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  1. Have you incorporated the costs for the vitamin pills, blood tests, and doctor appointments, health and hospital costs? I rather just a a fresh cut of beef than make all those costs and gobble up those services. Vegans are highly selfish people. That is what I have come to conclusion.
  2. @Yimpa @Inliytened1 on a weed trip I had access to higher consciousness. Looking back on my normal consciousness I felt so stupid. Is there a way to permanently access this consciousness?
  3. I don't get what Leo talks about with his alien consciousness. 😵‍💫 I'm not putting things in my ass to get this realization. Don't tell me to do 5 MeO. I only have LSD in my house.
  4. @Princess Arabia @Consept Not at all. In the beginning stage of dating a girl she can drop you for the smallest thing because of her “feelings”. Most men understand this and don’t over invest in a girl. It is just most logical thing to do for men. Females have different dating strategy. The thing is if you don’t put all your money on a horse you come across more confidence, care free and safe.
  5. As a man it is the most normal thing to do.
  6. A lot of people think they need motivation before they can do something. It is the other way around. You do something and then the motivation will come as you go. Listen to Andrew Tate. He has some good stuff to say about this.
  7. I use both iPhone and Android and I found out speech to text is very advanced in the iPhone. For my businesses I have to text a lot and send emails. And typing is so tiring. I use speech to text and it can be done with minimal effort. On my Android phone it doesn’t work well. Not worth trying if you are rocking an Android. Some people are not use to it and people look at me why I talk to my phone but I don’t get too bothered by that. If you have to text a lot it is definitely a productivity hack you could try.
  8. perhaps she should have predicted her documentary fiasco
  9. Last weekend a guy come up to me and asked me if I was a pimp while I was just standing with some dancing girls who were obviously trying to catch my attention. Less they know that I’m as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent. All the money I make is legal and honest.
  10. LoL, this doesn't sound like a cult at all. Try saying the truth here without being banned by the power horny mods around here. Two weeks ago I was banned because I posted a meme. 🤣
  11. @Reciprocality it is scientifically proven though. Don’t flip this around.
  12. @Reciprocality how is sperm made and what happens if it is depleted? And what do you think happens in the brain when you orgasm all the time? Come on. Use some common sense. The notion that you can have sex all the time you want and there will be no consequences to your body and mind is very foolish belief. How you handle your sexuality has a big impact on your body and mind. This forum is very ignorant about sex and that is why it is a shit show around here with psycho’s and weirdos.
  13. @gettoefl time is most precious thing that human has. When your time is up the secondaries don't matter.
  14. @Basman unfortunately the best topics get the least amount of attention which says a lot
  15. You can find his collection at certain sites. It is not hard to find.