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  1. That is what I thought. I already thought I couldn't combine solo retreat with a road trip.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I’m planning to see historical places. Live as cheap as possible although I have the means to have a luxurious travel. And try to live as a poor person although I will be driving around in a BMW. LoL.
  3. I’m going east Europe.
  4. I’m planning to go on a road trip and I was wondering if I could combine it with a spiritual solo retreat because I’m going lone gun anyway. Any tips? I still haven’t listen to all of the podcasts. Probably the rules I’m going to set for myself: no music, only podcasts. At least 2 hours of meditation and concentration exercises per day.
  5. All this self inquiry is great but it also created some doubts because I’m started to question everything. Especially after the video how to do self inquiry. How does having faith in your self and life purpose jive with radical open mindedness and questioning everything including who I’m?
  6. I’m curious how you taught yourself to use cannabis as a tool.
  7. I noticed that I have some guilt feeling when I do this but as we know from spiral dynamics it is just a stage. We can’t deny there are countries and interests of a country just like there is interest of ourselves as an individual. Should I feel guilty or no? Or am I just reading to deep into spiral dynamics and I shouldn’t be so stuck up and overanalyzing myself?
  8. I watched some meditation videos and I really got excited to do it again. For me it is a lost habit. During my teenage years I would do power of now and new world meditations. After I moved into my adult years for some reason I was never be able back to that stage. I remember as a kid I would go on a road trip with my parents and it would feel like going on a trip to the moon because of enlightenment experiences during the trip. In my adult something happened and I lost my enlightenment. I want to go back. This is what happened during my do nothing technique. First 2 minutes I felt like I had adhd. After that there was some fighting with my inner voice about letting go and accepting. At this point somethings started happening in my body. I started shaking after feeling my inner demon I think. I never felt fear like this and I couldn’t see it really but I did feel it. I can describe it as emotional turbulence in my body and I couldn’t control it and I know I shouldn’t want to control it. After a while it was over and I started moving to new sensations like dread and other feelings which are hard to explain. At the end there was a peace though. Im definitely going to do a 30 day challenge but I have a question about the do nothing technique. Is it required to keep your eyes open? I started diving deep after closing my eyes. If keeping the eyes open has a purpose I will do that but for me it makes things more difficult. And lastly is using a mantra like “let it go, let it go” advised?
  9. @Sahil Pandit will do.
  10. Leo has talked about the importance of doing while pursuing self actualization. I would like some clarification on this. I know that meditation, solo retreats and doing trips psychedelics is part of the doing.. but is reading books seen as doing? Isn’t that just absorbing information? I’m asking because I want to create a healthy balance between practice versus theory.
  11. There are eye drops for that.
  12. @Natasha thanks. I will watch that video.
  13. All these enlightenment exercises unleashed a change in my personality. Before I would never give things away. I would prefer to throw it away instead of doing the hassle to find out if somebody needs it. Now I’m the exact opposite. I started giving stuff away that I don’t need. Help people such as helping somebody with a broken bicycle. Giving stuff away like giving a lighter to somebody and let him keep it. Forgiving family members with whom I had some issues with. Helping homeless people out. Doing favors to friends and family. I almost start to feel like Santa Claus. At least I’m understanding how Santa Claus felt when giving things away for free. Do you guys had similar experiences?
  14. I had a little nap in my dream I saw somebody (I’m not sure who) throw a bucket with a substance. It is hard to explain what the substance was but when it was thrown everything it touched became eyes which I could see through. At the same time I realized other people couldn’t see what I just witnessed because the substance splashed the surrounding and disappeared but the effect I explained above remained. What does this dream mean?
  15. That is good advice. Thanks a bunch. One technique is use is the following mindfulness technique: whenever I’m about to slack off I start to focus on my watch until I gain enough energy to continue my productive task at hand. That is gold. Thank you a lot. Last time I took magic truffles the exact thing you described about the rejected child surfaced. I wasn’t prepared for that but it is obviously a thing I need to work on, probably have to read some books on this and go to a therapist.