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  1. AI is incapable of experiencing human emotions (imitating a shallow version of them at best), furthermore that perfection is not relatable. Killing the possibility of forming a genuine relationship with an AI (rightly so). Also as others have said before, as long as the AI has no choice but to be with you, it becomes a property. Which ends up resurfacing some twisted (albeit somewhat familiar) power dynamics. Just no.
  2. If I were to be in a situation when a girlfriend/wife were to become overly flirty with me, I would be cautious and ask her to stop. I wouldn't want to hurt her nor my friend. Sure I may be able to satisfy her short-term, but she will definitely regret it later on and so do I by losing a friend (and my self-esteem). Even if she was a partner of someone with less priority in my life, I still wouldn't be able to get myself to do it. What matters ro me is that she is in a relationship of any kind. My thought process is that If I can't help to give into this short-term gratification considering the cost, I would question my ability to build and maintain trust and relationships of any kind. If I was horny enough to have some issues with this, I would either get out there and seduce someone single or just rub one off to clear my head.
  3. Exercise (if done well) tends to increase my capacity to feel my body, making me more susceptible to feel what makes me feel good and what does not. Making me want to feel and live healthier and cleaner, which results in me being able to spend more moments in my life enjoying/living instead of suffering. Being able to spend more moments living instead of suffering can be considered a form of living longer. Chronologically I may go earlier, but that would no longer be the priority (nor would I mind).
  4. Sounds like you may benefit a lot from IFS Therapy. Regarding the way you view your self-acceptance (as some kind of accomplishment or trophy you could use to get validation from the external world) seems to be a rather big obstacle. In my mind the more you accept yourself the less validation you tend to seek from the outside. The strength and the light start to shine from within.
  5. I experience more vivid dreams during the active part of the chelating process (Cutler, ALA, 25mg at the moment), however they don't include gory or nightmarish parts (almost) at all. Furthermore they seem to decrease in vividness during the passive phase. I am just speculating, but I could think of this as your brain's mechanism of processing toxins moving within tissue (hopefully not redistribution), just like how your dreams tend to become more vivid during/after emotional processing. Like your brain structure is being altered, and as a result and it is adapting.
  6. Beautiful, thank you for sharing!
  7. I've just begun chelating with ALA in cooperation with a holistic health practicioner (who is doing it on himself as well as helping others with it and through other methods), had my first round with 12,5 mg per capsule taken every 3 hours (4 hours at night). The results so far are great, increased well-being with more mental clarity and sexual energy. No issues besides a minor head ache that is easily manageable. What I've done beforehand was a supplement course over 8 weeks in order to prepare my body for chelation. Can't say much about DSMA or zeolite, no personal experience.
  8. While I was addicted to porn it made me lose great amounts of energy, mental clarity and motivation. Some of it was mental (punishing myself for failing), some of it may have been physical (and perhaps some placebo). It no longer seems to be the case, granted I've been improving my life & health since. You all may be interested in the following personal research fellow actualized member @tezk has been doing.
  9. I'm trying it out this year as well. Good luck on your journey! What I think matters is that it facilitates growth for some (if not most), while makes others stressful & agitated. POIS is also a thing, but ultimately what this boils down to imo is doing something meaningful & productive with all the additional energy you acquire (aka energy transmutation).
  11. Lots of gems and amazing people to be found here, on the other hand the noise may be even stronger. In case it is truly your intuition, trust it and follow it through! Disconnect and see what happens, who knows what kind of adventure you could have if you follow your intuition all the time. This forum can be a great place, but it is not necessary to lead an authentic & fulfilling life. Leo's videos and numerous other sources can help you with that, potentially even more (if we stay on the internet as a domain).
  12. It can easily be a distraction, just as it have been for me in my teens. Spiritual bypassing is a pretty common thing, still in the process of climbing out of it and making sense of the world after the experience (may or may not have been what is commonly referred to as satori) I had. I have always been under the impression that it is ideal to balance things out. It's better to focus on the relative domain (healing your traumas, climbing up the spiral step by step, building genuine connections with oneself and others, burning through karma etc.) with just a touch of spirituality. The desire to seek transcendence may come sooner or later, or not at all and that is also alright.
  13. Strange to see transcendental insights such as oneness and absolute love turned into petty arguments and sources of superiority complexes. We are indeed fascinating beings! We have a complex, unfortunate situationscape affecting the globe that is showing us the deepest pits of our collective/individual shadows from which we could ideally learn more about ourselves, but it seems to just create a situation where we throw out our trash in our neighbourhood without a care. What happened here, has it always been like this?
  14. What truly matters is your character, ideally your clothes only serve as an expression of it. If you have thoughts about what's on you as you are wearing it that may reduce the masculine vibe you are trying to express, otherwise if the thought doesn't even cross your mind there is no issue. I personally see no problem neither with that kind of outfit on the picture. It's a matter of preferences
  15. I believe it depends on which perspective you are able to interpret / experience the other from, aka how deep your realization of Godhood is. In case it is sufficiently deep for you to be able to experience the relative domain from the perspective of Being God, then it is simply the best thing that can happen to you (whatever the case is). It still takes work to deepen it and integrate into a human life, but bliss can become common. In case you have personal baggage that can potentially restrict the depths of your realization (amongst other things), the experience of being God (aka everything being the creation of your Mind) can potentially feel threatening to your relative sense of identity. There it can feel like torture since it necessitates for you to recontextualize your whole life, forcing quick and painful growth (in case you don't let your ego turn this into a weapon). P.S: Note that I am speaking without direct experience of Godhood, the closest I have gotten is a few seconds of glimpse into some sense of Unity (which still has lingering effects on my relative development, trying to come to terms with balancing these perspectives still after years).