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  1. Rejection isn't part of the ''process'' per say. But in the process of getting better with girls, it is inevitable. You'll also realize at some point that is has nothing to do with you.
  2. this is pure non-sense
  3. Then don't be creepy. Be kind, warm and respectful. If your reputation takes a blow move cities or country if you are truly serious about pickup and dating interests you. Stop making excuses.
  4. What kind of advice are you looking for here ?
  5. Best advice is to be respectful. Prioritize your growth but stay respectful especially during cold approach. Be direct but well-mannered and avoid conflict and you'll be fine.
  6. The most important principle is desire. If you desire to get laid or get in a relationship you'll make it happen, the rest doesn't matter.
  7. If my phone is in my hand the moment i get a text from a girl i'll usually respond right away to see if she mirrors it, many will. Otherwise just mirror her texting pattern or stop giving a fuck about it altogether
  8. Yeah maybe that would make more sense! Only you know
  9. It probably has to do with your attachment style. I think you are a fearful avoidant. Take an attachment quiz and work on your psyche.
  10. You can be motivated intrinsically ; reading and studying because you love it and you are passionate about it. Or you can motivate yourself externally by forcing yourself to get smart. You will probably get a mixed dose of external/internal motivation of you choose the path of erudition. You won’t regret getting smart.
  11. « How can I know what a word means ? » By reading it’s definition. Use a dictionary and search every word that is unknown to you.
  12. Use the money from that job to fuel your more ethical life purpose. The consumption of alcohol isn’t going on a decline anytime soon. Or you can also decline the job if it bugs you that much. Ultimately the choice is yours.