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  1. I read a lot of books about archetypes and his book is the best on the subject. He also has some books on the specific archetypes. For example one of his book specifically focuses on the magician archetype. Unfortunately those book are out of press and you can only find low quality pdfs. There are some rare copies on the internet but it is like 150-250 for a second hand copy.
  2. It will be like a butcher trying to do a heart surgery if you don't know what you are doing.
  3. I have great respect for the sufi order and rumi. Other than that I don't have a high regard for islam although my family background is islamic.
  4. Perhaps you shouldn't expect them to understand you. It is not because they don't want to, they aren't capable. You have to show them you are happy, that is the most important thing you can show them. If they can sense you have no boundaries they will try to trespass your boundaries and try to control you.
  5. Orange has higher intelligence and technology.
  6. So there is nothing one can do other than take a break?
  7. If you find a good christian girl she might have the patience.
  8. The only party that provided from this event is Russia. They got to spread their forces in a former soviet country and get influence. And at the same time sabotage Chinese and Turkish sphere of influence. Especially the energy pipeline between the turkic countries (aka silk road) are now in danger with Russian troops on the ground.
  9. Oops. So what you do recommend to read as a non linguist?
  10. I tried swimming in the rijn river. It was too hard for me to do it again.
  11. @Judy2 what do you think about Steven Pinker's books?
  12. It shouldn't be an either or question. Personally I try to balance between work and play. From a productivity standpoint you need both. Same counts for the existential standpoint. The difficult part is to find the right balance between seriousness and non seriousness. I'm definite somebody who leans towards the seriousness. The way to solve that is to get in touch with the inner child.
  13. It is really sad to hear this.
  14. Be grounded in yourself. Listen to your feelings about not wanting to be captain save a hoe. Also see the pattern. You are obviously trying to fix something in yourself by trying to fix a girl. That is the core problem. Delve into that. Girl should be adding something to your life. A lot think they add enough just by being pretty.
  15. A lot of insights in that video