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  1. People like that are too much invested into their eating habits. It is hard to change.
  2. Will there be practical application to alien consciousness or will it be like spiritual porn?
  3. @Something Funny you have to choose your own frames. A person with a victim mindset doesn’t choose his own frame but copies the frames of others. You have to develop a certain swagger and balls while still being grounded in reality. My gold standard for choosing beneficial frames is to take on the frame that is most beneficial for me while still being grounded in reality.
  4. @something_else I’m not full stage yellow and I have a lot of integration to do in blue and orange. I already said this a couple of times. I only mention it when it is relevant to the discussion.
  5. Every beautiful girl knows this and in my view there is nothing wrong with it. The problem comes when these beautiful girls think their beauty will last forever. They shove the good guys to the side to go with the top G and they get surprised when she get bumped by him when her time has come.
  6. Dried food is survival food. You won’t thrive on it but it is better than nothing.
  7. Shunyamurti is totally shitting over mythology in this video: in the second half of the video My opinion: Mythologies are maps of the mind and they are usually to navigate the mind and not trying to reinvent the wheel.
  8. It's better for WOMEN to be ADORERS: understanding the balance of attraction This is so true from my own exp. This is my own twist: The woman adores the son of man, son of man adores the son of god, and the son of god adores god himself. In other words: man as an intermediate for this channelling of love. Last week I had some things happened during my LSD trip with Christic energy. It was transformational.
  9. I think nobody has 100% his shit together. This guy that I'm talking about doesn't have his shit together now I talk about it. It is the mindset towards problems.
  10. @Jannes imo key aspect is becoming light hearted and knowing how to lead. If you can’t even lead yourself in life because of traumas that is going to be a problem. It will trickle down into your being. People tend to focus on confidence but confidence is the effect, not the cause. The cause is skills. Skills leads to confidence in your skills and that leads to light heartedness in life. That is the order of things imo.
  11. I'm not sure to call it clown game. I have this friend that just blows everybody out of the water and it is just his vibe on the dance floor. I had the chance to observe him in the last few months and it is not his game but just his life style. Obviously if you have issues or traumas you won't be that light hearted as him so a major point is to become light hearted. This is the key point. Other point is that he doesn't care what other people think but at the same time his calibration is always spot on. His verbal game is not fancy but he knows how to lead the girl and the conversation. Verbal skills is least important. Knowing how to lead is key. I wouldn't even call clown game because he games from the heart. If I would have to give his style of gaming a new name I would call it "Sufi game". Yes, I invented that term: people just light up when he does his thing. If you want to have his success you can't just adopt his persona, you have to change your whole being.
  12. I'm in the market for a new ereader. My current one broke down.
  13. Ask some ladies, being impaled isn't that bad.
  14. People need to learn to stop licking ass and trying to make an idol or demigod out of person. It is just a perspective. Everybody is just trying to figure life out. With a teacher a better litmus test is this: The people who say they know everything know nothing, and people who say they know nothing they know everything.