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  1. The link now says "Oops. We can't find that assessment." Any ideas?
  2. I'm with you on this, towards a better life!
  3. Disorganized/Fearful-Avoidant. Totally makes sense unfortunately
  4. I personally use a water filter pitch, but you can also use one that needs to be attached onto the tap itself. You can't really know where exactly your water is coming from and what did it touch before it reached your glass. In most countries I'd be wary of drinking it due to the amounts of chlorine and other unnecessary/unhealthy chemicals residing there (it's color is off). In my country it's relatively clean, but using the filter still made a substantial difference (it's transparent now and tastes much better and is more hydrating in a sense). Drinking plenty of water after waking up is healthy since you lose a substantial amount during sleep, I drink around a liter. However when you gulp that much even after that you end up peeing the majority of that out. The color of your pee is a great display about how hydrated you are. The optimal is when it's a tiny bit yellowish. Transparent/clean is overhydration, a darker tone of yellow is a state of dehydration. Drinking too much at once (or sipping all the time) can cause the sodium levels of your blood to reduce and cause swelling of tissue in all parts of your body. Furthermore your genes, the enviroment and the lifestyle you lead determine the amount of water you need throughout the day. Drinking it all at once causes you to overhydrate temporarily then be dehydrated for the majority of the rest of the day. Just drink responsibly periodically (2 hours or so), until you feel satisfied. It can stem from 2 to up to 5 liters a day.
  5. I still can't wrap my head around using merely your tongue for 10 minutes to clean your teeth thoroughly. I admit I haven't had a diet so far that completely eliminates processed foods, sugar and other things that are generally detrimental to your teeth amongst other things therefore I have no direct experience in regards to how such a diet could minimize the need for brushing and toothpaste. Whenever I didn't brush for a while or didn't use floss the health of my teeth got worse over time. I don't deny the possibility that the combination of your diet and technique works in this regard nor I can't claim brushing and/or toothpaste is a necessity in all cases. I just see claiming it's exaggerated seems unhealthy in all situations. I personally don't mind doing it as in a sense it can be a therapeutic/ritualistic experience. I take time off from the rushing of daily life and practice mindfulness. Watching myself in the mirror while in a sense is healing, too. Multi-tasking itself can be beneficial in certain situations (though I yearn for a life where it's not necessary at all), there is a point at which it becomes counter-productive. Taking some time off, even if it means brushing your teeth for 2-3 minutes can provide a much-needed rest. If you are worried about health and/or enviromental effects you can buy a long-lasting toothbrush that doesn't know about the existence of plastic, a toothpaste that's as organic as possible and cleaning your diet is always beneficial (which you already did as we are told). What's possibly more beneficial to look into is how did our ancestors do when it comes to dental health. According to this study they did incredibly well (without the need for such things), their key element may have been a plant that's called purple nutsedge. Interesting read!
  6. Have you had your teeth examined by a professional dentist during these 5 years, especially recently?
  7. Hmm, interesting perspective. Never thought about it this way. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to find the root of the anxiety and deal with it. I am not doing it in order to be able to avoid going out of my comfort zone (I started to love doing it recently. Naturally it gives me a certain level of anxiety, however when there is a baseline anxiety which is often as if not stronger then the process becomes substantially more difficult. To the point other people have noticed me feeling and looking down.) Whenever I tried to embrace it all I have got to is pain upon pain. I couldn't dig through that. The second part of your comment resonates with me though as I've been trying to do the right action despite it being emotionally turbulent often and it made the anxiety's grip weaken over me. One step at a time. Daily meditation practice has been helpful as well. Thank you! Anything I can focus on instead of the anxiety (that doesn't add further anxiety) makes it temporarily better, but it never goes away entirely. I don't see myself often being in directly stressful situations, it's just that the current circumstances and environment I am living in is mentally exhausting altogether. It doesn't add almost anything positive to me, thus I'm looking to change it (and perhaps that will weaken it or even dissipate it completely).
  8. 1. Basically anything that pushes me out of my comfort-zone. Be it taking a step in the right direction, socializing especially with strangers. 2. My previous relationship involved a constant sense of gut feeling, but other than that relatively big decisions I have been putting on hold for long. I tend to sweep things under the rug, so to speak.
  9. Hey folks! The thing is, as the title suggests I am having this anxiety in my gut constantly. Sometimes it's stronger (especially when I do something difficult that adds anxiety on top of the standard) and sometimes it's weaker. In the past I used to be able to figure the source out and dealing with it made it subside for the most part. However when you don't know, how do you find the root cause or deal with it in a way it dissipates completely? I miss having a completely calm gut, it's slowly becoming one of life's cherished moments.
