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  1. My "soulmate" is Jesus and I became him.. don't know what else to do now. I'm 90% serious..
  2. The problem with most of these "physically attractive" men is that almost always they tend to be very narcissistic as a result..and sometimes even demonic... Like they'll often abuse the shit out of the fact they look better and always treat the people around them (including romantic interests) like some lower being, and counterintuitively becomes a huge turn off. But since there are always people who are okay being treated like crap they also don't change usually and just keep on being arrogant jerks. I used to get fooled by it at the start but now I sniff it out so quickly and run miles away from them. I don't care how good someone looks if they're an asshole, or just good at manipulating and pretending to be "nice". None of that can fool me or interest me anymore. It's pretty low consciousness stuff. But I'm also not some naive person fresh out of high school...or a "normie". Only a fool would be attracted to a jerk who has a nice clothing. but there are plenty of fools out there. To get to a point where you really don't care about someone's looks that much but it's all about their consciousness requires a lot of healing on yourself too.
  3. lol. I chuckled at this.. All depends on your priorities.. the cost of living in those cities are way too high for someone like me to be "worthwhile", it would literally be financial suicide for me. And bigger doesn't always mean better.. you can be in a very big city that is very misaligned in your values. I've lived in some densely populated cities and did not like them at all, people tend to be more "robotic" and superficial (tho I don't know much about NYC or London in particular). Even if I was loaded financially I still don't desire to live in giant cities.. so I just say do your research if you can. And well tbh if you reach a certain "state of consciousness" it doesn't matter as much where you live so long as it's peaceful and affordable. Thanks to the internet for instance.
  4. This shit is unreal.. I can look at these all day long. https://fantastic-japan.com/collections/all-washi-tapes?page=1
  5. Depends on you I guess, I didn't reach the highest consciousness via meditation..
  6. Idk what your idea of moral living is. But if you reach enough Love within yourself you just would rather be loving than not, it's just your natural state. And it's not like God asks you to be impoverished in order to be Love. If you have more then you can't help but give, if you have less then someone else will have to give it to you. And yes if you reach maximum Love you will go to Heaven 🌟✨.
  7. Your mind is not imaginary.. if you ever made it back to the Kingdom I would be able to recognize your mind as you specifically and not any other.
  8. @Yimpa lmao thank you, yeah it's pretty rad..
  9. It's related to the evolution of your "soul".. or you could be already a light being that came here specifically to help out. ^that seems to be how I came here.. I realized some time later it was revealed to me that I came here specifically to be of assistance (rather than to "enjoy this character" for instance).
  10. There're layers to it. But the first awakening will be pretty significant. Might vary though.. coz for me it was like a huge blast in the face when it happened, may or may not be like that for others.
  11. I have almost no social needs now, just the rarest of "persons" who might be on a similar level of consciousness that I talk to from time to time, or posting stuff here for instance. Or you know, connect with some stranger/store owner. But I really don't have much interest otherwise. Most people are a pain in the butt to deal with , and likewise that's prob how they think of me.
  12. Yeah just watch out you might have a similar reaction to this thread though.. just a heads up. But thank you.
  13. I kinda did in the psychedelics section.. It's hard because I just get reactions like these mostly. And well I know some of the people who supposedly initially were receptive to what I'm saying eventually got back to the forum to attack me. I will not name them . So.. it's pretty challenging. But I'm still here. lol.