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  1. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Last video from Leo was very interesting to put things together. Leo says all problems root in the absence of self love. Today I was thinking about it and doing the exercise Leo gave about loving parts of oneself that we don’t love. Recently I read the book transurfing. This book says that all problems root in giving too much importance for a desired outcome. I tried to combine these two school of though and this is what I came up with: one should love all outcomes equally. What do you guys think?
  3. Leo basically borrows all of his content from the books on the book list. Only after reading every single book on the list you can complain about the absence of pre-chewed videos.
  4. Exactly. That is the point of meditation; becoming more conscious. First step is becoming conscious. Second step is treating the emotional wound. Third step is recovery process.
  5. Really expensive watches aren’t meant to be used every day. And secondly, it feels to me like you just bought a watch for couple of hundreds of dollars. That isn’t an expensive watch. If you are not ok with losing it you shouldn’t wear it. That is my approach to personal stuff that I carry on a daily basis. I have an expensive watch but for me it is ok to lose it. If you are not ok with losing it perhaps you should sell it and buy a cheaper watch.
  6. I will pick up that book and literally clean out my closet. Thanks guys.
  7. What do you guys think about personal possessions? Personally I have a lot of useless but sentimental possessions from my childhood. I thought many times about throwing it away or keeping it. Mostly these possessions, like drawings, games and tools, I keep for sentimental value. I would love to switch to a minimalist household. I just have too much stuff hanging around. Obviously the easiest option would be to throw some of it away and keep the most sentimental valuable stuff, for now. Sometimes I think I just hold on to these possessions because it strengthens the ego/role that I created for myself. If that is true keeping these childhood possessions is not healthy. I’m not sure what I want to do.
  8. I think I know what you mean. @ajasatya
  9. @ajasatya probably if I don’t have a choice. Like probably on the edge of being homeless or having no food (without others helping me). I usually really “do” stuff if I’m necessary out of my own unless if I power through without a lot of effort and misery.
  10. I’m 30. I want to act upon them but my motivation doesn’t line up. For example some days I don’t meditate and I feel guilty. I’m planning to read one book very two days then don’t do it. I want to write and contemplate more in my journals but I rarely do. My Unconscious is sabotaging. I have the time and the ability to do it but there is a part who doesn’t. Most of the time he gets his way.
  11. I’m taking mushrooms every two weeks. I noticed a clear trend where underlying personal issues pop up every time I take them; such as where I’m going with my life, my life purpose, my insecurities If I can do it and my personal problems like procrastination and laziness. Obviously I’m not ignoring these and I’m addressing these. Is this stage normal? I would like to hear how others would act in my situation. Obviously there is a lot of personal things I need to sort out before I can even become enlightened and less self absorbed It sometimes I feel like I feel guilty of not being there yet (where more enlightened people are). I don’t know how to deal with that feeling.
  12. He is on 3k per months with 560 donators. That is 5 bucks per person on average. The same people who pay 10-13 bucks per month to Netflix.
  13. Leo has some videos on it on his YouTube channel.
  14. Keep going. Don’t get stuck in the nihilism. I was in that spot too
  15. I have this problem of over intellectualizing I think. Thanks for the heads up.