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  1. Andrew Tate is a religious man. He serves god. He is not a slave of materialism. Doesn’t bend over backwards to feminism. Pleasure is for women. Work is for men. That is what he preaches with his masculinity rhetoric Tate is a perfect example of somebody who has mastered the reality principle (pain over pleasure) and thus he can enjoy life (pleasure principle: pleasure over suffering). You can only truly enjoy life if you serve the reality principle. Success, happiness and pleasure will ensure as certain as the laws of nature if you follow the reality principle He is a man of god. If he was a man of pleasure he would be somewhere in a mansion doing ungodly things and not seek public attention like he does. Or he would binge of DMT or something. He is a warrior of god. The reality and pleasure principle are polar opposites but they charge each other. In today’s era most people seek pleasure. Andrew is the archetype who will bring balance to these two principles.
  2. @ThePoint I’m going to be honest with you because I see you suffering. So I’m going to be hard with you because I want you to get real. That is the only way for your suffering to end. The truth is that you will never stop masturbating with this mindset. You are weak and you have to change in your entirety. You need someone to push you and follow the advice that has given to you. I already told you to do 80 push ups per day (or less) but I bet you didn’t even follow that advice. Something that would give you discipline. The truth is that you don’t want to stop.
  3. I listened to your advice. You were so right. I missed intuition. That helped a lot. Thanks bro.
  4. There should be a commission for mods. Some are misusing their mod power to get favors and attention of female members. It really ruins the so called high consciousness environment of this forum.
  5. Self discipline is being the master of your own body, instead of being the slave of your own body. If you are a slave of your own body with all of its primitive desires, you are at the whim or your animal lower self. Self discipline at its core is being the master of your sexual desires instead of being a slave to it. Sex is the trunk of the animal ego. That is why sex is such a central topic in religions. That is what no-fap is really about. No-fap is the secular answer to age old wisdom which a lot of people don't understand.
  6. Brother is throwing truth bombs out here. Self-development is climbing Jacob's ladder. It is easier to descend to hell than climb to the heavens.
  7. Truth is in the now and thus is direct experience by your consciousness. Theories about the truth is done by the three dimensional mind which operates in the conceptual time/space. Using the mind to catch the truth is like having sex with a condom. It is not skin of skin. I recently read one book by McKenna and I didn’t like it too much. It was still good but I found him beating around the bush a lot.
  8. We don’t even know what Napoleon experienced
  9. That is what I meant with ego. You call it confidence and I call it ego. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a healthy ego. An inflated or deflated ego is problematic though. Confidence determines if a person has a healthy or unhealthy ego imo.
  10. @Lila9 define confidence.
  11. I'm able to hook the hottest girls but they unhook after they sense I don't have that A game and I'm a little self-conscious when I hook them. I think it is visible in my eyes because I can notice that it is offputting when I become self-conscious. I'm working on confidence for couple of weeks now. It is difficult to develop because confidence is an effect, not a cause. The cause of confidence is being competent. And it is just not my game that needs honing (Which is the easiest part to fix) but also my self-image which is difficult to fix. It is also not helping that I'm a little depressive. Such negativity does rediate off of me. It is hard to hide a depressive mood. But girls don't really care about that if you have charisma/confidence. I think you hit the nail on its head. If you are a confident guy you can get away with aaa lot.
  12. Haha, those are really rare in the west. The reality of how majority of women are is very different. They say they want one thing and choose another. Women don't fuck down, they fuck their way up. So if a women has those attributes that you described, a woman who has her ducks in a row won't choose a spiritual guy, she will choose a guy who is even more developed than her. As a guy if you want the best girls, you have to develop ego because even spiritual girls choose egotistical guys at the end of the game. Perhaps if a woman reaches 30-40 old perhaps they hit the biological panick button and choose a chode to settle down with a lot of resentment. Ýou chased both rabbits no? First PUA and after that enlightenment
  13. It is not pussy vs truth though. First I will go for the pussy and when I'm done, I will go for the truth. 😎
  14. So basically we have to choose between developing our egos so we can get the best pussy or developing ourselves spiritually but punished by girls if we do.
  15. When you are fighting MMA you will be fighting 80-100 kg dudes. I'm 80 kg and I'm fighting way more heavier dudes. It is really hubblng because I have to depend on technique and quality while others can depend on their share weight. MMA and boxing is not bad for your health if you just train without doing any competitions. I'm just training to develop myself. It helped me with discipline, confindence and facing my fears. Developing a warrior archetypical mindset is priceless. And it is worth it. If you are just taking trainings, you won't get huge blows to the head. It is just training. I would never do competitions. I don't need my ego stroked.