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  1. if you are serious about this topic or simply genuinely interested I would highly recommend dedicating an hour in watching this discussion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2aAx3wk6dg&list=FLe7QqtkN4ljwDZT0r2nl7UQ&index=1&t=0s The first question is about consciousness but the rest of the talk is about AI, what are the benefits and what are the negatives. What I like about this particular talk is that the speakers in it (3 there are) are highly educated with a lot of knowledge. Hope you find it interesting
  2. Heart-melting performance. This man just nails life purpose. What a master of music
  3. Day 9. Feeling confident in social interactions. I had taken a nap this afternoon, just after waking up there was a strong urge to fap, maybe because of some sexual dreams, but I didn't. Yes! Off-topic: @Ether About the energy levels. I myself find hatha yoga very helpful with that. Do surya namaskar (google the technique, try it out) just after the night when you wake up. After a day or two you should be able to see the difference. Also it might be your diet. Maybe you lack some nutrients. For me lack of energy may as well signal that maybe I am in a stressed or melancholy period in my life. Throwing out all the negative /self-defeating thoughts helps. In particular J. Peterson's books first chapter/rule for life uplifts: "Stand up straight with your shoulders back" . That book may even increase motivation for noFap, taking 100 percent responsibility for life.
  4. Idk if any of you have shared this, so I will just drop it. The video may help you to to find the inner strength. I like his quote : "... if you wanna get over this, you just, you gotta stop being a little bi**h. "
  5. @Shroomdoctor thanks for the input. @Psyche_92 I am not watching tv. Much worse, I would watch something like h3h3 or pewdiepie... Basically what happened. From mid January til mid February I was doing no-fap challenge, was studying for my degree, doing yoga, even getting into kriya (before Leo mentioned it ), but than in the late February when I was doing huge changes in my diet, do to big failure (lack of knowledge on KETO and intermediate fasting) I had super big ego backlash. Basically, failed/ stop doing all these routines, hobbies, commitments. Now, starting to pick momentum again from zero. Just thinking if this challenge won't be too much and whether it is worth while. As changes in diet/ hobbies are already enough 'weight'.
  6. @Shin Do you think after 90 or 120 days of no PMO it is possible that the concentration skill will get better? This is probably the most important aspect. Because for me what happened after a month of no PMO it was super hard to study when my mind was jumping from object to object like crazy. And one more thing, do you give any rewards for your ego when you reach small goals like 30, 60 days and so on, for example a day to slack off and watch tv? I feel like on this road one could get really pissed off on the world, as there would be less sources of pleasure. Am I wrong here? Again just wondering what are your mindsets and action plans? Maybe even some of you are doing no PM challenge but with some weird ass tantra technique are getting some internal orgasms. Just wandering whats out there
  7. As a guy who lacks motivation for this challenge (have done a few streaks of 30 days in the past), I wonder if here are any guys who have gone through this and could approve that no PMO in a long run really boosts mental clarity, concentration and energy levels? As for myself those 30 days didn't seem to help with concentration. Just the opposite sometimes. I wonder if this won't just make me anti-sexuality dogmatic. Would appreciate the input P.S Currently struggle with the choice - which one to pick: 1)forceful action mode (like no PMO) and 2)"take a chill pill, go with the flow" mode. Which one is more healthy and fruitful
  8. Damn dude, this kind of reminded me some old stupid/upsetting times I lived through. When I was in a 9th grade, first days in highschool (14 years old) some girls came up to me and said, "you entered the wrong school, this is for high schoolers" asked my age and said I looked like a 10 year old. Basically from that day I started to notice my 'young look' and felt inferior from that day up until 19. Also had many more bad experiences from people (peers mostly) relating my age. I mean now I am 20 years old and could easily blend in a group of teenagers. From my experience, no matter of how much I went to the gym, changed outfit there was no perfect solution, these things helped only in miniscule. Best thing I learned was to accept this physical body. Now, I take it very lightly. When people ask my age and I tell them, I laugh or smile with them as well, joking that I am also surprised. I noticed there is nothing negative in this. Some are genuinely surprised. The only regret is that I can't change the past. If i could I would go back in time and tell myself, chill, don't worry. Pay attention to things that matter, not this. Place your worth not on your looks but on actions and don't take life too seriously. It is a play. Have no fear. The only negative thing was in school, when it was very hard for me to pick up girls, and in work interviews when an employer thought 'he is just a kid'. But apart from that all good. Plus, some people look old at their 20s, old kins of shit happens. Friend got bold at 19. With every month I am just more and more grateful for what I have. Hope these lines give you some comfort on your journey. Good luck. (And ofcourse if you have a lush solid looking beard, grow it )
  9. @Psyche_92 as a guy who succeeded at 90 no porn challenge, how are your unconscious life going? I mean, arent you constantly dreaming about girls? At least with me: if i succeed 1 week no PMO, my dreams go bat shit crazy and I fail, or worse, dreams ignite that compulsion and I relapse in my waking life...
  10. Due to internet data limitations I will not give you the link, but you can search in youtube "joe Rogan experiens with Jordan Peterson" ,open the latest interview and at about 2:12:00 he talks about diet and his and his daughters experience with 'greens and meet'. Its mind blowing story. Hope it gives you some sense of it
  11. I find this topic very useful thanks@WildeChilde . Btw from my last meditation insight i really resonate with your wisdom Joseph Nice advice!
  12. regarding latest Leo's blog about professor Noam Chomsky (https://www.actualized.org/insights/noam-chomsky-exposer-of-self-bias) I found a funny interview with him and Ali G, enjoy
  13. @MarkusSweden I think Sadhguru has a daughter, and to be honest talks in depth about raising kids. A month ago I watched this talk and would recommend for you as well : Definitely moving speech. He has some great insights. If you cant afford an hour watching this talk there are many more shorter videos on youtube. I feel like general message of his is this: do not pour garbage (basically anything) into the child's brain, as the intelligence within him/her will find its own authentic way of how to navigate through life. Best way to help kids is by being an example yourself of joy love and health Hope this helps
  14. There are thousands of articles in the internet on concentration, you can research how different school view it. For example, approach to concentration from a yogi; zen master; tantric man and so forth. Here is one of my favorite quotes about it: "M started doing puja and meditation as instructed by Maharajji. Maharajji had given him a mantra and told him to start any way he wanted; it didn’t matter. After some time, when M and Maharajji were traveling by horse-drawn carriage, M asked Maharajji about the wandering mind during meditation: “It won’t stand on one point; but many ideas come in. What do I do?” Then suddenly a small child ran across the road and the driver pulled the reins to stop the horse just in time to save the child. Maharajji said, “Like that,” pointing to the driver holding the reins. “As the mind will travel here, there, and all directions, you should always try to pull it to one point. You should center it with continuous practice, then automatically it will go to the one point on which you want to meditate. Ultimately, after years, the mind becomes quiet.”" - Ram Dass "Miracle of Love"