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  1. Citrine stone is good for healing but the stone is so small that I don't think it will have a big effect. It is really about the placebo effect.
  2. It can have a placebo effect. I wear a yellow stone around my neck. For me it is just a reminder or an anchor.
  3. Do visualization exercises how you get hard and fuck her brains out. Do this daily and in detail. This way you will train your brain. The brain is the trigger and your dick is your gun. Also stop fapping if you do and eat more fish products.
  4. Joe Dispenza's books are great about manifesting what you want. I did his meditations a while back and it really helped to change myself but then I got lazy and stopped with it. You might want to try it out. @Preety_India About getting your heart broken. It is part of the deal. Just don't invest more than the other. Recently my heart was broken and I grew from it. I wouldn't make the same mistakes.
  5. You are making a division between theory/technique and understanding female nature. In my opinion both is needed. Female nature is the map/territory. Theory/technique is about navigating the map/territory. I'm also not saying something new in this thread. There are a lot of books on this subject.
  6. It is a way of being. I can't point to it and say I did this. Since I did that evil thing and acted upon my anger and my instincts something changed in my physiology. It is about integrating the divine masculinity. I'm not kidding. I'm just back from the city and multiple girls were staring at me. Getting a wink from a lady. Two hot girls in a car trying to get my attention. Talked to a girl who got excited by my presence and got her phone number without hassle. As for males. They don't even dare to make eye contact with me. I'm not really looking for fights but I'm trying to integrate my new found internal fire. This all happened after break up with that girl. Something just broke within me. There is no step by step to reach this divine masculinity. It is just a wave that comes and you either dissociate or you harbor it. You can only know the answer to that question by going too far. I'm in this state just a couple of days. I'm not saying divine masculinity is the magic pill. I'm just saying nice guys might benefit by taking the divine masculinity pill.
  7. Yes. Usually I don't know what I want. It is part of lack of experience. Also I always think about not hurting the other I guess but recently I changed my attitude about this. People don't mind hurting me so I do it back. Somebody who uses niceness as a survival strategy. Let's himself be used as a doormat. Doesn't complain, shows no assertiveness and confidence. Especially if I like somebody I become like this to not lose her by walking on egg shells and that frankly results in a boring and colorless personality. That is what I'm doing. I'm playing with these extremes. One really can't find what the boundaries are if one doesn't push towards the edges.
  8. I know a lot of successful guys in their profession but they are not satisfied and it also doesn't translate to being good with girls. It is really about the mindset of dating. Can be poor and still attract girls by help of attitude.
  9. @Preety_India doesn't change that integrating ruthlessness will skyrocket your results in general in the dating market
  10. I never hear men tell women how to live their lives but I constantly hear women tell men how they should live their lives. Essentially women are the gate keepers by nature. They decide who gets to reproduce and I can tell from own experience. Women reward devilry. Do they do this consciously? No. It is just their unconscious instincts that are conditioned by thousands of years of evolution. The more you listen to women the more one understands we shouldn't listen to them. My results with women sky rocketed since I stopped giving a fuck and followed my ruthless masculine instincts. If a man is not ruthless in his nature, women become ruthless against the man. That is the bottom line. Also learned that women exploit man's insecurities. If you are an insecure man you need to fix that and not listen to women. After you created a healthy ego you can go out in the field. The book no more mister guy is highly recommended to nice guys.
  11. Since I did that evil thing (see the thread above) I'm KILLING it. I literally got a phone number of a super model looking blonde. Her name is Nadine. Integrating the evil side She lives like 2 hours away but she comes to my city every other month. I was just mesmerized by her but I kept it cool because I integrated my evil side. Girls can sense if you have the ability to kill a mother fucker. I never killed a mother fucker but recently I did something bad. I'm almost incited to do more evil. Why? Girls reward evil. That is why. And especially very hot feminine girls do. The same way Girls can smell neediness they can smell if you have the potential to be dangerous. You don't need to be dangerous or do illegal stuff. It is about the ability, the potential, to become dangerous. Females reward men with killer mindsets I walked passed a woman and man. I think the woman said something about me walking to close to her and she said something disrespectful. I turned around and I said you said what? She instantly went silent and looked down. His man besides him didn't even look me into my eyes. She knew I would fuck him up. I'm definitely not going to push the envelope and get into fights but I'm definitely open to it. I think it will grow me as a person. Me as a former nice guy who is capable can grow the most by setting healthy ego boundaries. I also almost got in a fight in the grocery shop because I accidentally trespassed a guy. He called me out. I didn't even say anything and look him dead in the eyes. He was trembling and couldn't watch me I the eyes and just walked off. Again. One doesn't need to inflict violence. Having the potential for violence to set boundaries is enough. People can sense that off of you. Also this is just a phase for me to develop myself. I'm seeing this as mental gymnastics to train my reptilian brain to be a boss instead of being a whimp. Read Peter Levine's book on trauma and fight and flight to learn about this topic.
  12. If I learned one thing from this thread. Spread love as long as you can spread love and be ruthless as ruthless as you can and want to be. As a man you need the feminine; the ability to love. AND the masculine part which is being ruthless. If you can't show the potential to be ruthless (she will be able to feel this so you don't need to demonstate it) she will be ruthless to you. She won't be sexually attracted and treat you like a bug.
  13. @Preety_India I think you have some regard to male perspective but you still have a lot of deficiencies in your understanding. You are projecting your own behavior onto males. This is where it boils down to. We males don't tell females to change for us. No male on this forum ever told a female to change for a male. YOU females (not you specifically) constantly tell males to change. That is the difference. All the while you don't fully understand male POV.
  14. That is how a middle ground is negotiated. By attack and counter attack. You don't want guys to counter attack and just be a cuck to female interests. That is not how it works. In my opinion he makes valid points. From my own experience as a male I can verify him.
  15. Thanks. Are you referring to absolute love? She is not my girl.I'm not captain save a hoe and I'm not here to save every girl out there. They need to earn that privilege. Leo's video about needy versus non-needy perception helped me to understand what you describe here but I can't help it but be depressed. A broken heart is not easily healed. I'm very bitter how she strung me along for a month, constantly making appointment and cancelling and then just ghosting me not having any regard to my feelings. I have already forgiven her but that doesn't make the pain less. I have a hard time understanding women. They are ruthless, even in this topic they are ruthless towards me. I'm not going to be their doormat any more. They can either accept me or leave me. I think Parththakkar12 is right, if women can smell insecurity they will latch onto that and exploit insecurities. They definitely not want a guy that is insecure. They treat them like crap. I mean it is OK to not like insecure guys but they don't deserve to be treated like dirt. Your arguments are so on point. Especially on insecurities in men. Women are nature. Men are culture. And nature is brutal so I don't blame women but at the same time they act like they are not brutal and that I should stay weak, insecure and shouldn't fight back. Fuck that. I'm going to fight back with tooth and nail. And if a somebody double crosses me or does me wrong I will make that other person pay dearly. I'm actually a very stoic person so people shouldn't be afraid that I will become ruthless. All that I'm saying is that I'm going to integrate the masculine energy with my already dominating feminine energy.