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  1. Tempted to write long commentary, but ll keep it short. What you are doing is great. Hiding from life with a shield of "only holy stuff here" is not the way. My journey is similar to yours although even more incelness 😄 Currently doing not as many approaches, but picking up the momentum. Your commitment towards resolving relation with woman, dating and socialization is inspiring. Keep it up brother 🔥
  2. ? Okay, so I checked it. Damn this really hit me. Dude is definitely right on the "importance of Volume" part and "Soup" texting. Thanks. I haven't exposed myself to theory behind dating because a few videos that I watched seemed delusional. But this Mike guy nailed on the volume-confidence relation part. Its really simple concept, yet somehow I thought it doesn't apply to me. Now I see it does. I need to increase volume waaaay more. Noted Thats why I never created an account. But it is lockdown in my country. So I figured, until bars/cafes reopens I might as well see whats up with this Tinder thing.
  3. @kras Well yeah ? this thread shows that. Her just not answering showed me that jup I am creating expectations and investing emotionaly too soon. Basically I am too egoic. Its true. @Evil Raccoon will do ? @Preety_India @Chew211 Seems that leaving it and moving on is simple and wise next step Thank you - people from the internet - for your input ?? Others perspective is precious
  4. @Gesundheit I expected this answer and yet did not wanted it, and you served it. Thanks ? Any opinion/suggestion is welcome here. Your opinions on this are most effective for burning my illiusions/blindspots.
  5. Situation: I messaged back and forth with this girl. I asked her for a number so we could chat on the phone. She replied why not to go for a walk instead, she likes seeing person live. So I said sure, lets do it. On a scheduled day she wrote I can't go out today. I said something like "when would you like than? Given you still want to meet" and she didn't replied. My thoughts/feelings: Of course in ideal situation I would burry this case and move on. But she seemed fun and relatable, also quite my type, and I think that she might ghosted me because of my poor pictures on tinder. I feel like if we would meet in person she would realize that in-person we are same 'league' and have much in common. At least I think so from a few days of messaging with her. Question: should i try to ask her out one more time? If so - what is the way?
  6. Alrighty, thank you @WonderSeeker @Leo Gura Did it. Told that it was fun talking to her but havent felt the chemistry. It's a bitter feeling now, but the right one probably. Yeah, havent framed it in this way of being unfair with her if telling watered down truth. Checked a few of them. He's telling the truth most of the time, but I dont feel like coach is needed for me. Its fine. Although some tips and trick would be great
  7. God damnit... I am very very new to the whole dating aspect of life. And i am in a situation where I have no clue how to act properly. Context: I had a call-date with this girl who is nice, virtuous and friendly. After some chatting I realized we do not match, at least I am not attracted to her personality. I then had a thought to end the conversation, but the thing is she seems nervous and low-selfesteem and because of all these traits I did not know how to say bye. So we chatted for a few hours. It was fine, she is friendly but I am not attracted to her. And because the call ended on a neutral/semi-positive vibes she wrote a few messages afterwards, and I am just like "how the hell to say bye to this tender human". Idk maybe simple honest "You are great but I do not think me match each other" message is enough, but because i am very new to dating, I am not sure. What do you guys/girls think would be a great way to say bye? P.S yeah, I know its a small thing, but she didnt seemed very high self-esttem girl so I don't want down her by being rude
  8. @Waken i know isha staff is creating a platform for doing courses online which were done in-person in the past. The platform is in testing phase, i think in the near future you will be able to do inner-engineering-total program online.
  9. @OBEler I learned it in person during 4-day inner-engineering program. Idk if you are familiar with yoga concepts, but I would explain Shambhavi practice consisting of holding some of Niyamas attitude, doing Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara and Dharana.
  10. 6 months Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya report: First of all - nope I did not get enlightened Despite that it absolutely changed my life in a snowball effect. From a depressed anxious VERY lethargic person it gave me energy and made me vigor, more joyful and willing. By willing I mean - my general mode was always "I don't feel like doing", "why every task is so daunting", "I don't want to do X and Y"; and now my general mode is "sure, lets go for it", "happy to take part in doing X or Y". Being more energetic may sound like not a big benefit, but for me it is transforming. I am now able to participate in life. Live life. Decision to do kriya constantly (even through days while I had fever or felt like laying in bed) was hard, but one of the best ones I ever made. Like moving heavy object from its restful state, hard at the beginning, but gets easier with time (object generates momentum) so is with kriya hard to do in the first few months, then gets easier (at least for me).
