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  1. Some real good stuff is coming out. I'm not really a paper book kind of guy. Almost have all my books in ePub unless there is no option. I have a small pocketbook but at the moment I'm in the market for a bigger e-book reader. There are some color e-readers out there but they are first generation and they are not that good. Ideal situation would be if my e-readers would sync up which means I'm stuck with Pocketbook and pocketbook is not great for pdfs.
  2. So basically let your intuition do the work. Only consciousness work that is needed is to stay mindful of inner blocks and remove them. That is where the real work lies.
  3. I'm 32 and when I flirt with 19 year old I feel the power imbalance. They think I'm 25 or something because of my health and vitality. I'm like "I'm better enjoy these young girls now that I look young". In couple of years I will probably get more grey hairs and look older. In that case I wouldn't fuck around with these young girls. It is not only age. It is also the esthetics imo.
  4. They wouldn't know what to do with you. Probably take you to a prison. lmao.
  5. Trump was a menace to the US. Biden will be a menace to the world.
  6. Verbal part of game is tiny aspect of game. Focus on developing confidence and presence. I did that and opening a set will feel very different. Of course women care what you say but it is much more important that you send out the right non-verbal signals. Also don't focus on pickup but just on conversation as in human to human. If you do that, they can't reject you. If they are interested in talking to you could introduce some masculinity and see how she likes that.
  7. Really? Why do you think women are picky? If they have sex with a stud who knocks her up and never wants to see her again, how is she going to provide for her child, and safety of herself and her kid(s) from random men?
  8. Promiscuous would be a better word but it is too fancy for me.
  9. I don't call them like that. English is not my first language and I couldn't find the appropriate word.
  10. @Michael569 do you take vitamin pills like in multi-vitamins?
  11. This is my exp too. Eventually the US dollar will collapse and they will say they were right all along.
  12. Some women get turned on quicker than men: they are called sluts and they do exist. Nothing wrong with them. They have the right to exist too. There are not a lot of naturally born sluts because they got weeded out by natural selection.
  13. @Eren Eeager if psychedelics is legal in your country, call 911.
  14. It is a two month weekly program. It basically discusses the same material discussed on actualized dot org psychology/mindfulniess videos but in a much structured and programmed way. This book is not a sit-back-and-read-kind-of-book. You really have to do the exercises. I like actualized dot org content but I miss the structure and it is kind of chaotic and difficult to connect the dots if there are so many videos and no crumb trail. This program does it wonderfully. The author connects psychology and spirituality in a wonderful way. I'm still busy with this book.