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  1. @Amit Thats not smart man. They work all together. No democrat here will say o that is really wrong this supremacy talk. Haven't heard one yet. Stand together man. They play the moral superior card and say they are very advanced on the spiral, but in reality they need all sorts of bad tactics to survive.
  2. @IJB063 Wowa!!!! Calling names is like saying idiot , I have never seen something so stupid in my life etc etc. Where holyspirit got banned for . This is way way way worse!! Can you keep your job if you are a white supremacist, fundamentalist and now I see him talking about nazis. No , these are much more loaded terms. It's from another league. It's really very unethical that he keeps going on and mods do nothing. Why can't democrats play fair. This doesnt happen only on this forum it happens everwhere. Why do they need these sort of tactics?
  3. @StarStruck If your not aloud to name white accomplishments to counter the whites are guilty everwhere narrative and get called supremacist for it and mods do nothing , only that makes clear this is clearly a left forum. A lot more signs of this too. Its really evident.
  4. @Consept Dont have time for you again and again. You are so blinded it boggles my mind. It is simply not useful to discuss with you. Be happy you have a moderator witch is a democrat. A fair moderator would have warned you by now 3 times and banned you. For using extreme loaded and dangerous words to get someone shunned. Yes I know you find a lot of thing dieingenuous have a lot of acquisations. But your the one acquising. You also did multiple attempts to classify me as fundamentalist. I am even to tired to explain again, yes democracy gay rights capatalism whites have accomplished this. And it is not bad because whites did this. And you are aloud as a white to be proud for your accomplishment instead of a democratic distorted guilt story. Like the dalai lama said , he is aloud to keep his tibetian culture and we are aloud ours. This does not make you a supremacist. Not going to react anymore. Since you have a lot of extreme opinions, for example about slavery, which you don't challenge. Its of no use to discuss with you. Like I said the precious seed that could of be planted for you will be wasted. You will have to learn the hard way.
  5. @Extreme Z7 I am staying for you. You need healthy other opinions. You talking about me being a child, but you can't handle good reasoned logic and statistics of mine? So much anger. But hey I wont be on the politics section, so you can talk all you won't how terrible Trump is and the world will end if he wins. And how noble you are and advanced on the spiral for showing your anger to Trump. I won't stop you. I can handle other opinions.
  6. I agree. It is not extreme but common sense, but yes just logic and fair statistics is extreme for some at the moment. Not going to the politics part of this site anymore. Hopefully some people wake up and get more open to facts and statistics, instead of the blame game , white supremacy and stuff. Lets hope reason will win in the end.
  7. @Kalki Avatar I guess your right.
  8. I got called in a few days: idiot, basket of deplorables, fundamentalist , white supremacist. Ok I ll add to that a child. You guys are so developed man. You are not even able to discuss other opinions. Even not with somebody who can talk factual without calling names and is patient. You need all sorts of tactics to get rid of people like me. Doesn't look so advanced to me. Why would I leave silently? I am proud for my opinions. Look at what a violence you guys need. Normal people don't survive getting called supremacist al the time. It's social violence.
  9. @Lyubov No I know all the progressive ideology ages ago. You are the one that needs education. Trump is so necessary. This is scary man, you guys are not open anymore for facts and balance. I am happy in my country a Trump like person is bigtimes in the rise. You so blinded by ideology. Look what you are doing. You are making out a peaceful person who wants to keep the peace and westernvalues into a white supremacist. Its boggling that this doesn't wake you up. What has to happen before you challenge your ideology?
  10. @Lyubov I am sure I don't have one tiny bit of that. Why do you think that. And why are people aloud too say such extreme hostile things? You guys so deserve Trump. Europe will become more Trump like too. We will win! On this forum you can maybe play mean games because you have the mods on your side and your aloud to ruin lives by firing people like me. But you'll lose in the end. In real life we still have democracy!! And I got the Dalai Lama on my side. Clearly someone who thought it through better. Violence like firing and verbal violence like this, you can now get away with it, but it won't end well.
  11. I am leaving the forum. I got a warning. I have been called a white supremacist in a sneaky way, four times. Three times by concept. For calling out problems with a minority in my country and in reaction to police being mistreated by calling them racist while they kill whites easier. For stating facts, statistics. I also mentioned capitalism , gay rights , democracy, has been first accomplished on a bigger scale by whites. This too counter the narrative that whites are so guilty about slavery , systemical racist cops,slavery and more, which has gotten very unbalanced. A logical reaction. I never said other cultures can't have the same accomplishments. I got extreme hostilities for logical facts. This is getting too crazy. These forum moderators are too underdeveloped to waste my time here. Of course this injustice is not acceptable. I'm out. Bye.
  12. @Consept That is an insane definition and shows how radical the ideology is becoming. It is the culture whites have brought. Anyone can copy it, there is nothing inherently white about it. This radical definition shows we need a lot more Trumps in Europa. And they will come and I hope not too late. Ok I'm done. I wont spoil the fun anymore. Just open up a thread or continue here about how disgusting Trump is. It will make you feel good and moral.
  13. @Serotoninluv yes all cultures are beautifull. In saodi arabia we have the authentic chopping of heads for gays. In China we have the authentic cultural practice which is called disappearing when having the wrong opinion. In Italy we have the italian sport called paying no taxes. In the middleeast we have the o so beautiful religious wars. In south afrika we have the white farmers killings. Then we have the different shit hole countries. etc etc etc. All cultures are the same. All those things whites have accomplished are of no worth, lets just make the world one country. I guess since china is to become the most powerfull we will live in communism. Horray!!
  14. @Consept This is becoming to silly. Of course the west has had lots of very important accomplishments. And we should keep that culture and be very proud about it. This brainwashing has gotten so deep in the people. Full of guilt about slavery. Wake up, all different cultures did that , we got rid of it first, its too long ago etc etc. White people let go of your guilt, don't let yourself be called things like supremacist just because you want peace, freedom and a nice life. I really don't understand how still so much people can vote for democrats. It boggles the mind.
  15. @Consept You are all cultures are equal guy hey? Then leave were you live and let go capitalism, democracy, gay rights, end of orthodox repression and go to an orthodox islamic country. For example with Erdogan. Good luck! Have a nice time. And don't complain that life there is so much worse for you. Of course my reaction should be seen in context. The cops were just acquised of systematic racism towards blacks, while they factually kill whites easier! Also you said slavery was still an important factor. And more. So to put this whites are perpetrator view in perspective I call all the positive things that have come from whites. And now I am a supremist? This is getting really really wacky. It seems that whatever whites do they are the bad guys. People are fed up of this making division on skincolor. Fed up!!! They will vote Trump again and after that somebody like him. Of course. I am happy I live in a less divers country yet. What a lot of problems diversity causes. You can't even name the accomplishments of western people and get acquised of very loaded words. The world is getting crazier with the day. Actually you didnt deserve an answer ofcourse the list of white accomplishments is big and I will fight with my life to keep stuff like: capitalism, democracy, gay rights, end of orthodox repression . Even if I will be called deplorable and even if whites did this. Maybe you should live in china. It's the new superpower. Just try to say anything the government doesn;t like. But hey for you it is al equal.