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  1. @mr_engineer you think women aren't playing the numbers game too with all the guys hitting them up on instagram, in school, work, nightclubs, bars, male friends, friends of friends all going for her. Plus dating apps. They are definitely playing the numbers game maybe just not consciously
  2. @Bazooka Jesus I also thought as a teenager oh it'll just happen as well. Eventually I realized it's never gonna just happen. I gotta go out and pursue it
  3. Glad you're having fun. You say it's easy but have you gotten laid from it yet. 30 approaches in a few weeks, we don't know how many, is not a lot.
  4. @Bando What city is that mall in?
  5. I did 2 bootcamps. One with RSD Ozzie for $2,000 where we spent a lot of time too much time talking about his method. By the time we got to the club line I realized he wasn't actually a cool guy. And he kept telling me to put on this very fake smile for some reason. I did about 10 approaches on the two night and like 3 approaches for the day game session. I was taking turns with the other guy approaching. My adrenaline was pumped due to us mostly approaching massive groups of people. The bootcamp with RSD Derek was basically a scam. He showed up late both times. There were about 11 guys there. Derek spent a long time talking. We got to the club at like 1:30am both nights and the Derek along with his assistants mostly ignored us in the club. His assistants were also like yes men who seemed to try to act like him. They even acted like I was bothering them when I asked for assistance. Even though I payed $2,500 No one was there to make us approach we were completely on our own for the most part which wasn't the pitch they sold us on. This biggest lesson I learned from the Derek bootcamp was that no one can teach me game. I can watch videos and infield footage etc and gain knowledge from that. But in the end I will have to teach myself. It was valuable lesson.
  6. Cold approach is taboo. I actually think it is one of the most taboo things in western society. Liberals, conservatives, men and women, both old and young from various social classes often dislike cold approach for various reasons. Men cold approach women all the time. Men who have never even heard of cold approach just do it naturally. You can't ask for permission to approach women because you will not get it. You will realize when you approach that some girls like that you approached them. There was a book written in ancient Rome around 8 AD called Ars Amatoria by Ovid about how to pick up women. Thats literally over 2,000 years ago. This is nothing new. Men have been approaching women and trying to form sexual relations for thousands of years!
  7. @Godhead @Godhead Do you have attention problems ADHD excess energy in general?
  8. @Godhead What is your opinion on Modafinil. I was planning on using it for the duration of the course.
  9. I'm going to be partaking in a 7 month long Front End Developer Bootcamp. I will working 60-80 hours a week most likely. I need a simple supplement routine to maximize my cognitive function and focus. I need to be mentally sharp and able to work long hours. If you have fitness and nutrition advice as well throw that in as well.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3CN4AtBc5Y&list=LL&index=5 I found this video and it's actually put things in perspective for me. I've been putting my attention and focus on the wrong things.
  11. Oh yes of course! That was very obvious but I never thought of that
  12. This is something that has been bothering me for a while. I want to live a good life. However at the same time I am aware of so much negativity in the world. The more I read about and watch videos about society, the economy and explore the history of different countries and regions of the world, the more I learn about exploitation and suffering. I just want to enjoy my life without feeling bad about the state of the world. I don't want to dedicate my life to helping people in these circumstances though. It just bothers me knowing how other peoples are being exploited. And the thing is once I know the information I can't unknow it. In fact there's a part of me that feels like I need to understand these things. For example, I learned a while ago about how multinational corporations exploit third world countries. I am aware of food shortages, wars, human trafficking, financial struggles of people around the world as well as in my own country the USA. I enjoy life but the thoughts of all the negativity that occurs in the world bothers me. I thought about limiting my intake of current events or completing getting rid of any current events consumption and that may help. I know I won't be resisting the exploitation that occurs in the world since I am one person and I am not willing to make that my life purpose. Any advice on how to deal with this personal conflict?
  13. This book is amazing for developing proper meditation technique. I've used it in the past.
  14. According to the test I'm Securely Attached. However, I know that's absolute nonsense lol. The test is too simple and it doesn't take into account the reason for your answers. Also its biased since you are doing a self assessment. People say I don't open up much about myself but I don't feel that way about myself so I just put how I feel about myself on the test. When the test asks something like are you afraid of being abandoned or something along those lines I'm not afraid of people abandoning me but the reason is because I kind of expect it. See the reasoning for my answer is very different from someone who is securely attached. And this happened many times in the times resulting in my Secure result.