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  1. A good mindset to have is that she was going to reject you no matter what. Many times women aren’t in the psychological state to have a romantic relationship or sexual interaction but they’ll happily sit in a bar or go to a cafe with you. Maybe she just retrospectively chose that as a convenient pretext to reject you.
  2. I’m your age and I hit on a girl that’s in her early thirties a few days ago. She told me she did not date people my age. I had taken a few rejections before and was in state so I confidently responded : « tonight you will. » Btw, just shorten your question to : How to own frame. Study that. It doesn’t matter if it’s liking older women, drinking alcohol, having pink nail polish or an interest in legos. Frame is frame.
  3. Let her know you don’t drink before ordering. A good way of owning something is just saying it before others bring it up. « I actually don’t drink so i’ll just get myself a tonic water » and when the girl ask you why you don’t drink just keep it simple and answer with a few words. Don’t go into a rant on why alcohol is bad and society promotes something unhealthy that lowers consciousness, you’ll bore your date. 1- Bring it up before her. 2- When asked why you don’t drink just make it like a non big deal, almost like a non-issue, something you don’t think about and it’s just not part of you. Implement these two and you’ll be be in charge of the frame way more. You’ll feel more confident about this once you do it repeatedly.
  4. It’s useful to give you basic self-esteem and get you going on your path but in reality, girls do not care as much as you think about looks. Handsome men and average men can get the same outcomes if they put in the time and approach.
  5. When a girl you’ve met through cold approach asks you about your body count or for other information concerning your dating history it’s usually a shit-test. Don’t respond with anything specific. Just ignore the question or reply with a joke. You could with reply with a beta-affirmative joke like « baby i’m virgin i’ve been waiting all my life to sleep with you ». You could also say something alpha like « I stopped counting after 100 ». If you use the latter just say « i’m kidding, i’m kidding » and resume the interaction. Or just straight up ignore her question and say something else.
  6. That's a movie-like perception of the dating and social scene
  7. @WonderSeeker @something_else @Terell Kirby Thanks to you guys for all the replies
  8. Hello. I find it very difficult to cut down on all distractions (social media, video games, youtube, Netflix, etc). I find that my creativity and happiness goes down when I partake in none of these things. But I get addicted so easily. And then I become lazy and feel worse and I can't advance my life. I've done huge bouts of time where I don't go on social media, don't play video games or don't go on youtube but I always end up craving these things. I've went like a month and a half without social media, no alcohol, no video games, no Netflix, meditating, reading everyday but that made me intensely bored. I am wondering if they are truly people out there that live a modern life but never consume any form of entertainment. I am wondering if some of these people are here on the forum. I'm going to try a dopamine detox and only allow myself to read books and see friends for leisure and see what that does for me.
  9. Truly, nothing is wrong with you. You just inherited of the default mode of confidence and esteem. A high number of people operate that way. I certainly haven't made it out that mode of being as well. However i'm conscious of it and working to get out of it. You seem very aware of that emotional dynamic that is happening in your psyche. That's already good. Don't hate yourself for being that way right now man, you can improve a ton in that area.
  10. I find that most books only cover a fraction of the whole picture. Try reading 5-10 books that center around dating and you will only get half the picture right. But absolutely do that. You can get them on Leo' book list. Books like the selfish gene can also help, you know. Books that cover evolutionary psychology and principles and such. Listen to Leo's videos on how to get laid and also listen to the videos on survival. Dating is a surviving activity. Get involved with contemplating and understanding survival on a deeper level. Also, stay away from redpilled YT channels. Also, read this blog : Ultimately, it will be hard for you to not understand women partially unless you incorporate all these sources of information into your model and more.
  11. Not trying to be clever sounds about right, lol. You can be clever and smooth all you want. The key words here are ''being'' vs ''trying''. The problem is the effect it produces on your psychology when you try something and see no outcome. It makes you sadder. It puts you in a loop of endless self-questioning which in the end will make you needier. Girls will flake or ghost regardless in the overwhelming majority of cases so it doesn't matter much how you text them. I'd say keep your convos short and normal but ultimately keep your convos how you want them to be not how you think the girls want you to text them.
  12. Part of the counter-intuitive nature of dating is that when you modify your behaviour things usually don't land. If you modify your behaviour to be nice it won't work the same as when you modify it to be act tougher. Adopt an attitude of being authentic and not implementing behaviour changes.
  13. How's the caffeine detox going ?
  14. First of all, he did link studies. Second of all, what he says about fish and heavy metals is all heard of. Lastly, he already gave us enormous amounts of valuable information on many other topics so it’s normal that people give him authority. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the matter seriously and fact check/do your own research.