  11. His friend Raghu Markus has a podcast dedicated to spreading Ram Dass wisdom. In the podcast for the first 10 minutes he gives his comments on the specific topic followed by ram dass lecture or talk. There are 170 episodes as for today. Great source of insights into spirituality https://open.spotify.com/show/3Dz4DL2ZMvnNQUnDSXqSdm?si=Vifi66imSiWYDPwEwrosMg
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/healthygamer_gg/videos I feel like this is a high consciousness resource worth sharing with. The talks vary from topics like depression and anxiety to dharma and meditation
  13. @modmyth It definitely does. And I change it sometimes. Library is a great space. Nicely put - "going with the grain" environment. However, it is not a quick fix pill for my isolated and distracted life. 24 With No Distractions After Action Report. What I noticed is when being in uni (basically spend there all day, from morning till late evening) around friends, group-mates I have no thoughts about distraction, basically going with a flow, no need to push myself or anything. There, at those times, work and focus comes easily, as did yesterday. What went well? First of all, when faced with a dilemma: to wait 1h with group-mates for the boring lecture or go home. I did stay and it was great idea. Although waiting for 1h as well as boring lecture doesn't sound great, the alternative is going home and spending the evening alone, fighting and forcing myself to study instead of watching internet. I chose to stay and was able during my hour of waiting to do a lot of research work with a help of a friend, and the lecture turned out to be alright. Secondly, in the late evening, once back at home instead of binging on the internet and media, by accident I was saved from terrible day ending. My friends apparently were talking on discord about some nonsense, but I feel like I just needed some sort of conversation, to remind myself I am not isolated. It helped, after the call, I was more psychologically calm and cool. I was able to just do my project work, which I am super behind because of the distracted life during last month and a half. What could have went better? I feel like I need to find some social evening outlet. If not that random talk on discord I could have surrendered to my compulsions and spent evening on the internet, stuffing myself with food. Other time this might not happen. I need to think of something which would remind me that I am not alone in the world. I live alone in an actual one-room apartment - which I call cave . It is not bad, and I try to tell myself it is perfect for meditation and actualization work, but that is just lying. I need other people, I am social being. Till today's evening I will try to think of something that could remind me of that. I have a theory that when these psychological needs are met, working or spending free time in a healthy way is much more easier.
  14. #4 I am afraid to face life This ties with all the confessions mentioned above. All the issues are inter-connected. To solve one of them would mean evaporating others as well. So yeah. What happened is I was getting stuck in my bullshit. Problems pilled up and it now feels unbearable. I try to not look at my life by distracting myself with: mainly internet (reddit/youtube/bbcnews), tv series, movies, music, food, porn (in the past) and sometimes video games. I feel like whenever I am having good time with other people, be it helping others with some work, spending time outside or hanging out I don't even think about distractions. Its all smooth. No thoughts about food, video games or pornography. But whenever I get back to my place, where I live alone, where I am suppose to study, do my individual uni projects - everything collapses. Here, I thought about something - I will try to spend next 24 hours with 0 distractions, and report back tomorrow around this time how it went. And I will write AAR (after action report). For one I know it wont be sunshine and rainbows. The goal is to face life with no distractions in a healthy way. Not like 'fuck it, brute force my way through'. Anyways, lets go. Btw, by no distractions I mean almost no internet, I will use only when looking for a specific thing; with food - just kill hunger, not to overindulge; already going on a solid no pmo streak, so at least that is covered.
  15. I feel like this video has insight on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOAVLjJTO6M Video suggest to do it if genuinely inspired, not making it a distraction. And of course it varies from person to person how much is alright. However, when talking about pornography the damage it creates is undeniable. There are like a dozen tedx videos made. You can search for them on tedx youtube channel