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  1. @Emerald Saw this one too the other day, enjoyed the extended version.
  2. Wise teachers generally discourage the extended focus on such things when they come, it can be a "distraction" from the hard work of transcending your ego ("powers" tend to enhance it if one is not mindful of this). In greater levels of consciousness "odd abilities" are more just teaching and healing tools, if necessary. But most people are not mature enough to not just use it for egoic purposes and furthering of the distortion that "they're special". So it makes sense they tend to come to those who are a bit more developed.. But hey it's like any "karma", it will all work itself out in the end, so have fun if that brings you joy/self-love. ; )
  3. @integral If it's like a "true calling" then you would just follow through and be willing to not get paid even for some time on it. It's true many business owners (to start) do not pay themselves and have to work another job while working on their business, I'm not saying that's ideal or anything but that's the reality we live in right now. But I'd still be smart about it before investing in anything too large of your personal funds. You can always start with working with a "startup incubator" organization and test people's reactions to your ideas. And so it depends on your priorities. Some people are in a more "well off" position and they are okay with potentially losing thousands on a business idea just to launch something of their passion; others are more looking for a stable income in which case you would be a lot more careful/conservative about what business to get into in the first place. So the questions to ask yourself... What is my primary goal for getting into this? (eg, to replace my current job? to pursue a passion project even if it doesn't "work out"?) Those two things can give you different answers/approaches. And if you're not in the position to just quit your job for a few years for this then yeah I would be more strategic about it (eg, testing in smaller scale). Also there are some room to play if you incorporate early on and that way if things don't work out (lets say you get on a business loan) it doesn't affect all your personal funds. I would consult a professional on this though as I haven't done incorporation or riskier kinds of business but I've talked to people who have and that's how they reduce risks.
  4. @integral What questions do you have regarding finance/business? I will try to answer if you post them. I think some of us are in a more comfortable/settled position right now that might be why..
  5. Will and desire for it.. . And also being willing to surrender much of your "individual identity" and to be of service instead as the primary function.
  6. It's not a sprint but while you're awakening it can feel like "something is not finished", because it is your "higher self" telling you there's more to realize and awaken to. And yeah it can be hard to do it mostly alone too. In my experience every awakening requires integration afterward and for me to bring it to baseline consciousness. That's how I approach it anyway - bring it to baseline (as in, you have processed it enough to not be in a state of conflict with the information you've received) and then go for the "next awakening". And this process can take months or years depending on what you are truly ready for. Also there's much sober awakeings/realizations. Eg, just you reading these words is a kind of awakening. Guidance can come from this plane as much as the others if you tune up the "truth dial" and know where to look.
  7. Behold! The lovely face of "Christ" (idk what other word to use for pointing). Randomly bumped into this, thought I'd share it as it's another good example of what the result of "ego dissolution", integration and awakened self can look like for those wanting to go farther. You can see the "light" and "innocence", joy and love shining through .
  8. It is predictable as day that a mind closest to "Christ's mind" will get crucified. Such has been the majority of the history of this world. But nevertheless, she's doing God's work just by being a messenger to awaken more souls and anchoring the heavenly vibration.
  9. Lol.. I resonate more with @acidgoofy @PeaceOut96 's takes. God loves creating "ascended masters" .
  10. Feels like there's not much left to do but to bring that level of consciousness down to here if you reached that level. But there is much resistence to this so it's challenging, which is why Time is needed. I have reached a state of such purity and Love that no thought of separateness can exist for long there. In that state (which I can also access sober to some extent) I can see exactly how much growth is still needed in this realm.. The gap is quite large when viewed from there, but there are pockets on this planet that show signs of it taking root. It actually causes me "pain" to witness this gap and attempting to close it. But it'll prob get integrated eventually.
  11. Perhaps I exist in a different reality than most people on this planet right now, including the nature of my relationship(s). Some might know what I'm talking about. But mostly the trajectory has been toward more platonicity and transcendence, Truth and Love.
  12. Is there a more affordable public option where you are? Yes getting a diagnosis can be helpful to healing.
  13. We're all becoming "Yeshua" . Infinity of Yeshua.
  14. It's not a "lost cause", but the mind has to be willing to change (enough to accept healing) first. That is the critical decision that begins to unravel everything.