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  1. The fact that you're still communicating means that there's still a part of you that wants to continue living, i've been in that darkness place you're right now, the best i can tell you is try to avoid being alone most of the time, that shit can drive you insane also enroll into some sport you like eg soccer, baseball. Better it be physical, because it makes you sweat and feel connected to your body
  2. Hi guys, im concerned because the Logo of Actualized is pretty similar to the BLogo or BoyLover Logo (related to pedo), mmm.. makes me suspicious Spread the Light guys. ------- Also on this article of himself, he admites he likes defending pedophiles, you can check up by yourself in this link: https://www.actualized.org/articles/a-rant-against-morality Open the Eyes. -------
  3. @OneIntoOne i feel you deeply its like for a brief moment you loose the control and everything is chaos
  4. This includes infinity. Why God would want to experience himsef living in misery, eating the food of the trash of the other families, and so on where i live there is a lot of poorness and lack of resources, for god to be this it would be masochistic or something like that What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Page # 0 8:35 Ok so last months have been crazy times in life, the most recent I had to escape from a country because i stole a car so it was to dangerous, right now im working on construction the money is enough to live good for me is hard to understand the "normal daily routine" from society, go to work, have a family ... i live more like an animal, it fits better sometimes i feel im too dependant on alcohol and coke crazy thing i've had the chance to see the Light a couple of times, to be it sometimes i feel everything is so unstable, like water
  6. you are so attached to this ego "ivankiss" that you dont even notice haha good luck with it what are you looking for lastly? to feel recognized, prayed, proud, grandious, and so on
  7. Actually achieving something is just more ego-games, so trascend it
  8. welcome to reality
  9. mushrooms also some weed to start
  10. excellent representation of society on the documentary
  11. of course it does some damage as any drug, as lsd and others
  12. this vaccine is just in an experimental phase, you can die if you use it