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  1. If that girl didn't work out, don't take it personal. If your investments didn't work out, don't take it personal. If your home burned down, don't take it personal. What happened in the past, nothing is personal. I already knew this but this week, integrating this lesson into my conscious was due time. Every "curse" that happened to you, is nothing personal. But if you decide it is personal you will identify with it, and it will become personal. If you take it personal, it becomes ego (through the mechanism of identifying with I'm that). And you become unconscious to that thing you choose to identify too. If you dig deep enough you will eventually come to the pain body / your past trauma. This whole process is as much an emotional process as a framing process. Nothing in the past, future and now, in your field of perception is personal. That is why everything that can happen will happen. The only thing you can do is raise your consciousness as much as you can because consciousness is a intention based self-organizing mechanism. The only thing you have control over is your intentions and outside of that there is no more control. Setting high quality high priority intentions every day is power while everything outside of that is force and tiresome. I used this knowledge to make good money. Now I'm focusing on getting the top notch girls. And I noticed I have a lot of emotional baggage regarding this topic. I'm a very masculine person (yang energy) and girls hold the secrets to yin energy. That is why it is so important to set right intentions with girls. Your intentions should be based on enjoyment of life/consciousness, instead of overcompensation/negativity. In my opinion, most girls are not so smart but they just instinctively understand this because they are life givers. And although they are stupid, it is mother nature. That is why the people who take things too much personal, are the people who are the most traumatized, and they are usually the people who don't procreate. You basically have to love life and if you do you get rewarded for it. While if you hate life, you get hate back.
  2. You can think about eating a banana. And you can actually take a banana and eat it. What is the difference? Contemplate on this question. You basically want to transmute flow beakers into flow enhancers.
  3. You are laughing but you never too 5 MeO. Jokes on you. 😅
  4. Indeed, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Being poor is actually a blessing. Being rich too. If you tasted both that is golden.
  5. We live in the dark ages in terms of spirituality and psychology. Finding a good therapist is very difficult. If you find one you just vibe well with is already a blessing in the sky. Most therapists finish their education and never continue their education in their own time. So spiritually they are very under equipped. It is the blind leading the blind. They don't know how to deal with Existential stuff because they are mostly SD orange. These people need a God experience to heal and they can't provide it. The best secular therapists in my experience are the Jungian ones. But they are hard to find. It is much better than psycho analysis.
  6. He has been talking about working about and good nutrition for 10 years straight. But he still looks like Gollum. If he stopped talking and just did 50 pushups, squats and pull ups (without weights) everyday from his home he would have already been in ok shape. I’m working out without weights and just use my natural body weight. And with time it just adds up if you eat well. He talks about good nutrition all the time but no way he eats healthy and still looks chubby like that. Perhaps I’m wrong and some people having no good genetics and just being chubby.
  7. @Consept white man sport
  8. @Javfly33 what I’m saying is that sexuality is spiritual by nature. Just having sex for the pleasures of the flesh will degenerate you. God won’t bless you and you will stay poor and unfulfilled. I never paid for porn but I paid for sex and although I had the best sex ever with beautiful young ladies. It didn’t feed my soul. I had one night stands too and it didn’t fulfill me either. Having casual sex is very unfulfilling and it takes a toll on the body and spirit. Nowadays thanks to higher consciousness I can just look at a person and see if he is degenerate by sensing his or her aura. For us guys busting nuts into a girl is all fun and games but for a promiscuous girl having random sex just tears her soul apart. It hollows her out physically and spiritually. I suggest you start reading Mantik Chia’s book and try it out for yourself. You can’t say it doesn’t work for you without you making the sacrifices and trying. Impossible things will happen. But the rewards are as big as your sacrifices. The sacrifice of the animal spasism is big but the reward is even bigger. Or you can not try what I’m saying and stay degenerate and keep suffering in the material and spiritual.
  9. You need God's help. You don't want this on your consciousness.
  10. What I notice with pro-porn people is that they ignore thousands of years of knowledge on sexual transmutation. And just self righteously talk about sex like it was invented yesterday. It is like the person who uses hard drugs everyday and says it is ok until it is not ok.
  11. Get your own place so you are not at their mercy. If you are an adult you should define your own path in life. It will be the best for everybody: being your own person. You shouldn’t be opening threads about this. You should already know your own answers.
  12. @Davino QiGong and Toaism is Chinese while Kundalini Yoga is Indian no?