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  1. Patanjali is a true Master, I am now just starting to get a grasp of how immensely wise his Yoga sutras are. This is different translation of his sutras (maybe it will be handy to read a different perspective): 1.30 Nine kinds of distractions come that are obstacles naturally encountered on the path, and are physical illness, tendency of the mind to not work efficiently, doubt or indecision, lack of attention to pursuing the means of samadhi, laziness in mind and body, failure to regulate the desire for worldly objects, incorrect assumptions or thinking, failing to attain stages of the practice, and instability in maintaining a level of practice once attained. 1.31 From these obstacles, there are four other consequences that also arise, and these are: 1) mental or physical pain, 2) sadness or dejection, 3) restlessness, shakiness, or anxiety, and 4) irregularities in the exhalation and inhalation of breath. 1.32 To prevent or deal with these nine obstacles and their four consequences, the recommendation is to make the mind one-pointed, training it how to focus on a single principle or object. source: http://www.swamij.com/yoga-sutras-list.htm P.S I am also reading Osho's interpretation of the Patanjali, according to him this practice to make mind one-pointed is not only concentration but also the chanting of "aum" P.P.S I really recommend reading Osho's interpretation it is very insightful, he goes in depth talking about every one of these 5 obstacles
  2. The first episode of the second season was fascinating (and its free)! I mean for me personally the most interesting Vsauce video. Definitely recommend watching if you are into psychology @Outer Yeah I am planning to watch it, do you think its worth purchasing?
  3. @thehero I will repost an image somebody on this forum posted a long time ago. Good luck with your poetry. Btw we all are wandering on this earth and trying to figure it out what the hell is going on, you are not alone
  4. What can I say, I feel like I have the same mindset. It feels terrible when you try even unconsciously to live up to your persona thus sacrificing your own happiness. It is funny because just 2 hours ago I watched this insane video which really hit me. It penetrated me soo deeply. Basically what it says is that base your worth not on the outside things. But on what you truly are, and above that be courageous. Even though you may look stupid, be yourself! Thats the quality which is definitely above fear. So there is the video. Hope it will touch your heart too
  5. Mother of God, True Mastery right here
  6. @Shin Thanks for the recommendation Just a few chapters in, but already amazed by the wisdom of author. BTW as I am reading I notice that I am just at the beginning of the first stage, in your opinion should I get a gf? even though I don't have much to share, at this point in my journey it is pretty much only trials and errors. I am asking this because I am going on a date on Monday and cant stop thinking what am I able to give/share/talk with her. (ps. I am 20)
  7. Damn @Prabhaker thats deep. I love Osho's wisdom "... if you can learn one thing with me, than that one thing is to be alert, aware about your inner motives, about your own inner destiny. Never lose sight of it, otherwise you will be unhappy."
  8. Ask yourself how do i know that i exist? No, seriously. How do i know? When i go to sleep it feels like i do not exist and now i do. If you can become conscious of life that is running through you will instantly become more peaceful and super grateful. These conscious experience happens very rarely for me. Only when I am just after or during meditation some kind of a yoga or just heightened awareness. To know life just ask yourself existential questions and you will get there. For example: where do my thoughts occur? Or how to prove myself/others that I exist? (Note that you cannot prove it, you can just be life)
  9. So yesterday I was just contemplating life and similar things, as the minutes passed by and the more I tried to figure it out the more confused I was. At the end of my contemplation I was even angry in life, why I cannot know, but today I discovered this video and was totally amazed by the insight of Sadhguru on mind and confusion. If anyone else is very confused or even angry for that definitely check this video!!! (9:27- 10:50) " You can become life and know life, you can never figure life" After this video I was finally at peace with my confusion
  10. This is my one of the most favorite videos on the youtube!!! Every word every idea is so deep. Every time I watch it I hear something new, something more spiritual than the previous time. Give it a try
  11. Just some random old sketches I drew
  12. you may want to check out this topic