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  1. Yes, that's important. And I think that's why it's good that I stumbled upon Enlightenment before starting a business. That one glimpse that I had - even though it was not a full-blown awakening - has changed me forever. But unfortunately, my consciousness has started contracting itself again since I have started learning more about Business & Marketing and doing less spiritual purification.
  2. Thank you very much, Leo. I'll make sure that I implement your advice properly and I'll watch that video. I can't believe I haven't watched that one yet. I have never seen myself as a businessman. I've never liked selling. I just wanted to create but I didn't care too much about the marketing side of it. I know that needs to change. And no, it's not going to be easy at all. I know that a very scary and painful time is in front of me. But I have strong reasons for why I'm doing this and I'm sure they'll get me through this.
  3. Hi @Leo Gura, I've been watching your videos for years now and I have been reading everything that you are posting on this forum yet I have never participated. Today, I made the decision to change that. I'd like to ask for guidance if that is okay. I have asked you for advice two years ago. That was in the comment section under this video: Back then I was not into nonduality at all and I did not understand the importance of raising my consciousness. I thought my life purpose is to make video games so the concepts that you shared in that video did not resonate with me and confused me. So I asked you for advice on how to deal with that because I knew that you used to be a professional game designer. You said: You also told me to take the life purpose course…which was the last thing I wanted to hear. Obviously, I was not very happy with your reply. So I kept working on my game projects. But I never stopped watching your videos, although I was close to stopping due to the new vision for which did not resonate with me back then. The habit of watching your videos every Sunday was too strong and that's the only thing that made me keep watching them, even though I did not understand what the hell you were talking about. Eventually, I started doing my own research, started becoming more open-minded, bought your booklist and started reading the books listed in the consciousness section, started learning from many other teachers, started having my first psychedelic experiences, started doing the techniques, and one day I finally realized: "Oh my god, this is the most important thing that one could do." I had some profound experiences and glimpses with and without psychedelics. It took me two years to understand the importance of your advice. I finally broadened my horizons and took your life purpose course. (I sold my PS4 to afford it.) Today, I know that I want to become a modern mystic. What could be more important than that? What could be more important than reaching the ultimate levels of consciousness? For me, there is nothing else. But the thing is this: The dream must go on. It was really a painful thing to realize. To realize that I can't keep focusing on this. To realize that I have to go back. Go back where? To the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs in order to fill some holes… I realized that I had worked my way up way too fast thanks to your work and the comfort that comes with living at home with my parents (I'm 19-years-old and a "college student". There is no such thing as college in Germany but I guess it's the equivalent to it). I know that I need to go back down and build a proper foundation. I know that because otherwise, it would not be very strategic. The freedom I have now will not stay for I will not be a student forever and I have no intention of staying with my parents forever either. I learned the importance of having an ultimate outcome from this video: My ultimate outcome is to have a simple but independent lifestyle that gives me the ability to focus on what really matters. And what really matters is raising your consciousness. But no one pays you for sitting in darkness, meditating for months or years to wake up from the dream. So I realized that I need to get to a good place within the dream first before I can continue to try to wake up from it. In other words, I learned the importance of financial freedom. I firmly believe that financial freedom is an important fundament to implement in your life. I have always admired your lifestyle Leo and my goal is to design a similar lifestyle for myself. I really loved the first videos in your LP course. It's more personal than your usual videos. I liked your stories and I could see a lot of similarities between you and me. In one normal video - I do not remember which one it was - you mentioned that you were able to quit your 9 - 5 after five months of starting your internet marketing business. Internet marketing is what I'm getting into lately. I'd like to create a passive income as it is described in this video: One of your replies on this forum was this: I have actually saved that paragraph in my OneNote so it can serve as an inspiration and as a reminder. My teenage years were not completely wasted. I started writing when I was 7. I thought I'm gonna become a novelist. I started making video games when I was 12. I thought I'm gonna become a game designer and eventually become a game director/writer. Then an internship revealed to me that this 9 - 5 thing is not for me and that I need to do my own thing. So at 14, I started getting into digital art. Particularly 3D-Art. I decided I'd have my own game company in order to keep my creative freedom and control. Doing all these things allowed me to learn about work ethic, creating websites, content, project management, team management, being a producer and creator instead of being a consumer, and a lot of other things. So I kept going in that direction until this whole nonduality thing happened. I outgrew a lot of my old interests or skipped many things that I need to go back to and properly implement it in my life. That's when I realized that the video game company is the wrong battle to fight. This is a really powerful question from the strategic motherfucker video which helped me a lot: My teenage years were about exploration. I want to make my early twenties about financial freedom. And my thirties about hardcore nonduality. It's similar to how Om Swami did it. Or how you did it. I am willing to work 18 hours a day, every day even if it's not what I love doing. I'd rather do that for a few years and get my financial freedom instead of a 9 - 5 for 50 years and never get to focus on reaching the highest levels of consciousness that a human being can reach. I want to master the human experience holistically. Not in a "I just want enlightenment and nothing else matters" way. Yes, it's the most important thing to master but there is still health, relationships, and money. Lately, I have been working on my mindset when it comes to money. I have never really cared about money. I care about Truth, art, beauty, consciousness, mastery & excellence. So I had to learn to look at money from a different perspective and the books on your booklist regarding money and the book "The Millionaire Fastlane" helped a lot with that. It taught me that things that I care about are not profitable. You too said that a life purpose is usually not profitable and that passive income can enable one to follow one's life purpose. As I have already mentioned I've been learning about internet marketing and all the different possibilities that exist out there. I'm learning about copywriting, marketing, sales and I'm reading books like "Dotcom Secrets". It's not easy to study this unconscious stuff once you have gone beyond that and found something deeper. I know that what I'm getting into is completely against everything you taught us in this Video: But anything else would not be very strategic. My question to you Leo is this: What have you been doing? You mentioned your internet marketing business often but never went into detail about it. Did you promote other people's products through affiliate marketing? That's how it sounds like in the very first video where you talked about creating all the backlinks. Did you use ClickBank? ClickFunnels? On Gamasutra, you also talked about having employees and customer services. Did you sell physical products? E-Commerce? Dropshipping? Did you work for other businesses? I know it sounds like I'm just trying to find the most lucrative, fastest, and easiest way to make as much money as possible. But that's not it. I'm willing to work hard. But I'm a little bit lost and scared of committing 100% before I have a proper understanding of what I'm getting myself into. And I do not want to commit only 99%. I know what worked for you almost a decade ago would probably not work today. The internet has changed. Besides that, you are not interested in this kind of stuff anymore. That's totally understandable. I don't expect you to go into much detail about your "internet marketing days". I'm not asking you to become my mentor, hold my hand, and lead me to my financial freedom. I will have to walk this path alone. But you as someone who has already been through this, and has already achieved financial freedom, and has designed an awesome lifestyle, do you think you can give advice and point out pitfalls to look out for and avoid? The reason why I went into so much detail and told you about my background is because I really wanted you to understand my situation and where I'm coming from so that you can look at this from my perspective and hopefully give advice accordingly. And maybe because of fear as well… It's the fear of spending money unwisely. I have not much and I don't want to lose everything on Facebook ads or invest in the wrong projects or courses. If you choose to give me advice again, I will not repeat the same mistake. This time I will listen more carefully. If you read all of this: Thank you! If you choose to ignore this: Thank you, anyway. Your work has already impacted me in amazing ways and I'm grateful for that. I hope to contribute to this forum from now on and add value. PS: One last thing...don't you think it's funny that you quit working on BioShock Infinite and at Irrational Games only to become irrational and discover Infinity later on? I think that's awesome. Great events are often foreshadowed.