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  1. Lol that’s true too. But at least the Buddhist is able to abide in psychedelic states without any psychedelics.
  2. Beyond implies above, implies hierarchy. These states are tangental, not beyond. Furthermore, they are wildly less direct if you understand what the goal of traditional spirituality is. The consequences of these indirect, potent methods are wildly misunderstood on this forum. All the psychedelics reveal is the infinite nature of mind. Im not saying this doesn’t have intrinsic value, or provide a certain unique wisdom as one travels. Similar to how when one travels the world there is a wisdom. Lineages recognize the infinity of mind, but recognize there is a Truth beyond the infinite nature of mind that recontextualizes ALL states. Such that any additional, new state whether higher or lower shares the same fundamental essence. This is the true gem of spirituality, finding a peace, recognizing the truth regardless of one’s state. This is what liberates and this is what gives the highest understanding. This path of is like saying the goal is to keep having more and more realistic dreams, rather than waking up and getting out of bed. Of course. And what is the real value of exploring infinity other than to satisfy one’s own curiosity, or truly, to end one’s suffering of the dissatisfaction of the sober state. Buddhism recognizes there is an infinity of mind, and states of consciousness. If you read the texts you’d know this. What Buddhism recognizes is that these states are not the ultimate truth, nor do they resolve any of the existential conundrums of man. If you want to explore them, great! Explore. There is value there, in the relative world. But when you start shitting on the path to truth and fooling yourself into thinking this exploration is “higher” than enlightenment, you’re fucked and much worse, leading others astray.
  3. The exact same criticism and rationality applies to your understanding of traditional spirituality.
  4. Nothing about your experience is invalid. The actuality and ontological implications of your experience aren‘t invalid either. The metaphysical ranking you’re giving them though, the importance you’re giving them, is a distraction and based on what you’re saying, false. This falshood is not to say they’re invalid or not real. The meaning is false. Thinking this is anything other than more mind and somehow higher than God or beyond God is false. Chasing these altered states will only lead to misery when you understand impermanence and the ruthless, relentless torrent of rebirth and as much as you’d love to distract yourself from, suffering. This Leo character is a fraction, a fiction, a pure fantasy to Truth. Know what you really are, and a dancing alien mouse or burning alive in full lotus can’t touch you. The work or lack thereof you do in this life has real consequences my friend. Tread carefully.
  5. Yep. Watching this spiral out of control has been such a teaching. If anyone thinks they understand Buddhism without thousands of hours of meditation, really 10,000+ minimum, they’re completely deluded. Trying to understand Buddhism without traveling into the subtlety of the sober mind is going fail. Hence the steaming pile of shit we see unfolding with Alien consciousness and Earth consciousness. Which btw, are super cool and have profound implications for the nature of consciousness and reality, but nothing to do with Enlightenment other than they obscure the deepest truth when clung to like Leo is doing. The clinging, that is the stench, that is the hubris and self deception in action, that is the Devil. Buddhism is not the truth, it is a path to the truth and not only path. There is Advaita, Christianity, Sufism, etc. Truth transcends all of it and a real Buddhist understands this. However, Buddhism teaches more than a path to the Absolute, so there is more. Many Buddhists do get lost in the weeds, and many turn Buddhism into the goal, not recognizing the goal is beyond Buddhism. But this has nothing to do with Buddhism, only the seeker’s misunderstanding or in this case, the skeptics. Once one crosses the shore, there is no need to carry the boat on one’s back.
  6. Thank you! I have but more Brendan Lea, his apprentice. During a 2 week contemplation intensive Peter would facilitate for us for around 40 minutes after an hour of q&a, after a 30 minute lecture. Most times Brendan was facilitating. Peter is extremely laid back, but utterly clear, conscious and enlightened. He seems to purposefully hold back his transmission, however there were a few moments during the CI where he let loose and the depth of his enlightenment was utterly obvious. Most times though he acts very normal. Soryu on the other hand seems way more “on” most times. He is in a teacher role and seems to let his own transmission do some of the teaching. Merely by watching how Soryu is moving through space is a teaching. It’s similar with Ralston, but just toned way down down. Soryu can seem to actively transmit more than Ralston, Ralston seems to purposefully hold back. I will say though, Soryu used to transmit way more but has recently toned it down because of negative feedback he‘s received with being too extreme. If you’re wanting to explore the direct path, the sudden enlightenment path, I would highly recommend working with Brendan in Texas at one of the Cheng Hsin contemplation intensives. I did the 2 week CI before going to MAPLE and it served as a very important foundation for my work there. Had a legitimate awakening into what I am which then continued to flower, clarify, and solidify at MAPLE.
  7. This + annual retreats. @mw711 Then you’ll get to the point where even if there is mental activity, the mental activity is seen as no mind. No mind states should be recontextualizing states that have mental activity, such that one sees the peace of no mind is the undercurrent of all thinking. There is a truth that permeates across all, and that truth is real happiness, and that truth/peace has nothing to do with whether there are thoughts or no thoughts.
  8. Dark in what way? It is very green yes. And yes everything is as it should be from the Absolute pov, including wanting to create peace on the planet. From the relative truth, things do matter. If things did not, we wouldn't be working towards survival day in and day out. No being's actions are based from the Absolute. Everyone lives as though things do matter; we all are trying to maximize happiness, whether that's earning money and chasing sex, or seeking deeper and deeper states of consciousness, we're all working towards living the good life, the life well lived. So from the relative pov, things do matter. As one awakens, one also begins to see the depth of how meaningful life, the relative, really is. Things REALLY matter, and this understanding is informed by a growing compassion and wisdom as a result of practice. What must be corrected? Suffering. Is suffering a problem that must be corrected? No. As long as these two observations are at odds with each other, there won't be wisdom. When the mind sees through this paradox, integrates the paradox, there is wisdom. This has been my experience with contemplative practice. Pretty much agree with this, although the wording is a bit confusing haha.
  9. Beautiful. It's funny because even though effort is a big part of this body & mind's activity, I don't see effort as distinct from surrender, truly. The one efforting is no one at all Thank you for the encouragement man, seriously.