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  1. @Ethan1 listen from 6:43 on
  2. But you have to dry it and make it a powder to make it somewhat effective right?
  3. If you spend so much time on washing food buy prewashed. Value your time.
  4. Do pomodoro technique. Get into alpha brain wave (flow state) when working.
  5. Tonight I saw infinity in a girl's eyes...😢
  6. I have trouble with holding eye contact. Yesterday I noticed I quickly switch to the nice guy smile and I felt disgusted. Should I be disgusted about this? I know why I'm disgusted. It causes me to fuck up with girls. Girls that I want to be with I know how to look at: just have a penetrative piercing look while being grounded. But I don't want to sleep with every girl I look at or every girl that looks at me. I notice a lot of girls who have a bf look at me too. And they just hold eye contact to test me I guess. My natural look is mostly the stoic look. Just having a stoic look is creepy though so I quickly switch to the nice guy smile. Yesterday night I was really confused how to carry myself. First contact is always eye contact when going out. Currently I'm not even busy with pickup but working on being grounded. There was this girl who started dancing couple of cm in front of me and kept looking at me. She was with her gfs. I didn't even approach because I don't know how to dance with a girl. I'm good with one on one pickup but not good with groups/sets which is a whole other issue that I have to work on. For now I would like some advice on the eye contact thing.
  7. Those are good points and I think there is a central issue and the thing you summed up are hitting the problem from different angles. So since couple of days I was in close communication with her (that is why I wasn't here) and I thought everything was going great. I made her laugh through text. She wanted to meet up but we couldn't because of planning. She started talking about sex (asked me if I was good in sex) and I thought everything was going great until I ignored her for half a day. She told me I was boring (probably hissy fit for not responding quick enough) and I kind of got reactive and defensive; long story short I blew it and she blocked me. I'm trying not to take it personal and just try to learn the lessons. She made couple of good points and the main point she had was that I'm boring. Yesterday I was out for a drink and people and especially girls don't like boring guys/closed off guys/non-authentic guys. Not sure how to work on this. I'm doing RSD at home by Owen and that is a program focused on exactly the problems I'm having. Unfortunately there is no quick solution to this problem as far as I know.
  8. Krishna was talking about the quantum field.
  9. That is so true and it also explains why some girls were interested and lose interests later on. Is it correct to say that the more self-worth one has, the less needy that person is? I think another factor that is important is the appearance of not being needy. Through text girls can interpret me as needy while I'm not.
  10. Learning to go with the flow is important. If you already "know" you will have a shitty night you will have a shitty night. Rather start from a place of not knowing; with that consciousness a window for creative co-creation with a girl can manifest.
  11. Integrating my anima has been a great but it is not a magic pill. Last girl I was dating was blowing up my phone and treating me like I was her therapist telling me all of her problems. I was accepted that because I was nice. Afterwards she told me she didn't feel the vibe although I met her emotional needs. I think I was also a little boring at sometimes but still.
  12. Sorry I forgot about this thread. I live in the Netherlands too. And I did ask girls what the problem is. Most girls don't tell me but the ones who I get close with and trust me do give me valuable information: the vibe is off is a big one, they say they aren't sure about my intentions (only one girl said this) and I'm kind of "offline" sometimes if that makes sense.
  13. I put it on a slow burner. I'm just too frustrated with my lack of results. My outer game is on par but my inner game is just so off. I'm too needy and depending. Too much stuff from the past. I need to work on my inner shit because it is sabotaging my progress. I'm busy with solving what Owen is talking about:
  14. My pickup endeavors are still very bumpy. I can get girls interested in me but they quickly get disinterested once they get to know me. I'm not sure what the problem is. Probably I'm too boring, I'm not qualifying them enough and not letting them jump through my hoops. The most recent girl got frustrated because she didn't get enough attention from me and stopped acting feminine around me. It is frustrating. Pickup is forcing me to turn inwards. Just too many land mines from my past that just fuck shit up. This girl told me she wasn't sure about my intentions and I think it is over. Previously she was complaining about me not giving her enough attention and that my vibe was off compared to the beginning. We met like two times to train in the gym and the vibe was good. She liked it and bombarded me with text but somewhere in the middle of the week started being annoying. I think there wasn't enough man to woman dynamic through texting. I'm just a sucker with text game.
  15. That is a good point. I don't trust girls so I won't play open card with them anyway. I found this interesting video below. At 5:29 they say don't be a girl's emotional support: do you agree with that? This girl is just sharing a lot of her day with me and I'm just acknowledging her "emotional hardships" but I'm kind of confused how to act. I met her in the gym and we worked out couple of times. I could invite her to my home and she would come but I'm more in the relationship to learn from her. She is really great at flirting and I hope it rubs off onto me. @Javfly33 True, the moment I gave up on girls, I really started making leaps with pickup.