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  1. @somegirl To be honest, I'm bitter today. I'm sorry.
  2. @flowboy Authenticity alone is not good enough. If I tell I just want to fuck her (she is married and in an open relation so I don't have another option anyway), she would just walk away. I also wanted to be relatable and indeed give the answers she wanted to hear. I'm aware of this authenticity issue I have. I'm working on it; a lot of time I don't feel anything. Sometimes I do and now that I look back, she went out with me because of my feelings behind my words but for some reason I messed up: it was too much out of my comfort zone. She wanted to dance freaky and such. That is just not me at this moment.
  3. Something material (a computer) can't produce something immaterial (a soul/an intelligence)
  4. Sex is about survival but also about self esteem. She thought "can I fuck this rich guy? If I can that would mean I'm still sexworthy and not an old tard". Women get especially insecure when they hit their 30'ies. They know the ship is sinking and they are constantly checking their sexual worth. If you understand the situation and you have your shit together you can pillage around.
  5. What did you do during the trip? Just meditate?
  6. You can't have your cookie and eat it too hunny. Considering you dropped it like it is hot, you are probably not the first one chasing him. It all depends on the emotional connection you created with him.
  7. She brought it up
  8. So I’m getting better at direct pickup going straight for the prize. The problem is that I’m a fool when it comes to sexual talk. I do manage setting the right mood but I notice I say the wrong things or fail shit test and it just doesn’t get off the ground. Sometimes it does but women just shit test the shit when it gets sexual and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m kind of second guessing, or not knowing the right thing to say or shooting blanks.
  9. Don’t tuck your dick behind your legs and you will be sexy
  10. The book: Art of Learning!
  11. Research kundalini and you will understand
  12. It was my first MDMA trip. The dose was 150 mg. It was a very different experience than a LSD trip. It was more body based than mind based. I felt my heart chakra open up and it was very pleasing, healing and comforting experience. I felt like 1 year of therapy in 5 hours. Unfortunately I'm an overthinker and I still haven't managed to put my overthinker (ego) in check so that ruined my experience a little bit: I couldn't stop my thinking when the peak came so I put on some classical music and started dancing trying to make something of a bad situation. Also I was afraid of frying my dopamine receptors by thinking too much. I'm definitely going to a lot of meditating the coming week and try again. I hope next trip my thinking brain won't freak out and just accept the love.
  13. I always thought raising our value system and raising out consciousness (metaphysics) was the same thing.
  14. Values influence metaphysical frameworks. Spiraldynamics and AQAL is not just about value systems but also about consciousness(metaphysics) itself. But that is just my limited understanding. Personally I still don't understand why Ken Wilber made a seperate model from SpiralDynamics. It is almost the same. Edit: I think I confused Spiral dynamics and AQAL with Level Of Consciousness by Dawkins. You are right about the one being a value system and the other about metaphysics.
  15. @Carl-Richard And what is the difference between your map and this map from Ken Wilber?