  10. work/study: I quit work at the end of august with a big celebration. I've been unemployed and living off of job search allowance since besides my savings. It was a much needed rest, but I can feel it no longer serves my purpose of building a better life so I'll be looking for one right away. Regarding studies, well, I am not sure. I used to study IT in high school and university, but I quit after my second semester because I just didn't see myself in it. It's a complicated story (I tried to enroll again at the same place due to different reasons) but I realized it's currently not for me. I'm still searching for the thing I'm truly passionate about and perhaps could build a career out of. emotional intelligence: Tons of growth in this regard, however I still tend to be annoyingly disagreeable sometimes (to the point it doesn't help anyone). Tons of room for improvement. Especially this constant gut feeling I can't let go of, it's a big hindrance. social life: I have a very small social circle (1-2 friends I hang out with, I actually dropped a long-term best friend of mine this year), other than that my workplace used to be my social life. Ever since I quit though it's been different, as I had to go out there to explore socializing on my own. Going to clubs and stuff trying to approach and socialize with little success (though still success sometimes and it's fun to keep going). relationships/sex life: I had a not exactly toxic, but not fulfilling relationship with a girl I broke up with this year. We just couldn't make it work no matter how hard we tried. It was a real kick in the ass, but life's been going up ever since. I miss her sometimes, she was an angel on the surface and a real hot witch in bed. Celebrated quitting work by going on a festival where I ended up with a girl in my tent at one night, it was fun! It's been dry season since though. I liked being single, however I'm thinking about dating again. family: I moved back home this spring in order to save money for the university I ended up not enrolling in (oh the irony). It was nice to spend some time with them, however I realized I literally can't grow up at home so planning to move out preferably before spring. Their worldviews are, well not exactly shallow, but substantially more narrow than mine and there's a lot of friction due to this fact. self-development/spirituality: Tons of character growth especially since the breakup. It was noticed by everyone I am close to, especially these days. In the context of spirituality I haven't developed much (in my mind), however I began a daily meditation practice with 2x30 minute sessions and it's been a blessing (I tried many times but failed to maintain consistency). I'm definitely more confident and willing to put myself out there, sharing my opinion and insights with people instead of just listening to them. finances: Bad decisions upon bad decisions in a relative context. My ex best friend owes me a shitload of money (which he's supposedly repaying, he started to recently) and I learned to put a big boundary in front of anyone who's asking for money from me. Had no option to save and I kind of didn't even want to this last part of the year, just wanted to make up for the lost period of time experiencing life itself. physical activity/eating: I had a moderately heavy physical job which helped me stay in shape, without it it's getting a problem. I started to cook for myself though and it's really delicious! hobbies/habits: Inconsistency basically everywhere, a lot of improvements to be made. My productivity is increasing lately though, I plan to avoid it not sticking. how would you rate it 1-10? Overall, perhaps an 8
  11. Thank you people for the valuable inputs! @Gesundheit You talking about setting boundaries, self-honesty and communication really hit it home. Those or the lack there of caused a lot of issues in my life and there is a lot to go through. Furthermore I just realized how they interconnect. Setting boundaries is only possible if I am honest with myself and able to communicate it in an open and direct manner. @SamC Thank you for the deep and thoughtful reply! It really is possible that all these relationships were mere tools for self-validation. I need to do some introspection on that. @Pilgrim You hit the nail in the head about me giving a lot to others but receiving little is something I am just getting aware of recently. That's what possibly led me to feel drained whenever I was in these relationships. I'm already seeing a therapist, but progress is something I expect too much of or just impatient with in general.
  12. Hey guys! I have been pondering on this question for a while and I'd like to see your input on it. Does one attract girls who are at a similar level of development, lower or usually higher? Does one attract girls of similar character or not? You see, I've had 2 "relationships" this year with girls who were a couple years my senior but dealing with self-esteem issues and some kind of childhood or other trauma. Both of the times I was trying to get them up, help them be more confident in their skin and be more open and social (which was quite successful, though), however things always happened one way or another which made me realize it's not exactly mutual and made me give up on them. They either don't or can't put the same amount of energy into the relationship and I was always the one who ended up being drained in the process. This was one of the reasons these ended. Now there is another coworker who is slowly getting attracted to me (however finally she is around my age) and as I was getting to know her I realized she is dealing with trauma and kind of broken as well. I am not sure about her yet, however my next question is what can I do to attract the kinds of girls who could help me on my path and it's not only me doing the hard work for seemingly nothing? Should I abstain from dating a bit and work on myself and let things flow?
  13. Coincidentally I just relapsed yesterday, so this sounds like a good way to get back on track. See you on the 18th of December! Will definitely watch the video as well.
  14. Hey guys! I've been experimenting with a combination of these for the last 2 months or so. I've been eating twice a day (larger meals than I usually would had I been eating 3+ times a day) from noon to 8 pm. I haven't been too strict with it as sometimes I had to readjust the schedule from 10-18 and seldom make it 3 times a day. What I've experienced is that I lost a couple kgs (75 down to 70), sometimes I have more energy and stamina sometimes a bit less. Fatigue after a meal is nearly gone. I have to eat a lot (oh did I say that I could eat much more at once than before) to get any level of fatigue and haven't had a crippling one since I started. What are your thoughts? Have any of you experimented with it, what were your results? In your opinion, what eating habits do you think are generally more healthy?