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  1. I found a rare interview with Jo:
  2. This is too adorable: "Is he gonna come in here? He's gonna kick my ass." 😭
  3. The presentation went well. I never want to masturbate again. The ability to think and speak is too important. Let's continue with DDD:
  4. @Something Funny Nice. Thank you.
  5. This is actually quite profound:
  6. Please share more sad music. I need it. 😢
  7. Just Jesus January is my favorite. Can't wait for JJJ.
  8. I feel like I should keep going. It took 720 hours to get here. I don't want to reset the clock. Actually, it's not new. The yogis call it Brahmacharya.
  9. What the roadmap looks like ⬆️
  10. Perhaps not. But you will inevitably experience the sorrows of existence. No one goes through a whole lifetime and avoids the inevitable tragedies of life.
  11. The sorrows of existence are undeniable. But that's not all there is to existence.
  12. I dreamt that I lost NNN.