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  1. In theory criminals could get nukes too. That doesn't mean, nukes should be available on every street corner for sale. Most criminals are just fools. They are too dumb and lazy to get guns. Just make it very difficult and street violence will drop considerably.
  2. Idealism and realism is a spectrum depending on the situation and person.
  3. The US government needs to do a recollection of civilian weapons. Yes, some people will struggle but it is worth it in my opinion. I don't live in the US so they can do what they want. This is just my opinion.
  4. I usually get annoyed at pretty girls because of their attitude. If they want to be treated well they should not respond to assholes.. The nice guys become assholes because that is what pretty girls respond to.
  5. The problem are guns. It is a weapon for cowards. Just imagine if there were no guns, most people are too coward to fight in hand-in-hand combat and if they do they would their get their asses beaten in a royal way. In Europe, cowards don't have guns and thus there is none to a little violence. If a cowardly person get confronted in the US, he will pull his gun. If a cowardly person get confronted in the US, he will turn his back and swallow his pride.
  6. I'm already more buffed than the average guy, I'm tall, and dress already better than most people. The thing is that I'm Turkish in an European country. Some girls like that but also a lot of them don't like it. I look friendly but some do get surprised when being approached. I'm too much in my head (judging myself) instead of being in my heart (understanding myself). Judging also causes me to approach less, take less action and be reserved. My successes happened in the last 2 weeks so I'm not even long in the game but I have been overanalyzing myself. I do get insights from analyzing my approaches/conversations but there is a lot of time going in this and my LP is suffering because of it. I'm a thinker and not a doer. Making the switch to being practical (taking actions) instead of being theoretical (analyzing, researching, learning pickup) is a struggle for me. The ratio right now is 20%/80%. It should be the other way around but that is not me. I feel like I would leave a lot of lessons on the table if I analyze less and use that spare time to approach.
  7. With pickup you can learn so much about yourself. The lessons I learned about myself can be applied to other areas in my life.
  8. It has probably has to do with the scarcity vs abundance mindset in the grander scheme. It also has to do that I'm socially awkward in social interactions that are more than 1 vs 1; I don't know how to deal with such social situation in a graceful manner. It is a matter of lack of experience. At the core I'm afraid I will lose these girls but now that I'm thinking about it I don't need to be afraid about losing fish now that I know how to catch fish. I always afraid of doing day game, I made a breakthrough in the last 2 weeks. A lot of rejections, and I'm linking that to "I'm ugly". It is very hard to unwind that.
  9. Thanks for that insight. I noticed that too. Women have strong third eye or something. They pick that up. I think some even pick up that I'm miserable deep inside although but somehow they are OK with because I'm a good conversationalist, funny and I listen.
  10. What success rate should a guy aim for with day game?
  11. I don't know about introducing them to each other. I could do that but what if I don't want that. Is saying hi without small talk enough? Or would that be rude? Thanks. I'm having g success but until now I'm aiming below my league until I get comfortable and get a good foundation. Talking to smoking hot girls is still an issue for me. A lot of them reject me. I think they don't like my appearance.
  12. So recently I have been doing pickup. I got multiple girls numbers in the same city. Now I have to tell you I'm a shy and I just cringe at the idea of one of the girls seeing me with another one. I know I just shouldn't care. I'm not exclusive with any of the girls. How should I approach the situation if I encounter one girl when I'm walking with another? The only dates possible right now is taking walks. Edit: typo
  13. That is like saying shit is awesome. Well, if shit wasn't shit, there would be different shit and it would become something else and that would be awesome too.