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  1. this vaccine is just in an experimental phase, you can die if you use it
  2. you have to Die to overcome the fear to death
  3. 5 DMT is just another drug that givese some altered state of consciousness, how is that different from jerking off. Just another temporary experience It seems that this Guru is addicted to this drug or the experience it produces
  4. Yeah and everything is a dream and ilussion
  5. who says rape is bad??
  6. this sounds just like repeating a philosophy, how are you sure about all this narrative
  7. @Someone here in my opinion there's none, thats the power of freedom. You can at any moment choose to stop all the dream or not
  8. @OctagonOctopus I fully agree with you, Infinite Meaning also includes destruction, why is building someting up "more valuable" as just destroying it? both are fun
  9. Death is no more valuable than life, so why do whe try so hard just to "survive"? is the point of nihilism, to observ the absurdm of life itself each year millions of people die, one more ore less makes no real difference.
  10. 20-04 so my ego at this point is based on weed, sex and any form of entertainment distration I have lost a direction, have no goals I observe this "person" that is attached to material things