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  1. Thank you! I'm very happy with this state so there are no issues with integration right now. And it can't be lumped with ordinary consciousness humans are initially given. It's made things more magical, and feels like an answer I am receiving from my call so to speak if that makes sense, like spirit being with me and helping me see/navigate this world. It feels very right to me like this is where I belonged. So it really just feels like a gift that I would not want to take for granted. Also there are some things I am understanding intuitively and why this is happening, but I don't feel that comfortable sharing it here yet.
  2. Lmao that's fun, good to know! Thank you very much! Yeah definitely wasn't expecting it and for it to stick around too.
  3. Update/addition: There's a sense of more aliveness and things have slight movements and no longer appear static, but not overly so like on trips.
  4. You don't need a degree to design and start a business. What you need the most is capital and efficient processes/organization, and the other skills you can learn on your own these days. I guess it depends on your goals. After a business major you will still be faced with actually designing a business from scratch and the capital initially (along with loans usually). In hindsight knowing what I know now, and if business is where you know you want to be or at least attempt it, it would've been more intelligent to work some job and save up a bunch of money for starting a business along with the money you save by not paying a post-secondary institution (or just take select courses which are targed for designing a successful business) which tend to be overpriced in comparison to what the market can actually sustain. The education system as is currently has an underlying "indentured servitude" built in that they do not inform you of, by getting people into debts in a specific narrow field and such that you can only find work in that field and forced to climb some ladder from the bottom with no guarantee whatsoever. If you change your mind about your profession you're left with debt and years of lost time which you could use for building a business and assets. I'm not saying there's no downside as well as risks to business where you could also lose time and money, but the risk may be equally or possibly lower than getting an education depending on what kind of business you're getting into and there's more you can tweak and be in control of than the alternative. As a tangent, just the fact that you cannot default on a student loan but can declare bankruptcy with other loans should tell you a lot about what the system favors currently. Needless to say I am not talking about the case where you had a more specific profession that you are quite convinced of getting into that definitely requires technical training then that's still the only option. The main thing that skews this decision (from an economic standpoint starting out) for most people is their parents lack of support in them pursuing business and biased towards getting a degree. Other than the above there are jobs that pay quite well being an employee with no prior training (or very short training duration) and mostly in the skills labor, and you're not as exploited by the system. It's just good to know the truth of things of what you're getting into with all your time/energy.
  5. @Revolutionary Think Good for you. Sometimes you just gotta tell them the damn truth. It can be a loving thing too, stir someone out of delusion for once hopefully.
  6. I feel as though there may be some kind of trade off happening when you're more "spiritually gifted"/inclined. It seems as though some of us are meant to be "monks" if you know what I mean.. As much as I wanted to do more my body just isn't cooperating. It's pretty frustrating.
  7. Thanks! I think it would compel people to make better-quality posts when they do. Also a shift towards doing the inner work.
  8. Maybe like a number of post limit per day.
  9. Thank you. I've been a sponge for spiritual teachings and have a pretty good sense of where I want to go and whether something resonates (tho not expecting this to happen). I suspect this particular shift is related to "healing the mind", which seems that it can go so far that your mind can fundamentally shift from what you were given. I've been on a healing journey alongside awakening, which seems like they have an influence on each other, so the way I use mushrooms is both for healing and awakening. And a lot of just sober absorbing teachings that resonate with me. I trip infrequently but it certainly helped move mountains also. And a lot of integration and bringing the unity consciousness to my day-to-day interactions, like re-orienting my thoughts of people (especially the difficult ones) for example. I've been drawn to teachings that align with light and the highest love and try to bring that into my own consciousness. My mind and heart are in pretty good balance. I've either mostly dissolved/sublimated the ego or integrated it to align with unity consciousness. That or I've turned into a freak ... definitely feels like a major "software" upgrade. Feel free to message me if you want to know more. I think everyone's on a different page so it can be hard to know what suits you right now where you're at.
  10. Yes the mind seems to have transformed to receive more light/divinity and changed how it's perceiving everything. Thank you very much! Glad to hear. Nice. Yes trees and wood seem to glow fairly brightly also. Though not synesthesia as is described, I can't claim to understand if there's a connection to that. This one definitely feels like it brought the Mind of God more intimately closer to my day-to-day. Things are taking on a heavenly vibe all over the place. It is more than the visual experience but are harder to describe, there's a general lightening up and perception from a higher plane even though the body is still here.
  11. Thank you very much @acidgoofy ! 💚 And thanks for sharing your experience with that. I definitely didn't think that would happen on a constant basis, feels like the grace of the divine. I feel quite blessed. Ps, last night I also suddenly saw some subtle mandala patterns on my pillows that I would see (more intensely) on trips, but this doesn't seem to be constant yet.
  12. Nice! Yes it was also a funny realization that the color and tone and shape of the magic mushrooms matched what is dawning in my reality now. It connected the dots. Almost like they were preparing me for this the whole time. If you had links on that I'd appreciate it! (Feel free to pm as well).
  13. Hello, I am reporting on and sharing something new I've been experiencing continuously (without psychedelics). I do not know if this is simply what people lump into as part of "third eye opening", or something else, I could not find detailed descriptions of it through a simple online search so I'll share it here: Historical context: I've had a few awakenings on magic mushrooms, my last trip was a month and a half ago. Lately, my focus has been on unifying my baseline consciousness as much as I can, and was not expecting any more awakenings/experiences while I was focused on that. Since about a week ago, I've been spontaneously perceiving more "light" in my sober state. I can't recall the exact moment it happened but at some point during the day, I noticed a white-gold glow to everything, and increasing day after day until it was very noticeable and stabilized. The amount of glow would vary depending on what is being perceived, its tone, the amount of light that is shining on it. Everything is generally brighter, taking on a "light gold" hue, as well as made more beautiful, artful, clear, and magical in its essence. The amount of visual clarity/details and perfection still stuns me at times, and was similar to one I experienced on a trip. Staring at screens can be blinding but is not uncomfortable. My current interpretation of all this based on my previous trip/peak experiences: an aspect of the Universal Mind of God is becoming more accessible in my day-to-day reality. The light of divinity is re-interpreting my perception of reality. As a side note, I could perceive the extremely bright shine and glow that magic mushrooms have that I was unable to perceive before. It feels as though these plants are of "extraterrestrial origin" due to how brightly they shine compared to other objects and plants/people. But this is purely an intuitive speculation for fun that may or may not have truth to it and I could not verify at the moment. Thanks for reading! I hope that it inspires new possibilities for you. : )
  14. Wellll, I would say use your intelligence for that, because it may simply be unwise in some situations, though if you feel there's an opening it can be interesting to try that out and watch how things unfold (the tricky thing is to actually mean it and not come off as some "retaliatory sarcasm"). I think he might be at a point where his light is so full that he can just instantly repel/transmute darkness in his awareness, whereas most of us still get affected by it. The thing I do most often is to reflect back calm energy and convey in a way that still makes them feel seen and does not further trigger them. And he does also talk about Love that says no to things like abuse and includes yourself! So just use your best judgement at the time and I wouldn't worry too much about being "perfect" at it, consistency usually come with practice. Difficult situations in general... call on the "universe" to guide you .