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  1. @Devin I hear you. That kinda thing takes maturity, prob harder to find in younger women who are just starting out and looking for some safety/security. Feelings kinda develop naturally too... Ultimately no perfect solution to that, can't control how others feel about things. Communication helps. Just communicate clearly and the rest isn't up to you how others decide to see you.
  2. @Elton Ok yeah that makes sense. Yeah it was a really good topic to zoom in and expand on. People don't get this kind of message elsewhere usually. And lot of progress is made through good, timely decisions, and taking responsibility for oneself. Glad that it gave you more clarity!
  3. @Elton Not making fun just saying it has similar messages to some other motivational speeches in the past, to get you do the work, just interesting that this one stood out so much more for you.. maybe it's the integration of spirituality and living as the finite self aspects. I apologize that it came off that way, sometimes I have a bit too much fun with posting... trigger-happy.
  4. LOL he has been making some motivational ones since the beginning. Maybe you missed them... Similar flavors just not put in those exact words. 😹 All the best!
  5. Based on a bunch of assumptions is all I'm saying, that weren't true to what I was sharing. I didn't even meet these guys, and I don't even want fwb in the first place. All I'm trying to say is people change their mind all the time. And sometimes don't know themselves.
  6. Lol way to turn this into a bunch of assumptions.
  7. @Loving Radiance Problem with that line of thinking is that this is her "therapist" not some friend. A good healthy/productive therapy relationship is not to be treated lightly because you share a lot of information that you might not just share with anyone. A professional should simply know better in this case when she hears that voicemail. And her response being that dismissive is not okay for someone getting paid to do this work. It's a very obvious conflict of interest case. And a professional would try to refrain from that kind of thing. Like maybe even going as far as shooting OP's idea of suggesting to "help her friend" down in the first place, being able to forsee problems with that ahead of time, for the sake of creating a safe space for OP. This speaks to either lack of experience/training or ethics. It's all good in the end really... Helps people see the potential limitations of therapy.
  8. I don't know about majority... Some seem very conflicted/confused to me. I sense alot of fear of getting hurt/rejected. There are literally guys who say they want fwb but then tell me they want "love" within the same week. And the "feminine" has a say in this too dammit.
  9. Ahaha yeah saw that one. They're babies forever. 😹
  10. Why not embrace some of that? Do you really want the complete opposite... Someone with no attachment to you whatsoever? There are things you can say to lead them to the kind of connection you want, but also appreciate what you have too.
  11. He's a pretty solid resource. I think I just got my fill coz I get his stance and how he approaches current events. Similar with lot of other progressives.
  12. @Devin that's what I meant. Sometimes many lifetimes later for example.
  13. There's a kind of "seriousness" to humor you could say. Because good humor is an embodiment of love and high consciousness, it takes discipline (like to shift yourself to view things in a light-hearted way). It's a kind of leadership, to uplift the spirits around you.
  14. @King Merk you're welcome!