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  1. It's not broad at all. Who does those things on a regular basis? Most criteria apply to Gura, because he's trying to stay in control.
  2. Making people doubt themselves is Narcissistic Abuse. Trivializing the power of words and ideas is Narcissistic Abuse. Making excuses for bad behavior is Narcissistic Abuse. This forum serves as Narcissistic Supply. We've seen what happens when you don't get that supply: Narcissistic Rage.
  3. You guys are so ensnared by Gura that you can't even see that having two or three suicides under your belt is not normal. If that doesn't sober you up, I don't know what will. Considering that there are so many great teachers out there, I don't know why anyone feels the need to put Gura on a pedestal. I can tell that many of you have not even bothered to read a single book.
  4. I don't want to give constructive criticism. I'm being deconstructive, because, as I said, Gura's "work" is a sordid edifice of glorious delusions. Naturally, I want to tear that edifice down, not help construct it. Every time someone gives "constructive criticism", you hear the same thing: "I could improve my style; the work is advanced." That's beside the point. As if the problem was "style" or the advanced nature of this "work". I'm Gura's worst critic, because I don't want him to become a better teacher -- my stance is that he shouldn't be teaching at all. I think of Gura as a tragic character: a flaw leads to the downfall of a tragic hero, and the flaw is hubris.
  5. Sadhguru doesn't focus on that, but many other teachers do. Maharaj and Maharshi don't care about anything but that.
  6. There are many great teachers out there that can change people's lives for the better. Gura is not needed. The best thing that Gura can do is to make you aware of the existence of great teachers. Gura is, at best, a resource; at worst, a cult leader.
  7. Those were the days. The Golden Age of -- a time long gone and never to return.
  8. You're right, I don't feel like explaining myself. I thought about writing something like Power vs. Truth, but there are people who would do a much better job at it than me. Besides, criticizing Gura is its own endless rabbit hole.