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  1. @PsiloPutty The video is on the blog (One of the grey buttons at the top of the page), the title of the video is 'May 2018 Solo Retreat - Part 1/2/3.
  2. Thanks for writing this down! I've been meditating for more than a year now, however it's been inconsistent just like your first few months, making 4-6 times a week. Now I see what might be the difference if I make it a daily, life-long practice. You've inspired me to do that, thank you again. Let life come to us in it's natural beauty!
  3. Thank you, all of you!
  4. A few days ago there was this man sitting in front of me on the subway. I realized that I kept looking at him, I found myself unable to resist. I am also male, and it doesn't have to do with sexuality at all. He was a simple aging guy with balding hair. I couldn't even come up with an explanation as to why I couldn't resist looking at him. It's certainly unsure whether he was enlightened or not, however doesn't high consciousness affect people around you in some way or another? He seemed so calm and unbothered by anything.
  5. Hey guys! I heard about energy vampires in the past and how you suddenly lose your energy in their presence. Everytime my dad comes to our house, I suddenly lose all my energy, become tired even fatigued. It takes it's toll on my behaviour as well, as I become frustrated, annoyed etc. I feel like my consciousness shrinks and I lose my awareness as long as he is around. Whenever he leaves, my awareness, energy suddenly comes back and I feel delightful. It happens even when I practiced awareness and meditation that day, it feels like they simply fade away. Could it be that my dad is an energy vampire to me? Or is it some unconscious reaction or feeling from my side? Could it be that I feel something negative towards him but I haven't admitted it to myself completely yet?
  6. A funny little video I thought I could share here, looking at how relevant it may be to the topic.
  7. Regards, fellow self-actualizers! Even though I've been following this forum for a while, this will be my first post. The story is that I've been having an inconsistent meditation habit for about a year, by now I reached 40 minutes. Today was no different. I woke up in the morning, and as the time passed I began to feel some sort of loneliness and deppression. I was spending the first four hours of this day with looking for things to motivate myself, especially movies as I lack a reading habit. Fortunately we had planned a program with my dad so I couldn't wait for it. Thinking back it was because I wanted to escape the feeling. As I was preparing, a thought came up within my mind. This is just part of the purification process, these days are when I grow the most. My attachment to these feelings cause this suffering, nothing else. As soon as I realized that, my mood turned upside-down, I suddenly felt a burst of excitement and happiness. I was incredibly happy realizing how I cause my own suffering, and it's hilarious how much I do it. It was only a glimpse, as I fell back a few hours later.
  8. I feel exactly the same at 18 man, thumbs up!