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  1. @Eternity Hmm interesting. Great tips thanks!
  2. @Girzo Yup that makes sense, will try that. Thanks.
  3. Zero. Look, I know I haven't been super focused on chasing enlightenment. This is because I have a lot more pressing issues I've been struggling for years now. Namely, career, laziness, depression, just turned 28 and I'm still living with my parents etc. I just thought with this much consistent practice and effort (easily 500+ hours) I'd at least get "some sort" of mystical experience. Guess I was wrong. Still it feels bad.
  4. Awesome! I'm happy for you bro keep going! But at the same time... reading this post made me feel sad as fuck because I've been meditating religiously for YEARSSS like 5 years. And I've been doing it every single day. The number of days I've missed are super low and I've been doing it mostly for 30mins per day. (when I started it was 20min). And still, there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO awakening experiences. Not even one. Even though I really want one.
  5. Sorry to hear that your date sucked but there's lots of learning you can do from this experience. Agree with Leo on his first date advice. (minus the "gay" comment") Try and be light and fun for the first few dates. Don't overthink things. (know its easier said than done). Keep it simple. An advice that helped me a lot is this; Hang out. Have fun. Hook up. That's it. Also don't listen to her bullshit. No she doesn't want a long term relationship with you. And no she doesnt find you attractive. If she did, she would have fucked you. When I say "not attractive" I don't mean your physical appearance. You demonstrated a lot of weak, feminine qualities and acted in a weak manner so that's what I mean. Women find that a lot more repulsive than looks imo. Last but not least; READ. THIS. BOOK. How To Be A %3 Man By Corey Wayne. I read this book 10 times. Yes, 10. Not once, not twice or not 5 times. Would advise you keep re-reading it too but read it AT LEAST once. And I will keep coming back to it over and over. This book helped me with dating more than any other. Oh also, another great book; Atomic Attraction by Christopher Canwell. Read this 3 times. But read the one above first. Also, we spoke before via DM's I think. Write to me if you want more help.
  6. That's all well and good but thinking and doing are two COMPLETELY different things. You can think all you want but if you can't deal with the emotional labor and long term work required to get results... no amount of thinking or subconscious imprinting will do any good for you.
  7. Badass.
  8. Really nice value here! Thanks.
  9. Start meditating every.single.day. My advice would be 30 mins. You do this consistently and without skipping any days. You need to put distance between "you" and your thoughts and compulsive behaviours. Learning to observe them and being able to "not react" to them. Watch Leo's "Awareness Alone is Curative" and "The Power of Letting Go" video. I had really vicious Pure OCD and every day was hell, trapped in my mental prison all day long.. managed to cure it/get rid of it through meditation, awareness and with the help of these videos. I feel your pain bro.. Been there... Lemme know/send a dm if you need further advice.
  10. Agreed definitely.... I know that Leo has said this multiple times but the videos are just the FINAL PART of his process and in a lot of cases the EASIEST. I can't imagine the hundreds and hundreds and thousands of work,emotional labor, trial and error he had to go through to reach these conclusions and acquire these amazing insights.. I know that im gonna be FOREVER grateful to Leo. Thats for sure. All we have to do is implement. Take action. Not easy but simple. Now of course.. this doesnt mean do everything he says like a robot and turn his words into dogma. Test things out for yourself and critically think about stuff. But we really shouldnt take this work for granted... like you said I have NEVER come across somebody like Leo as well
  11. Great question! I would love to know this as well. Wealthy people, no bullshit, no sugarcoating.. what did it take to get rich? If you were starting out from scratch today...what would you do?
  12. I admit im a fan of Dan Lok but heard from multiple multiple entrepreneurs/successful people that copywriting is a really valuable skill so "high income skill" isnt exactly in dans monopoly lol. I see what you mean...you are right it will definitely not be an easy road. Have no delusions about that. Between the two im leaning more towards copywriting based on "what I enjoy more" since im definitely not gonna do dropshipping out of passion lol. On the other side I have always been fascinated about marketing and human psychology.
  13. Hey guys, Im 27, living with my parents and have no previous job experience. Am an attorney at law in my country (Turkey) but have no practical legal skills, haven't worked yet as a lawyer. Im currently looking for employment as a lawyer but cant really see myself as an attorney all my life.. just need to start making some money finally. Researched around a bit and im currently exploring the ideas of either learning a high income skill (copywriting) or starting a simple business that requires minimal capital to start, which would be ebay dropshipping. I mean learning how to sell on ebay is a skill in itself but its not like copywriting in a sense that it will help me in other parts of my life and definitely in a business I could establish in the future. My goal is to make a living by earning dollars. In this day and age and global world and my fluency in English, it just seems foolish not to do this. Even 1.000 USD per month would be amazing for me. Once I know how to do that, I can keep scaling and scaling. What are your views on this? What would you suggest? I know that starting something is JUST the first step and im just tired with wasting time but choosing the right thing and committing to something is very important as well since it will take a lot of time, energy and other resources to get results with either route. Thanks
  14. @Leo Gura Im not contamplative by nature as well... This really bumms me out and triggers deep rooted "am I an idiot?" limiting beliefs on the regular. I constantly watch other people especially you Leo, contamplate the shit out of things and I always say to myself.. "Why do I not do that? I know that its incredibly important to contemplate and think about issues deeply and yet I have to spend a lot of energy and time on just being able to contamplate things.. It is not natural for me... I constantly ask myself why am I not thinking and contemplating all the time like Leo? Why am I instead just focused on washing the dishes with an empty mind instead of using this time productively or even just as a matter of curiosity by thinking about and contemplating things??" Learning how to contemplate until it becomes a part of you and that you do naturally everyday is something that can be done/learned right? How do you suggest I go about cultivating this skill? Watched your questioning video, did the exercises and I set a limit of at least questioning 5 things per day but its obviously not enough.
  15. Didnt know that it was his birthday! Happy birthday Leooooooo!! @Leo Gura I can honestly say that you are the ONE PERSON who helped me improve and change my life the most. If I had the opportunity to select one person in the world to meet and talk to in "real life"... I would choose you no question. I am constantly in awe of the work you do and insights/wisdom and value you convey through your videos. Without you I would have NEVER known that some things in life are possible... You will always be there for me in my journey of growth and I will ALWAYS keep enjoying your videos and reminding myself just HOW MUCH the human animal could accomplish and how far we can take this thing that is called "life"... Happy birthday once again you crazy baddass motherfucker Infinite love and respect and greetings from Turkey,