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  1. This book is amazing for developing proper meditation technique. I've used it in the past.
  2. According to the test I'm Securely Attached. However, I know that's absolute nonsense lol. The test is too simple and it doesn't take into account the reason for your answers. Also its biased since you are doing a self assessment. People say I don't open up much about myself but I don't feel that way about myself so I just put how I feel about myself on the test. When the test asks something like are you afraid of being abandoned or something along those lines I'm not afraid of people abandoning me but the reason is because I kind of expect it. See the reasoning for my answer is very different from someone who is securely attached. And this happened many times in the times resulting in my Secure result.
  3. I'm having problems coming up with business ideas that require very little capital. I watched a podcasts with Seth Godin where he just came up with different business ideas on the fly. The business ideas that I can think of require lots of capital. What can I do to expand my mind to think in the way of an entrepreneur.
  4. I understand that the woman is at risk of carrying a baby or be shamed for sleeping with someone. There is the possibility of the being kicked out of tribe for sleeping with the wrong guy. Men are afraid to step outside of the box for fear of being killed by other guys in the tribe for going after the wrong woman, but I feel like that does not really explain it enough. Why is it the hardest thing I've ever done as well as for many other men from an evolutionary standpoint? I remember in one of your videos Leo you said that business is just a modern civilized version of rape and pillage so what is the modern civilized version of pick up?
  5. So how do you master this?
  6. I have pulled a few times and been unable to to get it up. It has happened a few times in the past and at this point I can say I know when its going to happen before it happens. It’s not just that I can’t get it up. In my body I feel as if my sexuality is turned off. I’m with a girl I’m attracted to we are kissing and touching but I just don’t feel anything, like my body is just numb. I just don’t feel any type of sexual urge or horniness in my body at all. I’m also not very experienced either. What tips do you guys have if you have gone through this?
  7. I'm currently taking the life purpose course right now. I am in the same boat as you and I have realized that this is also my life purpose but I have no idea how to make money off of it. I absolutely would not want to teach this stuff (just not a fan of teaching) and I am not interested in working in the self-development field. I was thinking I could leverage the charisma and high powered social skills I will have developed from pick up over the years to do something great but I have no idea what that is. Doing pick up in itself is not going to put money in our pockets though. One idea I had was throwing amazing parties. Event planning interested me since I was kid. Who knows maybe I'll find out how to make money off this by the end of the life purpose course.
  8. I have been following Leo Gura for many months now and his work has helped me to raise my consciousness. I’m at a point now where I am considering taking the life purpose course. I literally have no idea what career and business I want. I just know that I do not want to be a wage slave and I am hoping that this life purpose course will give me some answers. I have been researching what people’s thoughts are on his course and what they have gotten out of it and a large number of the responses seem to be some version of what Leo is doing here at actualized.org. A lot of the responses I saw had to do with spirituality, consciousness, truth etc. I am not deeply into spirituality. I just want to escape wage slavery doing something im at least mildly passionate about. Will this course help me or is it for the more spiritually minded truth seeking folk?