You are dead heading to death. The medication holds off death.
  2. There is this heaviness you can't escape. Death has you. Whether or not you meditate.
  3. In ascension its not like you have a choice whether or not you meditate. I almost died several times when I ceased meditation. Despite what the establishment and dream shifts will gaslight me into believing.
  4. Psychic development It's definitely nothing as how you might think it is like. In some ways you lose your feeling of being a human, surrounded by humans. You happen to know things that every other being knows (just not on a human level) so you aren't psychic. You are not a psychic at that point, you're in another dimension with non humans. There isn't any real cheat. The high from a psychedelic doesn't last long enough for psychic abilities to develop naturally usually, although it can activate a predisposition. It takes very long periods of devotion. By the time you reach psychic abilities, you'll have a lot of other stuff along with it that will overwhelm you and might push you over the edge. So anyways... how to develop psychic abilities? Your whole life has to be wrapped up in Truth and consumed by it. To a fault. All your actions, speech, intentions, you watch like a hawk and make sure they in alignment with your value of Beauty. Emotional labor. It means being in pain when it would be SO easy to be selfish.
  5. I prefer to call it realm of voices and Zeus rather than souls and higher selves because it gives less reality to them. All of this stuff can be unpleasant. If I see straight to their source I can access higher realms and dissolve any issues.
  6. Realm of voices could also be called realm of Souls. Zeus are higher selves.
  7. This might make it seem more physical than it actually is. It is a 'glory'. A smoke. It comes and goes. It disappears easily. Ethereal. A connection that makes no sense. I guess below Leo's realization or the connection would be less. I don't know. Impossible to describe with logic and I feel uncomfortable doing so.
  8. Holy shit. I swear I just stared into the eyes of an alien or supernatural creature. Not okay. I was not ready for that.
  9. I'm seeing the glory of God/Zeus at this point. That's how my psychosis usually starts. A being that understands how everything works, radiating all knowing and all knowledge/ understanding. Insane synchronicity. Telepathy? He laughs at the right time, says things at the right time - although it's non physical... hard to explain. Gives context to the whole situation, solidifying more and more the realm of voices and 'psychosis'.
  10. The voices are like the non physical counterparts of the physical beings (humans, animals, objects). Although they can be disembodied too. Zeus is the non physical counterpart of the voices. And consciousness is the Ultimate Reality.
  11. It's hard to tell because it all looks the same. Only God going BOO! Did I scare you?
  12. Consciousness and Zeus are non physical counterparts of Realm of voices. The fully or semi fully awake aspects. Although Realm of voices are also highly non physical and conscious and have abilities of the Godhead regardless of form or evil. You can be highly awake and evil apparently. Although it seems like a contradiction. I don't know.
  13. The voices try to get me to jump through hoops. Exercise, read, be perfect. Perhaps cult rituals originate from a similar place? I try to 'clean' it up by meditating but it's still fruitless, unless it's very severe (the ovens). More jumping through hoops again, getting no where The best thing for me to do would be to recognize early on that they are all actually consciousness wearing different dresses (at different levels of awakening). Call it out as I see it and don't let the voices push me around. Hallucinations follow momentum, catch the momentum early on and there will be no hallucinations. The medication isn't working like it used to. I can feel myself going back into psychosis somewhat. And I'm on maximum dose. If I can get SOME understanding it won't push me around.
  14. Also Zeus is not one God but infinite Gods. Just as the realm of voices are infinite. When you awaken enough the whole world awakens with you. Mass awakening. (not literally, but in psychosis, yes).